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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. i mean this was difficult to say whether someone is voting for some of the favorites but there's going to be an interim i think it's how you approach an individual and enough of it is a certain way of doing it to congress and inject a story and fly out. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for again this is the live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the countdown is on to a five responded from the bombing in syria's eastern but will people get the help
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they desperately need. moscow's veto is a u.n. resolution that aims to pressure iran over its role in the war in yemen. sport bridging borders south to the winter games south korea prepares the ground for the north to take part in the paralympics. and how the next generation of wireless networks will change all our lives we'll have the latest from the world mobile congress in barcelona. could soon be a poor in fighting in a rebel held area in syria russia's president vladimir putin an ally of syria's leader bashar al assad has ordered the five cease fire every day in east and go to near the capital damascus is. following the order of the russian president with the aim of eliminating casualties among the civilian population of eastern
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a daily humanitarian pauses being introduced starting february twenty seventh from nine am to two pm and a humanitarian corridor will be created for the exit of civilians it's cordon it's have been prepared and will be announced soon. the un has welcomed russia's plan but as reiterated its call for a thirty day ceasefire across syria which was passed a resolution on saturday the u.k. criticized president putin's move and accused russia of playing games twenty six people were killed on monday nearly five hundred people have died in intense bombing by syrian and russian forces over the past week i was here as a solid job that has the latest it is not yet clear what the details of this proposed russian ceasefire between nine am to two in the afternoon are going to be so far what we've seen is that this humanitarian ceasefire will mean that a car door will be opened and people will be allowed to exit people inside eastern huta do not want to exit from their homes they have been seeing what has been
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happening to people in aleppo they've been seeing what have been happening to people in the riot and they do not want to exit their own homes to places there where they don't know what are the conditions going to be like if it is going to be in the south near the border with jordan are they going to be moving west the words the city of damascus the syrian capital or will they be forced to move into it because continuing to be a front line between government and rebel forces so these are all questions that people who have been asking they're angry they're frustrated they say that this is not they were expecting what they were expecting from the united nations security council resolution and saturday evening where there was a unanimous agreement that there will be a thirty day ceasefire across syria people have been expecting humanitarian aid deliveries to be brought into them this is an area home to nearly four hundred thousand people and a few hours they think is not going to help them the latest suspected chlorine gas attack in eastern kusa has killed a child and left many other people struggling to breathe witnesses reported
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smelling the gas after an explosion just a warning that same. report contains some images you may find distressing. one of the front lines in eastern opposition fighters say they are rebelling attempts by pro syrian government forces to storm the besieged and. rebel saying they killed dozens of soldiers on the ground offensive began on sunday just hours after the u.n. security council agreed to a cease fire throughout. since then there has been no letup in the war the intensity of the airstrikes and the shelling appears to have dropped when compared to the relentless bombing campaign during the first week of the assault but civilians continue to die those who are able to find underground shelter avoid going outside more than five hundred people have already been killed children and women among them. the any god give me patience to face this
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tragedy my children are scattered here and there my son lost three kids such awful memories. i lost my house six days ago i have nothing at all i have been here for six days there's no food and water living in tokyo. chlorine gas has also reportedly been used activists and medics a victim suffered breathing problems i know not only today we have more than thirty dead dozens of launching of chemical weapons they bombard us with chlorine sarin and other gases from iran and we don't know what they are. in common they don't care about un council decisions they still use chemical weapons against us pro-government forces have been accused of using chemical weapons in the past especially when they want to clear an area to allow their forces to advance the syrian government and russia are using
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a loophole in the un security council cease fire resolution to the military campaign. areas which are held by what they call terrorists. and there are two main rebel groups socialists and. they have sent representatives to russian sponsored talks in astronaut but there are also a few hundred here as sam fighters belonging to a group previously known as the. front the opposition says. fighters are ready to leave but the pro-government alliance wants all rebel factions to surrender there are thousands of fighters in eastern huta and between three hundred to four hundred thousand civilians says the u.n. . god be with us where's the ceasefire the airstrikes haven't stopped we've been going through this for the past week no food no water the kremlin says the people of east today are being held hostage but the fighters and their families are also the people of this damascus suburb surrendering would probably mean forcible
