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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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five countries. four days. three thousand kilometer it's. two generations. one by. syrian refugees on a surreal journey to sweet and. on the bright side. a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. a vote on a cease fire in syria at the u.n. security council for supposed until saturday as members wrangle over wording. meanwhile the people of eastern plead for help have to get another day of air strikes and casualties.
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possible rommany watching all to serialize my headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.s. confirms the embassy will move from tel aviv to jerusalem by may then expect it. also a former election to donald trump agrees to help the inquiry into alleged russian meddling in u.s. politics while another faces get more charges. and the candidates for president are off and running in egypt but many question whether the election will be transparent free or even fair. welcome to the program the syrian military bombardment of eastern ghouta looks set to continue after a u.n. vote on a humanitarian ceasefire was perspire and until saturday more than four hundred forty civilians have died in six days of attacks on the rebel held enclave in a few moments we'll hear from our diplomatic editor james bays at the u.n.
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but first to some binge of aids reports on the situation in eastern guta. there's no. david yes they call out for those left on another floor but in the dense dust and debris it's hard to see who's left the upper floor is on fire. crackers and i don't know the doctor tells me to open his eyes so he can wash it medical workers in eastern are calling for urgent assistance because of the continuous heavy bombardment. incendiary bombs are now appearing in the night skies weapons intended to start large fires when they hit the ground. people in bodies are pulled out from crevices between buildings the nearly four hundred thousand people in the besieged enclave are dying in their hundreds how to be a bad what's taking place in eastern is a genocide and a crime against humanity in violation of international and humanitarian law and the
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perpetrators should be held liable accountable and cannot escape punishment under any circumstances russia is to blame for directly being involved in the military campaign and even apartment graphic videos we've chosen not to show you contain body parts scattered in the aftermath of the latest onslaught by the assad government and its allies the opposition holds russia and iran responsible. when the dust settles the destruction is clear people have been forced to live in underground shelters but. one of the a message to the security council is for a cease fire or truce for days as strikes in bombardments have forced families and children into underground shelters we can't do anything we can't even go outside to get food but when the outside looks like this there aren't many places people can go to the ferocity of the bombardment and the arrival of troops on the outskirts of with are battling with fighters it's reminiscent of what happened to other rebel held parts in places like homs and aleppo entire populations were evacuated to new
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places in syria and people inside besieged with the have been cheering order flits evacuation zones convinced that this is what is going to happen to them as as well. old a frantic negotiations here at the united nations to try and get a security council resolution passed a great deal of the pressure on the russian ambassador vasoline who has problems with some of the language in the draft resolution drawn up by kuwait and sweden at one point the kuwaiti ambassador the president of the security council appeared with the other nonpermanent members of the so-called elected ten and he sounded upbeat we're still working on. a language on some of the but i could ask but we are almost there and we would like you know as have been holding as a president of the city council to thank actually the eaton for their support to
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a lot of votes and hopefully you are so close to adopt this is illusion today throughout the day votes were scheduled then perspire own meetings were delayed towards the end of the day the u.s. ambassador nikki haley tweeted unbelievable that russia is stalling a vote on a ceasefire allowing humanitarian access in syria how many more people will die before the security council agrees to take up this vote let's do this tonight the syrian people can't wait but in the end the security council decided to postpone its vote until saturday this was the comment from the swedish ambassador i'm trying to facilitate and meaningful outcome of this security council so i can only protect what we're trying to do and that is to have a resolution adopted yesterday and now we have not achieved that i find that extremely frustrating given what we are faced with on the ground at the end of the
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day the russian ambassador was chatting with his syrian colleague basher of jaffrey it's still unclear whether any vote will actually take place and whether a vote will pass what is certain is that the syrian government bombardment for now will. continue now the united states has confirmed it will open its new embassy in jerusalem this may much earlier than expected palestinians have condemned the announcement roslyn jordan ripples. the news the u.s. embassy would move from television to jerusalem on may fourteenth ok not in a communique but in a tweet from israel's intelligence minister i would like to congratulate donald trump on his decision to transfer the us embassy on israel's seventieth independence day no greater gift than that a short time later the us president donald trump confirmed the news in a speech i was hit by more countries and more pressure and more people calling
