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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 72  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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we are always on the same wavelength. the relationship is very good that's what i. stay with mike mike from we have a very similar process i think it's going to go over well human rights watch is urging saudi arabia to immediately investigate reports of couldn't and abuse during its anticorruption campaign on monday the new york times reported seventeen detainees including members of the royal family were hospitalized after being interrogated in the ritz carlton hotel witnesses say the body of a general in the national guard who died after being detained showed signs of torture the man behind the and to corruption if it crown prince mohammed bin salmond is due to visit the us in six days the presidential election in syria and is going to a runoff in two weeks time opposition leader judas bio won the first round but fall short of a majority he's up against. the ruling old people's congress party candidates one
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of them will replace the president in a spy koroma who served his maximum two years inside story is up next. great candidates put on the bond like the wind but he may preach ins tight grip on the kremlin this mandate seen years now and when russian people voice on march the eighth there is every indication that they will return him to his full presidential . followed the russian elections here on al-jazeera. the u.s. warns the u.n. act now on syria all will go it alone so when asked rice backed by a bus to have made. on the washington says enough is enough but what will the trump administration do this is a inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program. the united states wants an immediate cease fire after more than three weeks of heavy bombing on syria's rebel held on clay. and the it warns the backing of the united nations security council if it doesn't get that the u.s. says it's prepared to take its action that could draw it further into a war that also involves russia and iran so who can enforce a new cease fire and good washington go it alone with speak to our panel in a moment but first here's question some of them is reports from the u.n. . cities bleeding inside and dogs two weeks after agreeing to a cease fire the security council learned their words were having little effect for civilians on the ground in syria in eastern loan according to the u.n. more than one thousand have died in recent weeks amid continued shelling the united
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states said it was prepared to offer a second resolution calling for an immediate end to all military action in eastern guta and damascus city yasser nikki haley backed her words with a threat we support the united nations political process that seeks to end the war in syria. but we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and end human suffering most especially the outlaw syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act if we must in the last year as haley reminded everyone the u.s. bombed an airfield in syria believed to be associated with a chemical attack syria's ally the russians question the u.n. source of information saying syria continues to act within its rights going to do is teach the counterterrorism operation which has continued by the syrian military is not in contradiction with resolution twenty four i want the government of syria
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has every right to try and remove the threat to the safety of its citizens the cease fire resolution proposed by the united states would take effect immediately with no exceptions for groups on the un's terrorist list it would require russian support to pass highlighting yet again the limits the border divided security council can do for the people of syria christian salumi al-jazeera the united nations. russia has one of the us a very serious consequences if there's a new u.s. strike on syria foreign minister sergei lavrov said it's one thing to is possibly exploit the microphone in the u.n. security council and it's another think when both the russian and american history is of communication channels it's clearly stated via these channels what can be done and what must not be done. let's take a look at what's been happening inside of the damascus suburb is suddenly called
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the has been under siege since two thousand and thirteen and is the last rebel stronghold near the capital almost eleven hundred civilians have been killed in washington baths syrian government attacks in the last three weeks including hundreds of women and children at least four hundred thousand residents trapped inside the with more than one thousand people in need of medical evacuation let's go now to our guests joining us in moscow vs just love letters of a former russian diplomat. in the middle east and the us in london. director of the council for british understanding and in most part via skype has any idea professor of international relations and security issues couples university welcome to you all let me start by asking much as of this why do you think all the parties are not able to agree on a ceasefire that can be implemented by all the parties oh i are saying that
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russian president is absolutely clear and. hard are if you listen to mr putin. the last. couple of geisha and door. applying door to door to door russian audience and to the world here gunson pregnant is attention on military aspect of russian foreign policy. i think that previously the united states had every good information from inside the russian erling circles inside russian government military and. intelligence go to so calls that are russia will not go ahead when america will make initiative for. getting a blow to or those syrian army had to and some russian specialist don't they i
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think it is obvious is that russia changed its mind and i am sure that americans are very closely if watching. this situation inside russia inside the russian government and side grimly and and i seeing that. now it was very serious. to act from russian side it will be if the united states go ahead with the previous occasions mr dillon do you think i see your point a limit go to saddam's a deal do you think the americans will go ahead with the threats and carry lots and carry on a military intervention inside syria. that's very hard to tell i think it depends on the big question is what is actually the american intent here because if it is about trying to help the four hundred thousand syrians in ruto who have suffered so
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much and let's not really forget that mean areas of routes have been under siege since november two thousand and thirteen this area was hit by chemical weapons attack in that year as well if it is all about that then any intervention really is almost certainly too late and in many ways it is an argument to say that the people of east ruta are being used as a pawn in tensions between russia and the united states so exactly what will the americans try to do is it about punishing the regime for what has happened the use of chemical weapons the reported use of chlorine amongst other things in this area or is it to try to weaken the regime's hold its military capabilities this is very unclear and the risks are huge of course that actually could escalate into clashes direct clashes between american and russian forces both of which by the way are of course present in syria will ultimately the people in the eastern ruta has to be
