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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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body without the city's northwest representatives can. actually do remember that we had this special meeting about the nail and he said no . that's not the topic and you mean this is a cover you know piece on the wrong man city al-jazeera investigation it's put pools bill of silence at this time. the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states. thirteen russians are indicted by the us special prosecutor investigating an alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election.
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i'm falling back to bo this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out. thank you for your love easy reading donald trump the voice questions about america's gun laws while visiting victims of the florida school shooting. countries locating cateye stage a conference in germany but as we find out all is not as it seems. i'll take sprays send superheroes why models latest comic book movies being hailed as a cultural milestone. thirteen russians and three russian companies have been indicted over alleged tampering in the twenty six thousand us presidential election it's a major escalation in the ongoing investigation as mike hanna reports from
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washington. and onto trump protest march in new york shortly after his election this one of the pro and anti trump rallies the special council alleges were organized by the group of russians sometimes at the same time on the same day part of a massive campaign the indictments say were aimed at promoting donald trump at the expense of his opponents both republican and democrat. special counsel robert mueller has indicted a total of thirteen russian nationals and three companies for alleged interference with the twenty sixteen elections. according to the unsealed indictment the accused conspired from two thousand and fourteen until today to interfere with the u.s. political and electoral processes including the presidential election of two thousand and sixteen the special counsel alleges that the group posed as americans
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and controlled social media accounts but focused on divisive social and political issues. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein states that there are no conclusions in the indictment that the campaign affected the election result no allegation in this indictment that any american had any knowledge and the nature of the scheme was that the defendants took extraordinary steps to make it appear that they were ordinary american political activists even going so far as to base their activities on a virtual private network here in the united states of anybody traced it back to the first jump and they appear to be americans this interpreted in a unique way by president trump who tweeted in reaction russia's start to the end to u.s. campaign in two thousand and fourteen long before i announce that i would run for president the results of the election were not impacted the trump campaign did nothing wrong no collusion. no acknowledgement that the indictments implicitly
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reject his off stated opinion that claims of russian interference were as he put it fake news donald trump is going to be very worried about today's events in large part because it puts to lie the allegations that he's made for the past year that there was no russian involvement many republicans including president trump and so had been highly critical of the work being carried out by robert miller and his team these indictments put to an end any attempts to undermine or even a hole to the investigation by the special counsel the other certainty that proof of russian involvement in the us election is just the beginning and not the end of the investigation mike hanna sera washington bruce fein is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general he explained what possible ramifications the charges could have for the russian investigation. where this stands now with the
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next phase that we'll look at we'll be questioning mr trump and donald jr and others to see whether or not once the investigation was underway through firing of mr cohen we through collaboration and really say a misleading statement as to what happened in june of two thousand and sixteen with regard to meeting with the russians regarding mr trump's apparent efforts to have his white house counsel on the one hand tell that the attorney general should not recuse himself and disobey an order that mr trump gave a one time to fire mr moore those are the areas in my judgment where mr molder will now turn his lights on but i want to go back to the basic idea of the political element here and that is why would an a a special counsel issue an indictment he knows he's never going to go to trial he knows who is not going to be doing this and even though it seems a little bit from on the fringes this is another step in my judgment that's going
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to antagonize inflame relations between the united states and russia because one of the end dieties as was pointed out is a close friend of putin and that means we can see an arms race that means nothing's going to budge in the ukraine a whole host of issues syria where i think there's going to be a return to a cold war mentality certainly in the short run and i think this indictment will contribute to that. the u.s. president has dodged questions from gun reform about gun reform rather as he visited victims of a school shooting in florida seventeen people died when former student nicholas schools opened fire on a school in pocket and on wednesday as now known the f.b.i. failed to act on a warning that may have prevented the attack as andy gallagher reports. president trump's first stop in florida was to the hospital where some of the victims of wednesday's shooting still recovering his visit wasn't publicly announced but he told reporters he had spoken with victims and their families you know i think it is
