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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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the horrors. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you al-jazeera. we disagreed on what you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess it was ok tillerson out pompei owen as us president for places the secretary of state after months of strained relations.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russia defies an ultimatum from the u.k. over the poisoning of a former spy. the palestinian authority blames rival group hamas for an attack on prime minister brought me home the last convoy in gaza. and calls for help from the international community is violence continues and democratic republic of congo. outgoing u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is urging a smooth transition after his dismissal by donald trump via twitter on of his top aides released a statement saying tillerson was unaware of why he was forced out that official was later fired also the democrats say it said another sign of chaos and white house trump and says policy differences are to blame but the two of disagreed over a number of issues including the iran deal and the blockade of qatar tillerson will
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be replaced by cia director mike pompei o the advocates more aggressive stance on north korea and iran and its job will go to jeanne a hospital who's set to become the first ever female leader of the cia we'll get more on that shortly first though roslyn jordan looks back at the friction between tillerson and. it's not every day you lose your job the social media but an emotional rex tillerson deliberately ignored that detail when he addressed reporters on tuesday i received a call today from the president i had stage a little after noon time from air force one my commission as secretary of state. well terminated midnight march thirty first tillerson served as u.s. secretary of state for a little more than a year he spent much of that time pushing back against reports that the president donald trump wanted to fire him on tuesday morning on twitter trump did just that mike pompei a will become our new secretary of state thank you to rex tillerson for his service
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trump then told reporters this we disagreed on what you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess it was ok i wanted he's a regular to something he felt a little bit differently so we were not really thinking the same looking back it's clear trump and tillerson disagreed on the big problems of the day whether or not to engage directly with north korea how far to hold russia accountable brit's meddling in u.s. political and civic affairs something tillerson made a point of stressing the u.s. must do ultimately former u.s. diplomats say taylor since firing is no surprise and neither is the choice of his replacement the cia director mike pompei oh he's well known for his support of trumps policy trump is impulsive and trump is temperamental trump wants. once
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a neighbor isn't validators more than he wants advisors tillerson didn't have many fans at state because of his plans to cut staffing by nearly thirty percent some senior diplomats quit in protest but the firings at state didn't end there at lunchtime the white house dismissed under secretary of state steve goldstein after he released this statement suggesting tillerson thought his job was safe the secretary did not speak to the president this morning and is unaware of the reason for his dismissal in any case tillerson said he had no regrets rex tillerson didn't lose his job because he didn't agree with the president analysts say he lost his job because he refused to pretend that he agreed if confirmed my pump ale will face a very high standard of agreeing with the president all the time especially because the president believes he already does rosalynn jordan al-jazeera the state department christopher hill is
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a former assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs and former ambassador to south korea he says it was clear trump until her son we're not seeing eye eye to. certainly people have been expecting this for a long time really rumors back him over of the november december and people thought maybe he would wait for his first anniversary office which are a bit enough in february but frankly speaking it was it was absolutely inevitable and i think the big problem was that president trump wants people who. instinctively agree with him and so still listen who is and his own share of problems at the state department i can assure you there are not too many people in the state department who read seeing him go but he was very clear with president trump that he didn't approve of some of the things he was doing he felt that we were on the right track with north korea especially sanctions program and so we
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thought we should continue that and then all of a sudden president drop announces that he's going to meet with kim jong and so i think to some extent it was a last straw there are other issues as well of course tillerson became more and more strong on the issue of dealing with russia and i think clearly the president didn't agree with. good morning on the woman who is set to take over the cia in haskell but she could face a tough confirmation hearing in the senate getting past allegations she oversaw the torture of detainees pedicle heinous more from washington. gina has spent most of her career at the cia undercover so there isn't much video of her but issue prepares to try and take the top job or we're going to see a lot more of her and hear much more about her past she was in charge of the facility in thailand codenamed detention site green the senate has detailed what happened to captors there like abu zubaida he was water boarded eighty three times
