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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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while the world's rich take what they want. the world's poor must beg to send. from the streets of manila to the roots of mon people and investigates the injustices of a globalized economy. and how different countries responds to those at the very bottom of society. begging for life. at this time on al-jazeera. i don't think it is fair i think it is unfair south africa's president jacob zuma says he's being victimized by his own party as the a.n.c. piles on the pressure them to step aside. just hours before he spoke police raided the home of the family at the center of the corruption claims against him.
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in our. live from london also coming up. it is as violent and dangerous a moment as. she. a chilling report card on the situation in syria the un's special envoy to the security council in new york. billions of dollars are pledged to help iraq rebuild after i saw but it's probably what's needed. and more than one year on and britain remains deeply divided on bret's it foreign minister boris johnson insists it's an opportunity. you know south africa's embattled president jacob zuma has broken his silence over the growing calls for him to resign in a forty five minute television interview zuma called the instruction from his party
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the african national congress to step aside unfair because he has done nothing wrong has been given an ultimatum by the a.n.c. to resign by the end of the day or face a vote of no confidence he says there's no evidence he's done anything wrong so first time i have a feeling that the leadership is unfair is not even helping me to understand what is it that is so critical. you must just i've got a problem with. does not run things like that. but. all the time and they're not defy i'm not different i've said no i don't agree i don't agree with the decision. from it a minute joins us live from johannesburg for that it was quite a long interview what else did zuma have to say for himself well as you see in the learn that jacob zuma was cleared to scranton with a decision made by the a.n.c.
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apart from him saying it wasn't fair he's also said that he's been victimized and that's after the a.n.c. decided to recall him now it also used this interview i think to talk directly to the a.n.c. saying that its decision and if he steps down would plunge the party into crisis and he believes that this is a decision that the a.n.c. would regret not certain how the a.n.c. would take a message like that but it did respond to what he said a round or not is defying the party and that he this was just a decision that he did not agree with the a in c. saves that is it it's quite hopeful then that he has said that he wants to defy the party i don't know if he could necessarily be interpreted that way but we are waiting for jacob zuma to officially address the nation at some point today and that's what his response was when he was asked if he would resign he said he would
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be making an address later in the day so the a.n.c. has said they're waiting to hear from jacob zuma once that happens but they've also said if he doesn't step down they will push forward for him for the school of no confidence on thursday in parliament and remove him from office in that way and if he is removed in that way how quickly would it happen would it be immediate would we have a run oppose a president immediately from it i'm not sure if you can still hear me but if you can still hear me i was just asking how quickly the new president would be in place if the vote of no confidence does go ahead and if indeed it does end up with zuma being taken out of office i think we lost a family miller there unfortunately so we'll leave a familiar there in south africa. now let's go to the
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reconstruction projects that have been. talked about in about iraq following the defeat of i saw more than thirty billion dollars has been pledged and more than seventy six countries promised that they would help their cause donations at a summit in kuwait. but mainly in loans which need to be paid back and the money falls well short of what iraq's government says it meets summit on is at the summit for us in kuwait city search i mean spite of the shortfall the u.n. has described the conference as a an enormous success why is that gap in perception between what the iraqis are saying and what the u.n. is saying that opens. well i think if you listen to what the iraqi foreign minister said laura not that press conference he said well we may not have got the full amount we wanted but thirty million dollars or thirty billion dollars rather is not a small amount of money in today's world a lot of as you said though a very positive tone from the u.n.