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displacement to another unsafe rebel area and never returning home. u.n. spokesman staff under jadick says that a five daily truce is better than nothing we stand ready as soon as the conditions are safe for truck drivers humanitarian workers to roll into these areas. for that to be effective. the fighting needs to stop we need to ensure that there are no roadblocks whether physical or administrative. whether or not. five hours is enough or not enough it's a difficult question to answer five hours is better than no hours but we would like to see any sation forces be extended thirty days as the security council had said but we will effort to do whatever we can within the time that we're able
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to work. but the u.k. stepper the ambassador to the u.n. is criticizing russia's announcement of a humanitarian corridor in syria we've got a clear resolution that's been passed by everybody every member state of the security council is obliged to do everything it can to implement and to see implemented all security council resolutions and of course includes russia i've just seen the announcement you referred to and what i would say to that is that is not compliance that is not implementation of the resolution passed on saturday. but it does show that it can be implemented was a russia can implement it if it chooses to if it's able to do a fine example it is able to do a twenty four hour pause so it's up to russia whether it wants to implement fully the resolution that it signed up to and voted for where it wants to place the nickel games. is the president of the syria american medical society joins us now via skype from fresno california good to have you with us sir your organization operates around fifty percent of the medical facilities in you've got people on the
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ground there are they going to be able to take advantage of this this poor's in fighting if it happens over seven hundred hours g.m.t. . unfortunately we are seeing here to see if what happened in the airport just to give you a background in the last few months when we had medical evacuations the ambulances and cars have taken more than ten hours to cross from the masters to the. good life saving those more than think along with the distance so that was a nazi practical because we know that the syrian forces at the too many blocks on the roads that even evacuating patients or delivering medical care is those congress to those areas are not spectacles like ours leave alone the concept of people ne is leaving good stock would clear conditions is not practical and it's
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actually contrary to their principles will get in return operation people do not know they would be safe to leave those areas different occasions they're not sure they get they can be saved and not get interest they'll leave goods or they don't know where they will be treated stand we've seen even what we try to agree upon as medical evacuation a few months back was undermined by the syrian regime and became more am chipping bar a bargain and more likely it is a political deal so to speak and undermined the meeting operation c.e.o. saying as far as relief operations are concerned this this poor us in fighting this daily poor fighting with the russian president has ordered is as good as useless. absolutely we don't think it's practical we don't think it's impactful and i think it's really go if russia and syrian governments are willing to do something in fact will they need to start hostilities to go along and anything in it he need to know
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our operation has to follow has to hold the principles of any basically routine operation and should be monitored by the un agencies none of that is that we able at this time if this this pours in fighting does come into effect and people do manage to make their way out of the east and go said do you have people there waiting to help them. or from our side from good so we've been a healthy people all along and people are free to make their own decision if they would want to leave under the current conditions posed by russia and the government of syria or you want to stay back but you have learned from aleppo when such conditions are poor people don't trust a military operation people don't trust the same side that's waging war on their town to just take walks through the chicken puts people are fearful for their lives
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and they would probably rather stay back in their hometowns and space whatever they have to face i think if the u.n. is unable to operate their operation will see where better resolves the medical evacuation and he will get better results with convoys going in said goodness so people can stay in their own town as opposed to get displaced out of their own town and at the hour if if this five daily poor in violence is that is not the answer as far as the humanitarian operations are concerned what is the answer. it's. i think the answer is very clear the door has has to stop we always have been asking for ceasefire throughout syria we all have been asking that i think the most destructive air force of the most destructive force straight down so it's the air force they're using barrel the chemical weapons and that is the first thing that has to be grounded and this is the serious step over there following that
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there should be a very sterile dishman of the mechanisms investigation investigating the war crimes like using of chemical weapon or utilization or talk to these hospitals that has been established to establish accountability that would help me to stick to the big deal to know that we didn't think that it's protected by the international community at this time we as you meet your is we feel that we're just behind you would care about us and we are good only one who are committed to help the people inside syria syria unfortunately we have no support we were sure and your organization the best somebody thanks dave for being with us ahmed to ranchi that's thank you thank russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent its weapons from falling into the hands of the rebels in yemen instead the security council unanimously adopted a russian proposed resolution which did not mention iran or diplomatic editor james