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beaten by having his head slammed into a wall deprived of sleep for days he was kept in a coffin sized box possibly with insects for more than eleven days and held in a small box less than a meter tall for twenty nine hours the report also says that. he was held and tortured at the same site according to reports she was clearly in charge according to one cia cable quote only the detention site green chief of base would be allowed to interrupt or stop an interrogation process and that the chief of base would be the final decision making authority as to whether the cia's interrogation techniques applied to zubeida would be discontinued. zubaida had to be revived once after waterboarding torture didn't stop human rights groups are outraged by her nomination the idea that she would be put in charge of the cia should send. shimmers terrorists are most people who care about international law this is
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a woman who was complicit directly in the torture of to detainees in thailand and then the chief of staff of the counterterrorism center back lushington as they rendered dozens and dozens of other detainees some of them merely innocent people who were swept up shall have to answer for more than that there were videos of some of that torture has reportedly signed the directive to have them destroyed all of this will be a big debate when she comes before the surge to try and get confirms democrats will be under pressure not to vote for her and if that's the case you can only afford to lose one republican vote and still get the job still president donald trump is sending a message with this nomination just like he said on the campaign trail he's fine with torture and also apparently fine with promoting those involved with it. al jazeera washington russia has defied an ultimatum from the u.k. over the poisoning of a former spy prime minister theresa may have given moscow till the end of tuesday
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to explain how a silver and nerve era that is nerve agent was used in the attack against her and his daughter but the kremlin has a face to cooperate with the investigation barnaby phillips reports. is this the lull before the storm the british government says it's looking at ways of responding to what it believes is not re just backed by russia to this is part of a pattern of behavior by that new putin and his regime and you'll seeing this reckless support for the use of chemical weapons all the way from syria to the streets of which are not in our country. being encouraged by the determination of our friends to stand with us except that friends aren't so predictable these days the american president shortly off to sacking a secretary of state who was highly regarded by the british government says. it sounds to him as if russia was involved in the nerve agent attack but in moscow the
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russian foreign minister said britain was being obstructive refusing to give russia samples of the nerve agent so that it could carry out its own investigation you know russia is not guilty but russia is ready to cooperate in the framework of the chemical weapons convention only when the united kingdom takes pains to fulfill their legal obligations are clinging to the same document that was the london's luxury properties luxury shops could britain target russians who spend money here an anti corruption group estimates more than a billion dollars of suspicious russian wealth is invested in u.k. property well it's certainly the case that some of the individuals that we've identified in this research are well known to the kremlin so if they were to find themselves subjected to police investigations by unexplained well for days for example then that would send a very clear message to the kremlin the corrupt individuals and their illicit cash
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no longer welcome here british politicians want to send a message to russia that they won't tolerate what they see as a brazen attack on british soil but they also hope to cooperate with russia on issues like containing iran and north korea's nuclear ambitions in other words russia's international significance presents britain with a diplomatic dilemma britain says it's ready to act but if this crisis escalates western unity could come under great strain to be phillips al jazeera. marks mccoskey is a senior fellow at the atlantic council says the u.k. has several options on how to respond to russia's lack of cooperation. you know i think the u.k. government is coming to a critical crossroads they understand that in the past they may not have acted in response as robustly as they should have because they obviously are now a target of a new attack and as a result they're going to want to try to prevent this from happening again so one i think they're looking very seriously at economic sanctions against russia similar
