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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp. up at the gallup the government raised their hopes and then abandoned. politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. more than five hundred people have been killed in a week in syria. and still no u.n. vote on a cease fire. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching live from london also coming up on the program
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nigeria says it's the ploy more troops to search for more than one hundred schoolgirls seized by boko haram in the north of the country. and the fascists march into rome a week before each of these elections and with right wing parties like the league expected to do well and there's the winter olympics draw to a close we look at the political and economic legacy for south korea. the syrian government's own slaughter on the last rebel held area near the capital damascus says entered its seventh day five hundred people have now been killed and there's been no letup in the bombing of eastern huta thousands of people are trapped in underground shelters and are appealing for help but world powers of the united nations have not yet managed to push through a resolution calling for a ceasefire or some of hasn't. rescuers not responding to
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crisis for help. people. but in eastern north very safe. in moments of panic this search for children who disappeared in the debris. was the children call for their father was a civil defense worker says they must hurry to the basement. activists accused the syrian government and russia for the airstrikes and shelling the suburb of syria's capital damascus has been bombarded specially hard for the last week. the only light these days is from the fires which started after the bombing. these children prayed in the dark in an underground shelter one of them wants the world to feel their pain her. no food no water every
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day you sleep on the floor my back hurts we can't bring a pillow from our house if we get out we'll get hit don't you know that imagine all children being. born be to say. the well it's a safety. because you had out the floors are down the air is humid and it's called underground there are few basements in all the nearly four hundred thousand people i get on the roofs of our size you know what this is called our children didn't eat for two days we can't find anything else we'll feed them this is a male god help us. if syrians living in cities abroad have protested in small gatherings they reject that the fight in eastern is against what the government calls terrorists. but the syrian government from iran and russia say the civilian deaths in who are fabricated propaganda activists from who have been
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sending us messages asking people to imagine living their lives without proper electricity or running water for five years and now the bombs just don't stop whether it's day or night some of the job it under zero. in the turkey syria border . well the pictures emerging from eastern appears to show a deadly mix of weapons being used by syrian government forces in one of the bloodiest assaults of the seven year war and a chapell explains. guta is just outside damascus a rebel held area that includes the eastern suburbs of the capital. making it close enough for rebels to fire mortars into central damascus and for syrian forces to deliver a devastating response. since february eighteenth government forces have targeted a series of densely populated towns in the area the u.n. says there are nearly four hundred thousand people there that includes rebel
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fighters but most are civilians for days as strikes and months of forced families and children into underground shelters we can't do anything we can't even go outside to get food. some of the weaponry being used is designed to target underground hiding places this video shot by an activist in the region on wednesday appears to show helicopters dropping vacuum bombs with their signature parachutes al jazeera can't confirm these are vacuum bombs but one weapons expert we spoke to says he's ninety nine percent sure they are this weapon creates a pressurized shockwave and a vacuum rupturing lungs and other internal organs that's if the target doesn't die in the initial fireball. if that wasn't enough the same area was later showered by incendiary cluster bombs. the u.n. secretary general has described the situation as hell on earth. with weapons like
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these being used in a densely populated area just a few kilometers away from the syrian capital. of hell al jazeera. well our diplomatic editor james bays joins us live now from united nations headquarters is hopelessly james no denying how awful the situation in eastern huta is now there was meant to be a u.n. security council resolution on this vote was meant to happen on friday didn't happen got delayed meant to happen then hours time from now do you think that is likely to actually happen at seventeen g.m.t. what's going on behind the scenes well they didn't manage to vote on this on friday some wanted to vote on it on thursday so two days of diplomatic failure and in fact they've been trying to negotiate this resolution for a couple of weeks now we seem to be in the eleventh hour of this with the security council meeting scheduled again as you say in one hour's time was reminding you
