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new multinational colonialism this is a v. a novel mint over the democratic process this company they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one at this time on al-jazeera. zero. and for you. zero. zero this is the news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes we disagreed on the war you look at the iran deal i think it's
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terrible i guess he says it was ok to listen outcome pale and now as u.s. president donald trump replaces his secretary of state after months of strained relations russia defies an ultimatum from the u.k. over the poisoning of a former spy also this hour no clear winner in sally owns presidential election a runoff will be held in two weeks plus. i'm a quote reporting on the increase in krill fishing and all that water in the bid to try and restrict. thank you for joining is outgoing u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is urging a smooth transition after his dismissal by donald trump via twitter one of his top aides release a statement saying to listen was unaware of why he was forced out that official was later fired as well the democrats say it's yet another sign of chaos in the white
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house trump insists policy differences are to blame the two had clashed over a number of issues including the iran deal and the blockade of qatar to listen will be replaced by cia director michael. advocates a more aggressive stance on north korea and iran and his job will go to gina haskell who is set to become the first ever female leader of the cia we'll get more on that very shortly but for us rosin jordan looks back at the friction between tennyson and chop. it's not every day you lose your job to be a social meeting but an emotional rex tillerson deliberately ignored that detail when he addressed reporters on tuesday all received a call today from the president night states at low afternoon time from air force one my commission as secretary of state will terminate at midnight march thirty first tillerson served as u.s. secretary of state for a little more than a year he spent much of that time pushing back against reports that the president
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donald trump wanted to fire him on tuesday morning on twitter trump did just that mike pump ale will become our new secretary of state thank you to rex tillerson for his service trump then told reporters this we disagreed on things when you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess it was ok i want to use a regular to something he felt a little bit differently so we were not really thinking the same looking back it's clear trump and tillerson disagreed on the big problems of the day whether or not to engage directly with north korea how far to hold russia accountable brit's meddling in u.s. political and civic affairs something tillerson made a point of stressing the u.s. must do ultimately former u.s. diplomats say taylor since firing is no surprise and neither is the choice of his replacement the cia director mike pompei oh he's well known for his support of
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trumps policy trump is impulsive trump is temperamental trump wants. once enablers and validators more than he wants advisors tillerson didn't have many fans at state because of his plans to cut staffing by nearly thirty percent some senior diplomats quit in protest but the firings of state didn't end there at lunch time the white house dismissed under secretary of state steve goldstein after he released this statement suggesting tillerson thought his job was safe the secretary did not speak to the president this morning and is unaware of the reason for his dismissal in any case tillerson said he had no regrets rex tillerson didn't lose his job because he didn't agree with the president analysts say he lost his job because he refused to pretend that he agreed if confirmed my pump ill will face a very high standard of agreeing with the president all the time especially because
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the president believes he already does rosalynn jordan al-jazeera the state department well let's take a closer look now at the new u.s. secretary of state's mike brown pale before joining politics he founded and headed companies in the aerospace and oil sectors the fifty three year old had served three times in congress when trump appointed him to head the cia considered a republican hard line up and pale has been an outspoken critic of former president obama's landmark nuclear deal with iran he said that while there was russian meddling in the twenty six thousand election it did not affect the outcome of the vote that appears to contradict findings reported by american intelligence agencies well let's speak to christopher hale who is a former assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs and also a former ambassador to the republic of south korea he joins us from skype from treasure island in florida thank you so much sir for being with us on al-jazeera first of all what do you make of of the firing of rex innes and the timing of this
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firing especially at a time when the trumpet ministration seem to be making progress on the north korean nuclear issue. well certainly people have been expecting this for a long time it's really a rumor back in october or the november december and people thought maybe he would wait for his first anniversary office which are a bit enough in february but frankly speaking it was it was absolutely inevitable and i think a big problem was that the president wants people who. get it instinctively agree with him and so rex tillerson who is and his own share of problems at the state department i can assure you there are not too many people in the state department who were out seeing him go but he was very clear with president trump that he didn't approve of some of the things he was doing and i felt that we were on the right track with north korea specially sanctions program and so he thought
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we should do that and then all of a sudden president trump announces that he's going to meet with kim jong un and so i think to some extent it was a last straw there are other issues as well of course tillerson became more and more strong on the issue of dealing with russia right now and i think clearly the president didn't agree with it that's been pale have the diplomatic experience to handle a complicated don't like north korean you you if. no but he has been working at the cia so he said access to a lot of the national security issues for some for at least a year a lot of on the job training but dealing from there in his corner of the state department is somewhat different diplomacy there is obviously the court of the row so he will have to try to be able to go to the white house and make that argument on behalf of some of our allies and that doesn't own instinctively to all of this currently no u.s. negotiating team on north korea there's no ambassador to south korea there's no
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assistant secretary of state for east asian affairs and the secretary of state just got fired it isn't even possible to put together a proper negotiating team together in just two months ahead of that this meeting between came john boehner and donald trump well i think it's very difficult very risky as president trump it say i'm negotiating team but. cheri was beyond your question i think it's a it's a big issue big problem right after all what is your job all raises issues that. the president saddam where he may say yes he may say no he may rely entirely on his instincts and going into a complex issue like this which involves alliance grannis revelations with china and of course the central issue of nuclear weapons is not something you should be relying on our basic instincts to address right and the criticism of north korea among american conservatives is that north korea breaks its deals but if the u.s.
