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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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is a short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds come up come on this ok so case. al-jazeera selects change makers at this time. thousands of syrians that flee besieged east of kuta as talks try to resolve the war on their way in a stunning. hello there i'm jim mcdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. i'm of
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the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma the former south african president jacob zuma will face corruption charges. and we think it will be legally likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the u.k. on the streets of yours for the first time since the second world war he a case foreign minister blames president vladimir putin directly for ordering the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter plus a mentor it's almost in sydney which this weekend hosts a special as against summits but australia isn't faults about the other group of southeast asian countries so why is the something big here. russian airstrike on a besieged syrian on play this killed sixty one people warplanes had
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a market in the town of kafir but not within rebel held east and kota the syrian government and its russian and their radian allies launched an offensive to capture the area months ago which is now driving at civilians in their thousands further north turkish that forces are preparing to attack the city of a frame where the u.n. says forty eight thousand people and displaced unofficial reports. it's been a day of stark brutal contrasts. with a line between life and death a sharp and arbitrary this is a fringe a city that's been shared by the free syrian army by the turks. with the number of dead rises by the day with a pall of smoke from another attack hangs in the year no surrounded by the f.s.a. and the turkish military the final assault to take the city is underway civilians on the ground have expressed serious worries to us regarding their safety including
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as a result of fighters placing rocket launchers in residential areas. we're deeply concerned about the high risk of civilians who are effectively trapped being injured or killed besieged used as human shields or displaced as a result of the fighting people are being allowed to leave your route to the so if humanitarian corridor you skip the fear of the expectation of what's to come. on and our friends in the cause of turkey we fled from a friend because of the heavy turkish bombardment there frightening people yesterday i couldn't sleep we suffer to get here. used to go to different actors but a similar situation cozens left part of the besieged on cleeve on thursday thousands more have no joy to put it simple and straightforward children have been and continue living in hellish conditions in places like eastern goodbye but also a freeness it is good to see. at last
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a few thousands of people have been able to leave these hellish conditions in any single day enough rain. a popular market. boardings piled up in the streets of the syrian civil war noble said. alliances of the battle lines of changed but what is no different is that some people will live until to morrow or many innocent people will die. out is iraq on the turkey syria border foreign ministers of iran russia and turkey are meeting in kazakhstan to try to resolve the syrian conflict the three players are on opposing sides of the seven year war but have been working together to try to reduce the violence in a horde of reports now from a stunner. syria brings them together stakeholders and power brokers in a country now divided into areas of influence turkey unlike iran and russia doesn't
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support the syrian government but the three countries have enough common interests to continue cooperating through the so-called us to now process the capital has hosted many rounds of talks on syria since the beginning of last year the process is meant to complement talks in geneva but the message from here was clear a disregard for the un led peace process and any western intervention in a final settlement but. a ceasefire in the deescalation zones were important steps to end the war in syria. is the successful international initiative to decrease tension in syria a sauna is where the political situation to the crisis will be found. for now agreeing on the paramita years of post war syria is being decided on the ground turkey is leading a military operation against the white p.g.d. in the mainly kurdish populated northeastern town of africa and the russian and
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iranian government are supporting the syrian government's campaign to recapture the rebel held enclave of. the foreign ministers' meeting will be followed by a summit in april that will be attended by the three countries presidents turkey said it will host the meeting and said it's will be to revive peace efforts the last time the three leaders met was in november at the time they were discussing post conflict syria and a peace conference that was held in sochi in late january since then there has only been military escalation. this week countries may have their differences but they share animosity towards the united states turkey's against the us this alliance with the syrian kurdish e.g. armed groups the russians and iranians believe the american military presence in the critics controlled north east and its threats against the government are about increasing leverage. but which you're sure you don't know because of the it's
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unacceptable in the u.s. threats to strike damascus with false pretext like the use of chemical weapons we have told washington that we rejected streets to use force. rationally iranian support have changed the balance of power in the syrian government's favor but politically there is no credible prospect of a settlement there is an international power struggle and they go to are likely to continue on the battleground so to hold their astronaut. said africa's former president jacob zuma is set to face prosecution for sixteen corruption charges prosecutors say the charges simply cancer fraud racketeering and money laundering the case relates to a two and a half billion dollar government arms deal which was signed back in the one nine hundred ninety s. so my demise anyone to al-jazeera is malcolm web reports from pretoria.