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space reports from the u.n. in new york for the middle east this was an important moment russia for the first time casting its veto in the security council to protect iraq it came in a moment of high drama in the council chamber to rival resolutions on yemen put to back to back votes. the one vetoed by russia was a u.k. draft back strongly by the u.s. which contained criticism of iran it received eleven votes in favor because of russia's position it failed they moved on to russia's own draft without any mention of iran security council members aware that sanctions in yemen would collapse if there was no new resolution back to unanimously it led to angry exchanges the u.k.'s resolution was a simple common sense when it called out iran for giving the who these the tools to threaten yemen's neighbors and to threaten freedom of navigation through the red
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sea. but this common sense attempt to hold iran accountable has failed it's going to become a political move i will be frank the wording in the british draft is liable to have dangerous destabilizing ramifications and this is not only a political to the situation in yemen but also to the region overall this will never to believe escalate regional tensions and lead to conflicts among key regional players the vote had been postponed for several hours as the u.k. tried but failed to reach a compromise with russia the acting british ambassador had earlier told me he wanted his resolution to reflect the findings of an independent panel on yemen but that report was not only critical of iran russia doesn't like the outcome of certain expert panel reports it just doesn't like the messages doesn't mean it undermine everything they say so we'll be urging our colleagues for the good of the united nations system to vote in favor of areas in which your text doesn't reflect everything in the panel of experts reports as the mention of us torture camps is
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not the same mention of the bombardment by the saudis in the in the galatea of that in the resolution so our textbooks in all parts of what the public votes but our text has the support of the council on this moment as thank you very much in the end he did receive the support of the majority but the key takeaway is the fact that russia was prepared to cast its veto the trumpet ministration constantly says that terror is the stabilizing the middle east region and that it's prepared to take action we've now had confirmed what we expected that russia will block the un route to any such action james out zira the united nations but peter solsbury is a senior consulting researcher at chatham house he says it's no surprise that russia vetoed the resolution. russia has an interest in protecting iran overall in all of this and certainly there is a case to be made
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a number of accusations have made in the panel of experts report the panel of experts perhaps not quite as conclusive in in their findings as has been suggested what they're saying is there is clear evidence that iranian made. components found their way to yemen probably since the war began but not that iran can be proven to have supplied the component and again as your reporter was asking someone just a month ago i believe the british represents the at the u.n. a number of other accusations saying that all parties to the conflict violated international humanitarian law and allegations of so-called torture camps in some parts of the country somewhat selective and also with a new u.n. envoy in place one could one could argue that the security council has voted in favor of this resolution would really have made his job much easier as he came in
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and tried to mediate and end the conflict you know with the news hour for now sarah stoesz come on the program south africa's new president for of course key ministers sacked by his predecessor jacob zuma and his first cabinet reshuffle. and i would like to thank thank you she kept pumping out of the villages of little people. for from one nobel peace prize went to another for me and mater and the suffering of the range of people. and in sport german football supporters make that feelings clear about matches being a monday. korean delegation to the winter olympics and south korea is returning home representatives wrapped up a three day visit. that took in the closing ceremony in pealing chang meanwhile talks are being held to discuss north korea's participation in the paralympics which will begin on march eighth in
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a meeting last month it was agreed that pyongyang will send one hundred fifty participants let's go live now to so al-jazeera is brought is with us from the rub in the aftermath of the games the that the talks are continuing what progress is being made to be no. that's right it's another day of talks building on the olympian goodwill. yes as you mentioned there at the peace village and pam and john on the border the d.m.z. between north and south korea two delegations are meeting about now to discuss arrangements for the paralympics that are coming up north korea is sending a paralympics team of around one hundred fifty it will include athletes coaches cheerleaders also reporters that's about half the size of the olympic team that has just now returned to north korea possibly the more significant meeting of today tuesday that's taken place has been with this senior official from north korea
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general can yank child who has been leading a delegation here they came here for the closing ceremony they have been in south korea for two days of talks they have had a meeting this morning choose day at their closely guarded hotel with their opposite numbers at south korea's unification ministry and we believe are now travelling back across the land border with north korea that has been the more significant meeting if you like it has been a controversial one general kim is a character who is thought to have been behind a number of operations over the years directed against the south in particular the sinking of a warship eight years ago with the loss of nearly fifty lives so where everywhere he goes protesters in south korea have also staged sometimes very loud angry protests at his presence but certainly the fact of his presence here is very