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pulls out of the iran nuclear deal as it's being hinted because from pale and seemed to be on the same wavelength might come see iran and this right before trump and came john on meats what message does that send to the korea and to north korea about america's reliability. absolutely it would send a very confusing message especially yes even by the most optimistic standards rex tillerson i'm sorry out president trump is not going to be able to get a deal with the north koreans that's as good as the deal with iran obviously there's a lot of criticism that the oh there are it was temporary being the main criticism but also didn't address any of the regional issues and so while i don't think that in terms of just the nuclear issue we're going to see a better deal with the north koreans so i think this is going to be awkward. and
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also i think you have to understand that my capell comes from a wing of the of the republican party that doesn't approve any of these kinds of negotiations very very negative about talking to north korea but clearly he's flexible on this one his growth trying to support the president thank you so much ambassador hill for speaking to us and giving us your insight on this quest to have former u.s. ambassador to south korea thank you. thank you and i get more now on jena has the woman who is set to take over at c.c.i. she could face a tough confirmation hearing in the senate given past allegations she oversaw the torture of detainees and has more on that from washington. jeanne has spent most of her career at the cia undercover so there isn't much video of her but issue prepares to try and take the top job or we're going to see a lot more of her and hear much more about her past she was in charge of the facility in thailand codenamed detention site green the senate has detailed what
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happened to captors there like abu zubaida he was water boarded eighty three times beaten by having his head slammed into a wall deprived of sleep for days he was kept in a coffin sized box possibly with insects for more than eleven days and held in a small box less than a meter tall for twenty nine hours the report also says that. he was held and tortured at the same site according to reports she was clearly in charge according to one cia cable quote only the detention site green chief of base would be allowed to interrupt or stop an interrogation in process and that the chief of base would be the final decision making authority as to whether the cia's interrogation techniques applied to zubeida would be discontinued. zubaida had to be revived once after waterboarding torture didn't stop human rights groups are outraged by her nomination the idea that she would be put in charge of the cia should send us.
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shimmers terrorists are most people who care about international law this is a woman who was complicit directly in the torture of two duties in thailand and then through the chief of staff of the counterterrorism center back lushington as they rendered dozens and dozens of other detainees some of them merely innocent people who were swept up shall have to answer for more than that there were videos of some of that torture has reportedly signed the directive to have them destroyed all of this will be a big debate when she comes before the senate to try and get confirms democrats will be under pressure not to vote for her and if that's the case you can only afford to lose one republican vote and still get the job still president donald trump is sending a message with this nomination just like he said on the campaign trail he's fine with torture and also apparently fine with promoting those involved with it patty call him al-jazeera washington again khan is
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a former cia intelligence officer and former deputy national intelligence officer he says hospitals nomination sends a wrong message about america's commitment to human rights. well she's considered a an excellent professional officer. and i believe that is true i've worked with her so she it's she and i have not worked together but her reputation is a very strong one as is a talented competent professional she was in charge of the black site when one of the black sites where these torture methods were used so whatever misgiving she may have had as she was involved now many were who are good people but even if that is the case for the government to put someone in position who is involved in these things sends a message that it's ok with nice this government which slides america down you know path towards the totalitarianism of erewhon in turkey on the way to becoming
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a banana republic like samosa nicaragua. in other world news russia has defied an ultimatum from the u.k. over the poisoning of a former spy prime minister theresa may had given moscow until the end of tuesday to explain how a soviet era nerve agent was used in the attack against his daughter but the kremlin has refused to cooperate with the investigation. is this the lull before the storm the british government says it's looking at ways of responding to what it believes is now rages signed by russia this is part of a pack of behavior by that putin and his regime and you'll seeing this reckless support for the use of chemical weapons all the way from syria to the streets. in our country. being encouraged by the determination friends to stand with us except the friends aren't so predictable these days the american president shortly after sacking
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a secretary of state who was highly regarded by the british government says it sounds to him as if russia was involved in the nerve agent attack but in moscow the russian foreign minister said britain was being obstructive refusing to give russia samples of the nerve agent so that it could carry out its own investigation. russia is not guilty but russia is ready to cooperate in the framework of the chemical weapons convention only the united kingdom takes pains to fulfill their legal obligations and cling to the same document that london's luxury properties luxury shops could britain target russians who spend money here an anti corruption group estimates more than a billion dollars of suspicious russian wealth is invested in u.k. property well it's certainly the case that some of the individuals that we've identified in this research well known to the kremlin so if they were to find
