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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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al-jazeera. where every. we're going to be tough on russia until they decide to change their behavior. the u.s. imposes new sanctions on russia for alleged meddling in the twenty six thousand election moscow says it will retaliate.
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and i'm jane double this is live from doha was a coming up an exodus from syria's eastern girl says thousands escape the fighting in the besieged area seven years after the war began plus. the outpouring of grief over the death of a popular politician brazil's president calls it an assassination. and for months often argentine submarine disappeared relatives of the missing crew launched their own mission to find. the u.s. has announced new sanctions against russia targeting more than a dozen people for trying to influence the twenty sixteen presidential election the trumpet ministration is threatening to keep tough policies in place until moscow changes its behavior russia says it will retaliate a white house correspondent can be held could reports. last july the g twenty
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summit when u.s. president donald trump met with vladimir putin he said it was an honor to meet the russian president days or ninety eight and in august when the u.s. congress passed legislation to sanction russia iran and north korea trunk grudgingly signed it into law but failed to sanction moscow for alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election until now on thursday the us treasury sanctioned twenty four russian entities and individuals including two russian intelligence agents for interfering in the twenty sixteen presidential vote the announcement coming just as the white house issued a joint statement with the united kingdom germany and france blaming russia for the nerve agent attack in the u.k. leaving a former russian spy and his daughter comatose to a very sad situation it certainly looks like the russians were behind it something that should never ever happen and would take an adverse seriously the u.s.
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says thursday sanctions are part of a broad effort target what it calls russia's malicious cyber activity and critical infrastructure clued in america's energy grid nuclear facilities water supply and aviation industry it also targets an alleged russian troll factory the u.s. justice department recently singled out for the reported interference in the twenty six thousand vote for months members of congress have been pressing the trump administration to act questioning why it has delayed responding to what it calls russian aggression and we're still waiting for the president president trump to order one word public criticism for what putin is doing to the u.s. and democracies around the world i say to president trump. your silence speaks on this issue. the white house disputes that accusation i think you can see from the
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actions that we've taken up until this point we're going to be tough on russia until they decide to change their behavior this move by the trumpet ministration will immediately freeze russian assets in the u.s. and block the sanction to individuals from traveling to the united states only adding to the tension between the two countries kimberly health at al-jazeera washington. as we mentioned earlier the u.s. has joined britain france and germany in blaming russia for the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in the u.k. the country's released a joint statement saying there's no plausible alternative explanation for the attack on wednesday in britain expelled twenty three russian diplomats and suspended high level contacts with moscow a u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips reports. the prime minister visits seoul spring a small english cathedral city not accustomed to this level of international attention we do hold russia culpable for this brazen brazen acts and
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despicable acts that's taking place on the streets of what is such a remarkable city and while she met the people of seoul spree her ministers continued to press home their argument that russian guilt is disputable something by the way in the kind of smug sarcastic response that we've heard from the russians that to me bit-o. indicates their fundamental guilt they want to simmer tenuously to deny it and yet at the same time to glory in it and the reason they've chosen this this nerve agent is to show that it's russia and from the defense secretary words that may cause even more offensive moscow frankly russia should go away should shut up a joint statement with the americans french or german as described events and salt
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spray as an assault on british sovereignty and from nato this this is the first of sensitive use of a nerve agent on alliance territory since nato's foundation all of us agree that attack will sic clear breach of international norms and agreements this is unacceptable. it has no place in the civilized world as for the russian reaction contemptuous of british accusations. the british prime minister has made several statements over the last few days in parliament they were completely insane accusations against the russian federation against our country against our nation so now it's london bracing itself for the retaliation that moscow has promised and with everyone in the british government assuming that vladimir putin is about to be reelected the seams no prospect of anglo russian relations improving for years to come but to be philip's
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al-jazeera westminster. in what is believed to be the largest exodus in one day in syria's seven year war tens of thousands of people have fled east and go to most of the town of how maría which rebels say they've retaken in heavy fighting but after nearly four weeks of relentless bombardment syrian government forces are inching closer to capturing the rest of the enclave almost one thousand two hundred fifty civilians have been killed many of them children and fishes more from gaza and top yeah the turkey syria border. we had a choice stay and face more bombardment or leave to an uncertain future they choose to leave it started with hundreds it grew to thousands grabbing what they could carry what they could stuff into vehicles and a minder of a home they may never see again my mind as it is there is no water no medicine that could be provided to our children that even food situation is miserable but how did