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president of the security council which this month is kuwait their own boss of the said as he left the united nations on friday evening that we will vote on it whatever happens midday on saturday i have to tell you there is some doubt about that right now i can tell you that certainly russia and china are in this building they have been talking together spotted by an al-jazeera producer going over what looked like a sheet which seemed to have one paragraph on it i'm told by other diplomats that they hope for a vote to take place in an hour but to quote a security council diplomats china and russia are making this extremely difficult i mean i suppose you know we could look at this failed diplomacy so far but there is obviously a determination as well to try and bring russia and china to the table because obviously any vote that happens and then gets vetoed by russia isn't going to lead
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anywhere. absolutely and there is that calculation of what to do about this what russia will actually do in the council what china will do china tends to follow russia sometimes china has used its veto and russia has just abstained this is the current draft of the resolution the problem and the problem for some time has been the very first paragraph you see the red on there that's where things have been changed in the last twenty four hours it's all about the cease fire timing and how it comes into operation that seems to be the problem they originally have the words that it should be an immediate cease of hostilities that became without delay they had for an initial period of thirty days that became a cease fire thirty days for a juror bull humanitarian pause these are some of the changes that are being made and i'm pretty certain it's only guesswork for me that that that document the
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russians and chinese were holding was quite possibly another amendment of this key first paragraph of this resolution i can tell you there's a difference of opinion among the other members of the security council on what to do some want to continue to negotiate as you say there's only really one chance at this to get a resolution and get russia on board and remember it's it's a cease fire not just for eastern ghouta but for all of syria that is being proposed here there are others and the u.k. and the u.s. have been quite clear since thursday that there should just go ahead and vote now and call rough at russia's bluff and if russia won't support this then russia needs to go on the record saying that it vetoed a cease fire in syria well james you love this will be following all developments for us and we will of course be checking in with you in about an hour's time when that vote is meant to happen if it does and how the engines bays and the way.
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it was. i am. nigeria's president is the ploy extra soldiers to search for more than one hundred girls kidnapped from their school in the town of the cheap muhammadu buhari is called monday's abduction for boko haram a national disaster parents of the missing girls plan to join the bring back our girls campaign which was launched after book kidnapped more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls from the town of chibok back in two thousand and fourteen many of those girls are still missing often address as the latest details from nigeria's capital of. there are questions as to whether or not the gun troops and the air operations will look at where they are your best state in particular is a vast area most of it desert area. and it's not far from the general public this school where these girls were taken in particular lies less than two
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hundred kilometers away from initiated public and nobody is certain whether or not this goes have been moved out of nigeria to reggie or inside nigerian territory so the question is why will be troops start looking and it's been three or four days since they have been taken but all the same a lot of people are sort of. commending the government because it had knowledge of this problem early on unlike in the past when it took weeks before the government accepted the fact that these goes up in tickets that the government will be keen to avoid that repeat of chip balk a two thousand and fourteen simply because it's campaign season starts very shortly and already it has gained momentum in this country the president will want to see this issue quickly resolved and how soon nobody knows at the moment but it's clear that the next few days will determine whether or not this government will succeed in bringing this goes back and people will be watching what it will do also
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regarding the remainder of the triple guscott not bible quite on four years ago. at least five people have been killed and dozens wounded in an attack on a security base in yemen's southern city of aden two suicide bombers targeted a camp used by counterterrorism forces in the the wahi district hospital officials say most of the dead are soldiers. thousands of protests have taken place across italy as tensions rise in the run up to next weekend's election the anti immigrant party also called the northern league as was how the rally in milan where its leader spoke to sounds of supporters anti immigrant sentiment has spiked in italy in the wake of europe's refugee crisis but it's also being met by opposition several demonstrations in support of immigration have also taken place including in the capital row. well some of the hugo joins us live now from milan milan of course where vini from the northern league has just been speaking what kind of things has
