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five country tour of the middle east tomorrow he goes on to turkey but it's impossible to talk about stability sovereignty and security in lebannon without addressing hezbollah the united states has considered his blood terrorist organization for more than two decades now we neither see nor do we accept any distinction between its political and its military arms it is unacceptable for a militia like hezbollah to operate outside the authority of the lebanese government the only legitimate defender of the lebanese state is the lebanese armed forces. zimbabwe's opposition movement for democratic change has chosen a new leaders to replace morgan chang nelson chamisa will be acting president for the next twelve months the sixty five year old died on weapons day after a long battle with cancer he was a towering figure in the opposition and a symbol of resistance against the former president robert mugabe more news on the web site it's always there for you al jazeera dot com up next it's the stream i
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will see you tomorrow with the music from ten g. talk she said by. facing the realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why ease activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself he had the story on told to how does he have at this time. ok and you had a very stylish stream today legal profession linked to the media what she designs of the models on the runway but this is the constraints tell us all that you're looking to censure the media she finds fashion of models that represent your body type and your way of dressing a little sort of fashion and with about eight hundred million users instagram has become a fashion hub for many including those who dress modestly plus size models or designers
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who sell gender nonconforming clothes so we asked our community some of their favorites and here's what they told us gio rubber gado says mine are two germans joe lasted for formal executive smart casual and daniel tony for casual i read a street where. on instagram also wrote to us with her favorite cut to be whose style is as sharp as her wit you can see some of her instagram photos right there and i'll throw in a shout out to just one of my favorites kima whose pitch was also an inspiration for today's show. now modest clothing has had a very successful few years especially marketing to the muslim demographic for example nike developed a professional sports people and the u.s. department store macy's announced it would begin carrying modest clothing and he shops and stores but modest fashion designers of many faves have already been
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highly successful line speaking to rectally to their consumers for years so with us now to discuss are. sisters and founders of the frock in my see that's a modest clothing line we're also joined by for human society she's an entrepreneur and a fashion director at blue may a modest fashion label she created with her sisters welcome to the stream all of you really excited to have this conversation especially this topic of course i want to start with a video comment we got because our community is just as excited to have this conversation this is a her and she is a passion entrepreneur in the modest fashion industry here's what she had to say. something i learned. to see. was big. much effort to reach out to real women and hear from them and see what they wanted i was really shocked to understand how little consideration is given for
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a real woman coming in to test. me can you relate at all were you shocked to before you started your line that you couldn't find things that specifically spoke to you in the way that you wear your clothing. it's interesting because we used to spend our childhood buying clothing and then going to buy trimmings and lace and all these different other snippets of fabric so we could like scouring markets like odds and ends in random dresses that were not and still constructs a clothing in order that they were able to be worn they also in a modest way because there really wasn't anything available it was all about the jeans tank top pair of short shorts and that was it and so it was very difficult and that's how we started just training our eye in the fashion sphere of how we would alter what was there in order to meet our needs famous as a design a when you're looking at designing something that's more that what are you looking
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at what are you looking at that perhaps another designer might not be focused on. i'm looking now we're not out there in the fashion world already something that a lot of the modest. clothing the girls would want to wear a lot of the females that we've well to they really are inspired by like high fat women me fashion and they like to see an instagram but it's so hard for them to find it so we try to recreate it in least where it's modest and they're able where about those ways in which it's modest that was what i was getting at what do you mean looking i'm focused on we're focused on making sure that it will be covered making sure it's long we making sure it didn't have any cut out. it can be loose or baggy just given them the auctions because there are like different levels of modest as well and we like to have you know different levels or any kind of muslim
