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al-jazeera. and. every. the syrian army. to get
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out. also on the grid. all. witnesses described. and. over drive. a moscow a former russian. prime minister. they have nothing to do with. tens of thousands of.
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facebook lives. thanks for watching more than five hundred thousand people killed during almost eight years of fighting the latest shelling tally from u.k. based monitor the syrian observatory for human rights. it's put out that number as the u.n. security council meets to discuss one of the worst areas for fighting right now that's eastern there it is it's one of the last major opposition strongholds and lies on the eastern outskirts of the capital damascus syria's army is pushing on with a russian backed air campaign and ground offensive way at the rebel splitting it into three sections live to joining us from near the turkey syria border to first
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tell us more about the evacuation deal that was struck between russia and the rebel group. well there have been rumors that there was some sort of deal in the offing for the last twenty four hours or so denied by the people on the ground doing good but we've heard just in the last few hours that this deal has been agreed it was brokered between the group the russians and a number of governments in the area we don't know which one specifically but that was in the statement and. what we're told is that around a thousand people who are considered to be wounded a seventy of them seriously wounded will be given permission to leave the enclave at some point soon given the fact that there are statements circulating about this one would suspect that that may happen sometime within the next twenty four to forty eight hours how that will be carried out it's not entirely clear how many back to is how they will move through this humanitarian corridor all of that seems
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to be still up for discussion but you will remember that the russians had said since the start of this offensive that they were keen on creating this myth this quarter door to low people to leave but suggested that many of the groups who were involved in the fighting didn't want people to leave were actually blocking the we know over the last few days we saw a number of elderly people use that humanity corridor move away from the fighting and we know that in the last forty eight hours not only of the russian forces working with the syrian government forces been able to split eastern ghouta where they've surrounded a number of places this is a tactic that they've used in the past once they surround them they use their military pressure to try and extract some political pressure and that is to convince fighters to give up the battle that we may not be at that stage yet but what we do have is an agreement to a low we think somewhere in the region of a thousand injured people people who've been injured in this offensive since it began at the beginning of january to move out of the area to somewhere safer somewhere where they can be treated for their injuries and this effect of splitting
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water effectively in three hour what impact is it having on civilians on the ground . why it's hard to to know exactly because of course we're not there but what they see is that this fighting is continuing what the russians have essentially done is isolate a number of places that makes it difficult for the groups that are fighting them to communicate it makes transport very difficult and if they're surrounded of course then it's essentially becomes a free fire zone so it makes it difficult for the fighters in there and puts the civilians who are in those places very much at risk ok alan fischer reporting from gaziantep in turkey thank you well cross over to christen salumi who's joining us now from the united nations kristen as we await the u.n. security council to be discussing plans to implement that cease fire agreement that was decided on weeks ago so when does the start and what are we expecting there.
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well it's been fifteen days since that cease fire resolution was adopted here at the united nations in the secretary general and tonio good terrorist is due to give an update on its implementation as we just heard from allan though really no aspects of the cease fire have gone into it a fact the bombing has continued we know from recent reports that the shelling has continued more than eleven hundred people have been killed in just the last three weeks and two of those weeks were supposedly under this cease fire humanitarian aid starting to trickle in but always under the threat of being attacked with these bombs going off and. no medical emergencies getting out no evacuations of medical personnel so this is the situation that antonio terrace is expected to describe when he goes before the council and reports on the implementation of the cease fire of course as we know russia has backed syria and its ongoing bombardment
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saying that the resolution doesn't apply to islamic groups that are on the terrorist list and that need to be routed but we're hearing from other members of the security council that the ongoing attacks are undermining any attempts for political negotiations which is supposed to be moving on here with the help of the united nations so a really tough task for antonio good terrace as he comes you for the council as the powerlessness of the united nations after seven years of war in syria continues to be on display as long as one member of the council continues to back the syrian government and failing to fully implement this resolution all right of course a salumi thank you will speak to a little later on that resolution of course resolution two four zero one which they will be discussing in we think just a few moments time and we expect the u.n. secretary general antonio about terrorists to be speaking so we will bring that to you live when it happens for the time being our social media producer sarah
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highrise is here as well. sarah gets worse for many people in eastern the world of their seemingly reaching out online that's exactly i mean it seems to be the only way that people can get through to the media but we've been going through several social media platforms and have found a lot of content that's making its way out of easton hota and if you look at this video it's a verified one but it's an example and it's been retreated hundreds of times on social media it shows what appears to be a pro-government gathering demanding the level rebels rather to leave easton. and this hash tag is the one that's being used and close a lot so it also means save a whole town and lots of videos have also been using this tweets and there's one here by is to him he's also to as you can see just the hash tag there in the bottom corner and he's treated a video so he's one of several people that have been looking at putting their stuff