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themselves subjected to police investigations by unexplained wealth. example then that would send a very clear message to the kremlin the corrupt individuals and their illicit cash no longer welcome here british politicians want to send a message to russia that they won't tolerate what they see as a brazen attack on british soil but they also hope to cooperate with russia on issues like containing iran the north korea's nuclear ambitions in other words russia's international significance presents britain with a diplomatic dilemma britain says it's ready to act but if this crisis escalates west to duty could come under great strain to be phillips al jazeera. moxon makowski is a senior fellow at the atlantic council he says the u.k. has several options on how to respond to russia's lack of corporation you know i think the u.k. government is coming to a critical crossroads they understand in the past they may not have acted in response as robustly as they should have because they obviously are now
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a target of a new attack and as a result they're going to want to try to prevent this from happening again so one i think they're looking very seriously at economic sanctions against russia similar to the united states magnitsky law that could target corrupt and human rights violators from the russian federation to obviously they're going to look potentially at expelling russian diplomats and intelligence officers from the embassy again that likely won't be enough and three they're likely to take this issue to multilateral institutions like the united nations nato and the e.u. with cooperation with u.k. allies to present a case that russia serves as a threat to u.k. interests and western interests and respond appropriately which which they should do. and british counterterrorism police are investigating the death of a high profile russian businessman. found dead in is london home on tuesday he'd been granted political asylum in the u.k. and was a close ally of late boris berezovsky
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a prominent critic of president vladimir putin police say there's no evidence to suggest a link to the poisoning of say and his daughter. plenty more the news hour including calling for help from the international community as violence continues in the democratic republic of congo why south sudanese refugees who fled their water on country are finding their return home isn't exactly what they hoped for and severe reach the quarter finals of the champions league at the expense of manchester united joe have the details in sports. palestinian prime minister has escaped unhurt after a bomb explosion hit his convoy in gaza the palestinian authority has accused hamas of trying to assassinate him but it's denied any involvement herefore said has more from gaza. the palestinian prime minister had come to gaza to demonstrate
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progress by attending the opening of a new water treatment plant. instead just a few hundred meters into gaza and territory. visit became a demonstration of the level of insecurity here a powerful bomb buried by the road blast to be end of his convoy vehicles were damaged seven people were lightly injured. and his delegation pressed on to the water project where he said the attack would only make him more determined to return. they blew up three of our calls all interim the gaza strip this proves to you one hundred percent that it will not prevent us from continuing our path towards putting an end to this bitter division will continue to come to girls. in the division between the palestinian authority dominated by fatah and its political rival hamas in gaza was once again on full display the palestinian president's office accused hamas of responsibility for the attack given its continued control of security in the strip hamas condemned both the explosion and the accusation that
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started it with. these accusations can only achieve the goals of the criminals that targeted the convoy of. the bank suspects who wants to destroy the palestinian clans is the occupation. some analysts suggest salafist groups aiming to cause political chaos who are behind the attack on the crater itself shows you just what a sizable device this was the immediate impact obviously substantial the question now is how far the shock waves of what happened here will carry over into the political process between fatah and hamas. reconciliation efforts have been stalled for months since hamas dissolved its administration last year so far there's been no full resumption of p.a. control in gaza with talks foundering on issues such as jobs for tens of thousands of hamas members and control of its military wings weapons we are living in but our
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lawyers to ation between this was a review of hamas or that de facto government and that a new government that's in the not they walk in to. have it's sort of possibility is that the palestinian prime minister arrived back in ramallah in the occupied west bank his spokesman accusing hamas leaders of declining an invitation to meet for gaza's people desperate for some kind of government to address a worsening humanitarian and now security situation the way to go zone harry force it out his ear a gaza. i saw says it was behind an attack on a military facility used by you many forces backed by the united arab emirates a car bomb exploded near a military kitchen in the southern port city of aden at least three people were killed in the attack which sent smoke billowing across eight in another thirty five were injured. the u.n. says nearly one hundred fifty civilians have managed to leave rebel held eastern go to in syria the government's ally of russia and rebels have agreed to evacuate