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or even non muslim. so we actually got a tweet here from mona you ready send that to me modest fashion is an outer expression of our devoutness to god we still do however like to dress fashionably and trendy so that's why having the verona collection writerly available at macy's that's what we talked about the beginning of the show is so incredible it's like finally having a voice and i want to actually share a picture here for him of this is one of your designs on the runway tell us a little bit about the thinking behind this. so right now what we created that. we had in mind like the latest trend definitely laurel purple is the color of the year. we try to incorporate some layers also like we needed which to surrender you know what was trending and what most of the
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consumers are into we like to take that and make it like modest growth. i just want to show you this this is the rock em i say this is your instagram ladies going down here i used to live in brooklyn i lived in a very orthodox jewish area and this was not the fashion that i was seeing no definitely not not not us how's your total needed to be reacting to this because this stuff is easing here in the beginning i do have to say that when we first moved to brooklyn we were definitely seen as different and we still stand out and what we've noticed and what we're trying to say is that we are not the define our in judaism of what is modest for everyone and what is going modest for certain levels we are trying to share a perception and say modesty is about an attitude it's about telling the world that a woman can be valued beyond her body so when we design clothing we're not looking
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at what skin to show we're looking at how you can have fun with fabrics and drape and play and layering to express the woman with her desires a through design what was interesting that i found that you know over time people seeing us more and becoming more label as that of followers our customers our cars with like hey we can also be modest it's relatable it's easy it's actually do or showing us a way that we cannot you know we can wear what you're wearing and also their passion or not feel like i'm only being a mother so aside from sharing allostatic we're also sharing an attitude and when we we welcome women from all different faiths that have all different standards of dressing and for example they would say to us i dress like this a b. and c. and i want this to be covered and say there is no problem with making that fashionable as well because it's not about what you want to show it's about who you want to be and that's our whole attitude about our whole brand is that designing
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clothing that changes the perception of what a modest woman is so i want to give you this critique. craig here i'm not sure i completely understand it but maybe you will this is verges on twitter who says there's a fetish obsession with the word modest nobody is interested in what it represents they're just using it as a ticket to stardom as a creative designer i'm pretty troubled by where it's going to goes on to say representation and into city to city is important but how it's represented is equally important and right now it's noisy modest you to burst grabbing the limelight and see me and you relate to that at all i hear i heard a yes when i was reading some of my i was. actually discussing recently we were talking we said we were getting quite i would say not bored but it was like a mother said a word for lack of better wall would modest this and modest that and the world is a new modest dream and what we were trying to and what we constantly try to share
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is that it's not necessarily about a specific area of skin that you're covering and not covering we're really trying to show people just by being out on a cells that it's about how you value yourselves as a woman and that is what we're trying to share so yes more ladies are still at the modest step now we don't want to use money so we should be talking about this have you come up with a better way it's a description it's a i would say it's almost like having a sensitivity a sensitivity to yourself and to your surroundings solzhenitsyn. i would say and. i like a little bit of the word sensitivity because it's modest often especially today it's a modest this and modest that modest is a new everything in its loses its losing its beauty and how it will tend to city so it's almost about. a woman's empowerment and because everyone's modest
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will be different everyone's modest what someone might consider modest in a tank top and shorts someone might say is not model or it's really about a sensitivity to your surroundings where you are what you're doing and how you carry yourself and you know you sort of content empowering a woman to feel like she doesn't have to sexualize herself in order to be valued i want to ask you about the media coverage and the impact that you're having but i would ask you to sit tight because we're doing a couple of different fashion john was in the program today so if a hema and yet and see me keep watching the show we're talking about more fashionable a bit back with you in a couple of minutes now the runways of milan paris new york are coming off the back of a really successful year of inclusive a t.v. and great strides are being made in fact one publication even found that twenty seventeen was the most diverse year in fashion but the major fashion houses have been slow to reflect the popularity of plus size fashion on social media is franciscan the amman she's the c.e.o.
