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explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives make little difference rewind silent news at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello welcome to the al-jazeera news our life will headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i have therefore come. to the decision
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to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect south africa's scandal plagued president jacob zuma steps down after the ruling a.n.c. party told him to go also. at least one person killed and more than twenty injured by a government who opened fire at a us high school. russia can push the regime to commit to seeking a real peace in syria the u.s. and russia again trade blame at the u.n. in response to a chilling report from the special envoy for syria plus. i'm andrew thomas in sydney where artists have responded to the moment incidents recorded at australia's offshore refugee crisis. welcome to the news hour jacob zuma has resigned as south africa. as president
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reluctantly heeding orders from his ruling party the a.n.c. will go with immediate effect to bringing an end to almost nine scandal plagued years in power the n.c. told him to quit on choose day and when he had gone by wednesday the party and else that it would bank moves in parliament to force him to leave i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect even though i disagree with the decision of my of the leadership of my organization i have always been a disciplined member of the sea as i leave i would continue to serve the people of south africa
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as well as the a.n.c. the organization i have served my all of my life in it. correspondent for me to miller joins us now from johannesburg he kept us going on for quite a while and there was a thought perhaps when he did that he would stay old. certainly is a hell until jacob zuma actually said that he's resigning one would have thought that this was a speech of defiance we did hear the president and allow the former president talk about how he wanted to you he didn't fear this impending. vote of no confidence in parliament nor was he worried about impeachment when he said those words i'm sure so africans were very uncertain about what would happen next jacob zuma was expected to face a vote of no confidence in parliament on thursday if he didn't step down that now
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goes away of course since the president made that speech but he also said that he was not in this position for any other reason than to serve the party in the country position that he was grateful for but he was not there for the perks that he was in why read about losing those perks if indeed he was impeached at a later stage jacob zuma the tone to out the speech was of someone who is is quite angry with the african national congress despite having said that he had been he also said that he'd been loyal to the organization of for decades and despite saying that he would continue to serve the a.n.c. this is not an announcement that came with any joy certainly but we have to look back and remember that jacob zuma has time in office really was plagued by one scandal after another this is the first time we were actually today was the first time we were hearing from jacob zuma in in weeks now of these demands for him to
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step down there have been a number of challenges through the nine years of jacob zuma service president of the africa let's look back at at some of the difficulties his presidency has come under during this period. he's path to the presidency began in one thousand nine hundred nine as deputy under the leadership of tub and baking but personal differences and power struggles put a strain on their relationship in june two thousand and five president mbeki fired jacob zuma and south africa's deputy president over allegations of fraud related to a multi-billion dollar arms deal four months later zoomers financial advisor should be a shaikh is convicted for corruption and fraud by december zuma is charged with raping an h. i.v. positive family friend but he was acquitted by april two thousand and six despite the scandals zuma remains popular and by december two thousand and seven he is elected president of the ruling african national congress ten days later zuma is
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charged with fraud corruption money laundering and racketeering in two thousand and nine zuma is elected president just a month after grow up she charges a dropped in twenty thousand he announces a major overhaul to south africa's hiv aids policy rolling out lifesaving antiretroviral drugs but his government faces criticism for poor economic performance growing unemployment poor service delivery and corruption in the second term zuma faced one of these biggest scandals the twenty three million dollar refurbishment of his private residence with taxpayers' money and his public officials in opposition parties demanded that he pay back the money zuma refused when their money as directed by the public protector i said to him about is that south africans will remember all the beds that. we are not for the bruce campbell so i think. of various. who
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did not know what to do with an issue. by the end of twenty fifteen zuma was accused of acting in the interest of his political and business associates is close an allegedly corrupt relationship with the group has a prominent and influential family is a source of discontent within his party and the public several questionable cabinet reshuffles and allegations of influence by the group has further weakens public confidence in zuma still zuma resists calls from within and outside of his party to resign is the president willing to take accountability for the decision and resign in front of the people of south africa. twenty seventeen zuma returned to court to fight the reinstatement of decade old corruption charges throughout this time zuma faced several motions of no confidence in parliament by december of that year deputy president of the a.n.c.
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cyril ramaphosa replaced him as party leader no longer president of the ruling party's you must position of strength was weakened making way for a dramatic end for a leader who many say routinely courted controversy rather than inspiring confidence. well for me to zuma is gone who takes over now in terms of running the country. well throughout the day the african national congress has said its main priority is to give zuma out and fill in he's the president of the african national congress and he's expected to take over from as early as thursday now this resignation by zuma does go to the national assembly to be formalized because the national assembly is where the president is voted in by members of parliament one thing that happened so rome of course that will be nominated by the african national congress and that will be voted on to this really is just a formality to bring the president of the a.n.c.
