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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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governments international institutions to money under one thousand refugees don't have the right to move freely on the other boards and move freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is the v a moment over the course of these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one at this time on al-jazeera. china's national congress votes to eliminate presidential term limits paving the way for street in paying to stay in power and definitely. some of them are kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.
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the death toll rises in syria's east and the government continues to pound the rebel held enclave. there not sending missiles up and i believe that. donald trump says north korea has promised to halt its missile tests ahead of his meeting with kim jong un plus. on record reporting from antarctica a grid journey south toward where all three broke out from the remotest waters although. china's national people's congress has just voted to abolish the term limits for the president and vice president. to change the constitution paves the way for xi jinping to remain in office beyond twenty twenty three leaders are currently
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restricted to serving a maximum of two five year term cisco straits or china correspondent agent bradley joins us live from just outside the national people's congress in beijing's waging the vote in parliament has been held presidential term limits have now officially gone. that's right just in the last few minutes we got the result of that and two thousand nine hundred fifty eight delegates voted to amend the constitution there were three abstentions and two were opposed now we shouldn't probably read too much into that often at occasions like this china likes to give the impression that this is a very transparent exercise so often it orchestrates a little bit of opposition but certainly president xi jinping has got his way the outcome of this vote was never really in doubt his authority is now enhanced remember laura just five months ago at the communist party congress his name was in try and in the constitution making him the most powerful leader since chairman now
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well now his power is even greater and shooting things you know priority all along has been to make the communist party political purpose with him as its head of course now a lot of people are asking or why is president xi jinping doing this now because he's only just begun his second term in office and i think there are various reasons for that but i think personally he wants to send a warning to any potential rivals that he's going to be around for a very long time as you say this decision means that he could effectively remain leader of china for ten twenty years and i think president xi jinping does want to be around for a lot longer his critics are arguing that what he's doing now is building a personality cult and indoctrinating the people of china with his political philosophy but his supporters argue that because of the challenges china faces right now it needs a strong leader and
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a united party that you know shooting paying let's be honest is something of a paradox on the one hand he is calling for free trade but on the other he's pushing back against any sort of political reform here in china there is any mention that delegates opposed to this move against it but alison makes the chinese public at the ready signs of real opposition to president xi for life. look the chinese people i have spoken to in private of the meeting they are unsettled by what is happening and of course this is a process what is happening today is something that ordinary chinese people have absolutely no say in and so yes if there is criticism you're not going to see criticism at a place like this yes there were two of stanchions today several people several delegates opposed the amendment but that is just sort of token opposition is there
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a real rival to president xi jinping i don't think so i don't think there's anyone brave enough right now to stick their head above the parapet. and sing indeed a.j. and brown reporting there from outside times pollack thanks very much action. well that vote in china is taking place on the same day as a byelection in hong kong where the pro-democracy camp is aiming to win back these are power in the lead sister police have detained a number of protesters gathered outside the polling station where the city's leader cast her ballot as if the pollen reports election is seen as a test to gauge reaction to beijing's increased interference in the city's governance. edward you know is too well that victory doesn't guarantee his place on the legislative council. the former professor won in the twenty sixteen elections and while being sworn in he added to fray saying he would fight for universal suffrage after a year in office the beijing government reinterpreted hong kong's constitution to
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deem him an eligible because of that this time he promises his supporters he has a plan ranging you're going to you know didn't they. in the end of this year which we'll discuss about the political rights of all i'll call people i usually use the twenty fourteen pro-democracy demonstrations known as the umbrella movement beijing has tightened its grip on the city as on cities that you would like to have got to meet his new hair his new cap our. bosses god the legal system and although he made calculating these elections to a place for ousted legislative councillors are divided along very clear lines the candidates are either probate are pro democracy. and this is the other camp rallying supporters in front of the government headquarters the poll beijing party's main office used to stabilize home called government so i suppose that