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out there and this is why people also have been hiding in their basements for several weeks straight and this is what he has been talking about this is why he posted that video but there are also other people like this one this is a cartoon depicting those air raids that are being carried out by the russian and syrian forces and it depicts this cartoon if i go further down women and children they're huddling together in the basements to hide away from the bombardments and if you know even further below that in this cartoon then you can see the world seemingly locked away in an action and also two young girls that have been a north from syria they've been posting their videos quite heartbreaking actually and this is one where they're showing what life is like can go to their talking about it is their latest video that they have put out there and they're pleading for the attacks to stop. you know if you but you know fully tears are
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flowing over our heads and act our neighbor who it's here in. this is a anyone who can stop them. there's be so you see that's example two examples a few actually of people that are putting their stuff out on the water it's very hard to reach people there and to hear their stories of the situation in there but i few can get in touch with us whether you're in syria or maybe you're a syrian living abroad and we'd love to also hear from me the situation only some of us saw. no ceasefire not through the bombing showing. against the civilians of the some of the. civilians here are still. hiding in there sure there is in their best and in
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their homes we can hear the screaming and the crying through the shelters and windows of the houses. i'm talking to you from the injured and wounded and deceased at least in kuta the situation here is difficult there is a hysterical almost twenty four seven bombardment thousands of families are without shelter the humanitarian situation is catastrophic we will not stop approaching humanitarian organizations and concerned parties and countries to rescue the people have gotten we need help we also spoke to the founder of sound and picture that's a group of syrian humanitarian rights activists what's happening is a mass market with all kinds of problems that leaves the civilians with the ocean or to be displaced when the troops placements claims this was the first of millions for it's just like what's happened in other towns but with the whole for killing. so as i said mentioned earlier we want to hear from people in syria fueled that
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well maybe a syrian living abroad i guess in search of us you can tweet me directly at. dedicated page on al-jazeera dot com to the war in syria or online team of reporters across the region keeping your right up to date with all of the latest developments out of eastern huta as well as the rest of the country so how to al-jazeera dot com and click on syria's civil war to. witnesses nepal have told us how they saw an airliner flying erratically and dangerously low low before it crash landed and burst into flames so at least fifty of the seventy one people on board the u.s. bangle airlines flight from dhaka were all killed sabina is at the crash site near kathmandu airport's witnesses who saw the crash say that the plane was flying extremely low when it looked like it was almost going to hit
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the tower and it aborted a landing mannish try to land again when it skidded off the runway and all they could see was a plume of smoke another witness said that the pilot tried to avoid no other aircraft that was parked on the runway that the pa has a bad safety record when it comes to aviation safety in two thousand and fifteen a turkish airline skidded off the runway fortunately no one was badly injured it doesn't twelve a small aircraft were just flying towards the everest region crashed near the airport after that hit and around twenty people on that plane died but this happens to be the worst crash in the past twenty five years. that month. britain's prime minister is about make a statement to parliament actually in about an hour's time on the poisoning of
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a former russian spy and to resume blame the kremlin will get to that story in just a moment but first i'll take you back to the united nations in new york that is where the secretary general antonio get terrorists is giving his statement on the situation in eastern hota and the syrian a resolution twenty four zero one let's listen to any of the syrian people. and i am deeply disappointed by all goes well here after iraq by action or inaction by design or indifference allowed this to happen my grief and first question are compounded by all i know of the people of syria the united nations high commissioner for refugees in the aftermath of the iraq war i saw the remarkable hospitality of the syrian people you know seeing one point five million iraqi refugees nothing camps but in their communities across the country syria was
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a place where refugees could live in security trying to rebuild their lives and raise their families today so many of those generous syrians who shared so much of themselves been forced from their homes becoming refugees or internally displaced in neighboring countries was enormous hospitality i witnessed but are burdened by overwhelming needs the vast majority of syrian refugees live below the poverty line and many of those syrians who journeyed even further from rome in search of safety found the doors they were open to others the need shut in their face a country known for its ancient civilization and the people known for their richness of diversity have been betrayed and cities bleeding inside and dogs. there should be only one agenda for all of us to win the suffering of the syrian people and find a political solution to the conflict and this council has
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a particular responsibility which the president let me now turn to the implementation of resolution twenty four zero one and the issue of compliance by all relevant parties in syria i do so with a cover at the united nations is following developments closely but we cannot have the full picture due to a limited presence and restricted assess on the ground resolution twenty four zero when demands all parties to and i quote seize still it is without delay and engage immediately to ensure full and comprehensive implementation and then for a durable humanitarian pause for at least thirty consecutive days and then sue out syria and of quote while still countering that and other terrorist groups as designated by the council it is true that in some areas like their results and with
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the recent ceasefire in duma that i will address later that the conflict is the militia in intensity yet there has been no secession of austerities violence continues in eastern guten beyond including in our frame parts of it live and into the mass schools and its servers particularly in eastern guta airstrikes shelling and ground offensive there intensified after the adoption of the resolution and claim many endurance of civilian lives some even reporting the tall at more than one thousand the resolution furthers the man's the enabling given by quote the safe and impeded and sustainable delivery of humanitarian aid and services and of quote despite some limited convoy deliveries the provision of humanitarian aid and services is not being safe and in period and sustained.
