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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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here think the government failed. when i mounted the biggest step in the. decades activist government and we didn't want to be part of this institution . we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing democracy open source code free for everyone to look we are innovators we are activists we are. at this time and i'm just you know. syrian government forces launch a new ground and they are offensive against rebel held eastern huta just hours after the un approved the ceasefire.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program as the winter olympics close in south korea a north korean delegation there says it's ready to open talks with the u.s. over its nuclear program the holiest sites in christianity is closed off in protest against so paul discrimination by the israeli government last. week. one of india's biggest movie stars its three day dies suddenly at the age of fifty four. hello thank you for joining us at least twenty people have been killed in syrian and russian airstrikes in eastern on sunday syrian government troops launched a new ground there and they are offensive on the rebel held area and. this just
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hours after the u.n. security council adopted a resolution demanding a ceasefire who does be under assault for weeks at least five hundred people have been killed there over the past seven days well eastern who encompasses the eastern suburbs of damascus from here rebel mortar fire can reach the center of the city so control of the area is a government priority to rebel groups hostile to each other control different sections of the enclave along with several smaller groups by government forces have tried to enter by using their homes to the mask highway and also at how. correspondent correspondent mohammed al jazeera is inside. the. russian and syrian government warplanes have been stopped targeting the residential areas of eastern greeter we can hear they're flying over us to target the different districts and towns people stuck here are very scared the syrian regime forces have
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attacked eastern due to from several different fronts with the aim of advancing its control of parts of the area the opposition says fighting is ongoing and more than twenty syrian regime forces have been killed another group of them has been captured by the fighting is happening even after the u.n. security council's decision to demand a cease fire that would have led aid and assistance to reach the people of eastern . well the military spokesman for the rebel group says the ceasefire hasn't been upheld by the syrian government or its allies. welcomed the security council's decision regarding a cease fire because of the burden on our families in the east and this suffering must be lifted the decision to stop the bloodshed caused by the regime in eastern guta as usual we didn't find any commitment by the syrian regime in its russian allies eastern ghouta northwest and go to southern with almost every front and go to has been stalled by the regime on sunday in order to achieve some advance but
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they haven't succeeded. ok let's talk about the soul in more detail with our senior political analyst. one we'll talk about a lot of issues here but let's just start with that with that interview that we heard from the military spokesman for the josh islam rebel group now all of this leave the syrian regime considers most of its opponents terrorists but these are a lot of the groups inside eastern who to our islamist groups is that a reason for which perhaps we see a lot of talk but not a lot of action from some western governments who for example then had a red line of a chemical attacks when actually a lot of people are dying here as well is this in fact started with the obama administration since two thousand and thirteen when secretary kerry got involved the russian position was clear we are for bashar assad and the military. dictatorship in damascus but who's the united states for the un says how it was uncomfortable with a number of the groups who it could say islamists or radical but eventually what they did they moved from putting together what they called the syrian national
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council into the coalition for syria and that was helped by the united states within the coalition there what islamist groups like for example just in fact a couple of the latest rounds in geneva were led by was the louche who is actually the commander of. so there was a bit of an issue usually who controls what within the opposition but what we know for sure is that throughout the seven years because of western lack of enthusiasm if you will for the question of syria because of russian support for assad a position in syria was radicalized the position in syria was. what began in the beginning as a liberal democratic peaceful movement in two thousand and eleven with time because of that oppression because of the bombardment because of the start of vision because of the displacement and the killings
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a lot of the opposition become more more and. radicalized and its demise you know it's easy to criticize the international community criticize the united nations and say they never do they never effectively can act and then we see the resolution that was passed on saturday incredibly watered down in a way you could see russia saying well this isn't a war syria saying this isn't in breach of the resolution because we didn't say mediately and because they consider these groups terrorists so in light of that where does the u.n. go now beyond the strong words that in fairness we have heard i'm not sure we're we're mature you got the idea that it's easy to criticize the international community i think a lot of people do a little bit of that way. but that's really what happened this week what happed what i you know of and of what's happened this at the united this week what we witnessed at the united nation's history. is total hypocrisy by two notable spokesperson slash diplomats vassily of russia nicky of the united states but the hypocrisy was incredible this of the two world superpowers who basically hold the