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these are the government's preferred candidates if they win the opposition will not have the numbers in parliament to block bills or question beijing sections but many here believe these candidates will help the city run smoothly i hope it is a problem i know i keep trying to write so insulting but i think all it takes is a kind of heart of all faiths ok my analysts say this vote is mostly symbolic a victory for the pro-democracy candidates would be an expression of frustration at beijing's increasing interference in hong kong's affairs former colonies macau and hong kong are the only territories in china where the public can directly vote for their government but many here say with beijing becoming more intrusive and pushing for more integration with their. to china voting is increasingly regarded as something that matters less than the pollen are just their own hong kong. and syria government and russian air strikes have killed forty people on sas and injured
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dozens more in rebel held eastern women and children are among the latest victims of the offensive to take the last remaining rebel stronghold in syria's capital. where government forces have made significant gains in their battle to see. the orange stripes here so just how much territory the rebels had for break the eighteenth that's when the government stepped up its offensive three weeks of heavy bombardment later and you can see the rebel stronghold has dramatically shrunk more than one thousand people have also died as a result president bashar assad's troops have advanced into areas between the main towns of doom and harassed that has cast off the main rebel supply line government also says it has full control of misrata casting off another key road to do splitting the enclave into three alan fisher has more from the turkey syrian border . well syrian government forces have made big gains in the last twenty four hours they're still facing resistance. thanks this video from josh al islam claims
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to show regime forces being pushed back but they have surrounded two large homes in eastern guta duma and harassed and circling tones in something syrian government forces have done consistently especially since enlisting the help of the russians militarily and tactically by cutting off roads and important supply lines they've essentially left the fighters with no place left to go he's isolating the two cities now the two big cities in the in the east he's weakening them and he's. supporting its military approach by having this political strategy submitting them both on the ground and politically by trying to have a deal does the with. across the country the free syrian army supported by the talks are closing in on the city of afrin. positions held by the kurdish militia the why p.g. . is strikes have been ongoing water has been cut one doctor in the local hospital
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says he fears a massacre the chair of the local council has called on the u.n. to intervene was the u.n. official claims that south administration and the y. p.g. prevent the population from escaping we invite those who sit somewhere and say something like this to send a delegation to a free and to talk to people here the people of a free prefer to voluntarily stay in their country and defend against the occupation of the turkish state. turkey's president says he expects turkish troops to be in the city. if we placed on a shelf put on solid our conscience ethics and sensitivities just like other countries and terrorists do well to syria been captured after it will be a job that would take is just three days. back in eastern ghouta syrian t.v. says government forces now control fifty one percent of the area they're still considering you know money to the corridors for people and fighters who are ready to leave but they still continue to push for fuel control alan fischer al jazeera
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on the talk to the syrian border. turkey's president has criticized the nato alliance for not supporting his military operation in syria's african region taking the operation to clear the area of kurdish y p t fighters in january and preferences the terrorist group but its nato ally the us as backs the fighters to combat eisel. i'm calling on them now he nato where are you we are putting up a fight isn't turkey a nato country where are you invited nato member states to afghanistan immediately so how about in syria if the nato countries who are in syria really have the power they would openly clearly stand against us but they don't dare because they can see that turkey is standing tall but what we wanted was this you called us to afghanistan we came you called us to somalia we came you called us to the balkans we came now calling on them so come to syria turkey with nine hundred eleven
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kilometers of border with syria is under threat right now so why aren't you coming . north korea has promised to hold missile tests ahead of the meeting between its leader kim jong un and the us president that's according to donald trump who is speaking at a rally in pennsylvania to praise china and south korea for helping to build a dialogue with the north there's been no official comment from pyongyang on the proposed meeting nor the tests mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . throughout the day president trump was upbeat about the proposed face to face meeting with the north korean leader he tweeted about phone calls he made with various world leaders including the prime minister of japan the president of china the president of france getting international support for this unprecedented meeting also in the course of the day he tweeted that north korea had not carried out any missile test since the twenty eighth of november indicating that he believed the assurances that were passed on to him by south korean mediators this