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they know that we're so happy because we're safe right now in the hands of the army we were living in a jail not in the gates are we not. a mass exodus of azhar procession on the seventh anniversary of the start of the syrian civil war was leaving came from how maria a city that's been under attack for three solid weeks and the area once controlled by anti assad forces the completely surrounded by their enemies something like this had been expected since the syrian government forces backed by the russians effectively cut guta in three they've used their military pressure to force people to leave i mean i'll be looking at a similar solution in other parts of the area the regime offensive against used to alter and played which has been the seat for the last seven years i'm just finally you know falling victim to government start isn't about negotiation that is really where the regime is using exploiting the opportunity it has that the other fronts
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are more of us. but even as a civilian streamed out of the besieged enclave is strikes and. bartlett's reported elsewhere in good times. and in the north of the area in a police controlled by josh of islam a convoy of trucks into the tone of the twenty five more days caring enough we need for twenty six thousand people for one month once more there were no medical supplies allowed in while i'm there i'm a normal you are doing in this weather we're sleeping in the corridor of this house it's too difficult to walk inside because of the huge number of displaced people who are here. people leaving will be identified and processed and offered some aid this will be seen as a major victory for the syrian government for the people who managed to walk out it will be seen as survival and fisher on the turkey syria border thousands of civilians also fleeing their homes in syria's northern our freeness turkey's military closes in favor of incredibly onto trucks and tractor drawn carts to get
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away those staying in the city are buying food to prepare for a long siege turkey is trying to retake the area from the kurdish why p.g. which it considers a terrorist group a pedestrian bridge has collapsed onto a busy highway in the u.s. state of florida killing at least four people vehicles are trapped under the wreckage at a university in miami barbara and got the reports. mayhem on one of the busiest freeways in miami minutes after the bridge collapsed imagine ceasar says and lifted some survivors to hospital but many more with thought to be trapped on that nine hundred fifty tons of concrete and metal i saw a young gentleman in a honda and he still had life in him and i was not negative he was squished and so he put his hand out and i fell to the side and i knew he he died at that time at least eight vehicles were crushed beneath the rubble i can assure you that our
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teams are still in rescue and search mode they're still working the debris pile we have search dogs in place we have technical listening devices and fiber optics were great with drilling holes into the pile to try to locate any viable as. the pedestrian bridge then we've been erected at florida international university on saturday it was due to be formally open next year now there are difficult days ahead our hearts are here extended out to those that the victims that were actually able to be transported away as well as those that may not be walking away from the scene. the bridge was installed using what's known as an accelerated construction method preassembled and installed piece by piece the design was supposed to reduce risk to our cars and pedestrians and limit traffic disruption instead questions of being asked about if there's a criminal case to be on set the main focus here by the fire department obviously
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is to rescue people and that is what we're assisting with by by controlling traffic assist enough that he would traffic for now and then we're on standby because as soon as souls efforts are over our homicide bureau will take the lead in investigating this tragedy that has occurred for now the rescue crews as such and for any signs of life preparing for the west barbara and. to sarah. iran's foreign ministry spokesman has described the saudi crown prince as delusional naive person who has no idea of politics he was reacting to mohamed bin some months first u.s. television interview during the discussion on c.b.s. the crown prince said his country will develop nuclear weapons if you run does you've been rivals for centuries at its heart what is this rift about is it a battle for islam the only said iran is not a rival to saudi arabia its army is not among the top five armies in the muslim
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world the saudi economy is larger than the iranian economy and that iran is far from being equal to saudi arabia but i've seen that you call the ayatollah khomeini the new hitler of the middle east absolutely why. he did it because he wants to expand he wants to create his own project in the middle east very much like hitler who wanted to expand it at a time many countries around the world and in europe did not realize how dangerous hitler was until what happened happened i don't want to see the same events happening in the middle east does saudi arabia need nuclear weapons to counter iran assured you that even today a saudi arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb but without a doubt if iran developed a nuclear bomb we will follow suit as soon as possible robert mugabe has spoken out for the first time since being ousted. president mcgarvey gave an interview to foreign media from his home in harare he called his removal from office in november