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began with a two billion dollar deal between south africa and a french arms company in the one nine hundred ninety s. . these fighter jets were part of it. and prosecutors say this man jacob zuma was paid bribes to secure the deal he was charged with corruption in two thousand and five the charges were later dropped shortly before he became president zuma resigned in february and now south africa's prosecutor says the case is back on i am of of of the view that a trial court would be the most appropriate forum for these issues to be ventilated and to be decided upon after consideration of the matter. i am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma and the charges listed in the indictment. charges one of several scandals that hung over as soon as nine presidency here he's
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seen leading one of his many court hearings press in opposition accused him of handing control of parts of the state to private interest he's always denied charges and accusations. the prosecutors who work in this office drops the arms deal corruption charges against zuma the that he became president they said they had recordings of conversations that showed that there had been political meddling in the case those recordings were never published the opposition fought hard ever since to get the charges reinstated karen morns a journalist who first broke the story of the charges being dropped and covered the issue ever since and it's been a very long time in coming almost a decade it was in april two thousand and nine in the very same room that john abrams has now just made his historic announcement that a former head of state for the first time in south african history is going to be prosecuted for corruption soon as controversial presidency is over prosecutors and
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the press say billions of dollars of public money was stolen before and during his tenure south africans are still waiting to see if. anyone from his government will be held to account malcolm webb al-jazeera pretoria south africa russia set to expel british diplomats in a tit for tat over the poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. last week foreign minister sergei lavrov says the expulsions are in retaliation for the u.k. ordering air twenty three russian embassy staff juta leave on march twentieth moscow continues to deny any involvement in the chemical attack but lavrov says u.k. counterpart boris johnson accuses president vladimir putin of ordering it to sell. our quarrel is with putin's kremlin and with his decision and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the u.k. on the streets of europe for the first time since the second world war that is that
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is why we are at odds with russia. and a separate larger investigation is now underway into the death of another russian in the u.k. earlier this week businessman nicole a good scarf was found dead in a west london suburb on monday they said confirm the cause of death was compression to the neck sixty eight year old lucia golf was a close associate of prominent putin opponent boris berezovsky who was found dead in the u.k. in twenty thirty. well for latest we're joined by our u.k. correspondent barnaby philips part of before us and tell us more well this is an intriguing development and another twist in anglo russian relations nick clegg luzhkov left russia in two thousand and four he had fallen out with law to be a putin's government he had been imprisoned and he was given political asylum in this country he was still being pursued by the russian authorities up until the beginning of this week through british courts on monday evening of this week he was
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found dead in his house within the last hour the police have said that this has become a murder inquiry that the pathologists report said in plain english that he had been strangled you may recall that earlier this week amber rather the home secretary said that allay concerns around a number of suspicious russian deaths and associates of boris berezovsky the man to whom you alluded who died in two thousand and thirteen the friend of nick like luzhkov she was re opening inquiries into other deaths she was at pains to stress that she did not believe that the russian state was necessarily involved and the police have said today that there is no link between nick like lucia coffs death that they can see and chemical weapons were certainly not used in his death on monday but it looks i suppose.
