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tv   The Citizens Network  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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thousand civilians have been besieged since two thousand and thirteen. the colombian president says his government will restart peace talks with the guerrilla group the land after a six week pause present one manual santal suspended the talks in late january off the bomb attacks by the e l n killed eight police offices the white house has announced that setting up a commission to deal with gun violence in the united states the commission will push to arm teaches in us cost rooms but it falls short when it comes to raising the age limit for buying a rifle which has angered many american students campaigning for change. and amnesty international has really satellite images it says shows me a military building infrastructure on top of areas once home to rangoon muslims the human rights organization is describing the construction as a land grab. you're up to date with all of our top stories that's it from myself
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from the team here in london there is much more news coming up from doha in about twenty five minutes time off the rebel geek's which is next. eight candidates that i didn't want likely when i got him a person's tight grip on the kremlin as a spy and eighteen years now and when russian people voice on march the eighth week there is every indication that they will return him the power is for the presidential to. follow the russian elections here on al jazeera. digital technology assist the thomas and intimacy and he's mentally and even longer not. in the ability to keep billions of calculations in our pockets it seems he discovered and he didn't mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intent is money. that is convenience profit
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and surveillance the only use these new powers. now the new generation event will be easing the skills to challenge the tech giants. and enable a different technological future. one that people are not the product. the be. in he said. oh. yeah that but oh my brother lemme. see. my gun and it got it going to be an album enough we have a bet on that map a. long long i gotta be out
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on the vehicle. that will. take out all the drama. all. when the d.s. . on those look at. a kitty those in this. list almost one hundred in the name of the last whole bit and yet they know no he did this no. no no he s. . they come when you. get them they most in little said. in last. a wall gather.
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up with almost. to implement. just. on the up and there's the north with this. for the. day after indeed the timing is the mother in the draft unless that will be has. us
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. to get us place adam and then under the law in the. middle out on the dental problems but i have cia needed that's almost. this place some of the my old. plan can be done. in the back burner. in a certain us or going the. you in the nose of the items i love that you have bought me yeah yeah i love my love with a lot of the women here i mean most of us had any kind of. it's one of the unsound cannabis and that is just piles up what he is to make those in the last thing you
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want to. get as has been used as the given you know at the book at that colonia. only. lawyers put them up. on the nothing nothing says listen to me. well again you know this is funny only it's one that is not good like. some of these kleagle most classical schooling but i just north of even ca believe yeah. yeah i mean if we put it in the mud in.
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a little bit short of muscle. you know it was really just mom a school where the seals if you must give mom a gun is going to nurses that it goes. on for years to give us what you saw a student you'll know much of the fuselage. in your desk you'll go up to look at. it's going to be.
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but this is. i see the sequester i would put it in pretty good. job of looking over. your not. looking. in the background of the start of this doesn't use our press here in. this image with you because you're not. one on the wall for. they're in that ad buy. and they do that. as it will not for mother told me not to look purple of course
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and silly that they might they call monica see i'm bored a comedian their mother comic assume. and nor as an a list. they visit independent they're so bad and now when they must they they know look here yes. they must be hinted at not appropriate they know looking at but i believe you. bought a lot of money. stones
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as you can go half an hour away with a listening to this song. so
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you know no b.s. . as you know you know it. is not neutral approach where you live you go to the internet. you know careers that i so they love will knock you guess of course in this you die and believe that almost no way am i going to let nobody have. but it. is better than it is interesting. and i just i thought ok with it for now until the o.b. answer me what's going on in the meantime no internet. so the whole week it will be unable to work this to the patients that's why you know. the haitians are what.
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the situation of connectivity is really poor is really i could say even discriminating. i belong to this group we're always befriending to get a better connectivity for all of us a universal one. came coming from the corner. i'm asking for permission for the came first. to my house because. if they had known it by public places have taken such a long way by going around the straits i would have it even a war theater and i have right now. to. take.
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my city if it's what i mean because of your salary they have kids have homes you have to pay their rent you have to pay the food you have to pay transport you go to work all of the last thing you want you want to think of spending your twenty percent of your salary is going to be an interest for a nation. of very poor very low carnations. i live very near the center of the cup you imagine outside the cd or a little town hall that. with your spirit. and if there was
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a lot of. sizzle wanting to cover it i think or will be on top of the look so he named believe any of this dino believe the possible wrecker. from. the best. they could both are of equal. number of how many guests they miami are not in town so i mean there is a damn book that allows an older woman stacy and me to say one does not. place yet among them cannot be as it is a call the epidemic us to miami. it's a mast. we have to have all connected with the. connectivity.
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right now my the first thing i want for everyone is. while it's easy access to the internet. our plan is to make basic internet services affordable so everyone with a phone can join the knowledge economy imagine a world where everyone could look up information to improve their from viewing console with media to help out with their homework but our mission of facebook is to help connect every one of them.
