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tv   Bone Hunter  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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at this time. every. action. the top stories on al-jazeera convoys being forced to retreat from syria's. escalation and fighting the red cross says aid workers a safe and most of the forty trucks have been unloaded but wells health organization says around seventy percent of medical supplies were blocked by the
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government monday is a delivery was the first since mid february to reports and a warning you may find some of the images. it's the first time aid has entered the rebel controlled enclave of eastern huta since the latest offensive began just over two weeks ago but world health organization officials say seventy percent of what was loaded on the trucks was removed during inspection. it's not the first time syrian government officials have prevented trauma kits and surgical supplies from reaching besieged areas they have been systematically removed from aid convoys in the past to prevent rebel fighters being treated. but such life saving medical equipment is what is urgently needed medics say they are struggling according to the united nations up to one thousand civilians some of them critically ill need to be evacuated to receive proper treatment already
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a few thousand people have been injured in the airstrikes and the toll continues to rise. there and yeah. we were sleeping when my cousin came and told us my sister's husband was killed god bless him then the war plane hit nearby my cousin my mother and father and two of my siblings were injured two of my other siblings are safe because they were in the underground shelter. i on the ground a pro-government forces are advancing on several fronts taking territory in recent days mainly farms and villages in the east forcing many people to flee to the western parts of the enclave this by the international criticism and outrage of the syrian president bashar assad promised to continue the offensive until eastern recaptured the government says it is fighting what it calls terrorists and it blames rebels for holding civilians as human shields the people in eastern would
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say the government wants to depopulate the area. they are wrapping children killed in the bombardment with the u.n. aid bags to show their anger over the organizations inability to help them others had a message to the syrian government backer russia. putin wants to displays the people of eastern all you have no business here and neither does your head but you shouldn't be opening recorded doors for us tonight or you should just stop getting us we were remain steadfast and no one can force us to leave our land god willing. the united nations says it has permission to deliver supplies enough for seventy thousand people in the next few days but it is estimated up to four hundred thousand people are in eastern huta an area that has been under siege for four years an area that doesn't receive aid regularly whatever aid does reach those trapped inside will help but it is far from enough. beirut. a former russian spy has been admitted to hospital in the united kingdom after
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reportedly being exposed to an unknown substance sixty six year old scrapple and a woman in her thirty's both critically ill in intensive care scuffle has been living in britain since a spy swap in two thousand and ten. new evidence as a mercer jesting a businessman with the united arab emirates try to convince the u.s. president to sack the american secretary of state that the e-mails obtained by the b.b.c. found elliott brody a major trump fundraiser was rex out for not supporting the blockade against castle and north korean state media is reporting leader kim jong un wants to advance relations and ease military tensions with south korea kim jong un hosted a banquet with a south korean and boy and met them at the ruling workers' party headquarters in pyongyang a high level seoul delegation has traveled north for two days of talks on
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a versing a nuclear conflicts there's all the headlines more news continuing here on al-jazeera after bone. more than twenty years after the bosnian war of one man mr ching for the bones of his piece of the old the if you will sell it for floor. again according. to all your fellow me and all who will give you a free food and water bones are all that families have to lay their loved ones to rest for you so very much on each of those and also. it is his life's mission and maybe he will know it until the end of his life.
