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what makes this moment. so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important. to be a. serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. this is. live from studio fourteen. now the step forward on the korean peninsula. next month the result of more talks between south korea's special envoy. kim is even suggesting
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north korea could give. the right conditions. is deployed but not all of it makes it through seven hundred people killed but for those still left in the besieged syrian. rebels passage to leave the area and in sports a man breaks his foot and is paid one hundred thirty one thousand dollars a week to use that foot we're talking brazilian football. club. and his country one hundred. can you measure a country trying to do just that with. thousands of volunteers they're hoping to come up with their own without having to rely on western measurements.
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you with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com a north korea without nuclear weapons it sounds unlikely it would probably be a long way away but just a few hours ago north korea's leader kim jong un did suggest the idea he told south korea's special envoy juror in a meeting in the north that given the right security assurances north korea would not need its nuclear arsenal the two signs also agreed to and into a korean summit next month the first in over a decade let's start off with this from robert bride in seoul. the delegation arrived back in seoul clearly delighted the mission had achieved all its objectives and more most importantly an apparent commitment from north korea to denuclearize under the right conditions that. north korea made it clear that there will be no reason to possess nuclear capabilities if there is no military threat and also
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north korea's regime security is guaranteed the two sides have agreed to a summit between president moon j end of south korea and north korean leader kim jong un tam and john inside the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas where a truce was signed to end the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three and for the first time a hotline will be set up between the two leaders to diffuse any future crises south korea says the north has also agreed not to hold any provocative new clear or ballistic missile tests while these talks are ongoing and has shown its willingness to discuss denuclearization with the u.s. washington has always insisted the north commits to giving up its nuclear arsenal as a precondition to talks but it's far from clear this agreement gives that commitment . greenman follows an extraordinary visit lasting little more than twenty four
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hours with a banquet and smiles at the invitation of kim jong il on north korea's state run media giving the visit extensive coverage. president moon's government will hail this is a landmark achievement of his policy of engagement. choose day he was attending a graduation ceremony at a military academy he clearly believes in his mission of long term peace through dialogue but this was a reminder to his critics that south korea should remain militarily strong if the initiative falters. you know on how. we must talk to north korea you know to to denuclearize the korean peninsula but at the same times we must put our next summer effort into establishing effective measures against north korea's nuclear and missile capability. south korea's envoys now travel to the united states to fill in
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their allies on the details of the agreement that will be a far tougher sell. problem so. so this idea of north korea potentially giving up its nuclear weapons obviously it's only a suggestion but it is worth considering just how much of a reversal that could potentially be here we have all of north korea's missile and nuclear tests courtesy of on to zero dot com there right through all the graphics they were coming to this one so we're looking at the three kim dynasty's if you like kim il sung kim jong il kim jong un and six u.s. presidents and look at that column on the far right the sheer number of tests by nuclear non-nuclear that there have been under kim jong un easily double that of his father kim jong il who was president under clinton and bush jr so just give you an idea of how much it's ramped up in the last what is that five years six years or so one other thing i do want to show you and that is this tweet from donald trump which came out only or couple of hours ago if that possible progress being made in
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talks with north korea he says for the first time in many years a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned the world is watching and waiting may be false hope that the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction so a confirmation i guess of donald trump's position there tweeting early this tuesday morning in the u.s. . so for analysis on all of this we spoke to robert kelly a little bit earlier professor of political science and diplomacy at the sun university who told us the challenge now is we just heard from donald trump there to get the u.s. fully on board you know if the summit goes well the north koreans make some kind of serious offer not some not pseudo concessions of like a freeze or something that can be easily reversed but some genuine concession then moon has to go the south korean president has to go and sell that to the american ally what we really need is for the north koreans to actually concede on something that's genuinely important right they allow inspectors back in or something like that right and no nuclear test a missile test could easily be restarted so you know a freeze isn't really a concession i mean that's what i think that's what the south koreans will need if
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they're going to sell this to the americans as something that looks like the north has made really moved on something important to it i think with the north koreans alike most of all is some kind of guarantee there won't be american led regime change against the north and i think that's one of the reasons why so many people are skeptical these deals can be struck because it's just not clear that the americans can make that deal credibly which is to say the american president can say this but the next american president might roll it back right the north koreans have told us famously for years that the americans promise not to strike libya if gadhafi gave up his nuclear weapons he did and we struck them anyway during arab spring i think that's going to be the biggest problem is can the american signal credibly to the north koreans if we want to strike that most people assume that's not possible the north koreans won't believe us and therefore they would keep their weapons that's why i mean this promise to denuclearize again it's you know we've heard this before the north koreans said this ten years ago i mean the basic strategic issues haven't really changed that much you know i mean the north koreans are still looking for security. plenty more coming on this newsgroup and we want your thoughts on it so you get in touch the hash tag a.j.
