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tv   Fighters To Bikers  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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first fire economy away from oil we are seeking to open up new areas for investment we are seeking to empower our youth or seeking to empower women we are seeking to transform our country into a dynamic innovative transparent accountable efficient society seventy percent of our population is under the age of thirty they have hopes dreams and ambitions and our objective is to ensure that they can realize those hopes dreams and ambitions and in the process stiffed our country to greater heights in the past two years we have made remarkable progress in terms of empowering youth empowering women in terms of opening up our economy in terms of education in terms of attracting foreign investment and in terms of reducing our income from oil. producing income from other areas we are embarking embarking on major initiatives in terms of a neon futuristic city in the north west part of saudi arabia that will be a hub for technology artificial intelligence robotics. clean energy we are inviting
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other initiatives in terms of the red sea project we are working on initiatives in terms of recreation and entertainment and all of this is transforming became. a reason this is happening is because as we move in this direction we become stronger we become wealthier and we become less susceptible to the dangers and the crises around us in our reach. you heard a few minutes ago from the iranian foreign minister and i to be able to respond to some of the fiction that he was talking about the problems in the region began with the khomeini revolution in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine khamenei revolution unleashed sectarianism in the region the iranian constitution has been it's the principle of exporting the revolution the iranian constitution does not recognize citizenship. it believes that every shia but this business as it costs
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them belongs to iran this is outrageous is iran prepared to amend its constitution to give up the principle of exporting the revolution and to recognize citizenship i don't see them doing it the iranian revolution led to be establishment of hezbollah which is today the world's most dangerous terrorist organisation. irrelevance in this is according to the phone distributor of because everybody else is blaming them for their problems. didn't iran attack the american embassy in beirut in one thousand nine hundred eighty one didn't iran and its proxies attack a national airport resulting in the death of two hundred seventy people it's a fact didn't iran commit terrorist acts in europe including here in germany and argentina and in other places yes they did is that something we can deny of
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course not. didn't iran. train and manage the style that attacked corporate towers in. the six years leading the ringleader was general should be iran's military attache in bahrain the three leaders of the plot escaped from saudi arabia and went to iraq with it have been looking ever since believe us that we captured two years ago in lebanon with iran. even though he's a saudi citizen isn't this harboring and sheltering terrorists. after the iraq here in the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three. or after the attacks against afghanistan in two thousand and one some of them. that ritual board of directors of a car had fled from afghanistan to iran where they have been living in pursuits.
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the chief of operations while clark. was in iraq in two thousand and three when he gave the order to attack the three housing compounds in riyadh saudi arabia we had the phone conversation on tape that's a fact. iran has subsequently hard potential to be significant iran is providing more than ninety percent of the world's peace that are used to kill people in battle iran is supplying them with these with ballistic missiles that they use to attack big cities as well as limited cities this is a fact we didn't attack you or give an honest one the calculus iran has sought. to undermine lebannon syria iraq but very yemen pakistan afghanistan putting countries in africa this is a fact so if you want the words people to stop criticizing it it has to change its behavior and comported self with international law and international ethics and
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values talking about the security a regional architecture for the arabian gulf. while sending missiles to the who thiis and sending terrorists to attack other countries and supplying weapons of explosives to terrorists. is a contradiction with all due respect to the iranians so as to understand that the reason it is subject to sanctions is because of its behavior not because we don't like them we like them we have great respect for iran its history its people but we do not. we cannot afford to put up with the when the revolution penetrant supports the reasonableness sanction for terrorism is because it supports terrorism. we didn't sanction them the international community did the reason. for violating ballistic missiles accords. it's because it does and the reason they're going to
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sanction. on human rights violations is because it does so there has to be a fundamental change in the right regime it would have for iran to be treated like a normal country and that's what we're looking for and so we will continue to push back against. it all areas we can with our allies in the arab and islamic world and in the west until iran changes its behavior we have to do with the choice very clear that since nine hundred seventy nine we have extended their arm to iran seeking friendship and what we got was death and destruction iran attacked our embassies iran assassinated our diplomats in what in one location iran plant terrorist cells in my country iran's rights to smuggle explosives and weapons into my country to kill my people i would like to see one iranian diplomat that saudi
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arabia to harm to europe. because we believe him. because we believe in the principle of good people and. something iran does not believe in anyway so i read you having said that. i think the challenges that we face in terms of syria in terms of yemen in terms of libya are challenges that we will be able to overcome . iraq has turned the corner and has gotten a lot of support from the international community for its reconstruction efforts iraq has defeated by says the government does or a plot of credit for this and for the way it managed its internal issues we were very supportive of iraq we opened up a new chapter with iraq we have diplomatic relations we have two conflicts we're opening up a third conflict we're starting commercial air traffic it's already started between our two countries we're opening up water. treated investment is exploding and we