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all over the world to speak. every day since two thousand and two romney's new catch has been scouring the forest for the remains of victims of genocide although they themselves have disappeared their memory lives on and they haunt the minds of their friends and families. he roams these words with the sole purpose of finding human bones which can be identified and finally two arrests. the breakup of yugoslavia began in one nine hundred ninety one when the republics of slovenia and korea declared independence six bitter wars followed by the
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republic of bosnia-herzegovina paid the high price for independence memories that measure the magic they are going to washington for and i'm a free market out of more of the mess but i'm not a member of the program got the without. the bosnian war started in the spring of one nine hundred ninety two and lasted for three and a half months. in the summer of one nine hundred ninety five one of the worst atrocities in europe since the second world war was committed here. bosnian serb forces under the command of general rights common law ditch occupied sort of beneath on the eleventh of july one thousand nine hundred ninety five in the following days twenty five thousand women and children were forcibly removed from the town. and eight thousand
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men and boys were systematically killed. thank you thank you journalist me murchadh to chirk pointed from seventy on the tenth of july nine hundred ninety five. the next day was the last that his mother hieron saw him alive. those really are don is the root of the couch or. the. fire goes wrong on. both books are on just as when they lose too much because for many years incidents of governments balls under the laws of the news good looking years are not good. but i go in medium so. they would be used memories that still haunts survivors. but on is the law
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so large that they got all these denoted in. one as opposed to through the. machine to haze. your nose in on the at that time were any the other the reply which your no less at the end that honor orders or any that same law that nikken me and our. need to hear the news about after the war the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia prosecuted those responsible for the atrocities committed in srebrenica bosnian serb civilian and military leaders were tried for genocide rape and the mass execution of bosnian muslims the tribunals handed down over one hundred sixty indictments for crimes against humanity the bosnian serb forces were aware when
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they embarked on this genocidal venture that harms the cause would continue to plague the bosnian muslims zippier schoenberger states quickly did zilog condemns in appropriate terms the deep and lasting injury inflicted and caused the massacre at srebrenica by its proper name genocide. the remains of seven thousand civilians were found after the war in mass graves and scattered through the woods surroundings every need. thousand more have yet to be found. just a native of these quiet hamlets but his new catch survived the genocides his father and two brothers did not see. of his own will and unpaid his devoted sixteen years to unearthing and providing the authorities with thousands of bones for
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d.n.a. analysis. he was a good thing. if . you. will or where. damas lives near common each go barito in the days leading up to the genocide people fleeing celebrity refuge in the woods around this village after the bosnian serb army attack elderly women and children fled to the un base and put
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a child but the army pursued them. are not violent. most guards are moderate so that. some are slower than sounds that are the harley boys that. cause that year's very school august glorious day and as i said it is going ok to still cannot simply because ears. men fit for military service and older boys who had come from step beneath formed a column and escaped through the woods toward what was known as the free territory of tuzla. the column was constantly fired upon. the first mass killings took place in the forest surrounding coming to her door. house it belkin asked. us that there would be an onion and earth the new the put
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seller enough to lots of three or three and i put a little east near those many that are the only one who smiled but i. yelled through it equal to spawn mother lisa what it is and there was a tickle in a ball is there. among those killed in common each cupboard oh near the house where ram is was born where his father and two brothers one of whom was seventeen. a while ago did. the old poignant softness that on an artist. is not many of. us will only. know one us dollar or two any oh. dear me if you need you know nic we just missed out. on your all you know you can
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use our models to the. north knowledge of. first. it's only in the degree of you know not is worth us you know not worth it and i need a lot of community in the early. morning to go be nice in it but only say most of it on leno so when your guy at. least until after six days of walking in july one thousand nine hundred five ramez in a small group found a way through the bosnian serb forces cordon and reached his long after the war and six years as a refugee rama's returned to his family home in style with a notable nandini of his journey not least those on doing vandal learned
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a new will need to know for them you just model but don't give me the louis vuitton gimmick which on me will not be from a man this is not a new issue might be o'keefe. the one year bug funny rama's first found bones while clearing land near his home in two thousand and one the post let me see it. just doesn't create they don't. know the knowledge and branch will pay you four hundred will not be good just to stop. now he gave two of them when you've. not read my little flaws known. most all of me. i think you know enough to know you'll certainly beyond all me is open to a. what do you niggas. that means we're going to. die not a dollar bill will be and there's no. me want to do.
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and i'll start to build a moon in which no matter if you're not. going you know what i've done in order. not to. siberia no not a good law i read the. i want your d.h. old you be more solemn or floor you don't dawdle of course i've been aboard not at all just said i'm going to give you a crew for the water. they madea to mars. was all over the top of.
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your d.v.d.'s and why your video. is not. the way football. knowledge of magnitude nandi might cost you a talking point on me of course the. danny. talk we didn't get off.
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always your double one or comment a little bit. or why do you here below me estonia. or stoner who are from. not tonight or drunk we're not to benefit going to focus no ideal. the first exhumations and processing of remains found in the city beneath the area
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we're led by international forensics teams among them was ever kind of a polish anthropologist in one thousand nine hundred six she had worked in areas near come in each called birdo it took me maybe but it's away when they go when they go to saturday because we came with a convoy of cars so when you had to walk he narrows you know pass up to the hill. and on the boat sight movies pass in peace thank you book face in between three s. . where the piece of clothes. our troops. opened. and i get smart i get some smart backs. and it was he didn't mind place a book open book and. when the wind was flying paid piece so i
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came and so getting the support. and then we came on top and it would remind us about that nice way it. was a piece of prose. is thrown away. with their open piece of like it. was it made the big biggest impression for me because it meant give it some of that between draining to five and september getting to six was that i. knew the corrupt zip code this from to close from a b. fing switch but since the raising from sort of been spent and with saying what or which where not usable but still no way so it was the biggest impression the graves before the bodies before because i was already used but it's but it's but it's in
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the artifacts of the people who were yet to go or even personal playing to sort of buy. and to find their way through. for movies what happened and what it was they were the dead bodies were to. gain their.
