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it's going to overdrive. just. influencing. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access the polling the media opinion the listening post but based on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and live from studio four train here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm kemal santa maria welcome to the newsgroup the fighting supposed to have stopped at least temporarily in east and good but the simple fact is it hasn't but the syrian government and the opposition are accusing each other violating the
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five outpolls ordered by russia such a cease fire that pause what next for port coming up. british shakeup in saudi arabia yes we have become used to change the crown prince mohammed bin salman disappointed but why has his father the king suddenly dismissed the kingdom's top military commanders is it to do with the ongoing war in ghana in its third year. and don't mention the president just china raises the prospect of unlimited presidential terms there are suddenly a few more words and phrases you can search for online or at least. will be explaining to us the complexities of working and reporting in the people's republic . and millennialist could be the most overweight generation in history that's according to a new force and we've been talking to people about why that is when educate when we're all educated about health more than ever before i'm headed home and next. expect.
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the news grid streaming online through you tube facebook. dot com and remember monday's great yesterday we began with russia's announcement of the so-called humanitarian cease fire in syria's eastern group there a five hour daily truce designed to allow civilians to leave the rebel held suburb of damascus well that first five hour window ended a couple of hours ago and both sides are accusing the other of violating it remember more than five hundred fifty people have been killed. in the past ten days and has been following the story from neighboring lebanon. some emerged from underground shelters to buy food and water others returned home to collect whatever is left of their belongings the relative calm gave the people of eastern huta some respect a five hour pause in the assault by the pro syrian government alliance on the besieged enclave ordered by the russian government the temporary truce from nine am
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until two pm is due to be repeated daily it's not enough for the syrians trapped in the war zone. i mean what ceasefire we have been under bombardment all night planes flying above our heads death is everywhere there's no ceasefire. the bombing campaign resumed soon after the limited ceasefire expired the last rebel stronghold near the capital damascus has been under attack for more than ten days civilian deaths are already close to six hundred the stated aim of the truce is to allow civilians to leave but the opposition says the true goal is to displace the population. so how do they expect the people of ghouta to leave their homes this could never happen we call on the countries who voted for a ceasefire at the u.n. to pressure russia and syria to implement it no one can kick the people out of guta eastern huta surrounded by government controlled territory the russian center for
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reconciliation says a corridor has been open for civilians to leave via the often seen crossing point the center accuses rebels of shelling the evacuation route and preventing people from leaving the opposition denies that but the people do not want to leave they don't not want to be displaced and never be able to return to their homes it has already happened to thousands of syrians after government forces recapture rebel held territories it's not just that many are afraid to cross into government controlled territory without international observers or security guarantees they fear arrest or conscription. up to four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in eastern huta hundreds need urgent medical assistance and evacuation it's not clear if aid will be allowed in during the pause in the fighting medics say they aren't able to cope when we last doctors and nurses there are women and children dying we want these massacres to stop please end this the procedure and
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government alliance has taken the decision to recapture eastern huta at any cost for now the people of eastern who have two choices deaths or displacement. beirut and even with that bombardment ways see children across the besieged suburb still posting their videos online as they desperately attempt to shed light on the humanitarian crisis unfolding here look. there's no food or water they always say there's a ceasefire but they come back and inform us. i am from a living situation is really bad prices are very high we do not have money to shelter please no food or water and we do not feel warm. so we haven't seen or heard early with of course got a suburb in java it is following the story from my gaziantep on the turkish syrian border i mean short story or it hasn't worked we were talking yesterday about how
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this might play out on the ground it's just accusations from both sides. absolutely come on i mean it is a situation where aid workers have been saying that this is a cruel medieval game that russia is playing with us they say that rather than killing us they're letting us live so they can kill us later it is a very grim situation on the ground at least four people have been killed in the last few hours since this pause ended people have been sending us their stories about how they have been stampeding to try and go get back to shelters a good some food and some something that would they would keep all but because it is extremely cold and people have been living in very very desperate conditions without basic needs and that was the whole point of the united nations security council. resolution to stop it and this was the first first time that we've heard
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that the syrian government has agreed to the orders given by president putin of russia but it appears that nor a real movement on the ground has happened aid workers have been saying that no aid has been allowed to go come in and people are just too afraid to go out they've seen what has been happening to others who've gone out from aleppo from from homs and other parts of syria where these demographic shifts have taken place and then aid agencies are just not ready for a mass evacuation of four hundred thousand people even if all of them decide to come out that is not it is not clear whether they go you know some i just had a question on the facebook live stream from one of our viewers who said you're only talking about good to count you see what's happening in our free as well now i know you you may not have specific updates on what's happening in a frame but it is a good point to make is that whilst we focus on these things there is a war going on across this country still. absolutely african is one of those places on the northern syrian border with turkey which is
