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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government real people. on counting the cost all russians getting all they bargained for economically as lemay putin heads for reelection plus saudi aramco keeps the financial world guessing the globe's largest i.p.o. on ice will be offering what's behind the delay counting the cost and i just you. thousands of syrians fee besieged. talks to trying to resolve the war on the way in a stand. tell them to limit donald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. i am
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of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma former south african president jacob zuma will face corruption charges. and we think it over will be likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the you killed the streets of europe for the first time since the second world war you can see foreign minister blames president vladimir putin directly for ordering the poisoning of a former russian spy and his doctor plus. i'm catherine sawyer in nairobi all the tell you about keep their us super heroes and why every other child wants to be just like them. their warm welcome to the program a russian airstrike on a besieged syrian on davis killed sixty one people the strike hit
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a market timing of kuffar but not within rebel held east of of the syrian government and its russian and they radio and allies launched an offensive to capture the area months ago just driving out civilians in their thousands further north turkish that forces are preparing to attack the city of a free alan fischer reports. it's ability of stark brutal contrasts. with the line between life and death a sharp and arbitrary this is a fringe city that's been shared by the free syrian army by the turks. with a number of dead rises by the day with a pall of smoke from another attack hangs in the year no surrounded by the f.s.a. and the turkish military the final assault take the city is underway people have been allowed to leave taking a road to the so the humanitarian corridor to skip the fear and the expectation of what's to come. on the mouth or in the cars of turkey we fled from
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a friend because of the heavy turkish bombardment there frightening people yesterday i couldn't sleep we suffer to get here. used to go to different actors but a similar situation those things left part of the besieged on cleve on thursday thousands more have no joint to put it simple and straightforward children have been and continue living in hellish conditions in places like eastern good luck but also a strain it is good to see that at last a few thousands of people have been able to leave these hellish conditions in any single day enough rain. a popular market now was hit boardings piled up in the streets. syrian civil war no moves into. alliances of the battle lines of changed but what is no different is that some people will live until to
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morrow how many innocent people will die. on the talk is. the foreign ministers of iran russia and turkey are meeting in kazakhstan to try to resolve the syrian conflict the three players are on opposing sides of the seven year war but have been working together to try to reduce the violence in a harder reports now from. syria brings them together stakeholders and power brokers in a country now divided into areas of influence turkey unlike iran and russia doesn't support the syrian government but the three countries have enough common interests to continue cooperating through the so-called us to now process the capital has hosted many rounds of talks on syria since the beginning of last year the astronaut process is meant to complement talks in geneva but the message from here was clear
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a disregard for the un led peace process and any western intervention in a final settlement but. a cease fire in the deescalation zones were important steps to end the war in syria the process is the successful international initiative to decrease tension in syria asama is where the political situation to the crisis will be found. for now agreeing on the paramita years of post war syria is being decided on the ground turkey is leading a military operation against the white p.g.d. in the mainly kurdish populated northeastern town of and the russian and iranian government are supporting the syrian government's campaign to recapture the rebel held enclave of eastern europe to mask the foreign ministers' meeting will be followed by a summit in april that will be attended by the three countries presidents turkey said it will host the meeting and said it's will be to revive peace efforts the last time the three leaders met was in november at the time they were discussing
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post conflict syria and now it's a peace conference that was held in sochi in late january since then there has only been military escalation. this week countries may have their differences but they share animosity towards the united states turkey's against the u.s. this alliance with the syrian kurdish e.g. armed groups the russians and iranians believe the american military presence in the critics controlled north east and its threats against the government are about increasing leverage. presidential shit you don't know grows and then you see it it's an acceptable us threats to strike damascus it was forced critics like the use of chemical weapons we have told washington that we rejected streets to use force. rational iranian support have changed the balance of power in the syrian government's favor but politically there is no credible prospect of a settlement there is an international power struggle and they go to are likely to continue on the battleground so to hold their astronaut.
