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that's how i feel. as poverty and desperation sweep across ruhi just settlements women and girls are being bought and sold and given away in refugee camps one on one east investigates yet another dark side of the crisis at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes russia is accused of breaching cold war era treaties after
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vladimir putin promotes a new generation of weapons. this announcement is disappointing worry among u.s. trade partners as president trump looks to impose hefty tariffs on imported steel and other many. at least eight turkish soldiers are killed in northern syria where they're battling kurdish fighters. will join security patrols in somalia as new attacks by al shabaab hit the capital. and as hollywood gets ready for the oscars on sunday we turn the spotlight on the film industry is biased against women. welcome to the program of the u.s. accusing russia of breaking treaties dating back to the cold war after vladimir putin unveiled what he describes as invincible nuclear weapons the russian president presented the arsenal with video animations one of which depicted an attack on the united states. i certainly did not enjoy watching we don't regard
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that as the behavior of a responsible international player president putin has confirmed what the united states government has known for a long time that russia has denied prior to this that russia has developed been developing destabilizing weapon systems for more than a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations president trump understands the threats facing america and our allies in this in this century and is determined to protect our homeland and preserve peace through strength u.s. defense capabilities are and were main second to none on the trumpet ministration chose the same day as putin speech to announce how it's moving ahead with plans to sell ukraine and to tank missiles to help defend its territory from russia more on that later on a whole reports a moscow about how putin's address has been received. an hour in and the speech that it seemed relentlessly domestic suddenly took an explosive turn. no one
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expected blood to me at putin's annual address to parliament to involve advanced missile systems and strategic weapons and maybe talk of job creation and better roads in the years ahead it was a response he said to years of unchecked advances by the united states in missile defense. russia has always been a big nuclear states you know wanted to speak constructively with us in the past and no one said to listen well listen to us now one missile in development putin explained could travel the globe with unlimited range and entirely undetected by radar defense systems but those three weeks before the presidential election it was all greeted with extatic of pools by russia's political elite president putin made a strong message to. russian audience which can be spelled out as the fall of any of this if you. the world is pretty dense surrounded by
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a dressers but you'll have to be rest assured that till the country is run by a person whose name is of light given to putin. you will have nothing to worry about as well as showcasing these extraordinary new defense capabilities let me a putin speech was full of inspiring promises of investment lifting people out of poverty improving their lives in what was expected to be his last major speech before the election this was putin presented to the russian people as a pillar of political stability economic stability and perhaps above all security its full impact may have been intended for a domestic audience but there was more than a hint of menace in putin's warning that any outside threat would be met with annihilation russia's current defense spending is only about one tenth of that of the united states obviously combined defense spending. is even much larger
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than that of the u.s. the trumpet mistress announced plans to increase defense spending. and russia with its economic conditions is unlikely to be able to spend much more than it currently does. i don't think there will be a real arms race after eighteen years in power this was a mere putin reminding russians that their country is a world power once again the strength of its conventional military on full display in syria he said its nuclear capabilities now soon to be more than a match for us might join a home al jazeera moscow. asian stocks of forum after president trump announced plans to impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports it spooked investors and members of trump's un republican party who fear a global trade will question some of the reports from new york. president donald trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports after this white house
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meeting much to the delight of visiting industry representatives who say they've been hurt by a flood of cheap imports they've been very unfairly treated by bad policy by bad trade deals by other countries they've been horribly treated by other countries. they have not been properly represented more importantly because of that our workers in our country have not been properly represented the president promised to impose a twenty five percent tariff on steel and ten percent on aluminum going to bring steel back he was making good on a campaign promise to revive u.s. manufacturing and address a trade imbalance with china a position that saw him win big in so-called rust belt states like pennsylvania where he promised to bring back jobs but it's unclear if the tariffs will apply to other trade partners like canada from whom the u.s. imports the most steel some of trump's cabinet are said to have fought against the
