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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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the volunteers also act as security guards. a unique portrait of a small gulf nation living under siege what made this different was they targeted. their pain to be forced to leave would just be awful and their gains whether to live it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative. it's normal business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. russia dismisses the indictment of thirteen of its nationals by the u.s. for election tampering as blather the kremlin slams it as absurd.
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unearned taters al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.s. uses the munich security conference to call for international action over the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government. and the crowds pay their respects to zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai as his body returns home. a man convicted of the rape and murder of six year old zainab ansari whose killing triggered nationwide protests is sentenced to death. and we meet the kenyan indigenous forest community that's being forced out of its and chester lands by the government. there begin with a war of words that sit up to between the u.s. and russia of the indictment of thirteen russian nationals for election meddling russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has dismissed the indictments as just blather saying there. no facts to back them up but yes national security adviser.
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said the evidence of espionage and subversion was undeniable on friday special counsel robert miller charged thirteen russians with running a huge social media trolling campaign against democrat hillary clinton. mr foreign minister i just wanted more your reaction is to the indictments the published yesterday the united states that show us one point two five million dollars a month of russian taxpayers' money being spent in trying to influence the american election that was to see a good return on that investment they said no i have no response you can publish anything and we have seen those indictments and i've also read the statements from the how month security advisor in the u.s. he denied the reports that any country had influence the election results the same was said by mike pence either here or maybe in another european capital so until we had the facts everything else is just blather as you can see with the f.b.i.
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indictment the evidence is now really incontrovertibly and available in the public domain whereas in the past it was it was difficult to attribute for a couple of reasons first technically it was difficult but then also you didn't want to divulge your intelligence capabilities but now that this is in the in the in the arena of the law enforcement investigation it's going to be very apparent to everyone. take a closer look at what's being alleged in the indictment the st petersburg based internet research agency is listed as a major target of the investigation it said have undertaken operations to interfere with elections and political processes also known as the troll factory is accused of manipulating social media in the us and staging political rallies in support of donald trump the indictment says russian imposters on social media used hashtags including trump train trump twenty sixteen and hillary for prison named in the
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indictment as if any prisoner triggers in a close associate of russian president vladimir putin and one of russia's richest men he's listed as financing the troll factories operations were a challenge has more from moscow. russian response so far has essentially amplified a sense of incredulity incredulity that thirteen people could of influence the voting of more than three hundred million americans incredulity that these thirteen people could have acted against a billion dollar budget serve u.s. intelligence services and counterintelligence against all the latest innovations and technologies. guinea prigogine who is right at the heart of this indictment is what is widely believed the financial muscle behind this troll farm in st petersburg is also known by the way as putin the chef a billionaire businessman and now he says well the americans are very
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impressionable people and they see what they want to see he doesn't mind being on this list years already on a u.s. sanctions list and says that if the americans want to see the devil will let them the russians are also going to be drilling down into the fact that this indictment doesn't explicitly say that the russian government sponsored this election meddling efforts and also that the indictment doesn't say the russia actually changed the outcome of the elections russians also be very aware that the united states doesn't have an entirely clean record was when we got when it comes to being meddling in other people's elections they've done it numerous times in numerous countries over the years and they in fact have done it in russia too in one hundred ninety six when part of the elves and looked like he was going to be losing an election to the communists well it was us political advisers that what it for him.