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expect the relationship to further develop its strength in every area. and yemen i think we have to be excessed nation of presidents the who through so isolated the in many political parties are coming together to form one block further isolating the hootie the legitimate government is making progress gradual progress but progress and of the less at the in the battlefield we have put together a massive military support package for your middle with the united arab emirates that's in excess of a billion dollars all the seaports are open all the airports are open we have languages we have here which is said to have been. working with dozens of international done publicly organizations and you will play stations to ensure that the supplies get to the people who need them in the event and i believe that we look forward to working with the new un envoy korean men to see how we can launch
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a political process based on u.n. security council resolution twenty two sixteen feet you see initiative and the outcomes of the immediate national dialogue we're going to leave that speech there by saudi arabia's foreign minister at best picking at the security conference in munich the iranian revolution he said began the era of sectarianism in our region the iranian revolution led to this stablish murder of hezbollah he said he called his part of the world's most dangerous terrorist organization. he said that iran has sought to undermine countries right across the middle east and africa we cannot put up with the khamenei revolution and its principles any longer iran does not believe in the principle of good neighborliness and we will continue to push back against iran until it changes its behavior let's go live out of the conference. is there would you make of what you heard. an extraordinary
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exchange of bonds today from three key players in the middle east israel iran and saudi arabia an indication that perhaps we are on the brink of a yet a major crisis in the region the saudi foreign minister the the accusations leveled against iran saying that is sending explosives into saudi arabia assassinating diplomats destabilizing the region spreading radical shia ideology present given weapons to the earth is to attack. and then of the same time when you listen to what joe wants that he had to say about the saudis about these rallies and about the americas before that with prime minister binyamin netanyahu how to say this absolutely no indication today from this conference in munich that we might see some sort of an appeasement in the near future very very delicate moment all of the parties are entrenched saying that they are on the right path of history that they
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are genuine that the other just a bit and that the other when the white thing no one is willing to take power of the responsibility about what is happening in the region that we interesting what is happening today here in munich russian many things that are there in munich as ashton was saying that earlier at that conference israel's prime minister called iran the greatest threat to the world benjamin netanyahu told that munich security conference that iran's nuclear ambitions have brought the middle east and israel closer together you know where iran is belligerent ambitions clear going in syria their iran hopes to complete a contiguous empire looking to iran to chart to use the caspian to the mediterranean israel will continue to provide you rom from establishing a permanent military presence in syria. israel will continue to act to prevent iran
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from establishing another turbos from which to threaten israel well iran's foreign minister then hit back saying that teheran wants to forge closer ties with its neighbors we believe in and happy oppose creating what we call a strong region rather than a strong man in the region. and you got to notice the difference we want a strong region we do not want to be the hedge a man in the region as we believe the era of hedge him only is long past and then just a few minutes ago you saw it here on al-jazeera saudi arabia's foreign minister i'll chew bear making all sorts of accusations against iran the iranian revolution he said began the era of sectarianism in our region iran does not believe in the principle good neighborliness and we will continue that's the south saudi arabia
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will continue to push back against iran until it changes its behavior the troops where he is associate professor in contemporary history of the middle east at castle university joins us now here in the studio well what do you make of all of that i think what we. three narrative about you know who is responsible of instability in the region. iran. israel and so that it seems that the agreed that iran is the source of instability iran does believe that there is the ability is because of the choices of others and isis and the product on the outcome of isis so basically we have this is the narrative we are hearing in the region not today it's four years now but the platforms are different sometimes we hear to the united nation today we see that we are listening in to. this relationship now it appears to be warming to israel and saudi arabia they were both very much on the same page here when the letters that are were telling iran desolately he said
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what's the main advantage of iranian behavior is of bringing what he called arabs was a way together against iran so basically that is what you know admitted that he there is sort of agreement between some out of countries and israel against iran i assume you know he meant by that time with egypt and you know countries he believed that they are on the same page with israel. it comes to iran just a fact check the saudi arabian foreign minister there he made all sorts of accusations against iran he was he said they were fact is he right you know you remember what happened in the to the embassy the embassy of saudi arabia in riyadh through two thousand and sixteen so there are some events where it was basically iran is responsible of that and i think iran did fail to defend itself of what's happened in iran of course internally did say that this is this is another responsibility of the state there are people going you know and they are they can
