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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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and asian of the arab peace initiative as adopted. as a doctor. from a to z. and not from seed to have no cording to the initiative. from. the palestinian question must be solved and then regional issues will be solved and this was affirmed by the initiative and all arabs and muslims which have adopted the initiative. and when the initiative is implemented when the state of palestine is recognized in line with the borders of one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and the problem and its all arabs and muslims will become ready to recognize the state and of an israel all arabs and muslims a fifth of the deal seven and muslim country and. the. remember this was the polluted in the agreement of the arab summit and in this
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regard we reaffirm the terms of reference for any upcoming negotiations and they are as follows respect for international law though. we are unmarketable a state but we are not recognized as a state. and yet we affirm always like this for an international law and the relevant resolutions are in and all of these resolutions must be respected including security council resolutions two hundred forty two three hundred thirty eight through resolution twenty three thirty four and the arab peace initiative will resume the preservation of the principle of the two zingers and this state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital living side by side with the state of israel in peace and security on the bases of the four june one
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thousand sixty seven durham orders and rejection of lucian's and is stated as a provisional mortars is more of. a above and open your legs let's be clear here let's be serious. we call for. acceptance of minimal land swaps in equal value and racial with the agreement between the two parties are performed with ease general salim as the capital of the state of palestine and in open city for the faithful of the three monotheistic religions this three hundred dollars life and ensuring the security of the two states without undermining the independence and sovereignty of either of them yes. sovereignty alone.
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is key. it cannot be preserved by occupation. or by violence of we are ready to find solutions. under the borders six just and they agreed solution for the palestine refugees on the basis of the of resolution one hundred ninety four and accordance with the is initiative and on the pending a just solution continuation of the international commencement and support of. your zigs the million refugees who will take care of them and will if you stop your assistant. to the six million refugees who are more educated and. if you and your assistance they become terrorists or refugees in europe it's either that or you continue to support on the roof or this is
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a form until the crisis and mr president we are ready to undertake the longest journey is the farthest places in the world in order to acquire our rights but we are not ready to move on one finger if anyone wants us to forsake the rights. and we are ready to undertake the germs i am ready to take the longest journey even though i hate to walk and everybody knows that. we will present any agreement reached with israel to a general referendum among our we're people respect saying democracy and reinforcing legitimacy and we believe we are a democratic country. so we called we will have a general referendum. mr president we have knocked on your door today.
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comprise the highest international body entrusted with the maintenance of international peace and security. you are the highest international body we have resentment of our vision for peace hopefully it will be received with wisdom and justice we are ready to begin negotiations immediately withdraw in order to achieve the freedom and independence of our people just like all other nations and the chief b.s. and security for all them in our region and the world so that view church generations can enjoy the benefits of this peace while the following the enormous sacrifices of by our people of the of their dearest of them among them i will remark tires i wondered and prisoners this security council ladies and gentlemen is the highest and the wish of the peoples of the world siegel sanctuary and
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protection after this come so we rest our issue to the almighty. the almighty. until judgment day for there is justice for our people cannot be attained here then where should we go when we called upon you we will beg you to help us. home because. we do not want to commit an act that goes against our beliefs and your opinions thank you so much thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you very much karl thank god for harmony like these old advised by his donors honestly and his
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excellency president mahmoud abbas president of the observer state of palestine for his statement. about the. the president now which thank you. with the general expected news that our boss to stay with us and have a dialogue unfortunately is once again running away look what just happened in this room is that i mean you put these demands on the table in the left and expecting you to deliver the results it's not going to work that way the only way to move forward if twelve they wrecked the negotiations between israel and the palestinians. mr president it is unfortunate that we are meeting here today for the past seven and
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a half years the chairman of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas i refused to meet even the ones with prime minister netanyahu. has refused to negotiate peace yet during that thing time mr abbas as a made seven trips here to the united nations today once again by their then driving just twelve minutes twelve minutes between lamela to jerusalem you have chosen to fly two of ours to new york to avoid the possibility of peace because there are bath you have made it clear with your wards and with your actions that you are no longer part of the lucian you are the problem what have you done to