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incredible that i want to drive through it. he then went on to visit with law enforcement officials but news that the f.b.i. mishandled vital information about nicholas cruz have dominated headlines it's now known that someone close to cruz called authorities with specific information about the nineteen year old's intentions i the information was not passed to the proper authorities a startling failure by the f.b.i. earlier today the f.b.i. released a statement regarding information provided to our public access line on january fifth of this year. the paula provided information about nicholas bruce and the potential of him becoming a school shooter. under normal protocol this information should have been provided to the miami field office there appropriate best to give steps would have been taken. the f.b.i. has a term in the protocol was not followed florida's governor was called on the agency's director to step down adding yet more pressure to an organization already under
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scrutiny by the republican party and a makeshift memorial to those that died people continue to pay their respects but there's also anger that more isn't being done about gun control one mother's message to the president is typical of the reaction here i will tell trump that you've got to get it together this is not about politics this is not about money. this is about children's lives this is about protecting our children as a mother with children that have grown up in the city and gone to school i cannot as a mother tell my child that you are safe when i drop you off in caroline because i don't know that every day i'll tell trump you know you have children you need to protect the children first and foremost before money before politics before your ego you need to do something to get these guns out of these people's hands it's not known if the president will spend more time in parkland but most here are focused
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on remembering and grieving there are seventeen crosses here to honor those that died in wednesday's my shooting but according to the journal pediatrics between two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fourteen an average of thirteen hundred children died of gun violence each year in this community there's an overwhelming desire for change but changing this country's gun laws will be a long and hard fought battle to gallacher parkland florida south africa's new president has promised a new dawn as he delivered his first state of the nation address cyril ramaphosa was on in on thursday after his embattled predecessor jacob zuma quit as requested by his party the a.n.c. reports from the parliament in cape town. with no threat of protests and list security this state of the nation address was a departure from recent years where demonstrations had become routine. this was an opportunity for president settled. to outline the government's goals for the coming
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year and set the tone of the new administration much of his speech focused on economic growth and job creation almost a third of south africa's population is unemployed most of them under the age of thirty five public two levels rose in trying to fifteen. unemployment has gone up and inequality has persisted for several years our economy has not grown at the pace needed to create enough jobs so that we can lift our people out of poverty i'm a poster plans to grow the economy by five percent in the next few years by boosting the agriculture and manufacturing industries and offering more support for small business from a poor sorry iterated his commitment to land expropriation without compensation
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a policy that remains divisive is also promised to clamp down on corruption stressing the importance of ethical leadership but not everyone is convinced and the we have realized that the president does not have a plan the president speaks about commissions speaks about saving us speaks about inquiries yes got no plan it was an important speech and that is going to fight over. it seemed to lack the very idea of what is the total change that we bring the president promised bold change but actually deliver more of the same still roam of course as tone was resolute at a time when south africans and looking for strong leadership from a possible cause at the dawn of a new era i think is a sense of renewed hope with a president who enjoys wide appeal but still on the poor so will be watched closely to see how we implement his policies and delivers on promises with some warning that south africans should to manage their expectations now attentional turn to
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from a process cabinet he's under pressure to change key appointments and root out corruption in government. al-jazeera cape town. if the o.p.'s announced a state of emergency a day after prime minister hired him i am to sign in said he was threatening down the resignation is unprecedented in ethiopia's history it aims to end on race which has threatened the ruling party's hold on power have been protests in towns near the capital the government is trying to quell the anger of two ethnic groups that feel marginalized in brazil president michel to mayor has ordered the military to take charge of security in rio de janeiro as violence in the city threatens to spiral out of control it's the first time the army has taken up such a role since the end of military dictatorship more than thirty years ago critics say it's an attempt by tema to boost his low popularity but he says he has no choice or could even if it is out. organized crime almost took control in rio de
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janeiro state it's a case of it is spreading through the country and threatens the tranquility of our people that's why we decided to we see the decree for federal intervention to ensure public security a rio de janeiro still ahead on al-jazeera we traveled to the site of one of the worst massacres that accompany the breakup of yugoslavia ten years after kosovo fissioning declared independence and a soft warning on the future of global security as power brokers gather for a major summit in germany. from dusky sunsets if you disproving savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. another spell of what you could probably call unpleasant weather is working its way through the van rather tight little circulation of tide