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news grid of course be it on twitter facebook or on whatsapp twitter account is that a.j. english we do pop a tweet out there just before the show so you can reply to that thread and they have to be looking out for your replies back in the newsroom at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera the live stream always up and running comment and watch as you go in getting conversations with the other view is if you like and that number plus one seven four five a wonderful one four nine and telegram as well if you want to use that messaging app. ok we're going to move on. russia's military offering a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave but the rebels are accusing russia of a military escalation and imposing forced displacement arsonist strikes to kill ten people on tuesday as well or the latest now from santa who is in beirut and neighboring lebanon. the latest bombing campaign in eastern into its third week.
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with the number of civilians killed is climbing within an hour away. from the law from the. civil defense volunteers are overwhelmed now russia is offering a way to stop the war russian military commanders say they will guarantee safe passage out of the besieged enclave for rebel fighters and their families this. immunity for all fighters who choose to leave personal weapons and with their families is government you did by the russian center we call upon the leaders of all the illegal groups to make everything possible to lose the civilians from suffering and secure unobstructed delivery of humanitarian aid to. the hundreds of thousands of people in eastern who are trapped in a war zone many refusing to cross into government controlled territory because of the lack of security guarantees the pro-government alliance blames the rebels for
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preventing civilians from leaving and holding them as human shields the rebel factions deny that and accuse russia of insisting on military escalation and force displacement what is known as the revolutionary leadership announced general mobilization to defend the cities and towns of eastern thought. that this unite and forget the differences of the past the world. your steadfastness and perseverance with all your sacrifices during it is hardly a victory is near many many requests to join the so we open many recruiting centers for volunteers and the should be here the opposition has lost ground in recent days rebel defenses collapsed in the eastern side of the enclave the fighting hasn't yet reached heavily populated areas but pro-government forces seem to want to avoid direct combat the strategy appears to involve surrounding the main towns and cutting rebel supply lines to force
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a surrender. that is what they did in the battle for aleppo they laid siege to the rebel controlled east of the city for months and then they launched an all out military campaign it was only when the rebels found themselves trapped in a small pocket of territory that they agreed to leave with their families many others left with them particularly those involved in opposition activities. the people of eastern who fear the same fate doctors civil defense volunteers media activists are all considered terrorists by the government they don't want to be forced from their homes but the likelihood is increasing dozens are killed every day the suffering is only getting worse. beirut. so let's have a look at this by the numbers shall we the i.c.r.c. says most of the forty six aid trucks have been unloaded in and go to fourteen couldn't be delivered but the world health organization says about seventy percent
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of the convoys medical supplies were actually confiscated at army checkpoints aid agencies are hoping they can deliver some more aid on thursday which would be nine days after the u.n. security council call for its complete cease fire well as we've been reporting here on al-jazeera another number the more than four hundred thousand people trapped in eastern guta alan fischer reports now on how some aid is at last arriving in those besieged neighborhoods. it's been a long time coming a white line stretching through the shuttered streets of new scooter bringing relief for some disappointment for others some vital medical aid was stripped from the trucks before they set off a question mark placed over their approvals and i mean i don't know about yet we don't need most of the food supplies we need medical aid the most because the regime has prevented it from entering. then it was about getting them unloaded quickly and safely on going is strikes meant not all the trucks could be emptied
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fourteen had to head back fully loaded. now we are dying here with our children under the bombing please save us we have no water or medicine we are normal people we have no news for a fight as we are syrian people in the besieged on cleve close to the city capital see ongoing is strikes makes it too difficult to distribute the aid for the moment it sits in with houses while the people take shelter where they can no longer and. many are no living undergrown unique c.r. says basements are being turned into crude living quarters some are packed two hundred people or more seeking shelter seeking sanctuary and safety humanitarian agencies know there is a critical need for aid in east ghouta what was delivered on monday should be enough to feed their own twenty thousand people they have permission to take in enough food for seventy thousand but the population of the enclave at the moment is four hundred thousand and eight convoys planned for later in the week it's
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something for the people of the scooter it's nowhere near enough alan fischer al-jazeera on the turkey syria border has said he now spokeswoman with the international committee of the red cross the i.c.r.c. in syria joining us via skype. from damascus and we thank you for your time tell me more about these. convoys of a because we heard that seventy percent of the medical supplies didn't make it make their way and. i think had become who were here yesterday when he joined mission to get them it was he never mentioned the i.c.r.c. anyone and it was composed of forty six trucks. are so rare and medical supply that should just be more than just look at what you just think you can. still some of them reckon i can see that you were