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he been saying because of course he is set to out in quite a lot of votes in the election coming up. absolutely and what's interesting is that it's almost you could almost copy and paste what all the right wing far right wing parties in europe are doing a lot of the rhetoric based around. euro zone and big banks and the economy a lot about youth unemployment and also of course anti immigration it's something which a lot of his followers say have been really supportive of as well speaking to his support to speak out that you had people from all over the country in agreements with his policies and agreements with the trying to kick out some one hundred thousand immigrants in the country but yet that's one promise that he's trying to make and forget of course it's a he has taken some six hundred thousand people by sea via sea and that has posed
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on a new. almost amount of pressure on the system there especially for a country that has been going through its own recession as well so that has gained a lot of support here as well but he said for a policy that once stood for secession from the rest of the country in order to consolidate its nor the power base its feel now is now nationwide and that is something that has been reflected in the base a lot of people from the south and from here as well but also it has been the same santa fe big rhetoric that has been heard barbara and it's not just of course the northern league there have been other parties as well as a pound for someone who are much more to the right and almost very blatantly out to have some fascist tendencies it's really being the birthplace of fascism as well though we've seen a backlash against that tell us a little bit about the other demonstrations where the people who with initially are fighting against this trend. well that has been a lot of fear from those who wait and see this xenophobic rhetoric and the fear
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that it could fall on just back out once into a process which many people here would choose would rather forget here is wow five separate rallies occurring in a row as well as sort of vocal cry out against the far right and ultra right parties the rhetoric on them on immigration and on their race and on race policies etc in fact even here milan outside the near the cross a pound a demonstration though had been a bit of skirmishes with the police for mounting fascist protesters there as well but there is really a lot of fear which is being felt by people center left as well about so a lot of misconceptions surrounding this as well surrounding the immigration debate as well many people of course feeling that the economic situation has contributed to a lot of this this anger towards immigrants as well and
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a lot of the anger also the politicians even. politicians in the center who were previously not talking about this not. there's a lot of fair about it's being used to infiltrate the political debate here as well and that is something that people are hoping is going to stop before it goes further deeper into the rights. with the latest from there sonia thank you. well still ahead on the program for deadly attacks in a single day the taliban and i saw a launch a wave of assaults in afghanistan hundreds of crimes a week and more than a dozen murders just this year along grapples with a knife crime. hello there we've got
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a few outbreaks of rain across parts of china at the moment on the chart there for sunday we're seeing some of the wet weather through cerm ching and down through hunan and goings do but those showers become confined to the northwest of that region as we head through the day on monday so more of a getting away with a dry spell of weather the temperatures aren't too bad with this time of year either with chung do getting to around seventeen and force in shanghai will be at around a fourteen as the maximum now as we head across towards the west we're seeing more unsettled weather here now particularly in the northern parts of our map here's the latest system it's made its way through parts of pakistan and into the northern parts of india as well that's working its way eastwards fizzling out if it does so so not a great deal left to it as it makes its way across parts of nepal but then the next system is making its way towards us so here it is on sunday then some of the clouds making its way into the western parts of pakistan that edging its way eastwards on monday more of a seeing that cloud and we'll see some heavy rain make its way across the border to now here in doha we're also expecting some rather heavy rain overnight on saturday
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that will gradually begin to clear on sunday so still a good deal of cloud a few outbreaks of rain a likely on sunday but the wettest of the weather that will be over the u.a.e. and stretching northwards across iran. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is unforgiving but compounded by corruption. that. i don't remember every new war when. one time he wandered into people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if those in authority fail to act the mountain will fall at this time on al jazeera.