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secretary general saying it was a huge basically vote of confidence in the changes made by the iraqi government and the reforms made by the iraqi government and indorsement to from the world bank who's regional director was saying that he would call upon the private sector to come and invest in iraq now to discuss this further i'm delighted to have with me dr mustafa he's actually the president of the iraq reconstruction fund good to have you with us thank you very much indeed now you didn't get the full amount of money that you wanted are you disappointed in that so happy because i mean in fact we came here to present a kids' form of international community. needs so we pushed forward i mean to give education mentation for the best thing that all the international community were listening that bleach is ok is not the money but as but if you
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use the money in the right way generating the idea of private sector to chill. go with the free market as the situation of leaving the social kind of its market or socialism i think we are approaching that very. very excellent situation by itself it sounds almost as if you're saying that although you shot much higher and you said your needs are much greater did you realistically get as much as you expected that you would get. to be honest with you i mean a few days ago and they asked me i was thinking less than this. war what about the fact that a lot of it seems most of it is loans not grounds that's money iraq would have to pay back but i mean those very very soft loans we call it this is led by much sometimes huge need just across the bridge then after. that i mean this thirty
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billion dollars going to the private sector going to foreign investment is going to be like revolving also gives the money back after a few days we don't expect that you are going to spend all this money in a day and then. within ten years in fact the plan for a close election the framework for action and development is a stand for. two thousand and twenty eight your company sir is ranked one hundred sixty six place by transparency international on the corruption index how what kind of guarantee can you give that this money won't go to the wrong pockets. according to the. the comments meant of iraq and the front of the international community this is very important the policy of iraq for after i says. is it really going to better situation regarding the chicken or the corruption for our
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institution or any course of action fund i could admit and i can expose all the paper and our office and the projects we have dealing with the bank and with the chairman loan i mean those big loans we were working with again for about two years . excellent results being achieved so it's not so it's a result so from the u.s. president who's calling much spent on the middle east a mistake he said it was stupidly spent how do you respond to his characterization in the past yes. i mean then they were spending the money. i think. two thousand and three for imagery the comment much of the american was about if. they didn't give it to the iraqi but to call authority. and the end they are talking about they really i mean this people are spending. all
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right thank you so much stock so much stuff a lady that was the president of the reconstruction fund one of the organizations no doubt which will be receiving that money and planning how it's used in iraq in the months and years ahead back to you along with on thank you very much indeed. u.n. special envoy for syria has been briefing the security council on the current situation there and his update was a grim one staffan de mistura said the violence is the worst he's seen i've been out for years special envoy this as violent and worrying and dangerous a moment as any that i've seen in my time of year for far therefore i strongly rate to rate the appeal of this a great general to all concerned in syria and the region and beyond to discuss late immediately and unconditionally and urge all stakeholders including the. us to use
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their influence to help reduce violence that here james bays is following developments for us at the u.n. headquarters in new york so james we're perhaps used by now sadly very strong language at the u.n. over syria in what way will this make any difference this time. well it's certainly painting a picture of where we are right now in the conflict the security council meeting still underway pretty grim meeting pretty tense meeting being addressed now by syria's ambassador to the united nations the assad regime's ambassador but clearly the backdrop to this has been increased military tension in recent days of course you have his government's ongoing offensive in and eastern stephanie mistura said that there was killing on a horrific scale in fact he said reports of up to a thousand killed in the first week of february you also have the turkish operation
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in freeney you have the recent u.s. attacks targeting assad's troops now the russian ambassador vasily in a man's ear came out in the security council little earlier and said that was completely unprovoked making a very different point from nikki haley his u.s. counterpart and of course you've also seen the israeli attacks over the weekend in syria on syria and a rainy iranian targets it's worth pointing out that nikki haley told the security council the u.s. view was that iran and hezbollah are digging in to stay in syria with that backdrop it's sort of explains the comments from stefan de mistura and also from the french ambassador at the start of the meeting all the ingredients are present if we do nothing about it urgently for