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significant developments in into korean relations rob what are the chances of this apparent improvement in relations continuing to the point what's the likelihood of the us getting involved. there does seem to be a willingness both in seoul lampe young yang to keep this on track to build on the mentor and that has already been built up over the olympics and we have in the short term at least a very good prospects of this dialogue continuing we've got the power lympics coming up and then of course in the background is the ongoing dialogue of trying to get mungy in the south korean president on a visit to north korea which would be a very significant development and while all these things are taking place there nobody seems to want to derail this old rock the boat we are not likely to see for example any more launches of missiles or nuclear tests from the north even the militaries of south korea or in the united states they have suspended military operations just while the olympics took place they said they would be resume now
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it's always a very contentious subject it's always certain to rile a very angry north korea when these exercises take place there does seem to be maybe speculation an unofficial agreement that maybe they'll push back the deadline of when these next exercises start so there does seem to be a willingness on all sides to keep this moving as you mentioned there the big question will the united states get on board especially with their preconditions that any dialogue must first. must first have a commitment from north korea that it will stop its nuclear program which seems very hard to achieve but when j.n. is added extra pressure by calling in the last couple of days on the united states to reduce its threshold for talks to start presumably meaning that the united states isn't so adamant isn't so hard on that precondition but given the sense of feeling in washington at the moment that might be a concession too far rob many thanks pride in seoul. south africa's new
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president has appointed a number of ministers sacked by former leader jacob zuma some will run a pose announced thirty changes in the reshuffle they include two former finance ministers including probing gaudin who takes over as public enterprises minister zuma ex-wife was also given a position more now from malcolm webb in johannesburg it's not the overhaul that many ram opposed the supporters or many south africans who were hoping for a clear change of direction in an anti corruption drive would have hoped for many ministers from the previous cabinet who appointed by former president jacob zuma and implicated in many of the corruption scandals that afflicted his government have been reappointed but in different positions the most controversial of those reappointment is musi got a foreigner from former finance minister he's been reinstated in another powerful position the ministry of home affairs one position that will point that will
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reassure people who are hoping for a change of direction is the appointment of pravin gordhan the former finance minister he's been appointed in the ministry of enterprise he has a reputation for cleaning up any ministry that he's been in charge of so that will reassure people who were hoping for some change poses stuck within iraq and a hard place on the one hand trying to please the supporters and those who wanted a complete change of house and a new direction on the other hand he still has to pick a date yancey's national executive committee that put him in position as the leader of the a.n.c. and can recall him at any time to keep his job he has to keep different factions within the a.n.c. placated as well as trying to push through what he says is he's agenda cleaning out corruption and fixing the economy. myanmar's leader aung san suu kyi faces a new warning from three women who like her are nobel peace prize winners there urging her to condemn the violence against or injure refugees or possibly face
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prosecution for genocide it comes as the un's human rights council in geneva to hear from me and mas minister of international cooperation council opus of the un has the story. accounts of violence and bloodshed now victims share their stories with three nobel peace laureates irish peace activist maguire is one of peace prize winners visiting iraq into refugee camps she is urging on mars leader aung san suu kyi to visit some of the country's most affected areas right on what. was on. their family out in front of the white house was the firing beverage trying to draw on behalf of the right first century right all three laureates united for the same cause tawakkol karman from yemen and iranians to remember also visit
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a cock's bazaar they say myanmar's government and sochi also a nobel laureate must be held accountable for what's happening to the revenger failing to do so they warn could lead to prosecution for genocide if she couldn't is still only this girl and she has to resign now that's a very important otherwise she will be followed through with the international criminal court almost seven hundred thousand will hinge on how fled the country since the start of a military crackdown six months ago myanmar's army says it's targeting terrorists these nobel laureates are urging the u.n. security council and the international criminal court to hold the government accountable suchi has not yet publicly condemned the violence. we have not only come to listen to the tragic stories of these refugees we are above all a loudspeaker for their voices to be echoed throughout the world and to make the world aware of their plight we urge the international community and governments to
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help end this crisis we urge the u.n. security council to take measures to bring me and mas government to book we are the voice of the oppressed range. a call for accountability and hope that the call of these peace laureates will be heard beyond this community devastated by violence cuts hello poseable yon al-jazeera. many students in northeastern nigeria say they're too scared to go back to the school where armed men abducted one hundred ten girls last week nigeria's government has admitted first time that the girls had been kidnapped classes have since was used school and dump she village it's believed that boko haram fighters took the pupils. technology companies are promising to change people's lives with super fast wireless mobile networks so-called five g. systems are the main focus of this year's mobile world congress in barcelona but critics are warning of