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said africa's former president jacob zuma is set to face prosecution for sixteen corruption charges prosecutors say the charges include cancer fraud racketeering and money laundering the case relates to two and a half billion dollar government arms deal which was signed in the ninety's so my was deputy president of the time and was linked to the deal through his former financial advisor who was jailed for corruption and nice and he was doing. after consideration of the matter i am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma on the charges listed in the indictment served almost as zuma prior to the terminations of the matter. is see. as a result. mr zuma has representations unsuccessful. mark
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webb has more from outside the prosecutor's office in pretoria. it began with a two billion dollars on the deal in the one nine hundred ninety s. a french company sold south africa fighter jet speedboats and other weapons allegedly according to prosecutors some people in south africa were paid bribes to make the deal go ahead including jacob zuma he's always denied it was through the charged with corruption in two thousand and five the charges were dropped in two thousand and nine prosecutors said they had audio recordings of conversations with richard suggesting that there was a philosophical meddling in the case with those recordings were never published and the opposition weren't happy they didn't think this was a valid reason to drop the case so they proceed it ever since in the course last year the high court ruled that the charges should indeed have not been dropped so that's why the prosecutor here has reinstated them today but also the change of leadership here in february when president jacob zuma resigned and was replaced by
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still ramaphosa many people here are now hoping that they'll be some kind of cleaning of the house and that the many corruption scandals that plague the zumiez will be investigated so south africans are waiting to see this is going to be some accountability for those russia set to expel british diplomats in a tit for tat for the poisoning of a former general agent in england last week foreign minister sergei lavrov says the expulsions are in retaliation for the u.k. ordering at twenty three russian embassy staff to leave on march the twentieth moscow denies any involvement in the chemical attack but. boris johnson accuses president vladimir putin of ordering it himself. quarrel is with putin's kremlin and with his decision and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the u.k. on the streets of europe for the first time since the second world war that is that
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is why we are at odds with russia. and a separate murder investigation is now underway into the death of another russian in the u.k. earlier this week businessman nikolai good scoff was find it in a west london suburb on monday base have confirmed the cause of death was compression to the neck sixty eight. was a close associate of prominent putin opponent boris berezovsky who was found dead in the u.k. in twenty thirteen. or most high profile opposition figure alexina volley isn't standing in sunday's election after being banned by the electoral commission in december that doesn't mean he's completely sitting it's had the vollies fund against corruption group is challenging the legitimacy of the flooding near putin victory they say they've got fifteen thousand people ready to help out while we shall as has been to me some of them. these muscovites are learning how to be disruptors they volunteered to
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monitor voting in russia's presidential election and meetings like this have been happening all over the country. they're showing videos of what to look out for this one is from parliamentary elections two years ago and shows what looks like ballot stuffing the russia they want to minimize such fraud being repeated which they hope will keep sunday's election turnout from being artificially inflated sippin much taking it what it. needs never will understand that this is not an election and there's no point in voting that's why our only game is the turnout because that's the kremlin's main focus in this election and they fight for high turnout with all their administrative resources if that's true just to get a man driving all this is alexina valmy russia's most high profile opposition politician in december he was barred from the elections for an embezzlement conviction that he's always said was politically motivated. choosing the
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president's choosing the future says the sign and it's an intriguing idea isn't it one of russians had been able to make that choice between vladimir putin and alexina valmy well polling over the last year suggests to me a period in is consistently on seventy percent whereas now valmy is in single digits the implication of that is clear but it's telling of the kremlin's approach to things that they weren't prepared to even take that chance. so no valleys plan b. is to deal it just bloody mere putin's expected reelection his tactics are polling station monitoring and calling for an election boycott he's sure of the result but he needs people to come to the polling stations otherwise his spectacle the actors the lighting man and the cloakroom attendant are all in place but the theater is empty the audience didn't turn up and that's what scares him for many of the valley supporters this is a generation. struggle but that's
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a deal better off when i went to my first rally a year ago my granny called me and said you study in a state funded university and the state pays for your education why are you going to rally you're being so bad but young threes in the university especially in moscow support me because everyone sees where the country is going the central election committee has already attempted to block accreditation for thousands of new valley's monitors campaign activists around the country face prosecutions and jail sentences like with all of allie's initiatives this one won't go smoothly reach alan's al-jazeera mosque or. still ahead on the program egypt as france is over the death of a teenage student in the u.k. . honoring the victims viet-nam marks the fiftieth anniversary of the massacre that killed five hundred people.