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who's the deputy of the top africa into that a top job but now the africans will be watching to see just what will roll up what it does next and how he's able to possibly repair the damage to the african national congress and that there came a bar during the prison the presidency of jacob zuma or for that we will leave it there of course a fast moving story as it as we head into thursday for the moment from either thank you no sooner were south africa's president since the end of want to minority rule in one nine hundred ninety four the apartheid here and else and mandela was the first democratically elected president he was in power for five years until one nine hundred ninety nine mandela was succeeded by his deputy top mbeki who remained in charge until two thousand and eight with nine months to go before the end of his second term he was recalled by his own party amid a feud with his former deputy jacob zuma in becky's resignation pave the way for
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jacob zuma his rise to his presidency began in two thousand and nine and was marred by multiple accusations of corruption and mismanagement zuma is due to be replaced by as you heard the folks who defeated his preferred choice for the party leadership last year and the ruling party politicians are due to elect a poser as acting president of froid. his research at the al-jazeera center for studies joins me on the set how much of a relief is it for the n c politicians parliament to the people of south africa that zuma has gone well it's a great relief for the moment because many people are calling for his resignation because he has been surrounded by. you know people have been. wittingly or unwittingly bringing days you down we saw earlier today there was a raid at one of the compounds of. of the familiar which is
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has been in the news throughout zamost tenure as the people who actually kept just the state and who have worked with zuma son and have been accused of corruption and kept in south africa so there is there's a great relief at the moment in south africa or short term because of the south africa's heading to the polls how much of a thorn in the side with the zuma issue the issues of corruption have been leading to elections well i think sort of a pose of the current leader of the sea. insistence of removing jacob zuma was clearly to try and have a smoother electoral period because jacob zuma would have indeed impacted on the a.b.c. winning the next elections and twenty nineteen because he sounded and all of these people who bring lays his reputation down and the corruption charges that are
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hanging over his head so it was an agent issue for the a.n.c. to get rid of jacob zuma and if i mean it's the only hope actually they had to replace him with sort of oppose it because if zuma was going to take a seat to the to the election next year many people argue that the a.n.c. might have is in the last elections perhaps you can summarise the fact that zuma now is not the president he's not the leader of the a.n.c. he doesn't have the protection afforded to someone in power how vulnerable is the now to some of the cases that were brought against him that was sort of shoved to one side over corruption coming to the forefront again what we're looking to sort of figure is the country of or flow with a very strong and independent judicial system so it is believed that he's going to benefit from that but i don't think that the a.n.c. even if you are still part of a n c as the president of the or the president of a country that would have kind of absolved protected him from from prosecution
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because it other than seventy old cases charges hanging over his head i'm not quite sure where they will survive all of those we shall see what happens certainly in the coming days and weeks for cuba to be difficult i think so much for joining us again here in the studio. political opposition has lost a towering figure with the death of morgan showing glory he founded the movement for democratic change and became a symbol of resistance against former president robert mugabe whom he briefly shared with. was being treated for colon cancer in neighboring south africa. correspondent has been following events since that news broke from the capital harare and of course the news broke late into the evening what's been the reaction so far or some people were awake when the announcement was made and they started calling the local radio stations giving their views on what has happened a lot of been saying that they sad and shocked at the news but
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a lot of them also saying that they want to remember morgan tsvangirai for his bravery he was the man who dared criticize. the now former president at a time when it was sometimes dangerous to do so in his country he was beaten several times arrested called a puppet of the west by the ruling party now people are waiting to hear from the family when is a body coming back to zimbabwe from south africa where he died one of the funeral arrangements something they planned to be there in the thousands and then on thursday some people are saying they hope to be outside the embassy party headquarters here in harare to pay their respects so here of course we have an election pending within the next six months a replacement needs to be found and an opposition alliance needs to be kept together it's a tall order while a political party is grieving for the loss of their leader. there's no denying it there are huge challenges in the opposition party m.d.c. t.