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under the control of the y p g a kurdish group which turkey considers a terrorist organization and turkey has launched this operation since last month to try and clear that area and in the last forty eight hours we've heard updates from rebels push turkey back that they have almost encircled the city of african and they're closer to taking full control this is an area where the fighting does continue we've heard reports of civilian deaths we've heard reports that the kurds have been posting online and then them being countered by the turkish government saying that this is all fake propaganda so there is a war that is ongoing in other parts of syria as well that is ongoing battles in it live there is a war of going on in other parts including the resort and rock on the outskirts where isis remnants are still left so it is a very much ongoing situation we've been focusing on water because it is one of those flashpoints where the plight of people has been heard across the globe people have been sending us messages from this area saying there's four hundred thousand
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civilians which are just a few kilometers away from the warehouses of the united nations where there is food just allow them to have that food and medical aid so that people can at least live their lives while the politics goes on around them all right some a binge of age and gassing on to thank you. good question that was as well thank you for that that was coming in on facebook live do send in any comments or questions to us for the stories we're covering today how should i join yours but of course be it on twitter i'm actually just retreated i'll tweet for today's show and i j english you can reply to that thread with the hash tag and we had our producers keeping an eye out for your responses there as we say the live stream at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera where you can watch and comment as you go and this number plus nine seven four five i want triple one four nine eight is for both whatsapp and telegram telegram chapel channel if you use that as well. now well from syria to something that they call the forgotten war the conflict in yemen which has spawned the largest single nation humanitarian crisis in the world it has killed
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tens of thousands of people it has left more than a million affected by a cholera outbreak but with a new united nations yemen envoy about to take up his position maybe there is some fresh hope of a chance to broker peace griffiths former british diplomat will replace the out going envoy a smile old shaker who is about to make his final briefing to the u.n. just a reminder of the players involved this is from the real calm military action who's in it who's against it just gives you a little reminder there of who remember the coalition of course led by saudi arabia in yemen this now been going on for three years they are backed by as you say support from the u.s. the u.k. france turkey and belgium with broadly speaking iran china and russia on the other side so we're going to be keeping an eye well actually james by is going to be helping us out a diplomatic at the keeping an eye on what is said today by this outgoing yemen envoy james because and i wonder if
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a man who is no longer and i use this word very carefully who is no longer burdened by the job maybe he can speak freely and really talk about yemen about what he really seen and really wants to be done. i think that sunlight plea the niceties of the job if you are a u.n. envoy you're a u.n. envoy until you finish the job he's in the job until the end of the week will shake ahmed but you will be getting i think briefing an almost briefing of what he thinks the situation is like in syria he began briefing literally in the last minutes to the u.n. security council giving him his giving them the view of the situation on the way and we heard from the dutch ambassador and from the swedish representative they were deeply concerned about the situation sweden described the situation in yemen as deplorable and what you have on the table for the security council is a report from a panel of experts on yemen that they received about
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a month ago and that paints a pretty grim picture as well and it's critical of all sides in yemen it's critical of iran i'll come back to that in a moment but it's also critical of the saudi led coalition of saudi arabia for its bombing and the number of civilians it's killing and another member of the u.a.e. for its role in yemen encouraging it seems separatism in the south of the country and involved with its own forces in yemen in some places running prison camps. described in this panel of experts or sport as torture camps so i think you're going to hear some of these allegations coming up some of the countries of the security council i think will want to focus on the allegations against iran and the fact that the panel of experts a suggested missiles fired by the who these may have come from iran in fact the u.k. tried to put that into a resolution in the last twenty four hours and got vetoed by russia that was
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a resolution to continue the sanctions in yemen showing the divisions around the security council table on this issue come all ok we'll come back to james bezan when we get more developments from that u.n. briefing on yemen thank you james got elizabeth kendall with us as well who is a senior research fellow at pembroke college at the university of oxford a specialist on political movements in the middle east thank you for joining us others but do you. it's a new envoy someone coming in fresh to this job and let's face it these jobs to be a u.n. envoy to yemen or syria or whatever is it's a thankless job it's a very very difficult job but is there perhaps just the impetus for more exposure more of a push to get people talking about yemen i think the arrival of a new and boy is a very positive step it's an incredibly tough job and the outgoing envoy is probably absolutely exhausted not to mention if you're in that job for any number of months or years you're going to have angered at the various sides involved so we
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desperately needed fresh blood and a fresh look at the situation we have to hope that martin griffiths takes this most recent report that your correspondent just mentioned very seriously and uses it as a framework to start think thinking about how to end this crisis and a new fresh way problem for him though is that the players are still the same day and after three years heading into a fourth year you can see saudi arabia particularly changing tack at the moment. well the pirates are still the same but we are now in a situation of incredible international fatigue with this war it was always supposed to be a short sharp shock by saudi arabia that would be over soon in fact it's lost its three is it's costing estimate say about two hundred million dollars a day and it hasn't achieved any of saudi arabia's war aims so even the main
