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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 50  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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it comes in the wake of last wednesday's school shooting in florida seventeen students and staff members were killed by a teenager with an assault rifle trump is to speak to survive as on wednesday in what's being called a listening session. the bodies of twenty seven shia fighters killed in an eyesore ambush arrived in the iraqi capital baghdad they were killed when members of i saw disguised in iraqi army uniforms pretended to be on duty at a fake checkpoint on the outskirts of her wheelchair. at least seventeen people have been killed after a garbage dump collapsed in mozambique rescue workers in the capital maputo believe bodies could be buried a fifteen meter tall pile of garbage collapsed in the early hours of the morning in heavy rains burying of several houses a body of morgan tsvangirai is due to be flown to his home in rural was involved way ahead of his burial on tuesday a sixty five year old died on wednesday after a long battle with cancer chandler i was
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a staunch critic of ousted president robert mugabe. there's a top stories inside stories next hour of the news hour for your to that. shifting alliances in syria kurdish fighters backed by the us say the syrian army's to help them face turkish troops the border area now an increasingly dangerous jigsaw will filter over by groups who want different outcomes there's russia in all this and what's next for syria this is inside story.
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hello again i'm peter davi welcome to the program after seven years of war the complex mosaic that is the battlefield in syria can still surprise the u.s. russia iran turkey a myriad of rebel groups and of course the syrian regime all involved and they all want to second guess where the conflict is heading next it's northern syria where there are tensions now focus because it is there that we may be seeing a new front the kurds aligning themselves with the regime ready to take on turkish forces game changer last month turkey launched an offensive to seize the syrian city of a friend from the kurdish fighters of the y p g a group it considers terrorists and a threat to its border but the y. p.g. helped the u.s. in the fight against eisel further straining u.s. relations with ankara and now turkey faces a new enemy pro syrian government troops the could say they've done
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a deal with syria to join forces to fight turkey syrian pro-government troops and their involvement well that was announced by syrian state t.v. on monday. set the tone for the following the turkish attacks on our families and their friends and following the request of our friends citizens from the regime to protect them from the ongoing tega should question that led to so many killings and destruction it has been declared now that popular troops were and to a friend within hours crucially how did turkey receive that news has the turkish foreign minister you know suddenly changed it were in him if the regime is intermediate to clean for k k m p y d then there are no problems however if they come in to defend the white g. then nothing and nobody can stop us this applies to efren as well as mehmet b. into the east of the euphrates river well our friend is part of northern syria and has an extremely complex mix of alliances with several regional and international
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players all involved last month the u.s. led coalition announced it was intending to build a border security force in northern syria it would consist of thirty thousand mostly kurdish fighters who've been helping in the battle to get rid of eisel but that strained u.s. relations with turkey of course a key nato ally turkey launched an offensive to secure its border and clear a friend of the y p g the kurdish fighters it considers to be terrorists ankara says the group's an offshoot of the p.k. k. the kurdistan workers party with which turkey has been in conflict for three decades russia controls the airspace over threaten but ahead of the turkish operation it withdrew hundreds of its soldiers from near the city kurdish fighters held after in six years ago after the syrian president bashar al assad soldiers left northern syria. let's go to our guests now joining us from istanbul mohammad yangon and affiliates of the political science department at the university of bill kent in bilin sell a muslim member of the diplomatic committee of tev demme the movement for
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democratic society that's an alliance bringing kurds together in northern syria and joining us from moderates so in it's me on skype is joshua landis director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma welcome to you all joshua coming to you first who's going to end up fighting whom here i don't think there is this is it is-i need to avoid fighting and it should be a win win for everybody because turkey gets to stop its invasion over twenty turkish soldiers have been killed so kark syria gets to reassert its sovereignty and the kurds don't get killed there in about a thousand waikiki that's the militia of the kurds killed so far by turkish forces so it would stop in theory that turkish invasion syrian wouldn't just arm the kurdish troops there and have them stand down so turkey wouldn't be any by getting
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rid of the waikiki syria territory and the kurds. get to fight another day but when you get in istanbul is that an interpretation that is perceived in the highest office in the land with the president mr. well pretty much i think because in the in the beginning we remember that turkish armed forces declared that turkey has. has a respect for syrian territorial integrity and it's for self-defense and here we see that that the regime forces are getting into two to offer in which is pretty much in line with their territorial integrity of syria here i think the most important thing is that whether the russians or and syrian regime of course will provide the necessary security koran tears to turkey about the position of.
