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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 45  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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aspects being arrested is believed to be a former student who was expelled. for . doctors without borders has dismissed nineteen staff members for sexual harassment or abuse the international aid group says it received one hundred forty six complaints last year forty were investigated and totally no details were given where the abuse happened . the u.n. says more people were killed or wounded in suicide bombings and attacks in the last year than any previous year of the conflict they accounted for two thousand three hundred of the more than ten thousand afghan civilians killed in violence in two thousand and seventeen the most deadly attack was a truck bomb in may which killed two people. as the headlines on al-jazeera do
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stay with us revel coming up next. digital technology is the promise of intimacy and easement and even longer not. in the ability to keep billions of calculations in our pockets it seems need to scavenge and heat and mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intent is money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only use these powers. now the new generation of the bookie
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easiness skills to challenge the tech giants. and enable a different technological future. one let people not the product. in the. book or just need to well. we just need to be sure that. you know where the where we're going to work with the blood of if it for instance blows onto these cases that could burst the very fragile. stephanie so. for the record. i have a i've a strong sense of urgency to see a launch. what i was aware of though is my sense of urgency can
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often turn out my better judgement and i can. system doing something that is just simply. high risk is going to want to break off my land that is going to break up. the banks are going to break. with a god that's. julien's i don't. these days and across a time of called myself a critical engineer also an artist but a first first first and foremost to put it into. one of the things that i do mind work is to create projects which engender a healthy paranoia. for projects like out like i mean
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in growing which was two thousand and nine. we wandering around various cities trista's in grey suits with suitcases that had displays on them. collecting and harvesting checked stations and websites. and presenting on the surface of this briefcase. we chieftan a lot of paranoia. when you start to show that technology is not necessarily being transparent in itself as to your dealings with it you see some pretty and pretty interesting moment stores are open where a people get new friends running i've been checking. many of us have known for a long time and even who warned against the risks of having implicit trust and technology we don't understand most particularly network infrastructure. used to
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make it as a plug it redirects all of the traffic coming from the russia the honor of that news tweet box came in a peek at the news read on that wireless network. and you can manipulate sporting results or electoral results will use headlines. to see the law grama see the graphics we think that it's come directly from the b.b.c. to our fine if it's in the media it can be manipulated and you can be manipulated to. engineering is perhaps the most transformative language of our time engineering shapes the way that we move communicate and think . critically generic seeks to look at engineering as something that we need to grapple with on political terms.
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the deep sleep is a means to read the surveillance infrastructure in our skies from the earth to the stratosphere. recently there are a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles that are made by companies whose clients are governments clipping information from saladin it works on my boat communications these aircraft and the communications are outside of the denying of what's understood to be. civilian knowledge. the need to understand what's going on in. terms. we start to learning about drawings and the role a lot from the use of drones by the u.s. military contractors in places like thought i was just part of pakistan in yemen and somalia there was use for surveillance aren't there to be persistently in the
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air and it's collecting everything to all the waves just them signals photography in front of it we know but a little hole over the boat the actual peroration of surveillance drones in country in germany and other places because there's no way of gathering that information most of disapprobation is our secret. so the subject here is what would be referred to as the pile-o. to all of our. project is the very first version and it is it contains with radio frequency equipment. a very small computer. and a micro what's called a microcontroller which is a very simple sort of computer it's designed to go into the stratosphere carried by with a balloon. when you getting up into fifteen and twenty
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are kilometers above the earth that's when you would really be above a drop and the satellites that they're getting to are one of the hopes is that maybe it will catch a little bit of that kind of thing and at least see evidence of communication going going upward. at the point of its absolute peak the balloon bursts and the parachute or the neck that it comes all the way back down again. we have a bunch of different and tell us for receiving different kinds of reducing up to this one goes from zero to thirty megahertz that that's a lot of marine naval military stuff with this one timer we find for example mobile phones and these these some tell us are traditionally used to. look at satellites or receive signals from satellites but we're actually pointing at the watch to just gigahertz receptions or transmissions
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from what's going on below where this is in the sky initially we just need to get it up there and and then let it do its work in the movie able to make further adjustments and improve its. improve its performance. the first launch in the series. so we're just doing a full power start up test we don't want to know what we're actually taking out there when we go out there very soon and i fix it. i'll go outside for a little bit. i'm just waiting for it for a g.p.s. fix. this phone received the same as from the g.p.s. satellites. if it doesn't have
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a fix it seems that it doesn't report to the position properly. giulio. nothing gets. written receptive then restored to it. i mean there's the restart. the connection. not really we have been running for a couple of days on one battery and that was great but now. all of the better reese just drained extremely quickly and we don't know why. this month for the loved. ones is not good enough to use already so
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we're really on the come to this place. we just horribly behind get it in the big jumps and. here's the knife. and yours in his fitness reach none last night i fall the day before was quite good you didn't have any and i know this went. well that's something good. to rake it up until you have truly lost or just bloody my. it is it's a new season it's a good disease to have. i think it's one. there isn't one large contingency and that's the aerospace with already said. you would have just launched a balloon with a big shiny bore underneath full of computational couldn't without the paperwork a lot of paperwork i think.
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to be safe. we will get a new battery tomorrow morning. because we really don't want it's a fame ha ha for something like that. often almost something like. the technology will not go away i would say it's a very serious thing every. time something about how about us governments take one extra step towards. extending the surveillance of our office.
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and we have basically have no one. really momentum going the other way. it's very important to look at and draw stuff they use for surveillance to collect data. it's creating an archive not just very much of. this data is being used to define what is the standard behavior of a normal group or person and as an out food what is the outlier behavior and that creates a very sophisticated one way surveillance system. and is operating the grace fear of law. i was a human rights. the drawn in so it's just a flying object what matters is what kind of to what is being attached and weaves using dot information.