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the resolution calls for and i quote all parties to leave the sieges in populated areas including in eastern good yarmouk for and. no seizures have been live at the resolution demands for the medical evacuations of the critically sick and wounded to our knowledge not one critically secord wounded person has yet been evacuated but i will back come back to this later in relation to a recent announcement the resolution retreads the man's and i quote reminding in particular the syrian authorities that all parties immediately comply with their obligations under international law international human rights law as a pickup will and international military and law including the protection of civilians and that remind all involved that even efforts to combat terrorist groups of eighty five by these council do not separate see these obligations yet we see
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aggressions violations in this cave in eight attacks and the failure to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure which the president since the passage of resolution twenty four zero one my special envoy staffan de mistura and i have been focused on helping to create the conditions for the cessation of hostilities in eastern guta where as i said to the council two weeks ago people have been living in the hell on earth as my special envoy is said to the council a few days ago and i quote is then good is the most urgent situation because it is where we have the clearest potential to try to support the escalation in concrete ways and because we have been concretely approached and the full on the twenty sixth of february the russian federation ause the five hour daily humanitarian pause in eastern guta i will speak to this later in my remarks. on twenty
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seven february the president of the security council and i received a letter from the syrian national committee conveying another letter of the city armed opposition groups in eastern guta. of islam firelock mon and. they express their commitment and i quote to the full implementation of relevant security council resolutions a special resolution twenty four zero one and the quote and two expelling and i quote the armed groups of starry. front and al-qaeda and all of those belonging to them from eastern good and of course they also promised to ensure humanitarian acts and the facilitation of the work of un agencies on receiving the letter of the office of the special envoy you open channels with also the groups inside and outside the enclaves the respective commanders issued further letters expressing the group's readiness to negotiate
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with the russian federation in geneva in parallel both sorry and my special envoy engage with the relevant authorities of the russian federation my team on the ground did likewise and also engage with the government of syria we offered the us with offices to facilitate and observe any meeting between the representatives of the armed opposition groups the syrian government and the russian federation for a few days and despite our best efforts it was not possible to schedule any meeting meanwhile on six of march the syrian government and the rest the letter to me and to the president of the security council the letter stated that syria positively welcomed resolution twenty four zero one and i quote as it stresses firm commitment to the syrian states of any independence and territorial integrity in accordance with the provisions of un charter and calls for implementing
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a humanitarian truce across syria to ensure a safe sustainable and hand him to the excess of humanitarian aid and of course. that same day my special envoy informed the russian federation of his intention to invite the city armed opposition groups to a meeting with the russian federation in geneva a city that is later on seven march is interlocutors reply that they did not think that meeting in geneva was the best option and were pursuing contacts on the ground with the relevant armed opposition groups as these diplomatic efforts were taking place fighting went on the syrian government is intensify their strikes and logs the ground offensive but aggressively gaining control of parts of eastern good from about ten percent of the enclave on city march to more than sixty percent today the offensive initially took place in less populated areas steadily moving to urban centers and forces centers and forcing large scale displacements in the follow up
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of the efforts i have described it was possible on eight and ten march to convene two meetings between russian officials and jaish al islam in the outskirts of eastern ghouta we deny to the nations and as an observer in those meetings progress was made in relation to the removal of a number of members of our luser as well as other aspects including the potential for a ceasefire and improved humanitarian access the first group of all loser fighters and their families since evacuated from is them both in between it has not been possible to facilitate contact between the russian authorities and file on the group insisted the meeting take place in geneva and the russian federation that the meeting epona on the grounds on terms of march government forces intensify their offensive capturing the city of misrata in the movement even get dividing the enclaves into city separate areas on the evening of the same day the russian
