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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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it's beginning to pull itself together it's going to give us a lot of heavy snow along this eastern coast then work up to the northeast for tuesday. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. a global economic superpower that's underperformed in the world of football. explores how china is now spending billions in its quest to conquer the beautiful game. at this time when al jazeera. this is. hello and welcome to the news hour live from doha i'm martin that is coming up in the next sixty minutes about plane crash lands in nepal at least fifty
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a killed at katmandu airport. blaming the kremlin british m.p.'s say the poisoning of a former russian spy looks like bait sponsored attempted murder. and raising range of villages in me i'm on the sea international says they're being replaced with military bases and i'm tatiana franchise with the sport to our top story old top flight football matches in greece have been suspended indefinitely a day after the owner of one team run on to the pitch in possession of a gun the latest on that story later. now an army spokesman in the pool says a plane crash has killed at least fifty people the u.s. airlines flight from dhaka bangladesh had seventy one people on board the aircraft came down in a field on the edge of kathmandu. is our correspondent she is at the crash site.
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sabina tell us what you can see and what the situation is. a new situation added there is quite a guy. who if you can see that there would be a massive explosion of. everything is partially can hardly recognize the pain except for the tailpiece want to seem like several hundred meters away. a movie named the. press has long being a passenger being taken away by the on the and. leave. it you are there recovering the peace and becoming to be. eclipsed. area of like thinking it's quite clear. and it's what i see now saying. security personality. we understand that some
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people have managed to survive this terrible crash yes at the beginning around twenty one people managed to get out some of them of the cults live the police on the other there was then that somebody gets out and put themselves in an ambulance that from the. ground. it looks like some non-issue like cut the vineyards and come out but. it seems implausible looking at the wreckage of the plant it's just one big block of. metal burning so it's it's really scary so i say all right sabina thank you for that bringing us right up to date with the situation at katmandu at fault. the british m.p. say the poisoning of a former russian spy looks like state sponsored attempted murder by the kremlin prime min a prime minister to resign may has been discussing the case at
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a meeting of the national security council so gay scriptural and his daughter yulia remain critically ill in hospital a week after they were found unconscious outside a supermarket we can now speak to our correspondent who got rory challenges in moscow and we got barnaby for that in london let's start with you barnaby what is the situation with regard to the may is she prepared to be definitive about who she thinks is responsible for this poisoning. the indications are pointing that way martine and i can give you a definitive answer at sixteen thirty g.m.t. this afternoon that's when we've just been told she will give an address to the british parliament but certainly the pressure has been building on the government in speech in eight days now since the attack which the british authorities say involved. and yes the suggestion is out there that the british are going to blame
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the russians for state sponsored terrorism rather seen the implication being then that they have actually identified the type of nerve agent used. well that's one of the questions that remains unanswered are they going to name the type of merger nerve agent that was used are they going to name individuals or suspects who they believe were involved in what they're calling an attempted murder all of that will we hope become clearer this afternoon but i think the other big question is eve the british do conclude that the russian authorities were responsible what an earth are they going to do about it what sort of range of options are open to to resume a well you might see expulsions of senior russian diplomats you might see targeted sanctions against certain powerful russian individuals freezing bank accounts here
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in the united kingdom barring their travel to the united kingdom freezing or taking property and assets preventing their children from going to school here there's a suggestion that the russian well cup the football world cup which is being held in russia this summer could also be the focus of diplomatic action could the england football team not attend well that seems an unlikely measure but perhaps senior officials from the british football footballing authorities will not be going to russia to show their displeasure how much will any of this matter to the russians well that's an open question all right barnaby thank you for that let's go to rory now and rory if indeed it seems very likely now the british government openly accuses russia of being behind this incident what can we expect to come from the kremlin because up until now they have been denying any involvement whatsoever. yeah and those
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denials continue and we've been hearing them for the best part of a week now and we heard more of it from the kremlin just an hour or so ago with dmitri peskov who is the kremlin spokesperson saying we haven't heard statements by british politicians or official representatives that russia is somehow involved in this case the matter concerns let's put it this way he says various informational exercises by the british media which are not always famed for their impartiality what's the kremlin and the foreign ministry has been saying for days now is that this is an anti russian media campaign coming out of the united kingdom now there is of course i think behind all that bluster the awareness that this is. a matter that i think is is playing very heavily on the minds of british politicians and they are going to have to do