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put a call to be punished but again it's a responsibility of the state to protect the embassies and the diplomats in its own soil and what iran did not do basically and so what is the point of all of this these these hard hitting speeches here in a very public forum yeah against iran here iran which sort of fought back but it is iran going to give any ground to saudi arabia i think platforms important this is sort of demonization of iran keeping iran on the circle that it is it's a bad guy of the region it is always accused of this is the region it is the country supports a bit of instability that is the main aim because when you speak about community conferences about security it's about stability of the world and when we're around become the source of stability this means basically more mobilization against iran maybe targeting the nuclear. the nuclear deal as well ok. thanks
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indeed. now at least sixty six people are feared dead after a plane crash in iran a passenger aircraft disappeared from radar to leaving the capital to the ass a man airlines flights was traveling to yes suge in the southwest of the country emergency services are struggling to reach the crash site which is in the mountainous. province the rhodian has more from tehran. no i'm not at the cassette how. it's starting to become clear about the plane that crashed the latest came from a statement by the spokesperson of the ottoman airlines the plane's owner who said that the plane collided with a mountain peak in the inner ranges due to the foggy conditions however this is still early information as neither the black box parts of the plane or the remains of the passengers have been recovered yet old board of the plane have been killed including sixty passengers and the crew of four the plane had previously suffered from a technical problem but that had been sorted out and the plane was approved to fly
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the plane was an eighty are type manufactured in italy but this plane in particular was not included in the new purchase deal signed between iran and italy last year. while the cause of the crash isn't yet known international sanctions have hampered iran's ability to maintain a modern fleet accidents of occurred pretty regularly over recent he is thirty nine people were killed in twenty fourteen after a separate passenger plane crashed after takeoff from tehran seventy seven people were killed when an iran air plane crashed in bad weather in two thousand and eleven analysts say that iran has relied on smuggled or improvised parts to keep fleets operational before sanctions were lifted iran hadn't directly bourse a western built plane in nearly forty is iran hold of more than two hundred planes off the sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear activities the first delivery of the airbus a three to one arrived in teheran in january last here
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will aviation safety specialist david lee amount says that the aircraft are exposed to even more risk in iran because of the country's mountainous terrain. leave whether in the mountains where the air crash was pretty bad and. it looks as if when the aircraft was carrying out its initial descent to the war the toward its destination it was in the wrong position and and it hit mountains that looks like. the aircraft is a modern aircraft the aircraft height has been around for well it was initially manuf faction of one nine hundred eighty s. but this is a more recent version of it it operates all over the world it's a very good airplane type it's manufactured it's a combination of italian and french design and manufacture so it's a very well tested airplane the. iran awesome on the
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domestic airline of iran well it flies a lot in iran is a very mountainous country applies a lot in difficult terrain so it is more exposed to risk just by virtue of the kind of country that you are wrong it is what the. the authorities in iran have to do is to find the black boxes the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder which will probably be working despite the fact that this crash was obviously quite. quite an impact. two palestinians have been shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza their deaths have added to an escalation in tension in the gaza israeli border following an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers in the area israel launched a series of ground and air strikes on
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a number of sites in the southern gaza strip its military blames hamas for saturday's explosion several palestinians were injured in the israeli raids israel says the palestinians were shot trying to cross the border the stuff about booty is secretary general of the palestinian national initiative for palestinian information minister he says that international pressure needs to be put on israel to end the violence. the only it is allusion is to end occupation there on the dissolution is the system of apartheid and allow palestinians to finally be free let me remind you that during the last three months since mr brown declared his her ordeal position about jerusalem we had peaceful demonstrations taking place in the west bank and as a but these peaceful demonstrations were met with israeli violence no less than twelve people have been killed in gaza by israeli soldiers who were shooting at them while they were peacefully demonstrating the same happened in the west bank we lost also more than twenty people so far with the israeli military gunfire and more
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than five thousand people have been injured during peaceful demonstrations saw israel is attacking me for demonstrations the world does not do anything they do not pressure israel to stop using this terrible violence and then it is skillets and my word is that unless there is immediate international pressure to on israel to stop the use of violence and to end the siege on gaza we could see another horrible attack on gaza another horrible war that could take the lives of thousands of people including hundreds of the thirty five refugees heading for the u.s. after living in a stray and run prison camp on the pacific island nation of the roof it's part of a controversial resettlement deal reached between australia's governments of the above ministration and then a mostly afghan pakistani or him prompting rights groups to ask questions about whether somali added radio refugees are being excluded or not true prison camp is part of australia's hardline policy of blocking refugees from entering astray about
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boats david manne is the executive director of refugee legal which provides assistance to refugees in the rue and amana silent under australia's offshore processing arrangements he says the resettlement process has been too slow. but look the reality is under this bilateral deal it reminds the deal the u.s. are still fighting refugees and the question really is what i've got what how quickly will that happen so that refugees bereshit raised. their lives in the suffering in the terrible ordeal for over five years that they have enjoyed it but the other question is what will israel you do it because ultimately they even if this deal reached the full number of twelve hundred fifty there will be still be many people left marooned and suffering i mean we are directing our energies and race horses together with others to work on. race or ministry happen but it is