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tariffs the announcement catching his staff off guard but we're not going to get into any more details until those fight those details are finalized and it angered canada's foreign minister who said any increase would be unacceptable any restrictions would harm workers the industry and manufacturers on both sides of the border she said the steel and aluminum industry is highly integrated and supports critical north american manufacturing supply chains and while steel and aluminum makers saw their stocks soar on the announcement the market overall sunk on fears of a trade war and harm to companies who would be hit by higher prices the president promised a formal announcement of his plans and presumably more details next week christine salumi al-jazeera. well has been swift reaction to trump's plan with warnings of its potential effect on trade in thousands of jobs worldwide enormous we don't need to know we have to find the opportunity to tell the united states that steel in our main human ports from japan which is an allied nation absolutely no threat to its
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national security and he lost weight the prime minister and i had the opportunity to rice's directly with the president and other senior members of the trumpet ministration to indicate that a strong his view is that they should be an exemption for australian steel now the medium products the imposition of a tariff like this will do nothing other than distort tripe and ultimately we believe will lead to a loss of jobs may find that they found on the ground the u.s. has already taken at least one hundred countermeasures against imported steel and aluminum products providing excessive protection for domestic markets of all countries follow the us example this would result in a serious impact on the international trade ota china correspondent adrian brown has more now from beijing. well as china considers whether to retaliate against the united states the language from its officials has so far been quite measured the commerce ministry said on friday that it was concerned over president announcement
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of foreign ministry spokesman said that china want to the united states to continue playing a positive role and urged washington to refrain from taking and carrying out what he called punishing actions now i think it's fair to assume that china had anticipated president from doing something like this because of course during the past few months he's repeatedly warned that he was going to impose heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum imports china of course actually produces more than half the world steel but in fact very little chinese steel is now going to the united states because in recent years china has been hit with heavy antidumping duties involving steel now these two countries of course have an awful lot at stake the value of trade between china and the united states currently stands at around six hundred billion dollars and i suppose the real question now is is this trade friction between china and the united states really going to lead to
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a full blown trade war so let's get a better idea of which countries the u.s. gets most of its steel from using figures from the department of commerce where here they are highlighted in orange eight nations including canada mexico japan russia and brazil all sold one million tons or more of steel products to the u.s. in twenty sixteen you'll notice china is not among them because the u.s. imports less steel from there but as for alimony i'm well imports now make up about ninety percent of the alimony i'm consumed in the u.s. that's up from sixty six percent in twenty twelve let's talk to a severe attack as she takes a professor at the school of management and information at japan's university of she's ok joins us on skype the u.s. is main trading partners as we've seen there have reacted furiously to president trump's plans to impose these tariffs on steel and aluminum imports how significant is this and why do you think he's doing it now. well i think the reason why he's doing it is well obviously because they've got election coming up i think in two
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thousand and eighteen that's certainly one thing and he needs to gain popularity by reducing religiously reducing the trade deficit and increasing jobs but this is a very very dangerous fire that i think he's playing with because as you reported earlier this could trigger a notion of trade friction throughout the world which would be very very negative considering that the fragility of sustaining the economic conditions around the world is being cited so this is coming at a very bad timing it's something that we need the least at this moment i think and you'll of in japan gero i mean what about asian countries like japan and china i mean china doesn't export much steel to the u.s. anyway because of these anti dumping duties but japan stock markets fell along with shares in toyota and nippon steel so the asian market as you say is extremely sensitive to this absolutely will significant effect especially obviously on steel
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companies an aluminum companies but the irony here is that japan and u.s. if you look at from a security point of view were allies and the reason for this action comes from security measures now i fully understand or at least there's a reasoning if this is imposed against russia or china for security reasons but you know imposing it to canada mexico and japan is something that's really strange and at the same time if you look at china the steel that is being used in the united states are on the very low range meaning that it does not really threaten the security measures in the united states so the logic behind imposing this new tariff is really out of the ballpark yeah and critics argue that trump's new tariffs would fail to protect american jobs and would ultimately put up prices for consumers any truth to that. absolutely obviously there were already is a problem with excessive production in china and as you reported earlier they put
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sanction to them so all of you see the prices domestic prices in the united states aren't as low as people would think so this tariff would obviously cause a retaliation in fact you have already expressed that they would retaliate and for that reason obviously this could lead not only to the price rise of steel in the united states but also to all the roll. dirty through one type of protections and that could regress back which wouldn't benefit anybody in the world a final thought from you i mean trump's plans as we've been hearing of spooked investors even members of his own republican party in global markets a fall in there a wide affairs of this global trade war how do you see this playing out well this certainly is putting another a negative legacy to his policies because again his policies do not make sense i mean there is no reasoning. that could really satisfy anyone so this really is