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something so we have russian correspondents reporting from the u.k. that ciena russians are finding it difficult to sort of speak in public in their mother tongue there that there's a certain atmosphere in the russian community where they're preparing themselves for some kind of retribution some kind of pushback i have to say though that the the russian markets are fairly untroubled by the prospects of any sanctions or anything like that being levied against russia bloomberg has been calling up various investors in russian stocks and shares and we're getting comments like this i don't think the u.k. has the guts to do anything meaningful u.k. sanctions don't matter and another one saying the u.k. can't do much to hurt russia and i think the only sanctions we're hearing about are against individuals i think that's really a sign that the u.k. is options here a fairly limited because it's going to have to act pretty much alone here we're not
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seeing any sign that the united states or or europe is swinging behind the u.k. position. the u.k.'s options are fairly minimal when it comes to actually making a big hits against the russian economy rory chan is live in moscow thank you. now more than five hundred thousand people have now been killed in the war in syria which started almost eight years ago and that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights unicef that's the un's children's agency says one in four of those civilians. that killed the children. an estimated three million children in the country are exposed to explain of hazards including land mines ordinance and improvised explosive devices. all right so this is a very grim picture indeed we can ask me to hire out to cover laurie who is the
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middle east and north africa director of unicef and he's joining us live from beirut we know the situation is very grim we know that the most vulnerable people in society are the ones who suffer the most but your latest research rickles just proves the point. absolutely seven years into the war in syria a war that we call the war on children seven years indeed and no single day we have seen this flight this respect from any of the parties the slightest respect for the sake principle that children should be protected at any given moment and children are paying a brutal price an unprecedented prize for a war of that is not of their making and sacred principle indeed it is but also
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there are numerous breaches out there of international humanitarian law what are the specific areas do you think that could possibly stand up in a court of law when accountability comes into the frames. well the from a children's perspective. n.e.v. file a sion of their rights are right to live a right to education right to be saved if any violation will have to be accounted for wherever that is and we do not need to wade children do not need to wade done till the court of law will deliberate over this what unicef wants today is to spark the school five who continue fighting to stop that war on children to respect our sacred principle we don't we don't have
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to wait children do not have the time to wait because they get killed they get seriously injured that they get dizzy bill that every single day they don't have to wait for a court of law they want today for the international community all the countries who have any influence over the fighting parties to make the yin dress the children of becoming a come to the ration to end that war and that's senseless suffering of not thousands millions of syrian children and in your experience would you say that this is the haps the greatest abuse of rights that children are endowed with and deserve to be observed. if you have children innocent children boys and girls being killed every single day for the simple fact that they want to go to school if you have innocent children
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getting paralyzed losing arms and legs for no good reason then you have close to three million children who are today not able to attend school on the regular basis. we have as a society as a whole we have very important questions to answer to these children these children that are probably serious biggest asset so you may wonder what this war is old the military aiming at if it is killing if it is destroying serious assets to build a brighter future. unfortunately we can't answer that can we cover laurie of unicef thank you very much indeed for that one of the rebel groups operating in
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syria district has agreed to allow wounded people out of the own clay if we can talk to our correspondent alan fischer who's in gaziantep in southern turkey close to the border with syria about this and more do we know about this and is it enough to give the vast number of people we know who are injured the kind of help that they need. joshua islam are saying that there were negotiations between the united nations the russians and the number of countries in the region they didn't give specifics on who else was involved and an agreement has been reached hello injured fighters to leave the enclave no we know that they're not going to go one of the time they're going to go in but here's what we don't know how many people are involved how many back his will be or even when this operation will start with you know even know how badly injured the people are that will be able to leave the enclave now there's been talk over the last twenty four hours or so that there been some sort of agreement reached with the russians to low some fighters to leave that
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was initially denied but it no looks as if that's in place and given the josh el islam happy to put out a statement about it then that would suggest that perhaps this may happen sometime within the next twenty four forty eight hours you have to remember this is the start of the operation in eastern guta the russians have said that there would be a humanitarian corridor or very few people have used that to let them leave the area the russians were claiming that the factions that were involved in the fighting were stopping people from leaving they were essentially using them as human shields but we do know that a number of elderly people managed to use that human corridor at some point over the weekend but after that very few people have used it so no appears that this humanitarian corridor will be used and will be used for these fighters now if an agreement has been reached here with josh on his lam there is a suggestion that the russians having no surrounded a number of towns and certainly split eastern ghouta into or perhaps use that military pressure to put political pressure on others to perhaps give up the fighting and move away to other areas of syria all right alan fischer live in gas
