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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish it. to be offensive will provoke it's all about otherwise people do. this stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters. welcome to the news great cyril ramaphosa takes over as south africa's new president after the resignation of jacob zuma over corruption allegations there was an uproar in parliament ahead of his appointments as the opposition stayed
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a walkout but now i'm opposed to faces the uphill task of tackling corruption and economy will be live in johannesburg also on the grid the u.s. says it remains committed to securing the eleven on security and stability secretary of state rex tillerson who's in beirut says he's seeking a solution in the country's border dispute with israel to listen also expressed concern over the role of hezbollah in the region. young people caught up in conflicts one in six of the world's children live in war zones an international charity says there has been a three hundred percent increase in killing maiming and abuse that's just in the last few years amanda keeping track of the reaction to those stories and more send us your questions and comments on twitter using hash tag it in his grave.
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there that is good or live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and that al-jazeera dot com thanks for joining us so a new president for south africa cyril ramaphosa takes charge after much drama as well as defiance by the man who held the post for nine years from a post so was elected leader of the governing a.n.c. party back in december replacing jacob zuma who resigned on wednesday zuma had faced years if allegations of corruption and only stepped down after intense pressure from his party well ahead of from a post as appointments more drama played out in parliament the far left economic freedom fighters party staged a walkout the leader there he is julius malema said his party would not take part in the election off the new president's matheson is live for us in johannesburg south korea saying it was a lively debate that took place and in parliament but just look ahead for us for
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a moment rob because we understand the new president is going to be sworn in in this hour. that's right it's going to take place in a building called the tane hayes here in johannesburg and that's more of just a formality the main business of the day the creation of sit around the forza as the president elect of south africa happened in the national assembly a few hours ago so all that there is going to happen at the dinner he said basically a rubber stamp if you like of the fact that he was now the president the fifth democratically elected president of south africa when that announcement was made in the national assembly a few hours ago there was dancing and singing and cheering amongst many of the parliamentarians and when settled on the forza spoke to south africa for the first time as its president elect he said he was going to do the job with the to the best of his ability he was going to do it with humility faithfulness and with dignity and he also said that one of the first things that he planned to do was pull
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together all the opposition parties to try to discuss the best way of moving south africa forward from the zuma ministration and at that point i think we began to see evidence of the first hurdle that settled on a force that is going to face as president of south africa several of the democrats several of the opposition parties stood up and said that they welcome the fact that his he had no been created given this post but the problem was not with the opposition parties they said the problem lay within the a.n.c. the opposition parties were saying that they had been telling the ramaphosa and others that the a n c was the problem for ten years they had been warning about jacob zuma was spending allegations of fraud and the controller say that have been surrounding him and his administration for ten years whilst several ramaphosa had
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been zoomers deputy they said during that time absolutely nothing had been done they had. motions to try to to oust is zuma and the a.n.c. have blocked it so it's very obvious that ramaphosa has got a big job on his hands to put to persuade people not only that in the opposition that he is determined to move south africa forward and to be transparent in his dealings but he also has a very big job where he has to come to deal with the corruption issues that were faced in the air and sea and he addressed the subject when he was making his speech the issues that you have raised issues that have to do with corruption issues of how we can straighten out our state owned enterprises and how we do with state kept . issues that are on i want to be discreet those are issues that we're going to be addressing and tomorrow we will also have an opportunity to outline
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some of the steps that we are going to be taking pretty astounding rob the just this is all taking place in less than twenty four hours since jacob zuma resigned what is the mood like there. generally speaking the mood seems to be very positive there are people of course who are supporters of jacob zuma who believe he should not step down at least he should have been allowed to carry on until the full length of his term generally speaking in the time that i've been here in johannesburg and speaking to a few people it sounds very much though as though this is regarded as a very positive step but of course one of the phrases that was regularly used to me when i was talking to people is time will tell ok rob matheson reporting from johannesburg thank you well several rounds of posts i will face a range of challenges as rob was saying including high unemployment and widespread violence on the streets he also has to face the people in just one year with
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elections set for twenty one thousand election o'brien has more of the republic of south africa. before becoming the new leader of south africa cyril ramaphosa was seen as the chief negotiator in the final days of jacob zuma as presidency he was elected president of the governing african national congress in december by a slim margin after work to unite his divided party he'll also have to repair the political and economic damage suffered under zuma and improve the party's image after years of allegations of corruption. so the reporter is a different kind of president to anything we've had before this is a modernist this is somebody he's a negotiator he's a reconsolidate as well but here's a man of a very clear determined purpose he has stuck with jacob zuma for how many years sitting by as zuma embarrassed the country embarrassed himself and that's.