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fundamental because what we know is refugees cannot stand on a road and i'm an assignment to definitely what we also know is that the profound suffering in humanity that people have been subject to and we now are at that is a stretch ultimately a stratas label and our responsibility to ensure that those refugees are brought to safety and the fact is that australia reminds the currently option for most if not all of those people eleven somali refugees held captive in libya for years have returned home many of them were tortured some were sold as slaves cattle a person reports. levin is relieved to be back home in somalia three years ago he tried to migrate to europe he never made it instead he was kidnapped by smugglers in libya and sold as a slave. like an animal i was sold four times in open markets in libya the last time i was sold for ten thousand dollars i was tortured every day vivan
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story isn't unique annecy international released a report recently describing how somali refugees were being tortured in libyan detention camps it said they were held against their will by armed groups in exchange for money hundreds were reportedly sold for as little as four hundred dollars of far cry from the journey these migrants had hoped for but for two years i was in a libyan prison i spent fifteen thousand dollars and i still wasn't able to reach europe now i'm just happy to be back in country and see my family human rights groups say the european union strategy to stop refugees from traveling across the mediterranean has led to more people being stranded in libya the somali government has been successful in returning small groups of refugees home but how much the government of somalia is committed to bring back its people who are in prisons around the globe we've been able to repatriate some somalis who are in libyan prison a month ago we released migrants from india and ethiopia prisons and brought them
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back to the country we will continue to do so but it's not going to be easy it took more than two years of negotiations to release libya and many more just like him are waiting to be given the opportunity to get back home. to the young al-jazeera. india's government is under pressure over a bank fraud that sense shock waves through the financial system three employees of the punjab national bank are accused of helping a billionaire diamond jewelry his business partner access unsecured loans the bank has lost a fifth of its value since announcing the one point seven billion dollars fraud the homes no offices of jewellery modi and his business plan were raided on saturday both of fled the country the opposition says the government was warned about the scam. the u.s. president is blaming the f.b.i. for the gun attack at a florida school that killed seventeen people donald trump has tweeted very sad that the f.b.i. missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shooter this is not
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acceptable they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign there is no collusion and trump adds get back to the basics and make us all proud trump's opponents come comments rather come after it was revealed that the f.b.i. received a tip off last month the suspect had a desire to kill and access to guns the agency admitted on friday that agents failed to investigate. the students from the school targeted in where the state shootings have rallied for tighter gun control laws they're angry that the suspect nicholas cruz could buy an automatic weapon legally to spice his troubling behavior the survivor of the shooting of this message to u.s. politicians.
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and we. are a shame on you you. are less than an hours drive away in miami people attending a gun show so that firearms could not be blamed for what happened at the school the company in charge of the event expressed sympathy over the shooting. these events that we have a florida gun shows are prescheduled years in advance and these venues are are you know reserved for the gun show in years in advance this was a very my opinion not necessarily a gun problem but more a mental health problem the funerals have been held for the thirteen people killed when a militant military helicopter crash landed in southern mexico the helicopter been surveying damage after friday's seven point two magnitude earthquake when it flipped on making an emergency landing crushing a van the governor who was on board the helicopter but wasn't injured offer his condolences to the victims' families. there's been
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a fire at one of tibet's most sacred temples videos have been posted on social media showing the blaze at the joe kind ministry in the capital loss on saturday china's state media says that no historic relics have been damaged. chinese new year celebrations have been muted on a growing number of cities after a ban on fireworks was expanded and it's affecting a tradition that's lasted over a thousand years palace reports. an assembly line of fireworks and leave your young province each read roll of gunpowder is distant to mark the start of a new year in the chinese calendar lou young is the fireworks capital of the world it all started some fourteen hundred years ago during the ten dynasty. but three since to employers with a decision by the chinese government to ban fireworks because of pollution. fireworks are a cherished tradition during the chinese new year but they push hundreds of cities
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above the recommended equality levels this was small in beijing a year ago it's scenes like this that have pushed the government to ban fireworks and four hundred forty four cities that's now being expanded to include beijing tianjin and provincial capitals who farai and chiang shar violators will face fines of up to fifteen thousand dollars. and you. this shouldn't be a ban on fireworks because first of all pollution isn't caused by fireworks sitting off fireworks has been a tradition for more than one thousand years so i don't quite understand why these a ban with china's fireworks industry employs three million people and has sales of more than fourteen billion dollars the new regulations of her profits and lower demand has shrunk the industry. leo young's firecrackers and fireworks management pure says in two years the number of firework companies have haftorah around five