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intact thanking all in another part of syria russia russian and syrian planes have been attacking another rebel controlled area and this time it's province they bombed the central bank building in the province's main city and another number of other sites so far what we understand is. one person has been confirmed dead twenty five others have been injured pro-government media says the bank was being used by al qaeda as a command and control center but rebel activists say it was an administrative building for the opposition. who's got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including how arms sales are thriving spared by regional tensions in civil war plus. i'm a clock reporter. here in antarctica from climate change to tears. and install tiger woods comes up short in what's been an impressive comeback for
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the fourteen time major champion. of the u.n. has accused me of miles government of using a policy of what it calls forced starvation against ranger villages in iraq and state investigators say the policy appears to be designed to make life. for the ranger who remain in the north of rakhine and this comes as satellite images released by amnesty international show listen village is being cleared to make way for a military base another shows a road that's being built where homes were destroyed during the military crackdown last august in rakhine the james game is regional director of southeast asian pacific for the sea international and he joins us now from bangkok and first of all how reliable are these aerial pictures these images that we've just shown that you
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showed us how reliable are they and have you been able to verify them. yes certainly i think we just have to step back you know six months ago when we saw villages burning as hundreds and thousands of. fled across the border into bangladesh of of fast forward a few months the burned remains in a bend in villages since january have been you know bulldoze brought down. and misty used a mixture of satellite pictures verify big news pictures and i witness accounts bought in iraq are in state. to build the composition of the building that are going on essentially this is a military land grab and of kind of four elements to the mess of construction that is entirely in place that has been evidenced by the image of the government but the government suggests that this rebuilding that you've you've seen in these images is
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in order to prepare for the return of the more than seven hundred thousand people who've escaped to bangladesh this is their in preparation for their return they say . here but part of it is the excessive building of security bases that howard house both the military and the border guard patrolled as well as the erection of large fences around you know trying to send refugee buildings that are being set up to receive the rowing so really what we see the security of the nation of the whole record in state even development and then one thing it has to be even an equal across the board but what we are seeing is the growing girl and taken away in a lengthy fashion and we don't get a sense that the ruling or will have any chance whatsoever given this state of construction to return to their villages or their farmland so this is the concern
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and this is why you know the satellite images tell us of another state of affairs that are you know unfolding in rakhine state and what's the status and all of this repatch ration deal that was apparently struck between the bangladesh government and cheese government. yeah well i think although the deal is in place but i think our position is that no returns should take place until you know the rowing community is able to return in a safe and dignified measure instead where you know we won the u.n. fact finding mission to have access to rakhine state so that we can fully investigate all the crimes against humanity what is of concern here is that the message building is actually destroying evidence that could be used to investigate you know crimes against humanity and you know perhaps also you know call stewards
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and international justice solution to what is happening in myanmar ok james game is this international thank you very much indeed. now the un is seeking five hundred million dollars to keep hundreds of schools open across the middle east the work of the un relief and works agency. has become even more difficult after the us reduced its funding this year iran com reports now from the occupied west bank but children making their voices heard on the scene. the message here is that dignity is priceless it's aimed at the united states of america deal with held one hundred ten million dollars in funding for the united nations relief works agency than the ones that deal with palestinian refugees and it's going to stay in the occupied west bank this similar things are taking place in syria in lebanon in jordan and in gaza and this is very simple this is about humanitarian aid now some countries have already stepped up to try and make up that shortfall they've issued money towards
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under one however that's no money that's new money that was money that's already been promised it's just been delivered. it's incredibly important that we understand that each of the students you see around us here every day shows so much courage in coming to school despite all the constraints and the risks and to invest in their education and i cannot conceive or imagine that we would not be able to keep these schools open because of the financial situation the donor conference and rome on thursday will be crucial for a new road to try and raise the money not just the u.s. withholding funding there's a shortfall of about five hundred million dollars say a new of five hundred million dollars that's needed to keep schools like this one open and this is just one of about seven hundred schools on roll on roll all right let's go live now to barry lynn and join chancellor angela merkel and. her