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and the opposition alliance what we seeing in morgan tsvangirai party we seeing some senior officials fighting it out many on social media criticizing each other saying that they deserve to replace him as leader of the party when it comes the alliance of other figures from the opposition parties who also are backing and getting senior positions or big jobs in the m.d.c. alliance should they win seats either in parliament or the election so all this bickering going on the concern some analysts say that is is that if some of these individuals unhappy with not getting a certain position that the leader of the party they could walk away which could split the party again it has been before a few years ago because they are the party again which to which would weaken the m.d.c. but it could be a huge advantage to the rulings on the pier party and president emerson and i gotta see what the fallout is in these quite sad days certainly for zimbabwe's opposition party for the moment her a thank you let's go to breaking news out of the u.s. for a government has opened fire at
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a high school in florida killing at least one person though it happened in the municipality of parkland that's north of miami fourteen people have been taken to various hospitals. in parkland for and it's a very fluid situation at the moment what we do know is that the shooter is in custody what more do we know about the circumstances around the shooting on the. well as he said it's a very fluid situation at the moment we're not sure why the shooter did what he did we're hearing from law enforcement officials that this was possibly a former student called nicholas cruz we still don't know why he allegedly did what he did but i can tell you the situation here is it is simply horrible as we speak now parents are streaming past holding on very tightly to their children this is one of the largest schools in broward county with more than three thousand students and we saw those aerial pictures as the shooting was taking place as there was an
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active shooter on the scene and you saw how organized the police here are out quickly the f.b.i. get onto the ground because of course in this country where this happens all too often they practice for these kinds of things so the official reaction was very fast on the ground but those figures the number of people that have died who they are what their ages are is still not yet known obviously the big thing for the parents here is simply to be reunited with their children you can see some of the people's walking past as we speak behind me you can see simply hundreds of cars parked up where you can only presume that parents rushed to the scene to try and find their children then now will meeting at a local hotel that's been set up as a run day viewpoint but clearly this is a very emotional situation i heard one congressman earlier saying that this is the nineteenth school shooting this year i'm only halfway through february i think that figure may be at least a dozen but this is the only advanced country in the world where this happens on a regular basis you hear the same things from politicians they tweet out their
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hopes and prayers but the truth is here nothing will change nothing ever changes it didn't change after sandy hook where twenty young children were gunned down by an assault rifle it's not going to change here but at the moment the parents are really the ones where the focus is they are reuniting with their children as officials get a handle on the situation this is no longer an active scene as the shooter is now reportedly in custody we leave it there for the moment and come back to us the situation does develop through the day thank you. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are the declaration that opens up better health and education services to six native american tribes. and shaun white in the olympics spotlight but not just for his hard pipe heroin this would explain in school.
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budgets in place of arrested a prominent opposition figure for alleged contact with the outlawed muslim brotherhood group i don't need but i was a presidential candidate in the twenty twelve elections he had been a staunch critic of president of the c.c. and called for a boycott of next month's election that follows the imprisonment of former army chief and presidential candidate son ian and over accusations that he violated egypt's military code now the un envoy for syria has warned that violence in the water on country is the worst he's seen since taking the job four years ago staffan de mistura briefing at the security council prompted more finger pointing between the u.s. and russia who accuse each other of blocking paths to peace from the u.n. in new york is our diplomatic editor james bays the deteriorating military situation dominated a security council meeting that was both drench and grim i've been now for years
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special envoy this is as violent and worrying and dangerous a moment as any that they have seen in my time he mentioned all the nations now fighting in syria the turkish operation around after three and the assad government's continued bombardment of an eastern ghouta. civilians are being killed on a horrific scale and reports suggest more than one thousand civilians in the first week of february alone he went on to describe developments in recent days the u.s. attack on assad forces near dera zoar and israeli air strikes in syria including on iranian targets but both these operations were later defended by the us ambassador in the united states will always reserve the right to act in self-defense the assad regime has become a front for iran hezbollah and their allies to advance the irresponsible and
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dangerous agenda for the middle east outside the council chamber the french ambassador warm the situation in syria risks spiraling out of control all the ingredients are present. if we do nothing about it urgently for major. regional and international confrontation the un's latest modest peace effort based on the outcome of a conference in the russian city of sochi seems now to be in doubt mr de mistura wants to select members of a new committee to come up with a new constitution for syria but president assad's ambassador at the u.n. rejected that when i'm not emotionally coffin madama i discipline of this conference did not grant any authority for mr de mistura to set up this communist afterwards i asked him for further clarification don't get lost into the little
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details there was not me what we've constantly seen is the syrian government not being prepared to fully engage with your plans isn't it now time as yet again they seem to be not engaging peter call them out on their obstruction i am a diplomat and i'm up at it peter my job is not to call out anyway it's actually do make sure that we move forward in the hours before the security council meeting the first convoy was committed since november can go to every bit of help is obviously welcomed by a starving community but diplomats pointed to a familiar and somewhat cynical pattern by the syrian government it's only when it's in the international spotlight with a meeting like this that a small amount of aid is finally delivered james buries out his era at the united nations but the defense secretary says he doesn't want to british eisel fighters captured in syria to be sent back to the u.k. now the comments appear to put gavin williams odds with the u.s.