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a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera five hundred people have been killed in seven days of syrian government attacks on the rebel held eastern called the un is trying to push through a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the area nigeria's president is the following extra soldiers to search for more than one hundred girls kidnapped by boko haram in the town of the chief mohammad debauchery has called the incident a national disaster and hundreds of supporters of the immigration party have held a rally in the city of milan in the run up to next weekend's elections. at least twenty six people have been killed in a series of attacks across afghanistan most of them army personnel taliban fighters a stormed the military outpost in the west where they killed at least twenty
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soldiers security forces were also targeted in lashkar gah and another attack happened in nearby. i saw has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in kabul tony berkeley has more now from the afghan capital. another bloody day in afghanistan three suicide bombings at a large scale taliban attack on an afghan army base the first attack was in kabul at eight thirty on saturday morning the target was intelligence building afghan intelligence building where people were killed and wounded this was carried out by islamic state they claim responsibility the other attacks were by the taliban there is concern i think especially for the attack in kabul you may remember the large ambulance bomb that was set off in january killing more than one hundred people but after that the afghan president. ghani said there was a new security strategy you've seen on the streets greater numbers of army and
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police greater defenses but still with this in place islamic state able to strike so that's causing concern and of course the taliban is beefing up their attacks as well is preemptive perhaps for their annual spring offensive which they always launch but there are so many attacks going on now that basically one offensive rolls into another the united nations has released a report showing that the majority of people killed are civilians last year ten thousand were killed and wounded and it's the weapon of choice now is more often suicide bombs and roadside explosions. the americans are here in force they've beefed up their numbers they're using more aerial power to try and defeat in particular islamic state but so far it doesn't seem to be working and the security strategy certainly has holes in it relatives of victims from friday's bombings in somalia are accusing the government leader is a failing to protect their people the twin explosions in the capital mogadishu
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killed at least thirty eight i grope our shabab has claimed responsibility twenty of those all as mine. families collect the dead hours after the latest bomb and gun attacks in the capital it's four months since the largest of a truck bomb attack in mogadishu killed hundreds of somalis the lack of protection continues to cause anger. and i added. the government failed to protect its people they should step down if they can't protect us from the slaughter of the constant explosion as. one of the. fighters launched the attack at the start of friday prez targeting somalia's intelligence headquarters and then the parliament. gun battles continued near the presidential palace. as the night wore on the number of dead rose people searching for their loved ones and hospitals then at moves many of the dead and injured on
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friday were civilians including people enjoying their weekend on the beach. as we came from the beach me and my two brothers we were near the hotel when the explosion happened i survived but my two brothers died. of fighters who are linked to al qaida wants controlled large areas of somalia but were forced out of major cities six years ago it wants to overthrow the un backed government and impose strict islamic law. frequently detonates car bombs and fights gun battles the worst attack killed five hundred twelve people in october at least fifteen hundred children were off and somali government leaders say they are doing what they can to keep people safe and say security forces prevented at least one bomb laden car from reaching its intended target the somali government is backed by twenty two thousand african union troops and u.s. drone strikes following criticism after october's attack the minister of defense
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was sacked along with the police commissioner and security bosses despite that mogadishu's in mourning again victoria. life crime rose by more than a fifth in the united kingdom last year with the biggest increase being in london the majority of those killed in the capital were black teenagers on a phillips has. no father should have to visit the site of their son's murder but this is michael speight he doesn't know who stabbed to death his boy michael jr in a south london park the attack seems to have been random for months on the police appealed for information. is being tight lipped we're facing a barrier wishes people to look into this if they open their mouth and says something they're going to be labelled as being named pharma or snitch. just another london knife crime this robbery earlier this month on
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camera but no one will tell the police who this is the epidemic hundreds of knife crimes every week these some of the weapons used driven say the police by territorial gangs drugs and in london there's an ethnic dynamic i recognise that there's a disproportionate number of young black males that are getting stabbed and unfortunately being killed the gangs don't necessarily follow racial groups in fact some of them come in very multicultural but as a rule at the moment we're finding the biggest threat to a young black male is indeed a young black male. this club tries to give children focus yes children this young are at risk for us the man who founded this club was killed aged twenty in a knife crime his mother tries to explain what's gone wrong no investment for the young people the community centers being closed down. no emotional
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support for our young people it affects their mental health depression anxiety stress to. this project helps fill the void left by cuts in social spending by the government the mare of london city car is not responsible for those cuts but as a high profile politician in the capital he's feeling the political heat of the knife crime crisis at a time when the demobbed of policing is going up the supply of police and because of government cuts is going down his opponents say his policies are incoherent he's too slow to spend the money he does have. this week he sent a message to young londoners who isn't here learned that you realise london means new life london needs me alive so i don't carry a knife. it's too late for my heart stabbed to death at a north london party attended by hundreds. last summer the police who have very few
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ethnic somali offices are again struggling for information this community is disproportionately affected but a mother's despair well that's universal i love my son. he's a mummy boy he's good boy good. to be phillips al-jazeera london an ancient necropolis has been discovered near the nile valley city of media in egypt a large cemetery is located on the edge of the country's western desert and is home to a range of family tools and ways archaeologists say one two contains over one thousand statues as well as jars holding the mummified remains of their owner who is thought to be a high priest in all of the gold salts egypt hopes the discoveries will boost its final tourism sector which was hit hard by political turmoil following the two thousand and eleven uprising. all eyes have been on the olympic venues and.