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coalition her coalition partners as they sign a grand coalition as i say this is a live picture of the signing is just on the way they are due to take office least six months after the federal election this is merkel's christian democratic union alongside the varian christian social union have agreed to terms with the social democrats live in berlin. the u.s. house of representatives is set to vote this week on paying for more security at schools and students are planning nationwide protests following the florida shootings of last month in which seventeen high school children and stuff was killed. from los angeles. spurred to action by the marjorie stoneman douglas high school protesters teenage students around the united states plan to walk out of class on march fourteenth they're demanding stricter gun laws in and if you look at the influence of the gun lobby now you're ramaswamy is
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a thirteen year old student in los angeles it's the adults making the laws but the kids who are getting shot and so i feel like the kids are the ones who should be standing up for themselves now as mother sosh ramaswamy fully supports or i have told ny you walk out you want to walk out you walk out and we will deal with that but the administrator said knowing is school or discouraging student protests and threatening punishment her teacher told her that if anyone left ten am then they would get in on satisfactory that they would lose their privileges like being a but this may land with their. other school districts around the u.s. are brandishing similar threats for example in houston texas a school district chief announced he would not allow student demonstrations for any quote protest or awareness unquote those threats violate numerous court rulings upholding students' rights to free speech school administrators and students and
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families need to understand that students cannot be disciplined any more harshly under the constitution than they would be if they were just missing class or lunch period so they cannot be disciplined for protest and they cannot be disciplined generally for things that they say or political positions that they take civil liberties organization say they'll take school districts to court if they impose harsh punishment. for non-disruptive student protests naya says threats won't prevent her from standing up for her beliefs they're not going to stop me from this or my friends student protesters are getting strong support from top university admissions officers universities including cal tech mit the university of massachusetts and others are all saying that even if high schools give black marks to their students for participating in walkouts it will have no impact on the likelihood of them being admitted to those colleges and many universities are
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encouraging students to take action saying they should stand up for what they believe in robert oulds al jazeera los angeles or let's go live now to our white house correspondent kelly how kit his in washington and kimberly it had seemed at first that the president trump was going to support these changes to the gun regulations in the united states it now seems very much as they say he's changed his mind. sort of i think that as a result of these listening sessions that the president's had he has moved forward in some of the things that he promised on but it isn't everything that he promised and that is making some particularly on the left of the political spectrum the democrats here in washington around the united states very unhappy so let's take a look at what he's doing essentially this is always been couched as a school safety issue not a gun control issue which is also upset him to some in the united states that feel this is
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a broader issue of gun violence in general but the white house is looking at it as a school safety issue responding to those students that have really created some momentum for change in the united states and essentially what they've done is on sunday announced the creation of a commission that will be headed by a relatively unpopular cabinet secretary by the name of betsy device and this commission is going to look at how things can be improved in the classroom in terms of safety particularly the controversy a proposal to arm teachers which some educator groups do not like the other thing that the white house is moving ahead on but had already been announced is the fact that those so-called bump stocks that create increase of firearms capacity but not as accuracy are in the works in terms of being banned so some of this is moving ahead but you're right martine a lot of criticism of the white house that it's not going far enough something the president responded to our twitter just in the last few moments defending himself saying legislation moving forward bomb stocks will soon be out highly trained
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experts will be allowed to kill conceal carry subject to state law that means this isn't going to be federal this could be a state by state effort and that is gun control what about all of the major issues the talking about and that is the proposed meeting with kim do we have a great sense of what will be the negotiating framework on the part of the united states it. no certainly we have to look to donald trump's own words on that one martine with regard to what he thinks is going to happen and we heard him speaking on saturday evening at a political rally in pennsylvania where he really left the door open saying i don't know what could happen i could walk in and this meeting could be very short or it could be substantial in there could be some sort of breakthrough certainly there's no question that there is optimism right now in the united states and around the world but there's also a bit of nervousness too knowing the volatile personality of donald trump there's
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concern that this great opportunity could be squandered so certainly the pieces are being put into place on the part of the americans in the white house the trumpet ministration to try and set the president up for success but of course it will all come down to that will michelle meeting time and date still to be determined kimberly thank you very much kimberly how good white house correspondent in washington d.c. time now for the weather his staff and more for the u.s. one this month we did it with him billy yeah yeah he's in the northeast it's a small snow on its way then and this storm has already caused a little bit of damage over parts of texas we have winds of up to one hundred fifty kilometers per hour so very very windy and we also had very large hail stones as well up to nine centimeters in diameter so really quite stormy weather there and it's all thanks to this area of cloud here which as you can see is just running its way towards the east now it's grounded on my own not northern edge that's where
