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because they have the heart protection of nature to do that because to see your business from crossing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. north korea's leader agrees to meet his south korean counterpart next month but is he really willing to discuss getting rid of his nuclear weapons. in iran barbara starr you're watching our live from london also coming up on the
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program russia offers a syrian rebels a safe passage out of eastern guta as the number killed in the last sixteen days reaches eight hundred sri lanka declares a state of emergency and curfew to stop attacks on muslims plus. tend to take innocent life u.k. soil. unsanctioned unpunished a warning from britain after a russian former spy and his daughter are found unconscious in southern england. hello thank you for joining us hopes are building for a breakthrough in peace talks on the korean peninsula after a delegation from the south held the successful meeting with north korea's leader they say came general and agreed to meet a south korean counterpart in the next month and is willing to talk about getting rid of his nuclear weapons president trump however has cautioned against what he's
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called false hope from seoul what mcbride reports. the delegation arrived back in seoul clearly delighted the mission had achieved all its objectives and. most importantly an apparent commitment from north korea to denuclearize the right conditions that. north korea made it clear that there will be no reason to possess nuclear capabilities if there is no military threat and also north korea's regime security is guaranteed the two sides have agreed to a summit. between president jay end of south korea and north korean leader kim jong un kammen john inside the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas where a truce was signed to end the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three and for the first time a hotline will be set up between the two leaders to diffuse any future crises south
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korea says the north has also agreed not to hold any provocative new clear or ballistic missile tests while these talks are ongoing and has shown its willingness to discuss denuclearization with the u.s. washington has always insisted the north commits to giving up its nuclear arsenal as a precondition to talks but it's far from clear this agreement gives that commitment . greenmount follows an extraordinary visit lasting little more than twenty four hours with a banquet and smiles at the invitation of kim jong il on north korea's state run media giving the visit extensive coverage of president moon's government will hail this as a landmark achievement of his policy of engagement earlier choose day he was attending a graduation ceremony at a military academy he clearly believes in his mission of long term peace through
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dialogue but this was a reminder to his critics that south korea should remain militarily strong if the initiative falters. you know how. we must talk to north korea you know due to the nuclear ice cream. but at the same time we must put our maximum effort into establishing effective measures against north korea's nuclear and missile capability south korea's envoys now travel to the united states to fill in their allies on the details of the agreement that will be a far tougher sell. of the bride so. robert kelly is a professor of political science and the plum a c. at south korea's procyon university he says the challenge now is to convince the united states that north korea is committed to the talks. the summit goes well the north koreans make some kind of serious offer not some not pseudo concessions of like a freeze or something that can be easily reversed but some genuine concession then
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moon has to go the south korean president has to go and sell that to the american ally what we really need is for the north koreans to actually concede on something that's genuinely important right they allow inspectors back in or something like that right and you know nuclear tests and missile tests could easily be restarted so you know freeze isn't really a concession i mean that's what i think that's what the south koreans will need if they're going to sell this to the americans as something that looks like the north has made really moved on something important to it i think with the north koreans alike most of all is some kind of guarantee there won't be american led regime change against the north and i think that's one of the reasons why so many people are skeptical these deals can be struck because it's just not clear that the americans can make that deal credibly which is to say the american president can say this but the next american president might roll it back right the north koreans have told us famously for years that the americans promised not to strike libya if gadhafi gave up his nuclear weapons he did and we struck them anyway during arab spring i think that's going to be the biggest problem is can the american signal credibly to the north koreans that we want to strike that most people assume that's not possible the north koreans won't believe us and therefore they would keep their
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weapons that's why i mean this promise to denuclearize again it's you know we've heard this before the north koreans said this ten years ago i mean the basic strategic issues haven't really changed that much you know i mean the north koreans are still looking for security. russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave eastern huta but rebels are accusing russia of escalating the fighting and ignoring a temporary truce russian air strikes killed ten people on tuesday and more than eight hundred people have been killed in the enclave in just the last sixteen days santa holder has more now from beirut in neighboring lebanon. the latest bombing campaign and. into its third week. the number of civilians killed is climbing. away. from the.