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the u.s. is calling on the international community to take action on the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government the u.s. national security adviser made the comments during a speech at the munich security conference he says it's clear if syrian president bashar assad is using chemical weapons and that he should be held to account public accounts and photos clearly show that assad's chemical weapons use is continuing it is time for all nations to hold the syrian regime and its sponsors that countable for their actions and supports the efforts of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. has more from munich. we've heard some strong words from general mcmaster of the syrian government but the question is what happens next but that the u.s. administration is going to replicate what it did last year when he launched strikes
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against a syrian military base that was used to launch a chemical. a chemical weapons attack against civilians in horn what is happening right now in syria is different than last year because the russians have expanded their presence and they have been any attempt by the international community and by the americans in the protect in particular to try to launch attacks against the syrian government the conference today in munich has also debated issues like the future of the having a pact by. groups like i sell or in groups are the gates are with al qaida from the all the way to the middle east and the panelists have been saying basically that while there needs to be this coordinated effort by the international community to continue the push to defeat iceland and gated groups there needs to be also
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a push to bring about the. peace and prosperity so that isis can no longer use the growing discontent among the youth people to join isolate fight against governments. the body of zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been repatriated from south africa he died on wednesday after battling colon cancer when china or i was a key figure in zimbabwe in politics and for the movement for democratic change. has more from harare. when the plane carrying wallenstein your body landed hundreds of people were at the airport pushing and shoving each other trying to get a glimpse of the cost and some jumped the fence tried to get on to the tarmac and security told them to turn back even ran to the cargo section of the air force where they saw the coffin leave in a convoy is supported by police has been brought here to a military base in harare government officials say because morgan tsvangirai was
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a former prime minister it is the norm as was to be done the body will be brought here until it's time for. each day is on sunday the the several church services across the country family and friends are going to take their eyes house to pay their respects that honor and then as if they are going through a period grabbing a big public gathering louder than expected to regain that reading in ferrari where people are going to say they fear was going on sunday moments i'm going to. read into here his rural home village about two hundred and twenty kilometers from harare the very next with first wife louise and opposition that want to say they planned to give him a big send off and they say they want to say goodbye inside out to a man they call it shades of the revolution a man they say was the face of the opposition. caught in pakistan has handed four death sentences to a man convicted of raping and murdering a six year old girl so you have on saris body was found in
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a rubbish dump after she'd been sexually assaulted her death sparked protests across pakistan with claims of government inaction and police incompetence in test fire reports. captured on security cameras walking hand in hand with the man who would kill her these are the last known moments of little zaineb and sari's life her body would later be found on a rubber stamp in cars sure the town where she lived with her family near the eastern city of lahore investigators say she was raped and strangled twenty four year old in run ali was convicted of her kidnap rape and murder and antiterrorism court handed him four separate death sentences underbox on the law crimes that are considered to have spread terror in society can be charged as acts of terrorism the opportunity that this case is or better a child protection or a more honest and a sort of. reflection within society about how it's natural it's and
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easy it is or like. to prey on. all of those opportunities if you want to and. will essentially close the chapter on this instance but not close the chapter on. an abuse of children and i think that's a missed opportunity it's been won there in january thousands of people across pakistan protested to demand justice for zain of her family said police took no action during the five days from when she was reported missing and her body was found there were demonstrations at police stations and politicians homes were set on fire the authorities were accused of indifference and incompetence zaineb are also brought to light eleven other similar cases in the consumer area in two years prosecutors say ali has confessed to eight of the killings including say nerves the fact that this it happened levon times if you sleep and. it was eleven bodies
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of young children did not stir the american agent of ortiz. once and only only because your reaction across was just said. ali has fifteen days to appeal the verdict is in its parents are demanding his execution be carried out in public at the same rubbish dump their daughter's body was found in p.r.'s diab al-jazeera. still to come on the program it is here piers defense minister defends the implementation of a state of emergency which bans protests for six months. because of a celebrates ten years of independence as leaders call for all countries to recognize its status.
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hello and welcome back and i'll take a look at weather conditions across europe first of all and as we head through sunday we should see some heavy snowfall across the outer granted dying away as it heads further towards the east some rain across northern parts of italy flow coming in from the lower self to temperatures around freezing there across parts of poland through into ukraine of seeing moscow staying subzero further towards the west where the conditions not looking too bad rosalee quiet highs of ten there in london heading into monday we've got more rain around the bay of biscay into western parts of france abiram pynchon up into about there fourteen in madrid still some rain around parts of italy through the adriatic into the balkans and temperatures still subzero across those eastern areas on the other side of the mediterranean we're going to see a general improvement in conditions i think across more eastern areas the strong winds graci dying away further towards the west as low pressure in the mediterranean so coastal parts on syria and tunis it will see the risk of showers
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during the course of sunday monday it may become a little bit drier and brighter slides down into central parts of africa some heavy showers likely for the bomb but for the north and west germany not looking too bad the ship still a fair amount of sunshine around the risk of showers is generally increasing but i think our current governor should be generally dry with highs of thirty one. it was always so with how famous he was that's how he presented hello my name. wes represent kind of. teaching. georgia member of the special about and he said you know. this is a cover. on the mainland city al-jazeera investigation. side this time.
