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tv   Indias Child Geniuses  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2018 6:33am-7:01am +03

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since the end of military dictatorship more than thirty years ago. you have to say with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's one zero one east. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bring that story to the forefront. for the congolese the journey to work with all aboard that means unimaginable hardship i prefer to live though because they knew i got the call can truth chancing life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle have gone on to do a real job for the nearly done. things of our own children to go to school and live because of the trade risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time
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on al-jazeera. and. the. five million indian children have genius level i.q. but their talents too often go undiscovered. in one of the world's most populous nation the lack of education and opportunities holds them back. now hope has come to india slow. a team of academics is taking on the challenge of finding diamonds in the rock. i'm steve chair on
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this edition of one of one east we meet india's young geniuses dreaming of their chance to shine. no no no. it's amazing in kids in an urban slum up appearing for a new day. it looks and sounds like a construction site. but it's a school. and. these are the kids a brick show drivers made in my class. in today one or two of them could get a big step up in life. they're about to sit an exam designed by mensa the world's oldest high i.q. society. and they're here to see if they can discover a genius kid from the slums and.
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give him a home or a good kick up a good name would be more on hand if that would be good should be good or your top two percent name peer group or doing a lot. sure a stana minutes a scholar person is hoping this test will uncover a brilliant mind that may on the. last. year five to six million children underprivileged who have an i.q. over one third. so we're trying to locate uncle damage in this whole mine of people over here and if we can get some we'll try to polish them up for those who get elected their lives with you. passing the test is just the beginning. if a genius is found a win a scholarship at a school usually only the privileged can ask him. what that means to get her to
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a nice school. for children every day. what would you like to be one day i learn. when you. are put in minute will a go at best question. is the giftedness of being logical basically it is about identifying a pattern. he's looking for kids with the same i.q. is hillary clinton thomas edison even follow us turn on. you don't we are spending more difficult questions. because you have very little pain. and there are pencils down. pencil down that here some broken just blows your bookmarked because your answer sheet. there are some mixed feelings as the kids
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pack up. but the girl who wants to be a police officer is confident so. i don't move on. because you. are. so put your hand up if you're going to tell me i'm a genius and then i learned that. i'm now it's a waiting game. we've got more now this morning this is. in a week i'll find out if any of these kids will get the chance to leave this roadside school.
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the start of the search for kids with high i.q. is just one year ago. it's part of a much bigger quest as india tries to live did so fuck to become a leader. and this is where the transition from slum kid to school that takes place . this is the special school they get access to if they see the mensa test. but it's tough keeping good grades is only the start of the challenges though face. them and guide them. when they get. anything we want i mean there are raw material waiting to be morbid and that is why it's really very important.
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that this is some of my pm. more uproar that. route to pass one is one of mensa's geniuses only twelve years old she tested with an i.q. of one forty five a score that means she's exceptionally gifted. their homemade maybe you. can say that about the one time that bartle but again mounds a half a story. ok because they want to talk a. little bit last year she made a big leap moving from a school in a tent to proper lessons taught entirely in english. when is the boss at a. new school to give up to get. the word out of school got good matches well you feel good english made them a lot and can get a good number of those are growing for them but i. was very. good at
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that and much of it does me a mentor as he called me it. was me was . meant to be my doctor but where he would be. so sick at home hundred bucks in buns. he. was. seventy six the. next door in an eighth grade class and newly discovered geniuses showing up the rest of the students. there was a sign say. good bye if the man falls and i was on the arm of the board the taliban yes. it can be no. that's not my fault i mean i still sound like it was. found to have an i.q.
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of one thirty five bhatia kemarre is just four points short of neil armstrong in whose footsteps she hopes to follow her as her son that's out. there. but these genius kids are under a constant threat. they can potentially lose their scholarship if they don't perform well know. you've been aborted but. many because of the. but you can be born a genius but it can end up as an adult if you're not nice you're probably. genius can become blind to. the pressure is relentless at school and also at home.
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free to visit a migrant neighborhood. the most spies to be a doctor. all the women around to work as domestic servants. none have finished high school let alone a medical degree. let me just. as the custom and it's funny. yes. but but just like you just said got in the saddle to say i look at the. who i look so look the medical it is you know like you that one said to me. there's a lot of love here there's also a lot riding lead to his cleverness the mother and sister were both married off
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young and both of them long been shaped by traditional jujubes which they don't want for richard. we didn't hear the new year from overhead is a good. method but they have a medical. board. so to me guess alive if you need to miss a vet that might have done that. but to me or sawyer that. they're looking at it but then they are trivially. little snare at the sort. that our. mom is pinning the entire family's future on the twelve year old. because of her gift.
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what will. you do all. this. but. everything. but the coke lady and the. new loving his earth again live fever my mother you know it is this. early in the elbow when you're near the fire to give good burning good. so what these are does give with the first feel. the hopes and dreams of two generations are riding on reaching the shoulder.