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going along with what had happened in south africa has given the impression that. i don't think he is. but rahm opposer remains tainted by criticism over his involvement in american a killing in which police shot and killed thirty four striking miners six years ago as a board member of one of the largest mining companies in south africa at the time ram opposer was accused of being behind the government's decision to break the strike he later apologized saying he had stepped in to prevent further deaths. as a politician turned businessman rahm opposer enjoys the confidence of the financial sector and unemployment rose the current c.n.n. faced a confidence weakened and the country's credit rating went down south africa's new leader has said he plans to create jobs and a season economic growth target of three percent for this year that's more than
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double the right predicted by the international monetary fund during the last election support for the a.n.c. fell to sixty two percent many hope the posse of nelson mandela will be able to reverse this trained under the leadership of rahm opposer alexia brian al jazeera. let's bring in our social media producer anderson poets a conversation online to the story well there's a lot of people that we've been talking about talking to rather over the past few days we've been speaking to many south africans across the country and there's we've seen a lot of hashtags really focused on jacob zuma celebrating the fact that he's left office and it's really came as a relief now let's take a listen to some of our viewers to see what they had to say basically. mum did that in the c.e. needs elective conferences taken. economy transformation what the new president
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needs to do to make sure that it tickled that the most important thing which is unemployment you know we've got so many youth sitting with diplomas to greece qualifications you know and i'm employed what i look forward to seeing with the change of the union presidency from two clubs a lot to sort of opposing is that really in statement of the integrity of the state of key institutions such as our revenue services all persecuted prosecute to authority and our financial sector now many agree that fighting corruption turning around the economy and ensuring free education are very important things but others say everyone who collaborated with the former president must also resign here's why now that jacob zuma has resigned and if the office is basically just get rid of all the people that shouldn't get golden handshake with him all of that apples and they should leave and. resign office to once this
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happens i think our economy will strengthen and that will lead to job creation and this will also lead to better things in south africa if we have better confidence in our leaders and we'll be able to trust them more and with everything that's happened over the past few years we wanted to know how south south africans see their country the country's future moving ahead take a listen. the future of south africa is extremely extremely bright i think that this event shows that corruption will not go without being checked and as ordinary south africans we really just need to learn to be more accountable to ourselves and to our leaders just our community we cannot allow for corruption to become a culture in our country and as people we just need to consistently crack down on it and have a zero tolerance for it i think that's what we can do and if we continue to do that our country's potential is just skyrocket through the roof now are you in south
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africa then we want to hear from you do get in touch with us using the hash tag eighteen is good and to thank you well chris landsberg is the chairman of the african diplomacy and foreign policy with the university of johannesburg is joining us now from there thanks for speaking to us on the news grid so is that ramaphosa the man to speak to all constituencies unite them all. well i mean after all that easy style. of unease and i don't mean it in a derogatory sense you know there's something trump ian about him in the sense that he's a transactional leader he loves to negotiate he's very comfortable negotiating i go and i can almost see him reaching out and doing well on on on the first school where the on the other hand he's able to face three members tasks to mention by a correspondent. of the one he's get all the opposition on the side and make
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promises to them. address the issue of corruption but above all else how does this man go and bowl together a deeply fractious i see because i don't think we've seen the aftermath yet all the recall of jacob zuma i said i believe that zuma is basically going to not tell there's a bit of anger there and whether sort of a pause of good will to do all of these things remains to be seen whether there is an election for the a.n.c. is popularity which has been dented over the past i said a few years under jacob zuma. but absolutely and and there's also a view for example that he was very quiet while nine. eight motions of no confidence will pass against president zuma there's a sense in which they all stood idly by maybe even condoned it in the mains
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a popular man but man i just think of this honeymoon that he finds himself in right now is going to be a very short lived honeymoon and then it's going to be tested. let me ask you this in fact this is one of our questions coming on it coming into us on our facebook see the revolution this viewer saying the revolution for change is going across africa with south africa ethiopia he is referring to the resignation of the prime minister that just happened earlier today and there was more to come do you share this point of view well i mean whether it is all of a whether it's a revolution is another matter but there certainly is a confluence of events throughout the continent and certainly in southern africa just look at the ball to suspend him bob we're just five months ago robert mugabe was in charge he is no more we just saw the sub and said death of opposition leader