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defense secretary james mattis he says countries must take responsibility for their citizens who are captured while fighting feisal. they turned their back on breasts and when they left breasts and cause destruction and. commit their hateful crimes we believe that just as should be done locally and they're no longer part of prison the british people do not want to see them returned more than thirty billion dollars has been pledged to help rebuild iraq after the defeat of eisel more than seventy six countries promised donations are to summit in kuwait but mainly in the form of loans which will need to be paid back the thirty billion dollars figure falls well short of water iraq's government says it needs. a damning new report has highlighted an apparent rise in sexual assault and violence against children in war zones a group save the children has put the research out and says there's
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a particularly big rise in cases of killing and maiming. destroys lives it traumatizes communities. and in many of the world's conflict zones children are suffering the most. this is eastern ghouta a suburb of the syrian capital damascus last week. it space relentless bombardment after years of starve and surrender tactics. the human rights group save the children believes youngsters in war zones are now more at risk than at any time in the past twenty years. according to a new report by the organization one in six of the world's children live in conflict zones that's three hundred fifty seven million children a seventy five percent increases the early one nine hundred ninety s. syria afghanistan and somalia are the three most dangerous conflict affected
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countries to be a child. in the past few years there's been a three hundred percent increase in un verified cases of killing and maiming of children and around half of all children in conflict zones lack access to schools and health facilities. for care for. many of these children in the democratic republic of congo's kasai region count violence among the earliest memories militia have destroyed schools and homes across the region and the u.n. says thousands of children have been forced to become soldiers save the children is one of several organizations trying to rehabilitate victims i think we're talking about in this report of children being raped children being forced to fight being forced to kill other children horrifying brutality and so there's a number of things we can do we can invest in mental health and social support for children in disasters and we can rebuild the society around them get them back into
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school be united with their families there's a whole range of things we can do but that does take investment it takes time and it takes support. despite greater international standards when it comes to protecting children increasingly brutal tactics are being employed to fight the widespread use of indiscriminate weapons cluster bombs have seen child casualty numbers saw. this nine year old range ago was shot three times while fleeing myanmar children are not simply caught in the crossfire they are targets and a group say the profound psychological impact of conflict on children cannot be underestimated there are things seen in childhood the can take a lifetime to recover from the al-jazeera. well still ahead in the news hour a currency under pressure why iran is cracking down on unlicensed money traders.
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also israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu remains defiant after police recommend his indictment on corruption charges. and germany plan to another goal to stay top of the medals in chang all of that olympic sports news coming up with joe . how we got a good mobile phone i weather across north america at the moment it was a cloud making their way from west to ace to fair around so cloud remaining as we go on through day member early on in the way we're struggling to get a celsius in dallas much warmer twenty three degrees and that was pushing up through d.c. twenty one celsius fourteen celsius there for new york north of the border into kuwait back into ontario we have got some snow flurries some snow flurries to just around the mountain states around the northern plains and then just some wet
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weather into that southwestern corner south of the border into northern parts of mexico that cloud of rain that will make its way up towards the central plains as we go on through friday some other weather pushing over towards the end of the east and cold in new jersey new york maryland seeing some rather wet weather and that's case two into new england warmer though for us where temperatures getting up to one degree celsius should be largely dry laci try to into central posset kind of a some rain state the snow piling back into western canada and the pacific northwest of washington state not too much the way of any wet weather across the caribbean over the next few days they will be want to see showers around nicaragua around costa rica pushing up towards honduras elsewhere a slightly fine and glorious sunshine kingston with a high of twenty nine. and different sides of the civil war they never wanted to fight and i joined the party just because it was the closest one to my house you might even dog for with