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in psychiatry's an extra antenna that pretends to be one of the official ones and makes a device communicate with them so it can be listened to. it's commonly known and psychiatrists are being muscled news by law enforcement in many countries and we know that i'm sick of as i use drugs. if you think police departments now acquiring drone technology from small to big build such that they can be fitted with cameras then you can be sure that our skies
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are going to be full of a hell of a lot of rights compromising mitchell quite clearly there's a lot of interest in making sure that we the people don't know about it and don't know the extent of it so how else learn some hardware what else i mean when i have . the major problem yesterday was the battery and now we have well actually we've got another charger and we've got this and your battery as well. this is hundred and ten grams together and sending hundred ten grams extra up into the stratosphere doesn't make sense so what we're doing is just putting the right
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kind of connector directly. on this box so we don't have. this dead weight. it will give us hopefully a couple of thousand meters of extra altitude before the balloon burst just based on the decreased weight. we're going to launch this thing into the stratosphere and them we will not see them for a few hours. hopefully we will see together. it's twenty two. to go. here go. in with the other pressure this.
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never getting to yes. it's exciting to explore what is out there when we get the data back we're. going to have to try to figure out what it extremist and what a comfort. we have no illusions of flipping i would rate the contents of communication between mysterious how to choose the it calls and the satellites that i talk to. we aren't interested and and fingerprinting devices providing material for people to be able to guess and ultimately determine what is in the skies above them. both out of chute of twenty five point four kilometers and that would have one hundred one hundred fifty eight minutes to get there. hundred fifty eight minutes to boost. we're just
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looking at calculating how high it will get into and how much he leaves required because that indicates the the drift of the balloon potentially and it can make a difference between twenty kilometers and two hundred kilometers this is ok for us . but really. when london home. yeah we have to be prepared to. nurse and polish some polish unless the basic greetings and. i mean the fama family's farm and polish things back is going to be a big red this is we can't really wait too long because we have pushing for a limited period we've already we're losing that commission as we as it is beach at . micro nation at the moment is to is to pick a bit a day where it's worth this and. if it would just come calms down a little bit of that maybe it's its this hope.
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so your good chance he would be to launch now and then and then jump in the cargo and try to find it immediately dr edward told. you know. what sail to steer sail. we're going to go. and we can use these anchors too by the way. and. they seem. good god.
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it is very some of the certain kinds of squids the bodies of squid skin. that was easily as i reckon it's full of books on both. the male worried about the body of a little. less stress on the neck of the blue. you could have told a string the title is no joke it's like that's it's a so don't don't well you have to be really really really really really really grabbing god with two hands on the on the problem. it would be so obviously quite cathartic having support and sort of finished what is otherwise been quite a bit of work but but a little concerned about the way the blue lost for instance for the meterological community as three out of five last. night. everything this man accompanied in this we're not. going to really be doing this.
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i worry about going to truly lifts this point i mean it's supposed to. supposed to be able to you know so we're just like i shake hands. with one two three. trees. just a little. unbelievable it was pretty. incredible to done this. you know i think. where will this thing go will we ever see think and.
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so i was kind enough as came through i was kind four and five and then we started to become a little bit despondent damn you know we haven't. we lost track of it so we went to bed and put on all those lawsuits most and then sure enough the next morning we're going to sing it and then go and i mean particularly it's kaliningrad it's flying out of kaliningrad and eventually a very uncomfortable silence from it and then another resumes and it landed in a field in minsk belarus. several thousand kilometers away which is incredible and blew it up to just over ten kilometers. and then it probably encountered high altitude winds and was pushed east at a massive at a massive speed. we
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believe that that the deep sleep was the first civilian earth to stratosphere skin is routinely done by military but we believe with the first we got plenty of interesting forms if you like shapes that indicate traffic and activity. if i just dropped the scroll bar down we actually see the way forward presentation so this is the low low frequencies this is the mid range and this is the the high frequencies and we see as we go from the dick across like this point to point we see. where there was there was in a jet it phenomena the saying that there is peaks and drops and and rises and falls much like a mountain range i suppose. the low frequencies are predictably very energetic
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you've obviously got a lot of moraine more to call astronomical in the sense of ready to astronomy you've got a hell of a lot of stuff that is not going to be occurring there and it's predictably. high we started to see different things the higher we got and we see some very interesting traffic in the mid range ten kilometers above the earth and we start seeing activity at one thousand three hundred megahertz you know we start seeing this this this stuff going on there and what's happening at that at that altitude at one thousand three hundred megahertz you know it's curious for us. and in the high. there were these very interesting sort of last minute bursts. you know passenger planes are known to be flying at that time and they're not
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they're not speaking of those frequencies anyway so. what is that. maybe it's a scientific project of some sort maybe it isn't a literary or whatever. there are some very distinct manmade shapes that can only end in what is that one of that doing it that our church i mean this is this is curious. we don't know what it is but it's. at exciting to know that we can actually get up there and say it and do that. we we caught something obviously there. lots of people can do this it's not illegal to study the air above us it's just that the mains are not available.
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or come up with a you know nice sort of respect how to do that launch get the data and upload it to those working and then we can start comparing. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera travel often. by tranquil waters and purple forests their pride liberal. hawks of orange.
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by icons like the valleys and scotland's. deferred venture. discover shops because far away places closer than you think going this is to get away with cats are always. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives make little difference rewind silent. at this time on al-jazeera. a unique portrait of
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a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was they targeted sent their pain to be forced to leave would just be all and their gains by the celeb it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe upturned arms it's not much part of business the public has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. ethiopia's prime minister. has resigned after months of antigovernment protests and the release of top opposition leaders from prison.


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