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theme he returned to during a campaign speech in support of republican candidates in the course of the evening they're not going to send missiles or think of it they're not sending missiles out and i believe that i believe that i really do i think they want to do something i think they want to make peace i think it's time and i think we've shown great strength i think that's also important but many in washington expressing concern about the lack of preparation by the trumpet ministration should any such face to face talks take place there is no ambassador in south korea also the expert in the state department under oath korea resigned last week so should have been go see asians take place in a face to face basis the u.s. would be at a disadvantage it would appear right from the start. to have hair on out is there are new details and suspicious poisoning of
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a form of rocks and spy. there be background checks counseling absolutely and the national outcry for tougher gun control laws so far as ana serves in the u.s. congress. through tranquil review can you. deny. if any should come into the. hollow when it's been a long time coming but we have signs of spring breaking across western parts of europe still areas of cloud and rain tumbling into that western side of the reason little color cloud this is the same as the changes park in london the daffodils are out at long last some moderate pushing through thirteen celsius in london fifteen in paris. getting up into double figures which is high the madrid with the top temperatures just ten degrees but some very windy weather coming in with that miles
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southerly breeze a little bit of snow still a possibility over the out some really heavy rain there pushing close northern areas of italy into the balkans we have got flooding problems here and that watch the weather will slide across the adriatic back across into the balkans as we go on through into monday telling a little milder in moscow temperatures about where they should be at long last a getting up to around freezing in the heat of the day meanwhile we're still getting up into double figures across western parts of europe monday was a slightly quite a day in terms of the wind the cloud in the rain will still be there which it gets up to around twelve degrees celsius meanwhile a little bit of cloud just grazing the fog north of morocco northern areas of algeria chance of a few spots of rain coming out of this them but it's a term process and dry by monday we're back with a high of twenty. there with sponsored by qatar and he's. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why
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ease activists to live now is even jailed just because she expressed herself he had a story on told to al-jazeera at this time. i don't get what you al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories china's national people's congress has voted to remove term limits for the president and vice president to change the constitution paves the way for seats in paying to remain in office beyond twenty twenty three.
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carney was tricked into serving a maximum of two five year term. syrian government and russian air strikes killed forty people injured dozens and rebel held east and women and children are among the latest victims in the offensive to take the last remaining rebel stronghold there's serious capital. and the u.s. presence is north korea's promise to hold missile tests ahead of his meeting with leader kim jong un trumper speaking at a rally in pennsylvania has been no official comment from pyongyang on the proposed meeting nor the missile tests. china's commerce minister has called for cooperation with the u.s. in a bid to avoid a trade war present troubles for posing a twenty five percent tariff on steel imports and ten percent on aliment but junction warned that china is prepared to take to issue its own response. there is no winner in a trade war that can only bring disaster china to us and to the whole world china
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does not want a trade war china will not initially launch a trade war however we are capable of handling any challenge and we resolutely defend the interest of our nation and our people as president all transformer chief strategist has told the french national front party that it should accept accusations of racism with pride see them praise passing he's a marine le pen for what he called that pits nationalist versus globalists david chaytor reports from. marine le pen is still bruised by the scale of defeat to emmanuel macron nine months ago but as quoted britain's wartime leader winston churchill failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue the count's a change of brandon a change of name a coming in legal this weekend but not it seems a change in policies a ballot of eighty questions sent to national front members just returned a majority of ninety percent in favor of a bridge that's referendum on the european union and ninety eight percent want
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a drastic limit to immigration which delegates here described as a tsunami it's not often that the spotlight moves away from the marine le pen but president trump's former chief strategist stephen bannon managed it when invited on to the party platform we had the single greatest candidate in american history thank all we had to do was let trump be trump number one stop mass illegal immigration and limit illegal immigration to get our sovereignty back and to help our workers told the national front they were part of a world wide movement that history was on the side of the tide that would bring them victory after victory after victory. but it didn't happen for marine le pen and twenty seventeen many blamed her poor showing in the campaign's final debate with emanuel macro eyes are now turning on her twenty eight year old niece marion
