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tv   Omans Sailing Stars  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2018 3:00pm-3:58pm +03

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a shining city strategy from the rubble of a devastating. attack to president while to crank. on the walls and orchestrate of the war. in the dark anyone who dares to run and. and continue tale of oppression chechnya war without trace at this time and how does it. put it over here in doha with your top stories on al-jazeera the un human rights chief says the syrian government's offensive in rebel held east and glitter can't be justified as aid been rod zaid i'll hussein says civilians are facing a catastrophe as government forces target a few hundred faces monitors are reporting the government sent in reinforcements
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well the human rights chief wants the syrian government to be referred to the international criminal court claims by the government of syria that it is taking every measure to protect its civilian population are frankly ridiculous this month it is eastern will talk which is in the words of the sector general hell on earth next month or the month after it will be somewhere else where people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the backing of some of the foreign supporters. it is urgent to reverse this catastrophic course and to refer syria to the international criminal court and the human rights chief is accusing me of trying to cover up evidence of crimes against humanity against raping and muslims he says he's concerned that mass graves are being bulldozed the
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un is warning that ethnic cleansing tactics have changed from mass killings and rape to forced starvation sri lanka has ordered the blocking of social media sites to stop the spread of religious tension the president's declared a state of emergency across the island to try and stop violence between buddhists and the muslim minority muslim owned homes and businesses have been set on fire and damaged in riots in candy the south korean president says it's too early to be optimistic about progress with the north when jean says he has no plans to ease sanctions against pyongyang ahead of an historic summit with its leader kim jong il and next month voters in sierra leone are choosing a new president and his by koroma stepping down after ten years and the leaders of sixteen political parties are vying to succeed him three million voters are registered for the third election since the end of the civil war militarists is at a polling station in the capital city freetown. there are at the back of their mind
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there is fear this is a country emerging from a brutal war a civil war it ended fifteen years ago but of course there are fears lingering fears of outbreak of violence the police officers here in this country assuring the voters that they will be out in full force to protect and we saw their deployment in large numbers on the streets of towns and cities in sierra leone so voting here is expected to end at quiet o'clock in the evening local time and from then the correlation of results will start with representatives of the candidates as well as officials an international local observers observation how the process goes on then results are expected to be aroused days later and so a report released by human rights watch and justice project pakistan has documented rampant violations by the criminal justice system in saudi arabia the report says pakistani defendants are held for prolonged periods without charge or trial and no access to any legal assistance the report was released as saudi arabia's crown
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prince arrives in the u.k. for a three day visit senior british ministers are meeting over the suspected poisoning of a form a double agent in the u.k. counter-terrorism police are investigating why the former russian intelligence officer sergei scribble and his daughter were found unconscious on sunday they remain in a critical condition in hospital the u.k. says it will respond robustly if russia was behind the incident that moscow is denying any involvement another aide to donald trump has quit chief economic advisor gary cohn was a critic of the president's controversial tariffs on steel imports and he was the architect one of the architects of last year's tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy he is the latest in a series of high profile resignations from the white house. at least eighteen people have died in the largest off the shelf cough to last week's earthquake in poppy new guinea the magnitude six point seven from a struck early on weapons day the strongest since the seven point five quake ten days ago aid workers fear the death toll could rise to more than one hundred those
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are your top stories up next al-jazeera will also use a. one
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to a high p.s.a. to have. one hundred to have done few cough cough in the muck and aspect hoping no one might ride to the house. i don't know what that means to me taste imagine if it had a shot i always think that the national. well. the had been. just as a death but sick kids. and that's when. she . got to do something about what i'm going to have. it's made up so you i'm really. glad.
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that i'm. i'm going to. have you know if i'm going to have been center of him up a couple of bucks and i was in all. my days and about how to see that i yes. that's the seven and honest. and said we had another year just the first suddenness as if the one i was at had as shit. but not as it had in the attic i want to pack. in twenty i love it for young on many women decided to break the mold challenge stereotypes and learn to sail. it's
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a world that can be dominated by men but as john and see saddam and assad made up the crew of today. and their boat were named after a constellation of stars. i don't look at them. but i know both of them. but run over them with your god not a little bit have any good to carry i can say hey i've got to go here how to do my gun evidence in the car even i would have my name to us and going to be it and a that i had been very different to how one can white cotton. about it with the head do look at us as a little. you but not as if. i says and. land in the. midst of i was due that she. had been in
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a comedy show. i . had if it hadn't. just. imagine. when i went. ahead with that cessna that it will be for. me to go so we can get that he bought. us from. and the bottle when all the stuff.