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united nations security council hostage hence the united nations hence the international community hostage to their will and what the spork and their exchange healy halley for example on israel and palestine the next day flip flopping on the question then on syria and of course vasili representing russia defending the dictatorship in syria and the war crimes committed in syria witnessing that and then witnessing their problems meaning immediate or eventual why immediate eventual because of a silly hence russia slash bashar al assad one to take their time to finish out to finish the guta to finish the opposition there so what we have now is three layers under lead of diplomacy we do have hypocrisy and even if they do come with a resolution there is no will to implement those resolutions and then we have the security on the ground but shuttle assad and his forces backed by iran and russia want to finish off the opposition third layer hence her huge humanitarian crisis
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that continues to unravel in syria for now seventh year and model very briefly she can do you think we are going to see something similar to what we saw in aleppo where effectively humanitarian corridors of a created to allow civilians and rebels to me if you think you might see that i'm just not sure because where will they go. as i disappoint in time i see more like they're going to demolish and they're going to go into ghouta invasion from all sides and take on i don't see the solution of hell of a could be surprised but i really don't see it coming forward what i see is a green light by russia for the bashar assad regime to take on and the bombings continue my one bashar thank you. the winter games have wrapped up in south korea after seventeen days of sporting action and political breakthroughs at the closing ceremony
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a north korean general sat just meters from u.s. president donald trump's daughter ivanka the general said his country is willing to open talks with the u.s. at the same reports now from colonial. from protesters at the border and the stadium too uncomfortable questions asked by reporters close enough it was a controversial arrival at the closing ceremony of the winter olympics for the north korean delegation. some south koreans are angry about the delegation leader general kimmitt young is thought to be behind attacks against the south including the sinking of a warship in twenty ten that killed forty six sailors know. president of korea is thrown sinful doing. korea. wrong to protest. no prisoner and the north korean dictator
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this is. south korean president moon j. in use the games to reboot intercooler ian relations the so-called peace olympics included a joint women's hockey team athlete celebrating korean nationalism by marching under a unified flag as well as a visit by kim yo jiang the sister of the north korean leader she arrived with an invite for moon to visit pyongyang. it's a two hour test it was a good olympics we were so concerned about it last year but when so well many north koreans came in i wish this could lead to unification i thought it was interesting it was an honor for us to host it i really enjoyed it. even the choice of olympic venues was symbolic gang one province is divided between the north and south. if the tension continues that tourists don't come so peace is very important to our
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economy north korea participated in the olympics and this has become a basis for establishing a base here and that means a lot to us for the russians the games and did as they began marching without their flag two of their athletes were disqualified after testing positive for banned drugs four years on from the sochi doping scandal russians were only allowed to compete under an olympic flag as all athletes return home the question here is what happens after the olympics. the u.s. announced its toughest package of sanctions against north korea on friday with the hope it will pressure the country to denuclearize whether that will work when other sanctions have failed remains to be seen and there's no word yet on when president moon might travel to the north if he does he'll become the first south korean president to meet kim jong un since he became leader seven years ago natasha going
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to. south korea. church leaders in occupied east jerusalem have closed the holiest site in christianity in protest against new tax plans the church of the holy several curry is said to be the crucifixion and burial site of jesus christ christian leaders say a proposed tax on church property is part of a systematic campaign by the israeli government against their religion have a force that has more now from outside the church. well it's sunday and perhaps the most important christian science in the entire world and the man who holds the key to the church of the holy sepulcher has been here in front of what is a locked door and the reason for that closure which the patriarchates involved the catholic greek and armenian patriarchates who run this church they say this is an unprecedented measure to try to combat what they say is to systemic discrimination
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against christians in the holy land both through tax demands which have been made by jewish and municipality and by a proposed piece of legislation which they say would allow the israeli government to appropriate their property this is that about the and then present then did that back against christians in their holy land. levi on their most basic. and serve the right. of that they only get. off relations to be due to pushing. her at the bar. so in the square outside we have large groups of disappointed tourists many of whom travel a long way to visit the church of the early several for the reason that we've got to this point will essentially there are two of them the first is the jerusalem's municipality is trying to redefine church property saying that that which is used specifically by the church is for prayer for other church activities should be tax exempt but property which they own and on which they earn income that should not be