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players i think will now be looking for a different approach a different way out ok elizabeth stay there for me if you wouldn't want because we've got live pictures from the u.n. now of this briefing happening from the special envoy of the secretary general for yemen and if you stay with us listen along with us we'll have a chat with you in the words of some form of humanitarian assistance compared to fifteen point nine million in march two thousand and fifteen. yeah in the context of these appalling and vast humanitarian challenges i welcome the generous pledge. about iraq but not beyond one of one billion u.s. dollars by the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to support humanitarian action and reconstruction in yemen and as well as their commitment to raise an additional five hundred million us dollars from other donors in good region i hope that these initiatives will materialize and that the funds pledged will be disbursed soonest to improve the current precarious situation mr president
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yemeni women has suffered some of the worst effects of the conflict and the space for women's rights is shrinking every day and. i heard many yemeni women saying that they live in a big prison where their freedom of speech is restricted and of all those who do speak up face a constant threat of persecution and violent attempts to silence them however despite these daily challenges yemeni women are remarkably resilient and their inclusion in the peace process is critical. the same applies to young people in yemen. mr president i would like to express my gratitude to the world bank for its innovative approach in yemen which is unique in a country with conflict the partnership between my office and the world bank in collaboration with the un country team has contributed not only to the alleviation
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of suffering of some of the most vulnerable families but also to the preservation of yemenis institutions in the long term. i would also like to express my appreciation to the group of eighteen ambassadors with agree to take into yemen and the states that have hosted talks with the parties including switzerland kuwait and oman. during the past few weeks i have visited several countries in the region. as well as the gulf cooperation council secretariat they are all fully aware of the importance of a peaceful solution to this conflict to stabilize the region and fight terrorism mr president over the past three years and throughout my continuous meetings with the parties i believe a solid foundation for an agreement has been laid so the endorsement of the general framework in two thousand and fifteen and the discussion that took place in kuwait in two thousand and sixteen those who follow the yemen fire closely will look not
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large that the united nations has spared no effort to help the yemeni parties reach a peaceful solution of. doing the course of my interactions with the parties we have discussed all the details of a peace road map with a clear timeline taking into account the parties needs and challenges today i would like to announce for the first time that we were about that we did reach agreement on a peace proposal developed in consultation with the parties but they refused to sign in the last moment and the end of the consultations it became clear that the who sees were not prepared to make some sessions on the proposed security arrangements . or even get into the details about a comprehensive security plan this has been a major stumbling block towards reaching a negotiated solution we see daily reports about civilians dying of poverty hunger
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or in this but we should not forget that many politicians from all sides are profiting from this conflict from trading of arms and exploiting public properties for personal purposes in their speeches these politicians will stir up strife to deepen the rift in the yemeni society and at other times they declare prove peace positions while in private circles they look indifferent to the suffering of their people whoever wants peace creates solutions not excuses i repeat whoever wants peace create solutions are not excuses we do have a peace roadmap for yemen the practical suggestions to launch it and build confidence among the parties have been agreed upon the only part missing is the commitment of parties to make concessions and give priority to the national interest this is what makes us doubtful of their real intention to end this war i wish the new envoy mr martin griffiths every success and his efforts which
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i have no doubt will benefit from his wide ranging experience and diplomacy i hope that this road map will constitute a cornerstone to move forward and activate the peace process. mr president to conclude a promise thanks and a call a promise to the yemeni people to follow up on the file with the concerned and share my experience and knowledge of the yemeni issue in any possible way to contribute to peace. when i was in yemen before becoming a special envoy and i have experienced the courage and manners of the people of yemen i will follow the progress of the file until yemen returns to yemen. even after the end of my assignment my cents go to the members of this council and the international community for their support to the un led mediation efforts during the past three years including the efforts of the gulf cooperation council and the
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call is to the yemeni parties that are solely responsible for all that is happening . i call on them to turn the page of this appalling war and the history of yemen the united nations is facilitating the path for peace and the international community is creating a favorable environment for it only the yemeni decision makers are able to stop the war and the bloodshed and i repeat only the yemeni decision makers are able to stop the war and the bloodshed in the region the landscape is in cumbered with challenges political and sectarian disputes and economic pressures there is no doubt that the developments in recent months in yemen well resourceful the political cards and change some internal blocs especially considering the pressure and challenges encountered by the general peoples conference in addition to the emergency the emergence of southern popular voices expressing their demands i call