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we've seen some particularly heavy snow in fact in kentucky some places are reporting twenty five centimeters of snow and usually in the entire year they only get about thirty centimeters so shoot your man to snow forcing kentucky and that system is still pulling itself together what's going to happen now is the area of low pressure will just pull up over into the sea and many it will develop very very quickly and as it does so it's going to run up this eastern coast so long that. eastern coast could have very strong winds they could be around one hundred kilometers per hour particularly between massachusetts and maine and there we could see a fair amount of coastal erosion it's a very strong waves as well so destructive weather there and also on top of that a lot of wintry weather as well so some places could see up up towards of thirty centimeters of snow and that system only works its way steadily east with as we head through the next day or so marty. seth thank you very much indeed feel to come on this al-jazeera news hour why thousands of india's farmers are claiming the
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central government for selling the seeds of discontent. find out why china has stepped up its lending on domestic security. and in sport former world number one novak djokovic is shocked in california tatiana lexical a lie. facing reality growing up went to do you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because he expressed. he had their store on talk to al-jazeera at this time and. the new poll ranks mexico city as the full first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation
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starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse now mahdi army uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seventh's monitoring of drivers. to take a look at the top stories here. bangladeshi airliner has crashed in nepal killing at least fifty people the u.s.
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airlines flight from dhaka came down in a field on the edge of katmandu where four firefighters pulled out some of the passengers from the burning wreckage british m.p.'s say the poisoning of a former russian spy looks like state sponsored attempted murder by the kremlin. and his daughter used every main critically ill in the hospital a week after they were found unconscious prime minister to resign may has been discussing the case at a national security council easing. a rebel group in syria says it's reached agreement with russia to evacuate wounded people from. the u.n. security council will in the coming hours again discuss a possible cease fire. the new york times has published criticism of the saudi crown prince and what he calls his anticorruption efforts just days before mohammed bin solomon is due to go to the united states now the article says hundreds of
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powerful saudi citizens have been forced to wear electronic tags which track their movements and that their conversations may be monitored witnesses say the body of a general in the saudi national guard who died after being detained showed signs of torture in the van by the saudi government locked up hundreds of influential people in the riyadh ritz carlton hotel all right let's meet now to adam kugel who's a middle east researcher at human rights watch he's now talking to us from the jordanian capital amman thank you for talking to us what do you make of these allegations in the of this account that's been published in the new york times. well for saudi watchers the allegations are quite a bombshell although there have been rumors for many months that people may have been mistreated in this anti-corruption crackdown. i think it's really important to
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note that as soon as the crackdown happened people were detained in sort of an ad hoc manner at a five star hotel the ritz carlton in riyadh it didn't appear that authorities were following any clear criminal procedures or legal process rather they were detaining people and forcing them to negotiate for their freedom by handing over their assets it appears as though the new york times has now confirmed some of the allegations of mistreatment i think it's really important that the saudi authorities take this very seriously that they immediately launch an investigation to see what happened and if they find that people were abuse they should hold perpetrators to account well the according to the new times article anyway the government in an e-mail has denied it beings and said that the detentions at these very rich sound is. quite orderly legal process you don't seem to agree with that no i store as we can tell. we have no idea the saudis have actually not rippin transparent to release in
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any information that seemed to indicate that people actually had criminal charges or face criminal charges they were held in a hotel rather than an official place of detention and it's not clear to what extent the detainees ever met with prosecutors or if they in fact just met with investigators who leaned on them to turn over their assets i think it's very very incompetent on the saudis in fact to make clear what happened in there and there's also some suggestion that that is that those who might have been involved delling out coalesce in physical measures might even have been united states messam rans. yeah three points that's obviously not something that we can confirm i will say. and someone certainly is you know streaking across the world right now using his p.r. money and all of his you know massive p.r. apparatus to break himself as a reformist but unfortunately you know human rights watch has been looking at saudi
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arabia for a long time and we've documented. the locations of torture and mistreatment in the saudi criminal justice system unfortunately it appears that you know rather than reforming these these practices in the criminal justice system as a whole muhammad and then some man is just following the script of his predecessors all right adam kugel live from the children in capital amman all of human rights watch thank you very much indeed now the new united nations coordinator for yemen's arrived in country lisa de takes up her role as the country struggles with children is a food and medical supplies as well as a major cholera outbreak almost seven years of war has left an estimated seventy five percent of the population that's around twenty two million people in dire need of humanitarian aid now the rebels are fighting pro-government forces who a backed by a saudi led coalition the control of the country. on the third of april in geneva