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morgan tsvangirai there's the rumblings in mozambique there are issues. you know of a changes in south africa so the certainly a confluence of tumultuous events but whether they all want to certainly end up in a positive direction remains to be seen how i have my doubts some will some won't ok very good to get your thoughts thank you for joining us from johannesburg itself and we will take you to cape town now that's where the south africa's newly elected president cyril ramaphosa is being sworn in let's listen program director general in the presidency dr livesey. excellency the president elect of the republic. spica distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen it is a great honor and privilege. to invite that president elect
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of the republic of south africa to take an oath of office so i have to carry out best. yaks lens is it going to be an old thought and i formation oh. maybe we should cross a finishing of heads say i swear i am offended yes to avoid confusion. would you please rise mr president elect and say after me.
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ok. let's commands in the presence of everyone assembled here and every one of them and in full realisation of the high calling i assume and be under station high cording i ask you as president of the republic of south africa as president of the republic or sold off because i. might it off. or stop somewhere that will be faithful to their republic of south africa so we're . bringing to the republic. and willow bay. really.
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further. our whole. situation and the constitution and all of the law of the republic and. bob. and i was suddenly and seen see a leap promise and eyes and the promise that i will always are i will always promote all that will advance that in public promote all of on every public and all post all that may harm it or hold of me but tet and promote that i of all south africans protect and promote the rise of ores of africa and discharge my jew tees with all my strength this charge my duty with all of my strength and talents to the best of my knowledge and talents to the best
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of my knowledge and ability and of belittling and killed to that did take of my calling she says and true to the dictates of my core and do justice to all do justice to all and devote myself to the well being of the republic and do justice to the word being of very probably. and all of these people all. would you please raise what i ten. as the president elect and see civil. so there you have it live from cape town cyril around from around. the man sworn
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in as south africa's president this just a day after jacob zuma resigned was the only candidate nominated in parliament that happened on thursday so there was no vote that was needed to make him president but there are the live pictures coming from cape town where a serial rama post has now taken the oath off office as south africa's president speaking of jacob zuma though what will his legacy be so al-jazeera spoke to south africans in the eastern port city of durban and asked how they would remember their former president this is an interesting and opposing piece with opposing viewpoints in excuse me in this articles jacob zuma peoples a president or a corrupt demigod you'll find it on the home page of al jazeera dot com
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and we're going to getting a lot of interest on this particular story so do keep sending in your comments and questions to us here at the newsgroup you can connect with us we're on facebook live that's facebook dot com slash a.j. news good we're also on twitter our handle is at aging goods just use the news grid and you can send us a whatsapp or a telegram at plus nine seven four five zero one four nine. now staying in the continent and ethiopia's prime minister highly disciplined has suddenly resigned in a televised address he said that his resignation was important to carry out reforms and he wants to be part of the solution if you see months of anti-government protests in which hundreds of people have been killed and thousands detained but in recent weeks the government did release more than six thousand opposition figures and journalists how the merriam took office in twenty twelve of those joining us here in the studio to talk about this resignation was it a surprise or what is expect was that expected. well that in from the moment tyler
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made him descend into power in two thousand and twelve september this movement has always been on the cards he was largely seen as a please hold consensus figure of sorts to replace former prime minister. melissa now he who died in august two thousand and twelve we of course is the month seen as a protector of ethiopia's boom and must have developed a project now i remember silent comes from the southern part of the country from realty obscurities and the demick was an academic then joined regional politics and rules to become the president of the southern state and then was topped by militias and how he when he wanted to bring in technocrats into the government and appointed him foreign minister and his deputy. at the time when people say melissa now himself was very much aware of his health condition. so his little been seen as