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a growing digital divide as charlie angelo reports. entering an exhibition of the future over one hundred thousand people six thousand c.e.o.'s and delegations from one hundred eighty governments here to see what new products will transform our lives with the most significant innovation is invisible five g. a wireless network that will enable self driving cars virtual reality and smart cities there's a path of evolution through mobile telecoms and you know we've gone through the first generation second third fourth generation so four g. is the fourth generation of botswana comes five g. is another generation but is fundamentally quite different to everything we've seen so far for us five g. will mean faster data transfer ten times faster than forty five d. will mean we can download a feature film on trial in a second and stream virtual reality application and also i mean quick response time
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five people wouldn't use the amount of time it takes a day just to be transferred which could be especially important in connecting calls like this which might have to break suddenly it will also mean more devices them over local service will mean millions of products could be connected to the internet from caracas to lighting systems one of those devices could be this taxi developed by while away a passenger drone operated from the control center that can travel over fifty kilometers we're still a few years away from full five g. coverage here industry leaders the united nations and government are trying to iron out policy standards and regulations and five g. compatible devices won't appear in shops until twenty twenty at the moment five gears progressing very well we standardizing the technology in two thousand and eight. and then that we're looking to roll out new networks in two thousand and
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nineteen the leading countries at the moment for the u.s. when you. and south korea. it might be revolutionary but it's also going to be expensive three hundred billion dollars to cover the united states is an estimate by barclays bank the majority of countries won't be able to afford five g. widening the global digital divide millions of people already don't have reliable access to the internet and as a result the knocks out of the digital economy jobs market so while this new wave of technology promise is a better future it doesn't promise an feature charlie answer al-jazeera bustling we're going to weather update next here on the news then teachers return to the size of the florida school mass shooting as police come under more criticism. of russia with love one of the country's most famous dance troupes makes its debut
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and cast. a city not exactly known for its snow and a country not renowned for its interest in winter sports is getting ready to host the next winter olympics. from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the french autumn breeze in the city of la. out of the court where there's telling a bit more active now in china whilst we're feeding moisture up and allowing the codas combusted tibetan plateau develop brain east of sichuan chengdu still warm ninety degrees on that is then the whole lot ones up into something of almost a storm system certainly in a low pressure area just somewhere east of shanghai the result of that rain telling back into eastern china twenty four degrees in hong kong but maybe the strength the
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wind will be more telling inland the same time if you look at where the drifting clouds are going they're moving northward snare wind direction has changed showers allied to hit the coast of vietnam they've been big around southern philippines recently the more concentrated now i think the borneo we've seen some flooding still in jakarta at least in java and the showers are still big here as they are in sumatra and the forecast the next day or so might bring in cheryl to into singapore certainly through some after that bone here and of course down to java once more and we have seen cloud developing in both nepal pakistan afghanistan that's what was there the forecast doesn't produce anywhere in the poll but it does eventually thicken the cloud in pakistan to bring you some rain. the weather sponsored by cateye piece. on counting the cost how corrupt is your country transparency international has the latest global rankings venezuela makes history
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by launching a crypto currency plus can south africa plug a hole in its finances as cape town faces a water shortage counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. true confessions might never be clean up to many but not or a cynical example of communist propaganda and i wanted to put it in the big girl on what i would i want to do a double pole in twenty ten al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets this time on al-jazeera.
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it is good to have you with us adrian for going to here in doha with the news are from us here are our top stories this hour russia's president has ordered a five hour cease fire in syria's eastern go to beginning it over seven hundred hours g.m.t. humanitarian corridor will be opened the line people to leave hundreds inside the rubble on play for died more than a week a bomb bought by syria russia says. russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent its weapons falling into the hands of who the rebel. instead the security council unanimously unanimously adopted a russian proposed resolution which didn't mention iran. or north korean delegation to the winter olympics in south korea has maps the south's unification minister
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before returning home after a three day visit separate talks of being held discussed north korea's participation in the paralympics in two weeks' time. israeli government ministers have advanced a bill that would allow land disputes in the occupied west bank to be settled by a district court instead of the high court palestinians fear the proposed changes part of a wider process to impose israeli jurisdiction over occupied land are a force that explains from west to recent. israeli students hit the books in the university library by the looks of it it could be anywhere in israel but it's not this is ariel university in one of the largest illegal settlements in the occupied west bank settlement universities have until now been governed by a specific body earlier this month israeli m.p.'s passed a law bringing the universities under the auspices of israel's national higher educational thora to the palestinians it's another step in normalizing the israeli