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probably we've got the spring rains bring up across central parts of china not a cloud in the rain head down towards the southwestern corner trying to gently try and find eighteen celsius but that rain band will slide its way further a switch really intensifying in the process ahead of that shanghai shoes they settled in sunny at least for the next couple of days twenty degrees celsius here twenty four celsius rather more the west sunshine across hong kong meanwhile plenty of sunshine it's a south facing let me do have some rather lively showers around the southwestern corner of in the us of a rectangle pushing a little further north woods will see a little bit of wet weather just making its way up towards kind of taka possibility of some showers assented some showers there into sri lanka for a monsoon hate that continues to build thirty three thirty four celsius for many as we go on through the next day or so and that pool could touch thirty six degrees
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the show is as you can see continue down towards the south leaving more cloud up to was upon the earth of india into northern parts of pakistan fine and dry for much of pakistan they're fun to try to across a good part of the arabian peninsula warm sunshine coming in thirty one celsius here and on sas day little cola as we go on into sunday. subzero temperatures to stream roll to choose the roads. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved the ordinary joining the border what we do know you know there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking you don't know kurdistan but this time on.
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the mind of on top stories here on al-jazeera at least sixty one people have been killed in a russian airstrike on a besieged syrian play the strike hit a market time of kuffar but not with the rebel held east and. south africa's former president jacob zuma is said to face prosecution for sixteen corruption charges also key to say the charges and two counts of fraud racketeering and money laundering. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has confirmed british diplomats will be expelled from russia to in response to to resume a's decision to order twenty three russian embassy staff to thinking ok after the poisoning of a former double agent. tens of thousands of slovakians are
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expected to turn out in the protests demanding early elections the demonstrators are angry at the failure of political leaders to address high level corruption so back as prime minister robert feed so resigned on thursday following the killing of an investigative journalist john ku's ziac and and his fiance who was investigating legs between slovak politicians and an italian mafia group. correspondent here and shas is in bratislava for us hi there yolanda so the prime minister has stepped down and why are people still demonstrating what else is it that they want . it's not enough any more clearly the resignation of a slovak prime minister the feet so just the is not enough yet and financially change you not think this is the sound of that opinion i spoke earlier today with
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one of the main organizers of the protest the journalist to be to nigeria he said to me that peace is not going anywhere he said that clearly yesterday to the press and also to the president he struck himself so the people who gathered here today as he'll have to demand they want independent investigation of murder all young people second them at the in the push need obama also they will in the government with no connections as they say to organized crime and corruption they want this and the slovakia they want to live in this country one of the protesters here for example is the county shook me close call former candidate for the president of the us of ikea and one of the main organizer of the protest the people against violence in one thousand eight hundred nine he underlined that that request for decent slovakia is not to a ball just pieces government but any government so according to the organizers
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they want a new elections because as they say people in citizens of slovakia olaus the trust in their country and the elections are their only way to change that so produce their old denies today in thirty cities. or in stock and these plays in bratislava he's a symbolic in many ways this is the exact place where. oldest in the night at eighty nine was killed this is there is still a message in one of the buildings here it says the only man who fights for his freedom has the right to hold it also this is the only place in the city where campbell has four young men and what appear not is still standing three weeks since their murder and then a few shots there from brussels live again in the thank you. and iraq