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maddox charlotte penn although now retired from politics she has been identified as a rising star by bannon and was spreading her message anew knighted states last month. i'm not offended when i hear president on the truman say america first. in prague. i want america first for the american people i want britain first for the british people and i want france for for the french people. to remain the pen hopes exercise in rebranding will help bring support back and allow us to form alliances with other parties to change or how to steer a. more than a thousand people to pass in a march in tunis here demanding equal inheritance rights for women and men and men valets in the streets of the capital tunis on saturday demanding an end to the islamic inheritance laws where men receive double the amount given to women. as an
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argument and woman is that her husband side her entire life and at the end she gets inheritance which is not fair that comes a day when you discriminate among your children she gets a quarter the inheritance and that's not fair and i'm not ok with that a second round of voting that's likely in sierra leone with results from wednesday's presidential election too close to call both the ruling people's congress and opposition sierra leone people's party of around forty three percent but half the votes counted kansas require fifty five percent to run out when outright election itself is largely peaceful but rival supporters clashed on saturday as the results came in a run of poll must take place two weeks after the final results unknown. faces in colombia heading to the polls for the first elections is the sign of a pistol with gravels. political violence. ports many of the facts in common society has not changed. its colombians gear up to renovate
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their congress on sunday there's one issue on everybody's mind. groups are corruption is the biggest worry of voters rich or poor on the right or left of the political spectrum gibeah were as long overshadowed the legal political practices which are only now coming under bigger scrutiny scandals in past months have involved most parties and even tainted president santos last campaign. yet the new study by the peace and reconciliation foundation says the public outcry will not bring political renovation. more than eighty candidates for the senate and the house of representatives that have links with criminal organizations or are involved in corruption scandals such as older brecht or our children or wives of currently jailed representatives all with excellent chances of being elected they represent rural family clans that have for decades run their districts like the
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most are expected to remain in power doling out jobs public work contracts or just a little food and money to maintain the loyalty of their impoverished voters. many politicians and thirties corruption circuits to finance their campaigns they buy out local community leaders and pay around one thousand dollars per vote the culprits in the end there to citizens they vote for the same corrupt parties then they complain about corruption it's a vicious cycle you can't vote for bandits and then expect to be well governed. according to this study only three. political parties have presented candidates viewed with suspicion for their relations with illicit activities or criminal or gamete variations which have many here worrying that the new congress will have a hard time changing longstanding corruption practices when eat alone director of political website unless e m a c says the system is per base of i have done an
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informal survey with professional politicians asking them how what is the percentage of. open your votes for congress and they all agree that seventy percent patronize seventy thirty percent opinion. and like other major latin american countries jailed many claim chieftain to cleanse remain tough to this large as long as votes can be bought for pennies. us state of florida has passed modest gun restrictions after the pop and high school shooting that left seventeen people dead last month but in washington there appears to be little appetite for new laws john hendren has the story. the outcry for stricter gun laws in america has perhaps never been louder or more emotional. this makes me sick millions of children are rationally preparing for six student slaughter and this is normalized we cannot allow our nation to go along
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with this any longer how many more times how many more children are going to be slaughtered the names of becoming an international shorthand for mass shootings in america littleton colorado virginia tech orlando's post nightclub sandy hook and now parklane florida but little has changed since last month's school massacre there in this hearing by senate democrats is unofficial the republicans you control both houses of congress are holding no hearings on guns president obama hugged me and wouldn't let go until i could catch my breath and stop crying it's different this time because people are taking it personally he sent but it wasn't different. at weekend gun shows across the us guns are easily bought with or without background checks and the appetite for weapons seems insatiable just try to find a parking spot at this one in virginia one reason background checks are such
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a point of contention is what's called the gun show loophole while licensed firearm dealers need to do background checks on buyers any individual can sell to any other individual as long as they don't have reason to believe that person is prohibited from owning a firearm and gun shows are where they meet. even many gun aficionados are willing to support some change like mandatory background checks for all gun buyers should there be background checks absolutely absolutely the state of florida has passed modest changes banning the bump stock that turns semiautomatic weapons into automatics raising the minimum age to buy a gun to twenty one setting a three day waiting period in arming school employees but on capitol hill the senate has moved on to banking reform leaving all proposals for new gun restrictions on the shelf john hendren al-jazeera dale city virginia. indian prime minister nuri and french president many want. the international alliance in new