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planning to green we couldn't build them on the trucks so they didn't even been on the tracks however yesterday we managed to bring them surgically i didn't. i adams to treat the wounded to the bare hands and also some other extension hand medicine do you have plenty of supplies both food and medical i'm just wondering if if the real problem is trying to get the stuff and not the fact that you don't have enough of it. we have the capacity to fulfill the needs of the people in a hotel we have our warehouses here in the masses we have all the capacity of the government and that a delivery to the area after being attacked in a sense. among that the last time we managed to go our is up to two men which is one of the biggest impact in the water it was last november so it was already poor months ago and also to my west side that is the key and limited with
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the number of trucks that we can bridge in all one convoy so imagine yesterday or on the beach it took us a dozen hours just to go contrast this to at the time the different checkpoint of the track inside the area and we had to be at the end because we are limited in the number of traffic that's why it's a tribute academics and chippy to another need to look at that as well because other like we cannot fulfill the need in the area and how confident do you feel about trying to make this next delivery on thursday two days away and given the experiences you've had on monday how confident do you feel we have come a positive indications of what that another aid delivery will happen in the coming days however we don't have any confirmation on the exact date you not hear the conflict and yet that is that the complex and the situation is that it will abide the security situation on the job and change from one hour to another and so it's
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very hard to speculate of the cost of the aid that however we have plenty we have that this is a supply the most important thing for us is to sort of fighting to stop the drowned and to get the necessary guarantee to protect to go during the access to the area so that's indeed said from the i.c.r.c. in damascus we thank you for your time. and we move to ask me one sure who is an activist inside eastern ghouta in duma joining us via skype so glad that you can join us tell us well just tell us what your day has been like today thank you. thank you and good afternoon. well another day in this crazy war that. take the lives of hundreds of the civilians already.
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i think by yesterday by the way was one of the bloodiest days we have seen. agreed on. about a week ago eighty eight b.-ball were killed in a suit up at the u.n. convoy you are in here. and it's really a shame that i'm talking to you. my my my friend who were talking to you a few minutes ago is taken talking from damascus it's less than fifteen quid kido meters between me and her and yet to they cannot see the truth or they they see the truth but they are they do not do to say it or talk talk about it today in the five hour of human was that has been suggested by
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nine civilians are killed by a sad strike and showing it is crazy war. announced by a crazy man yank who did not care about the whole ward who disregard the whole leaders the whole nation of the free world and civilized war and war and continue to kill everybody in order to gain his dictatorship is to tell me about the way we were just talking to as you say. from the i.c.r.c. did you see any of the i'd come in where you are able you and your friends able to get to any of it and get some relief yeah i have seen that its and i am ashamed as a human being the amount of the dot com ink in site is to good not you know first of all there is not a low. come
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in here why are you not on whether it was the last time you come into history will tell but she neglected or she forgot maybe that the time they got up into it and got out they provided for two percent of the people in here two percent not want you percent not a few percent two percent of the beeb or were covered in time and in amount of food that will cover a few days only it is not on. it's also. not all their seventy percent of medical needs to come in they said they want to bravo like twenty seven thousand five hundred bored with food out of four hundred thousand not only that. but. they a fourteen on the rocks has left even before that they are. a lot of it so in general all we have is some food that is enough or only
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for less than thirty five percent of the people in a single tough this is a show that is a joke i think. that i thank you so much for your time speaking to us directly from a stand go to right in the middle of it all thank you you thank. it's good to get that isn't it a perspective the broadway managed manages to hold up long enough for us to actually hear directly from people in there well a new u.n. report is also highlighted the suffering of tens of thousands of people trapped in syria's entire war it says civilians are being deliberately targeted as well the report found government forces and their allies are using chemical weapons and cluster bombs in eastern guta on monday thirty people were treated for the effects of what activists say was a chlorine gas attack it also says civilians are being denied life saving assistance with humanitarian aid used as a weapon of war to flush out fighters and force communities to surrender we have
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been seeing and the un says crimes are being committed by all sides and it is pushing for justice and accountability to be a focus of any negotiated settlement to ensure a lasting peace the u.n. war crimes investigators say they want the u.s. to look into a u.s. led coalition air strike last march that killed one hundred fifty people the u.s. said at the time that i saw fighters were inside the school investigators there is say there is no support for that claim somewhere there was a failure the coalition really ought to have known that school was being used to shelter relative peace and they say they did not know. you know when when the place was was shelled was was hit part of the two hundred eighty piece there one hundred fifty were killed. twelve survived the remainder are still it's not clear whether they're still buried under the rubble or what happened