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the secretary general of the united nations is going to be bringing together all of the countries in the world to pledge money to support this operation our top priorities right now are looking at the cholera response and making sure that we're doing everything we can to prevent an epidemic this year our second priority is to address the food insecurity problems we know that there are millions of families in yemen who need help with food we're looking at our program and we're pledging to do more. arms sales are increasing around the world and countries in asia and the middle east are leading the demand so says the stockholm international peace research institute that's an independent swedish based group the u.s. not surprisingly is the world's biggest weapons seller accounting for more than a third of global let's for american manufacturers increased sales by twenty five percent in the four years to last year and india is the leading buyer accounting
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for twelve percent of the world's total tensions with neighbors pakistan and china are likely to be the causes for this growing demand and saudi arabia is the second largest importer almost all of the weapons imported by riyadh come from the us and britain the saudis who are leading the arab alliance in the civil war in yemen increase their weapons buying deals by two hundred and twenty five percent between two thousand and eight and twenty seventeen now obvious making to vesa men who is from the stockholm international peace research institute and he says that citizens need to put more pressure on their leaders to block weapons sales. there are a few you in turn trees where the bait has led to the decision by go all the modes so you no longer are a new arm sales to particularly saudi arabia and also to the emirates well that's
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not going to make a very big difference on the arms mostly region because of course there's so many other states which can and do produce arms and. to sell weapons to the region and certainly not notice well that's the u.k. which just signed voice and it's working on a major deal with saudi arabia again or whether it's a country like russia or china which are trying to get a share out the markets in the region at which they didn't have before to that extent super society has to try to understand this kind of figures we present today and other similar information so i do understand what impact has on them to work on governments the industry to some extent to try to be more responsible in their arms . now to india where fifty thousand farmers have reached the financial capital moment by after a five day protest march they're demanding aid from the government better crop prices and more access to land but toa gate in the reports. from the
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atmosphere is upbeat that these farmers arrive in mumbai with a serious message to the indian government it's taken them five days in the hot sun to march a hundred eighty kilometers from the ancient holy city of nashville stopping only for food and rest now they're determined to make their voices heard to state and national government legislate is the order of the board though much fun may put up the government should accept the hard demands in the past year block road to fill day but the government of the move with this long march yet determined to stay put out of the state assembly to lower demands are met yet a need to put an end date. as in india are having a tough time many have fallen into debt due to drought and increasingly erratic weather analysts say that between twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen the number of protests by farmers across india increased by almost seven hundred percent to
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nearly five thousand a year what actually did farmers are asking is if they want their rightful income they need to be standing for their rights they want justice to be done to them you know the government has to come to our farmers as a class which has been just ignored and we have believed that the economic reform economic growth of the country if they did place just by industry they got this farm is a demanding more government subsidies higher crop prices and the tribal farmers to be allowed to own land they also say that strict conditions on a government loan waiver program excludes the vast majority of farmers. if the government does not do anything for us in the next two days they did not return empty handed to them by people either take a look or a turn or they're going over. the state government says it will appoint a six member committee to look into the demand but that may be too little too late
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for many families who feel they've been ignored for too long and are impatient to change the tory again to be out as their former bangladeshi prime minister how leaders here who was jailed last month for corruption has been granted bail there is released means her bangladesh nationalist party will be in pain may now reverse its decision to boycott the general election in december zia's bitter rivalry with the current prime minister sheikh hasina has defined the country's politics for years. china spends more on internal security than its military budget the total has sold to almost two hundred billion dollars last year and much of this new spending is going to the restive regions of tibet and jang scott hyla has more from beijing. china has more people than any other nation in the world and the government is now spending billions of dollars more for internal security and to keep a close eye on that one point four billion people according to
4:44 pm
a report out by the u.s. based jamestown foundation nearly two hundred billion dollars was spent on domestic security and surveillance last year that's about twenty percent more than china spends on its defense that's more on technology cameras and face recognition but it's also the hiring of many more police domestic security spending has been increasing the last several years outpacing the economy it rose more than twelve percent last year and in two thousand and sixteen it increased nearly eighteen percent in the st john region there's been an increase between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen nearly ninety three percent now that's a region that's critical to president xi jinping silk road ambitions while the exact number of the billions spent on domestic security is not published percentage increases are and they were released just last week at the start of the annual legislative session called the national people's congress and toxic air is the largest unspoiled wilderness on earth famous for its wildlife bought is facing