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on the parties to cease hostilities reactivate negotiations aimed at a peaceful settlement. i urge them to make the culture of coexistence prevail over the language of war so that yemen becomes a beacon of light in the middle east and a model for peace and security. where men and women young men and women from the east and west from the north and south participate in decision making thank you mr president. whoever wants peace create solutions not excuses so says this my old maid who is the out going u.n. special envoy. special envoy that is to the secure secretary general should say of the united nations talked about a promise to the yemeni people to follow up a call to the yemeni parties to turn the page saying it is up to them it is up to the parties involved they are not the people of yemen the parties it is the governors that the governing bodies the saudi led coalition which is involved as
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well all need to come to some sort of agreement. and he's believe that actually sorry one more night he says they are the only thing he believes missing in yemen is commitment to the cause but we have elizabeth kendall still with us i hope senior research fellow at pembroke college at the university of oxford who was speaking to just before that speech started. elizabeth he seemed. quite say up base but he did seem to be talking about being closer to a solution in yemen than we might have thought well i think that's possible i think the u.n. reports that came out four weeks ago did not mince its words and his saucily focused international attention on finding a new solution i think that the saudi reshuffling of its military that happened overnight also indicates that there may be a change of approach in the offing there and i think that the envoy has actually
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been quite impressed with the efforts on the role of our mom to keep lines open to the he sees them to iran to try to find a solution that will be acceptable to them and not just to the coalition. elizabeth thank you for your time do appreciate you staying with us on this one something else i want to show to our viewers just quickly is this shall be a month who who is with the u.n. refugee agency created a photo essay for a zero dot com called displaced in sun city as we always try to do this is about taking you behind the headlines to the people living the stories there's an in pictures menu at the top of the page at al-jazeera dot com just head there and search for yemen as just one more note i wanted to bring you on yemen where it's mellowed said quite specifically he was talking at the u.n. sparing no effort in yemen and that he seemed to say we did reach some sort of agreement but the parties refused to sign at the last moment he said we're not prepared to make concessions on security arrangements and that that was
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a major stumbling block so this is as we were saying there with elizabeth perhaps closer to some sort of deal to end the war than we first told ok now let's but actually mention this neighboring saudi arabia waiting solomon has replaced some of his top military commanders no official reason given for the overall hold but saudi arabia has faced growing criticism for its role in the yemen will the defense ministry shake up comes nearly three years since the saudi led coalition launched its military offensive this room. saudi arabia's military might on display. generals have been leading a coalition of forces attacking the peace in yemen for nearly three years running back rebels who pose the internationally recognized government didn't object rather do remain in control of large areas of the country and the saudi armed forces have been internationally criticized for killing thousands of yemenis widespread
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destruction and achieving little. can summon been abilities all sod has announced a reshuffle of the army's chief of staff and the heads of ground and air defense forces. the war in yemen there is a serious failure when it comes to the so the idea that is growing because cism from international community and there is a serious pressure that saudi arabia so to stop should stop what they are doing now and change course if it's needed i think so that it is trying now to open up to the international community by trying to open up airports and ports for support food or medical support so they can reduce the pressure on the so you have a government and the alliance the most notable dismissal was the military chief of staff general observe a man been salah been yen is being sidelined to become a royal court consultant is replacement is the former commander of the royal saudi air force general fayyad bin honeyed brady well the changes were approved by king
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some months analysts say it's crown prince mohammed bin some known who's likely to have been the driving force the shake up followed russia's vetoing of a u.n. resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent weapons falling into the hands of who the rebels in yemen it's the first time russia has protected iran in the security council. the fifteen member security council did however unanimously adopt a russian proposed resolution which extends targeted sanctions on iran related to the war in yemen russia doesn't like the outcome of certain expert panel reports it just doesn't like the messages doesn't mean it's been doing everything they say so we'll be urging our colleagues for the good of the united nations system to fight in fact that is what your text doesn't reflect everything in the panel of experts or bosses the mention of u.s. torture camps is not the same mention the whole thing. by the saudis in the in the gallatin of that in the resolution so i text a single pulse of what i'm about to that i said text has the support of the council
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on this momentous thank you very much whatever the case saudi arabia continues to face international criticism for airstrikes which have targeted markets hospitals and other civilian areas aid groups also blame a saudi led blockade for pushing millions of yemenis to the brink of famine in al-jazeera. you need to understand the saudi hierarchy a little bit we've got you covered this is an entire graphic which shows you the lines of succession in the house of saud which is really culminated now in the man to the right of the screen their bottom right. crown prince mohammed bin salman who has become so influential without actually becoming the thing houses out what's next in the interactive section of town to see red dot com this is the news grid coming up for a facebook live view is a look at the disappearing villages of the great engine in may in march and then later the fattest generation gets millennial born in the eighty's and early ninety's forecast to be the most of these generation the world is saying we're