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to them. one of the note on syria a russian transport plane has crashed there killing all thirty two people on board that is according to russia's defense minister itself and says the plane went down at the base in the tucker province early information suggests there may have been a technical fault his too well i mean so we heard from that this someone outside. i suspect the frustration i heard from him is reflected. a lot of folks are frustrated and they're able to talk to us are able to get through with internet the conversation about what's happening in eastern guta is mainly as cuomo is saying it's mainly focused on people posting about how angry they are with the lack of aid getting into the enclave the death toll is rising and so is the conversation online many are posting videos like this one here from the white helmet showing the ongoing bombing some of the children we've been following to like north and they simply tweeted saying we are alive we're also heard from human rights activist an
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english teacher deanna lim she posted this video to her you tube and twitter page now we're in the season we're completely surrounded their military forces are trying to come in and they're not letting food and if they come and it will be a massacre. if they could they would kill us all now that they know the world is watching. so. we want the world to let him know and let them know that russia know who is also helping them. that we're not going to be quiet we're not going to just as the whole way when i'm just going to we're not just going to turn a blind eye on what is happening here. these if you can't talk to a congress man put pressure on the russian embassy whatever you can do make make demonstrations make rallies make your voice heard you can do something to
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change the situation here and i still have hope in people i know people are good at heart so if you can do whatever you think you can even a prayer can help us others or say not to forget about syria as a whole and not just talk about a certain guta the person who posted this political cartoon said to remember what's going on and off screen as well thirteen people were killed there on monday turkey launched an offensive in january to drive out the why p.j. a group they call terrorists if you're talking about the war in syria online be sure to add our hash tag a genius script thank the important not to forget places like africa as well new from the witness team is this documentary it's called fifty feet from syria follows the syrian american surgeon who's shown bit smaller has left his family life behind in the u.s. to work at the hospital which is on the turkish syrian border the things he sees the lies he tries to save it is all rather extraordinary do you have
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a watch for yourself it's playing on the channel at the moment but you can see it now online in the documentaries section at al-jazeera but come witness fifty feet from syria. let's have a look at what's happening around the world on our live wall at the moment and all eyes on the aipac conference aipac of course is the biggest jewish lobby in the united states and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is addressing the crowd there now we are going to be talking to patty calhoun about that a little bit later on hear what mr netanyahu had to say for now though we go to london here is maryam namazie with more international news for us. that's right kemal some news from the united nations saying that it's impossible to safely send ranjoor refugees back to me because of continued violence amounting to ethnic cleansing the u.n. assistant secretary general for human rights andrew gilmore says ranjit muslims still face killings rape and force starvation in state government denies such
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abuses a taking place and has promised to back the refugees made the comments while visiting refugee camps in bangladesh ressam seven hundred thousand rangar of source safety sense a military crackdown began in august. nobody wants to rule. your group of them out but at the same time one cannot afford to go back into will be for. what is going on at the moment not only to. do rapes on a large scale not only. driving people out with some threats but. it seems systematic attempt to destroy the future livelihood. trying to declare the ten day states of emergencies an emergency to stop rising violence against the muslim minority military's been deployed to the city of candy and a curfew is now in place after muslim owned homes and businesses with
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a light damaged in line at the attacks came after a buddhist man was reportedly killed by a group of muslims and now finances has more from candy province. a heavy blanket of security around the affected areas of. candy in. the authorities very keen to make sure that there is no room for any further flare ups any more confrontations the muslim community and the sing hadley's now what has started off as a. small scale argument or an altercation about broadway's all right of way. has basically taken. on a communal proportion it never start of this way and this is what the government is urging people not to give in to sort of hate rhetoric or any of this hate crime and violence but ensure that they work together the government has pointed towards the violence this country has seen for almost thirty years reminding people that the kind of food to go back to that era now basically the muslim community burying
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one of its own youth who was caught in a house that was born down by an unruly mob last afternoon he couldn't get out on time and basically his funeral happening on tuesday afternoon now the single is community also sort of putting off the truck driver forty one year old truck driver basically it was assaulted to death a few days ago which formed the sort of catalyst for this tension for this country hoping very much that they don't return to this kind of commuter crash because the country simply cannot afford it. police have confirmed the case counterterrorism network will lead an investigation into the suspected poisoning of a form of double agent sergei script was found unconscious on a bench in salzburg in southern england on sunday along with his thirty three year old daughter both critically ill in hospital he is