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putting on a lot of additional fear that these negative issues could perpetuate in this not forget us is after all the leader we need them to be a lot more stringent in creating these you know all turmoil again i repeat the point that this is doing nobody any good including the united states. thank you very much for talking to us is there now boko haram fighters have killed at least three aid workers in northern nigeria un spokeswoman has been quoted saying the attack happened late on thursday night in the remote town of ron there are fears a fourth may have also been killed and another abducted the town is home to a camp of more than fifty thousand internally displaced people let's get more now from deval he's in a moment what more do we know about this attack. yes what we know is that the attack took place took place late on thursday evening and
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it targeted apparently the attack was targeting a military post bus that was guarding this camp that you have just talked about the camp hosts about fifty five thousand eternally displaced people the victims of this fight between the government and harm and according to the u.n. source they killed three aide workers two of them are working with i.o.m. have been working with the international organization for migration and one was a medical doctor with unicef worker whose identity has not been established or so is suspected dead and another one was apparently abducted or missing. also a local source talk about the killing of eight nigerian soldiers in this attack but this camp has been a target of previous attacks in in september last year nine or so civilians were killed by boko haram in this camp but the biggest loss of life in this camp took place last year in january when the military the nigerian army raided this camp
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actually it was a an air raid that has killed about one hundred people and the government has launched an investigation into that and said it was a mistake so civilians are bearing the brunt of this fight and this is taking place while a vast campaign against book crime is taking place in that area and in the neighboring state of your bay were more than one hundred girls were abducted on the nineteenth of february the government said it is going this time around to make sure the girls are taken back and brought to their families mohamed thank you now a car bomb packed with explosives as rammed into a military base thirty kilometers northwest of somalia's capital mogadishu it happened in the afghan district local police say the number of casualties isn't yet . officials from the five countries contributing to the african union force in somalia are in uganda capital discussing plans to withdraw their troops by the end
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of twenty twenty the force known as amazon has been battling al-shabaab for ten years it's now training local police forces as they are some of the miller spent a day imbedded with an african union police patrol in addition to. these local police officers a stationed at one of several high risk areas in mogadishu it's not far from the old parliament building an african union police patrol made up of kenyan nigerian and ugandan offices stop to check in where the other. but the local police meant to keep the area safe are not armed we have done the training we have been giving them in terms of knowledge and skills what is remaining in the equipment if they're going to help equipment ok much more than we expect somalia is a national police force is twenty thousand strong but sometimes app has it it's
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still finding its feet securing the capital often relying on residents to gather intelligence some areas in mogadishu are targets fighters trying to overthrow the government. one challenge is that sometimes places explosives and paper bags and dust moans african union patrols like this one a mint to coordinate security activities between foreign and local police the patrol takes us through some of the busiest parts of the city crowded with people and traffic aside from being used to assist and train local police these patrols by the african union's under some force there's a very much about making people here feel safe the more police is seen the war people feel secure the government is preparing its own security forces to take over . when african union police and soldiers leave the country in two years the united
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nations says al shabaab has been weakened in the past year but the somali government says its security forces also face challenges our security force used to have the training outside. the problem became when they come back. they don't have . in. their nationalistic. view. and why they're fighting. there were not fully prepared in terms of the current situation in somalia. the government says it's twenty six thousand troops are stretched thin somalia lacks the institutions to properly supported the police and soldiers sudden changes in leadership clan affiliations political infighting and low salaries don't make it any easier we are not going to be here for good right now as we talk the discussion is transition so i'm son is soon moving out and
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that's the reality in december one thousand amma some soldiers pulled out of somalia the african union says it could consider extending its mission in somalia but ultimately its mandate will end for me to al-jazeera mogadishu where else are on the continent european forces are training soldiers in central african republic it's all part of international efforts to stabilize the country after years of conflict but with many regions under rebel control the skepticism about what can really be achieved a spot about zero has special series catherine sawyer reports from a training camp in the capital bangui. it's an intense six month program by the european union training mission in central african republic this men and women will eventually be deployed across the country much of it controlled by armed groups after the training they'll be given new weapons from russia following an exemption to an arms embargo by the u.n.