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the focus of whatever happens now because it is they who are suffering it is they who are living in basins of they who don't have any food and medication they who have actually been denied vital surgical equipment and indeed of course the evacuation of people who are desperately in need of vital surgery and that must be the crux of any policy going forward from the united states or did any other country but then if this is to be the top priority for the international community and the americans in particular let me go to mr. must got this isn't the first time that civilians have been subject to see to force them into submission or starvation this is the first time that whole communities have been driven out of their own areas in syria this is the. first time that we've seen children when then being bombed by the. syrian government strikes still the international committee is doing nothing. then the international community have found it then
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what is it then be talked about the international community in this context. you are talking about that security. security council where there are five big countries. out the star that is the. number of that spare made in order to establish some kind of corridor to feed people in the hundreds to help them through a bag great. injury or both. because. for russia and therefore the syrian government as well as for the end. there is only want to be a head that's been destruction of the enemies of this regime so in that context as you in your introduction to the could see today thousands of civilians as necessary to match that international community spirit or. un in the sense
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is the absolute the case of it doesn't whatever it needed to be done because the great powers they are confronting each other. and people are. a surprise so i guess. americans and russians come to. that the priority should be some to not put down stairs for the future of their. region. the continuation of the situation to be sought by it ended up as none of them very respected because these pirates are. crying there are p.r. by the russian. government in order to say that they are doing something media space after i think it's just. didn't continue their bombardment so international community were put there. and they can't do anything to some of dissolve i mean of listen to you saying basically of the russians won't tolerate any military action
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in syria however the busses themselves seems to seem to be sending mixed signals they are the ones who indicated that is the what is going to be part of the deescalation zone in the agreement but at the same time the breaking of the promises they made my opinion is. judgment about russian intervention is very important because in your russian intention. or are not american. it depends on american intervention if american now demonstrate in the skull ation and the great mark for that. intention of the united states government is. bellatrix still there are some that we are ahead about. less than one are igor soldo to his means that some. yes
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a lot of. it is where it was done a drama that ministration it's up salute to clear though that right now i think it's remarks differ and as such on changes in american educated dogs american paul and foreign policy in syria and the name in the middle is ice in caracas will react. different in different way at what's reacted in during the shah of iran. they are azhar why because and you know using arguments. for chemical weapons using and so on it doesn't work today and your time. position will go will be on the. depression syrian army we hear about violation of international law abiding chemical attacks and so on now it
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doesn't work i think that different situation we are facing today and i think all sides should calm and this situation from. a current events not that that was previously the way you talk about it in good current events with all my respect with so much as of the way you talk you give me the impression that the thousands of civilians have been killed those who have been bombed those who seek and refuse the absolutely nowhere to go i'm not taking into consideration in your calculations the sleeze war not above the people of syria while i think that accuse ation based on the wrong information of what is going on on the on the on the ground it's different view if the united. states want to see some arguments the beginning while asian and ference
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it find it very easy ok to invent we watch and saw a quite a lot of times and. fabrication of many other arguments that. i'm not to work in today so i think that it is not time for any of publications ok you know what russia making. fleet is making money in this short seashore of syria right now we are using rockets and declination of a chief of russian style get out your mouth is ready serious icing it's better not to move a had. that we hear it from here from haley and it is a may or may in great britain mr doyle doesn't this remind you of the whole that episode around the fall of all the international community is over what's
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happening nothing happened after that. there are massive similarities you know with that situation and certainly it went down to the very very bitter end in eastern iowa and i think that those of us who really care about the people in east router have been hoping hoping somewhat in vain that a solution would be found where people actually wouldn't have to be reduced to the sort of circumstances that we are seeing today but i think we need to be clear here that hospitals and medical facilities have been hit and router now the russians know perfectly well that the syrian regime has been doing this this doesn't even therefore need to be a debate about the use of chemical weapons the syrians a syrian regime has violated the security council that russia itself signed up for and voted for it didn't veto it and we have seen a complete and recklessness about abandoning international violating security
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council resolutions and i think that there is an issue here does the security council matter in international relations anymore because this is also very very much at stake now what happens now i hope it doesn't escalate but i do hope that russia russian leaders will listen to the pressure and try to really get the syrian regime to allow a proper sation of his cities the proper access that is required because anything other than that is simply an outrage this cannot be allowed to continue but nobody wants to see that sort of escalation going forward don't forget also that we are seeing escalation elsewhere in syria it's not just about root are we seeing it also in africa and we are also seeing it off in the north of syria as well and it lip and there needs to be action there so one has to keep one's i'll router but also in other areas to do so yeah i mean when you talk to what diplomats about what is
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happening in syria they would tell you that ultimately it's better to maintain. the international order the international multilateral institutions although they don't seem to be efficient because that's the only way we can prevent. massacres against civilians you look at the situation on the ground what is what is happening it's it's it is a massacre of civilians in different parts of the country so what is the problem here is it the part of the international institutions or is it there's something something completely wrong about the syrian conflict. then institutions do not exist if the. members say they do not respect them they don't want them to function this is precisely what is in that you have to speak out back to the aftermath of the. best boardwalk then. this is your nation going to create that.