4:45 pm
multiple threats from climate change to a dramatic rise in tourism and the clock is on a greenpeace expedition ship in the what delphine looking at the animals the cool the continent has. life in the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant the place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man. a place to breed feet and grow. it's pristine nation's full of marine species including more than a dozen types of whale but getting to see the astonishing wildlife here is by no means straightforward. the weather makes everything a challenge bit of a threat on today it's gusting forty to forty five knots very very very good progress in the night right now back in the antarctic thought hoping to get back
4:46 pm
a which is where there is an odd and time research stations we want to visit that is also a colony of about one hundred thousand. and then by radio the argentine base says the winds have become impossibly strong as it is now they have enough runway sixteen eighteen their mission is aborted and we have to wait another twenty four hours before making landfall on penguin island near the reasonably accessible tip of the antarctic peninsula a colony of chinstrap penguins territory with a large group of seals one making the most of the comfortable feathers of the molten juveniles of course the environment where these magnificent animals wildlife is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of threats that they're up against from climate change to cruel fishing and then of course there's this tourism and the tourists come here the audience close to king george
4:47 pm
in their masses. some are prepared to pay top dollar to have the and all to experience there are some pressures that come from tourism so in the background we have a two hundred person tours ship. the number of tourists coming down here it's a beginning of the two thousands were somewhere around four five thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand people a year. two days later we arrive at hanna point on the southern edge of livingstone island here another colony of chinstrap penguins healthy and in good shape they will look a group of gentoo penguins there's the distinctive beak of the southern giant but showing its young. or elephant seals all different species side by side on a grand scale but across the continent the pressure is building it's crazy the pace of change and at the moment colonies like this one seem to be doing ok but all it
4:48 pm
takes is one bad year and we saw in the east antarctic last year a penguin colony collapse to teach exploring. and and some of the pace of change is so quick we don't want to add additional thrust things like fishing which is gradually expanding and is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats interludes on the horizon. al-jazeera antarctica. and in the fourth part of our antarctic says nick talks to scientists looking to see if my crew plastics have made their way into some of the world's most remote waters. still to come here on the news hour in sports tatiana we'll tell you about a record breaking performance at the winter paralympic games.
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all right it's time for the schools use now with tashi ana thank you very much montane we start with football well all muchas in greek top flight have been suspended indefinitely follows chaotic scenes on sunday when the owner of one team stormed on to the pitch during a match in possession of a gun on savages the president of p.a. ok salonica ran on to confront the referee off to his side had a late goal ruled offside during the game against a half and he was carrying a gun in a hip holster left the pitch during the incident and the match was subsequently cold off on monday the greek government announced that the entire league is
4:51 pm
abandoned until further notice. for more on this we're joined by our sports correspondent lee wellington joins us from london leigh extraordinary things that one of the both governing bodies going to do in response to this well this is an extraordinary incident a part of a bigger picture of turbulence in great football that is concerned the world governing body fade from the european governing body u.i. for for years we're talking about much fixing and corruption in the shadow of that right up to the top saving grace olympiacos has concerned them and now they're having to deal with something that feels far more grave formal sudden and urgent and they are saying at this point well it's not for us to deal with yet so if you have favors response i say they are aware of the incident they condemn the behavior but given that the incident occurred in the context of a national competition any disciplinary measures to be imposed falls under the jurisdiction of the deciding bodies of the greek i was saying swift action from the
4:52 pm
greek government with the match is suspended quite good for this situation is the great teams are not so involved in european football because you can't have a situation where something that's being left for them to deal with domestically has any impact beyond that and you feel there will need to be an intervention from you a far off a for some stage so thank you very much lately joined us that from london. fourteen time major champion tiger woods has now really missed out on a first tournament win in five years woods finished tight the feck and the vile spot championship in florida england's can casey was the winner beating woods by one shot for just a second one of a victory on the p.g.a. tour woods and the nine on the part after one to final round of seventy this was just the forty two year old fourth twenty minutes after having back surgery last april. i think against progressing. as i
4:53 pm
was telling you guys yesterday i had really. some nice building blocks at honda and it's you know i've made a few tweaks for this week and it's paid off and i hit the ball well i'm made some parts this week and. you know there's things that i was the most happy about this week is that when i did miss i missed some a crack sides again and you know that's what we have to do out here and i was able to do that so my up and downs were relatively easy this week former wild number one novak djokovic has returned to tennis didn't go to plan at the last his opening round match in indian wells on sunday the twelve time grand slam champion was beaten by the wild number one hundred ninety eight daniel of japan this was djokovic just first appearances having elbow surgery after the australian open in january daniel won seven six four six six one to move into the that around. for me felt like. first match ever played on the tour.