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going to look at why that. welcome back cross much the levant and western parts of asia the weather is looking pretty unsettled moment we have to weather systems pushing through now at this particular one is or fragmenting as it moves so we still have a few showers around parts of iran but otherwise weather conditions not too bad and see that system across the east is clearing away we have got an area of low pressure moving through the eastern side of the mediterranean across turkey and as we head into thursday it's going to develop into quite an active snow situation so some very heavy snow across central and eastern parts of turkey you see the contrast in temperature in ankara one degree and aleppo in syria sixteen degrees further south it should stay dry for the time being for beirut there with
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temperatures reaching nineteen degrees then into raby and clincher on the western side things are looking fine thirty four degrees and sunny in mecca on the eastern side slightly different picture coming down through the gulf states lot of cloud around and the risk of some showers certainly during that wednesday i think by thursday here in doha it should be dry and brighter so the chance they'll show elsewhere but certainly improve picture by then so we head across into southern portions of africa the satellite imagery shows a lot of cloud across parts of mozambique zambia and zimbabwe heavy showers likely here but fine for much of south africa twenty two in cape town. own the benefit of saddam. see all.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and if you will trying to provide the best most curious up today's information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off on things seem petty to realize even witness history make a. mountain
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feel about color and what's trending as well is trending of course it is and this is a good article want to. happening in the white house to explain to you how this is going on this long and also at number three serious war explained in the beginning it's a very good living breathing thing which is added to the time with content about. war in syria. so have a look at yourself it's what's trying to get out. today. changes
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in china which could see the president stay in power for life or provoke some protests this is the hong kong where the ruling well those are in hong kong the ruling communist party wants to change the constitution to remove the current two term limit china's governments blocking criticism of the change and publishing praise of the policy instead and what's interesting is this is a little word cloud sort of put together these are the types of words which have been banned as such oh you'll have trouble searching for them on online including yes in the middle winnie the pooh because of apparently some unflattering comparisons between president xi. and said bear also terms like election term constitution amendment and i don't agree now to confirm all of this for ourselves we got our beijing producer to type in some of those words in china
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into a computer to see what pops up in his the pages she's typed in the word immigration and the pop up window. should get a close shot of it in a second it says sorry this content breaks relevant rules and policies and cannot be published and then it goes on to say if you need help please contact customer service. well of courageous brown very lucky to have a dream brown in studio of course that china correspondent happens to be into who on earth would customer service be for assassins come out what this shows us very clearly is china's leaders do not do humor i mean there's no real history in the history of the communist party of political science or there's no sort of saturday night live in china you know they cannot take being lampooned they're very thin skinned and you know what we're seeing now i think is a very strong flavor of what is to come during the she paying heir i mean this is
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a man who really in the last five years has come from virtually nowhere in terms of his being known outside of china to being arguably the most powerful leader in the world and. he doesn't tolerate any form of dissent the party doesn't tolerate any form of dissent now ordinary chinese people when you speak to them say how do you feel about the fact you've got a man who's going to be your leader for the next twenty to twenty five years who shrug their shoulders give you a cynic and smile they see the funny side of fortunately you know the government you know doesn't this is a leader who is going to be around let's be honest now for another twenty to twenty five years and i think the world is just waking up to that fact that cheating paying is going to be around when people like president from three's a mayor of footnotes to history that this is a man who is looking ahead for another twenty to thirty years he's playing the long game as chinese leaders always have to tell me a little more about you and the team in beijing trying to do your job we're looking
6:36 pm
at something there where you're essentially and i forgive me i don't know what the name of the browser there are of the search engine but it basically you're googling things and things don't come i mean how difficult is it to do your job with all the censorship and also knowing that the chinese government is probably got its eyes trained on you pretty closely as well a godsend is what are known as virtual proxy networks v.p.n. these enablers to in effect get round the great wall of china i don't think the chinese government cares too much about westerners foreigners based in china using v.p.n. what they don't want are there are there people using g.p.s. having access to what i have access to on the internet that that unfettered access that's what they're trying to control and what that's what increasingly they're going they're going to control i think in the weeks and months ahead i mean a lot of these v.p.n. providers have been warned that their services are going to be shut down now if we were to go a stage further than that let's say and imagine that the chinese government sided actually we want to close down all the peons and that raises a serious question mark as to whether companies would be prepared to remain in
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china to do business because of the moment a lot of companies in china are being forced to hand over sensitive data in order to have acts. yes to the chinese market and some companies are prepared to pay that price a lot of big tech companies say well you know what we've got nothing to hide if that's the price we have to pay to remain in china then you know we'll pay it but as to how difficult it's becoming for journalists to operate in china yes the environment is certainly changing and has been changing jury in the past you know five years i was recently in a very remote part of china in shanxi province visiting a village that she jingping had been to as part of his anti poverty crusade last year and we were merely showing in a sense that the the work the party has done to try and lift people out of poverty was showing that people had been living in caves poverty the been extreme but now