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presence in the occupied territory part of a longer term program of an accession the university's chancellor sees it differently two states solution is still going to work we are into the thirty's of corporate vision we seem to be reading this university helps both jews and palestinians in is. one of the elements that kids who paul's a longer range peace solution the university measure is one of several seen as expanding domestic israeli law into occupied land on sunday israeli ministers advanced a bill which would allow land disputes to be settled in district rather than high court the high court has a recent record of ruling in favor of palestinian claimants over settlers another bill which would impose full israeli law in the settlements essentially an exciting them to israel proper has been are being put on ice by israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is really gotten into the stage of trying to find legitimizing
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processes such as emblem applying israeli law to colonial settlements in the west bank which is by resume for two illegal by all international law forms is illegal jerusalem is at the heart of another stalled piece of legislation which would bring illegal settlements ring the city under the jurisdiction of the municipal government for now the israeli prime minister is holding off on advancing that bill as well reportedly citing u.s. pressure ahead of the unveiling of the trump peace plan but the sheer number of proposals that could be or are heading for a vote at the israeli parliament the knesset has palestinians worried that the land that they want for their future state is being annexed in eggs or oblique piece by piece are a force that al-jazeera westerners iraq is hoping to lure international investors to help develop its oil and gas industry with victory declared over eisel government ministers are meeting at executives in berlin to discuss how to exploit
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the country's vast reserves dominic kane reports. iraq has some of the world's largest proven oil and gas reserves much of them yet to be exploited because of years of war this installation in kirkuk is a case in point nine billion barrels of recoverable oil are believed to be underground government forces dislodged kurdish fighters from here last october now government leaders in baghdad are keen to boost production. we have endeavored to reassess this failed of production of this great reserve we have reached an agreement with british giant b.p. to carry out seismic survey operations and studies to raise the output capacity to as much as seven hundred fifty thousand barrels per day when he signed the deal b.p.'s representative said if the field is looked after it will be prosperous for the whole country for generations to come and that's the problem for the iraqi
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government maintaining control of the oil fields so as to release the revenue they contain the federal minister says they have defeated the threat from eisel but the group was blamed for killing two policemen and guarding oil fields last weekend. which matters because there is so much natural wealth under the ground surveys suggest iraq has more than one hundred forty billion barrels of proven oil reserves right now the whole country produces just four point three million barrels per day generating as much as ninety percent of revenue for the economy. if x. ability to export has improved a lot compared to what we used to have before i sell in two thousand and three and two thousand and four we didn't produce more than three and a half million barrels a day whoever for the past two years our production capacity has been much larger this doesn't mean they were full output now factors like oil market conditions and opec cuts are intervening. with so much oil the market for natural gas has been
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overlooked for many years iraq is estimated to have more than three trillion cubic metres of natural gas reserves with only a fraction being exported here two ministers are looking to raise revenue this is the venue where for the next two days delegates will be thrashing out the major issues facing the iraqi oil and gas industry for the coming year the question will be what sort of progress what result this conference will achieve dominic came al-jazeera berland. the u.s. supreme court has dealt a blow to attempts by president trying to end protections for undocumented immigrants who entered the country as children it refused to hear a plea by the trumpet ministration to end the program. reports. it's an issue that has divided americans for years the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca program was put in place by president barack obama it allows hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought to the u.s.
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illegally as children to live and work in the united states. trump wanted to end it and plan to start phasing out the program in march raising the threat of deportation for many of the so-called dreamers but last month two federal judges blocked that saying it needs to go through the legal system so the trumpet ministration tried to bypass the federal appeals court by taking it to the country's highest court on monday the supreme court refused to hear the case well it makes its way through the appeals court. the administration is appealing lower court rulings to the ninth circuit the same court the blocked the president's controversial travel ban that would deny entry to people from mostly muslim majority countries it's really sad when every single case filed against us is in the ninth circuit we lose we lose we lose and then we do fine in the supreme court but what does that tell you about our court system the supreme court announcement
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is a victory for roughly seven hundred thousand dreamers. for months they've been demanding congress act to protect them from deportation but congress has failed to come up with a solution the white house says it's not giving up but that legal process could take months leaving the ultimate fate of dreamers uncertain kimberly health kit al-jazeera washington. teachers have returned to work nearly two weeks after a mass shooting at a school in florida seventeen people were killed when a gunman entered the school in the city of parkland and opened fire police a facing more criticism that they didn't do enough to prevent the shooting and the gallica reports. in the days since one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history the memorial to those that lost their lives has grown as parents and students arrive at the school some carry flowers others simply bowed their heads classes will resume on wednesday but for many emotions still roll my daughter