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begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it. i said we have to do it it's the right thing to do it wasn't december trump announced he was moving the embassy to jerusalem. and the anger of those who said the u.s. was basically giving jerusalem to israel outside of final status talks with the palestinians the palestinian president mahmoud abbas was among those who condemned trump but at the u.n. security council this week it was clear abbas had moved on he told them basters the era of the u.s. as an honest broker is over and that it's time to try something new for any on a grammar i would call for the convening of an international peace conference by mid two thousand and nineteen based on international law and relevant un resolutions with broad international participation including the two concerned parties and regional and international stakeholders one house standing in a politician says the embassy is an affront to his community they chose this date
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this presents a very serious provocation to the palestinian side besides the fact that moving the embassy to jerusalem is by its participation in violation of national a u.s. based analyst called the move in date very bad foreign policy rather than just giving jerusalem away to the israelis what he could have done it said we will acknowledge jerusalem as the capital of israel if you dismantle all the illegal settlements and so what he stand now it seems given away very big valuable check and essentially gotten nothing in return the ambassador david friedman and a few aides will join current consulate staff at their office in jerusalem a new building won't be built for several years there's no denying the embassy move will affect any and all peace talks going forward rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington special counsel robert mueller who's investigating alleged russian interference in the u.s. election has unsealed the latest charges against former trump
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a poll manifolds but he's accused of secretly. paying unnamed european politicians to lobby for the previously prime moscow government in ukraine in twenty twelve and twenty thirteen cold papers say manifold also why the politicians more than two million euros night come. come paine eight has changed his plea to guilty rick gates's admission of conspiracy and lying to investigators means he's willing to cooperate and testify against others particle he has more. why do you think it's happened again another member of donald trump's twenty sixteen campaign walks into the courthouse and pleads guilty to a serious felony conspiring against the united states and line to investigators gates isn't a household name but it's believed he played an important role in the campaign and inauguration often seen right next to his boss like here preparing for his party's
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acceptance speech gates was the former deputy campaign manager for trump and a longtime business partner of campaign chairman paul man of fort gates was indicted with manna for it last october for money laundering later face charges of bank fraud and tax evasion both men originally pled not guilty gates joined the term campaign in june of two thousand and sixteen and stayed on after man a fort was fired this will put more pressure on man afford to follow suit and flip giving evidence on people higher up in the campaign he was in that critical meeting between donald trump jr jared cushion or and a russian lawyer linked to the kremlin this is now the third trump campaign official to come to this courthouse and plead guilty with that there's been a lot more talking conservative circles that president donald trump should simply pardon everyone involved under the constitution he can do that you can pardon pretty much anybody except himself it would be politically risky but there's another problem the special counsel's been working with states' attorneys and when
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it comes to stay crimes well there's literally nothing the president can do to interfere so far nineteen people have. been indicted in connection with the mole or investigation into possible russian collusion war have flipped making it likely that more rests are coming in and making it harder to say there's nothing here that discredits more and more the claim that this is just a fake news there's nothing there of there's nothing there why are people pleading guilty they usually do that in order for prosecutors to get people more powerful in this case closer to the president what's not know just how high this will go if it's possible it could lead to the president himself patty klein al-jazeera washington well over to europe now where the e.u. council president donald tusk says the u.k. is approach to the next stage of brecht's it negotiations is based on pure illusion speaking at an e.u. summit in brussels he said britain was still trying to cherrypick its future relationship with the union it follows reports that the british prime minister to
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resign may's divided cabinet has finally reached an agreed position reports a senior ministers are backing a plan call management divergence this would mean the u.k. setting some e.u. regulation after a break said double tusk however rubbished the plan. the u.k. government seems to be moving towards more details but says sion. however if the media reports are correct. i'm afraid that to get position today it's based on pure illusion. it looks like the cake for those of you still alive. from the very start of it's been a key principle of your turn to serve and that can be no cherry picking. and slow single market the lock out this is and will continue to be a key principle i have no doubt. well still ahead here on al-jazeera why the puerto