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better the life of a single person in the malar or gaza. the palestinians need leadership that will invest in education not glorify violence they need leadership that will build hospitals not pay terrorists they need leadership that will negotiate with israel speak to us in not run away from dialogue you just addressed the members of the security council mr abbas and spoke of your commitment to peace because what you often do when speaking to international forums but when you had with your people in arabic you convey a very different message a few weeks ago when i bought spoke to the p.l.o. central committee he called the national movement of the jewish people and they
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quote a colonialist project that has no connection to judaism in the same shameful speech he had the audacity to accuse jews of the porting ente thing. in order to promote zionism this was not the first time he used such hateful language in september two thousand and fifteen as a powder with attempts to deal with the connection between the jewish people and the land of evil he said and they quote the jews had no right to the temple mount and other holy sites in the jews death equate them with their filthy feet he then went on to incite his people to
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violence saying and i quote we will come every blood every drop of blood spilled in jerusalem mr. you inspire a culture of hate within palestinian society you name schools and public squares in honor of terrorists you encourage your children to hate by teaching them you school the jews our descendents of apes just this month your fact a faction prarie the terrorist who killed their bodies as the. and you remained it silent and refused to condemn the terrorist who killed the father of six i was vibing home to see the children with. your incitement does not end with a better week you have made it official palestinian policy to sponsor terror with
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him in two thousand and seventeen you spent three hundred forty five million dollars paying terrorists for killing innocent israelis that in fifty percent of total for zero eight donated to the p.a. fifty percent of your money. this is the money you could have spent building forty hospitals this is the money you could have used to build one hundred thirty two schools every year your travel around the ward thinking international intervention is an attempt to avoid the how choices necessary for peace you look to every possible form because you don't want to actually negotiate with israel mr president
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it is unfortunate but this reckless behavior by chairman about us is nothing new if you the padron you have continued in the spirit of over thirty years of missed opportunities by palestinian leadership. we recently celebrated seventy years since the option of general assembly with lucian one hundred one for the jewish people it represented international commission of our story quite to our homeland we accepted the with illusion immediately it was not perfect it did not provide us with all that we deserved but it gave us hope for a better future. yet this past november i've even there celebrated this milestone the palestinians marked this anniversary with the grief and mourning just as they did seventy years ago when they chose to reject it seems that
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moment in one thousand nine hundred forty seven israelis followed the valiantly in too many wars against our enemies intent to destroy our country over time brave leaders emerged in egypt and in jordan leaders who were willing to negotiate compromise and ultimately sign peace agreements with israel by the palestinian leadership continued to choose conflict over coexistence i became david summit in two thousand but i mean it's the old buck presented the palestinians with an unprecedented awful what was mahmoud abbas's reaction to side with the i thought our fat claim it was a two up and reject the proposal back in two thousand in two thousand and five. with elected to chair the palestinian authority the world
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hoped it would follow in the courageous footsteps of president sadat and king hussein seek peace with israel and forge a better future for palestinians. but he let people down since the day it took office peace plan after the peace plan i've been accepted by israel and rejected by mr abbas is very leaders of fit with mr abbas time and again three different israeli prime ministers three different american presidents but every time there is an inch toward progress mr abbas runs away in two thousand and seven by means they would all milt or failed their most generous deal things through with pollution one hundred one in almost complete withdrawal from today in syria in
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a direct link to the gathered to be the awful even included a plan to place the old city of jerusalem the gateway to our holiest sites under international control mr ambassador response was simple in an equivocal no. to use later by mr netanyahu did something and president did in an attempt to restart negotiations initiated ten months freeze on jewish construction in judea and samaria these were the precondition that no israeli prime minister not even a target of been oshie want to with an area agreed to but soon enough that ten months passed and mahmoud abbas was nowhere to be found you never came to the table in two thousand and thirteen they were there you have state john kerry open another
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attempt at negotiations once again by mr netanyahu was ready to talk when he to negotiate once again. german ambassador responded by breaking his commitment to secretary kerry he chose unilateral action joining international conventions then he thought peace with hamas the internationally recognized truth organization without even demanding that the to renounce violence today as we speak the current us administration is once again working very hard to make progress toward peace mr bastow ever even once again looking hard for an excuse this time he claims it would there may become an announcement about jerusalem the door when to reject negotiations by a recognize in jerusalem of events capital president simply stated what should be