5:43 am
hasn't been back since this happened and she wants to see her friends as she wants to resume a somewhat normal life which we know here is never going to be the state but what are we going to do i mean. she she can't stay in her house and do nothing something has to be done. in florida state capital of this from marjorie stoneman douglas high school continue to campaign for a change in gun laws the students have become the voices for a movement now sweeping the u.s. downhearted when most importantly i feel angry. that we let this had to be angry that we did not solve this problem alone time ago and angry that children are the ones pushing and advocating for change and not i am like you know official and investigations now been launched into the police's handling of the shooting sheriff scott israel has been accused of incompetence after his department received
5:44 am
warnings about the alleged shooter nicholas cruz and a deputy's resigned after it emerged he stayed outside while the shooting took place president trump who's indicated he may raise the minimum age for buying assault rifles says he would have handled it differently i really believe i'd run into even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too because i know most of you. but the way they performed was was really a disgrace some of the u.s. is biggest corporate sponsors are now cutting ties with the national rifle association is pressure for change grows the organization says it's against banning assault rifles all raising age limits politics aside parkland is a community that continues to mourn and heal when classes resume on wednesday it will only be for part of the day the building where seventeen people died may be demolished and turned into a memorial but when students walk through these gates it will be a traumatic experience and gallacher al-jazeera parkland florida the company
5:45 am
co-founded by disgraced film producer harvey weinstein is filing for bankruptcy after sale talks collapsed the announcement is creating uncertainty of a compensation for dozens of women who accuse him of sexual assault rob reynolds reports from los angeles. more than seventy women have accused disgraced former hollywood mogul harvey weinstein of sexually abusing them now with the weinstein company planning to file for bankruptcy it's possible those women may receive little or no financial compensation in their lawsuits against the company that's because bankruptcy law essentially puts plaintiffs of the sort that the women constitute in the back of the line behind the other creditors for the company and the weinstein company owes about three hundred seventy five million dollars reportedly in debt now there was a previous deal to sell the company but that the end that deal did include
5:46 am
a victims' compensation fund of about ninety million dollars but then the new york state attorney general eric schneiderman intervened he filed a civil rights lawsuit against the weinstein company and that essentially complicated things so much that the deal fell apart now according to a statement from the weinstein company the board of directors says it is an extremely unfortunate outcome both for the employees the plaintiffs and everyone else as for harvey weinstein himself authorities here in los angeles new york and london are all pursuing separate criminal investigations into his alleged activities and weinstein himself has denied any consensual sexual wrongdoing police and you buy say the bollywood superstar certificate pull a drone off the possum house in a hotel bathtub the fifty four year old actress tied on saturday a post-mortem contradicts initial reports that she died of cardiac arrest
5:47 am
a poor start in almost three hundred films during a career that spanned some fifty years. the curtains raised on the. russian culture with one of the world's most popular dance companies taking to the stage the boys see if ballet is performing in doha for the first time as part of a cultural exchange or a budding manly reports now from the city's opera house. oh. it's just one hour before the performance and artistic director ellen the show the copa what's this dance is hard to ensure that action before they take opera house stage they can't put a foot wrong as a ballet company has to maintain its reputation as one of the best in the gold our mission to bring to bear the saw over russian people all the people with the. eagle mostly have founded the company in one thousand seven it was the first three
5:48 am
traditional folk dance into its repertoire with an aim to reflect the world's diverse cultures customs and costumes. it's important to share this kind of art because the builds bridges between nations . we want to share with people the kindness in a g. sincerity and openness of the russian people. shared the covert says the value lies a link gauging a worldwide audience to sharing and exchanging ideas through culture. the art is higher than politics even the political is clever but the culture for them means something you know we are not a political person. but all the people. during the year of college russia showcasing more than one hundred exhibitions and shows and
5:49 am
kata and all starting with the more sat down for company hair and qatar as an opera house now the artistic director of the company says she hopes this cultural exchange will help to build bridges and showcase the rich history of russian. both cars and russia believe these offense are important to make stronger tonight between the two nations. says. this year of culture reflects the wealth of creativity in both countries and the desire of intellectuals and innovators to build bridges and revive common values to see the culture of. the sea this culture of you to see this wonderful city and to stay here at least for a couple of weeks. i would like to have more people from gaza come to russia. given his company drew on the folk tradition spoken softly and took the ball by
5:50 am
storm a legacy seven it's a time and to continue. north eisenheim the outlook there are. excellent still to come all these out new stuff some familiar problem so this true time formula one world champion will be right back.