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a major. regional and international confrontation james us may want to at least one small bit of good news that aid going in to eat and go to the first since last november. yes that is a bit of good news i think it's worth telling you that there's a bit of a pattern here when they have these big set piece security council meetings we've seen this happen in the past a small amount of aid goes in it was welcomed by stefan de mistura but he and the rest of the un make the point that this is one aid shipment and what many parts of syria many besieged parts of syria need is a continuous delivery of aid all items of the aid to these besieged areas and this is one shipment not at this stage clear what was actually allowed on the shipment because in the past we have the syrian government actually stripping the trucks and removing certain medical items james bays thank you very much indeed
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still ahead on the program but criticizing cambodia's king could soon land you in jail for up to five years plus. a mentor thomas in sydney where artists of responded to the form of incidents recorded at australia's offshore refugee presence. welcome back the weather across much of central and southern parts of china and taiwan is looking pretty good at the moment trying high temperatures only at ten degrees celsius and indeed as head on through into friday just certain with a threat of some rain but otherwise it's looking good across indochina twenty five and sunny and wholly in vietnam across a miramar thirty four degrees there in yang gone it's less head across into south
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asia but the weather for the most part is also fine visibility doesn't seem to be too bad at the moment. nighttime visibility about a thousand meters or so so no problems there but otherwise temperatures looking pretty good into the high twenty's or low thirty's for many areas delhi there is a mix of twenty four fine conditions for crouch in pakistan northern parts of pakistan and indeed india got more in the way of cloud with a threat of a little bit of snow but otherwise it should be fine as we head on through into friday but nurses for colombo sri lanka we could just see wanted to share us here in the arabian peninsula we've got cloud across northern parts of the region but further towards the south it's largely dry and fine temperatures really still way of of a ship at this time of year twenty six in doha just not seen winter arrive at all heading through into friday a little bit further towards a scythe but she's still say fine and dry in mecca with high seer of thirty four.
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so. documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. are going to the top stories. south africa's president has denounced moves by his own party to remove him from office calling them unfair jacob zuma faces
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a vote of no confidence if he doesn't step down by thursday a development conference held in kuwait to see more than thirty billion dollars worth of loans and investment pledged to help reconstruct areas of iraq destroyed by but it falls short of the eighty eight billion dollars needed. special envoy to syria says the recent violence in the country is the worst he has seen during his entire four year tenure. security council as many people have been killed in the first week of february. johnson has given his right to bret's its speech saying a departure from the e.u. is a cause for hope not fear the deep divisions between leave and remain voters and urged all to unite in an outward looking confident britain. says the result cannot be reversed and the u.k. should not be bound by e.u. rules after brics it. more people voted for breaks it than ever voted for
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anything in the history of this country and i just say in all candor if there would be a second vote i really think it would be another year of. tom all and wrangling and feuding in which the whole country would be the loser so let's not go that let's instead unite about what we all believe in an outward looking liberal global future for a confident united kingdom. well mystery a u.k. correspondent john b. phillips joins me live in the studio so funny was the purpose of this speech i think we have to take the purpose at face value boris johnson says he wants to reunite the country and he acknowledged in the speech that those divisions from the brics it referendum well over a year and a half ago now it's worth reminding our viewers are as bitter as ever in fact boris johnson said that he felt that attitudes were actually hardening in some parts of
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the remain side and so he's trying to reach across the gap but i think that the danger in british society politically you see many people now taking an almost tribal identity i may leave i am a remain a boris johnson is trying to deal with what he sees is that the interest of vision and in that clip we heard of in just there he talked about all the liberal vision of brics it what would that look like according to boris johnson bracks it was not britain standing on the white cliffs of dover and and flicking a metaphorical v. sign to the continent as he as he put it in his colorful language rather it is all about britain reaching out to the world so yes we will carry on loving europe but we won't be bound to e.u. institutions we will sign wonderful free trade deals with fast growing economies like south korea places far away we will welcome high skilled immigrants from all over the world now all of that is very attractive but i think there are