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hundred high. if you look around the market you can only see a few shops remain open we don't see many customers anymore. that's because many have swaps to legal options in cities like beijing is substituting gunpowder with electricity. electronic by crackers can substitute the regular firecrackers because they are bright and colorful chinese says all fireworks for the noice it's believed to scare away bad spirits and bring in more successful new year manufacturers and retailers are looking for an early start challenge ballasts out to zero. it is good to have you with us adrian for good here in doha the top stories this hour out of syria saudi arabia and israel have attacked iran at the munich security conference israel's prime minister says that iran is the greatest threat to the
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world while saudi's foreign minister also spoke about recent tension we cannot afford to put up with the when the revolution and it's going to cause the reasonableness sanction for terrorism is because it supports terrorism. we didn't sanction them the international community did the reason. for violating ballistic missiles accords is because it does and the reason they're going to sentient. on human rights violations just because it does so there has to be a fundamental change in the iranian regime it would be for iran to be treated like a normal country and that's what we're looking for and so we will continue to push back against. it although we as we can with her our house in the arab and islamic world and in the west until iran changes its behavior iran's foreign minister hit back by saying that israel is the aggressive state in the middle east and that it
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wants to forge closer ties with its neighbors. we believe in and how propose creating what we call a strong region rather than a strong man in the region and you go to notice the difference we want a strong region we do not want to be the head to man in the region as we believe the era of hedge i'm only is long past two palestinians have been shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza after an escalation of tension on the border it follows an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers in the area on saturday at least sixty six people are feared dead after a plane crash in iran the passenger aircraft disappeared from radar around fifty minutes after leaving the capital assem an airline's plane went down in
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a mountainous area near the town of senegal there's the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after counting the cost next. new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. has i'm seeking this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week we talk to i.m.f. chief christine lagarde on the changing economic winds here in the middle east. can ireland break regs if we look at how the emerald isle is caught in the middle of a big round between the u.k. and the e.u. . plus a nation in motion it's the year of the dog in the world's second biggest economy. so the economy of the arab world is changing we've been reporting how many
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countries are having to diversify away from their oil dependency and plan for a different kind of future young people and women are demanding a more inclusive role in that society one of the advisors to governments in the region is the international monetary fund christine legarde managing director of the i.m.f. was in dakar this week i asked her how the i.m.f. sees its role in the region and what it's learned from past experiences it has been criticised in the possible putting pressure on countries to impose austerity policies that bring pain for poor people and benefit bankers. i think the i.m.f. is a slightly different institution from the days that you're referring to and clearly in the past few years we have been focused on a new set of topics number one we care very much about what i call the social safety net so whenever we give policy advice whenever we finance programs we always
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ask the leaders and i see them on a regular basis we always ask the leaders to really be mindful of those that are most exposed of the poor of the underprivileged of those that are likely to suffer as a result of potential. fiscal consolidation that are sometimes needed you know when a country comes to the i.m.f. and asks for a program we are lending international money and as a consideration for that we're asking that country to restore its public finance but we always say watch out the social safety net that you need to put in place is critically important let me give you an example when we ask a country to remove its subsidies on oil for instance we first of all ask the country and its authority is to put in place the cash transfer mechanism the special support that will be given to the most exposed doesn't mean that you
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replace it for everyone there are people who can afford to pay for the oil prices at full price but there are lots of people also who need the cash benefits who need the welfare benefits and we always focus on that the second area where we have focused lately is the role of women in societies and how they can contribute to the economy and how they need to be integrated and how they need to be included we do the same thing with the young people which is particularly important in this part of the world and great to be one of the women because that gets to my next question the role of women in the gender. cap of course has been very much in the news recently you are considered one of the most powerful women in the world what a vice would you give to young women in the middle east trying to make their way in the workforce particularly in sectors of the economy that are still very much dominated by men well because i care about this region of the world and because i
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visit very often my first advice would not be to the young woman it would be to the leaders of those countries and my advice would be first of all look to legal structure your legal arsenal all the laws providing equality for men and women second i would say look at your budget are you providing for parenting leave are you providing for childcare centers are you helping the woman access or stay on the job market so that would be my first. my first call to the leaders because policies can actually change them up and i would also say to them and to people if i can reach out to them change your mindset consider how valuable women can be for your economy how much additional growth they can provide how much more sustainable that growth will be more resilient it will be and how much inequality you're going to eliminate and then i would turn to the women my sisters and i would