5:51 am
well again time for sports here's andy thank you very much wolf owls ins of prussia
5:52 am
dome and founds have boycotted the club's hung game against al spoke german football supporters are unhappy with games being moved to monday night's u.t.v. contract for germany's top football league as seen games being switched to monday's for the first time last monday on track front for supporters disrupted the start of the game by throwing tennis balls on to the pitch. earlier we spoke to paddy higgs a writer for one football based in germany i asked him why monday night football is such a divisive issue in the country german football fans are certainly a very traditional bunch and they're not scared about showing and he disdain for anything that marred challenge that monday night football they believe is certainly something that struck to the heart of that tradition they see it much more as a commercial decision rather than one for the fans you can sort of see their point i mean fans from out burg are going to find it hard to travel on monday not all the way from where they are to dortmund so we can say now with the scenes adornments
5:53 am
are not in the scenes at frankfurt that it is not a popular decision paddy i want to ask you about the burning issue in football across the world you same bolts and dancing on switzer that he'll sign for a professional football the same on chews day he's actually said in the past that brush adult men may give him a trial what can you tell us about it all yeah it's been said for a war that you signed but would join dortmund in trying around this time of year which is why i think they have been linked is the most obvious logical destination that being said a lot of the talk about you sign both playing at dortmund has come from the same boat himself and the club did confirm that he would stop by for a training run at some point over the next couple of months when they spoke in october but nothing since then dormant and not a club that would be one to do a publicist on if you will that they do have their links with pima so again there is that there is that logical conclusion but i would be very surprised if if dortmund do sign you sign both other years of course a free agent so would come for nothing or the man in charge of european football
5:54 am
says video assistant referees won't be used in next season's champions league you wait for president alexander sefer and says he's yet to be fully convinced by the use of technology in helping referees make key decisions. be broadly used it will go. we will not use the next season which it is the. both of those who are not against. history making a limpin estella that sky is back home in the czech republic thousands of fans greeting that at sky in prague after she became the first athlete to win gold in both alpine skiing and snowboarding the twenty two year old on the snowballed parallel giant slalom as well as the super g. skiing title in pyong chang. next shot at olympic gold will come in beijing in four years' time it's a city not known for its snow in
5:55 am
a country not renowned for its interest in winter sports adrian brown reports from charlie in northeast china china is a nation of production lines and here's another novice skiers children mostly going through their paces on slopes partially covered in artificial snow the ski run is in the child lead a strict with some of the events in two thousand and twenty two will take place. the beginners include funk show high whose father brought her here from their home eight hours drive away. i really like skiing i know joy the fast beat when i go dallas slope it's so exciting and so much fun that phone will cost her father almost eight hundred dollars for two days including accommodation but it's worth it he says. it can be expensive if you want you really good at it but for some short term fun it's affordable these skiers won't be in china's next squad for two
5:56 am
thousand and twenty two but they are helping raise the profile of winter sports where a lympics success for the chinese remains elusive. not so long ago skiing was regarded as a decadent an affordable western pastime but among china's growing middle class the sport is becoming more popular encouraged to take to the slopes by the country's president president xi jinping has set a lofty goal for three hundred million more people to take up winter sports according to government figures the number of enthusiastic in two thousand and sixteen was less than eleven million. to help make skiing more accessible to the masses hundreds more resorts are being built the approach of the winter games is helping transform areas like sean lee when host spends half his day working down a nearby mine the rest managing a ski rental shop he's had more than ten thousand customers since the season began
5:57 am
four months ago. on the government now considers winter sports an important industry investors also see opportunities ski resorts in this area now generate more tax revenue than the gold mines. just under half the venue's for two thousand and twenty two are in the capital they include several used in the two thousand and eight summer games that have been repurposed for winter events and unlike two thousand and eight chinese a limb pick officials may feel they have less to prove now than they did then adrian brown al-jazeera incheon lee northeast china. and those in new start but some familiar problems for former f one world champion finance the spaniard losing a whale from his mclaren car on day one of pre-season testing in barcelona alonso's team a starting a new engine partnership with a runner after three years with honda the seats on title when it finished fifteenth
5:58 am
in the driver's standings last year his team finished ninth alonso was eventually able to get his car back on the track after this setback ok that is always fought for now. anybody thanks a little bit for the news thanks for watching peter w. here to update you on the day's top stories just about it's all see again. travel often. by tranquil forty's and called forests the a bright line rule. books of knowledge. icons landmarks valleys and scotland's. live for adventure. discover it chops because faraway places closer thing going it's nice to get along with cats i always. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that
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peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard. like it a good thing is. already there. and the story needs to be turned these years largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and on. my would have been to the to. the muscle to. glynis and caught up.
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on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt journalism is not a crime at this time on al-jazeera. the countdown is on to a five rest fight from the bombing in syria's eastern but will the people actually leave.


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