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a coup saying he never thought. i would turn against him in ninety four year old described his ousting as a quote military takeover and assumed the presidency. if . he had. been brought into government. work so who's. to say. they. had a knowledge of their. vietnam where people are marking fifty years since an american crime that went unpunished. and the opposition candidate
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russia's paris hilton says she's setting up a new party days ahead of the presidential election. welcome back we'll take a look at weather conditions across the americas in north america we've got this frontal system know developing heading in across central areas now we've lost the nor'easter which gave all the snow across new england but this system will develop and as a move the forecast through the weekend could cause some disruption very heavy snowfall in its northern edge further south we've got some heavy rain most of the contrast in temperature in washington five and atlanta twenty four degrees meanwhile at across more western areas we have another area of low pressure giving a yet more snow over the rockies through the course of subtly standing south
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towards the cascades to los angeles should be largely drive with highs of sixteen so let's head down into the caribbean here we've got a frontal system moving across central areas so there's a line of cloud associated with it and perhaps a few showers it does tend to weaken as we head into the weekend so i think the sunshine will return across most of the islands thirty and bright in kingston jamaica through the u.s. missed weather conditions gerry looking fine we've got to one or two showers coming off the caribbean side but generally should be fine mexico city highs of twenty six heading into south america thirty showers across the amazon basin further south some rain for parts of paraguayan into the far south of brazil rio will see some rain but it should be fine further south in buenos aires. to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terms the people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private companies. wash their hands and say well we didn't know
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where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers. america's gun secret pipeline to syria this time on al jazeera. again you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour the u.s. imposes new sanctions on russia targeting more than a dozen people who are trying to influence the twenty sixteen presidential election champ administrations threatening to keep tough policies in place until moscow changes its behavior russia has vowed to return. to the thousands of people have
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fled eastern goods in what's believed to be the largest exodus and one day in syria's seven year war most of the town of comedy which has been at the center of heavy fighting between rebels and government forces. british and bridges collapsed onto a busy highway in the u.s. state of florida killing at least four people nine others are in hospital least vehicles are under the wreckage at florida international university in miami. relatives a crew members on the missing argentine submarine are demanding answers they're not convinced by government assurances that all is being done to find a vessel in the southern arctic that is a ball reports from one of. a small group of protesters in front of argentina's presidential palace most of them relatives of the forty four crew members of the at a found one submarine if you know more and so on and we feel abandoned not only by
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the government but also by society in general we've been along this whole time as if nobody kiddies it's been four months since a submarine went missing in the southern atlantic it was sailing from the southern argentine city of. the commander of the vessel told his home base water had entered the resulting in a battery function. and the water listening devices scattered around the world's oceans identified the hydro acoustic anomaly in the area the navy believes it was an explosion. that was part of the crew he has been pushing for the government to continue with a search and the investigation into exactly what happened there with almost. it's been one hundred twenty days when supposedly an explosion was detected and we have more doubts on ever because over two hours after the supporters of explosion there is an attempt to contact base nobody has been able to give us any answers we want
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to know the truth because there is an attempt to hide what happened the government says it has done everything possible to find the missing submarine but people here are desperate and they're coming bands but not enough has been done some of them are even asking for small donations so that they can hire a private company that will help them find their loved ones. there's been an international search for the missing sub russia and the united states provided ships and technology but weather conditions were difficult at the time no trace of the bethel has been found the search is continuing though with a reduced number of ships. but as if it leaves there might be another reason why finding the submarine has become even more difficult. most probably the submarine got stuck in underwater canyons with enormous currents and very probably the submarine could be covered with sediments which makes it more difficult to find us
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now we need to continue combing the area change the top of technology it could take years to find. and that's what these people want they've lost hope their relatives will be found alive but they need to know what happened no matter how long it takes . thousands of brazilians have been mourning the death of a city councilor after what the president is calling an assassination marielle franco and a driver anderson gomez was shot dead in their car on wednesday in rio de janeiro the thirty eight year old was a popular public official and a critic of killings by police and some of rhea's poorer districts the military took charge of policing in the city last month. the murder of council member mariano driver anderson is unacceptable like other associations that happened in rio de janeiro it's an attack against the rule of law and against democracy the u.n.