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rican government's push to bring investors to be brought to the island time's residents concerned plus. car bombs killed dozens every some odd accountable group al-shabaab planes responsibility to stay with us. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. however they are unsettled weather looks like sticking around for the middle east at least for the next few days still plenty of clouds coming in across iraq iran over towards afghanistan further west a little bit of cloud just coming towards the levant as well as we go on through the next day out it doesn't say but as we go through saturday we can see for syria for iraq the clout the rain that's in place eighteen celsius in baghdad fair amount
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of plowed kuwait also seeing a good sputtering of rain coming through and that will make its way further eastwards rain tended to snow over the hindu kush pushing across afghanistan fourteen celsius here in kabul and that is still looking rather just behind and wet weather will come out of cyprus out of turkey easing towards syria once again southern areas. lebanon jordan doesn't see back should be last dry we pushed further south into our neck of the words here looks pretty disturbed as well actually long a lot of cloud of rain that will bring flooding across northern parts of saudi arabia eases its way down across here and caught a die hard around twenty four degrees and then that right really setting is a heads towards the u.a.e. towards amman again flooding coming in behind abu dhabi twenty three celsius pick back to a dry twenty three by sunday afternoon. the weather sponsored by cattle he's. facing the realities of growing up when did you realize that you were living
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in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activist in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested that global perspective. is. welcome back you're watching all just their own so whole robin a reminder of our top stories the syrian military is bombardment of eastern looks set to continue with the u.n.
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vote on a humanitarian ceasefire proposal until saturday more than four hundred forty civilians have died in six days of heavy attacks on the rebel held on clay. also the u.s. has confirmed little opened its new embassy in jerusalem in may much earlier than expected palestinians have condemned the announcement as provocative the decision in december to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem sparked protests in palestine and across the world. also a former aide to donald trump's presidential campaign has changed his plea to guilty briquets is facing charges of conspiracy and lying to investigators in an inquiry into alleged russian meddling in u.s. politics his admission indicates he's willing to cooperate and testify against others. puerto rico's governor has been visiting the u.s. looking for financial support for his battered island but many puerto rican it will be big business not the residents that benefit from benefit from rebuilding after
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last year's hurricanes she had britons who reports. rick other o. ses as investors who take advantage of puerto rico's opportunities. and enjoy. the benefits of what. the government plans to privatized electricity grid their house holders will make a profit even as they invest in a reliable electricity source for all hasn't been explained. only history is cautionary in the ninety's governor rosales father privatized the water system when he was governor a failure that polluted the environment and raised prices authorities eventually read took control having paid to french multinational companies hundreds of millions of dollars it's this whole idea that their public utilities are men because they're public and you just sell them off and then everything is going to be great for everyone even though they're clearing off privatized water services
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and things. so why do you think it's not mentioned. because all the people involved in this privatization process and the banks and the advisors they all get paid out of the fees there is a suspicion that what's being attempted is a classic case of what's known as disaster capitalism the use of the off the mark of a natural disaster to push through the privatization of essential services something wall street always wants but can't always get you the democratic popular opposition piece katrina new orleans is cited as an example public housing was sold off to private developers who do own coverage of the land and schools were privatized resulting in a decline in educational performance amid a rise in private profits and governor a say has already said he intends to privatise put a rico schools now as a millions of dollars of our public that are not invest that in our school are not mine to invest in our health system one want it and then by this financial
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institution alternatives to the new liberal street model for put a rico's reconstruction has been offered as i look at the proposal it is really putting an ambiguous priority one how much can we squeeze out of the island. and i think that's morally wrong noble economic laureates joseph stiglitz for example says austerity and privatization will make matters worse growth will only be achieved through government investment but that's made little dent in a narrative of will inevitably privatized future for puerto rico she ever turns the aisle jazeera washington. u.s. president says the government is imposing its largest ever set of sanctions on north korea that they aim to isolate and put pressure on pyongyang to give up its nuclear missile program the measures pacifically target the country's maritime activity sixteen north korean shipping companies have been sanctioned along with several based in hong kong china and taiwan twenty eight ships are on the list