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alchemist but united now on the roads of levanon see from on a motorcycle we see things without the frame the world is open. i love it love it love it so much fighters two bikers on al-jazeera world at this time. more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can dora. but what were the last thing a facts of this agreement there's a regional set to sites because it's at those borders were drawn with consulting the people have to live with the. psych speak out lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to the al-jazeera news our i'm sorry reminder of our top stories jacob zuma has resigned to south africa's president reluctantly heeding orders from his ruling party and see will go with immediate effect bringing to an end almost nine scandal plagued years in power. also police in the u.s. state of florida have taken the suspect into custody after several students were gunned down at the high school in parkland but police have identified the suspect as nicholas cruz and in two thousand year old former student. also zimbabwe's political opposition has lost a towering figure with the death of morgan trying to write the sound of the movement for democratic change was being treated for colon cancer in neighboring
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south africa he was aged sixty five well we heard from our reporter how do we toss alive in zimbabwe's capital and she now takes more detailed look at morgan china grinds life. to his supporters morbid richard tank and i was a man who challenge zimbabwe's longtime leader robert mugabe at a time when few people a day to do so but it was a long and sometimes painful journey in one thousand nine hundred nineteen get i've been a trade union leader for the opposition party the movement for democratic change in the years that followed he organized protests to try and force mugabe out of office he was beaten while in police custody charged with treason jailed several times and labeled a chaytor by mugabe supporters. in the two thousand and eight presidential election he won the most votes but not enough to win outright. before a second round took place his supporters were targeted in
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a campaign of violence the opposition leader put out of the presidential race in protest regional leaders and the international community intervened after months of negotiations and i was sworn in as prime minister in two thousand and nine it was a temporary power sharing government but mugabe was still the president. be remembered fundamentally in the sense that. some of the interview got this will include those in the eight when we got before the first of this did last. the first president. in almost the majority overall of of the diligence in that is not been done since then to doing. so for dogs. four years later another election took place this time m.d.c. party lost by a huge margin his critics say that he had ignored the plight of the poor and got caught up in the trappings of wealth and power allegations of party infighting and
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corruption also tarnished his image some of his closest allies left accusing him of being a dictator. but in twenty seventeen the m.d.c. alliance was formed those who had less hunger returned for me a coalition to challenge and grab at the polls. they were occasional anti-government protests zimbabwe's economy was on its knees there was a shortage of foreign currency and the government couldn't pay salaries on time and the military intervened in a van by twenty seventeen and put mugabe and house arrest and zimbabweans from all political parties marched together in solidarity saying mcgarvey must step down eventually mcgarvey resigned and emerson when i got there was sworn in as president . despite having cancer and i supporters insisted he was their place. candidates for the twenty eight thousand elections they were confident he could defeat at the polls but he never got that chance opposition supporters states that i will be remembered as a brave man a charismatic public speaker and
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a symbol of resistance. pull them together is a research associate of the africa center for strategic studies a think tank that set up by the u.s. department of defense joins me from washington d.c. when towering political figures like this pass away the inevitable question is what sort of legacy have they left behind in chiang darius case what sort of legacy is he left behind for those who have fought a lifetime in opposition first of all thank you for having me. well some euro is going to be remembered as a courageous individual extremely brave with great organizational capabilities he's been able to mobilize broad coalitions cutting across the trade union movement the churches and broad structures of civil society but it's important to note as well that he's been credited for his courage not only
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within the opposition movement but also by fairly senior members of the new p.f. who have come out publicly on a number of occasions unaccredited. for the sort of role he's played in in bringing about democratic change in that country and of course as we look forward post chiang rai he was the glue that held the opposition alliance together we have pending elections within the next six months and an alliance that we don't know will it hold together all the laws. well that's very difficult. you know to predict because as you rightly pointed out the opposition has been fractured m.d.c. has been fractured right now there are three different factions that have been engaged in a power struggle to succeed. and this is not just going to affect the m.d.c.