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and i mean one of the top stories here on. russia's foreign minister has dismissed the indictment of thirteen russian citizens for interfering in the u.s. election speaking at a security conference in munich sergey lavrov said there are no facts to back up the claims. the body of zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been repatriated from south africa he died a wednesday after battling code on cancer. the man convicted of the rape and murder of six year old to say not one sorry whose killing triggered protests across pakistan has been given for. the us embassy in ethiopia says it strongly disagrees with the government's decision to impose
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a six month state of emergency during which protests will be banned the ruling party hopes the roof will help to quell the worst anti-government demonstrations in a quarter of a century which from to the prime minister to resign on thursday mamadou reports. it's calm on the streets of ethiopia's capital addis ababa but the country slipping into a deeper political crisis on friday the government imposed a state of emergency just a moment we will list the defense minister confirmed on saturday it will last for six months and includes a ban on ports governing style and publications that incite violence you're going to value gives you the state of emergency should not be seen as a military coup the army is under the federal constitution and it is a tool to implement the government's decision that the state of emergency procedures are intended to protect the constitution country and people moved in with him or the announcement follows the sudden resignation of prime minister high
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limit embezzling who had been in office since two thousand and twelve i'm said his departure as prime minister and chairman of the ruling if he appears people's revolution of democratic front coalition was to enable necessary reforms in columnist the. the been lost the most russians in ethiopia sludge just regions will neon i'm hot are interested in months with protesters calling for political and economic reforms and an end to state corruption. a ten month state of emergency and last year but failed to stop the protests particularly by egypt is you who think christina come to view the most searches as the only way to bring about meaningful change doesn't so protest us of being killed and many more injured since two thousand and fifteen is condemned nega is one of six thousand political prisoners released by the government this year in an effort to ease growing tensions to try and complexity because ethiopia is one large prison i say this
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because there is no democracy in the country this is a dictatorship we have to change its big prison into a democratic state opposition leaders say the year prison ruling coalition has lost its all forty that demanding all parties be involved in deciding the country's future. you know this country is a country of hundred million it's too big for one political group for one small group of. fields of hundred million people the years of unaccountability on earth in the sizes some of the country's politics with its new appeal to tipping and some say justice repression and block of minute full democracy have instilled a sense of despondency he appears with winning coalition the e.p.a. r.b.f. is expected to meet within days to choose a successor to highland. but the stakes are high and jocelyn for the premiership intense what about the coalition decides will have
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a huge impact on how ethiopia has governed mohammed i don't i'll just. students from a school in florida where seventeen people were shot dead on wednesday have been among those holding a protest rally to demand tighter gun control a teenager who's been charged for the murders is a former student at a high school in place a was able to buy weapons legally one survivor of the shooting had a message for president trump he was. the. he was. taking. place the. food was very soldiers have been wounded two seriously and an explosion along the israeli border with gaza in response israel's military struck an observation post in the southern gaza strip palestinian security sources said there were no injuries on their side of the border area has seen an increase in violence
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since president trump's decision to recognize jewish land as israel's capital in december. the body of a filipino maid was found in a freezer in kuwait has been returned to manila a death strained relations between the philippines and kuwait with president ordering the repatriation of thousands of filipino workers and banning further deployment there so he did and has the reaction from kuwait city. praying for closure church services in kuwait spare a prayer for joy and the demo phallus maria khanna two spares a thought for the domestic worker whose body was found in a freezer authorities are still looking for the suspect a lebanese national i'm fraid me. these. cannon knows all about the life of a domestic worker she's worked as one for more than eighty years she says some face abuse but it's not typical told the me i put it in you were like my sister the