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to the united states magnitsky law that could target corrupt and human rights violators from the russian federation to obviously they're going to look potentially at expelling russian diplomats and intelligence officers from the embassy again that likely won't be enough and three they're likely to take this issue to multilateral institutions like the united nations nato and the e.u. with cooperation with u.k. allies to present a case that russia serves as a threat to u.k. interests and western interests and respond appropriately which which they should do british counterterrorism place are investigating the death of a high profile russian businessman that the law was found dead in london his home on tuesday and granted political asylum in the u.k. and was a close ally of late or as a prominent critic of president vladimir putin police say there is no evidence to suggest a link to the poisoning of secor scruple and his daughter. former south korean
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president lee myung bok has been questioned in court over a string of corruption charges speaking before the hearing he apologized for causing concern to the public the charges include embezzlement and if use of power the is also suspected of taking more than ten billion dollars in bribes from the states by agency he denies any wrongdoing only served as president for five years in two thousand and eight. palestinian prime minister rami huntelaar has escaped unhurt after a bomb explosion hit his convoy in gaza palestinian authority has a kissed him on trying to sass and made him its denied any involvement that has more from. the palestinian prime minister had come to gaza to demonstrate progress by attending the opening of a new water treatment plant. instead just a few hundred meters into gaza territory. visit became a demonstration of the level of insecurity here a powerful bomb buried by the road blasted the end of his convoy vehicles were
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damaged seven people were lightly injured. and his delegation pressed on to the water project where he said the attack would only make him more determined to return. they blew up three of our cars on entering the gaza strip this proves to you one hundred percent that it will not prevent us from continuing our path putting an end to this division. or to come to. that but that division between the palestinian authority dominated by fatah and its political rival hamas in gaza was once again on full display the palestinian president's office accused hamas of responsibility for the attack given its continued control of security in the strip hamas condemned both the explosion and the p.a.'s accusation. these three written accusations can only achieve the goals of the criminals that targeted the convoy of. the bank suspects who want to destroy the
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palestinian clans is the occupation. some analysts suggest salafist groups aiming to cause political chaos were behind the attack on the crater itself shows you just what a sizable device this was the immediate impact obviously substantial the question now is how far the shock waves of what happened here will carry over into the political process between fatah and hamas. reconciliation efforts have been stalled for months since hamas dissolved its administration last year so far there's been no full resumption of p.a. control in gaza with talks pondering on issues such as jobs for tens of thousands of hamas members and control of its military wings weapons we are living. in between that is specifically of hamas or that de facto government and that a new government that's indeed not enough to. have it said it's possible that the palestinian prime minister arrived back in ramallah in the occupied west bank
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his spokesman accusing hamas leaders of declining an invitation to meet for gaza's people desperate for some kind of government to address a worsening humanitarian and now security situation the weight goes on are equals it al-jazeera gaza. still ahead on al-jazeera the latest for us on a tightly contested special election that could impact president. and sharing a heritage or exploiting communities the big brands using mexico's designs but not sharing the profits. however it looks like the groundhog got it right this year we've seen a fair amount to snow into the northeastern corner a third nor'easter coming in in just eleven days you can see that area cloud here
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is that wind coming in from the northeast the direction dragging in the into the very cold. copious amounts of snow fall have been falling across the northeast corner of the u.s. even into kentucky pushing further north what's right up the eastern seaboard through new jersey new york and up towards new england some parts could see as much as maybe thirty forty possibly fifty or sixty. centimeters of snow anywhere from around rhode island to maine by the end of this snow event very strong winds as well winds could gust as high as one hundred kilometers per hour so blizzard conditions not looking too much better by the time we come to thursday but i think that the worst of the weather will be over by that stage still a chance of one of two when three flurries wintry flurries to study a possibility over the rockies over the next game between it doesn't too bad pleasant sunshine there for dallas temperatures at twenty two celsius similar values to form a i mean we come down into the caribbean and start looking too bad little bit of cloud there making its way across cuba so the possibility of some rain here that
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will sink further south which as we go through wednesday into thursday. you know like everywhere connected with this. poor infrastructure in the pentagon some form corporation speech truman. now a politician activists are building a home grown solution could make live huge and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. piques the citizens network this time as you.