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a number of potential difficulties for boris johnson that division is not one that is necessarily bought into by many of the seventeen million plus people who voted to leave in the referendum many of them older perhaps with a slightly more vision of what british society should be i also think he again avoided details for instance not a single mention of the irish northern irish border none of the gritty aspects of what our customs arrangement trade arrangements with the e.u. . might actually look like and a further political problem for boris johnson and his own future he is a deeply divisive figure that legacy of distrust remains on the pro remains side and so perhaps he's not the best place politician to reach out and try and bridge that gulf thank you very much by phillips there thank you. and israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu is key coalition partners say they're sticking with him for now pending a decision on whether he'll be indicted for bribery as recommended by the police into you know who is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts from billionaire benefactors is also suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper for favorable coverage. first a wall i want to reassure you the coalition is stable and no one not myself not anyone else plans to hold elections we will continue to work together with you for the people of israel until the end of the term after i read the recommendations report i can say it is biased extremely full of holes like swiss cheese. dozens of protesters have rallied against the philippine president regurgitate is sexist tirades against women as part of the rally in manila an effigy of duty at it was displayed along with attachments of tongues with sexist phrases which were then cut off last week to try to provoke controversy after encouraging violence against
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women saying soldiers should shoot female rebels in the genitals human rights groups say it's just the latest in a series of misfortune istic statements he's made about women. and the house of cambodia's parliament has passed a law making it a crime to insult the king anyone found guilty of the charge could face a fine and up to five years in prison rights groups say the law could be used by prime minister who can send to stifle dissent further in the past year the government has cracked down on its opponents closing critical media outlets and dissolving the main opposition party wednesday is monitoring developments in cambodia and the thai capital bangkok no surprise really that the list made just a last sailed through the national assembly in phnom penh given that the ruling cambodian people's party of prime minister hun sen who's been in power for more than thirty years dominates that house of the national assembly so now the law will
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go to the senate which will really just be a formality again and then on to the king who will sign off on this lot and after that anyone who is found guilty of insulting the monarchy can be jailed for up to five years and of course the concern is that this law could be used by the prime minister by the government to further crackdown on any political opposition or dissent because we have seen a willingness of the past year or so certainly by the prime minister and his government to use the courts to their advantage we've had the largest opposition party the cambodian national rescue party completely dissolved most of its key members are now living overseas fearing arrest and the leader of the sea an r.p. was arrested cam so on treason charges so the concern is that this list may just a law is not really designed to protect the monarchy or give the monarchy more power it's really designed according to critics to give the government and the
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prime minister more power. but tomorrow's former president has made a brief appearance in court after being arrested as part of a local corruption investigation of article on monday eight of his former ministers including the current chairman of oxfam international were detained by police on tuesday the special prosecutor says the men face charges of fraud and embezzlement related to the questionable purchases of public buses for guatemala city the government is said to have auctioned off twenty five year concessions for bus routes with the private companies that won the contracts later exempted from taxes . as president of the republic in accordance with article one eighty three paragraph q of the political constitution is the government or of managing public finances. he intervened personally and this additionally to facilitate the fraudulent procedure of creating the agreement of. international aid has begun
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arriving in parts of tong devastated by cycling gator military aircraft from australia new zealand through emergency supplies to the pacific nation but residents still face a long wait for power and other services to be restored psycho to said have been the most powerful ever to hit the capital nuku'alofa it destroyed houses and even the nation's parliament house. an art exhibition in sydney is highlighting australia's tough treatment of refugees a curators of all we can't see commissioned artists to paint scenes described in real incident reports involving refugees held in offshore detention centers in narrative and thomas reports from sydney. she had been asking for a four minute shower as opposed to two minutes her request to be accepted on condition of sexual favor he had also tied the rope around his neck and attempted to weigh down the right he then said do i have to kill myself to go to australia the words from trauma incident reports written by people working with refugees the
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pictures and sculptures of by artists imagining or interpretive was described god stated do not sit in front of me i don't want to see you and keep the chair. at the sydney gallery artistic license is applied to a world deliberately hidden from view we want to make the invisible visible this policy has been so successful because it's been out of sight out of mind and we hope that by bringing him in treated the stories people might be able to forget so easily they will have to start to pay attention to the policy in question is australia's towards refugees since twenty thirteen the government has been deporting refugees who've tried to reach its shores by boat to two tiny pacific islands an hour and madness are really based on black holes where it's very difficult to get information about conditions it's very hard to independently know what has gone on hundreds of refugees have been held on the roof for almost five