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federation informed united nations that a unilateral cease fire would take place at midnight in relation to girish al islam in duma. it was agreed to meeting with ocurred on the eleventh of march with u.n. facilitation on that day with the ceasefire between the government and jaish al islam forces largely holding in duma the meeting took place as well as a further meeting today as i speak to you now i have not yet received the full report on the results of today's meeting but i was informed as i was entering this room from our people in the mass schools that there has been progress in relation to civilian evacuations and humanitarian aid for their more i took note of two days earlier statement issued by as i usually islam and i quote in the context of security council resolutions twenty two fifty four and twenty four zero one and agreement was reached to the russian side through the united nations for
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humanitarian medical evacuation of the wounded for treatment outside the eastern ghouta we're also hearing reports of tentative initiatives both by tribal leaders and the russian federation for contact with other groups on the ground i wish to underscore the urgency of seeing medical evacuation civilian protection and full sustain that and impede humanitarian access as soon as possible in between attacks on other parts of eastern ghouta continued with the enclave law split into three separate pockets during these old periods the shelling from eastern guta to the mass coups was also ongoing causing those lines of civilian deaths and injuries with somebody ports putting it close to one hundred my special envoy and i have remained appraised at each step of the diplomatic engagement offering support and guidance to ensure implementation in letter and spirit of the resolution. in short
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as my special envoy a said to this council we are leaving no stone unturned in trying to bring all measures they called us to the table and contrie would in a concrete fashion to find a sustainable solution for the implementation of resolution twenty four zero one mr president as the situation continues to unfold the turkish offensive enough frame but soon with armed opposition group allies intensified without strikes and ground advances against you by the way p.g. fighters themselves reinforced by elements coming from eastern syria where they were combating that proceed and government forces have also been deployed inside of african city the fighting resulted in significance even displacement with reports of number of casualties and damage to infrastructure with the cooperation of syrian armed opposition groups turkish forces established
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a so-called buffer zone inside syrian territory linking northern rural aleppo and italy and surrounding after him from city sites the offensive is now pushing ever closer towards the city with its large civilian population which the president allow me to turn now to our efforts to address humanitarian crisis when resolution twenty four zero one was adopted the united nations and its humanitarian partners to the ready to deliver plans were in place for multiple convoys each week to agreed upon locations in response to independently assess the needs and fortunately actual delivery does not match our plan but let me describe what it was possible to do in the past two weeks on the first of march humanitarian organizations deliver the systems for some fifty thousand people in our to reach areas of our free and tell rafaat refought not available. on four march
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a convoy of one thousand trucks organized by the united nations the sea the labyrinth crescent and partners rich diet out in northern homes it provided assistance to cities three thousand five hundred people of the requested forty thousand two hundred fifty however the government of syria did not allow delivery of lifesaving medicines edges in saline and key items including solar lamps see injuries and the ethnic scales as i mentioned early in eastern go to russian federation eleven announced the daily five hour humanitarian pause in the fighting starting from twenty seven february to prevent victims among the population and to let civilians leave the enclave in reality not many civilians left on the one hand sufficient protection standards were not in place for voluntary movement and that the same time others were prevented from leaving by armed groups in this
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context even the five hour window was insufficient we nabl the safe and embedded and sustained the live event anyway than services as the amended the resolution the united nations sent on the fifth of march an interagency convoy of forty six trucks to duma in eastern guta with food for twenty seven five hundred people along with health and nutrition supplies yet those twenty seven five hundred represented only a surge of requested beneficiaries all in desperate need and most of the our supplies were removed by the syrian authorities including basic medicines they always treat these dialysis treatments and trauma and surgical materials such as burn dressings and adrenalin despite the provisions of paragraph eight of resolution twenty four zero one according to the world health organization only about thirty percent of medical supplies in the convoy were allowed to proceed united nations personnel from the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs accompany the convoy would also the neither access to its them good.