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philippine government reacted strongly to joanna's death valley at citizens from coming to kuwait for work it later issued a clarification exempting those who already have jobs here about the initial announcement never the last century through the country. for many filipinos a job in the gulf is a lifeline for extended families some experience in the life and some. they don't have they don't they don't get that. good treatment from other philippine authorities however say complaints of abuse compelled them to take action we have. five thousand some five thousand eight. hundred. last year. including treatment sexual harassment and rape. the philippine ban on allowing new workers to go to kuwait is a problem for them and you can now only after over
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a decade in kuwait van jones a restaurant and money exchange businesses she needs to expand her work force. the president's band she says is holding her back. there in some of my stuff one of them here this is really very very big problem. the officials are critical to of the ban they concede it might be necessary to review some quality measures like the ability of sponsors to hold migrant workers passports however they say the philippine president statements have only complicated the situation at the moment. the bird was ordered for domestic reasons it's a clear there are also of the reasons for such a risk lesions were not in jewels but we are also devolves the congregation sings for their community to be delivered from the devil the devil of abuse and the devil of hasty government decisions sami say that al-jazeera kuwait bangladesh has handed
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over a list to me and now with the names of more than eight thousand range of refugees from repatriation in mamma's first verify that they are citizens before the process can begin it's part of a bilateral deal signed between the two nations in november almost seven hundred thousand were injured have crossed into bangladesh since august following a minute she cracked down at least thirteen people have been killed after a military helicopter crashed in southern mexico the helicopter was surveying the damage from an earthquake in the state of one hacker when it crashed into a boss three children are among the dead seven point two magnitude quake destroyed fifty homes in will have her and left millions without power in mexico city at least twenty people have been killed by three suicide bombers at a market in northern nigeria the suicide bombers blew themselves up at a fish market in conduit just outside my degree on friday night no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but the armed group boko haram is active in borno
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state. that's exactly ten years since kosovo officially declared independence from serbia after years of conflict and a civil war that came thousands of lives kosovo is recognized as an independent nation by more than one hundred other countries among them the u.s. and most of the e.u. but it's still not recognized by others including serbia russia and china because of a prime minister says that has to change all those investments military political financial or or loosing gazer and makes it is very rational to keep it still unfinished business so we have lost a lot of farms so that. today it's that on tomorrow is that i'm but we don't have any more years for this because your last two decades on this topic when massacre of kosovo albanians in rich aqua's one of the major events in the civil war as
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yugoslavia split apart under simmons has been to town to see how it's fed in recent years. it's a war he's grown used to over the years. still can't comprehend why he lived and his brother died no other men had been fighters they were kosovar albanian and that was a death sentence for those buried here young and old. this happened within the reach of unarmed european observers but the serbs blocked their access roma shabani and others had been rounded up in this yard. pretty hard to stop or to talk to you know who as you can see first of all they threw grenades and opened fire on the house people were screaming especially the kids who i was laid out and beaten just here then we were ordered to leave in that direction with our hands behind our heads. like the others ram or follow directions coming up here
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stopping to light a cigarette and then hearing shooting he ran in that direction and the rest had come along here and they'd fallen into a trap they call this the red trail. paint marks the spots where blood stains belongings and foreign bodies had been found. and it was all exposed by this figure from what i personally saw i do not hesitate to describe the event as a massacre obviously a crime very much against humanity william walker's words started a diplomatic trail leading to nato's intervention the bombing of serbian military targets and there were civilian casualties back at rates this young man believes the conflict was worth it but byron hire aisy who was six when his eighteen year old brother was shot dead says many of kosovo's leaders a known neglecting his village and others like it. if we compare rhetorics
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contribution to the cost of postage i think the authorities have not paid off our sacrifice so many young people attend university degrees only to be unemployed they cannot make development to stifle every highs in our village as a person has migrated to support their family it's the view of many kosovar albanians ten years of independence hasn't carried with it good fortune for all andrew symonds out jazeera recheck in kosovo thousands of people from an indigenous forest community in kenya are accusing the government of forcefully evicting them from their ancestral land every targets of violence and threats from the kenya forest service catherine sawyer reports from western kenya. this is a forest in western kenya it's part of a large ecosystem called the tearing on the heels forest one of the most important