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injured people from the area which has been under heavy bombardment for the past three weeks alan fischer reports. they've come from eastern guta slowly perhaps hesitantly most definitely the glad to be out and what it about those they've left behind. we were about two hundred people living in a cellar without light or electricity and very little food it was impossible to leave because of the events many people decided to leave and head to duma and only forty of us stayed behind in that cellar and decided not to leave until the syrian army entered the city. my children tell me that we don't want to die whenever they tell me this i cry tears of blood and pray to god to make me die before them. others have been bussed out of the area after the group reached an agreement with the united nations the russians and others around
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a thousand people need to leave for medical treatment the first batch of around one hundred have no left. to date has been agreed to take those who want to go to damascus or even approach to be treated and returned back once again to the first batch consisting of around forty families have left to damascus for treatment the un and the red crescent where there are new batches of sick people will follow for treatment outside. the agreement to get injured people lie to has been around for a little while the fact that the process is actually started will give encouragement to the united nations who obviously like to see the numbers increase in the coming days the fighting continues around the young cleve which is no been split in three by city government forces backed by the russians. it may not be as fierce as recent days but that's little consolation to those still trapped in sight . alan fischer al jazeera on the turkey syria border. at
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least forty people have been killed in ethnic fighting between the hammer and lendu communities in the democratic republic of congo it happened in the northeast an eatery province and comes just over a week after fighting between the same groups left at least seventy nine people dead millions of people have been uprooted by years of unrest and political instability the un humanitarian chief is visiting the d.r. c. and is appealing for international donors to help marianne holland has more. this campaign tangan eco province is home to thousands some of the four and a half million people displaced by entering violence and fighting with rebel groups . immigration always a came here three years ago she's desperate with few prospects and even fewer options but one thing is clear she can't go home. they were killing us with arrows we had no choice but to come here even though people here
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have not always been kind to us but we stay in these terrible conditions we can't do anything as long as the fighting continues in our village. the united nations describes the situation in the democratic republic of congo as a forgotten crisis so serious and on such a scale that the un humanitarian chief is there to try to get the world to take notice the u.n. warns millions will starve if they don't get help mark hello caucus calling on nations to act to the donor's meeting in geneva next month the situation is very bad and the single biggest problem we have is we're short of funds to meet the needs of these people pay for the immediate lifesaving needs food and shelter water health care and so on but all. the things we need to do to give them a chance to rebuild their lives together children back to school many of those caught up in the violence complain the government does listen to keep them safe but president joseph kabila is grappling with his own crisis he refused to step down
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when his two terms in office came to an end in two thousand and sixteen under an agreement brokered by the catholic church kabila was allowed to stay on provided new elections were held in two thousand and seventeen. that deal wasn't honest and simmering frustration spilled onto the streets last month opposition supporters were killed congolese authorities now say elections will be held in december but could be his opponents say it's just more delay tactics i. mean you're looking to the catholic church for leadership in a country where its members make up about half of the population the church holds some sway leaders have called on the faithful together on friday to remember those killed and to keep pressure on kabila to give up power. but resolution seems a long way off as long as the political tumult continues there is little prospect of security and stability improving medium mahommed al jazeera. sandman's
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presidential election is heading to a runoff in two weeks opposition leader julius matter below now only won the first round but fell short of an outright majority he's up against the ruling all people congress party candidate somewhere a camera that votes will decide who replaces president and his bike aroma will serve the maximum ten years in office i made it three says more from the town of lonely in the northern province former military head of state brigadier general julius mudda buel wins the first round of saloons presidential election with forty three point three percent of the vote but not enough to avoid a runoff he leads the anointed candidate of president and is by koroma doc to come out who scored forty two point seven percent of the vote now the third and fourth candidates who interest only broke away from two main political parties to form their own and challenge for the seat of president may decide who becomes the
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country's next president according to the election commission ninety four point eight percent of registered voters like to preach it in the election so i run over several full two weeks from now that means that several units will be required to come out again on the twenty some of march to vote the next president of this country refugees who escaped the civil war in south sudan six months ago are beginning to return to their homes more than four hundred thousand people sought safety by fleeing east across the border into ethiopia but has even morgan reports from the border town of guy many are coming home to find their communities destroyed. mary gets course is preparing to start serving tea she says it's the only way for her to make money to look after her four children the family returned to progress from refugee camps in ethiopia by god became too dangerous for them to live during the fighting last august. i came back here with my