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violent strands of this operation extremely poorly as these pirates parachuters from the parties to the conflict the security force the team to reluctantly out unloading and return to the moscow's with a large share of the food aid still on the tracks on nine of march a convoy of certain trucks reach duma delivering the remaining for the systems which could not be offloaded for days earlier when sergei and shelling ocurred nearby despite assurances have been provided by all parties in these difficult circumstances i commend the valiant humanitarian workers risking their lives to provide assistance and protection to people in need but we had obviously far from safe and in period and sustained delivery of even tarion aid as the amended the resolution twenty four zero weren't as well as other relevant security council resolutions and so humanitarian and human rights situation is becoming more they're split by the day in duma relief workers were reach to reach the city last week
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described conditions a stocking and overwhelming people sheltering in overcrowded basements access to food water and sanitation limited and the nation to call to duma we have a convoy ready that i hope will be allowed to proceed in the coming days especially after the results of today's meeting as you know conflict settings the specific needs of women are not receiving sufficient attention including access to safe spaces critical services medicine and baby formula for their children in eastern good else partners on the ground advise that more than one hundred people are in urgent need of medical evacuation united nations is ready to support these medical evacuations in cooperation with the syrian arab red crescent and other partners a prioritized list of those investors need mostly children as we've shared with the syrian authorities and i urge a positive response oping that today's meeting will allow it to take place in the
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immediate future. mr president the syrian arab red crescent has announced its intention to send the relief convoy to africa and as soon as security conditions allow and the un humanitarian mission is awaiting government or is ation to immediately point to rocka for assessment of security needs there are also new disturbing allegations of the use of chlorine gas even if we cannot verify them we cannot ignore them i continue to urge the council to find unity on this issue mr president having said what i said i believe that these pirates all the difficult lack of trust neutral suspicions or called calculations it should be possible to implement resolution twenty four zero one it should be possible to have a cessation of hostilities which would be possible to deliver aid which would be possible to recreate the sick and wounded it would be possible to leave the sieges
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it would be possible to accelerate humanitarian mine actions rob syria it should also be possible to remove security council isa terrorist fighters from conflict zones without massive and they discriminated tax against civilians and civilian infrastructure we cannot give up for the sake of the syrian people i appeal to all parties for the full implementation of resolution twenty four zero one through out the whole of the syrian territories and the united nations is ready to assist in any efforts to make it happen i call on all states with influence to exercise it in support of the efforts of the united nations and the implementation of the resolution i hope this week's us than a ministerial meeting which will gather the guarantors of the deescalation will concrete to restore the escalation arrangements and take real steps on the trainees abductees and missing persons the dramatic situation i have described the calamity across the country the rivalries the cynicism the cynicism the cruelty i like the need for
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a political solution and my special invite continues to work towards the full implementation of resolution twenty two fifty four. it was the president's on serves that this conflict we learned that it's eight see it i refuse to lose my hope to see syria rising from the ashes to see a united democratic syria able to avoid fragmentation and sectarianism we didn't suffer any d. in territorial integrity respected and to see the syrian people able to freely decide their future and choose their political leadership thing i think so that was the un secretary general antonio terrorists he was briefing the security council on the implementation of resolution twenty four zero one in syria which i just remind you at the time it was adopted included a sation of hostilities it asked for humanitarian convoys to be allowed in and asked for the lifting of sieges off populated areas so he was updating the security
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council on all of these issues christine salumi joining us live from the united nations listening in so a pretty grim assessment cristen off the implementation of that resolution or rather i should say the lack of implementation. absolutely and the secretary general did say that the intensity of the conflict has gone down around the country but focused most of his remarks on eastern ghouta where the fighting has continued unabated and in fact the resolution has had very little impact on the ground the fighting has continued humanitarian aid has gotten through in small fits but under fire and very precarious situations not to the extent that the united nations was hoping as far as the u.n. knows not a single medical evacuation has taken place to this point although there has been
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word today of a deal reached between some of the fighters on the ground and the russians and he welcomed that news going forward but as you say a very very grim situation and the situation in eastern guta really. says it all for the country because this is where russian forces have been trying to meet with some of the opposition groups or rather some would say have been delaying meeting with some of the opposition groups an attempt to get the ceasefire really active on the ground because there has been word to the united nations from these groups that they'll take part for their end in the cease fire but waiting for the syrian government forces to back down at most they could get the government to commit to at this point of these five hour cessation of hostilities and what could terrorist says this hasn't been enough for civilians who are in harm's way there to evacuate the situation so the terrible images that we've been seeing of families in.