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a former russian intelligence officer who was convicted of betraying dozens of spies to purchase intelligence russia has denied any involvement the police gave this update in the last half hour. softer new the metropolitan police have confirmed that due to the unusual circumstances the counterterrorism network will be leading this investigation as it has the specialist capability and expertise to do so. it is important to reiterate they have not declared this as a terrorist incident. as at this stage they are keeping an open mind as to what has happened. now and souls pray and any more indication about the cause of illness hanis. well mary and the investigation is a very very fast pace indeed and the fact that the counterterrorism network is being brought in to lead this investigation gives you an idea of how complex that
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is that network is made out of made up of specialist offices when it comes to talks a color gee when it comes to domestic intelligence so that we specially some m i five there as well as m i six the international intelligence agency we wait to hear what the results of the toxicology investigation. we expect possibly to hear back later on this evening or to choose today still no news though on the health of the two scripts and. his daughter they are still as far as were aware in a critical condition but we're not entirely sure which hospital they are currently in as a sort of fast paced investigation more information will be coming out as the hours progress. and it is that been any more information from the government we know that russia has denied any involvement in this but obvious comparisons being made with the poisoning alexander let the young. of course when you when you
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mentioned a former spy when you mention poisoning the case of alexander litvinenko was poisoned in two thousand and six after being exposed to radioactive polonium of course springs to mind the british foreign secretary boyce johnson has said that it's too soon to point the finger but at the same time he said that if suspicions are confirmed and if russia's hand in all of this can be confirmed to a later date then it could possibly mean even at this early stage the foreign minister is suggesting an extension of sanctions even suggested that the u.k. might even boycott the world cup if it turns out that moscow had a hand in all of this but it is of course early days the question is how does the foreign secretary made these comments a little bit too soon is it likely to inflame tensions before we have the full facts at our disposal thank you very much for now me with all the latest on that story from salisbury in southern england will have more from london in about half
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an hour's time now back to kemal thank you marion just before we go to the break some of your comments very quickly suzanne on facebook live i think her comments kind of echo a lot of your views on syria at the moment saying how is it bad that's all in capitals how is it that the u.s. the security council has allowed chaos and genocide drama been providing security in syria well the u.n. would probably tell you we passed a resolution it simply has not been enforced also plenty of comments on north korea yasmin puts together a few thoughts here saying how likely is that kim to mood would even agree to a nuclear freeze and to what extent would he be prepared to make concessions do you think well for you know what i think but certainly kim jong un is that under the right conditions and he seems to be saying if security can be assured then they would be some sort of nuclear freeze keep your thoughts and questions coming in the hash tag of course is a.j. news grid if you are watching us on facebook live welcome first of all you're about to meet an indigenous group in mexico who are flying. clients to catch fish and
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then a little later a nine month old deal hundreds of muslims trapped in a church compound this is in central african republic what's happening to them is going to report coming out. how i well after what's been a pretty disturbed spell of weather one place to say we have got things squatting down across a good part of the middle east a fair amount of class flooding out of the eastern side of the mediterranean but i think the most it will be dry fine and sunny as we go on through the next few days twenty celsius there in beirut and in aleppo struggling to get to around fifteen degrees but not looking too bad there is a little more cloud across northern parts of iran could be some rain coming through here at cloudy easing out of the caspian sea pushing a little further research as we go on through thursday she ought to shower pushing over towards to many stan i've even the old winfrey floury into afghanistan to
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claim us guys do come back in behind but notice yeah there will be a little bit of writers coming into northern parts of syria to spilling out of turkey over the next day or two now right in the forecast across the middle east as we go on through the next day as i said across the region potentially thirty thirty one celsius here glorious sunshine it down hala can get as we go on through the next few days not looking quite sick across northern parts of madagascar. now in the process of pulling further south but we still have this legacy of plough bring you some very heavy showers into northern madagascar well the areas of mozambique into tanzania into the democratic republic of congo still a few showers there into and also the eastern cape. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming
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young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems their challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. he's decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively we're not that we want to present a positive immense and change the steering typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good on lonely woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong armani people al-jazeera world meets the first only female same crew in the gulf sailing stop at this time on al-jazeera.