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bad the two forfeited the responsibility because besides the reason the members don't want to find turned red and then un was created. this time after the second ego or really are going to get some kind or some seven are there is a collaboration between the state and again this diffusion is fading not because of the idea of your un the charter of the un it but because the interest of the day to day over the interest of this international community so you are knocking the presidents are any situation that is coming. on the. independent from the interest of individual nation the un is taken hostage did that cause this situation during the cold war and then end of the quarter or we are the same thing so on this the great powers come to some. understanding that they have
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it because the sponsibility. nationalists stressed the need to continue to see the massacres of the banks that are going to see more devastation and more destruction and the consequent the mormons are for the ordinary people who do not count in this kind of calculation by the great power so. they know that they are nothing if. not wanted. mr matters of i mean the russians thought of the us turner talks in a way basically to rebrand themselves as an honest broker but by by continuing to play this world which is basically tilting the ground in favor of bashar as at paving the way for the massacre of civilians aren't you concerned that the money might lose the trust of the international community. in russia as they consider that all occurs ations against the syrian regime's bashar assad is far
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from from the truth because it is going on a fight against terrorism and all forces that are fighting terrorism in syria. came to all of this counting on the invitation of the. dimmit authority and in russia there are big questions what kind of leggo will stop those of the united states in the syrian territory and why they have a calming and supporting groups that was a true question arose in russia officially right now i think it is and now it's as one of the subject why the u.s. doesn't want to lose in the. in that in that ah because it's a only in the ted it out is without. who is out of control of generosity
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of groups. and you know sara that is broke lamed as a general you said by the united nations security council resolution saying that. legitimity. were wrong of. actions of russian army and syrian army in that as in the good is them going to it is not a correspond door that a real international law ok i think it's is main gunther addiction's between the russia and the united states while watching what is going on on syria that it and this adult will now a united studs doesn't acknowledge the leg. of sudan the government and it is one of the reasons why we watched how. mr durrant i mean against the backdrop of the
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inefficiency of the international political order or the ongoing massacre of civilians in syria it seems like this is going to be any a patent to pave the way for the syrian government to take over eastern or and then the rebels will be left with the last remaining so-called which is live in a way or another this could be the beginning of the end don't you think. i think the syrian regime is certainly going to prevail in return and i would disagree with your previous speaker i don't think the united states really cares that much about the fate of routes or tool because if it did we would have seen considerably much greater diplomatic and other actions before and i think that actually the trump administration largely has accepted that ultimately the syrian regime it is likely to prevail against other syrians but it has other issues within syria primarily it was the issue of yes. but also the iranian presence in syria as well
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so i think one should be careful of assuming that this newfound concern for router is really genuine in any way it just doesn't fit with what we are seeing and indeed there's an element here that the united states may be just merely and barest by the illegitimate actions of the russian i see a point it's gone too far and is trying to. make sure that not using chemical weapons and certainly not bombing hospitals it is the way forward if the united states really cared it would have done something different i see your point mr mr yet if this is going to be my last question do you think that diplomacy still can step in and put an end to the situation in syria i don't believe it was attractive or if. it is your hands. free to use it many ation it's not working it's absolutely clear i mean you know if you're sure that once russians and
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ukrainians this you know government wants to go through to clean. don't do it from all the elements who questioned the legitimacy of an image guard. not from moscow you're talking about the legitimacy government. must guess i don't know where they're. comps so what we have a very. heavy heavy bombardment on. i'm going to come through. and situation but again you are going to question what. forces were not out of time thank you very much indeed mr hudson. thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program and thank you too for watching you can see the program again anytime by visiting
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a website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter that is a j inside story from the whole team here by phone to. subzero temperatures extreme altitudes. this is where the hard part is the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved the ordinary joy to what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all. this time on al-jazeera. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the
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world very very well that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers afterglow if i'm tired old. guard challenging the forces were challenging companies or going to places where nobody else is going. to benefit those people. so mad to see being bored and all these. documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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jews in iran. where every. deadline passes and russia doesn't respond to a british ultimatum over the poisoning of a former spy. and to end up in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.


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