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did not bring your access to ensure that they're bringing you access to a number of services that they decide to bring. as well not for them other less impetus us that this is. their mother colonialism. see at the address all the issues united course is that nobody got us in see it there on us but i'm a good at it though the last is that the seals and sadly that because he has not gone since waddle ill planned them you can assume it will be a little nickel each time being ill planned then you can ask him this folk who are leave it. out and water a lesson in many study of their over us poor because i this every other yeah sink
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when take what the applecross yields no problems this time probably having no longer going to real estate we have no is no hoax but the most useful thing we. both of those little ones are the is the most interesting thing about this is you must be pretty committed and you have got a good test or so what. you saw dave camp all know more have come into a must that in the law here. luis. in the past. most women do you see a body of six amigos in the east and your son say the come on those drugs us are short s. in the spline this your. last proposed s.k. just make it up on ng and then he doesnt own system so much when those companions.
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are going to march to their own hearing cochabamba there is the most of us right now in this thing we want to build which is. a citizen network. citizens network is a local version of the internet the kind of digital library. you set up a server. a regatta on ten. anyone within range of his hotel and can access your server can you kind of change your formation. at the end of them to those ranges using of another and to not confuse the reach of the original server. more than you can probably a whole city all without having to actually put next to the internet.
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says her. we're going to go with that a little bit the if you want me to book the impulse well after battling about because i know my stuff can go right through some will say from one go on to them and then i know think this one thing that you have that much on that's the quote that they don't want all that's what i start. from when consumed honestly i didn't know what then i think a meter missing and i only feel the effects of interest because i can't think think it is. pilot is here a reason sat back down did it's become a silly thing to put it look at that and budget i can eat less but the phone must continue one of the foremost is charlie morse just like the tomatoes i pump and want to get in my pocket i'm not up soon leave it out too much i want to have a definite well let's write about it i mean the whole scene is like what probably
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will drive the museum of news don't mean those papers because peter should be and not see this artistic work done more that it seems that the effects of it i still have it's got enough that i would not think i'm going to be sick of starting the story those see sees as a good in this plot oh well for better. what i mean my exits were not particularly down was it me to. fit it into a very spiky look at them with the same. block bible that i mentor man oh. yes you know you're married to the. most cover song on. google for him. going to call me. i will take them back to face.
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i'm. right about all having impulses come up for a good. deal. to play. like yes but i don't know. if i thought about. checking my internet they don't. live write me the popular singer for their i look if he's going to be here then in the program about your place he'd gone i thought i think. it will be easier with the who is with the white man you know boss i will work out a lot of people want to read what they got i'd like a couple of those are people out and i don't know that there was another scene. we will be as soon as i know they'll go to the airline most of the thin things
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listen you might see a link there never was there there's something we've been looking like you know they've never seen nor can they gaze only see that i think the dentist is this is his business i know just because this is how much they say you know he are there most. of the seahorse little small business he only gets. but i did lose because he was saying i was the m.t.v. can see there's something else. when i said you know what i don't know if you know . what i'm hearing but the relevant part of the. going to be the worst moment you know best or see how much i get up is when i get up and if you don't you know nothing i think that i think went crazy but in the meantime to get him as he was. you know i must be the way he was the opportunity by ok give me get on with the thing about like we got him back in the middle but you know most people would have
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to like them i think. they're just beginning to. yell i mean looking for what i want to go up in that. but i don't know if he was you know. i would insult so much if you had to live on with your story. if there were a mike at the end thrown pocono i could not come up in the hall and i mean i bade all. the law center on them i got with up i going to him to keep not happened here so you see everybody that was here model you know who's i'm getting most going to send the money to. him to know he. said he could. be one that they can't get away with yeah. well the important thing. is that they were not. i mean we important. to see by him that i.
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merely the very special case of politicians. especially considering there are rules that's how she got into politics i'll. tell you that being because. you have only two choices either just accept it and go along with whatever you're given or just move try to find more people that feel the same way. do some effort to change things. anyone who wants to push things to knowledge you wisely believe you should be
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really be appreciated in your work. is this not missing out because you then take it to those who may guess another word is used in the buddhist yes bank. in product and be hands out but i would buy yes but i don't plaster basically a pair of knots but i get where i may get out though the last few in this probably cost. you know by. that point. but i will pay mother thought too early but it was you know most. people point out of the notices notice in the cradle going to the lanes with the soon going on the pros who want to live at the moment. when i mean you know. those are pretty early. on. before we had the new year we were going to have a story. where the first order. was a political decision. that then the law.
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by. their mother made. then let then the law here they leave. the service. if it. subzero temperatures extreme altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to touch a keystone. ordinary drive. with two high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all to kurdistan
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at this time on al-jazeera. in a war torn city in iraq a magic documents the stories of the survivors recording their hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdrawal. but the conflict is far from over. he turns the camera on himself when i still take control and his family off forced to flee and nowhere to hide a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. from the hills of northern greece the places in turkey where refugees hideouts before trying to cross easy to see the crossing countries means crossing the intimidating ever else river more and more refugees are attempting this route even though they know how dangerous it is even outside the risk of drowning or dying of cold in these huge empty spaces any number of refugees have told us that confessions can forcibly turned around by greek
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police acting in coordination with from texas the european union for the agency. this eighteen year old syrian was in a smugglers' boats with his younger sister. the police came up to us in that boat they told us you can cross they made us turn around the police who previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they turn any refugees around and claim their priority is human dignity. but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek government of breaking international. this is al jazeera. fully back to go this is the news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up
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in the next sixty minutes russia rejects the british prime.


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