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teapot and my things to sell tea hoping that i'd get money for my children when the fighting started i went to the border with them when it calmed down i came back to sell tea so i can continue to earn money for them mary was one of thousands who fled bag and one of four hundred thousand south sudanese who escaped with you. because the military headquarters of the armed opposition under the ousted former vice president riek machar this very little to return to for the few who have ventured back. i was here when the fighting happened in august and fled to i heard people were returning so i came back with my children but i didn't find anything when i came back it was destroyed. what is left behind a reminder of ferrous fighting thousands of civilians use this bridge to flee from baghdad to gamble in neighboring ethiopia when the armed opposition under rick much or lost control of the territory six months ago and while they may have lost their
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military headquarters the fighting between the opposition and the government is far from over with civilians paying the price of the war that is now in its fifth year the united nation expects three million south sudanese will be displaced this year in africa's largest refugee crisis since the rwandan genocide in one thousand nine hundred four government ministers want everyone who fled by god to come back we are writing them to come all of them the governor the deputy governor us and bali. make sure that there were deceived and the role of the president of the republic of south sudan president salva kiir mayardit is to make sure that those who are killer turning will be provided with the services they need as a government we would like your work to make sure that services are provided to all of them around four million of salsa dance twelve million population lost their homes as some start to return in other parts of the country the mass displacement continues peace seems elusive to africa's youngest nation people more than al-jazeera in south sudan still ahead on al-jazeera the u.s.
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president takes a firsthand look at what his proposed border war with mexico might look like and in sport the news gets the better serene as the williams sisters bring you their rivalry at indian wells. from brisk nose and fuel. to the warm tranquil move to those of southeast asia. however temperatures not doing too badly across southern and central parts of china getting up into the low to mid twenty's here twenty four celsius for homecoming even shanghai touching twenty three degrees but notice we have got some clouds and rain coming in that rain will be pretty heavy at times will actually make its way further eastward not really affecting the temperatures to adversity having said that hong kong still getting up to twenty five degrees and twenty three for shanghai prices guys coming behind but still a fair amount of cloud twenty five celsius sunshine there for hanoi sunshine to
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across a good part of the philippines we've seen some really heavy rain there recently it is possible you know into indonesia the big downpours hated the dice i was set to continue to heavy pocket of rain there just making its way across job and pushing a little of the east with me while we see some wet weather to coming into us for lanka a chance of some showers here i think thailand will see a good deal of dry weather having said that the wetter weather that's on the other side of the by of being goal with same a nasty little system this circular lation here making its way up from the multis very heavy rain recently into sri lanka southern parts of india and you can see how our circulation just pushes a little further north woods and west was as we go through thursday elsewhere warm but cloudy. the weather sponsored by qatar and greece. like everywhere connectivity. or infrastructure in the pen and some form
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corporation speech to me. now a politician and activists are building a homegrown solution could make live units and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. beeks the citizens network at this time. when the news breaks. on the mail man city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room to sleep when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online.
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and watching the news out on al-jazeera reminder of our top stories u.s. secretary of state rex harrison has been fired present donald trump announced a decision on twitter trump insists policy differences arts of lame to listen will be replaced by cia director mike brown pale russia has defied an ultimatum from the u.k. over the poisoning of a former spy prime minister theresa may had given moscow till the end of tuesday to explain how a soviet era never agent was used in the attack against. his daughter and palestinian prime minister. scaped unharmed after a bomb explosion hit his convoy in gaza the palestinian authority has accused rival group hamas of trying to assassinate him hamas has condemned the attack and denied
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any involvement more now on our top story in the stocking of the u.s. secretary of state a present and rex tillerson regularly clashed over middle east policy even briefly backing opposite sides in the saudi. osama bin job it looks at the turbulent relationship between the president and his top diplomat. still listens former boss says the deal with iran and other disagreements was why the u.s. secretary of state will spy it from me to so far unfulfilled promise to roll back the nuclear deal with iran which is allowed an easing of sanctions the brewing cold war in the persian gulf between arab nations would have been a test for any career diplomat to listen let state department found itself scaling back comments in the times contradicting their own president when members of the gulf cooperation council decided to isolate qatar we saw in the beginning of the cut of a siege by the four countries last june that the initial statements that trump made were later dropped required to be reversed because he didn't know all the facts