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security council when you have a civil war or a crisis in a country. the rules become. less and less even to fight a war so when they are in a situation of stress and when the military in situations of stress of combat. you have to be real trained and well trained to remember the rules in the same camp more training but for ex competence they've recently laid down their weapons as part of a disarmament and bring to gratian program there are about a hundred and sixty four most fighters in this phase here lining up. they get basic training and also important about human rights. but implementing the program has been slow it's strapped for cash and some groups are opposed to it not means that. it is going to cause we want to consider people. ibrahim allow what is
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one of the leaders of the popular front for the renaissance of the central african republic a group that controls most of the north he said the government has failed to or in a previous agreements. right now ten thousand un peacekeepers are holding the fort without them the security situation would probably be much worse but the forces of a stretched readers in accusations of human rights abuses and peacekeepers are working in perilous conditions fourteen were killed in fighting last year in this country also the road conditions are very bad it's a forest for troops to stick with the roads they cannot go into the woods with means they have it consumes. the truck the government wants to take control of the country and having better trained and equipped soldiers will help. but with more than eighty percent of c. are under rebel rule regaining control is clearly
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a difficult hoddle catherine sawyer bond central african republic. now it's been a violent twenty four hours for all sides in turkey's cross border offensive against kurdish y p g fighters and syria's a free region turkey's military says eight of its soldiers were killed and another thirteen injured in an operation against the white b.g. on thursday when later that night turkish jets targeted a y p g and pro syrian government forces in northern a free and reportedly killing seventeen fighters. and government forces have been in a free since late last month to help the white b.g. repel the turkish offensive and for the first time since events in began in january an aid convoy carrying humanitarian supplies for fifty thousand displaced people has been allowed into the region let's get more now from osama bin laden joins me from gaziantep that's on the turkey syria border one of the deadliest days then for turkish forces operating in a free and what more do we know about these latest deaths. well
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details have emerged about how the kurdish fighters with turkey calls terrorists instead these fighters into these soldiers who went into a mountainous region when they closed when they got close to a village fight is used a tunnel to launch a surprise attack that killed a number of soldiers wounded a few and also attacked the turkish military aircraft a helicopter which was attacked but made it safely into turkish territory so it goes to show the difficulty of the terrain that these two the soldiers have been operating in just a few weeks ago we heard the turkish president saying that it's going to be a matter of days before they can reach the city center it hasn't been the case according to the turkish military their advance has been slow because they want to try and avoid civilian casualties but military experts have been telling us that this is a tough terrain this is difficult mountainous hilly areas where they have to go village by village neighborhood after neighborhood into areas where the before it
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is often by p.g. you know the area quite well and they've been launching a number of attacks on turkish soldiers at least forty one have been killed since. dickie launched this operation in january and the turkish government said it's killed and s n over more than two thousand two hundred what it calls terrorists meanwhile osama it's day four of this partial ceasefire in eastern guta what have you been hearing. well it's been another day of bombings and strikes activists on the ground have been telling us that during this five hour pause the shelling and the bodman didn't stop in at least three areas of eastern huta no aid has been allowed in no evacuations have happened we heard last night from the syrian government telling you in agencies that it is willing to let it go on boys in but aid workers have been telling us that this five hour window is just not enough for aid convoys to go in safely distribute the aid and then come back there are also no guarantees by any third party given by the russians or the
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syrians so that people not just the injured but those who want to come out can come out and there's also confusion and very these people would go because. it's home to about four hundred thousand people there are no camps in place there are no evacuation plans to bring out that big a number of people from eastern guta on the outskirts of eastern voted they're still clashes ongoing between various factions of the syrian rebels as well as the syrian government where the tiger forces the fourth brigade and the tenth brigade are trying to make inroads trying to take as much areas possible in besieged eastward to samarra thank you. meanwhile emanuel macron donald trump have promised to work together to implement a un backed cease fire in eastern guta in a telephone call the u.s. and french leaders also agreed that russia needed to put maximum pressure on the syrian government to abide by the cease fire the un security council agreed to a thirty day cease fire last saturday but more than
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a thousand critically ill people are still unable to leave the rebel enclave on the outskirts of damascus. now more than twenty four thousand homes and businesses are without power as severe snowstorms continue to batter island in the u.k. they're facing some of the worst weather in almost thirty years after storm ever followed a significant cold front from siberia which has been nicknamed the beast from the east where the armed forces have been called in to transport medical staff to work as roads remain closed and flights and trains canceled. well rob is here shortly to tell us more about europe's freezing conditions and after that the propaganda war and its fallout for afghans trapped by fighting between government forces and the taliban. and a diplomatic standoff between bangladesh in myanmar the future of thousands of ranger living in no man's land. and sport find out why there was no flag or national anthem for this athlete at the world indoor championships more than things
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. from long flowing winds to an enchanting breeze. yes the heart of all this cold air over europe should have been the north pole actually the north pole is about fifty degrees to warm the coldest slipped out of northern sweden it was minus forty on tuesday i haven't even got to put celsius or far like that's the temperature where they are both the same and this cold as you probably knows from all the way across europe such that some places had record lows me hungers a case in point the coldest day on record happened at the end of february thursday morning minus twenty four point six i mean no one wants this obviously when you get is cold a meeting anything else that has most really snow falls out of the sky you saw snow on the french riviera in many places in italy as well in fact hasn't snowed in
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naples and nine hundred fifty six and all this age where the colors mit's and then coming of the atlantic it has noted and of course a lot age is where we're introducing storm emma on the atlantic storm has plenty of moisture in it buying you up against this cold air that's currently coming in over the british isles unfortunately i can't show you like it i would go so there's ever been bringing strong winds so we've got blizzard conditions currently of our island there is more snow to come the only good thing about this is nearly over by the end of the weekend the snow will start falling and temps will be rising. the weather sponsored by cats are a race. too often on the streets of india women are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative and sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is
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a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's needy cause. at this time and. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world. can challenge your perceptions if you were to design a propaganda system you could not build a better platform than facebook all full documenters debate and discussion this country that was once that the wealthiest in the region what went wrong how did we get to this point alger's real.