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as if there is something of a pattern of people living in russia who have differences with the government of law tamir putin who are dropping dead and who with the benefit of hindsight have been doing so for a number of years but of the phillips with the latest thanks bonnie. two israeli soldiers have been killed and two more being treated for serious injuries after being rammed by a car in the occupied west bank the israeli military says it considers it a deliberate palestinian attack the driver fled the scene but was detained shortly afterwards and taken to hospital unconfirmed reports say he's a twenty six palestinian. still ahead on the program egypt counts for answers over the death of this teenage student. and i think u.n. debates the use of chemical weapons in war in iraq marks the thirtieth anniversary
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of the attack on the time of hello john all that and more when we come back. how are we going to scatter in the showers moving across iran will fade away towards pakistan towards afghanistan you see the cloud here just easing out of iraq in the making it's well little further east was for sas they said cloudy is some bits and pieces of writing to us pushing a little further he says twenty celsius in couples as some want the run task and at around nineteen degrees and nineteen celsius to four beirut sas day fog in dry just a relative bad but a little more cloud spilling in as we go on into sunday twenty four celsius by this stage in beirut and by that stage we will see the clouds and the damp weather just making its way little further east with some sunshine but
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a story behind will warm sunshine across the arabian peninsula thirty one celsius here in the mall the breeze just picking up we may just fall back to around twenty eight celsius as we go on through sunday hopefully that the wind will be quite as stiff for much of the reason as you can see plenty of sunshine coming in but here sunshine so into western parts of south africa the eastern cape still seeing a few showers the west whether that was into that eastern side of madagascar where we have tropical socks and that will continue to bring flooding rains right down the eastern side of madagascar through saturday and much of sunday.
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closer to the. mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least sixty one people have been killed in a russian air strike on a besieged syrian they strike hit the market town of kufa in rebel held eastern called. south africa's former president jacob zuma is set to face prosecution for sixteen corruption charges prosecutors say the charges include cancer fraud racketeering and money on three. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has
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confirmed british diplomats will be expelled from russia and its response to reason may's decision to order twenty three russian embassy staff of the u.k. for the poisoning of a former double agent. in the. russia's most high profile opposition figure alexina vali isn't standing in sunday's election after being banned by the electoral commission in december that doesn't mean he's completely sitting attacked volleys fun begins corruption group is challenging the legitimacy of a flood a mere putin victory and they say they've got fifteen thousand people webby to help well we shall as has been to me some of them. said these muscovites a learning how to be disruptors they volunteer to monitor voting in russia's presidential election and meetings like this have been happening all over the country. they're showing videos of what to look out for this one is from
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parliamentary elections two years ago and shows what looks like ballot stuffing the russia they want to minimize such fraud being repeated which they hope will keep sunday's election turnout from being artificially inflated sippin much taking a little struggle so much and what it needs mean everyone understands that this is not an election and there's no point in voting that's why our only game is the turnout because that's the kremlin's main focus in this election and they fight for high turnout with all their administrative resources if that's true just to get a man driving all this is alexina valmy russia's most high profile opposition politician in december he was barred from the elections for an embezzlement conviction that he's always said was politically motivated. choosing the president's choosing the future says the sign and it's an intriguing idea isn't it one of russians had been able to make that choice between vladimir putin and alexina valmy well polling over the last year suggests to me
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a period scene is consistently on seventy percent whereas now valley is in single digits the implication of that is clear but it's telling all of the kremlin's approach to things that they weren't prepared to even take that chance in the single bullet so no valleys plan b. is to deal it just bloody may appear it is expected reelection his tactics i. our polling station monitoring calling for an election boycott he's sure of the result but he needs people to come to the polling stations otherwise his spectacle the actors the lighting man and the cloakroom attendant are all in place but the theater is empty the audience didn't turn up and that's what scares him for many of these supporters this is a generational struggle and therefore feel better as when i went to my first rally a year ago my granny called me and said you study in a state funded university and the state pays for your education why are you going to rally you're being so bad but young threes in the university especially in