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and founder of plus size at the last city in kenya you can access pieces. you know online or you know in the sharks and argus is because of the work that we have to do to sure do that as a stock is that there is a big market that needs not to be not on and we look forward to having more connections that are savvy. that ingres the glass is going to need to do to make them look fashionable to make them look if you're confident about exams and you know i would be every day that are. being inclusive in the fashion industry and we hope to see this change going forward and not to cheat but for ever was it a different. so we're talking plus size models with us on the phone trey campbell is a songwriter and plus size model for a sauce he recently was in men's fashion week in new york and charlie recently is
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a fashion blogger writing about plus size fashion really good to have you both on the show ok let me just recreate a moment that we had an editorial meeting yesterday i said outloud that i didn't think the plus size was a pejorative word and emma lekas said. if you look at the me she is probably not characterized by many people as plus size but at the something it's something similar to what i said but actually that terminology is something that we got online we just got this via you tube misty knight says why do you people say so call when it comes to plus size clothing to me that's an admittance that people are aware that plus size clothing doesn't encompass true plus sized people charlie terminology is so difficult here what do you call this john. yet so. i am very very happy to call my so. who find it offensive.
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in terms of what song is it i think it's really how you identify. i'm on the edge of kind of in the. in straight mainstream shops and shops ok to the larger woman. even when it comes to you kind of plus size fashion it excludes a lot of women so. if you were to say u.k. size twenty eight which is going to be us twenty four i think you're probably not going to be out shopping a lot of the stores out so things are getting better in terms of being able to show in stores. yeah plus size is such a massive trade and i'm a little curious challenge them bringing. a plus sized model timely to curious about how would you describe the way the main fashion industry treats people who are not a size that's petite all built with abs how would you describe that situation
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well unfortunately i feel like the fashion industry has taken note of what the majority of fashion consumers are a lot of consumers come in all different shapes and sizes so for me i think it's a good business move just to be paying attention to the actual consumers of fashion are described you'll see. is that there are ways to describe it you describe you know we're looking at pictures of you yeah so i'm yes you hundred and seventy five so i'm definitely bigger. and you all were talking about the term plus i personally love the term but. probably comment. well i mean more and. more personality i have more of
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a love and i. own the term. i love the owning of it i want to bring in one other voice to someone on twitter jacqueline jackie mary says it is the responsibility of designers to make people who are larger or don't have off the rock rock figures feel qualified to be consumers and the same goes for diversifying the beauty standard with different kinds of model looks so tray i know that there was one complete company in particular that made you feel valued as a customer tell us about that. definitely so as a bigger guy it's difficult to go into a lot of the bigger retail companies and sign apparel that first and foremost make you feel comfortable and secondly that fits well so a dear friend of mine told me about the company a so who is pretty much ahead of the trend when it comes to being all inclusive with sizing i ordered
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a couple of things online i think the top of last year. they came to me in two days they have two day shipping and this was incredible i found it astounding that an online retail brand was able to get my head so well without like me actually go against the store and trying on something. for them just bring him back in and see me as a human i'm just wondering if all of you listening to each other are you a movement for him i do you feel that what you're doing is a movement or you're part of an easement to open up the fashion industry. we definitely are this is the movement of the fashion industry has been lacking and it's really great to see that it's finally you know they're finally picking up a lot of designers are trying to be more body inclusive they're trying to be more you know we have big designers trying to create. we have person serrano
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which is one of my favorite designers who. always has plus size models i think it's a great movement that's happening right now in the world and hopefully going getting better new year terms i want to bring up something that we got some interesting feedback from our online community we asked do designers have a responsibility to be more inclusive haley lynn writes and the word responsibility makes inclusive any sound like a burden i think with the current state of the world and every other industry and please city is a natural progression in order to not only ensure self acceptance but also for designers to survive as businesses would you agree without charlie yeah i think it's not really about it was then it's about jim and me being nice people and being inclusive. you know i think what i'm getting from this is a modest freshness so we won't die the scene we want toys and we will design.