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about u.s. relations. and the region it's clear that the united states seems to want to resolve the g.c.c. crisis i think there's no doubt about that it's also clear that they haven't been able to use their influence to get that done with the kuwaitis so this is very strange in many ways in recent weeks more details have emerged on how a concerted effort was being made from the middle east to get rid of rex tillerson this man businessman george nader has been questioned about his ties to the m. iraqi government and his meetings with white house officials nader is reported to have links with another u.s. businessman but u.a.e. ties and get bodey according to leaked e-mails obtained by the b.b.c. brody reportedly lobbied against secretary of state for extended sin because he opposed the blockade against but there really wanted trump to hold secret talks with the u.s. crown prince and throw his support behind the blockade and countries. to listen also disagreed with the current administration's backing of the saudi government
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a major weapons importer he criticized saudi arabia for its meddling in lebanon and disagreed with the saudi position over the ongoing war in yemen pillars and urged saudi arabia in his words to be a bit more measured and a bit more thoughtful in its actions the top u.s. diplomat cartridge his trip to african nations and abruptly. written to washington this led to speculation in the us media that president trump probably listened to step aside when he was abroad it's been a short tenure with accusations that to listen didn't have the stuff or money to back him up as a top u.s. diplomat some of the job he does there. votes being counted in the usa to pennsylvania where democrats are hoping to win a special election in a heavily republican congressional district donald trump carried the district by nearly twenty points in two thousand and sixteen and the democrats didn't even feel the candidate there during the last two congressional elections but polls have shown a close race despite campaigning twice for republican rakes
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a cone let's bring in john hendren in washington john this race is still too close to call but what do the results set a cell phone. that's rightfully theirs is a nail biter so far there are about two hundred fifteen thousand people who are voting in the is this election about ninety percent of those votes are in and they're seven hundred votes apart or about zero point three percent so whoever loses this is going to ask for a recount but it's not automatic in pennsylvania in the case of these non statewide races so whoever wins by the numbers at the end of the night will be likely declared the winner but it will be up in the air until they can decide and that was not to be expected as you pointed out this was a heavily republican district president trump won it by twenty percentage point she just two years ago and that suggests there is something of an bumpier going on why is this race so important john. well the democrats are hoping that the lack
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of popularity that president trump has been showing in polls allows them to retake the house later this year when they have midterm elections they've got to pick up twenty five extra seats in a congress of four hundred thirty five seats that is in order to take the lower house of congress here in the u.s. and that is very important them for a number of reasons but one of them is if they want to investigate the trumpet ministration that is the body that is likely to do it so the democrats feel like if they can win here they can win anywhere and so far they have lost five special elections but all of them republican leaning and in four out of five of those they have picked up momentum and in this case they think they might actually have a win and that gives them hope for november thank you for that john hendren live for us in washington. federal appeals court has upheld a ruling in the usa to texas allowing police to ask people if they're in the
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country illegally and are. called sanctuary cities which have been talkative by president for defying his integration crackdown has been in california examining wall prototypes for his proposed project to restrict illegal immigration from mexico rob reynolds reports from san diego. president toured prototypes near the us mexico border guided by border protection officials he seemed to like several of the eight concrete and steel monoliths he criticize the existing border barriers as inadequate attributing enormous physical strength to migrants but getting over the top is easy it is of like professional mountain climbers who are credible climbers they can find some of these will the on the spot inspection came despite the fact that the long promised border wall as done been funded by congress nor by mexico troops would pay experts estimate the project could cost twenty billion dollars
5:41 am
trouble also criticized california's democratic governor jerry brown likely to have a grandson a very poor job running california to have the highest taxes in the united states the place is totally out of control you have sanctuary cities where you have criminals living in the sanctuary cities earlier this week brown invited trump to visit other parts of the state saying california is about building bridges not walls on his brief visit to san diego trump did not see this small group of his supporters who gathered a few kilometers from the wall prototypes it's not just about keeping people from mexico illegally crossing our borders it's also keeping a lot of other things out like drugs and even strange odd things like the exotic animals. a much larger group of trolls opponents rallied on the ground. of a catholic church in nearby san ysidro reject the wall in the administration's
5:42 am
crackdown on immigrants are here with the community to say loud and clear that tempus a welcome here and border communities don't want california is an overwhelmingly democratic state with a large hispanic population this is president's rubs first visit to california since he took office he describes the state as out of control but many people here prefer to think of california as the center of the anti trump resistance instead of him walking. the walk he should be coming to the community even seen the citizens unlike what way they live getting to know them getting to understand the way they've seen you know what they've been through california officials have sued the trumpet ministration twenty eight times on issues ranging from refugee and immigrant policy to environmental protection robert oulds al jazeera san diego california. the man known as the book keeper of oss which has died before he could