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again mostly from north korea but there are two from panama one from the mors and another from tanzania plus one individual a taiwanese passport holder has also been sanctioned natasha get them has the latest from again no longer in south korea. an official with the south korean foreign ministry says this is a reaffirmation of the united states' desire to move towards a peaceful diplomatic resolution of the korean issue and that these additional sanctions are in keeping with the policy of trying to exert maximum pressure through sanctions to get north korea to denuclearize the official also says that he hopes that this latest round of sanctions will inspire the international community to continue imposing that is clearly an illusion to russia and china who not only been accused of not doing their part to impose current saying but perhaps helping
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north korea evade them during the latest round of sanctions announced chinese shipping companies and vessels are on the blacklist this is what south koreans are saying that they looked as if it had gotten even if we pursue sanctions we need to have the room for dialogue over the severe sanctions concerned me as a south korean because something worse can happen. people to the. north korean sanctions should continue unless they keep up their nuclear weapons i think more than thirty percent of the south korean population agrees with me on social media some are saying that the united states is not acting in a considerate manner that it's putting its allies south korea in an awkward position one person saying that perhaps the united states just wants to solve the korean problem on its own another person wondering if the continued isolation of north korea will inspire a quote preemptive strike scenario the big question is how will north korea react
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now as the time these somali comfortable goodish are killing twenty seven people in twin car blasts and now the first bus to somalis intelligence headquarters the next outside a hotel near palm and balance. as prayers wrong out over mogadishu on friday afternoon smoke from one of two car bombs filled the year al shabaab targeted somalis intelligence headquarters then parliament. gunshots papered the air near the presidential palace for hours after the bombs went off. ambulances ferried the injured the twenty minute drive to medina hospital one of two major hospitals in the capital it specializes in trauma medicine in part because of the doctors' vast experience with blast injuries and gunshot wounds over the last twenty years and we've received twelve
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people in total five of them succumb to their injuries the other seven survived as the night wore on the death toll rose numbered corpses slowly replaced by the names of people. i was thrown to the ground but i was lucky to survive there was smoke everywhere and when i stood up i saw people lying on the ground i didn't know if they were dead or injured. al qaeda linked al-shabaab once controlled large swaths of somalia but was pushed out of major cities more than six years ago the group has developed a consistent tactic since vehicle bombs supplemented with gun battles the last attack was at a police training center in mogadishu in december eighteen officers died the most deadly in the nation's history was in october a truck bomb detonated at a busy intersection in mogadishu five hundred twelve people died more than fifteen hundred children orphaned by the attack. osha barb's motivations are
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consistent they want to overthrow the un backed government and impose strict islamic law and this is the cost of their crusades. we came from the beach. me and my two brothers we were near the hotel when the explosion happened i survived but my two brothers died and. security in somalia is an international if it the african union has some twenty two thousand troops in the country last year the u.s. boosted soldiers on the ground and drone strikes well the government six security bosses its police commissioner and minister of defense the agency's taking responsibility for attacks they can't seem to stop shallop bellus al jazeera. but egypt will elect a new president next month and campaigning to win over voters is underway to manage vying for the position. it is taking or president of the fact that sisi but many
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question if this election will be fair and free marianna hold as will. the president abdel fattah el-sisi won egypt's presidency back in two thousand and fourteen by a landslide. the most. in the same seat for another the only man to stand against president sisi is most a much tougher mussa all other challenges have either been detained disqualified or cited pressure for abandoning the campaign yes so i don't think that is a legitimate candidate as the news reports have shown he was previously a supporter of sisi as a candidate he lobbied in advocated for him and for him to that announce themselves as the opposition just hours before the deadline shows that somebody made a call to him and said i need you to be a placeholder so that it is not so apparent that sisi is destined to win the
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election of the humor or arc with arsenal the most recent to leave the race was former general and army chief of staff sami and then he was arrested soon after announcing his plan to run the army accusing him of not getting proper permission and forging documents has obama started up abdul no name for two a leading opposition figure and for mccain did it in the two thousand and twelve race was also arrested accused of alleged ties with the outlawed muslim brotherhood . has the former prime minister ahmed schiff explained to stand was short lived he withdrew his candidacy after he was deported from the united arab emirates where he'd been living in exile and he was then arrested in egypt khalid alley an opposition leader who also ran in the two thousand and twelve. presidential polls said he was bad from standing because of a jail term that he contests now mr. locke muhammadan while sadat the