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homes trying to take cover. the children being taken to hospitals and so on the horrible nature of this conflict in syria continues on stuff that organization that deals with children put out a paper about the situation there that was blank primarily saying they had run out of words to describe how bad the situation has gotten so the secretary general referring to that in talking about the need to move forward but not having the international community a lot of hope a lot of signs that they're making any progress despite coming together with this resolution two weeks ago all right to salumi reporting from the united nations thank you will cross over to alan fischer who's joining us from gaza near the turkey syria border and alan you know as we were listening to tara speaking from the united nations let me just tell you that i've been getting a lot of viewer comments on our facebook feed and if you allow me i'll just read one to you the united nations security council is nonsense this is according to one viewer because it has no mission to protect the people but only has an interest in
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the weapons manufacturing nations but i wonder from the people that you're speaking to inside syria you're joining us from gaza but those that are inside syria i mean what do they expect to happen what do they want to happen after this meeting takes place at the u.n. security council. well think they'll see what happened in the last few minutes as a diplomatic scolding with no diplomatic consequences essentially the united nations leaving out the situation the growing which no surprise the people on the grow knew all need to well and they know that the united nations has at many points over the last few years agreed various things agreed various resolutions agreed various ceasefires and none of them seem to be implemented and one in that situation at the moment where there is a five or ceasefire dealy in eastern goto yet people say it is regularly broken we have the situation where is mr gutierrez said there was an aid convoy sent ten to
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help eastern ghouta all sides agreed it could do its job forty six trucks went in thirteen had to return fully leave because of the fighting and if strikes near where they were operating so they couldn't unload the ied that people there are so desperately needed i think people have got this idea that they would like one day to wake up and somehow the united nations had a lot more power than i actually does and were actually able to do something about the fighting in syria but in the meantime what they see coming from new york is nothing that changes their day to day lives nothing this stops the lives being lost day to day ok alan fischer reporting from gaza on tap we thank you in just a moment ago we were showing the life pictures from the united nations security council going on right now still going on that is the a representative from kuwait speaking and we'll keep an eye out on what's going on there and bring you all the latest developments here on the newsgroup. on the.
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before we crossed over to new york we were telling you about a story out of the u.k. because britain's prime minister is now preparing to make a statement to parliament about the poisoning of a former russian spy and to reason may might blame the kremlin dots according to senior politicians so surrogate script all and his thirty three year old daughter yulia remain critically ill in hospital eight days after being found comatose in the city a cell sperry in southern england may has chaired a meeting of the national security council to hear the latest information on the nerve agent contamination the russians insist they had nothing to do with it or a challenge is joining us from moscow are they worried at all rory we don't know yet what to reason may is going to say she'll be speaking in about forty five minutes time but are the russians worried at all about any possible repercussions
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well i think on the face of it then all talking about it because what they're doing so far is just denying that it had anything to do with them that's the message that we've heard from the kremlin over the last few days that's the message we've heard from the ministry of foreign affairs over the last few days as well and that's the person was question at an event in the city. today by a british journalist in response to that journalist was to say look the u.k. needs to work out what happens in the script all case and then russia can. approach it or deal with it so that's the official view behind all that yes i think the russians will be preparing themselves in some way or other for a british response but of course we don't know what that british response is at the moment there are various options that the u.k.
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has at its disposal we could get something like you know some diplomatic sanctions intelligence operatives working under diplomatic cover could be kicked out there could be some sort of world cup boycotts with either the entire english team or u.k. dignitaries not coming to russia this summer for the world cup there could be some tightening of regulations regarding the russian media in the u.k. and of course that could also be financial sanctions the levied against russia perhaps that's the most likely but i have to say that the russian markets looking at all of this is staying relatively untroubled at the moment there have been various quotes got by the news service bloomberg from investors in russia who are saying things like i don't think the u.k. has the guts to do anything meaningful u.k. sanctions don't matter that was one investor another one saying the u.k. can't do much to her russia and i think the only sanctions that will be hearing about are against individuals i think that shows really the kind of tight rope that