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civil defense volunteers are overwhelmed now russia is offering a way to stop the war russian military commanders say they will guarantee safe passage out of the besieged enclave for rebel fighters and their families this. immunity for all fighters who choose to leave personal weapons and with their families is government you did by the russian center we call upon the leaders of all the illegal groups to make everything possible to release the civilians from suffering and secure unobstructed delivery of humanitarian aid to. the hundreds of thousands of people in eastern who are trapped in a war zone many refusing to cross into government controlled territory because of the lack of security guarantees the pro-government alliance blames the rebels for preventing civilians from believing and holding them as human shields the rebel
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factions deny that and accuse russia of insisting on military escalation and force displacement what is known as the revolutionary leadership announced general mobilization to defend the cities and towns. eastern huta. indian ocean water to shock the that this unite and forget the differences of the past the world with your steadfastness and perseverance with all your sacrifices during these hard victories near many many requests to join devoted so we hope in many recruiting centers for volunteers and the should be the opposition has lost ground in recent days rebel defenses collapsed in the eastern side of the enclave the fighting hasn't yet reached heavily populated areas but pro-government forces seem to want to avoid direct combat the strategy appears to involve surrounding the main towns and cutting rebel supply lines to force a surrender. that is what they did in the battle for aleppo they laid siege to the
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rebel controlled east of the city for months and then they launched an all out military campaign it was only when the rebels found themselves trapped in a small pocket of territory that they agreed to leave with their families many others left with them particularly those involved in opposition activities. the people of eastern fear the same fate doctors civil defense volunteers media activists are all considered terrorists by the government they don't want to be forced from their homes but the likelihood is increasing dozens are killed every day the suffering is only getting worse. beirut. un investigators say all sides committed war crimes in syria in two thousand and seventeen including russia and the us a report by the un's commission of inquiry on syria found that on november attack that killed eighty four people in a market in a head west of aleppo was carried out by russian aircraft it said the attack using
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unguided weapons may amount to a war crime of launching indiscriminate attacks it also concluded that u.s. led coalition strikes on a school in iraq are in march two thousand and seventeen killed one hundred fifty residents the u.n. rejected the pentagon's claim that dozens of fighters were killed saying the u.s. is failure to protect civilians was a violation of international humanitarian law investigators said syrian government forces used chemical weapons and then sleep populated areas of eastern huta three times in july and again in the ember the report described the siege of eastern huta as characterized by pervasive war crimes and the report also covered armed groups finding that isis actions in june preventing residents of rock a living areas under attack amounted to the war crime of using civilians as human shields well the lead commissioner behind the un report accuse the international
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community of not doing enough to stop the conflict from escalating we are releasing this report to very dark moment in this conflict. as if some sort of. building. towards actual political process. yet in the intervening weeks the situation eat leap is still. a long situation rich we describe in the past this ticking time bombs predictably did to me to become reus collision zones. but in fact it's collision zones we for necessary see if you didn't serve three. being broadcast around the world and once again we've the world feeling to take action. russia's military is considering all possible causes of a plane crash that killed thirty nine people at an air base and an air force base
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in syria that the fence ministry says the transport plane crashed while trying to land at the her mean by air base near the port city of latakia there were no survivors the base was visited by the russian president vladimir putin and the syrian president bashar al assad last december initial report reports suggest a technical fault was to blame. sri lanka has the clarity a week long state of emergency to stop rising violence there against the country's muslim minority the military has been the ploy to the city of candy and the curfew is now in place after muslim owned homes and businesses were torched and damage than riots and rest we gather to reports a truck driver from the majority buddhist community died of falling an altar cation with four muslims. well sri lanka is largely divided into two ethnic groups according to the last census almost seventy five percent are sin and they're
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concentrated in the southwest and center of the island eleven percent us are lankan tamils who mostly live in the north and the east but ism is the main religion particularly among the sinhalese accounts for seventy percent of the population twelve percent are hindu many of them tamils one nine point seven percent of muslims and seven point four percent are christian middle fernandez has more now from candy province. a heavy blanket of security around the affected areas of beginning and candy in. the thought it is very keen to make sure that there is no room for any further flare ups any more confrontations the muslim community and the sing haley's now what had started off as a fluke quickly small scale argument on an altercation about broadway's all right of way. has basically taken on a communal proportion it never start of this way and this is what the government is