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welcome back time for a quick recap of the top stories here on al jazeera russia's leader vladimir putin has unveiled plans for the development of its nuclear and weapons arsenal presentation included video depicting an attack on the united states on the same day the trumpet ministration announced how it's pushing ahead with plans to sell and missiles to russia's neighbor ukraine. asian stocks are falling off the donald trump announced plans to impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports the plans of spooked investors and members of the u.s. president's own republican party who fear a global trade war. and turkey's military says eight of its soldiers were killed and another thirteen injured on thursday in an operation against the white b.g. in series or free in region later that night turkish jets targeted a white b.g. and produce syrian government forces in more than a free reportedly killing seventeen fighters. let's look more closely now at
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a valid near putin's address and the u.s. announcement about sending out a tank missiles to ukraine let's talk to ted ots he's provers chair professor of political science at the national university of singapore and expert on russia he joins us via skype president putin's speech was very much directed at a domestic audience ahead of elections but many observers say hang on a minute it contained enough minutes in it which is clearly aimed at the west what do you think. well it's a kind of like a security theater isn't it we know a lot of these missiles and i see deo's absolutely and that you know it's are going to have any relevance for russian security they already have enough secure nuclear forces to deter the united states right now your country really is much ado about every little yeah and there were there are lots of whiz bang three d. graphics in the presentation but i mean do the russians really possess this kind of technology i mean a cruise missile that can change course and can't be detected as
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a small fantasy the real fact. well i suspect that much of these weapons systems are still undergoing it all and so you know the proof will be a pity but i mean if you know russia feels more secure by deploying all these weapons systems as is always the one it's unfortunate because if you go to get it it was once again promises that russia's going to be a high technology economy which has been promised aid for fifteen years and there's actually no evidence of that at all russia the only export so raw materials and weapons and the only part of their economy that is high tech is the military just like in soviet days it's a neo soviet model of economic development but it failed miserably in the past and stuff and if it were going on and the timing of this is significant because it comes as the u.s. announced it's selling millions of dollars of anti-tank missiles to ukraine do you think putin will see this as a provocation and america getting sucked into
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a war on russia's doorstep. well i suspect the first of all those who are noted for the nuclear weapons been outlined by who is america's missile defense deployments around the world which is part of that equation say are completely useless against russian nuclear forces so again it's more than reality but certainly providing anti-tank missiles to ukraine could be on call in game shape that isn't quite like a white stingers that john dean in afghanistan in ninety's only nine forces but being able to take out russian tanks with the prospect of killing russian soldiers can be quite a isolation just a final thought from you ted i mean how i'm going to washington be about putin's boasts a president trump has pretty much echoed the same sentiments about modernizing the u.s. to teach nuclear is this the start of a new arms race perhaps well we should keep in mind obama has already programmed
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a one trillion dollar twenty year wonders ation program for american nuclear forces to obama not trump i doubt that trump will find anything new to add to about his already very very expensive program of modernization ted gup thank you very much indeed for your time either. nowadays one person is dead and nine more injured in a suicide blast and carbon afghan police say a car bomb was set off close to embassies there's been no immediate claim of responsibility. when the bombing comes just days after president ashraf ghani announced plans for peace talks with the taliban the armed groups yet to respond to the offer that could see it recognised as a legitimate political party as out as it was tony bertie now reports after more than sixteen years of war many afghans remain wary of what they are hearing from both sides. in the conflict in afghanistan like in most wars it's sometimes
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difficult if not impossible to see clearly what is happening and why the first casualty of war they say is the truth. away from the bombs in the bullets there is another war being fought here that of propaganda the winning of hearts and minds each side bombards the people with their message of success. we're having many successes against the terrorists we're killing many the afghan forces were there as a getting stronger people are skeptical that they're being given the true casualty figures and whether the successes are as successful as both sides claim war zones a breeding grounds for fake news. if you really look at it from the neutral perspective. i think both of them are are trying to hype whatever they're doing and reality. quite far from from reality it's always been hard for many afghans especially those who are educated to believe everything they're being told in this murky world of warlords corrupts military officials and politicians and shady
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profiteering businessmen people here long ago lost trust but it's not just distrust of their own for sixteen years the u.s. has given afghanistan support and promises visiting troops in december american vice president mike pence made a declaration i believe victory is closer than ever before. i gen john nicholson head of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan sais they are on course to win he is the eighth u.s. commander to claim victory was in sight so far the afghan campaign has cost america a trillion dollars and two thousand four hundred lives. in the propaganda war the taliban is not an amateur the group has professional websites in multiple languages uses twitter and other social media pumping out its message twenty four hours a day suicide attacks are choreographed with media in mind the tone of