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the u.k. has to walk here has to do something that is punitive in some way but that means that it has at its disposal to actually really hurt russia considering that it's probably going to be acting alone without necessarily the support of the united states or europe well the u.k. i think has limited means to do that all right well we'll have to wait to see what's the reason for the time being we're a challenge thank you. i mean mars government and army are bulldozing revenge of villages which were burned to the ground last year and replacing them with military bases amnesty international has released. i beg your pardon we'll take you back to the united nations now we'll go back to the myanmar story and listen to the u.s. ambassador to the un nikki haley the negotiating table with our security council colleagues and we agreed to a thirty day cease fire in the brutal bombardment of civilians civilians in syria the negotiations were long and difficult every one minute we delayed meant more
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innocent people were killed but the russian delegation stalled and drew out the talks they had conditions they insisted on before they would allow the killing to stop the united states was reluctant to accept those conditions but in order to stop the killing in syria we accepted them we attempted to work with russia in good faith to end the violence in syria as a result sixteen days ago we came to an agreement russia cast its vote in favor of the agreement and with that vote russia promised its support for a thirty day cease fire as did the rest of the members of the security council with that vote russia said that it too wanted to create the conditions for food and medicine to reach starving syrian families with that vote russia told us it would use its influence with the syrian regime to silence the guns in syria it told us
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that the russians would themselves honor the cease fire they voted to demand with that vote russia made a commitment to us to the syrian people and to the world a commitment to stop the killing in syria today we know that the russians does not keep their commitment. today we see their actions don't match those commitments as bombs continue dropping on the children of eastern ghouta today we must ask whether russia can no longer influence the assad regime to stop the horrific destruction of hospitals and medical clinics and ambulances to stop dropping chemical weapons on villages has the situation in syria reversed and russia is now the tool of assad or worse iran. we must ask these questions because we know the russians themselves have continued their own bombing in the first four days
6:46 pm
following the cease fire russian military aircraft conducted at least twenty daily bombing missions in damascus and eastern ghouta the russians negotiated the wording of the cease fire down to the commas and the periods they voted for the cease fire and they immediately disregarded it in the past sixteen days over five hundred civilians have died and some reports put the death toll even higher this is an acceptable thousands of syrians are in desperate need of medical care but none of the un's list have been evacuated we have heard the conversations are ongoing with the regime to medically evacuate twenty five people in the coming weeks while these civilians should be rushed to medical care we ask why it took so long when will the more than one thousand
6:47 pm
a den of medical cases be evacuated there had been almost no deliveries of medicine and surgical equipment because the assad regime removed them from the un's humanitarian convoys. the convoy that made it to eastern go to on march fifth had to navigate around constant regime airstrikes the bombing was so severe that the u.n. could barely unload the food the trucks were carrying and in the past sixteen days there have been three separate allegations of chlorine gas attacks this is no ceasefire this is the assad regime iran and russia continuing to wage war against their political opponents and there's another reason we know the syrians and russians never intended to implement the cease fire because they planned for it over the past two weeks the russian and syrian regime is have been busy labeling every opposition group in eastern guta a quote terrorist group why so they can exploit
6:48 pm
a provision in the cease fire resolution that allows for military operations against isis and al qaeda there are terrorists in syria but the russian and syrian regime label anyone as terrorists who resist their absolute control in the eyes of russia iran and assad the neighborhoods of eastern ghouta are full of terrorists the hospitals are full of terrorists the schools are full of terrorists the syrian and russian regimes insist that they are targeting terrorists but their bombs and artillery continue to fall on hospitals and schools and on innocent civilians they have deliberately and with premeditation exploited a loophole they negotiated in the cease fire to continue starving and pummeling hundreds of thousands of innocent syrian civilians they have made
6:49 pm
a mockery of this process and this institution for the sake of the syrian people and the integrity of this council we must respond and take action. during the negotiations the united states put all parties on notice that we needed to act if the ceasefire was not honored and members of the security council agreed and now that day has come the ceasefire has failed the situation of the civilians in eastern guta as dire and the united states is acting we have drafted a new cease fire resolution that provides no room for evasion it is simple straightforward and binding it will take effect immediately upon adoption by this council it contains no counterterrorism loopholes for assad iran and the russians to hide behind and it focuses on the area the secretary general has
6:50 pm
a den of fide and that the world can see holds the greatest urgency for lives of innocent civilians damascus city and eastern ghouta if russia iran and aside cannot agree to stop the bombing in this limited part of syria for this limited amount of time they will not agree to anything that's worthwhile and if they will not keep their word once they've agreed to a cease fire then how can we trust them in the end that's what makes the work of this council possible trust if we can't count on the members of the council to honor their green means we can't accomplish anything and if we can't act when children are dying we have no business being here if we can't save families that haven't seen the sun for weeks because they've been hiding underground escape barrel bombs in the security council is empathy as its worst critics say it is.