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urging people not to give in to sort of hate rhetoric or any of this hate crime and violence but ensure that they work together the government has pointed towards the violence this country has seen for almost thirty years reminding people that they can't afford to go back to that era now basically the muslim community burying one of its own a youth who was caught in a house that was born down by an unruly mob last afternoon he couldn't get out on time and basically his funeral happening on tuesday afternoon now the single is community also sort of hurting after a truck driver forty one year old truck driver basically was assaulted to death a few days ago which formed the sort of catalyst for this tension for this country hoping very much that they don't return to this kind of commuter clash because the
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country simply cannot afford it. so the come of this half hour. in the sierra leone prepares to vote in one of its most contested polls in years with security and economic concerns high on the agenda and it's amazing conclusive election saw a rise in anti immigrant rhetoric could it also inspire attacks on foreigners there . the on. the a. hello there it's milder but still wet for many of us across europe the satellite picture is showing plenty of council swerving around but one system after another really a lot of this is rain rather than snow but we are still seeing a few outbreaks of the white stuff over the mountains there in the alps and further eastwards as well but all of this is pushing its way north woods there as we head
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through wednesday and into thursday and what is doing is it's chasing away that very very cold and so still cold in the east but not as cold as it has been we're looking at minus five or the maximum on thursday they moscow and elsewhere we've got temperatures much higher eighteen in athens and for the west we're looking at ten degrees there in paris still more rain working its way through parts of the northwestern europe and still more unsettled weather across the iberian peninsula as well really has been very wet here over the past few days some of that what weather has also been affecting us in the northwestern part of africa over the late to system edging its way east with there as we head through wednesday so a little bit drier for many of us here just a few bits and clouds around in robot that could just give us one or two showers but i think most of the day should be dry perhaps the odd shower again on thursday but again largely dry weather more cloud there making its way across the northern parts of our area and into parts of china sea a to. the i. full
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a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not that we want to present a positive image and change this to your typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing you can still be a good i'm only a woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong people are al jazeera world meets the first female same crew in the gulf sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera north and south korea's leaders are to
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hold a historic summit next month according to an envoy from seoul kim jong il and said he would be willing to give up his nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they still look at this says russian air strikes killed another ten people there and sri lanka is the clear the week long state of emergency the stock rising violence against the muslim minority. the u.k. says it will respond robustly if the russian government is shown to be behind the suspect the poisoning of a former double agent russia has rejected the allegations as groundless sergei script probably was found unconscious on a bench in southern england on sunday along with his thirty three year old daughter he's a former russian intelligence officer who was convicted of betraying dozens of spies to british intelligence from salzburg years leave barker. a police cordon surrounds
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the scene where surrogate's cripple and his daughter yulia were found fighting for their lives the bench where they were sitting is covered by a forensic tent nearby police have set up an investigation unit c.c.t.v. footage shows the pair shortly before they became critically ill after exposure to an unknown substance they remain in intensive care in hospital this is been a fast paced investigation and our focus has been on trying to establish what has caused these people to become critically ill and whether or not criminal activity has taken place. in london the british foreign secretary promised a robust investigation he threatened to extend sanctions against moscow if it turns out the kremlin's to blame though i'm not not pointing fingers because we can't this is because you don't sound point fingers i see governments around the world
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that move tend to take innocent life on u.k. soil will go either unsanctioned or unpunished two police officers have also been treated for minor symptoms of contamination but were later discharged the authorities say there's no known risk to the public the possible i who called the emergency services so the two were in a semi paralyzed state vomiting and foaming from the mouth before passing out yulia scrip always then airlifted to hospital her father sergei followed by road sixty six year old surrogate strip our was a retired military intelligence colonel this is the moment he was arrested by russian security services he was jailed for thirteen years by moscow for passing the identities of russian agents working in europe to british intelligence. it was released during a high profile spy swap in two thousand and ten one of four prisoners released in exchange for ten russian sleeper agents planted in the u.s.