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but it may also affect the electoral prospects of the broader opposition alliance of which the m.d.c. was right at the center. so it could be. a very difficult time going forward. for the m.d.c. . and. you know there are lots of you know sort of strategies and tactics that they were trying to develop i think it's also important to note that the m.d.c. was also severely degraded institutionally you know through more than more than a decade of repression in which a number of members were you know targeted institutions within the m.d.c. were systematically dismantled so we must also bear in mind that they have been operating under an extremely difficult political climate who then are the natural choices or candidates that will take over from china because it will have to be
2:37 am
somebody that cannot just unify the core m.d.c. party but also make sure that the alliances stay strong. yes it will be very difficult because in a sense they've got to deal with the m.d.c. itself and then they have to deal with the m.d.c. within the broader alliance that had been structured a few months ago so it will be very difficult it's really it's really hard right now to kind of predict. who that leader might be it will be very very difficult to step in. but the party has said that it's going to go into a congress in which these are issues of leadership hopefully will be decided so that some of those are strategies can then and then come into play but they have very very little time to do that zimbabwe has just been through a major major transition after the stepping aside of robert mugabe so they have
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lots of issues to deal with. you know going forward indeed will see what does happen certainly in the six months leading up to that election poll that only thanks so much for joining us from washington d.c. the killers of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have been offering their support after police recommended he be indicted on corruption charges that in yahoo is accused of accepting the three hundred thousand dollars in gifts and is suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper in return for favorable coverage and he denies the allegations and backers say they'll stand by him pending a decision on whether he'll be indicted or not tarrie false it has more from west jerusalem. well as you might expect the day after the allegations in the police recommendation letter became public the israeli media is all over this story and a lot of the commentary is focusing on the idea that this was unnecessarily petty corruption allegedly by the prime minister of the country that's
2:39 am
a point taken up by ben caspian in the newspaper a leading commentator in israel under the headline the horror of hama bull which connotes an idea of fleeing raging floodwaters and self-preservation he really says two things he attacks netanyahu for trying to undermine the police what effect that might have in terms of public trust going forward and he really could assizes them on the basis that this is a very savvy political operator here in israel he knows the consequences or should know the consequences of his actions politically so why risk so much for trying to get free cigars and champagne as is alleged in these documents there is also a lot of commentary about the other case case two thousand which is tied to his alleged alleged attempts to get favorable media coverage by influencing the proprietor of one newspaper by saying that if he got better coverage then he would curtail the operations of another newspaper that's the allegation at least one
2:40 am
which netanyahu also denies but this piece in haaretz the left leaning newspaper and show pfeffer says media obsession has brought about his downfall saying that this is somebody who knows how to play the media is very good at getting favorable coverage without going to these sorts of lengths and his hubris really in trying to do this is what has brought about this this consequence for him and inherits his world and its editorial page and this is something that's reflected across a lot of the media today it says mandelbrot don't delay this is an opinion piece saying that the attorney general of a high mental bit has all the evidence at the supposed all that he needs his prosecutors are going to summarize it and make their recommendations. they've been across this investigation throughout and the police have laid it out in extremely explicit terms or there's no need for what could be a months long delay and has been in the past in these sorts of instances so really that is the kind of commentary that we're saying seeing in the israeli media this
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is of course the big story in israel today. six native american tribes in the u.s. state of virginia have been granted full federal recognition after nearly twenty year legal fight another declaration clears the way for the tribes to receive health care education and housing benefits while official reports this land occupied has where the white house is today they had a weird of their past proud of their history but keen to protect the future and those six native american tribes in the u.s. state of virginia have been granted federal recognition it's an important step in securing funding for schools housing and health care for two decades the chickahominy eastern chickahominy apartment a pony rappahannock nancy moaned and manakin campaigned and lobby success was never again tea but was finally achieved i cried. i am dead emotional talking about it because you know some we fought so hard for i have always said
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anything that helps one trying to mess country will help them all a bench really i don't know if it will make it easier for us but they can take what we do and look at it and you know the big thing i hope they'll learn from what it takes persistence opponents told the tribes not to seek direct federal recognition but apply through the bureau of indian affairs but the president of the national council for native americans says in this case that would have been difficult i know that historically there are there were documents that were either lost or destroyed or or. missing. and for whatever reason these delays were unfairly placed upon the tribes and so here as you mention these are mentioned tribe these are tribes that predated. the united states of america in some cases in fact some of the tribes made peace with england before the us was even imagined and so they never signed a formal treaty with america this new deal opens up huge opportunities for the
2:43 am