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you just see coming in on this satellite picture is the active one it's not this big streaky which is basically just a streak of cloud in the sky quite pretty but not doing anything no the rain develops all not system and it looks like saturday's a pretty awful day for virtually anywhere north of egypt to be honest up to sun and this rain beyond that through. through iraq as well baghdad maintains twenty one for the rain comes in it probably will start to feel colder down to eighteen is a high on sunday as a rain really focuses on the western side of iran and up to the southern caucasus sun should be about this time in beirut in jerusalem the temperatures actually rising in italy largely because of the sunshine the ground of course very wet in fact potentially flooded. south of this because of the activity really because suddenly presents already brought up around the gulf states in morning fog the temperatures by the court hardly if any significant be rising in qatar bahrain surtees whatever it should be birds for yacht is back down to twenty six which is the average however that thirty car lawsuit is still greenstreet here shows in
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kuwait might well happen on sunday night and little bit further east like qatar there with sponsored by qatar and greece. facing the realities of growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while it is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time how many. of. us.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera top stories this hour criminal charges have been laid against a team russians and three companies as part of a u.s. investigation into meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential election the indictment says they use thousands of fake social media accounts to influence public debate in favor of donald trump. the us president meanwhile has visited the victims of the mass shooting at a school in florida former students nicholas was allegedly killed seventeen people in pocket and the head of the f.b.i. is facing costs to resign after the agency admitted that he failed to follow up on a tip about polls before the. and south africa's new president serial rama posa has promised a new dawn for the country in his first state of the nation address from a pulse i was sworn in on thursday after the resignation of his predecessor jacob zuma has vowed to help unite the country and revive the economy. now the site
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of the munich security conference has heard graeme warnings that the threat of a major global conflict is at its highest in decades and it's called leaders and military chiefs from across the world are attending a three day summit david. the world has moved towards the brink of a significant conflict the words of the organizer of the security conference in munich it was an opinion clearly shared by the police who throw protective cordons around the luxury hotel where the event is being staged dozens of world leaders defense ministers and diplomats are attending the three day conference which provides a unique opportunity for a back room discussions away from the spotlight of the media. democracy and freedom the values we here in the west value most are in decline are under threat. the west our
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societies appear to be weaker. than in the past the international order itself is stablished in the post will period is. one of the keen security concerns here has been the growing strain between the united states and other nato nations faced with russia's role in the conflicts in both syria and ukraine. nato secretary general was eager to try and diffuse the tensions but experience diplomats were putting the blame squarely on president trump. we see a more assertive russia but we. are we just pointed out but at the same time for nato it is important to avoid a new cold war avoid a prevent the new arms race and therefore we continue to work for dialogue with russia i'm very concerned that president trump has not been
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a strong leader for nato he's the first american president says nineteen forty nine to be openly ambivalent about article five attack on one of us is an attack on all he's been openly competitive with the european union so we're looking at a major sea change in the least the rhetoric of the american president. the secretary general of the united nations took to the stage to warn that the middle east was now what he called and authentically white mind what i seek is changed clearly is that today the whole global middle east became a mess and became a mess with a number of different fault lines that are completely crossing each other and interconnected the fault line that remains between israelis and palestinians the fault line that represents the memory of the cold war that is still there the fault line between sunni and shia and if you look at these fault lines i described
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and it is clear that there is a very special position of a country like iran that has a fault line with saudi arabia and its allies a fault line with israel and the fault line with the united states it was a theme the emir of qatar picked up the middle east is on the brink he said it's time to bring it back he had a direct message to the gulf nations mounting a saudi led blockade of his country hydrogen relations been guided by a set of solid governance and the rule of law we would not have seen nations with limited resources being a blackmailed into hurting their foreign policies for externally we would not have seen. exportation a world power or geographical constraints to satisfy the thirst for power now more than ever the opportunities for the real power brokers here to find a new way forward a vital all admit the world is on the brink of a major new conflict can they bring it back to david chase the al-jazeera unit.