5:43 am
begin his prison sentence groaning was sentenced over his role in collecting valuable stolen from victims at a massive concentration countering world war two dominic cain has a story as a frail old man gooding to avoid jail through the courts it was a legal battle the convicted criminal would lose but by dying before his sentence could stunt glinting escaped punishment years earlier he'd said he was just a cog in the auschwitz machine judges ruled otherwise. gurning was stationed in the part of the camp that dealt with the valuable stolen from victims of the holocaust mountains of glasses gold teeth and many millions of dollars worth of foreign currency were taken because earnings job was to collect the cash and deliver it to his superiors in berlin at his trial several survivors were present people like he bore as
5:44 am
a teenager she lived through auschwitz but her parents were killed there he said gurning scase must serve as a warning for future generations they have. their justice is there in the scoring philby's. on those who call it the terrorist of a westerly they will be held responsible in the future. never again will they be able to just create an account in the machinery and the poor in recent years germany has tried to prosecute the handful of surviving former s s members from auschwitz perhaps because as many as ninety percent of the perpetrators were never prosecuted after the war modern democratic germany has built many monuments to build victims of its nazi predecessor and it commemorates them also in some more simple ways such as these which are called shellfish dyna stumbling stones brass
5:45 am
plaques marking the names of the victims and where they were killed. here the to our family are remembered they perished at auschwitz. another of the. was. she meant. news of his death she took to twitter to. denounce the regime which claimed so many.
5:46 am
a global economic superpower that's underperformed in the world of football going
5:47 am
to win east explores how china is now spending billions in his quest to conquer the beautiful game. at this time when al-jazeera. welcome back conservationists warn industrial fishing of crayola in antarctic waters is threatening the future of the region's ecosystem the tiny coast says tacey a key source of food for whales penguins and seals in the final part of our series on tactic on a cock found that more. the arctic sunrise sails down the west coast
5:48 am
of the antarctic peninsula in the hope of observing krill fishing boats in action their main focus of the crow fishery across the entire area is in this insular and insular region the expedition helicopter takes off and the rare view of krill boats with their nets out spotted fishing close to shore they are operating within their rights feeding the growing demand for krill based health products like a really good three fish oil and they want to expand their fishery. the krill obviously densely packed into this area up against the island is a basin just circling round and round this bring them out of the month and all the whales are feeding and see them growing in whale tails disappearing flippers showing. me about the krill companies say they're tapping into a resort that is sustainable but if you hear on board is that that is what they said about other species like the bison in north america called stops you founded
5:49 am
for both with decimated the areas closest to the shore almost always where penguin foraging grounds are while feeding grounds. westsail foraging grounds and it's exactly where the sponsor choosing to come in. and take the crown that they're directly competing with these animals for food by radio the campaign team suggests that company bosses should consider fishing in less ecologically sensitive areas and with that the arctic sunrise moves on for the team this is just the beginning of the battle against krill fishing. time to batten down the hatches the ship is returning to port in chile there's still a major obstacle in the way the drake passage between the and talked to confident and cape pull in and the weather quickly to tear it's they call the arctic sunrise the washing machine you can see why. i. i think with the wind there will be probably around three in the morning it's a living creature so if it gets too bad what will do is put the nose of the ship
5:50 am
into it and slow down and then just ride the swell. next morning as predicted it's blowing hard. drive i think we were very passive six minutes away right now seventeen kilometers an hour the threat they tell me that is quite mild i think but i don't know if they're landing very with that the first time they can go over there this is where production's well south of cape or there where they just came through rolling. about after five days of stormy seas we finally passed into the magellan strait our expedition i have it down talked to continent behind us and south america dead ahead mclellan al-jazeera chile times forces joe thanks very much much seen itas hopes of winning this she is you way for champions league are over they were beaten by severe heat progressed to the quarter finals for the first time in their history with some bend they yet doubles the
5:51 am
killed the spanish side victory at old trafford remember lukaku schoolday like consolation goal for united but it finished two one is just the second time they've lost at home in all competitions this season or roma have also made it through to the last eight they be checked doesn't yet one know and inject her getting the goal as they progress for the first time in ten years and there is a huge game in the time his ache on wednesday as boss and a host chelsea in the last sixteen it's one one off the first leg in london chelsea unbeaten in the last eight matches against barcelona so the catalans know they'll be in for a tough encounter when our special i expect a similar rival to the one we faced during the first leg with all of the virtues and with all the danger attached to them they are a rival capable of scoring at any moment. a very different situation and wednesday's other champions league game by munich would need a disastrous outing against us to prevent them from making the quarterfinals that's
5:52 am