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a consensus figure but he was not meant to last on the job but the riots and the unrest because gripped the country for the past three years of history in the modern descendents departure ok thank you for giving us that update and you can take a look at this page on our website al-jazeera dot com constantly updated on the prime minister's resignation and if you scroll all the way down you see this video right there martin dennis sat down with the prime minister on our program talked to al jazeera that was back in twenty fifteen it was an interesting discussion which you can watch online at al-jazeera dot com. to lebanon the latest stop in a tour of the middle east by the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson so he took the opportunity both to pledge his country's commitment to lebanon and to war and the lebanese leadership that hezbollah's continued influence in the region was itself
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a threat to lebanon security so to listen made the comments off to a meeting with the lebanese president michel all in and the prime minister sided heidi both leaders spoke of the need to maintain calm on lebanon's southern border with israel who want to move to a state of permanent ceasefire but israel daily violation of our sovereignty in the process as does israel is collating and rhetoric this needs to stop lebanon's southern border is the calmest border in the middle east and i security service and to help keep it that way let's put this in perspective and speak to. me he's the director of communications at the carnegie middle east center in beirut and that is where he's joining us from thanks for speaking to us what was the takeaway message for you from tillerson visit to beirut his meetings as well as that press conference that he held with saddam heidi. yes i mean the he calmed down
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fears in beirut of potential cut down of all u.s. support to the lebanese as you sions and there has been lots of talk about sort of making hezbollah equal or equivalent to lebanon's a students including the army of the body's own forces this has been how these have been happening in white wing circles around the u.s. administration so there are some basically calm down these fears and and now he has we have the u.s. position vis a vis supporting the live in the state as you sions including the especially the lebanese armed forces which united states have been backing. and the past in the past phase so this this is a we are for nation of the u.s. position on on these issues and at the same time it's also a sort of an acknowledgment that. the united states sees these two entities are separate and basically also calming down the fears of the lebanese financial sector which has been very wary of u.s.
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sanctions against hezbollah and individuals associated with the party. and really to what extent would this expand then affect the lebanese economy and when it comes to two recent issues that lebanon is facing and those are maritime border disputes with israel the land and water territorial disputes that are currently going on the lebanon get what it wanted from there that it get any reinsurance reassurances from the secretary of state that it was probably looking for. simply no i mean listen said i can't you know i can't resolve this issue personally i don't know if there was some basically under the table in negotiations on that issue but it was clear in the press conference that he doesn't have anything new on this issue and at the same time it seems to be a delayed issue with the eight hundred kilometers and block nine which has been recently signed as you know this part of an agreement with a. consortium of companies so this is delayed for year or two so lebanon has time
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to negotiate any any deal on these disputed territories but you know much much backward lebanese officials are giving here and so this secretary of state himself seeing as there's been a general feeling that lebanese ministers are all on the same page and they've taken a unified stance when it comes to the u.s. is attempted mediation offer when it comes to the water dispute that's a lebanon says lot acceptable yeah i mean the the u.s. and u.s. offer to mediate has not been accepted at the same time given the recent jerusalem move i don't think anyone wants to you know many a thing any dispute of the israelis given how far they've gone with their pro israel stance as the state so i you know i think everyone is on the same page on this issue but at the same time there are also fears regarding the war on the border which is another major disputed matter and this is something
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that the prime minister has been trying to get some reassurance as well from the u.s. secretary of state regarding the u.s. trying to calm down the israeli push to install this wall or over disputed territories between both countries on the southern border ok either we thank you for speaking to us from beirut. you've been looking at the issue of the border disputes the conversation online andrew. well you can see that israel's leviathan fields here on this method of about show you this is on our web site al jazeera dot com and the yellow part is the area that lebanon is exploring there and if you zoom in a bit if i zoom in a bit you'll see that triangle area which is disputed now last friday lebanon signed an agreement signed its first offshore oil and gas exploration and production contracts for two maritime zones which you see here block four and block