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clear to everyone let me be clear for thousands of years jerusalem of been the heart and soul of our people use a limb as been our capital in the days of king david and you also him will remain the and divided capital of the state of israel for ever. we will always insist on his very sovereignty over united jools olim but even fair minded over servers would agree that and there any possible agreement you with a limb will be recognized internationally as our capital. after all of these use of a bass's rejection museum one thing is very clear when we extend the hand
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a bath extend a fist only when the tear we stop hamas extend the hand that the bath embrace them with open arms in a without preconditions. mr ambassador that insisted on the basic human gesture of the many of the return of these very civilians in the remains of idea of thorgils i doubt goldin and on show that the math is savagely holding with the president is very is an optimistic people we weathered full bloody war with egypt while waiting for the leader like anwar sadat to go where just leave the jewels a limb it took decades of talks with jordan until the time was right for king hussein to enter into what he rightly called a piece of the brave three times
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a day jews in israel and all over the ward turn to jerusalem and pray for peace we ask the following from god theme shalom. then. i leno while call america grand peace everywhere goodness and blessing grace loving kindness and mercy to us and unto all israel in all of the ward we have no doubt that the day will come when the palestinian people will also be blessed with leadership that shows these noble a few asians. this will be a leadership that condemns violence and ends the shameful practice of paying fallow with to terrorists it will be a leadership that educates its people to tolerance instead of peddling in and they
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say many of them it will be a leadership that recognizes that evil is in or with the will being the national homeland of the jewish people. either way eagerly await the day when this palestinian leadership will emerge it will bring the hope for a better future for its people and our region thank you but. we are certain is good and what. will. i think the representative of israel i would like to know the present to those council members who wish to make statements that. give the floor to the united states. thank you and thank you mr secretary general for being with us today as well as mr ladley offer his briefing we are meeting today in
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a forum that is very familiar to all of us this session on the middle east has been taking place each month for many many years its focus has been almost entirely on issues facing israelis and palestinians and we have heard many of the same arguments and ideas over and over again we have already heard them again this morning it is as if saying the same things repeatedly without actually doing the hard work and making the necessary compromises will achieve anything beginning last year we have tried to broaden the discussion and we have had some success in doing so i thank my colleagues who have participated in those broader discussions one reason we did that is are well founded believe that the united nations spends and altogether does proportionate amount of time on israeli palestinian issues. it's
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not that those issues are an important they are certainly very important the problem is that the un has proven itself time and again to be a grossly biased organization when it comes to israel as such the un's disproportionate focus has actually made the problem more difficult to solve by elevating the tensions and the grievances between the two parties another reason we have attempted to shift the discussion is that the vast scope of the challenges facing the region dwarfs the israeli palestinian conflict as we meet here today the middle east is plagued by many truly horrendous problems in yemen there is one of the worst humanitarian disasters on earth with millions of people facing starvation meanwhile militia groups bahraini and rockets from yemen into neighboring countries in syria the assad regime is using chemical weapons to gas
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its own people this war has taken the lives of over half a million syrians and millions more have been pushed into neighboring jordan turkey and lebanon as refugees causing major hardships in those countries in lebanon has was terrorists exert ever more control illegally building up a stockpile of offensive weapons inviting a dangerous escalation that could devastate regional security isis is engaged in an inhumane level of cruelty in much of the region they have been dealt severe setbacks in iraq and syria but they are not completely yet destroyed and they still pose serious threats egypt faces repeated terrorist attacks and of course there is the terrorist sponsoring regime in iran that initiate and encourages most of the troubles i just outlined. these are meant security and humanitarian challenges
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throughout the region should occupy more of our attention rather than having us sit here month after month and use the most democratic country in the middle east as a scapegoat for the region's problems but here we go again i do not mean to suggest that there is no suffering in the israeli palestinian conflict both sides have suffered greatly so many innocent israels israelis have been killed or injured by suicide bombings stabbings and other sickening terrorist attacks israel has been forced to live under constant security threats like virtually no other country in the world it should not have to live that way and yet israel has overcome those burdens it is a thriving country with a vibrant economy that contributes much to the world in the name of technology science and the arts it is it is the palestinian people who are suffering