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the headlines from al-jazeera dot com and what's trending as well you saw myself as a reporter nearly on tree. top of the list today in. prison fail to see the world as i always say there is a very different sort of stuff for you to read on al-jazeera dot com. and you can
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read that in the what's trending section whatever you'd like. central african republic it's been a nine month long ordeal for hundreds of muslims and it shows no sign of ending they have trapped inside a catholic church compound after the town of was overrun by a christian group last may miss katherine sawyer reports now the muslims risk being killed if they were to leave the protection of the u.n. peacekeepers. friday prayers for muslims in a compound of the largest catholic church in bangor around fifteen hundred people have been trapped here since last may when fighters from a mainly christian group stormed into the town leaving the compound can be fatal for muslims the last i do shows is where his brother was abducted then killed two
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weeks ago as he looked for firewood. these gunmen are always fighting and waiting for us it is an issue at the compound one bullet went through my tent where i was with my children the world food program supplies a comp every ten days u.n. peacekeepers guide them other aid agencies help but getting medical supplies is a major problem. is just over a year old she's sick but it's too dangerous to take her to the hospital in town even the roads are not possible because they are controlled by the armed groups therefore we as humanitarians have to fly the assistance from benghazi to this location and sometimes the transportation is very expensive than the food of the. people they were forced to flee their neighborhood. which is just about two kilometers away their homes in the mosque they first took refuge and destroyed the
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area is now an operational base for the mainly christian group which now calls itself the fonts and is a vigilante group that was formed in twenty thirteen to fight against the mostly muslim seleka group with common yard's a time when a lot of tension fighters from that group in control of benghazi quite nervous afterward that another rival group is planning an attack. this is one of the most dangerous towns in central african republic people are always on edge they say the other group which is just outside town wants to come in to rescue the muslims taking refuge in the church compound. guns they don't comprehend the church because they see that the church is the one who is keeping the most muslim people so they also against as you see and also the muslim people also they don't understand us because for them. i don't know. the godfather
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of the people guns so the church easy in the middle. the u.n. is leading efforts to return the displaced to their homes it's a delicate process that involves talks with the communities and gunmen people in this camp are a preventive but hopeful that maybe they may have their lives back some catching sight al-jazeera banga soup central african republic. joseph in ganji in that report he's with us live now head of the united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in central african republic when i when i read more about this story today i was just quite amazed at the time frame nah in months this is been going on and no breakthrough yes. nine months is quite a lot and nothing seems to be moving and. i can say this without a contradiction that this is the situation is worsening in the area because there
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are rumors of. two groups of planning on a tug on the town and we do know very well that if there is any attack on this town the muslim people who are about five hundred in the. year are will have a very rough the there will be fighting for their lives should there be any attack in this location so important to note is that this people cannot go out we have to give them food and any time one of them goes out he or she is either killed or you know punished severely and the un do something more i mean obviously you're doing a huge amount for the people already as you've just explained sending them food sending them aid but something to actually move this on there are peacekeepers there are your group is there as well what more could possibly be done and how could you do it. i think from our side what we are doing is that we had were getting on. at will getting to the government
6:43 pm
because as you are aware the government has the sovereign raided for the protection of its own citizens we are also protect a good thing for the u.n. mission to continue to provide protection to this people important is that not is that the u.n. mission popularly known as is providing plenty for seven protection to these people but i think one thousand five hundred people in a small space is equivalent to a football peete where they have been for nine months i think this is really something to worry about and it is important that all stakeholders must work to ensure that this situation is improved it is important to not have that m two groups in summer of one republic our own the inquiries that are increasing their activities in different parts of the of the town and it is important to not do that you know as much as we wanted these people to go out children are not going to
6:44 pm
school and it is important that you know people are not cultivating their fears what do what this means is that they will continue to rely on the humanitarian assistance until the situation improves as the it is also important to not do that flying in assistant to this area has to be done from bangui because all roads out of control are by i'm two groups humanitarians have been attacked on several and several old kitchens and this is really one of the areas where we have lost their lives of many humanitarian in this country joseph encounter thank you for your time and glad we could talk to you on quite an extraordinary story thank you great interactive he's here to show you it's called the war across the river and it was produced a few years ago now telling the stories of what was click through to actually of the people trying to escape the war in ca and how crossing the river became one of the few ways out but also sometimes
6:45 pm