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nine now a consortium of french italian and russian firms they were the ones to get in there for the first two blocks they say they won't drill near the disputed zone which is around one hundred forty five square kilometers in size now to put that into perspective the disputed area in blocked on is about the size of washington d.c. so there are calls for a maritime blueline if you will people wondering if tillerson with his ties has his big oil and diplomatic background if he can get anything done here but as we've heard this isn't the only border dispute that's causing tension last week israeli construction workers started building a cement border wall near their shared border with lebanon it's closer than the current fence and the lebanese government says that this wall would pass through land that belongs to lebanon on the israeli side of the blue line that's where the un demarcated israel's military withdrawal from southern lebanon in two thousand now for twenty two years the israeli army occupied an area the size this is ten percent of lebanon basically calling it
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a security zone. now the dispute also extends into lebanese airspace and frequent violations of that air space for attacks in syria runa harby says that if israeli jets if an israeli jet wasn't down to earlier in the week the media simply would care israeli jets fly over lebanon and mock raids into target syria all the time she says lebanon is sick of getting bullied but whatever tillerson is able to accomplish some like karim. the heene wonder if or when the administration will have a singular policy or some sort of grand strategy for lebanon as he puts it citing conflicting language that's come out over the past few days about hezbollah for example so if you're in lebanon let us know what you think about all of this you can tweet us your thoughts using the hash tag or message me directly i'm at endor chapelle well this regional border tension shows no sign of abating so in december twenty seventh seen it in fact increase that's when israel announced a plan to build a wall along the whole of the blue line as andrew is saying lebanon living on the blue line is
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a film showcasing the personal stories of villagers in southern lebanon on about their experiences living close to the border with israel it's part of her al-jazeera world series which you'll find on our home page under the documentaries . still ahead on the news grid a leading figure in zimbabwe is opposition dies zimbabweans more and more again that story is coming up in just a moment. for the common belief it's the journey to blood that's all aboard that means unimaginable hardship i prefer to live both because the i've got the captain to chance a good life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle i fell on to the rails and nearly died. of children go to school and live because of the prank risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al jazeera we're here to jerusalem
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bureau cover israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet normal to recover includes that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to give journalists who know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters.
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this is what's trending right now on our website al-jazeera dot com the. most read story on the resignation of the ethiopian prime minister and cited unrest amongst the reasons of his resignation in the second story of no words at least seventy u.s. school shooting that of course taking place in florida. with oblongata shooting in just a moment but let me tell you this because after mass shootings in the u.s. what happens is politicians often tweet out prayers and condolences so there was
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a shooting trump tweeted and one student's reply to him has now gone viral sarah chadwick is a student at marjorie's stoneman douglas high school in parklane florida we've had to blur some language from it but her message has resonated with many americans on twitter saying i don't want your condolences my friends and teachers were shot multiple of my fellow classmates are dead do something instead of sending prayers prayers won't fix this by gun control will prevent it from happening again over samarium the mozzie in london with more on that story and more. that's right and actually during we begin with the u.s. shooting you were just mentioning the u.s. president donald trump issuing a proclamation on uring the seventeen victims of wednesday's high school shooting in florida flags will be flown at half mast at all u.s. embassies and government buildings the suspect has been identified as nineteen year
6:35 pm
old form a student nicholas cruz but he say they believe he acted alone when he went to margery steinman douglas high school in parkland and opened fire on students and teaches he has been charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder and he is in parkland and joins us live now and andy what more is known about the warnings surrounding nicholas cruz. well to put it very simply the warnings were plentiful we're hearing reports that teachers e-mailed the school to say that this was a dangerous student someone who wasn't even allowed to carry a backpack when he was attending the school but yet was somehow able to legally acquire an a off fifteen style assault rifle we know that his friends slowly faded away as they said he started to behave erratically but it seems social media presence that is perhaps the most disturbing this is a young man who is posting pictures of himself posing with weapons pictures
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reportedly of dead animals there is one account from a you tube holder that said he posted on a video that he put in his timeline i am going to become a professional school shooter that in fact was investigated by the f.b.i. so all the warning signs were there this is an individual who was a loner who had no friends whose parents had passed away and who clearly had the intention of doing harm and this is not an isolated case i've covered perhaps four or five of the biggest mass shootings in this country many of them carried out by individuals with a similar profile who showed similar warning signs but because the second amendment in this country is protected so wholeheartedly nothing is done in fact president trump just did and obama era rule which prevented people having mental health problems from buying weapons president trump of course in the last few hours has tweeted out once again that this he says is clearly someone who was