6:51 pm
almost a year ago in the aftermath of the syrian regime sarin gas attack at conscious in the united states offered a warning to this council we said that when the international community consistently fails to act there are times when states are compelled to take their own action the security council failed to act and the united states successfully struck the air base from which assad had launched his chemical attack so we repeat this warning today we welcome all nations that will work together to finally provide relief for the syrian people and we support the united nations political process that seeks to end the war in syria but we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and any human suffering most especially the outlaw syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act
6:52 pm
if we must it is not the path we prefer but it is a path we have demonstrated we will take and we are prepared to take it again thank you i think to represented so the u.s. ambassador to the united nations and kaylie speaking at the u.n. security council in new york effectively saying that the u.s. is presenting a new u.n. draft resolution on a syria ceasefire kristen salumi will tell us more about when the q. haley had to say on the draft resolution kristen. well yes a threat coming from the united states directed at the syrian regime and some strong words for russia the united states saying that clearly the resolution twenty four a one passed fifteen days ago has not been implemented she faulted russia for
6:53 pm
continuing to bomb areas of eastern ghouta for the first four days sometimes twenty times a day after that resolution was passed she said that there had been ongoing allegations of chlorine gas attacks in that time and went on to say that if the united nations security council didn't back up the resolution then it would come down to the united states to act and she referred to an air strike that u.s. forces made on an air base in retaliation for a chemical attack in concert croon as an example of the united states being willing to step up and take action if the international community was not going to follow through and make good on this resolution passed by the united nations calling for a cease fire again a cease fire which by all accounts from u.n. officials to united states officials has not been implemented medical evacuations haven't been taking place the. in deliveries are still having trouble getting in
6:54 pm
many people still in harm's way and the situation pretty dire and some pretty threatening words from the united states. about meeting continues at the u.n. security council about briefing for the time being chris as the lummi thank you for giving us that update from the u.n. itself. back once again to the story we were telling you earlier and miramar is government and army are bulldozing rowand of villages which were burned to the ground last year and they're replacing them with military bases amnesty international has released satellite images to back up its assertion the rights campaigners say the lange grabs are happening at an alarming rate and the pictures show new roads and structures popping up in several places where the images raise new questions about me and more has promised to repatriate hundreds of thousands of rwanda they fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape a military crackdown last year many say they're too scared to return ronan li
6:55 pm
henge a researcher at australia's deakin university he says there is not enough pressure on me in my government from world powers we're witnessing a genocide in real time the mistreatment of the regime by me and my military and me and mothers authorities surely meets the criteria to be considered a genocide then and that must compel the international community to act what we've seen so far is seven hundred thousand muslims pushed out of me and ma. report today suggests that there are no military barracks been built on the land that those people used to live on and what we see from the international community short this been humanitarian assistance for the refugees but very little response in terms of demanding action from me and mom and nothing practical yes we actually need to see sanctions back on the table mean man needs to know that the
6:56 pm
international community is going to prioritize human lives rather than rather than comus should be visa bans for the perpetrators of these atrocities and that should include not just the military but it should include the civilian authorities of me and mum who have stood by and allowed this to happen. before we go just a quick wrap up of some of the other news headlines from around the world and the new united nations coordinator for yemen has arrived lisa grande a takes up her role as the country struggles with shortages of food and medical supplies as well as a major cholera outbreak almost seven years afore has left an estimated seventy five percent of the population that's some twenty two million people in need of humanitarian assistance houthi rebels are fighting pro-government forces backed by a saudi led coalition for control of the country hong kong's a pro-democracy campaigners have lost ground in
6:57 pm
a crucial by election candidates recaptured only two out of the four seats up for grabs that means the opposition won't be able to block any bills in the region's legislature the seats were vacated two years ago when activists were ousted from office for using their oaths to defy china the u.s. president donald trump seems to have backtracked on his call to raise the age limit for gun sales his plan to prevent school shootings also includes more stringent background checks and training teachers to use guns but on lifting the minimum age for purchasing a gun from eighteen to twenty one he's now suggesting that should be left up to a new federal commission to decide germany's grand coalition deal has been signed nearly six months after national elections chancellor angela merkel said she's optimistic it'll work out well the deal was and by merkel's christian democratic union and their political rivals the center left social democrats. thanks for
6:58 pm
watching the news grid that'll do it so our team in london has more coverage out of the united nations in new york we will see you back here in studio fourteen tomorrow thanks for watching. the scene for us where there are on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is
6:59 pm
a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. conservation ease helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected and the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the slow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. subzero temperatures extreme altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the
7:00 pm
extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved the ordinary joining the border with two heigho there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures . risking it all in the kurdistan of this time on al-jazeera. a senior british filmmaker says the poisoning of a russian double agent looks like state sponsored attempted murder as the prime minister prepares to update parliament on the investigation. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up.


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