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in the last few weeks the area has historically been underdeveloped but an influx of investment for south korea's first ever winter games has changed that the passion going to aim has been to gala one province to find out whether the games will provide a legacy the mountains the sea and the forests of gang one province have inspired artists for centuries but the korean war divided the picturesque region and drove away investment after spending an estimated thirteen billion dollars on the so-called peace olympics as well as renew dialogue between the north and south people wonder if the tourists in dollars will keep coming long after the athletes pack up their skis and ice skates. lou much less developed than i thought i don't think there would be much economic benefit after the olympics going on with the
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don't call it was good the north koreans came and so hell developed it would be good for unification. change huge you left the bustle the expense and the smog of seoul six years ago to invest in her hometown the native open this bakery with her brother she says the winter games have boosted profits and she's going to expand because the future looks promising. this is special for us john has become known throughout the world and it was a boost for a bakery south koreans hope they can benefit from the costly infrastructure projects to continue hosting sporting events something other olympic host cities have found difficult to do even so some of the stadiums will be demolished because they're too expensive to maintain. governor chaman soon says even with the new hotels a high speed train line and a casino the most important benefit for gang one is the prospect of peace with
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north korea. we hope the peaceful atmosphere will continue expand and we can tackle the nuclear issue it's our role to provide a good atmosphere and for this sports and cultural exchanges are key. the hope is the picture seen on television and social media feeds during pyongyang twenty eighteen will captivate prospective tourists in the way it has artists and they'll come to experience the natural beauty firsthand natasha going to name al-jazeera gang one province south korea. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera five hundred people have been killed in seven days of syrian government attacks on rebel held eastern huta thousands of people are trapped in underground shelters many of which are providing little
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protection against the syrian and russian rockets and balls the un security council is you to meet within the next hour to try to agree a resolution calling for a cease fire or diplomatic editor james bays has more this is the current draft of the resolution the problem and the problem for some time has been the very first paragraph you see the read on there that's where things have been changed in the last twenty four hours it's all about the cease fires timing and how it comes into operation that seems to be the problem they originally have the words that it should be an immediate cease of hostilities that became without delay a they had for a little period of thirty days that became a cease fire thirty days for a jury pool humanitarian pause nigeria's president is the point extra soldiers to search for more than one hundred girls kidnapped from their school in the town of
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dutch muhammadu buhari has called monday's abduction. a national disaster parents of the missing girls plan to join bring back our girls campaign which was launched after the armed group kidnapped more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls back in two thousand and fourteen. thousands of supporters of the anti immigration league party formerly the northern league and held a rally in they telling the city of milan the party is polling at around fourteen percent ahead of next weekend's election and immigrant sentimental seen a spike in the wake of europe's refugee crisis. at least twenty six people have been killed in a series of attacks across afghanistan most of them army personnel taliban fighters a stormed the military outpost in the west the way they killed at least twenty soldiers. those are the top stories i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour in the meantime you can check out our website the address on your screens
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right now al-jazeera dot com we'll have more news for you in less than thirty minutes coming up next people in power. is trying to set a devastating landslide can see or killed a recession people a terrible blow to a country that still bears the scars of a civil war and it will be. initially three grains being told by climate change will be cool but that other stories of.


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