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is warning more than two hundred seventy thousand people in pop warner guinea need immediate humanitarian assistance the country is struggling to recover from a strong earthquake which hit more than two weeks ago tents medicine food and water urgently needed more than one hundred people died in the quake and they've since been several powerful aftershocks. vietnam is marking the fiftieth anniversary of the my lai massacre american soldiers killed five hundred four unarmed civilians mostly women and children during the vietnam war they'd been sent to the mission to confront the national liberation front or viet cong thought to be hiding in my life village any one american soldier was prosecuted for the incident when a reports. it's normal to see grave sites scattered around the villages and rice fields of vietnam but in this area there's a common date etched on them the sixteenth of march one thousand nine hundred sixty
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eight that's when most people who lived in the village of me lie killed some of them raped and tortured first in a four hour assault by u.s. soldiers during the vietnam war. pantani kong was eleven at the time and among the few who survived when the soldiers opened fire on his family he was shielded by the bodies of his mother and four siblings. the soldiers killed people in the rice fields and on the roads first then they came to every house and killed everyone they killed every person and every animal they saw then they burnt the houses believing there were enemy soldiers and me lie the americans were told to kill everyone five hundred four unarmed men women and children were murdered the main site is now a parking museum where people come to learn about a massacre that was covered up by the u.s. for more than a year. people come here to remember them africa but it's not about holding on to
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bad feelings it's a reminder to the world that the war was bad and together we must maintain peace the just one u.s. soldier was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison but later had his sentence commuted. the message and other similar incidents helped galvanize the antiwar movement in the united states and turned more vietnamese against the american soldiers today of course the vietnamese haven't forgotten the war but for most there is a sense of moving on. relations between the two countries have steadily improved to the point where they see strategic and economic benefits of being on the same side . last week saw the largest u.s. military presence in vietnam since the war as the navy visited the city of dumbing and took part in several community events. but moving on is not so easy for those who survived one of the most horrific acts of the war. giving the local people who will always retain some hatred for the american so jews who had no
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humanity that day committing a massacre the letters homeless i do feel lonely life today the fields around me lie a peaceful just as they were before the u.s. helicopters landed fifty years ago but for survivors of the darkest of days the serenity will never be able to raise the memories wayne hey al-jazeera me lie vietnam hungary's right wing prime minister says western europe is under a migrant invasion that will soon turn native europeans into a minority viktor orban was addressing tens of thousands of supporters three weeks ahead of parliamentary elections he's openly hostile to refugees and asylum seekers and has made anti immigration policies the focus of his campaign for ten. victory is almost inevitable for vladimir putin in russia's presidential election on sunday but there are seven other challenges on the ballots one is reality t.v.