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fashion houses to give us. their kind of gotten better over the know. they need to start listening to people's demands and needs and realizing that we need choice trey i'm just wondering if we took social media out of this makes the fact that we can see you haven't seen charlie as the high end singing and say he met your vision of the kind of fashion you want to play it was just social media out of that makes we think he's the. honestly i think we would still be playing yeah a few years ago our. body probably have the visibility is such a big thing and social media it brought back hard to or it brought the crowd to main stream attention so honestly i'm really thankful for social media for connecting so many people and bringing awareness high and likewise that i just like
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to add that i think this whole responsibility of being inclusive is that thankfully to social media it's not just a movement it's more of a community so when automatically when we feel part of a community and when others feel part of the community of plus size models and different interfaces that make people feel comfortable to cover up more or to show amazing pictures of themselves even if they're wearing a size twenty eight being part of a community allows someone to say oh hey i love doing this and it gives them more of a sense of power and freedom to cook to continue doing it actually also is educating the designers of what you know who they consumer is and the consumer so if we do not share our wish and share our needs then it is their responsibility and if they're not owning up to that responsibility then they might not you know they might not survive and they might want to have that same connection to their customers and their community and that's what we have to do because we listen and we feel like we are connected we have peers with our customers and without the
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community that's right so i want to throw one other thing at you this is a headline that we saw not too long ago new york fashion week calendar ads category four unisex and now on the buying area fashion we actually got a video comment from someone who's talking about opening up that round on the runways this is april and this is what they told us. gentles fashion isn't until the twentieth century drinking age of five progressive done for you grounds of gender the rise of jenna's fashion comes from a desire for a more inclusive society this is not a fashion trend but a grassroots movement of individuality and. the see me and i'm scrolling through their instagram rate now rickett dot co clothes that transcend gender just going down great now how important do you think mainstreaming yourselves is is that except in something that you are looking for for me i think i think the whole idea
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of mainstreaming what we want to share is very important because it sharing it sharing an attitude and sharing a vision of include syria and saying that. we design for ourselves us as women we can be who we want to be regardless of how much skin we are showing or not so the whole idea of inclusive and mainstreaming what we're doing is very important because it's more of a voice it's just as much a voice as it is a fashion label that just appeals to the aesthetics and says i just had a picture of you to vogue no less congratulations and. lots of stories from him about his job charley you funny the press an allowed chasing you to i'm just wondering how the media is reacting to staff that helps get the word out. but. maybe not so much i think. is exactly the barrier to people actually saying
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it's ok to be different sizes were ok about showing that. yeah i think it's definitely getting better. bloggers out there who are very heavily. a big logo it really has just partnered with an amazing question here and all of the newspapers have picked up on. the issue but that is it comes with a lot although. it's kind of scary. to go on something big and go in a newspaper because you know that you're going to get criticized for afterwards the hate around is terrible. so you kind of have to go to what would you say to people to make them understand what it is that you're trying to do so they might just maybe take a pause before they start trolling you. i think it's just. you know just because i
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. mean i'm not human i still like i still have. i still like to have interests and hope and i am human just because i doesn't mean i'm not trying to hear someone i do a completely agree with you though i think most people that are watching our show would completely agree with you this is the curvy fashionista who says in a perfect world i wouldn't be relegated to shopping online only i could walk into every store knowing they'd carry my size and style a static masses would have race and size diversity there would be ignorant comments made and we'd be fully welcomed and celebrated train the last few seconds of our show here what would be your perfect world. in a perfect world we would just be more open to diversity i think we're and a day in age where it's so much is in the mainstream and social media and i think
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we just need to be aware and to celebrate our differences instead of tearing each other down because of those differences i personally believe that those differences and the diversity of the world are what make it such a beautiful place with him to try and charlie in ohio and see me and say he must thank you for making the show so incredibly stylish before you go you were on new york fashion week you walk that catwalk in three was what was that experience like oh it was exciting nerve racking yes and. i don't know i think you're i'm hoping that you and by are other designers. and more body and. thank you for making the extremely. we'll be following you online and you can
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follow. that's what everybody take. every pic you take every. click to. try to. create. all. the engineers at this time. the nature breaks.
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with the us. and it's picked. coverage. of the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world. are still thinking about abuses but this time. i was always telling how famous he was that's how he presented hello my name and body butt out. no. teacher could a. member of the special about the nail and he said no. i mean this is a cover. on the city. investigation. of silence this time. what makes this moment this era we're living through so
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unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important. to publish it. to be offensive will provoke it's all about it as people do. this stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and live from studio here at al-jazeera headquarters. welcome to the news grid cyril ramaphosa takes over as south africa's new president off to the.


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