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a disturbed individual similar tweets were put out from the president after the shooting and last vegas in the last few moments i've just been listening to the attorney general jeff sessions saying we must and can do better but again he's talking about stopping criminals from having weapons not that is know what happened in this case or in many of the other cases of these mass school shootings so that tweet that was just read out from one of the students here saying we don't need your prayers and condolences we need action is something that's really reverberating among this community today indeed as thank you very much for bringing us up to speed with everything happening there from parkland and he can occur. kenyan judges ruled the deportation of a prominent member of the opposition was illegal and going to magoo now who is a dual citizen was deported to canada last month after he took part in the mock swearing in of opposition. a judge says the order to deport him was illegal and that his kenyan possible must be returned to him a kenyan government says it will appeal the court's decision. well to zimbabwe now
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the opposition movement for democratic change has chosen a new leader nelson chamisa to replace morgan chiang rai the sixty five year old died on wednesday after a long battle with cancer are met us as more from harare. for the next twelve months nelson chamisa that is the president for a debate opposition party in zimbabwe his supporters are exactly the same he's a young man he's forty years old while it's ok to speak here and they say that he's able to. appeal to young voters who are the majority in the country is getting saying is it needs to emit small when it comes to politics some of the wants it at that is. it's really. big or is interesting that the deity does it also partly what needs to be did not show up to this meeting of the district where they were. the advice of the day but it didn't show up what does suggest that they are deep
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divisions within the opposition much of the concern is that if in fighting escalates we could see the split in the party when it came to details of the funeral or told that date and it now it's like a snake what is this. one slipped declared like that i declare a national hero status easily given to members of the ruling party to say there was a big it is wrong here about two hundred or so kilometers from harare so now there are a waiting game to see first of all how the other senior officials of the n.p.c. were reacting is that not so nice is prison it's where it's like i is going to be buried. doctors without borders says it's fired nineteen staff members last year for sexual harassment or abuse the child she says it received one hundred forty six complaints last year of those forty were investigated internally follows a scandal of british charity oxfam west offer accused of using prostitutes while
6:40 pm
working in haiti after the two thousand and ten earthquake oxfam has now admitted a serious error after a worker's sacked following sexual misconduct allegations was later we hired as an advisor. and hundreds of palestinians jailed in israel for administrative offensive offenses have started boy causing courts vost lawyers not to attend court sessions make use israel's military to tishri of torture and keeping detainees in prison without charge or trial for years the human rights group behind the boycott says israel has arrested nearly a thousand palestinians since u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital in december. set for me for now more coming up from london though in twenty minutes time let's get back to daryn merriam thank you all now on two wars conflicts and the impact they have on the most vulnerable section of society children a new report by an international charity says one in six children across the world
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live in conflict zones and that's a seventy five percent increase since the early one nine hundred ninety s. save the children says more needs to be done because there is an o. arming increase in cases of killing and maiming these parker reports. destroys lives it traumatizes communities. and in many of the world's conflict zones children are suffering the most. this is eastern guta a suburb of the syrian capital damascus last week. it's space relentless bombardment of two years of staff and surrender tactics. the human rights group save the children believes youngsters in war zones are now more at risk that at any time in the past twenty years. according to a new report by the organization one in six of the world's children live in
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conflict zones that's three hundred fifty seven million children a seventy five percent increases the early one nine hundred ninety s. . syria afghanistan and somalia of the three most dangerous conflict affected countries to be a child in the past few years there's been a three hundred percent increase in un verified cases of killing and maiming of children and around half of all children in conflict zones lack access to schools and health facilities. for care for. many of these children in the democratic republic of congo's kasai region count violence among the earliest memories militia have destroyed schools and homes across the region and the u.n. says thousands of children have been forced to become soldiers save the children is one of several organizations trying to rehabilitate victims i think we're talking