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why puji in offering i think that this is the critical part if turkey. and the regime makes a deal a similar one to to the u.s. in and members and it is stuff a year frets that i think that that will not be a turn to be a crisis but if it does not achieve it in the in this period than the conflict may continue and it may escalate to one that is not that is beyond turkey as well between the u.s. and russia which is which is the worst case scenario of course will come on to the whole debate surrounding the euphrates least on the discussion because that speaks to the part of the discussion we have to talk about the idea of partition or whether syria will ultimately end up being the subjects of partition some a muslim in berlin in your mind who was the brew could this deal who put it together. well
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first of all i would like to say. the democratic syrian forces which are the in the of now. the children of africa and why puji they're organized themselves and defending their families in villages and of course i mean the invasion of turkey trying to. pry the place of often as they have. so this is a part of it. as the syria's complements have been the ups the kurds all together we are defending of him and we consider this invasion and this operation atlanta is a continuation of the fight it was was going in. in there is
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a kind of relief of the fighting going in there is a win so ok or thing that i just want to jump in there with one particular point nobody is going to decry or criticize or lessen the fight that the kurdish fighters fought against eisel and of course it's maybe worth noting at this point in our conversation that the syrian regime forces have never gone head to head with eisel your fight with turkey predates by almost twenty five years the fight against syria so why the about face here is this really just a case of my enemy's enemy is my friend. well we are we are not the threat for turkey at all i mean all we are doing we are part of the syrian people and we are looking for the solution in syria a democratic solution for everybody and turkey is trying to help circle this way i
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mean this approach from the beginning i mean they are trying to. change the according to their plan because they are refusing even the moderate the cries for the people of syria and democratic solution of what syria and now for the syria and i mean what we are looking for is just the syrian government to protect the surgery's who of syria i mean that's all. we are about we are not going to return back to the of us as rigid as it was before and depressing and dictatorship looking for the solution and. all we i mean that a lot with. government forces is just to protect the civilians of the syrian territory joshua landis do you buy that that this will more than a dialogue and if that dialogue actually has in-built guarantees it may actually succeed. yes i agree with that i'd like to correct one thing you said which is that
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the syrian is not blonde at the at isis of course the syrian regime has has fought isis for a long time and took half the territory the kurds took what happened that territory without the and much united states and the syrian army took the other half of the help of iran so there is going to long war going on between the syrian government and isis but to your question up a team this there is still some disagreement between the syrian government and the kurds the kurds have been there in fact they are made in a military but they say a political and administered agreement has not been struck that they will discuss those questions later syria of course is insisting that it be stored to fully minister to authority in not being and so there are clearly tensions between the kurds and the syrian government which is why it's taken
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a month into this invasion to come to an agreement the syrian government and the kurds were talking before the invasion the kurds did not want to concede. total sovereignty to the syrian government and still haven't officially so there's going to be there is going to be some tuning in prong yet. when you're in istanbul if and man b. were to fall to the turkish lead slash turkish backed forces that would mean that there would be a whole stretch of about two hundred kilometers that would be as far as the syrian regime's concerned dangerously close to that area of partition or the consequence of the potential consequence of partition that you hinted at earlier if that's the case is that something is that something that ankara wants to get to or does it just is it happy to stay within this idea of border integrity as it stands at the
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moment. well i think the latter is true for turkey because. it is important to. see that that syrian regime the syrian and syria as a as a country has the territorial integrity and has the thick curate off its borders or it is their turkish borders as well but it needs to grant power again it needs a grant negotiation and under the table to make such such agreements between the parties. so far it has not achieved but if it achieved i don't think that turkey will object to that and i don't think that turkey will be the party that is piling that that is not letting that happen so that's my point of view on that son the muslim the kurds have a stablished what three can tones here arguably they are powerful they can sustain