tribes because of direct access to federal budgets they're immediately eligible for those types of assistant which is an enormous when you look at. medical assisted health care systems housing education all of those things so it's just an immediate. boost for the other tribes are looking to see if they should directly seek federal recognition as well but to be more in the fight could be difficult something they've experienced before in their long history alan fischer al-jazeera virginia well of course in london has rejected an appeal by two nigerian communities who want to sue royal dutch shell oil spills in the niger delta of holes a ruling last year that the company can't be held responsible in english courts for the actions of its nigerian subsidiary police in iran have arrested dozens of unlicensed money traders as growing concern about the falling value of the iranian
2:44 am
radio continues the president is under pressure to stop the currency slide against the dollar which business to say is harming the economy the same basra he has moved into. every morning iranians wake up to find the money in their pockets is worth less than when they went to bed that's because the iranian ryall has been on a downward spiral for years. iranian see the u.s. exchange rate as an indicator of the country's economic climate. for many small businesses the forecast is not good. the price of the dollar directly impacts our business it's been thirty percent more expensive in the past two months so everything we buy costs is thirty percent more. for early telephony higher costs equal higher prices that means fewer customers for his hand back to business chief you can watch a fast about your clock what's clear even about previous presidents is that they could do nothing with suffering from bankruptcy and deposits up banks are bankrupt that we cannot do anything and seeing the exchange rate will go up even more
2:45 am
iranian leaders say the problem is temporary but people remain unconvinced president hassan rouhani said ministration is under pressure to be seen doing something about the falling value of the iranian reopened on wednesday police arrested dozens of black market currency traders in downtown tehran. these men make up an informal currency trading floor that operates on to her own streets normally the police ignore them but recent rate hikes prompted this crackdown on irregular money trading while the power move like this may be a good way to respond to public criticism experts say it isn't enough to stabilize the value of iran's money. as an economist and says the most recent volatility is down to one person u.s. president donald trump. and i'm predictable event happened it was shocking even for america when the trumpet ministration took office all the equations changed trumps
2:46 am
threat to pull out of the nuclear deal and oppose new sanctions on iran has put off many investors especially in the united states the world's biggest economy. if we assume that there are no sanctions and iran enjoyed normal relations with other countries and banks could operate normally the government could easily stabilize the foreign exchange market. while trump won't be president forever iranians are losing patience with their own president and the ever declining value of their own currency. zero to one. international aid has begun arriving in parts of told her that were hit by cycling gator on monday military aircraft from australia and new zealand are flying emergency supplies to the pacific nation but people still face a long wait for power and other services to be restored. australian artists have reimagined harrowing stories that were written by refugees in the country's offshore prison camps a sydney gallery showing the all we can see exhibit in the hope that it helps us to
2:47 am
put the spotlight on the whale strain treats refugees and to thomas reports. she had been asking for a four minute shower as opposed to two minutes her request to be accepted on condition of sexual favor he had also tied the rope around his neck and attempted to weigh down the right he then said do i have to kill myself to go to australia the words from trauma incident reports written by people working with refugees the pictures and sculptures of artists imagining or interpretive was described god stated do not sit in front of me i don't want to see you and keep the chair. at the sydney gallery artistic license is applied to a world deliberately hidden from view we want to make the invisible visible this policy has been so successful because it's been out of sight out of mind and face so we hope that by bringing him in trade the way stories people might be able to
2:48 am
forget so easily they will have to start to pay attention the policy in question is australia's towards refugees since twenty thirty in the government has been deporting refugees who've tried to reach it shows by boat to two tiny pacific islands an hour and menace a really big stock of black holes where it's very difficult to get information about conditions it's very hard to independently know what has gone off hundreds of refugees have been held on no roof for almost five years told they'll never leave many suffer mental health issues others have been abused by guards local school reach other in twenty sixteen a cache of documents detailing such incidents was leaked by a former worker the curators here asked artists to choose one file each to illustrate one of the case workers on a bus in the morning and noticed that one of the children had signed a hot. into his hand with a medal and thread she asked him why done that he said i don't know. i just found
2:49 am
out it was a very simple incident but very graphic very confronting some pieces are literally a picture of exactly what's described other works are much more abstract there are thirty three works on show at this sydney gallery but overall the so-called in the roof files describe what went through thousand incidents what's on display here then is just the start of a much more ambitious project the curators have posted online the text of all the more than two thousand reports they're encouraging people to read them and submit their own work the ultimate aim is for every incident to be illustrated not necessarily by professionals like those who did please but by a mass autistic movement andrew thomas al jazeera sydney. who's been involved in a fatal crash. me and. and
2:50 am
2:51 am
to. me as. i mean it was me me me me me me me me me me me me me the todd thanks. thanks very much sean white asay pissed off of the winter olympics but not everybody is celebrating his latest leap to glory that's because of a sexual harassment case swirling around the snowboarder kevin calvert reports was i guess he's what taught the american becoming the most successful borda at
2:52 am