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more the palestinians in gaza live under hamas terrorist oppression i can't even call it a governing authority as hamas provides so little in the way of what one would normally think as government services the people of gaza live in truly awful conditions while their hamas rulers put their resources into building terror tunnels and rockets the palestinians in the west bank also suffer greatly too many have died and too much potential has been lost in this conflict we're joined here today by the palestinian authority president abbas i'm sorry he does declined to stay in the chamber to hear the remarks of others even though he has left the room i will dress the balance of my remarks to him president abbas. when the new american administration came into the office last january we did so against the
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fresh backdrop of the passage of security council resolution two three three four in the waning days of the previous american administration the united states made a serious error in allowing that resolution to pass resolution two three three four was wrong on many levels i'm not going to get into the substance now but beyond the substance perhaps its biggest flaw was that it encouraged the faults notion that israel can be pushed into a deal that undermines its vital interests damaging the prospects for peace by increasing mistrust between the israelis and the palestinians in the last year the united states has worked to repair that damage at the u.n. i have opposed the bias against israel as any ally should do but that does not mean i or our administration is against the palestinian people just the opposite is true
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we recognize the suffering of the palestinian people as i have recognized here today i sit here today offering the outstretched hand of the united states to the palestinian people in the cause of peace we are fully prepared to look to a future of prosperity and coexistence we welcome you as the leader of the palestinian people here today but i will decline the advice i was recently given by your top negotiator saeed erekat i will not shut up rather i will respectfully speak some hard truths to. the palestinian leadership has a choice to make between two different paths there's the path of absoluteness demands hateful rhetoric and incitement to violence. that path has led and will continue to lead to nothing but hardship for the palestinian people or there is the
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path of negotiation and compromise history has shown that path to be successful for egypt and jordan including the transfer of territory that path remains open to the palestinian leadership if only it is courageous enough to take it the united states knows the palestinian leadership was very unhappy with the decision to move our embassy to jerusalem you don't have to like that decision you don't have to praise it you don't even have to accept it but know this that decision will not change. so once again you must choose between two cats you can choose to denounce the united states reject the u.s. role in peace talks and pursue punitive measures against israel in international forums like the u.n. i assure you that path will get the palestinian people exactly nowhere toward the
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achievement of their aspirations or you can choose to put aside your anger about the location of our embassy and move forward with us toward a negotiated compromise that holds great potential for improving the lives of the palestinian people putting forward old talking points and entrenched and undeveloped concepts achieves nothing that approach has been tried many times and has always failed after so many decades we welcome new thinking as i mentioned in this meeting last month the united states stands ready to work with the palestinian leadership our negotiators are sitting right behind me ready to talk but we will not chase after you the choice mr president is yours. and there he done it could be matthew up in colima i think in the united states and i give the floor to the russian federation. mr president.
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he wants to pull you know i would like to express gratitude to all of you as a president of the security council and to the colleagues on the council and also to welcome everyone in this chamber. of horrors for honoring the memory of the permanent representative to the u.n. vitale churkin who left us here in exactly one year ago you would love them all thank you for that we would like to also express our condolences in the wake of the passing of our friend and colleague could labor would be a permanent representative of my who passed. yesterday mr president we were happy to see and read in the chamber the president of the palestinian state mahmoud abbas and we think the participation of
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the palestinian leader in their meeting today is very important for us to understand the current situation of the middle east we would like to thank mr mudge enough but also for the informative. presentation on the middle east settlement the long suffering region of the middle east is torn by bitter conflicts in syria and yemen and libya and each of them in itself is a very severe one but it would be a mistake to think that the palestinian issue is something that is now in the background. it would be an even greater mistake to intentionally try to push it into the background. because it remains today at the center of the chronic instability in the middle. easton the situation over there recently has become more acute and in the absence of fully fledged political
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negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis the decisions on jerusalem not just raise the level of emotions and push to the situation and to yet once again destabilizing cycle but they also increased desperation. in the west bank and in the gaza we saw protests which so harsh statements made by the palestinian leadership and from the capitals of the arab and muslim world and all of us only confirms the sensitive as an important is the issue of jerusalem the cradle of three monotheistic religions but we also note that the growing rate of israeli settlements is some say that undermines the prospect of a two state solution and this is a kind of policy that should stop what is of critical import.


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