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encourage them to number one get as much education as they can and i hope that this is accessible in the country were to talk to them not always the case i would second say. have enough self-esteem take confidence in what all the women in the area or beyond can achieve and just be yourself and make sure that you have a voice and if you can't find your voice get the support of all the men and women who will be supporting you along the way. as you know there is an ongoing blockade against qatar right now by a number of arab countries that has been in place since since june of last year and i know in your capacity as managing director of the i.m.f. this is beyond your remit to get into the politics of this but i want to ask you how concerned are you about the economic impact that this is having potentially having in the region the longer it goes on well first of all like in any other similar situations we very much hope that this these differences and the current
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situation can be remedied and that they can be reconciliation second we have observed very carefully how the authorities have reacted in qatar and they've taken prompt swift efficient action to the point that as we are going through the review of the economy as we speak we are seeing rather. low impact from this this boycott that we have seen in action. we talked a little bit earlier about the i.m.f. policies the austerity policies and so on let me bring up of. one country that is going through that right now which is of course egypt. egypt is now in the second year of this three year twelve billion dollars aid package from the i.m.f. how do you assess the progress there because there has been a lot of the economic pain that i was talking about reducing the subsidies and
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inflation and so on the country has finally decided to take a number of reforms that will. take it to a positive productive job rich situation in the future it's not yet there but it's clearly the objective at the end of the of the journey and that journey implied some difficult and courageous economic decisions one was to float the currency which had been pegged to the dollar for a long period of time which cost the country a lot of reserve the decision was made to float which inevitably leads to increased inflation but inflation has gone down it when it peaked to about thirty percent it is now down to about seventeen we expected to be down to less than twelve percent at the end of the year growth has picked up significantly and is now cruising at about five percent which is much more than was that prevailed before the program
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came into place the subsidy program has also been revisited significantly and cash transfers have been put in place for eight million families which means roughly twenty million people which are now benefiting from this substitute to the subsidies now clearly the egyptians people are. taking. the burden of that are. seeing their income slightly reduced for some of them in particular but our hope is that the egyptian decisions gyptian reforms that are put in place would love to lead to an improved situation the reserves are coming back to the country the direct investments including from abroad are increasing as well so it's you know the foundations are now being set up in order to operate a better and more prosperous economy model going forward but how long will it be
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before enough people in egypt will see the benefit of the things that you're talking about the to those figures you you pretty high when you talk stick i knew it was a lineage of you know and our seniors are not seeing it no because they are still going through that phase of transition and improvement of the foundations so that then once the investments are made jobs are created people have access to the market and can can do better but i'm convinced that it will be improved over the course of time. another criticism that's been made of the i.m.f. is an institution is that it's been too kind of western dominated this kind of rich man's club that doesn't truly reflect the go to global economy what's the i.m.f. doing to try and change that image well we have we have the mechanism in place that allows for evolution of its capital structure and its board composition i'll give you an example all big five emerging market economies now are in the top five
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shareholders of the i.m.f. if you will and this region is representing more than seven percent of its shareholding and three if i recall of my twenty four board members of from this part of the world so we have. a very diverse representation it is true that. there is still. you know a dominant representation of advanced economies but this is changing when you have the five emerging countries in the world in the top ten shareholders of the institution and you can tell that there is a process in train that will continue because that's part of the. of my my. obligations in the institution that it reflects gradually over time the actual state of the economy and the economy has changed
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just going back to the middle east finally it's well known there is a need in the region for economies to diversify away from oil and one of the ways to do that is with things like greater taxation and and cuts to subsidies is that really part of the solution do you think i tell you what is part of the solution because clearly the model is going to change the price of oil is definitely going down and the substitution products are coming to the market the mindset has changed and as a result of that you cannot operate the country as this sort of welfare state where part of the social contract was we have wealth we are destroyed redistributing part of it so for us it means a much more diversified economy to begin with number two. an economy where the private sector is well come and where the business environment is friendly so that people don't bump into. bureaucratic processes multiple licenses and
3:45 pm
are prevented from investing for all sorts of reasons so it's well coming other investments and of slightly different model it also means providing value for money and focusing on the young people you know when you have societies that still have all that now have over ten percent unemployment twenty five percent of the young people unemployed and a quality of service that people are not satisfied with there is something that is not really working and that needs to be addressed so it's certainly requires creation of jobs by i'll turn it to have channels including the private sector and it probably means scrutinizing the public service which represents a massive share of the public spending to make sure that there is quality of service and that the wage bill is actually focused on those who provide the services. my demagogue thanks very much for being with us thank you all right still
3:46 pm