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it's four in the afternoon and then after a long day at school read to you should be doing assignments but she's needed across town with her mom. and. dad and. he's going. to. ok ok. but now you know it's mr s. it's a gun. richard you are right they should be staying. home with you but i got news you might my mind could be good or be
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a chill out there but i. do you part of my give. us the. good is that we need one and. that's an outlet a good thing and yet. they have something in them giving you what you. see is what brought us the mess you see school she'd done at the ok ok see here see here to the letter thank you. for you know it. you may have high hopes for e two but my mom is already thinking of a plan b. . the reality is the mensa scholarship can stop after high school for me and she knows a medical degree is very expensive and it is said this that the. main relay or could make. it a war. but i mean see here dissent got there but i missed something
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up record by. that name miller at the filmmakers. every parent worries what will become of the child. for girls in india security comes from marriage which means many genius goals battle their parents just to stay in school. the most challenges are coming from the side from the family they come from because of their bond they are educated when they need to find a good match for marriage the principle admits it can take more work educating parents than it can the school up. you know one better than don't understand and that are that you gave them the most time when he. did i mean they look at how they argue.
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in the constant struggle to make ends meet it can be difficult for families to see a child's role beyond their duty to the family or. to fourteen year old bhatia the bonding astronauts claim is a place she tries to avoid. it means returning to a world where life is approved by poverty not possibilities. don't do no. harm but are. very good going on nuclear reactors. you know you don't have to make. things. worse than i am only saying. we're going to remove. those even
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the life ok among other. things tell never. even thought of a part of that. i mean. if you have a suspect the fashion was so smart. that it is. bush's family not only struggles financially but father has a serious problem. i want.
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a list of them that i. was on and. for the child and money and. because of his drinking father can't hold down a job. matias constantly worried she'll have to drop out of school to work for lack of a make up over here. and with little time to study the scholarship is by a thread something her family doesn't seem to grasp. they support you in your dreams. and thought they might be one with him but among all money boy their dad think it all is fair for granted that the one on one with the bones and i want the one with a minor. she
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says she wants to be an astronaut or. you know she has an i.q. . of apollo astronauts and her family don't realize that. but india's genius kids don't face this journey alone. varsha has a mentor a woman who has climbed to the top of the professional world and is guiding the way . i see that she's one of those little girls from childhood to have a care what they want to do in life. that we look at when i meet of her.
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argument because it's really about you know this is suburbs lady brought together by mensa she's a role model to confide in and today she's arranged a surprise do you overshadowed. by and russia do you know if you. mr edgerton rod is an astronomer was. you like astronomy. as usual few things. so yeah. the comedian astronomy is a chance most kids in history will never get. it's humongous it's such a baseline that he can stop this at this at this and. this is like a light bucket but it just collects. and then. all the light collects over here tonight there's
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a super moon and bhatia the astronaut hopefully is getting her very first glimpse up close i want to support a completely no matter what because she has some challenges back or so from hope i spect of it's important that if there is one person in their life who can at least tell you overshot dig this step it will lead you to your destination or do not take this step because he or you missed. to get a. copy of that you can walk through here. my mom. could have very good a. business cost me the cake. of . course and the thinking that as a kid does daycare
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a challenge. for varsha it's the first time her dream feels really. john they can make it but to me are some of the mastercard but not sure you want to do when there's the morning and i want to get caught up in this basement outer space mission on the phone he told me they decided they needed to dig through. them to me i knew something people in the same dream a reality me all. day. to ponder. i don't know what's in store for vosh. in for you to be among the first mensa scholars to graduate in the pantheon that is a plea but she's already tasted a very different future. even if her family don't realize it's possible.
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before leaving india there's one last thing i need to do. it's been seven days since menses last round of testing and i want to know if a new genius could be about to start a journey of their own. to him they are but. he. could now. be a man who thought our best misaka but to enable. seven high scores out of fifty who were tested. but is anyone scored high enough to be deemed a genius. a charge a snake here. in north. on heaven or
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thank you no they are. scoring in the ninety ninth percentile thirteen year old vinod has an i.q. of one forty five and is announced a new mensa scholar a bright boy. that might have been what your mother. your to help your parents very good care but not a good one like at the easy engineering matter. and in a surprise follow up. just to contradict ten year old dreams of becoming the next from convention to. your she's just missed out on becoming a genius but her high school is incentive to try again. here are just big points. to get her out but best. qualified. give them the realization that they're bright that they have the treasure there
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within them they can utilize their treasure just knowing that makes a difference. carvin road there's a long road ahead. he's about to face challenges that may be more difficult than a minefield is known. to the opportunities that come with them. will be worth it. once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon want to when he's follows dr moon. and returns to his hometown baghdad to give up beauties the hope of walking at this time on al-jazeera .
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al-jazeera where ever you. are a lifetime of a malaysian struck by stroke copying. selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to discover his hero inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera on counting the cost will fall to i.m.f. chief christine like god about how the economic model is changing here in the middle east can ireland break regs it find out how the emerald isle is caught in the middle of a big round between the u.k. and the e.u. the year of the dog in china counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. is always telling you how famous he was going to make that's how he presented hello my
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name body without consciousness it is northwest representatives kind of. teacher could or. should you were a member of that we had the special meeting about dale and he said no. that's no on your major this is a cover you know piece on the on the city al-jazeera investigation which foot wall of silence this time. the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states thirteen russians are indicted by the us special prosecutor investigating an alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election.


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