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communication and tonight the penetration rate in a one as long as is getting higher and higher day by day not just an hour when i want to run but also in rural understand. saw my sort of problem in recruiting new officers in recruiting recruitment of new. partners and conveying the message to their audiences i think it's quite effective absolutely media in afghanistan are said to be flourishing and independent but then now on the frontline of the propaganda war last year twenty one journalists were killed doing their job afghan media certainly one of the success stories of the past seventeen years is paying a very high price for telling the through for giving the afghan people the voice they deserve a seat sadat is a camera man who suffered i damaged when a taliban suicide bomber targeted their vehicle seven colleagues died in the blast but i like if you don't maybe every time i go out i'm scared my family want me to
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stop but i need the job many times where i have no choice but it's a risk. the true story of this war could be seen in the hospital wards and graveyards across the country to date hundreds of thousands of people most of them civilians have been killed and wounded in forty years of conflict that in itself is almost unbelievable. tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. bangladesh has told me and marks upon its troops back from their shared border where thousands of ranger have sought refuge meanwhile has been telling refugees to leave the area for weeks now since thursday troop numbers of multiplied nuts threatening fragile agreements between both countries where in a hot has made. these were some of the first range of muslims to flee me and six months ago finding refuge on the thin strip of land between me and mine and bangladesh that hugs the two hundred canal now the troops that pushed them out of me and
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a back into making it very clear they want the revenge is gone for good. as. they came out around ten am brought in seven trucks with two ladders in each vehicle a total of fourteen and they tried to cross the barbed wire fences to forcefully destroy or camp. the area is widely referred to as a no man's land for weeks mean must soldiers have up the patrols of the border fence. and used loud hailer as toward the estimated six thousand range or to leave but since this day really hinges and bangladesh border guards say the number of heavily armed soldiers has grown to as many as two hundred it prompted bangladesh to summon me in must ambassador and demand the troops be pulled back but hundreds of the refugees have already given in to the soldiers' orders and crossed into bangladesh. at six months since almost seven hundred thousand revenge
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of muslims fled a military crackdown in mass rakhine state the united nations called it a textbook example of this nick cleansing refugees spoke of systematic murder sexual violence and arson but the government of the suci insists it was simply defending itself after a text from. myanmar reportedly claims some of those three hundred fighters are hiding within the border camp. and the last week three nobel peace prize winners urged fellow laureate suchi to speak out or risk prosecution for genocide alongside me in mass military and others responsible for violence against the red. the diplomatic route of a troop movement at the border now threatens a controversial deal to seem to hinge of refugees back to me and and many will now be questioning without will ever really be safe to make me and my home again media
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on one hand al-jazeera. dozens of new political parties have registered in thailand the first such political activity since the twenty fourteen military coup but submitting their names and logos is just the first step to have to meet strict requirements to get the army's permission to operate the elections have been pushed back several times but are currently slated for next february. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife are reportedly being questioned over a corruption case involving a telecoms giant israeli media say police are investigating whether netanyahu promoted measures favoring the company benteke in exchange for favorable coverage on its news website police have recommended indicting netanyahu on corruption charges in two other cases he denies any wrongdoing new video has emerged of israeli soldiers beating and kicking a palestinian man just before he died in custody and israeli human rights group says the man didn't receive proper medical help for twenty five minutes his family
1:43 pm
is now considering legal action are a force that reports of jericho in the occupied west bank. yes seen our saudi runs at israeli soldiers carrying a large iron rod one fires at close range he's kicked and beaten he grabs a rifle barrel and is dragged off the street into an alleyway now another video released by the israeli human rights group at selham shows what happened next damningly they say it was essentially nothing no proper medical attention for twenty five minutes as he lay bleeding on the ground they are kicking him they are beating him with their rifles dragging him into the alley as though he was than a human being let alone a wounded person and for very long in crucial minutes they avoid providing him with any medical treatment a sorry he had been involved in confrontations before shot and wounded in two thousand and two thousand and four in this case he was eventually carried to an army jeep and later pronounced dead and initial investigation said the probable
1:44 pm