to come on counting the cost of reconstructing iraq prime minister hey diddle the bad he says his country needs to rebuild after years of conflict but how much will it all cost to break down the numbers for you. but first when the united kingdom leaves the european union its closest neighbor the republic of ireland is going to take an economic hit a new report out this week says ireland's unique exposure to breaks it means it faces but tension is a huge threat to jobs that could cost the country billions each year the u.k. is the second largest destination for irish goods after the u.s. the dublin london air it is europe's most traveled and apart from trade there is another major break as it related issues arland is the only country to share a land border with britain it's preparing for the worst and looking for new markets i could up with kiran cannon irish minister of state at the department of foreign affairs and trade while he was here in doha i began by asking him if there is
3:47 pm
a lack of understanding internationally about the impact of breaks it on the island of ireland i think perhaps there was a number of months ago certainly in the immediate aftermath of the referendum when the decision was taken from britain to leave the us think there was a lack of understanding but but as we know move forward into a critical phase of the negotiations i think there is more than a good degree of understanding of the challenges that are and is going to face indeed the challenges that britain will face and the e.u. as a whole will face so i do think that as people read more about it become better informed i think there is a significant understanding developing internationally of the challenges that we face. and at this point despite months of negotiations the still doesn't seem to be any real clarity on what exactly the u.k. wants from from breaks it what kind of breaks it is going to be how is ireland then preparing for breaks it what are and was in preparation for a break in
3:48 pm
a number of i would say at least two years before the referendum actually occurred we are preparing in the hope that the decision to leave the wouldn't be taken on the very morning that it was taken a significant number of key strategic actions were kicked into place immediately while there may be no perfect clarity from the u.k. government as to how they want to move forward in the approach we have been nothing but clear as a country from the very very beginning we regret deeply regrets the decision taken by britain to leave the e.u. i think ultimately proved to be a retrograde step program but we are on the basis that decision has now been taken we have to act and work in our interests and i want to say our the interest i mean the whole island of ireland including northern ireland because it is critically important that the hard won piece that exists now in our country that took years of diplomacy. and effort on our parts is a very can be a times a fragile one so that needs to be protected in the context of bragg's and all of the provisions of the good friday agreement which brought about that peace need to
3:49 pm
be honored also the fact that we have now a seamless transition of people and goods back and over across that border between our own in northern ireland that needs to be protected but all of those things have been. given strong concrete commitment by the e.u. bar by our partner countries in the e.u. and indeed by britain that those things will be protected in face to the negotiations and this is part of the problem is why you say that there is clarity on the part of ireland it's not clear what the u.k. government wants to see out of that i mean that the state of the border between our and the northern ireland is does seem to be doing. actually challenged by breaks it this open border that you told me about that was negotiated twenty years ago in the good friday agreement that this is at the heart of the whole thing isn't it just just explain to us for our viewers who might not be familiar this why this matters so much to people not just in in the republic of ireland but in northern ireland
3:50 pm
when we're a tiny island on the edge of europe. and post break this we would we will form have the only land border between the e.u. and the u.k. we'll be on the island of ireland. and that is a significant part of the consideration and how exactly britain structures and indeed the e.u. structures britain's exit from the e.u. it's critically important for us as an island a small island nation where we are for example is a huge part of our economy we have farmers producing milk in northern ireland in the morning that is processed in the afternoon in the republic of ours and we have that free movement of people and goods back over across our border which is led to . significant economic growth in both those jurisdictions which is lead to peace in both of those jurisdictions and that is what we're trying to protect here so i think people need to be aware internationally of how important it is to argue that that border remains open free and seamless and also wants to ensure that there are
3:51 pm
a few barriers to trade between itself and the u.k. as yes as possible so if there is no deal worked out if there is a what some in the u.k. calling a hard bragg's it no deal what what impact is that going to have on ireland and its key industries and jobs are you talking about earlier we have been working very hard over the last number of years long before break that to diversify our export opportunities internationally for example our trade in china has doubled over the last number of years from seven billion per annum to fourteen billion per annum seventeen percent of our trade national trade is with britain it's a huge part of our economy and particularly around the whole food and i guess. sector so we want to protect that as best we can. but ultimately if britain takes a decision to leave for the leave the costumes union and all of the trading arrangements that hello goods and services to flow freely between britain and ireland that is going to pose
3:52 pm
a challenge not alone for britain but indeed for the whole of the it is brags that all bad for ireland necessarily i mean how how do you see the country well adapting to it thankfully it's not and we see significant opportunities arising for ireland as a result of british post break as we will be the only english speaking common law country in the whole of the e.u. and when countries worldwide from all across asia the middle east and the us want to establish a presence for the very first time in the e.u. in an english speaking country where it's very very straightforward and very easy to do business we're hoping they will choose our and as that platform to launch themselves into a market of five hundred million people a market that we are fully committed to and a market where we've already established very very strong trading relationships so we do see that as an opportunity for our and we also see the opportunity where some of the financial services sector particularly in the city of london where they choose to relocate internationally we are competing with locations like frankfurt