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about in this report of children being raped children being forced to fight children being forced to kill other children horrifying brutality and so there's a number of things we can do we can invest in mental health and social support for children into we can rebuild the society around them get them back into school and with their families there's a whole range of things we can do but that does take investment it takes time and it takes support. despite greater international standards when it comes to protecting children increasingly brutal tactics are being employed the widespread use of indiscriminate weapons cluster barrel bombs have seen child casualty numbers saw. this nine year old range ago was shot three times while fleeing myanmar children are not simply caught in the crossfire they are targets and a group say the profound psychological impact of conflict on children cannot be underestimated there are things seen in childhood the can take a lifetime to recover from the al-jazeera. well one of
6:44 pm
the dangerous places for children is the occupied west bank where just last year fourteen were killed and almost a thousand injured bernard smith reports from. it's hard to concentrate in class when a chunk of your skull has been blown away by a rubber coated bullet. mohammed to me was shot in december by an israeli soldier during protests in the occupied west bank he's fifteen years old. before the injury i used to understand things when i read he says so but no i don't i think at the last. two in every five children in the middle east a living in a conflict zone according to save the children has the highest rates globally and that includes countries like syria iraq yemen and here in the occupied palestinian territories. and it's here the conflict as in jordan the longest from the start of
6:45 pm
the first palestinian uprising in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven just in the last twelve months fourteen children have been killed and almost a thousand injured in confrontations in the west bank and set off a similar madman honestly it's not just mohamed i have almost weekly cases probabilities to the legs in the body not to mention they are a son imprisonments some of these kids also have parents in prison even no one to take care of them or give them the support they need at home they struggle with psychological issues. since twenty ten the number of un verified cases worldwide of children being killed or maimed has gone up by almost three hundred percent and had them what many things have become difficult things are not like before when he wants to play i keep telling him to come back and not to play so now he feels that he is different from the other kids. mohammed will soon have a lengthy series of operations to reconstruct his skull. he'll never fully recover
6:46 pm
but he hopes he says to be able to play football again but it's made out to zero ramallah well in this opinion piece you'll see in just a second on al-jazeera dot com the authors argue that unschooled children are not only a moral challenge but also one that has negative short term and long term consequences both for the refugees themselves as well as their societies so the author is right that increased funding could build temporary schools revitalize school curricula and train more teachers to handle the influx of children you can read their analysis on al-jazeera dot com now to a story that's trending in australia and you might have been wondering why it's prime minister malcolm turnbull's a ban on government ministers having sexual relations with staff this follows a highly publicized office affair between the deputy prime minister barnaby joyce
6:47 pm
and his former press secretary she's due to give birth to their child in april joyce has survived motions to fire him but his marriage hasn't weathered the controversy and turnbull accused his deputy of making a shocking error of judgement and said such behavior was simply not acceptable i'm not here to to moralize but we must recognise that what ever may have been acceptable or to which a blind eye was turned in the past today in two thousand and eighteen it is not acceptable for a minister to have a sexual relationship with somebody who works for them it is a very bad workplace practice and everybody knows that no good comes
6:48 pm
of it. millions of chinese around the world are celebrating the start of a new lunar year twenty eight seen will be the year of the dog chinese horoscope say that those born in the same zodiac year face badly a top world leader is among them adrian brown reports. it stop time of year when china becomes a nation in motion few places busier than beijing's railway station during the last lunar new year holiday around four hundred million travel by train that's more than the population of the united states some are migrant workers unsure if they'll return a campaign of demolitions has made life here impossible for them my child is in school here we lived in beijing for many years but now they're trying to kick us out of cause and what about that much of the world's second largest economy is
6:49 pm
coming to a halt throughout the country people are on the move in what is the walls largest annual human migration people heading home for celebrations that will last for two weeks as the chinese usher in the year of the dog fortuneteller one how walk sees more bad than good for anyone who shares the same zodiac sign and that includes president donald trump are you by me and if i could spread and trial was born dawkin we chinese people call it year about latinos and i believe it will be a very bad year for him in the hot including his health and decision making. trump has boxed a lot of china in return a bit of marketing mockery a giant statue that supposed to bear a likeness to the president sits outside a shopping mall in northeast china. it's plenty of attention.