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tax exempt and indeed they have moved to seize some funds from the greek orthodox patriarchate in response to that the other issue is about this bill which is being promoted which seeks to potentially according to the patriarchates anyway appropriate church land the israeli government's perspective on this is that the church has been selling some of that property and that the people who own apartments and houses on that on that land now don't know who owns it and of that is an unsustainable situation the church as far as it's concerned says that this is discriminatory racist even evokes the appropriation of. and in europe during the dark days of the last century very say this is an attack on christians here you know you know. still to come on al-jazeera. they killed my father killed my mother i feel skeered i don't want to go back to me i'm. reliving the horrors of the me and maher military crackdown against six months on al-jazeera
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revisit those who survived plus. former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi addresses a rally as this party gathers momentum ahead of next weekend's elections. one of the cloud is about to build again in the middle of china we are a fine looking day for monday with average temperatures in hong kong at twenty one it will be above in shanghai the humidity will rise along with the breeze possibly the temperatures at least a feeling by the time we get to choose day with the cattle actually build in east to sichuan it'll build enough to produce a certain amount of rain once again not snow but rain we've had some significant rain falling recently in the middle east and iran is cloudy is creeping across to pakistan but i think more especially afghanistan will get most of the rain but if
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you get an occasional shot just a few spots anywhere from karachi northwards well i think you saw for lucky not much for this time the normally typically looks like a dry day on tuesday thirty three in karachi new delhi might see the air stood a little bit by this passing cloud of rain but not a lot to be honest that the amount of rain that fell of the desert countries of the middle east wasn't a great deal but it's not over yet now this isn't a very wet time the year but it is like to be as wet as any time since november it's winter after all so to get more showers in the forecastle bahrain qatar the society navies in the big surprise that is the picture then for tuesday that rain eventually push sastry usa as well but it leaves western society warm and sunny. once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon one of many is follows dr moon. as returns to his hometown
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baghdad to give up your keys the hope of walking again at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera syrian government forces have launched a new ground and their offensive against rebel held eastern huta despite the u.n. security council calling for a cease fire as the winter olympics ending chang an envoy from north korea has said
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his country is ready to hold talks with the u.s. about its nuclear program and christian leaders in east jerusalem have ordered the closure of the church of the holy several cars where christians believe jesus christ crucified and buried they say it's in protest at new israeli tax and land policies which they're calling an unprecedented attack on christians. hundreds of continue to pour over the myanmar border into bangladesh six months after a military crackdown sparked the refugee crisis about seven hundred thousand people have fled since august half of them children there are now living in makeshift camps where their lives are at risk from child trafficking or disease al-jazeera has revisited these camps in bangladesh and spoken to some of the people that we first met when the exodus began bellis tells their stories. six months ago as use a vocal my identified as
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a nine year old. refugee one of six hundred eighty eight thousand who streamed across the me m r bangladesh border fleeing what they call a targeted campaign to wipe them out we first met her in december she'd been shot three times in the leg and armpit by a soldier at close range. she says she's still in pain and has decided she won't go back there and. they kill my father killed my mother i feel scared i don't want to go back to me amar they were bombing houses sitting them on fire pulling people out from their homes and shooting them torturing me and i'm scared to see all their long one in one and i still feel like dying a fireman but those days. when they raped our women and you can see what they did to this child. there are thousands of is here recovering from
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different weapons of war these two sisters say myanmar soldiers tied them to trees and raped them their mother father and three siblings were locked inside their home which was the incision lines not much has changed since we first met the teenage girls in january they care and crucible long camp got them you know cabs although bright and colorful the girls say they remain cloaked in darkness. as an image and we can't go back to burma if we are asked to we don't have parents brothers and sisters no house to live there where should we live their wounds have healed but their nerves are frayed they fidget constantly they say they need help but they are too proud to big. pride motivates many to carry on muhammad or haasan is eighteen years old he's in studio on his feet he says he was shot three times by soldiers twice in the back once in the chest he lived by playing date.