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on the north. team for one mode but i want to part. is funded by the government and started in two thousand and eight it's stated aim is to revive our months merry time heritage promote the country internationally and quote use the power of sport to contribute to the development of the people. they're calling it but i think. that i but my mind if they don't let it go and if you have big then. that is their right but.
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in my. mind it. all up til now i've dumped enough. well there have been a woman totally. needy of them to my need to. a william from a bank that can fly home collapsed on him and all wound up on that interview in a column w. that. explain why. when i joined the company a year and a half ago those women would just starting to do some racing and it was just a one off opportunity but then they did so well the idea was such
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a good one that it was decided we should we should let them continue they enjoyed it. it's hard work but they seem to like that. when discovered. this point here we. want. cam must. be about. men who've been out to look around and ok and get any ice the minute.
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they make in. the head the feeble llama. rather. than that i thought. i would.
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have. had i would. the young woman had to pass an initial training stage in order to be accepted at home and say. well you. are going to not. look. just a. kid doesn't agree. with the guy getting all the money well you read when you get. there if they were if you got a good fantasy but at the end. with a. smile and think and wife but i don't work on that the end of every. day and i can watch
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a video grab me and. you. get the more typical after that i don't miss a lot of us in worship. so we have that's going to make the forwards. were small her. progress out at sea was unfortunately affected by an untimely illness but the company offered her a job on dry land in the education center now she teaches young children about the sea and tries to inspire other young our monies to get involved in sailing. i think it would be a comfort if it's the book. i have and then this is. about
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a survivor and i went off to. the arctic and. then there's a. lot of them. a man has over three thousand kilometers of coastline and so has always had a close relationship with the seed and not just through fishing. pearl diving goes back centuries before the common era and the ancient probe ground stretched along the arabian gulf coast beyond the strait of hormuz that separates it from. by the one thousand nine hundred twenty two centuries gulf pearls were among the most highly sought after and brought in considerable revenue . but pro diving was an exclusively male domain.
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for one in this. i think. and i think that having them up and get ready. to hold a whole. lot of. the heavy it was and. had. all. this stereotype is that men go to sea to fish and that women stayed home to keep house. but some parts of our money society have always challenged that common beliefs and then wish them and they get. the ability i think a. good. model for if you don't. have a slate. he. got
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to be you. know our money and how do. we get. the country to change is a question they wrestle with on an almost daily basis how to maintain traditions in the face of rapid growth and minors station and how to balance local values with outside influences. different countries a dog very approaches as do individual families. and what the.
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i believe you hate the livest you know one of these are small one hundred you know live try and develop a knowledge. of
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what. the self was about a month or so and perhaps the moment. to build the landmark there is a little arsenal getting what you get on a shuttle a two man and a start up back in handy now and this is one lucky so i got a sub had a hell of a party now hello no my buggy got out of work it. and i'm sure you know the how and yet it but. there is a girl in the lot that's what they are you know how they say because in the last one was here a shocker i think i'm all good it was a good ten and a half good yet you had built your back risible with all the hell you could there my lad it was like a lot. but perhaps a better view moved a little while well if you could tell if you move or who are you are you got the
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gun knows it or much of it but. it can it does your well i don't know ruger. i think the reaction has been great because i think the most important thing we have shown people with the. women's program and that's not just the race team but all all the program is you can be a very. good woman in a traditional sense you know you can you can be. a wife you can be your daughter you can be a mother but you can also have this adventure you can also learn to sail and teach other people than inspire people and i think because we've shown that you can do both. you can still you can still be. a good i'm only a woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing no showing everybody how
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how strong armani people are. the young women and their families had to think carefully about the effect their certainly would have on family life and whether it might affect their marriage prospects or responsibilities in the future. to let us know how bad a test set up the clip could bustle and technical and then. as work with what i want to have the. results have been a man are the seller was the good best this up out of order he. will show you where you are has been and good to validly have been my having. got. one bad day off. has there been any and were there any within. the so we saw what has happened and it got there richard hello it carbon how this. role models
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are important in sport especially for young people. the most successful sportswomen in a man has been the tennis player fast man in the planning. and then it gets analyzed to five minute per new year and they are them up with its manila's and within a human a human can within her maybe even a normal reality rigby ac with me that's woman salary of a kid in that when i had her nanny forgot the land i like living here you know so i thought i set up and there how. someone who didn't how was the need for a cellphone or. a short to snap up my number on him. i meant to. dawn when a girl is a lucky woman got away with it herself when where. and how often i had critical had
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run out of it. at the one as them. and the pennies are man's number one tennis player she started playing at the age of four and at her best in two thousand and ten was ranked three hundred sixty two in the world. she still plays an international tennis federation tournament and is a successful doubles player winning in las palmas in spain in august twenty seventh . for as she is a role model. have a lie have a set of free will i met them and sell them i can invest in the falcon i can on a seven four. or five and a half or have a steak if i'm in the fair and then the second that you fit in the chill fifi head funny. nickel burma and. out of beer and say it's anecdotal and i to men and corn fields mom my fucking of us and them and fuck my dad and so.