6:50 pm
a stern expression and an index finger pointing straight up do you think it looks like a dog. and they just hear oh yeah. yeah but is it all fake. at least one. seems to think so. about. a radio host who's been fired. about a seventeen year old's. gold. just a moment. thank
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
you thank you thank you i'm still with the sportsman's darian thank you so much well if you're not familiar with the name michela shifrin get used to it because she could be getting comfortable atop of the medal table at the winter olympics in pyongyang the twenty two year old american won the giant slalom on thursday is has second limpid gold she won the slalom in sochi as an eighteen year old shifrin has been almost unstoppable on the wall cup circuit this season and could become the first skier to win four gold medals at a single games will schifrin is a success story for the usa but the team is also facing gender issues at these games on wednesday there was the story of so i would assure white dismissing allegations of sexual harassment as gossip which of course upset the movement and now teen snowballed sensation chloe kim has found herself at the center of
6:53 pm
controversy to now the seventeen year old won gold in the women's competition just a couple of days ago and the first san francisco radio host to describe her as well take a listen. if she was you would be issued the sushi solutions a little piece. yes she is a. huge clue. or fans of cocaine were outraged on social media and the co-host patrick connor later tweeted this yesterday in a weird attempt to make people laugh i failed my comments about chloe came were more than inappropriate they were lame and gross i'm truly sorry chloe you've wrecked our country so britney i apologize to my colleagues and the listeners for being a total idiot for his apology was too little and too late to stop him from being sacked by his station now another man who's put his foot in his mouth is six time olympic medal winning skier bode miller who is now a commentator at these games to the n.b.c. network his analysis of
6:54 pm
a female ski is poor performance boiled down to this. our . marriage is not my spouse and i just want our very own here blame it on the marriage why don't you plenty of you felt that buddy miller gone too far including caroline who called it mansplaining and pointed out to n.b.c. that no one would say that about a male skier she also uses the hash tag that shame well no one read between the lines suggesting that what miller was trying to say was more like yes she tore her a.c.l. but really i just wanted to point out that she got married and traditionally women can do anything but cook and clean after they take on a spouse so that castle stuff like me injury surely isn't to blame now bodie miller later explained his comment saying he wasn't actually blaming the husband but it's
6:55 pm
a changing of priorities that is historically hard male or female well the olympics is clearly an event that gets people talking but that's only two and a bit weeks long what comes after that is the question being asked of every games and pyung chang is of course no differently welling's reports this is the time when an olympics that host and can sing like a really good idea. action comes to come fast the excitement bounces from venue to venue and each host nation medal provides a podium step closer to justification of the expense but with only a little big guns the question needs to be asked what next will there actually be a legacy where the olympic stadium projects along cost one hundred nine million dollars and yet that study will be used just four times for the opening and closing ceremonies of the olympics and paralympic games. i asked michael sheehan of the
6:56 pm
p.r. organizing committee poco if it's true it will then be demolished he insists they do have plans for the sites but it looks like i'm a pentagram and then so we are still having the main building which can be called a main building so after the games it can be used for. a lot of our cultural events and activities showing something and showcasing something. those who closely followed the long journey to this northeastern part of south korea know concern as apathy usually turns to positivity during the olympic fortnight and there are all sorts of concerns raised trav about the lack of people who are going to be a lack of interest that the snow. all manner of logistical and organizational frags and i think has been clearly some teething problems but generally speaking the crowds are being. compared with the last games i was that where it's been
6:57 pm
a lot easier what about the power lympics that type place here next month is that event going to be a success tickets for disability sport can be a hard sell but the positive vibe of an olympics can kick start a ticket surge poco they are proud of their style so fall they also point to the social impact it will have in korea olympic games distances sports apparel of kids disagree related to the peepers added to the two people with an impairment do you think the korean people will respond to that i believe so when the circus departs reality can sink in that it was a party not a legacy but in this region they're confident koreans will return here remember the historic winter olympics and be proud they welling's al-jazeera young child. we can get in touch with me on twitter i'm at gigantour also use the hash tag a.j. news great as well i'll be back with more eight hundred g.m.t.
6:58 pm
but for now i'll hand you back to you during the thank you we will see you then and thanks for watching the news grid you can keep in touch with us as well on social media the. heard all the other ways to connect are right there we'll see you back here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred g.m.t. on friday thanks for watching. i was always telling you how famous he was going to make it that's how he presented hello my name about a bit out of the city's northwest representative scout teacher put it.
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