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when i came here i became paralyzed couldn't walk move couldn't even move my hands after taking medicine i can now move and walk but still very much in pain. his wounds have healed well since we met him in october at this point he knew two of his brothers had been shot and killed he has since learned eighteen family members died in the correct. muhammad rule and others are considering their future in november abdul fi showed us his house right across the border the bangladesh government's agreed to repatriate the revenger but six months on they refused to return abdulle says they want a guarantee of safety compensation for the destroyed villages and citizenship something they've been denied for thirty five years rubble this idea of money we want to tell the world of we want to live like human beings we want to educate our children and we want to live
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a peaceful life for their families we asked the world to provide justice for all. men miles government continues to deflect accusations of ethnic cleansing and even genocide justice for their agenda is hard to come by. i have no father no mother and so much pain if i have to go out to collect firewood it's so painful. those who survived the crackdown in the camps with scars on their bodies and in their minds charlotte ballasts al-jazeera. security forces in the democratic republic of congo have shot dead in anti-government protests in the capital kinshasa two other protesters were injured churchgoers had planned to take part in marches against the president joseph kabila following sunday services but security forces surrounded the churches and blocked roads to stop them from going ahead. italy's former prime minister silvio berlusconi has
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been speaking at a rally in milan for his fourth say party i heard of elections next weekend is in the middle of a major political comeback and the center right coalition he now leads is on track to win the most votes and even though he is banned from holding public office well play a pivotal role in the make up of the next government is now explains. back once again. it's in the political stage after a seven year hiatus despite all the political. and tax. down to him twenty five. percent. able to prime minister. some of his own choice that in turn makes him kingmaker in this now what is interesting note.
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among these current. is. the populist. occupying. political environment. being seen as. a tone from previous appearances the prime minister country but amidst a. five star which has been. quite populist and been attracting quite a lot of the. almost spiritual guide for more. populist way of doing politics and what's interesting also is the fact that he's also been seen as a staple only by brussels because he is not as you and not as anti euro zone as some of the other candidates in this election has been so while he is eighty one
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years of age it seems that mr bet has yet still enough fight to be able to see him into the election and have a prominent role in it certainly the results several thousand people have rallied in central moscow in honor of slain opposition leader boris nemtsov them astray sions are being held all over the country ahead of the third anniversary of his death themself was a vocal critic of president vladimir putin and was shot on a moscow bridge overlooking the kremlin in two thousand and fifteen many of them saw supporters accuse the russian government of ordering. president could be reelected as china's leader in two thousand and twenty three under a proposal that the ruling party has just put forward the communist party wants to change the constitution to remove term limits for chinese leaders the vice president would also be allowed to serve for longer than the current two term limit
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the party elected president paying as its head for another five years last october the vehicle palin has worn out from hong kong. there was much speculation he would be angling to stay beyond the next five years back in october when he was addressing the chinese people's congress he laid out a vision of thirty years and a very ambitious vision of china's development both socially infrastructure advice and financially now this has still has to go through a parliament but it's inconceivable that this will be blocked in any way as parliament distractive politicians that are loyal to the ruling establishment ping well now if this goes ahead be china's most powerful modern day leader as he is also the leader of the military he will become a cult of personality many fear much like mao tse-tung was during his thirty tenure thirty year tenure which ended in one thousand nine hundred seventy six now there's also concern that under his rule china will see many of their human rights or many