4:54 pm
very weird i mean i was just completely. lost rhythm everything just struggles a little bit with our last couple weeks but. yeah i was just. i was i was grateful to to be out on the court for surgery that quickly. times is the didn't feel good at all. it was better news for the current world number one roger federer who off to his match being delayed due to rain with arjan time for that he could honest managed to advance to the third round six three seven six was the final score harris federer's thirteen straight match win if the air. in the women's draw while the number one simona halep survived a scare in her third round encounter with american caroline dollars five after losing the first set six one she then came back to take the final two seven six six
4:55 pm
two the romanian will now play chang wang of china in the final round of sixteen. this is venus and serena williams the jew to step out on court against one another in the third round of indian wells later on monday serena continues her comeback to tennis following the birth of her first child hair is how the sisters fare against one another heading into the twenty ninth career meeting serena leads the head to head seventeen to eleven and she has won eight of the last nine including victory and last meeting the two thousand and seventeen australian open final when she won her twenty third a grand slam singles title serena also has the advantage when it comes to total singles career titles one she's on seventy two while all this has to venus is on a forty nine the third round against serena will be their earliest the sisters have ever played at a tournament since their first tour meeting the nineteen ninety eight australian open.
4:56 pm
up. canada's brian a mickey even has become the most decorated winter paralympian of all time at the paralympic games on monday mccabe won his eleventh gold medal and fourteenth overall after previous triumph in vancouver and such the men's twenty kilometer visually impaired cross country event was to be the history making clincher for him this is also the third consecutive olympic victory in the savannah for the thirty eight year old he'll be back in action in the men's one point five kilometer visually impaired sprint classic on wednesday meanwhile it was another successful day for the united states as they collected a total of six medals in the snowboard cross that included
4:57 pm
a one two in the women's event as paralympic debutant of brunner huckabee took gold ahead of compounded amy purdy team usa flag bearer mike schultze continued the gold rush for the americans beating chris voss of the netherlands to win the men's final the u.s. they now have a total of six gold medals and a lead in the way by some margin in the medal table with three goals each from the ukraine the need for paralympic athletes and canada round out the top five. in a landmark movement for women's rugby new zealand's national federation has signed professional contracts with thirty of its players the women will be paid far as if at least twenty nine thousand dollars for fifty days of duty pay year the benefits include medical and life insurance the new zealanders are far and away the most successful international women's team with five wildcard victories compared to england's two this isn't the first time the women have been contracted professionally and rugby england did so last year but that money was then shifted
4:58 pm
to the seven seas for much of the game. that of all the ball are now more bad marty thank you very much tatiana well that is all for this al-jazeera news alba don't go anywhere i'll be back in just a moment with much more of the day's top stories they where. the sky. should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go way to feel the things we want to feel. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be
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treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right for all remember that this world is a ball of ours to explore and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. in
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syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family right near the most terrible thing and syria just to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship who the mothers sometimes the call to be better to die than continue to be sure to the new culture of. the disappeared of syria at this time on al-jazeera. a bank that a plane crash lands in katmandu at least fifty people are killed. hello again i'm not sure that is there are live from doha also coming out.


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