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are watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now outgoing u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is urging a smooth transition after he was dismissed by donald trump via twitter the president says policy differences were to blame tillerson will be replaced by cia director mike pompei oh. russia has defied an ultimatum from the u.k. over the poisoning of a former spy a minister to resign may have given moscow told the into tuesday to explain how was sylvia terror a nerve agent was used in the attack against her face cripple and his daughter. and palestinian prime minister rami huntelaar has escaped unharmed after a bomb explosion hit his convoy in gaza palestinian authority has accused rival group hamas of trying to assassinate him moss has condemned the attack and tonight any call. a special election in the u.s. state of pennsylvania is too close to call with all but a few of the votes counted democrats are hoping to win the seat despite the
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district being heavily republican donald trump carried it by nearly twenty points in two thousand and sixteen when the democrats did not even field a candidate there during the last two congressional election. and the seat opened its longtime republican because its longtime republican congressman that is resigned because of a sex scandal john hendren is in washington d.c. so. the race as we said is too close to call but what does that even tell us about the results that this particular race is too close to call. you know it's a nail biter of a race that was never supposed to be won as you point out donald trump had this district by twenty percentage points just two years ago the democrats didn't even field a candidate last time around and now it's too close to call there are over there's more than ninety nine percent of the votes in these are all electronic votes so not a lot of mystery less than three and a half hours after the vote and yet out of about two hundred fifteen thousand votes
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cast we're looking at about eight hundred votes difference that means the absentee ballots may decide this one and one county that was planning on counting its absentee ballots tomorrow that's washington county is now saying that they're going to count them tonight because it's just that close and it was never supposed to be that way connor lamb is a new politician he's an ex marine a democrat young and charismatic but he was running against a state politician a state representative name rick succumbed he was widely expected to win and near the end of the race republicans pumped ten million dollars into that race because he wasn't fund raising very well democrats by contrast only put one point seven million in to add to limbs own three million dollars in fund raising so what happened is at the end of this race everybody realized that suddenly it was going a completely different direction and no matter what happens tonight the democrats are going to declare victory because they say this is going to give them momentum
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toward the midterm elections in november when they're hoping to retake the u.s. house of representatives so let's talk more about that about why there is so much attention being played paid to a special election and and pennsylvania what can the parties take away from this both parties. well the house is has got four hundred thirty five seats the democrats just need to take twenty five more to win and their take on this is that president on a trump is a historically unpopular president his his popularity ratings rate hover around forty percent or a little more and they're hoping they can take advantage of that that a lot of these white working class voters in areas just like the one that is voting tonight poll workers steel workers those people were democrats traditionally went for trump the last time around of the democrats are hoping to take them back and it's important because donald trump just passed these steel tariffs to protect
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regions like this and those don't seem to be working at least not in this case so the democrats are taking this as a sign a canary in the coal mine that they can take this district so therefore they can take others and they hope to win more than twenty five seats than they take the house and then guess what they are in charge of the in the house investigation into the trump administration and that's something they're very interested in doing ok john hendren live for us in washington d.c. john thank you there are reports donald trump is set to hit china with steep trade tariffs it's believed the u.s. president is seeking to impose tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars worth of chinese imports the move to target the technology and telecommunications sectors last week trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports prompting fears of a trade war and trump has examined border wall prototypes for his proposed project to create a barrier on the border with mexico has shown eight towers that will be tested for thirty to sixty days to determine which design is best trump said he liked
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a fully concrete wall because it was the hardest to climb but says it needs see through capabilities as well is ask congress for eighteen billion dollars to build a structure but funding is yet to be approved. at least forty people have been killed in ethnic fighting between the hima and linda communities in the democratic republic of congo had happened in the northeastern a tour province and comes just over a week after fighting between the same groups left at least seventy nine people dead only ends of people have been uprooted by years of on rest and political instability the u.s. military is visiting the country and appealing for international donors to help her and han has more. this camp in tangney could province is home to thousands some of the four and a half million people displaced by entering violence and fighting with rebel groups . immigration always it came here three years ago she's desperate with
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few prospects and even fewer options but one thing is clear she can't go home. they were killing us with arrows we had no choice but to come here even though people here have not always been kind to us but we stay in these terrible conditions we can't do anything as long as the fighting continues in our village. the united nations describes the situation in the democratic republic of congo as a forgotten crisis so serious and on such a scale that the un humanitarian chief is there to try to get the world to take notice the u.n. warns millions will starve if they don't get help mark hello coke is calling on nations to act to the donors meeting in geneva next month the situation is very bad and the single biggest problem we have is where short of funds to meet the needs of these people both the immediate lifesaving needs food and shelter water health care and so on but all. the things we need to do to give them