a life or death decision it's from the interactive folks down to zero dot com just search for war across the river. campaign exempted for wednesday's general election in sierra leone the leaders of sixteen political parties are battling to succeed president ernest bai koroma who has been in office for ten years now have been calls ahead of the vote for a peaceful election lee how vocal are people from sierra leone online well as vocal as we've seen really this is one of the top conversations that we've seen in that country same hashtags here leone decides and hash tag votes alone they're feeding in some of the top conversations in the country at the moment now we've been talking to many of you in sierra leone about what your hopes are for this election like many votes for a peaceful election i am praying for a leader. in the right direction a leader we still fleece came more about the mission
6:46 pm
a leader who will put civilian first and that means to lead. the youth first it's been an amazing to see the level of specification in this election for us is laying gauge yeah showing a level of political maturity that gives me the confidence that the elections will be peaceful and that the outcome will be i am hoping for a democratic. election. the content circulating online is about how to make this election a peaceful one a lot of it is being done through music here's an example of a song meant to keep you out of violent protests. credible. it wanted to come out and that's something we. don't know what. it is. hard not to dance about once sports are also being used to rally voters sierra leonean football or cake m r is
6:47 pm
promoting peaceful actions he posted this on his twitter feed. i don't the plan for mixed message for not election don't kanya i'm not be able to put my wards in together because on the four c. we all know that this is not the most important election in history so because some of the record deficit i just want cost me votes before all yet to see me. are the votes for a peaceful election many are also trying to encourage women to get up and go women make up more than half of the population seriously on an a campaign called women use your power is aimed just at that getting them to the polls some women are even performing and dancing in the streets to help get the word out if you're in sierra leone we've been talking to several of you but continue to send us your thoughts on what you hope will happen in this next election you can use or hash tag aging thanks to you nice to hear from
6:48 pm
a new audience this year early on now the israeli prime minister's been speaking at the annual conference of aipac the american israel public affairs committee so those pictures a little bit earlier aipac the most powerful influential pro israeli lobby group and benjamin netanyahu has been telling the audience there among many other things that he will not let iran develop nuclear weapons netanyahu also praised his country's expanding diplomatic relations. people talked about israel's isolation. this was our solution. pretty soon the countries that don't have relations with us there are going to be isolated thank those who talk about how we caught in here is your god will boycott was fired up his and his party cowhide in washington d.c. to talk about it i mean here is pardon the phrase here preaching to the choir there
6:49 pm
that is an audience who will obviously lap up everything benjamin netanyahu says but i mean he's in a stronger position now he's got the u.s. embassy moving to jerusalem this time. that is going to be popular among the crowd but it was really pretty much the speech we always hear from benjamin netanyahu when he goes to a paki starts out thanking the united states for all of its support especially when it comes to military equipment then he little bit different this time walked the stage sort of steve jobs like he had some audio visual cues tried to make it a more personal speech and interestingly one of the issues that he highlighted at the very top is what israel is doing on environmental issues water preservation that could be seen as trying to appeal to progressives in america and the democrats in this country and the people at apec will tell you they think they have a real and growing problem for the first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy eight there's the largest partisan divide when it comes to sympathy for israel in this country if you look at republicans
6:50 pm
a new poll said seventy nine percent of republicans have more sympathy for the israelis but when you go to the democrats that number is falling is just down to twenty seven percent of democrats have more sympathy for israel now it doesn't mean that they overwhelmingly support many of them in the poll said they simply didn't know enough about it but it is a growing concern that the support for israel is becoming partisan remember this is a country that tends to flip back and forth between democrats and republicans he did of course go into what he often talks about with ran he again put up a huge map and put countries in black that have any sort of affiliation or ties to iran and he said that they are trying that darkness is descending on the region that was his quote and we must stop iran we will stop iran. in his speech he talked about palestine again called for the prime minister mahmoud abbas to stop giving money to families of people who commit crimes against israelis and that was pretty
6:51 pm
much it so palestine very high on his list of topics really he was trying to rally the israelis say what a great job he's been doing he's obviously embattled at home. much like president trump is embattled here in his own country how do you know he's in washington d.c. reporting on aipac they thank you paddy the u.s. is really relationship exploding deployments that head to head on al-jazeera this is actually back in twenty sixteen pre don't trump selection the house on spoke to modern indicted someone who started his career at aipac and then went on to serve two stints as the u.s. ambassador to israel under bill clinton also was a year as president obama's special middle east envoy this is online a down to zero dot com the full interview and transcript from mohsin in the white kay well we still mourn the good we're going off the grid we're going we're going to india ok and the question can you measure a country will india they're trying to the national institute of fashion technology or nifty is trying to make it easier for indians to find clothes that fit
6:52 pm