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a teenager has been found guilty of attempted murder for planting a bomb on a london train last september eighteen year old document has some will be sentenced next week thirty people were injured when his homemade bomb partially exploded parson screen underground station in west london and claimed asylum after he smuggled himself in been on the truck in twenty fifteen. egypt's foreign ministry has asked its british counterparts for information about the death of a teenage student in the u.k. mariama stuff it was reportedly assaulted by a group of girls in the city of nottingham last month the eighteen year old suffered severe head injuries and died in hospital and see he said there's nothing to suggest that the attack was racially motivated emma hayward has more now from notes again. well it's almost a month since nerima stuff there was a time in the sun serve not c.m. she was allegedly punched by a group of what police are calling juveniles just over that she then boarded a bus in this group then allegedly followed her on to continue to abuse her
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a bus driver did try to intervene but martin had been injured she was placed in an induced coma but sadly died two days ago police now are looking into the motive behind this crime of course there's been lots of talk about whether it was indeed a hate crime no police at the moment say there's nothing to suggest that it was a hate crime but they're keeping an open mind her family though have told a national newspaper that the group in bold the allegedly involved also involved in a similar incident last year police have confirmed that a complaint was made now the egyptian embassy is also involved in this and that is because marma stock was an egyptian national she lived in britain for several years and there cooling for those behind the attack on mario mr to people swiftly to justice. will street wives have broken out in the spanish capital madrid after the death of an african street vendor who'd been running away from peace at least
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twenty people were injured in fighting between protesters of the peace in the historic lava p.a.'s district he said thirty five year old senegalese man died of a heart attack whilst fleeing authorities he's been living in spain for fourteen years migrant groups are calling for an investigation north korea's foreign ministers met sweetness prime minister during a visit to stockholm that's field speculation the sweden could host it possible meeting between the u.s. and north korean leaders donald trump and kim jong un the swedish foreign minister says she hopes her country's relationship with the north korean government can be put to good use. we valued this opportunity to arrange a meeting and we believe in dialogue and in the political process but we are not in a need for but we are hoping hoping that if we can use our role and also our contacts stand we will put it to the best use and then is for the parties to decide
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what is the way forward and the process from now on. said bob ways president emerson says robert mugabe is free to express himself but the country's moved on he was responding to criticism from the gobby himself who declared mind god was presidency illegal saying he was the victim of a coup was mugabe's first interview since he stepped down as president in november after pressure from mom and dad was our allies have a new president said sim bob ways focused on free fair and credible elections metaxa has more now from harare. president and gargle released a statement and in that statement he said robert mugabe is free to say whatever he wants to say this is a free country he says that the state will continue to pay his pension will continue to look after the ninety four year old and he also states that the state of the country is trying to move forward people must of dwelling in the past and his government is now focusing on holding elections in a few months time reaction from zimbabweans have has been mixed some of them with
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support mugabe say they glad he had to say this is the way he was a mood was wrong and they glad he got to his views but some one thing to be honest it won't really change the price of bread on the ground there is a severe shortage of foreign currency the job a genie doctors on strike in the hospitals crippling the public sector they say that mugabe didn't really give any viable alternatives no solutions to the crisis and facing so people are now wondering what his next move is going to be it's alleged he is backing a new image and part of that just being formed campaigning should start in a few weeks time then things could become more clear what his agenda really is and how influential this new party that he's alleged to be backing is going to be today marks sr years since one of the darkest moments of the vietnam war yes soldiers acting on incorrect intelligence moved into the village of me and massacred more than five hundred civilians mostly women and children when him with force.