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now that wasn't the only conference going on in munich another meeting not far away was all the eyes by the countries that are currently blockading kata but as hashim and barry ports many who turned up were paid to be there. a few blocks from where the world's most influential security conference is being held another than to has taken place the country's imposing a sea land and air blockade on qatar invited journalists to attend their own meeting described as a conference to encourage sanctions against qatar when no one showed up organizers reportedly hired a p.r. company and the room was filled with young women who told us they were mostly from eastern europe one of them read the statement she had been handed by organizers i have to date. as.
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i see. it actually i. was. in my stuff. in anyway when asked by an al-jazeera reporter why there were attending the event some said they were paid. one woman was presented as a senior analyst at a think tank based in washington d.c. but the translator laughed as he reacted to when she asked the united states of america the e.u. and india to stop buying gas from qatar. similar meetings continue to take base elsewhere in many european countries many of the events are said to have been orchestrated and financed mostly by the saudi led
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coalition that cut off diplomatic ties with qatar last june accusing doha of violence in extremism there are accusations dismissed by the qatari government as fabricated lies more than eighty one. since the start of the crisis the u.s. the european union have called on the parties to set their differences assigned by the blockade in countries insist. meet a list of thirteen demands that include shutting down al-jazeera media network grading ties with iran and closing a turkish military base the demands were rejected by qatar as violating its sovereignty. munich it's ten years since costs of officially declared independence from serbia ever autonomy came after years of struggle the massacre of course of. chalk was one of the major events in the civil wars that accompanied the
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breakup of yugoslavia it resulted in the creation of independent states including serbia andrew symonds went to ray charles to see how it fared in recent years it's a war he's grown used to over the years. still can't comprehend why he lived and his brother died no other men had been fighters they were kosovar albanian and that was a death sentence for those buried here young good all. this happened within the reach of unarmed european observers but the serbs blocked their access roma shabani and others had been rounded up in this yard. to shop or to you know who as you can see first of all they threw grenades and opened fire on the house people were screaming especially the kids who i was laid out and beaten just here then we were ordered to leave in that direction with our hands behind our heads. like the others rama followed directions coming up here stopping
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to light a cigarette and then hearing shooting he ran in that direction and the rest had come along here and they'd fallen into a trap they call this the red trail. paint marks the spots where blood stains belongings and foreign bodies had been found and it was all exposed by this figure from what i personally saw i do not hesitate to describe the event as a massacre obviously a crime very much against humanity william walker's words started a diplomatic trail leading to nato's intervention the bombing of serbian military targets and there were civilian casualties back at raid check this young man believes the conflict was worth it but bahraini hire a z who was six when his eighteen year old brother was shot dead says many of
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kosovo as leaders a noun neglecting his village and others like it. if we compare rhetorics contribution to the cost of postage i think the authorities have not paid off our sacrifices so many young people attend university degrees only to be unemployed big anomic development to stifle every heist in our village has a person who's migrated to support their family it's the view of many kosovar albanians ten years of independence hasn't carried with it good fortune for all andrew symonds out jazeera recheck in kosovo. almost a million homes across four states in mexico are without power after a seven point two magnitude earthquake struck the pacific coast the u.s. geological survey says the epicenter was just south of payne atop a and then state of walk out there no reports of casualties so far.