cause was tear gas inhalation a further investigation into the shooting and the behavior of army medics is now under way israeli media citing sources close to the soldiers say they weren't aware of his injury and couldn't see in the dark that he was bleeding so this is the only way in question yassin are sarah who was shot at well and was beaten by israeli soldiers at the corner there before being dragged in here his family say he was aiming for that doorway the doorway to his uncle's house his uncle's family says soldiers searched the property demanding id papers as the group of local men began throwing rocks from the street nearby in a statement the israeli military said a military police investigation has been opened which includes investigating the circumstances of his death as well as performing an autopsy meanwhile the full operational de-briefing of the event is ongoing. in jericho yes you know saudi's mother is still receiving mourners a week on from her son's death the israeli army has yet to hand over his body. they
1:45 pm
could have hit him but not like that imprisoned him i wish they had but don't kill him and withhold his body they didn't rescue him my darling i keep thinking of that he called for me when i say young god knows what he said my beloved son. i sardi's family say they're considering legal action over his death before that their priority is to be able to bury him very fortunate jericho in the occupied west bank at least twenty four people have been killed in a fire at a drug rehabilitation center in azerbaijan's capital baku thirty four others are rescued officials believe it was caused by a problem and the power network in. our scenic hiking trail in brazil has suddenly become an underwater playground heavy rain flooded parts of an ecological reserved close to the southern city of benito bridges and forest routes for hikers and bird watchers were transformed into a paradise for marine life but this only lasted a day before water levels return to normal. now as hollywood gears
1:46 pm
up for its biggest night the oscars filmmakers are drawing attention to the relative lack of jobs for women in the industry as a glimmer of hope in this year's academy award nominations but so many changes still coming too slowly reports from los angeles. in this classroom at the art center college of design the numbers of male and female aspiring film directors are about equal and the women feel they have a fair shot at making it professionally the main thing i think as a woman so make is that you have to focus on is really not being intimidated not being intimidated by the amount of male colleagues you have and the amount of the spirit isn't gender that you would encounter on set outside the classroom the gender disparity in the film industry is stark amy adrian crunched the numbers in her new documentary half the picture over about the past ten years women direct
1:47 pm
four percent of top feature film so obviously men direct ninety six percent of most movies you see a movie theaters and the numbers for t.v. or a little bit better think it's averages about women direct fifteen percent around of television shows some men direct eighty five percent every single way you looked at the numbers they were terrible for women that's despite the fact that women make up about fifty percent of film school graduates this year director greg irwin has been nominated for an academy award for ladybird play not you know because i probably couldn't get it he definitely. and the cinematographer rachel morrison is the first woman nominated for her work behind the camera in mudbone but those accolades are few and far between director victoria hochberg was part of a group that sued major hollywood studios thirty years ago nothing has changed radically things have changed. very very very slowly and in
1:48 pm
spurts only when the studios or the production companies or even the unions are threatened in some way and they have to worry about lawsuits in some european countries laws mandating equal representation in industries including entertainment adrian says a similar approach may be needed in hollywood i think that it's very likely that the industry will need some kind of outside pressure to actually change despite that long history of gender disparity in the film industry many young aspiring female film directors are not discouraged i know it's going to be tough. and i know that us that woman i need to give two hundred percent determination to succeed in an industry that has stacked the deck against women rob reynolds
1:49 pm
al-jazeera los angeles. one problem affecting the stock of the famous. mormons.
1:50 pm
welcome back time for the sport now here's john darin thank you man just says he is paid to be cruising to the third in wished premier league title in seven years they need just five wins from their last ten games to secure the crown off to beating also three nil in thursday city also by the same score line in the league cup final
1:51 pm
on sunday the home team's misery was compounded by a missed penalty from pia emerick a balmy young. team in sixth place ten points adrift of a champions league qualification spots while city and now sixteen points ahead of second placed much seen ited you are a champion when you are champ when you still need fifty points you are not in the football can say ok. we won a lot of games and we just lost one customers five of course but why not can happen in football to happen actually everything you go up by stairs and come down by the least that's what is confidence in the and. that's what you have to show but you have the leverage to be a. the world's most expensive footballers are in a race to be fit in time for jeans world cup it's been confirmed that neymar will need surgery on his injured foot the brazil and percentage man strike
1:52 pm
a fractured his right foot during a game on sunday that big hopes he could make a quick return and even play in next week's champions league game against brown woodridge but he'll have an operation on saturday and is set to miss the rest of the french league season. it's important to say that it was not a simple fracture of the foot as has been reported it was a fracture of an important bone in the middle of the foot it is important to make that very clear the time to recover from this sort of injury can be up to three months about the deadline we are working with some the world's best women footballers are an international action the she believes cup is a four team tournament played out between the usa england france and germany and it got underway on thursday top ranked usa hosting the tournament in ohio and the stars were out in force against germany megan rapinoe scored in the seventeenth minute for the world cup champions to seal one win. you know ses next opponents will be france who comes straight from a four one thrashing at the hands of england goals from tony dugan jill scott jody