because they already lead five nil for first leg the president greek football per club has apologised to fans after running up the pitch carrying a gun during a league match on sunday the incident happened after power had a late goal ruled offside in their game against a k. athens it led to the greek government spending all top flight matches in the country indefinitely now a statement on the club's website has said it is saying that he is deeply sorry he added i had absolutely no rights to enter the pitch the way i did my emotional reaction stems from the widespread negative situations prevailing in greek football lately and from all the unacceptable non sports related events that took place towards the end of power a k all that could lead to uncontrollable situations my only aim was to protect tens of thousands of power fans from provocation riots and human casualties serina
5:53 am
williams return to the court after becoming a mother for the first time has ended at the hands of her sister williams renewed her professional rivalry with the elder sibling venus at indian wells on monday in their twenty ninth career meeting peter systemic watch the action so real williams is back in big time to miss and on monday she faced a familiar rival her big sister venus the indian world the earliest the two were meeting at a tournament since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight australian open a second round so really came into this match with the seventy seven career he had to have advantage over venus. but on this occasion it was spruced close to the thirty seven year old williams sister. six three to venus. the older sister capitalized and raced to an early lead in the second set but the thirty six year old twenty three time grand slam singles champion serena was not
5:54 am
lying down though despite being down three love she fought back to ensure the second say it like the first would be a competitive affair. but ultimately the might would belong to venus second said sixfold. it was. there's a lot of focus that goes on tearing that specially hence her opponent with a record like her talent level of her so really it's about his focusing on the tennis i think i'm going to try to move by tournaments. definitely not thinking too far in the future ready for the next time it are you ready for that i have a lot to improve on you know. it's good that i have. to say that this is the first plane i lost. my room for
5:55 am
improvement is incredible. keep saying you determine my goal is just to be better than the last and i don't generally don't want to go backwards i just want to continue to go for it and i think as long as i can do that i'll keep getting there . so really williams will move down the back will now be this williams would have been the family's on a regain stone the start of service in the fourth round he distended al-jazeera three time olympic ski jumping champion camel start his closing on on the world cup title the pole lets to his twenty eight world cup victory on the large hill in lillehammer on choose day stops two jumps exceeded one hundred forty metres countryman but ski with ease favorite robbie hudson who became an internet sensation during the olympics because of his the star he came in. and that is all sport for now more later joe thank you very much mexico is famous for its highly patterned ornate indigenous clothing and the fashion world has taken notice major
5:56 am
brands and designers have been selling clothing inspired by traditional designs but the communities where those designs originate from say they often don't see the benefits john heilemann has a story from mexico city. it's taken as a cue a lifetime to get to here when the pain seems to guide it so what he sees in his community have to mangle mexico flies of the page made flesh by his wife. this intricate dream world has been built up in the imagination of generations of to mangle across people. together the communities become famous for these type histories. now they're worried that their shared heritage is being exploited by big brands who use their designs but don't share the profits but i must proportion. we can make anything we're asked to that we should be paying a fair amount that way we can get ahead generate employment here and the people write. a recent study by n.-g. o.
5:57 am
impacto concludes that a clothing brands of plagiarised indigenous designs. the spanish clothing firm mango used to design in this wetter after complaints they withdrew it from wrote a letter pledging to help the community several indigenous communities in mexico have their own distinctive designs which are sold locally in shops and markets these are often poor people so when they see their patterns being used to mass produced or luxury clothing without compensation or recognition it really rankles. the problem is judging when the thin line between inspiration and plagiarism is crossed defining that by copyright is tough because the designs are often the cultural heritage of entire communities rather than just one person. congresswoman paolo félix says companies shouldn't see is a legal question but one of moral duty guess i wanted us to comment that as. they
5:58 am
need to get ethically responsible because at the end of the day it's a stealing that is states of mexican craftspeople we have to have their word as to say you can't explode it is thanks in other countries and say they are yours. but honestly it's a complicated picture but the very fact it's been watch more closely than ever may mean a fairer deal from its cruise cross people join homan. mexico city. that's it for this news hour do stay with us on al-jazeera. when the winning the win of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine is going to overdrive. but just who is going to win saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between the chemist said and what can i say that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for
5:59 am
outside polling the media opinion the listening closed base time on al-jazeera also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether that loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place we're the world's meat we can get to washington d.c. two hours we can sit on juries in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. part . of the furniture.
6:00 am
understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. oh. we disagreed on what you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess he says it was ok tillerson al pompei o n is u.s. president trump replaces a secretary of state after months of strained relations.


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