3:53 pm
paris and brussels that are and will become a very attractive location for them to relocate to and to investing so it's not all bad in fact you know that our opportunity to pitch ourselves as that launch pad for the english speaking world into the e.u. will be a very positive development in the future kiran cannon good to talk to you thanks very much thank you very much indeed now an international summit for iraq's reconstruction was held this week thirty billion dollars was pledged to rebuild the country after the defeat of eisel but the iraqi government has estimated that reconstruction will cost a lot more than that but add that hammy to breaks down the numbers force. for fifteen years conflict has laid waste to iraq roads schools hospitals industry even entire cities are now in ruin millions of people live in poverty the government of iraq worked with the world bank to assess all this damage and count the cost of rebuilding the country they concentrated on the areas that were most affected in
3:54 pm
recent years of conflict they came up with a staggering figure one hundred four billion dollars in total losses since the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three damage from the war against isis alone is estimated at forty five billion now the breakdown seventeen point four billion is needed to rebuild homes this is a priority as about three million iraqis are living in tents about ten billion dollars are required to repair schools and health care facilities at least half of iraq's hospitals and health clinics are gone. and then there is the water and sanitation system about ninety percent of it is damaged beyond use that's another two point four billion dollars repairing the damage eisel caused to the country's cultural and religious sites will cost one point seven billion another nine billion is needed to restore power for all iraqis at the moment their entire cities which
3:55 pm
don't have electricity at all and in others just a few hours a day the basic sectors of the country's economy need more than twenty billion dollars just to function properly nearly half of that is earmarked for the oil and gas industry that's a priority for iraq to be able to pump more barrels per day and kick start the economy but before reconstruction can begin the government of iraq needs to provide security and stability as well as an all inclusive government for all iraqis regardless of sect or ethnicity for iraq that is priceless winds of chinese people around the world are celebrating the moon a new year and millions in china are traveling home for the holiday adrian brown reports now from beijing. well i'm on the concourse of beijing railway station one of the busiest train stations in china and of course especially busy at this time of year and evidence around me of a nation now in motion much of the world's second largest economy will be at
3:56 pm
a standstill for the next two weeks as chinese people take part in the most important celebrations of the year chinese new year really is the most important holiday of all now most people in china travel home by train at this time of year last year some four hundred million people took the train more than half of them took the high speed bullet train which is amazing because this time a decade ago the bullet train network was barely in existence here in china but it's now transforming lives in so many ways as they travel across this vast country at this time of year some of the people we've been talking to at the station are migrant workers and they say they're not going to be returning to beijing because they no longer feel welcome and the reason for that is the government has been demolishing their homes in a campaign to get rid of what it says are properties which violate safety standards
3:57 pm
it also believes these homes are icefall so that lends a sort of poignant aspect to this lunar new year holiday this of course is traditionally a time of year when big predictions are made we've been talking to a leading fortune teller who says that actually the year of the dog is a very bad year for anyone born in it people like president donald trump he says the president's going to have a very bad year when it comes to his health and also to decision making it's probably fair to assume though the president from doesn't pay a great deal of heed to chinese fortune tellers but here in this part of the world they take those predictions very seriously adrian brown counting the cost in beijing and that is our show for this week to get in touch with us by tweeting me at has him speak and the hashtag. a j c d c when you do autopsy on e-mail counting the cost that al jazeera dot net is our address as more for you online at al-jazeera dot com slash c t c l take you straight to our page which has individual
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sports links and entire episodes for you to catch up on. that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm has a secret from the whole team here thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello there we've got a lot of showers over parts of south america or at the moment the satellite picture is showing them here is stretching from brazil all the way through french guyana into syria now and then all the way down into bolivia perigal i and into the
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thought impossible zillah's well this whole region is going to see yet more shop showers as we head through the next few days generally to the south of all about there's a better chance of getting away with a dry day but it's not completely dry still a few bits and pieces of cloud around and a few showers bubbling up as well thirty two degrees will be the maximum a when it's ari's during the day on sunday but then it will drop to around twenty nine as we head into monday before the towards the north and there's also been a few showers here but actually the showers a fairly subdued at the moment so the winds are bringing in a fair amount of cloud on to the east coast of many of the caribbean islands and we often want to showers a most of those showers a hair over parts of jamaica and then stretching await further towards the west as well so we'll see a couple of them perhaps around the temp and into and a bit further south as well through parts of nicaragua and honduras before the towards the north and we've got a very active weather system over north america at the moment that's giving us some heavy rain fair amount of snow to that's moving away though behind it we have
4:00 pm
another system building for monday. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. in india five million children have genius level i.q. but most live in poverty and go undiscovered one when he meets two child geniuses fighting for their chance to shine at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. you can take back with you a message to the current.


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