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of their rights squeezed even more under his tenure so far we have seen china turn into more of a surveillance state dissent very quickly crushed it's also of great concern to the people of hong kong as unders easing things rule we've seen the biggest blows to hong kong's democracy movement people here are now concerned about how he will or whether he will continue to treat hong kong as a special and ministry to a region separate from the rest of china celebrities politicians and millions of fans are paying tribute to celebrated indian actress through there the who died suddenly at the age of fifty four a former child star she broke the male domination of bollywood and became one of india's biggest stars there and a honda has more. she stepped into bollywood at a time when the industry was largely
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a male domain. tree davey's performance in this eighty's blockbuster mr india turned heads and redefined the place of female actresses and bollywood for eva. a i am a. film critics described here as a show stealer mr india became a cult classic and suddenly sridevi was filling sentiments the we told it was. in the education was a. comic genius true the crowd was but it was his skill and beauty as a dancer that truly captivated audiences who was not only was she started out as
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a child actress in southern india. and went on to appear in more than a hundred films to make you feel like many actresses of her generation she went by one name tree davey but unlike of the leading women she quickly overtook him my old costars to become the box office strong and it paved the way for today's bollywood stars to seamlessly make the move from bollywood to hollywood's themselves who was getting out to fame elise says she suffered a heart attack on saturday while attending a wedding in dubai her instagram account received tens of thousands of messages and bollywood fans in india and abroad took to social media to express their condolences among them bollywood actress priyanka chopra and didn't do as prime minister. many in india was shocked at his sudden death.
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i think. that level was a little was the first. she stopped acting after him marriage to film producer poor but made a successful comeback in two thousand and twelve with the hit movie english vinglish. but many will feel. to shoot. the top stories. at least twenty people have been killed in syria and russian airstrikes on sunday syrian government troops launched a new ground and their offensive on the rebel held area and this just hours after
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the u.n. security council adopted a resolution demanding a cease fire has been under assault for weeks at least five hundred people have been killed there over the past seven days al-jazeera correspondent mohammed. has the latest from inside. the russian and syrian government warplanes have been stopped targeting the residential areas of eastern we can hear they're flying over us to target the different districts and towns people stuck here are very scared the syrian regime forces have attacked eastern due to from several different fronts with the game of advancing its control of parts of the area the opposition says fighting is ongoing and more than twenty syrian regime forces have been killed while another group of them has been captured the fighting is happening even after the u.n. security council's decision to demand. the winter olympic games have wrapped up in south korea after seventeen days of sporting action and political breakthroughs at
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the closing ceremony in pyung china north korean general sat just meters from u.s. president donald trump's daughter ivanka the general kimmitt young choi told south korea that his country is willing to open talks with the u.s. about its nuclear program. christian leaders in east jerusalem avoided the closure of the church of the holy separate current were christians believe that jesus was crucified and buried they say it's in protest that new israeli tax and land policies which they're calling another president attack on christians in the holy land. security forces in the democratic republic of congo have shot dead an anti-government protesters in the capital kinshasa two other protesters were injured churchgoers had planned to take part in marches against the president joseph kabila following sunday services but security forces surrounded the churches and blocked roads to stop them from going ahead well those are the top stories i'm
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going to have a more normal the day's news for you in just under half an hour coming up next on al-jazeera though it's one on one east stay with us by. decades of war have left thousands of iraqi amputees desperate to mend their broken bodies. now the chance to use cutting edge robotic for standards is giving them new hope. i'm steve chow on this episode one on one he's follows
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one man's incredible journey from refugee to world leading.


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