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but public support from high profile figures like fatah and the planning did not guarantee except in a by every sector of our money society. even the men's team sometimes the tracks opposition. hannaman into by the way the distance to model and down on them on the side of the union if a footman is a in the mess i'm not motherly on him subtle i had the full lend or well hello earth in the my bed and shut up phone love. been the gun to. the head about philip dominick my fishy yani. oh
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oh how the she took off never. it often also the kind with. the with and. then one coffee the what going under. in a lot of on a shoot or how. many in the. with and. i'm going to run out them at the what's my home for them and confront the what could be a common what's. going on and how. they can know when they're out of going out and. the girls come along and they work just as hard as the boys and if they lose to the boys then they say right to morrow you know tomorrow we win so it's it's it's it's interesting all i see is someone who's driven someone who's committed and somebody wants to work so i find it very
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difficult to tell them apart to be honest. coming up in part two these are many women became about something more than just going out to sea in boats. one of them has been with. maybe not the sort i had wanted been. in. for us and what i've been kind of. and the impact made when they took part in international competitions at the end of the. going up to the gold. respect you know well
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you know you have all respect i have been for twenty five years you've been saving for one year. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi is poised for a second time in power. a series of stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene his reelection becomes more apparent we see what direction russia might take. with media trends constantly changing listening post analyzes how the news is being covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water
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leaders and researchers gather in brazil to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera capital the capital which makes the creative. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business of pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera the continent of antarctica is facing multiple threats from climate change to overfishing tourism but now a campaign is underway to create the largest protected area on earth the remote waters of the why don't see stay with al-jazeera for a series of special reports from the greenpeace expedition and antarctica an act of
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youthful defiance we've rode your turn next to the us of the school will they arrested me at home at four in the morning the electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boys. who started this syrian war this time on al jazeera. peter dhabi in doha with your top stories on al-jazeera the un human rights chief says the syrian government's offensive in rebel held eastern can't be justified zaid been rob zaid all hussein says civilians are facing a catastrophe as government forces target a few hundred fighters monitors are reporting that the government has sent in reinforcements this month it is eastern water which is in the words of the sector
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general hell on earth next month or the month after it will be somewhere else where people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of their foreign supporters and the human rights chief is accusing me and mar of trying to cover up evidence of crimes against humanity against revenge and muslims he says he's concerned that mass graves are being bulldozed the un warns ethnic cleansing tactics have changed from mass killings and rape to forced starvation. sri lanka has ordered the blocking of social media sites to stop the spread of religious tension the president's declared a state of emergency across the island to try and stop violence between buddhists and the muslim minority south korea's president says it's too early to be optimistic about progress with north korea when j.