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margin don't know not all. fully get i think nearly a third. of often was not historical from. offering it for free in a moment not. one car news no not a new person on the romulus wanted not to do it to mr previously gotten we want to be. well not in the period we had to go to movies the largest leak of the movie think we need not top post minutes long. not just the gold old woman not your real name and a new name a little more for the detached. cause
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a woman only didn't. call norful know full well meaning. only really gave me a little bit on paltry to put on clothes going to tell us all not true but megan did mean a little daily the freeze did not treat the single neutral no obvious not good luck . good militaries mean little or. no
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new all knowledge in the team logo did oh no you all don't we're not you not we all will be simple do not you could cream penology so you'll see nature not good not least lobbying. on this one. in a few moet do you know it's only a simple to do it and if. you . did in your. old age appropriate you know team doc wouldn't. minimum to get it given that if he
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wants. the the with. the. with. the last in effect on we had we knew it we had moved from auditing to some nice folks not far from the uk with one of. one. willful modoc we. came to thumb with. you and you may not need thought of me. to start a month and talk with some people called nice you know you people would think when you cause the name little bunny to not. you know. doing
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a local guys with a kernel no strong and little. and us little plushy little piece will not be on the list off. as. soon as you were in this meaning to not going to get a mini you don't want to innocent what i mean i have no money mark with you one hundred. name up with me. illuminating not you broke me can promise of. green conduct on the military but before deal for why do you need. to call
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the star in a story i don't know so no one else will not will surely thought you'd be a gardener but him and skews love it as you vote in your smashed honest the name of the news for beer look because you need to cost more in the knowledge of money but you have to go. at it than me and then. that bag go up and down i'm getting money how people actually bigger and give them to me and they need to do would. only but it. with their senior night good. night when you. are in the brain for the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see being bald and
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all the other guys. who witnessed documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away all of the english to code the military in the financial darkening you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotional left face of the situation they're living in that's when all the us can identify with the story. capital capital which makes a great if. when nature is transformed into
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a commodity big business takes a new interest line landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because to see your business crossing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. and i again i'm sure caught and these the top stories on al-jazeera and they convoys being forced to retreat from syria's besieged east and do so region do so an escalation in fighting the red cross says aid workers a safe and most of the forty trucks have been unloaded from the world health organization says around seventy percent of medical supplies were blocked by the
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government of omar russian spy is being admitted to hospital in the united kingdom after reportedly being exposed to an unknown substance sixty six year olds couple and a woman in her thirty's are both critically ill in intensive care scrapple has been living in bresson since a spy swap in two thousand and ten this has not been declared as a counter terrorism incident and we would urge people not to speculate however i must emphasize that we retain an open mind and we continue to review this position we have access to a wide range of specialist resources and services that are helping us to understand what we were on stealing at this time. the focus at this moment in trying to stop wish what has caused these people to become critically ill we are working with partners to prioritize this diagnosis and ensure that they receive the most appropriate and timely treatment new evidence as emerged suggesting
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a businessman with links the united arab emirates tried to convince the us president to sign the american secretary of state but leaked e-mails obtained by the b.b.c. found elliot brody a major trump fundraiser wanted rex tillerson out for not supporting the u.a.e. backed blockade against cattle. north korean state media is reporting leader kim jong un wants to advance relations and ease military tensions with south korea kim jong un hosted a banquet with the south korean envoys and met them at the ruling workers' party of course is impugned young high level seoul delegation has traveled north for two days of talks focused on the nuclear conflict and artwork from paris from paris is living museum on display in iran for the first time in a cultural exchange between the two countries to iran's national museum is housing more than fifty works of art for four months among the items on display with the rolls franks and paintings by dutch artists rembrandt based this month art from
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iran will be showcased in france in return. as i headlines let's get you back now to. luck. let. one. lucky lucky lucky lucky. lucky
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. the remains of rama's new coaches father and brothers were finally found a couple of years ago in a mass grave not far from nearby stepped in the. years after he began searching for his family he could finally lead them to rest. but there were more bones to be found and he continued scouring these words to help others also find closure. local government vehicles on all of these old folk will do of course work and. will both work. nor want to move there by the knowledge.