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what are catchment areas in the country and a source of livelihood to millions of people downstream. yet look at this century old trees are recently set on fire it's not clear by home but forest wardens say thousands of acres of the forest have over the years been destroyed by people living here illegally grazing bombing logging and binding charcoal streams that supply water to lakes and rivers are running dry and it's become a hideout for cattle fields but in this forest also lisa the center where community traditionally the hunters gather as they say emblems is their ancestral home they are keeping huge hundreds of livestock cut from sometimes even goats and goats are not allowed in the forest by all the farming we are seeing and cautious. listed thomas has refused to leave she says her house was banned down by forest guards in
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december now she spends her days hiding from them alyssa tells us this place keeps her safe from forest guards and raiders from a rival community during the day she cooks here that night she uses a thing space to sleep she says it keeps her warm but obviously it doesn't protect her from the rain the rainy season is about to start and many more people deep inside the forest also living rough incredibly says and are open spaces after their homes were destroyed i have six children who are now staying with a neighbor outside the forest if i leave my animals you will be stolen what's going on in amber boot puts to focus the delicate balance of conserving their environment and protecting the rights of indigenous communities. last year they'll get another forest community one a landmark case of the african court and human and people's rights judges ruled they had the rights to leave in and help conserve another important water tower the
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mile forest for slavery and not a right or in polls are. it in the context of a cross of racial project this is what i i mean by human rights based the courts the environmental protection samson where families were compensated by the state in twenty fifteen to pull you into really move out but they now see the money was not enough to buy land police to tells us her family got nothing and social state puts and protects her cattle no matter the consequences catherine saudi oil jazeera and book forest western kenya. catch up on it on our website address what is al-jazeera dot com. among other top stories here on issues there russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has dismissed the indictment of thirteen russians for meddling in the u.s.
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election saying there were no facts to back up the charges but u.s. national security adviser mcmaster so the evidence of espionage and subversion was undeniable on friday special counsel robert miller charged the thirteen russians with running a huge social media trolling campaign against democrat hillary clinton it's a good you have to see it i have no response you can publish anything and we have seen those indictments and i've also read the statements from the homeland security adviser in the u.s. who denied the reports that any country to influence the election results the same was said by mike pence either here or maybe in another european capital so until we hear the facts everything else is just blather ethiopia's defense minister says there's been no military takeover a day after the government declared it a new state of emergency and comes after the worst anti-government protests in a quarter of a century the state of emergency will last for six months with a possible four month extension and effectively bans demonstrations. the body of
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zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been repatriated from south africa he died on wednesday after battling cone on cancer open sangar i was a key figure in zimbabwe in politics and founded the movement for democratic change a course in pakistan has sentenced a man to death for the murder and rape of a six year old girl zainab ansari her body was found in a rubbish dump after she'd been strangled the case triggered protests across the country. at least twenty people have been killed by three suicide bombers at a market in northern nigeria the suicide bombers blew themselves up at a fish market in conduit a just outside my degree on friday night. students from the school in florida where seventeen people were shot dead on wednesday have been among those holding a protest rally to demand tighter gun control the man who's been charged with a mad as is a former student at the high school who police say was able to buy weapons
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illegally there's the headlines to stay with us. and this new post is up next i want to see after that thanks for watching but. this was feel to ask that piece of that picture. i'm. sure now that you know i've got tons of time yeah court among the most closely watched early on i guess and it's kind of all the policy. a lot richer gets but if you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we've been tracking this week with five rings two countries one flag if they handed out medals for
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