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star sub czech an opposition candidate widely considered a criminal puppet she's held a rally in moscow and announce she'll create a new liberal party agenda whole reports from moscow. previously at home on russia's reality t.v. screens the one time party girl can send your sob jack turned political party girl challenging vladimir putin for the presidency now must start with biggest threats we need them to stop stealing our freedom and youth to stop stealing our common future nasser's. bullish their audience these days less impressed by bling jewelry and branded clothing more interested in what she can do for russian democracy i don't know whether there's something you're. going to separate out or maybe it was. definitely. what for the future and about russian opposition but that was the word when of
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course not of the seven kremlin approved candidates in this election have any chance of toppling me uprooted so what is this. politics all about it seems a long time since t.v. shows like blondin chocolate featured soap trackers a spoiled rich kid with dubious morals and of the racist spending habit to turn towards opposition politics in the street protests of two thousand and twelve was as sudden as it was unlikely yet she swapped sports cars for police vans seemingly with these telling al-jazeera that her mission was to save the underdog it's like you know when you see a fight with aaron like big guy bowling. you go in and tried to. to help with. a normal person her name is political solid gold because ten years father anatoly sobchak was putin's mentor before he died in
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two thousand had offered subject protection from corruption charges already some believe the ganga's subject might one day succeed putin able to pay back an old family death by keeping him safe from future prosecution it's an idea to send his mom herself a senator in russia's upper house rejects. we know the circle of putin's friends who are everything they have to him me and my family and i are not a part of his circle do you believe she has what it takes to be president of russia not now but in the future i'm sure. if so she'll need to prepare for more of this reduced to tears by a barrage of gender based insults in a televised election debate it remains to be seen whether to send yourself. to swap dirty dancing for the sometimes dirty world of russian politics showed
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a whole al-jazeera moscow the world health organization has launched an investigation after particles of plastic were found in some of the best selling brands of bottled water researchers tested two hundred fifty bottles imported from nine countries and found an average of ten plastic particles per liter each particle is about the width of a human hair and the w.h.o. is looking into whether that affects our health tested samples included evian and. seamus in as the science behind the report she says people should look at how much plastic they use in daily life and try to cut down. i wasn't surprised that we found plastic because quite frankly you know i my right work started and and the great lakes and i've looked at water i've looked at sediment i've looked at rivers i've looked at fish i've looked at sea salt they looked at beer everywhere we look we find plastic even in remote areas like a lake up and mongolia so i wasn't surprised to find plastic but i was surprised at
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the quantities that we found and the different types of plastics that we found but i really think that this really comes down to us reevaluating our relationship with this material right most of us have access to clean safe water that we can use and reusable containers instead of going out and buy bottled water similarly you know you don't need a plastic bag when you go to the grocery store you don't need straws to drink your beverages and so i really think we need to reexamine our relationship with this material because the reality is every piece of plastic we find in the environment ultimately comes from us which means that we're the problem but that also means that we're the solution. the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. imposes new sanctions on russia targeting more than a dozen people for trying to influence the twenty sixteen presidential elections
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the trumpet ministrations threatening to keep tough policies in place until moscow changes its behavior russia has to retaliate tens of thousands of people have fled eastern goods in what's believed to be the largest exodus and one day in syria's seventy a wall mostly of the time of which has been at the center of heavy fighting between rebels and government forces. a pedestrian bridge has collapsed onto a busy highway in the u.s. state of florida killing at least four people none of us in hospital at least eight vehicles are beneath the wreckage at florida international university in miami. thousands of brazilians have been mourning the death of a city councilor after what the president's calling an assassination marielle franco under driver was shot dead in their car on wednesday in rio de janeiro the thirty eight year old was a popular public official and
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a critic of killings by police in some of rio's poorer districts. the murder of council member mary ellen dr anderson is unacceptable like other associations that happened in rio de janeiro it's an attack against the rule of law and against democracy the u.n. is warning more than two hundred seventy thousand people in new guinea need immediate humanitarian assistance the country is struggling to recover from a strong earthquake which hit more than two weeks ago tents medicine food and water . vietnam is marking the fiftieth anniversary of the me lie massacre american soldiers killed five hundred four unarmed civilians mostly women and children during the vietnam war they've been sent on a mission to confront the national liberation front or vietcong thought to be hiding in me live in it's only one american soldier was prosecuted for the incident those are the headlines the news continues analysis there after people in power
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america's guns secret pipeline to syria. al jazeera says it's just swept every since. it's well known that the united states exports billions of dollars worth of arms to its allies what isn't as widely understood is that many of the guns it sends into was in the middle east say fifty remissions manufactured in eastern europe so how do the supply routes function and waves of the weapons go in the first.


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