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delhi the summit aims to reduce the walls dependence on fossil fuels by exploring the availability of solar energy the idea was first proposed on the sidelines of the twenty fifteen paris agreements on climate change representatives from forty five nations are attending events. well antarctica's been described as one of the most remote and treacherous places on earth much of its rich biodiversity has yet to be fully documented and the second part of our antarctic series we look at the european union's campaign to protect the desolate meets him joined a greenpeace scientific expedition to the what i'll see. the captain's eye view of voyage as the icebreaker optic sunrise pushes through into the remote waters of the weddell sea vost an montera tree a few ships venture this fall altie has already made an attempt this antarctic summer but was foiled by ice because right now we have
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a way through. to get it down into the weather. trying to reach before the beginning of what would be protected looks like opening at least four. yes probably just regular saudi arabia on the water. finally we break through into the isolated area of the proposed site tree at the moment i checked on the. satellite charts this morning and there's someone of the ship in this entire space as another ship about there and that's it and the whole whole area that's a slightly scary terrifying. exciting exciting kind of just makes the case that this is pristine this area is not developed his not call industry has never had industry. we take a chance and it's rare window of weather to take to the air and look down on the
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mesmerizing scene below. the western edge of the would be protected zone breath taking the role power of land and sea and ice constantly reshaping on the move this is nature on a planetary scale. so what we're looking at here is melting yes sea ice and great ice bergs of the glass is sweeping off. the weddell sea extends way into the distance over that proposed area pretty much all touched by human activity. scientific research is taking place in the back to base the arctic sunrise standing by for a return alongside a giant tabula ice pack perhaps a kilometer along the next helicopter sortie is to the very top of it the expedition team are making a dramatic landing to spread the sanctuary message around the world this iceberg thousands of years in the making now adrift in a process that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years appraises it
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seems may be changing because of global warming and a day of scenic wonder the antarctic day ends with a spectacular show above this apparently a reverse sunset phenomenon while simultaneously the clouds more in shape and color into fantastic unworldly painting across the evening sky at the ends of the. nicholas al-jazeera untaught. in the third part of a correspondent at the multiple threats wildlife and antarctica face ranging from climate change to troy some. top stories china's national people's congress has voted to remove term limits for the president and vice president to change the constitution. to remain in office
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beyond twenty twenty three. a maximum of two five. today. we made the decision to implement the key policy of amending the constitution the members of the standing committee totally agreed to protect the communist party's policy to amend the constitution is specially to incorporate the xi jinping thought of the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics into the world. brand has more now from beijing president xi jinping has got his way the outcome of this vote was never really in doubt his authority is now in hong remember laura just five months ago at the communist party congress his name was enshrined in the constitution making him the most powerful leader since german now well now his power is even greater and shooting pains you know priority all along has been to make the communist party. with him as it heard of course.
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there is in china is taking place on the same day as a by election in hong kong where the pro-democracy camp is aiming to win back the power in the legislature police have detained a number of protesters gathered outside the polling station where the city's leader cast her ballot election is seen as a test to gauge reaction to beijing's increased interference in the city's governance syrian government and russian air strikes killed forty people on saturday and into dozens and well the single women and children are among the latest victims of the offensive to take the last remaining rebel stronghold to syria's capital government forces have captured the town of misrata affected the spacing the enclave into three parts. he was present says north korea has promised to halt missile tests ahead of his meeting with leader kim jong un donald trump was speaking at a rally in pennsylvania there's been no official comment from pyongyang on the proposed meeting nor on the missile tests. those are your headlines are we back
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with more news that's after talk to al-jazeera say whether us. this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate on front at this time on al-jazeera. the journey to europe starts here in a small bus station off the coast of west africa on the outskirts of town because capital banjul in their backpack they carry some money a change of clothes and perhaps a cell phone everything else they leave behind including their documents their names where they are from their age.


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