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these people are now living in a in a new apartment block down the road in a local town well the police turned up and we were detained for for three hours. and this is becoming the norm when you stray off the beaten track in today's china there are still enormous restrictions on what we can do and i think those kind of restrictions are actually going to increase not decrease in the xi jinping era fascinating talking to agent i'm very glad you could join us native for coming in. and actually i dream was one of how many of the four of correspondents who are here and i actually have a quick look at my i pad or we have a go have a look at that a.j. on twitter a little bit later on we had a fantastic discussion with adrian step vasant florence louis and wayne hay who joined us to talk about their various roles around the region so yeah really great thank you adrian right off we go to london now for some more international news headlines. yes that's right tomorrow we have some important news from south africa
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where the parliament has passed a motion allowing the government to take private land without any compensation motion was brought by the left wing economic freedom fighters party al jazeera as malcolm webb joins us now from johannesburg why has this motion been made now that since the ruling a.n.c. party came to power in one thousand nine hundred four they've promised land redistribution their policies and programs to do so but progress has been slow and most of the three quarters of the land in south africa belongs in the hands of the white minority and just a fraction is owned by the black majority it's been that way ever since colonial settlers came here and took much of that land violently a lot of people think that the progress has been slow because of corruption and a lack of political will but julius malema the leader of the economic freedom fighters there the left wing breakaway party that you just mentioned to the
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constitution doesn't give powerful enough provisions to the government to be able to take land without compensation so they put the motion to the national assembly just a short while ago and this time the a.n.c. voted with them the a.n.c. as their popularity has decreased in recent years they rhetorics got tougher and this time they've actually joined with the economic freedom fighters and the motion was passed with a significant majority about two hundred forty voted in favor of about eighty members voted against it this is the beginning of a constitutional change process and this is a motion to change the constitution that will allow the government to express land in future without compensation what happens next. we'll have to go to a committee they're not due to report back to the national assembly in till august and the election next year so by the time this constitutional change actually gets made we don't know who will be in power and what kind of policies they will bring
6:41 pm
but what we have seen over many years is a general trend by which slow land redistribution and general poor service delivery has led to the rise of more populist more radical messages coming or being led often by the economic freedom fighters and now the a.n.c. of joined on board and in recent months the a.n.c. has said that they do need more forthcoming more radical policies that's what they're aiming to do to try and redistribute land the top extent their use this new constitutional provision will depend on the policies of who's in power at the time so we waiting to see in the months or years ahead to see how far they'll take this and if we're going to see very radical land redistribution or not thanks very much malcolm where with all the latest from johannesburg on our other stories we're covering a controversial plan to tax the christian church in jerusalem which has led to the closure of one of its holiest sites has now been suspended by the city's mayor the
6:42 pm
church of the holy sepulcher considered to be the site of the christian fiction and burial of jesus has been shut in protest since sunday christian leaders say the tax plan is a deliberate israeli policy aimed at weakening their presence in the holy city prosecutors in south korea is seeking a thirty year prison sentence for former president pardon hey the ousted leader faces charges of bribery abuse of power and coercion. was formally removed from office and arrested amid allegations that she colluded with a friend to take millions of dollars from companies in bribes a court sentence park's friend choice in cill to twenty years in prison earlier this month while not bright has more from seoul. parkin hay has faced an array of charges from alleged bribery to abuse of power even to things like discriminating against artists who she felt were opposed to her government all this dates back to an unfolding scandal in twenty sixteen and much of it related to
6:43 pm
a friendship with her longtime confidant choice and sil it's claimed that together and choice forced a number of conglomerates to hand over more than fifty million dollars in return for business favors the whole scandal led to massive street protests calls for her resignation she clung on to power and was eventually impeached and which brought about her downfall at the end of twenty sixteen since then choi has been found guilty of her part in all this two weeks ago she was sentenced to twenty years in prison something she is appealing against parker and hey though has pleaded not guilty and indeed has said that she's been treated unfairly by the judicial system and has been boycotting a number of of her court appearances but according to the prosecutors she's guilty not only of these crimes but also of damaging the very constitutional fabric
6:44 pm
of south korea itself meanwhile north korea has confirmed that sending athletes to next month's winter paralympics in south korea representatives from both countries met in the border trees village of panmunjom to discuss the logistics of it and of plans to send around twenty athletes sell has tried to use the winter olympic and paralympic games to open up dialogue between north korea and the u.s. . that's it from london for now i'll be back in about fifteen minutes time let's get back to come up thank you for that mary and we are going to look at a group called millennial who apparently are going to be the most overweight generation since current records began retailers he. to tell us more about those first ladies who exactly millennial zoran why this problem is happening while millennial zah those born in the early eighty's and the mid ninety's and are expected to be the most obese generation this is according to cancer research u.k.