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this is the scene in mexico city three hundred fifty kilometers from the epicenter web building swayed for more than a minute a magnitude five point eight aftershock about an hour later costs more rumblings in southern and central parts of the country this comes just months after earthquakes killed hundreds of people last september. now the new superhero movie black panther is being tips for international box office success beyond the comic strip story however there's a deeper message of racial inclusion she have a tense he has a story. the six. black term for it was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty six for marvel comics the superhero pinafore come to the technologically of color of our east african culture the film adaptation is being widely praised for its inclusive armed racial empowerment the fight is a african superhero and people get a chance to look at themselves in positions of power and feel that it is important
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disney has marketed the film to black schools and communities ahead of the film's release these children have just been informed they're going to a screening. there is no joy in a mainstream black superhero even as there is realism at best it's value could be used to sort of capitalize maybe there's a teachable moment to get into some broader more concrete ways that we can talk about black liberation which might mean introducing a younger generation to trying to overthrow disney and. well certainly this is the bit of holds you know what i mean. it hasn't gone unnoticed by. the film's promo uses a song called the revolution will not be televised. it's a song by the late leftwing black singer guild coherent that explicitly warns that empowerment will never come from multinational corporations who run the media as a petition pointing out that since disney is specifically targeting black dollars
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black audiences should boycott the film until the studio agrees to donate twenty five percent of worldwide profits from the film to black education you have the ability to not only go see a film about a fictitious country in africa with advanced technology but the opportunity to invest in programs which focus on the fields science technology engineering and mathematics that make such advancements possible in real life it says the marketing of black panther is playing a machine madly with its coincidental namesake the black panther as the racial and economic justice group co-founded in the late sixty's by huey newton already mountain luther king's message of radical anti capitalist change has been sanitized from mainstream white audience tonight. most recently by a truck manufacturer a black panther may get follow a similar model of white america easily adopting black cultural figures but having
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more difficulty with the black political struggle they represent she abrahams the al-jazeera washington. for the first time in more than five years roger federer is set to return to the top of the world rankings at thirty six he'll be the oldest number one in tennis history that's after he beat robin half to reach the semifinals of the road open the replays half in a dot in the top spot when the new rankings are released on monday and federer first became number one back in two thousand and four. play again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera criminal charges have been made against thirteen russians in three companies as part of a u.s. investigation into alleged meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential election the indictment says they used thousands of fake social media accounts into
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a public debate in favor of donald trump this indictment serves as a reminder that people are not always who they appear to be on the. indictment alleges that the russian conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence in democracy we must not allow them to succeed the department of justice will continue to work cooperatively with other law enforcement intelligence agencies and with the congress to defend our nation against similar current and future efforts the us president meanwhile has visited the victims of wednesday's mass shooting at a school in florida former students nicholas schools has confessed to killing seventeen people in part and the head of the f.b.i. is facing call so resign after the agency admitted that he failed to follow up on a tip about calls before the attack south africa's new president serial ram
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a promise a new dawn for the country in his first state of the nation address. on thursday after the resignation of his predecessor jacob zuma he vowed to help unite the country and revive the economy. ethiopia has announced a state of emergency a day after prime minister haile mariam decided said he was stepping down the government struggling to call protest by ethnic groups that feel under represented and marginalized almost a million homes across four states in mexico are without power after a seven point two magnitude earthquake struck the pacific coast of mexico city's alarm system and caused building to sway reports there are no reports of casualties so far. brazil's president michel to has ordered the military to take charge in rio de janeiro's police operations as violence in the city threatens to spiral out of control it's the first time the army has taken up such a role since the end of military dictatorship more than thirty years ago. with the
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headlines on al-jazeera the news continues right after talked to al jazeera famous this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context of hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. as. you see. is a french activist feminist filmmaker and writer long time anti racism campaigner she has found a sofa at the center of a debate about racism and free speech in france last year she was forced to step down from the government's digital council an incident that only served to reinforce hope belief that friends has a problem with state sponsored races.


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