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and says he has no plans to ease sanctions against pyongyang ahead of the historic summit with his leader kim jong il on next month voters in sierra leone are choosing a new president by koroma is stepping down after ten years now the leaders of sixteen political parties are vying to succeed him three million voters are registered for the third election since the end of the civil war. senior british ministers are meeting over the suspected poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. counter-terrorism police are investigating why the former russian intelligence officer script and his daughter were found on conscious on sunday they remain in a critical condition in a hospital that the u.k. says it will respond robustly if russia was behind the incident but moscow is denying any involvement at least eighteen people have died in the strongest aftershock after last week's earthquake in papua new guinea the magnitude six point seven tremor struck early on weapons day aid workers fear the death toll could rise
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to more than one hundred those are your top stories back to al-jazeera world as you said about. four young women in our mine took part in a government initiative to widen their horizons and develop their skills by training to sail competitively. it was part of an ongoing national strategy to put our men on the global map and open up opportunities for young on my knees even if it meant challenging some gulf stereotypes. the crew and the boat took their name. from a constellation of stars. but they mean on live how to lie down on me i need the low. and engine to for a year by then
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a foot is and give me liquor on the chaos and then i go haro no such if i'm with them a lot of it if not if cornel is my thought here who is a midget then. the heloc home because we had forty of us learn the cigarettes in a month. yeah and they fred and. when the air crew took part in the muskets regatta in two thousand and eleven it was their first big race as a team. of the cut. and. point. market that an awful lot of assenting intended and like a slowing gun that he can then you know what it was contends and we'll continue to
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have love with. sam leigh can be a sport for different shapes and sizes as with other sports mental resilience is just as if not more important than physical strength. not a bad sport for women because you don't have to be the strongest if you're strong helps but there's positions on the boat where actually we need someone to be as small as possible we need the tallest we need the smallest we need someone strong we need someone very gentle the most important thing you need for sailing is you need a good mind if you go to a good mind and you can understand the game then then there's a position on the boat for you to ten men ships ten men a little high and it. will be it will be can he feel here. ten men going
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there any. teamwork makan head going to get the. idea and so we. so we want to we have never thought of head. places that have a been. any i can the other but any of the anything i've said well you said. the head of it does it does this about. to happen that matt is at the head of the fattest save those at the head of the earth to live in the. cure wouldn't. care to head for the i wouldn't have to had that wimmin in sailing in general there is the perception that women are not as strong. and nor does dedicated and therefore they'll be they'll be easy to beat but we've had a wonderful some of this year with the girls of going round to europe on good
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racing and they competed in a world championship and there was at the end of the regatta there were male teams going up to the girls and saying to them ok respect you know well done you know you have all respect i have been sailing for twenty five years you've been sailing for one year. and you beat me and hopefully you know the goals realize that even though you're starting in a position where people don't believe that you will be a good competitor when you are they are so impressed that you have their respect for life.
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the my. on. and one. and it's going to. let any one get out that they could have loved the didn't bit the foreign policy doctors say and if you did how did. she seem mean arabia tore it in two thousand and twelve started in. what passed. and the united arab emirates and didn't know how much. for women joined for professionals for the race to make a crew of eight. the
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thought out of us without a stimulus. from start to do you think the head of it in my kind of.
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mad men because that. kind of the faster we use it then. i don't know if you are bob and i want our sauce it's all our own thoughts and i'll be. kind of. welcome in. the front or cut into decor fodder here. but. i don't adamson our family other than what i have. and it has a. lot
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of professionals. in. a sauce with up for the months going to. but enjoy has been spotted in the i'll do a sausage for you. at the loo and you only put. some money you know it at the tab for the money but has there been any been done it will be fully your month and while the for the gifts are the top on the right look i'm not going to. send you an inch and so what i'll. give in so we listen to each other. with it and. so we judge my own comments. and you've gotten full aka.
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apart from gender driving motivation and the mix and chemistry of the team are all key factors in mold seen a successful crew accession the hadn't been in an unknown a common no but. what's the one a woman of the city. has seen where she father said how beloved am going to fight it. doesn't want to have one also knocking about in the uk each one is a little different. they're all very individual we have some girls who are very very quiet very calm under pressure but inside they're all thinking when it goes badly for them we make a mistake we don't do very well you really see them getting upset we have all the
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girls that always like to joke and always like to turn everything into a smile and laughter but when we start the race. everyone becomes very serious and everyone becomes very very driven on that as there is always an atmosphere of next time we do even better next time we do it better. as well as empowering these young on many women in ways they didn't imagine possible sandlin enabled them to develop as people.
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way to share any of that i have a teeny kid my nephew been ascii much to my your oid the second lot of anatomy and pain they had so how fun to be any and. been done. my to. look good on the come on in j.t. on a was a meeting at a bar one of the best and professional. so we're not the hot assessment and in the office a welcome one j.t. ward for our hundred love the one of j. toward jib not hands and one had to say when. someone. with robin hobb to come and know the skin of a humming to be honest i'm not i'm bella hanna
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a good fit milan a good so we don't that lohan wouldn't. get invalid handful of did so sitting out when he was in. as was the first woman sailing team in the whole gulf region. they set out to change perceptions of women in the region by doing the same thing as the men in the same conditions. but it was about more than just yacht racing they wanted to move barriers to achieve something different. has been with. well i don't know. maybe not the sort i had to want to be. in. for us and what i've been kind of.