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nephew of egypt's assess native former president anwar sadat opted to cancel his campaign and after egyptian army colonel my console was said he would run he was given six years in prison on charges of or opinions contrary to what egyptian officials called the requirements of military order for the military then targeted former generals who used to be leaders up there in the form of work regime is shows a level of desperation on a level of aggression i don't think is going to be replaced through say the elections will be replaced if he is replaced through. by and other general and to national rights groups have called the selection of fast and some in the opposition have suggested a boycott cc's rise to the presidency came after the two thousand and thirteen military coup that deposed his democratically elected predecessor mohamed morsi and as it stands sisi looks poised to stay on for
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a second term maidana honed al-jazeera. from the war in syria to the plight of mia miles millions of people have been forced to leave their homes worldwide their plight is a major theme at this year's berlin film festival when it came towards. in recent years this has become a recurring image the human cost of the refugee crisis. in the film eldorado we see the desperate journeys being undertaken for a better life. because. from the moment of rescuing those drift. to the start of the process that will bring them ashore. in a country where some people do not want them. and which puts them to work in jobs which pay little certainly that is the view the film's director wants the viewer to take. there is. hope. that they will
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find. somebody in the film. for that korea and. even worse the theme of migration is prominent in several films at this year's festival where collectively the different aspects of adapting to difficult circumstances are laid bare and where we see the individual human stories of failure and success. as in the film which tells the story of money i'm shot the stateless refugee in lebanon who forms a catering company with friends in the bush camp south of beirut and i am the only other thing i'll say and i love it most of them wished for something related to cooking because they're good at cooking and it's something they do daily in the film we see their struggles to build their business and how their efforts help to heal the wounds of war. has been brought to the screen
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by thomas morgan he told me why he felt this was a story he had to direct the fact that it was women and taking their dignity and their power back and having this just unbelievable we all through to the finish but i've always told stories of like underdog stories so it's always people who face incredible odds and their lives and what they're doing and so i think miriam really . in doing this not just for herself but for an entire community really embraced this opportunity. the berlin film festival will soon be drawing to a close but the issues many of its films have highlighted will not. dominate can al-jazeera. you're watching. just there i'm still robin these are all top news stories the syrian military is bombardment of eastern ghouta looks set to continue with the
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u.n. vote on a humanitarian cease fire proposal until saturday more than four hundred forty civilians have died in six days of heavy attacks on the rebel held slave. the u.s. has confirmed it will open its new embassy in jerusalem in may much earlier than expected palestinians have condemned the announcement as a provocation. also at least twenty seven people are being killed in twin the car bombings in the somali capital mogadishu the first blast was near the presidential palace and the second in front of a popular hotel the armed group says it was responsible u.s. president donald trump has repeated his calls to arm teachers and schools florida's governor is proposing raising the age limit to buy firearms from eighteen to twenty one it comes after seventy people were shot dead in a florida high school last week the broward county school superintendent says he'd rather the money spent on trained law enforcement officers asking our teachers to
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carry guns to me that's an easy way out you don't spend any money you are spending your resources we've got to do a better job investing in education making sure our schools are as safe as possible so they're really serious about it pay for it to have trained law enforcement professionals on campus and allow us to have more of them put you guys in the hands of teachers they have. job as it is that i don't think is the right direction that we need to go on. the russian investigation into russian interference in the u.s. election is unsealed the latest charges against former trump a paul man the fourth he's accused of secretly paying european politicians to lobby on behalf of the previously pro moscow government in ukraine in twenty twelve and twenty thirteen. meanwhile former trump aide rick gates changed his plea to guilty on charges of conspiracy and lying to investigators those were the headlines about
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with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's talk to al jazeera to stay with us. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. in. band jools international airport january two thousand and seventeen stepping out of the black limousine is going to be a long time president johnny. as he walks down the tarmac on the presidential red carpet for the last time.


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