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he was later flown to the u.k. where he's been living this is an image of yulia scripts while she is in her early thirty's and was visiting her father from russia the mystery poisonings led to comparisons with the two thousand and six killing a former russian agent alexander litvinenko he died in agony twenty three days after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium one of his suspected killers and look of oil is now a russian m.p. immune from prosecution an inquiry into the death concluded the president vladimir putin probably approved the killing police say they're keeping an open mind over what happened here british counterterrorist specialists have now taken control of this fast paced investigation the life of a russian double agent is fraught with danger nieve barkha al jazeera solsbury well our moscow correspondent rory chalons has more now on the reaction from russia
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. well the kremlin is wearing it's world weary here we go again nothing to do with us hats at the moment dmitri peskov of the spokes person says the it hasn't taken long for claims to be made in the u.k. that there was some kind of malign russian influence here he says u.k. authorities have mostly approached moscow for any assistance yet but that of course there would be interaction given if such a request was received beyond that so the kremlin there's not really much to say because they don't actually have any more information there's been pithy response from elsewhere in russian official them the russian embassy in london has hit back the comments made by boris johnson the u.k. foreign minister now the embassy there says that one gets a strong impression that a sonar you have it yet another anti russian campaign has already been written also comments from russian parliamentarian calls lugovoy who says that britain's
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suffer from phobias if something happens to a russian they immediately start looking for a russian trial well if that name andre lugovoy is familiar to anyone in our audience that's probably because he is one of the two men that the u.k. has accused of being behind the two thousand and six poisoning the death of alexander litvinenko another former spy and the case that this recent one is being like an suv now lugovoy was never extradited to the u.k. to face any charges there in fact he was promoted into the russian parliament's essentially shielding him further from any prosecution. people in sierra leone are preparing to vote in a presidential election on wednesday the leaders of sixteen political parties are battling to succeed arness the five koroma but many voters are skeptical as to whether the candidates can address the huge economic challenges that are facing the country from freetown is
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a. syria leone civil war ended fifteen years ago. but fears of violence remain. these women are competing for a peaceful vote. was. it was. for them the violent clashes seen during electioneering are a major concern. others nationwide are cautiously optimistic. five kilometers from home to this newspaper stand every day the businessman scans newspaper classified adverts for work. he says he's made up his mind of the particular candidate who he believes can turn
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things around but not everyone shares his confidence. ear. pieces she says she's going to vote anyway. you unemployment instead of your own is more than seventy percent many voters here expect the next president to find a way to critically create jobs something that's not going to be easy at a time when the prices of the country's key exports are slow. while some feel that leaders have lost touch with the people others who we have what becomes president would be a change for the better. but it reese al-jazeera freetown. sunday's election in italy saw the anti immigrant party known as become a dominant force in italian politics its leader met there salvini says he is the only possible candidate for prime minister but there are fears of increasingly
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xenophobic rhetoric from politicians on the that's encouraging attacks on foreigners but the reports from rome. i lay go a rally in the run up to sunday's election formerly the northern league it's grown from a northern separatist movement to a nationwide populist party under matteo salvini and there's a familiar slogan with a clear subtext for the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees who've made italy their home. and i mean. those who choose the leak just something clear talents first italians first. and it's that same slogan you can see on the banners of the extreme right like at this gathering in rome of the cars or pounds movement there was a small party in a failed to win seats in parliament but their opponents such as these counter protesters say electoral success is not their only purpose and. some organizations are hiding disguising themselves to speaking about democracy but
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using words of hatred discrimination racism and carrying out aggression stabbings. one attack last month hit the headlines a gunman drove around shooting at african migrants in the central city of much errata wounding six of them when police around. suspects look at trainee he had the italian flag draped over his shoulders but inside his home they found nazi material people who know him say trainee was a league party candidate in local elections before turning to the neo fascist group for the new over as well as cause a pound here in the capital the bangladeshi community is one group that's been targeted more than seventy bangladeshis many of them street vendors have been beaten up in the last few years a sort of initiation rite for young fascist activists these roman based journalist says the anti immigrant language that dominated much of the election campaign is having a knock on effect using immigration and. the south is that that the extreme