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it's normal to see grave sites scattered around the villages and rice fields of vietnam but in this area there's a common date on them the sixteenth of march one thousand nine hundred sixty eight that's when most people who lived in the village of me lie were killed some of them raped and tortured first in a four hour assault by u.s. soldiers during the vietnam war. pantani kong was eleven at the time and among the few who survived when the soldiers opened fire on his family he was shielded by the bodies of his mother and four siblings. there the soldiers killed people in the rice fields and on the roads first then they came to every house and killed everyone they killed every person and every animal they saw then they burnt the houses believing there were enemy soldiers and me lie the americans were told to kill everyone five hundred four unarmed men women and children were murdered the
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main site is now a parking museum where people come to learn about a massacre that was covered up by the u.s. for more than a year. people come here to remember them africa but it's not about holding on to bad feelings it's a reminder to the world that the war was bad and together we must maintain peace the just one u.s. soldier was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison but later had his sentence commuted. the message and other similar incidents helped galvanize the antiwar movement in the united states and turned more vietnamese against the american soldiers today of course the vietnamese haven't forgotten the war but for most there is a sense of moving on. relations between the two countries have steadily improved to the point where they see strategic and economic benefits of being on the same side i last week saw the largest u.s. military presence in vietnam since the war as the navy visited the city of dumbing and took part in several community events. but moving on is not so easy for those
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who survived one of the most horrific acts of the war. are giving the local people who will always retain some hatred for the american soldiers who had no humanity that day and getting a bus of the letters homeless and with a lonely life today the fields around me lie a peaceful just as they were before the u.s. helicopters landed fifty years ago but for survivors of the darkest of days the serenity will never be able to raise the memories wane hey al jazeera vietnam children in kenya's largest slum are on a mission to change their neighborhood through a local arts project the workshop helps children create superheroes to deal with issues that affect them in the slum catherine so has more from the capital. it's saturday afternoon and
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a handful of children get creative with their spray paint brushes and converse is what they like most about this art project in the heart of the largest slum in the country is a get to be who they want through an initiative called superhero. squid one is undoubtedly the head of the park the same gallatin. my superpower is to help out when there is fire in the slum i bring water and help people to get to safety. green arrow tackles vargas and he shows us how. to wonder woman says she has the power to get the truth out of people. this kabera has lots of law isn't criminals if i can get people to be honest we can live peacefully. the workshop which has also opened its doors to many practicing artists in kibera was started by two are to groups whose founders were born and
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bred here we have an artist we have guys who do for three. as a games with lots of creative about things so it is a collective obsidian it's a community. the room itself can only take about ten children of the time the project accommodates just forty children every few months and only when there's money to buy the tool to work this afternoon they get to go outdoors where they make modern searched shanty walls their canvas this is the street of kibera children here gets to express themselves in whatever way they see best and on any of the little space their mentors tell us it keeps the ground it's. the idea is to have the children deal with everyday problems that affect their neighborhoods. have the skills to delist become heroes in their own community so like. my own superman we want to show these kids you can get the black money in the community you can
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transform your community many children who live in slum areas have few opportunities to make it out but this superheroes of kibera see they're determined to succeed and as long as they're here they want to make their lives and many other people they interact with a little better catherine saw all jazeera nairobi kenya. well you can find out much more about the stories we're following head right to our website got plenty of input there from our correspondents all over the world you can find it at al-jazeera dot com we'll have the headlines in just a sec. a quick reminder not of our headlines cover today on al-jazeera at least sixty one people have been killed in a russian airstrike on a besieged syrian all grave the strike hit a market in the time of kufa but not within rebel held eastern huta combined
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airstrikes have left more than one thousand people dead on friday the syrian government and the russian and the radian allies on an offensive to capture the area months ago. south africa's former president jacob zuma is set to face prosecution for sixteen corruption charges prosecutors say the charges include cancer fraud racketeering and money laundering the case relates to a two and i have billion dollar government arms deal which was signed in the one nine hundred ninety s. so much a nice any wrongdoing. of the consideration of the matter. i am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma on the charges listed in the indictment served almost as zuma prior to the term a nation of the matter. is see. as a result must assume most representations unsuccessful
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russia set to expel british diplomats in a tit for tat row over the poisoning of a former double agent in the last week foreign minister sergei lavrov says the expulsions are in retaliation for the u.k. ordering out of twenty three russian embassy staff moscow continues to deny any involvement in the chemical attack but lavrov says u.k. counterpart orus johnson accuses vladimir putin of ordering it himself. tens of thousands of slovakians are expected to turn out in a protest to man the early elections the demonstrators are angry at the failure of political leaders to address high level corruption so back as prime minister robert feed silver signs on thursday following the killing of investigative journalist jan koum and his fiance subway's president emerson man and god says robert mugabe is free to express himself the country's moved on he was responding from criticism from mugabe who declared money god was presidency illegal saying he was the victim of a coup the new president says zimbabwe's focus on free fair and credible elections
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those are your current headlines stay with us for our next show risking it all see it.


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