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that is part of the game plan for the kurds here particularly if we talk about a friend and then man b. to make sure that the turkish forces if the kurds are fighting alongside the syrian regime forces is the game plan here to make sure the turkish forces get bogged down almost literally on the ground in this quite small localized but combustible conflict. well from the beginning i have there are many points i mean it should be mentioned one of them we never been a threat for turkey we never threaten threaten turkey at all from the beginning and there was the action of these areas and turkey never done anything is just supported and those mercenaries and they supported those extremists from the
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beginning and still everybody knows still supporting them and even this war in operation is a kind of supporting the also groups this is known by everybody this is one point and the other point we still consider ourselves we are part of syria we have a project for all the critics syria and from the beginning i mean one general told start started even for sochi and even for the. it is obstacle in the us to to join i mean preventing us to join and all of this is a false i mean for the political solution and we have a mother for syria already it's not only the kurdish problem because we have the kurds the are absent syria altogether we have established system and this is them is a hope for future syrians could be an example it's very democratic we have institutions we have everything and also we are protecting ourselves we said we are part of
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syria so if any agreements should be it could be a final for the political solution for syria and we have never been through it for turkey. there know that very well i mean is just an excuse i mean because they are trying to prevent any democratic cause for the could just people and for the other components for syria for example for the other minorities in the area for the arabs which this is them we have established so. the end is not the quddus it's not the could this turn this they have could go for beer but it's not tripe we never had been through before to ricky and to be just to hear a lot is nobody on the old it isn't either inside the country or outside the countries particularly on board and it comes to a political solution for the kurds that's a different discussion joshua landis where there were the russians in all this it occurs to me that they're not particularly wedded to their loyalty to damascus but
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equally they're not wedded to this quite good relationship that mr putin seems to have with mr erdogan despite the fact that we're almost two and a bit years ago the turks shot a russian fighter aircraft at the skies the relationship took a nosedive but then it came back up again. yes it has and russia is very much at the center of these negotiations undoubtedly because turkey everyone will not speak to the syrian regime russia has been the interlocutor here and and has been trying to preserve good relations with the kurds with the turks and with the us uk which of course is very difficult to do but this is very favorable for russia because it it means that turkey doesn't step in to syria that assad its client in a sense in this whole thing yes to reassert its authority the united states is less likely to be totally happy with this deal we just saw the n.s.c.
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had mcmaster say now is the time to push back against you but the united states is waiting they want to help the kurds they want to destabilize syria on the one hand but on the other hand they want to roll back iran and help to drive you want out of syria that's their stated goal and this of course by spreading the authority of the syrian state helps to reassert both russian and iranian authorities over more syrian territory and that will of course upset many in washington he's met mcguigan in istanbul kurdish dreams of federalism we've just seen them heard them there being articulated by selling muslim in berlin cannot surely co-exist with what you might call turkish dreams of a terrorist free state just across the border in syria well for of perth i have to say that that there are false allegations made by mr muslim about about turkey and
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and and the current a phobia is a harsh word that i have to react because he was himself in the beginning of the problem he was getting through to ancora coming and going back and there was not a kurd a phobia then and also we have to remind that that there is a. opening of the corridor for me by turkey of the peshmerga against isis so so here i think we have to just just not to stars those issues at first i don't think that turkey has any end of problems about kirk's having their rights their cultural rights their position in syria but turkey has problems about their connections of p.y.t. and why p.g. we came because these connections are bringing the problems of the weapons that are getting into the hands of the p.k. k. against turkey the training in syria that is that may get into the hands of p.k. k.