6:45 pm
and their study shows that obesity can cause a thirteen different types of cancer including breast and kidney cancer a seven in ten millennial as are exposed to be overweight by the time they reach thirty five to forty four years old and this compares to around five in ten baby boomers who were obese at the same age now this isn't just a headline in the u.s. or in the u.k. the problem is global and it is affecting many low and middle income countries particularly in urban areas according to the world health organization worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since one thousand nine hundred seventy five and forty one million told are an under the age of five were overweight or obese in twenty sixteen and in that same year almost half of all overweight children under five lived in asia and one quarter of them lived in africa but it can be prevented here is what some of you had to say about healthy living. you went to any petrol station
6:46 pm
and he's convenience store and you see there are places packed on top of bottom where there are all sorts of junk foods and so really it's down to our society i suppose disparage you know control in that i mean if these foods are causing problems then we need to look at ways of making them less accessible to kids young adults as well as well now philosophies very simple thing gaijin educate children young people do fun physical activity followed to love we've been focused on food and i was food intakes which are all very very important part of a balanced diet but we must stop blaming the food culture now this research is a prediction saying that many holes will be the most obese generation but everyone believes in the evidence has why if you look at those trends in the source of that they specifically cite the health so that for english you can see there's been no
6:47 pm
rise was whether in overweight and obesity among groups since two thousand and two the rates went up to nine hundred ninety but then they stopped that big plant for more than fifteen years now so there's really no reason to believe it's suddenly going to shoot upwards millennialism going prancer the health service for england also shows a flat lining in a way to be taken back many years so i think this is really just a publicity stunt by cancer research to try and promote some of his anti obese people who says what do you think why do you think that the city has such an issue when we are more educated about health than ever before must be directly apprehended have it or use the hash tag is great thank you. with us now senior health information officer at cancer research u.k. in london thank you for your time and if you could hear that contributor who we had just been saying i believe it was some sort of publicity stunt. over the issue of basically i'm sure you would disagree with that maybe you want to reply to that.
6:48 pm
yeah absolutely look just predictions but they're based on current trends and the current trends are showing that it's it's a reflection of our environment so the environment that we live in currently make it really really hard to keep a healthy diet for most people so we do want to see awareness raised about this issue so that's why we've launched a campaign targeting the await us around the link between obesity and cancer so at least it's actually the second biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking the fact only fifteen percent of people are aware of this and so that's why we've launched a new campaign alongside the work that we're doing to try and change the environment that do make it hard for most people to keep out the way. we should be educated on this matter i mean if you said it's not easy to avoid all these food which is around us at the moment but one of the arguments is that people and particularly young people are more educated than ever about what food will do to you and what will cause temps are in any other type of health issues. as i
6:49 pm
mentioned most of which we don't know about the link between of a scene can't just we want to change that and it goes so fast so the environment that we live you know the all the stacked against us tonight this house the choices that conflict on botted by advertisements on healthy foods and it's a lot easier to do today that's got to be as filed for the casing that we're pushing for is restrictions on junk food not seen to young people so we want to say a nine pm watershed so that we close the loop so that young people are exposed to at least once an accident because research does show that children her exposed to high levels of junk from acting are at a high risk of the weight of a city you have to cut regulation as well you know i hear a lot of campaigns saying that there should be taxes on sugary drinks and the like . yes so we welcome the sugary drink tags but you know there is no one solution to this we will look at the whole range of actions and you know part of that will be
6:50 pm
will be the tax on sugar drinks which we hope will drive down chick consumption but we also need to say things like the regulation of junk food marketing at it as well as reducing labels of sugar fat saw in the food alongside awareness campaigns in education and support for the fact of its goal is that a whole range of actions and they needed to tackle this you know it as i mentioned before it's not easy for most people to keep healthy way so we need a supportive environment that makes the house the choice the easy choice emma shields joining us from cancer research in the u.k. thank you so much for your time. and look at this issue a few years ago when the stats were that two out of every three americans were overweight and one out of every three or a base but just rushing in the team also found some sorts of food revolution's happening as people tried to fight back full lines is always a great watch that is in the documentary section. dot com. this is during the
6:51 pm
break up facebook live viewers are going to get the story of how one famous fashion brand has been accused of culturally. religious dominance and then he's along with sports member talking about going to get the chance to play football at manchester united but. many of his fans had been hoping for. a.