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he will lead longer nebulous local more a little local both. local both who. was in or are not. seeing eye move lived on the little girl will cause will board a last meal one large you're going to. call it. and suddenly along with us we've.
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been against. what a poor move will be because you. believe if their kid aldrete kid. will leave you for. help but you know it.
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the theme of morgue. and am.
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both you know if you're familiar to all would rebel not real world war. you would get. people from you really think.
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you more political blog you. were already calling a little feet long all you culture knowledge that you want to feel. then what you know it's you bought the quest but on the other. the bottom three question don imus out of the regime. says an honest torches will pursue much. talk with guns you know. don't keyboard. it does not start you know as well such as that the bowling. still couldn't. use lupul food check. morning. when rama's finds
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a bone in the woods he contacts the missing persons institute of bosnia and herzegovina. dix the name of each comes to help promised members of his family also perished in the genocide. what you would if you will which you. but also to those are those who put. a small of will. so they want to move their pneumonia from all you know i'm posting no game on who can my not under. an order but there were two of us here theo of the three knowledgeable to the. i told your mother though you know you maupassant is also no suitable real food if you are too close to the people so do a sort of to put a little sort of push it all the. well the thought could not go to work with
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midwest region or more what are you doing out here where i think it would if it were to do what it is called evil to day thirty two would it ever be looked for before the sure. is truly to be used to do what doesn't is for us a bit sue rush no less of a quid pro of it all as you saw luckily did some work i'd see on. the is paid to open a t.v. put heart aqui mice with all kind i don't know please you see the hook up was the really losing i you want most of those studies octave to the last two. which nicole really in me to the last two mostly had two of the queen hi liz knows that. post were easy for me no said team leader or do as you noted in peace was she
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six a much. show i could order through them if you wish overdubbed deal with both of them but of a devoted. more general floor middle level or more close in order to one off. the. well you know we pulled out of wood over there but. will they be so story will put slick homage to the only mystery when it can cost you a load i think little at least if you dug out jell-o. beyond super tunnels earth to do goes really well it'll slow you do it be
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a good meal or throw i throw it up without the water those stories will be good but really got really good i thought because we had to go to the local relic or to store. according to the missing persons institute the remains of nearly nine hundred men who fled bosnian serb forces instead he needs to have been found in these quotes. me. or nearly forced nazi plot and one of the that's really forgive his not really why you would in a. order to. fulfill national symphony of course you thought you. cannot impose this and if told you you'll go up
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the world of your yup on. the going along the rules for you know where you are for the office of the hold a thought of will declare what i read it and why would it be funny the length of time we were on the road to what i was almost on a mobile phone to to talk. akaka everybody should live on the sun know he's got carnacki for when they have to be good to pull together to lucknow cool food you need a pool for third would want to go according to the for the food it will go to. but you know. brought to us what you would have them are going to give a good dinner. there you go it only your first reaction to the thought of a book to hope for you are always coming for coverage will be
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a little buckle. and kindle fire. it will get a lot of the lot that was there was a little bit early for. many people though of course to see that you know the old in the past. couple of moments ago all this will. float. and then with the in the interim locals were told that the food we. brought the grosvenor g.-d's way below get units would be a go the both of the show and they both had words earlier today as we had to be a bit broader gioia thirty eight thirty zero zero zero that you. could put to it that made you teaming up to do a dirty can do your day girlies up missin out over the river to sort it listed egg
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producers the cost of the. best you books and out of the tools that old ain't gonna leave the emotion was that the welcome it's not about the cost to support it was regarding the destruction. after a criminal investigation and exhumation by local authorities the bones are center forensic medicine facility into. wall in the garden to me along on the walls whatever and this was an exhaustive answers i actually saw a horse a kid a lot equasym to be and act like what i like you a lot of investigate get it why they don't just go to saturday and me they still pay more on the nice guy with a horse at a car night that's about the water the more can you call somebody
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a lot i mean i don't slow tell you probably multiple asking is my style you think you're awfully cochin was it a car was knocking are we supposed to think out matter whether you're in the met or the last one. when was allowed to work for the benefit at us. i study a i also must respect if you force x. will be a model for this if you take it in one hand i was also against. her
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. will.