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right five days not just these two parties. the skin they are creating small groups to prove cooling and target and make it into parties like the leg and their electoral allies the brothers of italy deny links to neo fascist groups and have spoken out against physical attacks on foreigners but their detractors say they're knowingly creating hatred with dangerous consequences junkie might be present growing climate of fear in the country and often that immigrants don't report violent incidents because they might not have residents as well because they're scared that speaking out might have worse consequences. these parties are on the rise and expanding this support base but as hardened against immigrants some fear that's already making life dangerous for minority communities here with al-jazeera right. in the united states least one person
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has been injured after a tanker carrying hydrochloric acid was hit by a train in pennsylvania it happened just outside the city of pittsburgh prompting residents to be moved to safety the lorry was carrying more than eighty thousand gallons of acid at the time of the crash. the wreck of a famous u.s. navy aircraft carrier has been discovered seventy six years after it was sunk in a historic world war two battle the u.s.s. lexington and her aircraft appear remarkably preserved three kilometers beneath the pacific lady lake says she was no went down in one thousand nine hundred forty two when the u.s. halted the japanese advance towards australia she was discovered off the coast of queensland. one woman in western australia found a bottle on a beach while picking up litter little did she know that it was more than one hundred thirty years old in fact what perth resident tanya illumined found has been shown to be the world's all oldest known message in a bottle it was thrown from
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a german shape in eight hundred eighty six as part of an experiment to understand ocean currents. we didn't really think much of it but what we were all intrigued by was the eighteen on the under on the date minute thinking eighteen what could that mean at that point we thought it was a hikes so we didn't think much of it and the next owner took it to a friend who is german and he had a look at it and read it to me and since i said you know it's a shame it's not written and he said it stiffly written on him or is strange the picture that i was showing him we could see the writing on it. amazing more on that and everything else we've been covering on the website. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera north and south korea are to hold a historic summit next month after pyongyang said it would be willing to give up
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its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees egremont follows a two day visit by a south korean delegation to pyongyang it will be the first such meeting for more than a decade and the first since came in took power in north korea the u.s. which has always insisted on denuclearization before any talks can be held says it is cautiously optimistic south korea says the north has also agreed not to hold any provocative new clear or ballistic missile tests while these talks are ongoing and to shown its willingness to discuss denuclearization with the u.s. washington has always insisted the north commits to giving up its nuclear arsenal as a precondition to talks but it's far from clear this agreement gives that commitment . russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave eastern huta but rebels are accusing russia of escalating the fighting
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a temporary truce in the enclave near the capital damascus russian air strikes killed ten people on tuesday. the u.k. has threatened russia with more sanctions if the russian government is shown to be behind the suspected poisoning of a former double agent. was found unconscious on a bench in southern england on sunday along with his daughter is a former russian intelligence officer who's been convicted of betraying dozens of spies to british intelligence russia has the night. sri lanka has declared a week long state of emergency to stop the violence against the muslim minority the military has been deployed in the city of candy and a curfew is now in place after muslim owned homes and businesses were set alight and damaged in riots began after reports a truck driver from the majority buddhist community died following an altercation with four muslims those are the headlines i have news for you in just under half an
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hour stay with it coming up next it's the street thank you for watching. hi emily could be al and you're in the stream today a check in on three sides and the stories around them that caught our eye of a potential win for public school teachers in the u.s. state of west virginia after a nine day strike that kept students out of the classroom and educators gathered at the state capitol then to south africa what impact will a controversial proposal.


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