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for. when out of. the decision to have. any. effect. on some. of the. that have seen first sales competitive the in two thousand and twelve. twenty thirty. in the eighty world competition i must say. a month later she became the first of many women to compete in the fastnet race in our minds flagship boat.
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or. we send them and who are caught a. because of the picnic the know how the car. companies spy you know when one of. them. or when you can't watch it for any welcome to. any model for no. seat of the. but how. about a. motivational. talk and so we would be fired hams and i know you cannot or or four hundred. or sydney or.
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kind of monitor come to learn or i want to know when to check on among them. done or. said how so i want to comment about what i. thought it meant because you know. a lot of club it comes. in two thousand and thirteen was the first time i had competed outside the. size of. going to france was a. double
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come. the rest got and so we did rebut that seebach shark it will elena. and sheriff a dolla. and sheriff. and so it's also so in just almost went in just for the simple reason so we say and in a few binocular herself how to deal with. the loss of this woman if you're not friends that's good on your end but if you. and. you did not intend to get much out there much i'd rather you and. and what would you. rather than. let it come back to american but when i
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can but i dunno if you can but it doesn't and if you. got my. head i went. through could. give it to you. if you know. what i would. what i would really like. to do and if i if i leave him alone twenty years' time you know look back what i want the author writing to do is to show. other people. women men. this is a good adventure it's hard work but if you work hard you race against other people around the world and you earn their respect there is there is nothing better
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than that it is something really special to have people say well that you know you were impressive you really you know i respect your talent and that's what this team is about it's about hopefully some children looking at the team and think it will maybe maybe that is for me maybe i should work hard enough that i can go to a world championship with your mom flag or you know on my back and show everybody how strong we can be. as today i gradually began to see themselves as role models and that they had a responsibility to send example to other young are many women who might follow in their footsteps in the future. and that it can sell human am i will not own money at the phone and a relative. and get i thought that they landed in. my city
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but the big thing for all of us and that's the same for the girls is hopefully we don't want to be the only thing we want to show everybody that it's possible it's possible to be to be a good arab woman and to be fantastic athlete as well they are both very possible so the more teams the more happy we'll. atlantic wolf you. can be come in. for a common walk the lot of via. in an a d in jazz mama kind of changes pretty cool. i don't.
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today a team represented on the for four years. the four women laid the ground for what's now called the on man woman sailing team. it has new members who've picked up a thirty as baton like. medal and safety and. they took part in the twenty seventeen. arabia event sailing in this new far thirty class boat. verity have track records and sports medal was an athlete and handball player. a mother comes from an equestrian background and played football volleyball and basketball. in twenty fifteen it de sam was invited by her british coach. to join the only all female crew at the volatile ocean race which covers over forty thousand nautical miles and nine months. she's part of the
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same class of graduates as and food and is one of the new generation of professional female sailors in the middle east. the team's goal is to represent our men in the international arena and add more offshore miles to their sailing careers. through tranquil a radio. and in on can feel. an affinity she gone deliver. how the giant showers that cause some damage and progress seem to have
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moved away just from satellite evidence you'd never see them forming in brazil and you'd fall custom to repeat that process a lot of extends down towards ria occasional sousing likely in paragraph the same is true in peru south of that dancer chile is fairly fine but a cloud on the coast is santiago the action time pompous is enjoying the middle twenty's even the high twenty's and quiet late weather north of the continent and the picture is increasingly cloudy for parts of venezuela for example the line of cloud that goes off the northeast doesn't show what's been happening in dominique a big waves causing some damage same is true in the bahamas for different reasons as to the full cost we do see some cloud gathering here in the caribbean and his life as president also has been you know looks quite wet on city twenty nine cents domingo but with proper right otherwise it's just a scattering of showers still
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a breeze off in the bahamas and still i think fairly big sees the nor'easter that's been causing so much damage up in the northeast coast of the u.s. is blown out of the way now i have there's more coming towards this area though it's not strong wins it's not snow. the weather sponsored by cats all these. other evidence but so can we. and american cyber activists develops and used in brazil to monitor police. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people. bigger. beaks the spine.
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i think. that's. kind of the intent i. hope. we're the only country that got. to grow up to keep the public transport. it's something we bridle and we need to walk around you see something beautiful. the first introduced you know. so. they're very entertaining in. the fusion of the.


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