especially since most fashion is imported from the west or from the east with different size charts since india doesn't have a national size chart is trying to make one the university will survey twenty five thousand people from all across the country using a three d. body scanner the computer would measure weight height waist and hip and bust size all in a single scan and it would result in a table chart for indians the cost though about four point seven million dollars a professor at new delhi said close quote this would be a scientific exercise to create a database of measurements that will cumulate in a standardized size chart truly be representative of the indian population which can then be adopted by the entire apparel industry the comments on the facebook page along with different articles posted about our overall positive with many people saying finally gina wrote saying each time one gives some clothes to friends and relatives turns out the forty he wears is not the forty you bought hope the
6:53 pm
number is definitive and relatable to us in european sizes the size in chart is expected to be finished in about three years if you're in india we want to hear from you you are. western size has been the norm urge you not see a need for a new system let us know how. it works thank you. let's leave me out of it sport. well that's. what people are talking about in sports today in the asian champions league is a football tournament that's found itself on the pole it's a cold front lawn nine months on from four nearby countries imposing a blockade on cats all football has found a way to break through the barrier for a small reports. a team from saudi arabia in kept hard to play a match with the saudis continuing to impose a blockade on cats our football is breaking through when nothing else is teams from united arab emirates another of the four countries which cut diplomatic relations
6:54 pm
last june have been drawn against sides from cats are in the continent's top club football competition the asian champions league alley are the first saudi club to play in cats are since the dispute began this current fixture as a home game for the cattery team. the saudi and amorality football associations want it back just like this move to nutro bang it is a demand that was rejected by the region governing body asian football confederation. cats r.'s twenty twenty two world cup organizers have urged the blockading nations to allow their people to play a full parts in what will be the region's biggest ever sporting events. as star player is wesley schneider who's played in a world cup final the more land and in el classico for our madrid against barcelona the most capped player in dutch history says politics shouldn't be allowed to interfere with football. i still love football every day i'm still driving here
6:55 pm
with a lot of joy because i still love the game and. i think we we shouldn't think about any political things we just have to be focused on what we're doing on the pitch and nothing on from the site. team members were less keen to talk refusing to comment at a media conference when al-jazeera asked if the team was happy to be in kept our neurons up for this question because it's not. as chairman is hopeful the asian champions league games can play a role in easing tensions between the neighbors we should not involve politics to the sport and i'm sure sport is the best thing that can bring the youth. closer together and i'm sure that they keep all those things behind them that they give a late equaliser for saw this game finish in a suitably diplomatic one one draw both teams are in with
6:56 pm
a good chance of reaching the knockout rounds how do you feel about the result today. on this night the saudi players were happy to allow their football to do their talking. al jazeera del how. well journalist david harding is based in cats are good months a follower for this story he was at the game on monday night he noted that could sorry fans sang the national anthem before kickoff and that somehow there were more than thirty fans out again amazing that supporters of any club can find a way of watching that scene this much not so nice so late said one four could sorry teams are playing either saudi or amorality teams in the group stages as our round play in saudi arabia in the next few hours. will be despots and their five game win this run in the n.f.c. champions league in that game interesting league while the a.f.c. blocked efforts by saudi and the emirates to have such fixtures moved to a neutral venue it is happening in matches between saudi and iranian teams saudi
6:57 pm
arabia iran should stay out of football says chief john in front of the head of world football talking last week about a two year diplomatic rift between the two countries iranian and saudi teams as a consequence have been playing each other in oh man. well saudi arabia will be flying host russia in the opening game of the world cup but will football's most expensive player be fit to kick off in june it isn't right at the moment as brazil's neymar on crutches after surgery on his fractured foot to the two hundred seventy million dollars perry sanjay around struck a filmed leaving brazil after an operation doctors say he faces at least a three month layoff and that leaves him in a real race to be ready for brazil's opening game against switzerland on june the seventeenth far we'll have more sport few that's coming up in the eighteen hundred g.m.t. news hour but for now let's get back to come thank you and it's
6:58 pm
a bit like us losing our voice wouldn't we just be no use to. create that we don't get paid as much as a name i just want to add if you want to get in touch with us hashtag a day newsgroup twitter facebook and what's that what's that number is also up and running on telegram if you use that messaging app and we will see you back here in studio fourteen about zero fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because
6:59 pm
no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that that of choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out of us and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera the continent of antarctica is facing multiple threats from climate change to overfishing and tourism but now a campaign is underway to create the largest protected area on earth the remote waters of the webelos sea stay with al-jazeera for a series of special reports from a three piece expedition to antarctica. al-jazeera where ever you are. a shining city
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stroud team from the rubble of a devastating. chechen president the oil to the kremlin. on the walls and all cars straight up the wall. in the dark. an intimate tale of repression chechnya and war without trace at this time on al-jazeera. north and south korea agreed to hold a summit to discuss a possible nuclear deal. hello i'm a london you're watching al-jazeera. rush office saying.


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