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yeah. every year on the eleventh of july newly identified remains of genocide think times are laid to rest in the same location where they once sought refuge in the un safe haven to try to. put the chary memorial center here strip in the. other thread if this is what. it was until the. thought of my feet that this should be it wasn't you know you'll. see it a lot and i knew. that you know led to the. evil force ritual definitely nash.
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was not you know in park and then of course. not you. know. and. there's not you know. and i wish. it had better luck to be hostile trashed. and going to and of i do we shall hang in using. so you. could seduce you piers could do could match you a. good deal. in the world and soon realized it could go on the table and i studied with you through it so. moyle each mission here the three minus three piece they do force the emotional see this approach more surprise she bought him in the
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house. nigel was born i make a portal to. your surely there is useful history yes it too is only theory borneo scene so the one asleep saying i'm here. i don't you. i mean we are sleeps with. one night she is a buster and that's when i called to start out the guy i'll go to me i will be two years very near nickel going to israel still really got going in the. thrall some women are spoiled and by the law go to the nature of the watch and the boys and girls both of them will use it and i already knew mr i was what they are mr talboys so what is on each of those at the bottom don't book of moments. to minister broke on you look i'll go well if you don't visible scruples nod bonomo but that's not the end. though those others are verdant voters if you go in there on the opponent
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next mom. oh yeah. the mud wife of twenty an awful. long honorable. walk.
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on on the do nothing but a little bit of talk with. her yet and i can. not you will not feed into dogging to cause you know it up north you need to win a war. where no you body and what they most know what you call us and i will let you try to achieve if we said not to you in this way. in the next room pinnacles fucking some minds here because he demanded to people who should come as you will put in you the which you can use on your nine on one on but it didn't him and he couldn't was he knew that you would. think would they're going to. go. do you put a chill pill is new the legion osteo the suborder the last of us to born to the trans union used to need mine then you know you will deny it when you used
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to talk was his then the now too poor to mind when you can clearly be listed like you know talking. to money you're truly. lost the last of course feel quitting on. most of the time he spent in boston what he worked on that only because of its sense of compassion and understanding for people that are for i understand that imus he has wonderful compassion and understanding for as that families because he not just his members family he is but others. who. said if i can understand hebrew walking every day because it is like a nice one if he's a life nice and i believe he will go with them to that end of his life.
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i always told while watching you it's a lot. of mission a. whole focus on you know them don't want to go through with. us on this just
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a trip balled up. costing us full component. and on the full cost resentment. for forty or day with all of the meat on everything and where we are. free will or no or no say china all of us on oil can gaily again if.
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haunted by the collective suffering of his people and the memory of his murdered family dramas new coach continues to search for the last remaining bones. it's his way of finding resolution and bringing peace to the living and the doubts.
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hello there another storm is lumbering its way across north america you can see it on the satellite picture is this bright white area of cloud here gradually edging its way eastward still developing as it does so and it's giving us some heavy outbreaks of rain in the south and snow in the north and some snow is very heavy and accompanied by some pretty strong winds giving us blizzard conditions that system will continue its journey eastwards as we head through the next few days but it will be breaking up a little bit as it does say so for us in the northeastern part of the u.s. on the eastern parts of canada on wednesday we'll see some outbreaks of snow but they won't be quite as extreme as those that we've seen over the past few days meanwhile further west and here it's a lot quieter now so for wednesday we'll see a top temperature in seattle of around ten degrees i should feel fairly pleasant in the sunshine as well it's also going to be pleasant in the sunshine a bit further south as well plenty of sunshine with this at the moment not a great deal of wet weather at all in fact that's the way things are going to stay even as we head into wednesday i think wednesday we'll just see a few more outbreaks of rain in the eastern parts of mexico that even further
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towards the south there's plenty of showers over south america some of them very very heavy particularly though those in the northern parts of argentina instruction their way into bolivia this is a region we have seen flooding in recent days and it looks like the showers on tuesday wednesday could be heavy. forced to be displeased by their government to nineteen twenty three. it was very greek and turkish belligerence returning to their own really try. and reconnect with the past long. people shouldn't be forced to move from the length of the border which are. the great population exchange at this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to
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a story as we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging but in a particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. this is zero. and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes humanitarian aid convoy as forced to turn back from the syrian.


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