1:53 pm
taylor and francesco kirby helped a former england international film level make a successful start to his coaching career. the boston bruins added four players before the n.h.l. stray deadline on monday and it's beginning to pay off they took on the stanley cup defending champions the pittsburgh penguins on thursday night and their biggest new signing rick nash a six time all-star scored his second goal for boston he also provided an assisted david craig chief the bruins center went on to record his first hat trick in four years as boston secured an eight four when it was the bruins highest scoring game since two thousand and twelve. because even have a is lead in the n.b.a. central division has been cut down to two points after they suffered a loss to the philadelphia seventy six ers that's despite a game high thirty points from the bron james for the cavs his efforts went unrewarded as j.j. redick schooled twenty two and then simmons added eighteen to secure a one hundred eighty ninety seven win for the seventy six is their first victory in
1:54 pm
three attempts against cleveland this season. the world indoor athletics championships got underway in birmingham on thursday and it was a strong start to the event for russia although much like the recent winter olympics their competitors are not taking parts of their own flag but instead as authorized neutral athletes after an official team was banned for doping offenses eight russians were cleared to compete including daniel listen co who won gold in the men's high jump he jumped two meters thirty six to beat to better his silver medal from last year's outdoor winter championships in london qatar's motos had won their bird he had to settle for second place in birmingham. of germany got the bronze. another authorize new trial at the trial in the women's high jump realistic skinner played two point zero one metres to secure a second world indoor title and her thirty eight consecutive victory as it's been
1:55 pm
a jump eight centimeters higher than the defending champion freshly cunningham who won silver and it's nice alessia trust who took the bronze. in the first race on the track ethiopia's did baba won a third straight world indoor title in the women's three thousand meters to barber who is the world record holder in this event edged out safe and has none of the netherlands and time favorite boromir to win gold. now four different countries won the four gold medals that were up for grabs on day two of the world track cycling championships in the netherlands in the women's team pursuit it was the third consecutive world title for the united states jennifer valenti chloe di go kimberly geist and kelly kaplan the great britain by one point three one one seconds to claim gold there was a gold medal for great britain in the men's team pursuit kinna madi charlie tanfield ethan hater and ed clancy overcoming denmark thirty two year old clancy
1:56 pm
was also in the school the last time britain won the team pursuit title back in two thousand and twelve in the men's care and that was goal for colombia fabienne hernando put as a pup so went one better than he did at last year's world championships in hong kong to win the title defending champion has me a wiring of malaysia finished down in thirteen. and it was a first gold medal of these championships for valorous year when he karalee up winning the men's sports race. that four time world champion was hamilton is looking like the man to beat once again heading into the new formula one season and the sadie's drive was on top of the time sheets in pre-season testing in barcelona on thursday mclaren's saw full run dawn was second quickest ahead of friday's sebastian vettel the final pre-season test ops on march sixth at the first compre in australia on march the twenty fifth. so far is good i was really happy to get out today to be honest i'm not one to let you know i don't like testing but today she was really keen to get out. because we haven't had many laps so it was great to
1:57 pm
get out and get a feel for the tires in the warm up process and. try and stretch the life of the will on this new car and so far it's positive now the world's most famous sled dog race gets underway on saturday but allegations of dog doping just won't go away in october for dogs belonging to four time when a dallas seavey tested positive for a banned painkiller c.v. finished second in last year's race but has pulled out of this year in protest maintaining that his innocence doping isn't the only problem rice organize have to face they've also lost a major sponsor and under pressure from animal rights advocates following the death of five dogs certainly we've we've had to deal with some some new a new issue and that. hopefully is in the rearview mirror at this point we think we've. figured out the best path forward in terms of changing.
1:58 pm
a rule relative for a drug testing program that will make things much easier to manage going forward all right that is only a sport for now i have more for you in the thirteen down joe thank you very much well also for me darren jordan for this news out martine dennis is in the chair shortly with more of the day's news stay with us here on out is there a time slot. the
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frustration. from the family home of the students navigating dangerous rapids from the time we departed through the time we finished our scares to the fish and dicing with death . i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying breed if i don't go a confident family meet the men who go to the extreme just to make a living and. not you have to be a stronger swimmer and otherwise the surf and risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pool with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the
2:00 pm
metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend to your very pretty young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets what no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women kasich is only drawn by women drivers. to some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of dr as. a diplomatic sound off between bangladesh and mia ma over the future of thousands of living in no man's.


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