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years told they'll never leave many suffer mental health issues others have been abused by guards local school reach other in twenty sixteen a cache of documents detailing such incidents was leeched by former worker the curators here asked artists to choose one file each to illustrate one of the case workers on a bus in the morning and noticed that one of the children had signed a hot into his hand with a metal and thread she asked him why done that he said i don't know. i just found that it was a very simple incident but very graphic very confronting some pieces on. littrell a picture of exactly what's described other works are much more abstract there are thirty three words on show this sydney gallery but overall the so-called in the roof i will describe what went through two thousand incidents what's on display here then is just the start of a much more ambitious project the curators have posted online the text of the more
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than two thousand reports they're encouraging people to read them and submit their own work the ultimate aim is for every incident to be illustrated not necessarily by professionals like those who did these but biomass artistic movement. andrew thomas al jazeera sydney. the winter olympics are supposed to be cold just perhaps not as wintry as it is in pyongyang trying the weather is continuing to wreak havoc with conditions testing organizers and even the most experienced athletes in a big park was forced to close temporarily on wednesday as high winds blew over
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signs and tents and women slalom was also postponed for the second time due to poor visibility on the course organizers have faced criticism after allowing the women's snowboard slopestyle competition to go ahead on sunday despite riders saying the winds were too dangerous one sport unaffected by the elements is the skating and that's when north korea could have a chance of claiming a medal our sports correspondent lee wellings watched the countries figure skating to make their lives back entrance. arkansas you there was quite some a violation for the north korea. and kim june sick who of qualified to place went down really well so a beatles basically the crowd who really got behind the not just because they were of a now famous north korean cheerleading squad but there was a genuinely warm feeling. to see pope competitors remember these are different from
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the other north korean competitors twenty two north koreans are here twelve of them in the unified talk is called but they were invited based who actually qualified because by all to the top skaters in the world another girl child strong push on or win a medal in the for the sky to middle school competition or rome because of indigenous almost a holy when i was part the managed so they really were with this god created to preserve history but not quite well enough for my kids through so the freescale by finish by ten and i'll be sixty eight for a. quick look now at the top stories around as there south africa's embattled president says moves by his own a.n.c. party to remove him from office unfair in forty five minute television interview jacob zuma said he has done nothing wrong a seventy five year old who is facing dozens of corruption charges this is a vote of no confidence if he doesn't step down by thursday from the miller has
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been following the story now he also used this interview i think to talk directly to the a.n.c. saying that its decision and if he steps down would plunge the party into crisis and he believes that this is a decision that the agency would regret the un special envoy to syria staffan de mistura says the recent violence in the country is the worst he's seen during his entire four year tenure. i found a mystery has been told as told the u.n. security council that the violence must be deescalated he says as many as a thousand people have been killed in syria in the first week of february alone. i've been out for years especially in boy this is as violent and worrying and dangerous a moment as any that in my time of day in your for far therefore i strongly rate to rate the appeal of this
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a great general to all concerned in syria and the region and beyond that to this goal lead immediately and unconditionally and urge all stakeholders including the us then i go around to use their influence to help reduce violence on thirty billion dollars has been pledged to help rebuild iraq following the defeat of i saw that's less than half of what the government says it needs dozens of countries promised donations at a summit in kuwait but mainly in investment or loans which need to be paid back iraq's prime minister says the country needs almost ninety billion dollars to help reconstruct roads and infrastructure after three years of war israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is key coalition partners say they're sticking with him for now pending a decision on whether he'll be charged for bribery as recommended by the police but now who is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts from a billionaire benefactors are the top stories you're not just there to stay with us
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witnessed mind of a battle is up next more news for you straight after that thanks for watching by fire.


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