a games three time olympic gold medalist man you know this honestly i'm sure you can tell by my reactions at the bottom of the pipe but this meant the world to me. but when the als of his half brother the thirty one year old was defeated by his ricky tyson when allegations resurfaced this week of six arrests meant to be sixteen the snowboarder dismissed them as gossip that angered campaign is behind last year's me to movement white has since apologized insisting he's a changed man. i get into his one tough man the gym and making up a half minute deficit in the nordic combined cross-country skiing i think the best of times the pick up the pace if you please if. the latest success story european team or was winning the one thousand meters speed
2:53 am
skating and the end along pick record the dutch have topped the podium in north five speed skating events sofa. and not. one that is not to. me is being applied in the marketing school in the first place but one last attempt and as it did strike the heat so deep i wrote keeping count of how dizzy. well speaking of the ice hockey tournament the men's events lackluster with the absence of n.h.l. stars and it really showed in the united states opening game against slovenia on wednesday the usa led to nothing only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they were handed a shock three two overtime loss and they weren't the only hockey powerhouses to go down the team of russian athletes the last three two to slovakia north korea's only realistic shot at a medal comes in the pez figure skating correspondent lee wellings watched the pen
2:54 am
make that big entrance i can sell you there was quite an aversion for the north korean. or kim june sick of qualified to place best went down really well so a beatles strike and basically the crowd who really got behind the not just because they were of a now famous north korean cheerleading squad but there was a genuinely warm feeling so to sing pub competitors remember these are different from the other north korean competitors twenty two north koreans are here twelve of them in the unified hockey squad but they were invited based who actually qualified because by all so the top skaters in the world another girl child strong push on or win a medal in the first guy to middle school competition or rome because they did you know skate almost holly when i was partner managed so they really were with this guy creates a bit of history but not quite well enough so mike it through so the freescale i
2:55 am
finished and i was sixteen. germany continuously the medal table after golds in the nordic combined and lose doubles on wednesday the dutch are in second all united states are up to third after sean white's victory eight gold medals will be on offer on thursday. they were meant slalom was postponed until friday because of high winds in pyongyang it's one of several different alpine skiing events at these games has peta senate to break them down zero point is one of the flow of sports at the winter olympics and the number one event is the bet on hill where you will see the world's best skiers one by one and launch themselves down the mountain in high tech aerodynamic outfits the downhill is a race of rule speed it features the longest course with competitors skiing largely in a straight line with the goal of posting the quickest time individuals can hit speeds of around one hundred fifty kilometers per hour now the solemne is the shortest but
2:56 am
most technical of the disciplines skiers have to keep changing direction as they weave between tightly spaced gaits everyone gets two shots of the course the individual with the quickest combine time is the way that giant slalom features feel the wider turns than slalom allowing the skiers to pick up more speed as in slalom you get two runs at the course and the super giant slalom or super g. was added to the olympics in one nine hundred eighty eight the course is longer meaning it is considered a speed event and entrance get just one chance to take on the mountain and win gold and the folk will announce that a man has struck a hat trick as liverpool put five goals past porto in the last sixteen of the away for champions league and of course the title holders around madrid are also an action they've come from behind to beat paris and japan three one in a blockbuster match up christian are now there with two of the girls there on the
2:57 am
terrace and roger federer has been top of the world ranking since two thousand and twelve but he could be about to return to the number one spot again this race is two wins away from getting there after beating driven there moments in straight from the first round rotterdam wednesday federer just three to reach the semi's of the tournament as we take the top spot from rafael nadal the thirty six year old old. this man's number one of all time makes it. defending tour de france cycling champion chris ryan says he intends to claim his name after failing a drug test last year from his in spain competing in his first race since the test results became public the thirty two year old says he has no plans to stop racing while an investigation continues for him has to explain why a test results showed double the allowed level of a legal drug go for bill haas has pulled out of the genesis open off to surviving a fatal car crash in los angeles on tuesday night the six time p.g.a. tour when i was a passenger in
2:58 am
a ferrari that flipped after hitting to cause the driver of the ferrari was killed while hearst's was released from hospital with minor injuries to luke wilson was in one of the other cars that escaped. and that is all sport for now i have more feel ater thanks to them but with more news on the other side of the break until a fun to watch in the al-jazeera news.
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discover a wealth of all wood winning programming from around the world. to make your challenge your perception if you were to design a propaganda system you could not build a better plan than facebook. for documentaries debate and discussion this country that was once that the wealthiest in the region what went wrong how did we get to this point algeria. a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege what made this to friends was they targeted to. their pain to be forced to leave would just be all and their gains whether it
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has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe i'll turn downs but it's not a marriage bargain business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. i'm. value. some of it i like. i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the public with immediate effect. south africa's president jacob zuma steps down after the ruling a.n.c. party tell him to go.


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