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a chance to rebuild their lives together children back to school many of those caught up in the violence complained the government does little to keep them safe but president joseph kabila is grappling with his own crisis he refused to step down when his two terms in office came to an end in two thousand and sixteen under an agreement brokered by the catholic church kabila was allowed to stay on provided new elections were held in two thousand and seventeen. that deal wasn't honest and simmering frustration spilled onto the streets last month opposition supporters were killed congolese authorities now say elections will be held in december but could be his opponents say it's just more delay tactics. many are looking to the catholic church for leadership in a country where its members make up about half of the population the church holds some sway leaders have called on the faithful together on friday to remember those
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killed and to keep pressure on kabila to give up power but a resolution seems a long way off as long as the political tumult continues there is little prospect of security and stability improving media not harmed al-jazeera. certainly our presidential election is heading to a runoff in two weeks opposition leader julius moderate b.-o. their only one the first round with fell short of an outright majority he's up against the ruling all people's congress party candidates america mara the vote will decide who replaces president ernest bai koroma who's served the maximum ten years and office google is launching a network of free wi-fi spots across mexico it's the first of its kind in latin america the tech giant is aiming to improve connectivity and emerging markets the number of people accessing the internet in mexico has risen by twenty million over the past five years but that still lags behind many other countries and mexico is
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famous for its highly patterned ornate indigenous clothing and the fashion world has been taking notice major brands and designers have been selling clothing and speired by traditional designs but the communities where those designs originate from that they say that they don't really see the benefits of home and as more from mexico city. it's taken is a q.b. same thing a lifetime to get to here when the pain seems to go so what he sees in his community have to mangle mexico flies of the page made flesh by his wife. this intricate dream world has been built up in the imagination of generations of tonight cross people. together the communities become famous for these type histories. now they're worried that their shared heritage is being exploited by big brands who use their designs but don't share the profits but i must not a bookkeeper but we can make anything we're asked to that we should be paying a fair amount that way we can get ahead generate employment here and be people
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write. a recent study by n.-g. o. impact so concludes a clothing brands who play droid indigenous designs. the spanish clothing firm mango used to design in this wetter after complaints they withdrew it from wrote a letter pledging to help the community several indigenous communities in mexico have their own distinctive designs which are sold locally in shops or markets these are often poor people so when they see their patterns being used to mass produced or luxury clothing without compensation or recognition it really rankles. the problem is judging when the thin line between inspiration and plagiarism is crossed defining that by copyright is tough because the designs are often the cultural heritage of entire communities rather than just one person congresswoman paolo félix says companies shouldn't see it is a legal question but one of moral duty guess what about us the government and us
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they need to get ethically responsible because at the end of the day it's just stealing that is states of mexican people we have to have their word is to say you can't explode it is thanks in other countries and say they are yours. but when you get well it's a complicated picture but the very fact it's been watch more closely than ever may mean a fairer deal from its cruise cross people john home and. mexico city. can get by much more if you get our website al-jazeera dot com. i'm richelle carey let's break out the headlines on al-jazeera outgoing u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is urging a smooth transition after he was dismissed by donald trump a via twitter the president says policy differences were to blame tillerson will be replaced by cia director mike pompei oh. i work with mike now for
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quite some time. prevent this energy from and this is the last you're always on the same wavelength. the relationship has been very good that's what i think rick perry is stay with mike my company a we have a very similar thought process i think it's going to go very well. a special election in the u.s. state of pennsylvania is too close to call with all but just a few of the votes counted democrats are hoping to win the seat despite the district being heavily republican the seat opened up after its longtime republican congressman resigned because of a sex scandal live pictures there of the republican candidate rick soko own election headquarters russia has defied an ultimatum from the u.k. over the poisoning of a former spy prime minister theresa may have given moscow till the end of tuesday to explain how a soviet era nerve agent was used in the attack against cripple and his daughter
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but the kremlin has refused to cooperate with the investigation at least forty people have been killed in ethnic fighting between the hema and linda communities in the democratic republic of congo happened in the northeastern province and comes just over a week after fighting between the same groups left at least seventy nine people dead millions of people have been uprooted by years of unrest and political instability. palestinian prime minister rami handle has escaped unharmed after a bomb explosion hit his convoy in gaza palestinian authority has accused rival group hamas of trying to assassinate him the mosque has condemned the attack and denied any involvement at the u.n. says nearly one hundred fifty civilians have managed to leave rebel held eastern good and syria the government's ally russia and rebels agree to evacuate injured people from the area which has been under heavy bombardment for the past three weeks. former south korean president lee myung bok has been questioned in court over a string of corruption charges he's accused of taking more than ten billion dollars
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in bribes from the states by insee he denies all wrongdoing so the headline news continues here on al-jazeera after rebel geeks keep it or. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera. digital technology offers that a mess and intimacy an easement and even longer life in the ability to keep billions of calculations in our pockets it seems interest covered a need i mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and turned into money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only use these new powers.


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