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against turkey and of course using the territories that are held by y puji as a base against turkey desired the concerns of turkey but in the beginning if he can remark in think and remember that turkey always a supporter of the rights of kurdish people in syria and also turkey in the beginning said that this is a federal structure and that that provides a position for a kurdish people in syria is also after a couple if the wife is not cooperating with the p.k. k. is laying down his weapons against turkey itself so we got to think about this first and then then talk about what should be in syria or not if conditions are provided then i don't think turkey has any problems because look at turkey's relations with katie fear in iraq there is not
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a problem of out there there's no problem about having how they look at america and i'm going to stop you there because we are getting rather bold we're getting rather bold and in the clincher of this so let's just simplify it and let's just take a minute and muslim a rights of reply there son and muslim in berlin will you restate for us know that there is no political or military link up between the why p j y p g and the p.k. k. . we are well we stood up from the beginning we have no relation with anybody we are just thinking of syria and there is no piccy k. in syria in africa and the people are defending in africa and there are just the sons and daughters of our friend there organize themselves to protect their villages and since five hears they are defending afternoon against all this brutal
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and recently turkish attack them yes turkey was trying to make some tricks for us i mean to pull us to the somewhere but they were supporting the regime in co bunny which you're a guest was talking about in court warning also they were supportive supportive openly supporting bearish against the tradition for and now there are trying to take revenge of gaia because that was defeated in court by me and rocca and they're making some kind of relief because the fighting with the against dodge is still continuing in there as well in the other places ok so this will show and is there in italy in in are as this always been looking at the situation are fran and then moving east towards man beach has this always been fertile ground for a flip or for an allegiance within turkey between the syrian within syria pardon me between the regime and the kurds because turkey has constantly in continually been
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a low annoyed at the united states over its attitude towards the s.d.s. yes it has and this is clearly the sort of feel that russians have been nosing. for nosing forward or they're looking to find an understanding between turkey and assad whereby assad would re-impose authority over his borders build up his military enough that he can control the borders and provide security to turkey in exchange for airtime on reversing his statement that assad has to go and supporting the syrian free syrian army and other syrian militias that have been fighting against assad that's what russia is trying to do of course the united states wants to remain in northern syria and they're going to become a sticking point. eventually in their speech because the united states has in a sense sided with kurdish nationalism. in order to have to
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build up the kurds to gain leverage to try to get rid of iranian influence and to get rid of assad and so in that sense yes has been in a sense the united states is not going to want to contribute this kind of deal that assad had struck with the kurds in the eastern part of syria and the kurds too are very reluctant to let go of the united states the united states is the only force that's guaranteeing them a level of autonomy that they have not had previous ok i want to ask one very brief question to both sell a muslim and measurement you can sell a muslim first just answer me this in about thirty seconds please because we are almost out of time how long can this common interest last between the syrian regime and the kurds of syria. that know. through g m i mean it is just to protect that so regions who of the syrian rebels to see that we are part of syria
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we never tried to divide syria and rearm up to trying to establish something else all we want is democratic syria but the i mean the sudan government is not doing their duties i mean their mission to protect the syrian territory would never thought of dividing syria or anything else so what we are doing i mean in an offer in the other places we have been attacked in our home so we are defending yourselves they say he says just self-defense is nothing else i mean underwood will never return to the back of buses through dream is as it was before two thousand and eleven gentlemen we will have to leave it there thank you to all our guests today met but you can sell a muslim. ahmed and joshua landis and thank you to you too for your company you can see the program again any time via the website al-jazeera dot com and for further
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discussion to check out our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story for me peace adobe and the entire team here in doha thanks for watching the season. the scene for us where online what is american sign in yemen that piece is almost possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because
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no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. jeanette morale is was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say going to be up at the gala the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. a
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unique portrait of a small gulf nation living under siege maybe this friend was they targeted said. that pain to be forced to leave would just be all and their gains it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe ups and downs but it's not a mother's business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. this is the news hour live from london coming up. pro-government forces in.


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