6:52 pm
and he's here to talk sport it was a great big have lots of it i mean there are a lot of very disappointed faces a new german not least program out it says he's been white seen for this headline to come and that story didn't quite happen you sign ball will be playing alongside
6:53 pm
professional footballers he will be appearing it's much just you know it's all traffic stadium nuts and anything approaching a proper gun. need to teach you something you can run the biggest thing in the league football to me. they go bolts in tandem with singer robbie williams when in fact speak caps and ng at same in a charity guy on monday bolton tweeted that it's on for football the same prompting speculation of a serious career switch is the view of all sports correspondent league welling's. well this is a very modern social media story with lots of hype and lots of expectation because people the world wanted to say use and vote sign for a football club because he keeps teasing us with this and is desperate to play football for it's up to you isn't good enough we simply don't know yet are you training phenomenally sundowns who the top of the only in south africa have an
6:54 pm
excellent record you think he isn't quite up to the standard to get a game we can work out for them if he wanted to sign for them but it's been brilliant publicity for them he would love to play for manchester united because that's never going to happen despite his eight olympic medals this is a completely different sport you wanted it maybe apply for a team a bit down the leagues in a country is that obsessed with football and that's why there was a real possibility that pop up with the stunt part genuine spoke to the prowess he was going to sign for one of those but in in the end of course it's a charity match at the unicef it's going to bring the fans in it's going to be great publicity for them on june the tenth in manchester his beloved manchester united's home maybe he will play so well in this game between west of the world in england that he will get signed for a proper football club so some decent published stay for the stock rated charity game but a lot of negative reaction on social media from various he felt bolts had been wasting their time this one of the more polite messages sense in both directions
6:55 pm
starts following both yesterday after hearing rumors of club signing now i'm unfollowing well bolton did have a training session with south african premier league sing mamelodi sundowns last month as a team backed by pima just like bulbs the club happily played along tweeting best in the build up to pulse not so big announcement football will never be the same find out so morrow at eight o'clock a south african sports rights joe crown points out mamelodi sundowns managed to get the name past it around news outlets all over the world with the. p.r. stunt work thousands of people who didn't know the club yesterday know them today mark listen though the highly respected african football writer has a different take for those who thought the bolt signing stunt was a pay arcane for the sundance consider this what does it say about the perception of our football league and stop clubs that everyone so readily believe bolt's could
6:56 pm
play here for me at a meaning day or michael justin from marketing consultancy firm brand finance says finale at least bolt's brand is big enough to absorb any negative reaction when you same boat has a has a big announcement them and it and it they deliver that i think the people will will with them and appreciate that but at the same time he's also you know has a bit of a reputation of this a bit of a jokester and so in that sense what the brand finance research indicates that people want seriousness and reliability from the bank or from the car manufacturer whereas at the same time you know you say both a bit of a joke or marx had a bit of. various brands of online and doing all sorts of different bits and pieces so you know perhaps next time when he delivers the goods then we'll have to pay attention. there you go a rather more traditional form of brand promotion taking place in the world of basketball today it seems taking inspiration from hollywood to try and sysfs an n.b.a. superstar their way three billboards have been put up in
6:57 pm
a cleveland cavaliers legend le bron james to sign with the philadelphia seventy six is the thirty three year old can opt out of his contract for the cavaliers they share that stand and spot of course by the oscar nominated movie three billboards outside of being missouri let us know what you think about it all via the hash tag news grid or you can tweet me directly and we are on the school sports more for me in the eight hundred g.m.c. news hour but for now let's get back to come up and thank you for that fine if you what really goes on in the commercial breaks at some news organizations anyway check this out it's a leaked video from pakistan news channel which went viral when it was posted online many levick about it but i bet we have numbers that the local media thought they discussed but i mean. obviously it is all in order but the fight starts when the male and complains to his production team that his co-host is refusing to engage with him during bulletins she goes on to tell him that he's disrespectful and she doesn't like his tone and then finally out as under her breath just feel
6:58 pm
meaning ignorance i'd love to ask her here live what she thinks she's actually left the studio already and i hope it wasn't anything like that will do it for this newsgroup to keep in touch with us hashtag a j newsgroup on twitter facebook and whatsapp and we see you right back to your fourteen about zero fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow. right
6:59 pm
. morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say i'm going to be up at the gala the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail.
7:00 pm
to announce the biggest a step in the month. to kate's activists in seats of government we didn't want to be part of this institution and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy so open source code to use the freedom for everyone to look we are innovators we are activists we are. talking madrid at this time on a. eastern good to hit by as strikes and shelling despite a five hour humanitarian was ordered by russia's president.


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