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moscow support me because everyone sees where the country is going the central election committee has already attempted to block accreditation for thousands of new valley's monitors campaign activists around the country face prosecutions and jail sentences like with all of alleys initiatives this one won't go smoothly reach allan's al-jazeera moscow. thousands of evacuees are protesting in bratislava demanding early elections they're angry at the failure of political leaders to address high level corruption our correspondent who shut this in process. organizers of this protest say that the resignation of slovak prime minister at all but speed so does not change essentially nothing guys spoke earlier today with one of the main organizers of the protest the journalist peter nods he said he's not going anywhere he stand clearly that message yesterday to the press and to the president himself so people who gathered here still had two demands they want
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independent investigation of mother of young kids and what you know the state of us also they want government to do you want a government with no connections with the organized crime and corruption and they want decent contrie and one of the protesters here for example is trying to shoot me close call former candidate for the president of slovakia and one of the main organizers of the protests the people against violence and i delayed tonight i feel underlined that that is the decent country not just about the seats of government but about any government so according to the organizers they want new election the citizens so slovakia as they say laws that just in their country and the elections are the only way to change that protester organized in thirty cities in the
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slovakia this place exactly in the brought this low voice symbolic in many ways this is the exact place where protests been eighty nine was held there was still a message here in one of the buildings it says all the men who fight for his freedom has the right to hold it also this is the only place in the broadest of over canvas for young could see a candidate at the in a needle voice still standing three weeks after their murder. egypt's foreign ministry has asked its british counterparts for information about the death of a teenage should. in the u.k. mariama stuff it was reportedly assaulted by a group of girls in the city of nottingham last month eighteen year old died in hospital on wednesday they say there's nothing to suggest the attack was racially motivated local m.p. described the case as shock. well it's not something any of us would expect to see on the streets of not even more anywhere in the world and what we have to know or
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do is i think focus on getting justice for miriam and her family and so i'm as a member of parliament although i'm not part of the justice system i want to do what i can to make sure this is the right support and. the right network of people to help the family get through this very very difficult time emma hayward has the latest from nottingham. but it's almost a month since my i'm a star for was a time in the sun serve not c.m. she was allegedly punched by a group of what police are calling juveniles just over that she then boarded a bus in this group then allegedly followed her on to continue to abuse her above story that did try to intervene but martin had been injured she was placed in an induced coma but sadly died two days ago police now are looking into the motive behind this crime of course there's been lots of talk about whether it was indeed a hate crime no police at the moment say there's nothing to suggest that it was
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a hate crime but they're keeping an open mind the egyptian embassy is also involved in this and that is because nerima stuff was an egyptian national she lived in britain for several years and they're calling for those behind the attack amara my stuff to people swiftly to justice. in iraq eighteen year teenager has been found guilty of attempted murder for planting a bomb on a london train last september eighteen year old ahmed has some will be sentenced next week thirty people were injured when his homemade bomb pasha exploded a parson screen underground station in west london for a memorial ceremonies been held in the iraqi kurdish town of houla to remember the victims of one of the world's worst chemical weapons attacks it's thirty years since saddam hussein's forces attacked the town in the closing stages of the iran iraq war five thousand civilians died some a binge of aid has more a warning you may find images in his report the stress of. this symbolic
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graveyard is as close to closure as some can get to thirty years on the horrors of the chemical attack on their hometown in northern iraq still haunt her. so. on the sixteenth of march we were having a mail we heard fighter jets they struck the area and then we were hit by a chemical attack in the afternoon we ran towards the hills we was so scared every one of us went on our separate way some of us went to neighboring iran others who couldn't make it died in the city it was like dreams day i lost four of my children and her on that day there are still many cases of psychological disorder skin diseases and respond to problems for the survivors and fortunately no one is taking care of them. thousands of kurds were killed when the iraqi army said it attacked iranian forces in the closing stage of the iran iraq war. a peace museum aims to
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keep alive the memory of those who died and to raise awareness about the horrors of chemical weapons kurdish doctors say three decades later the effects of sarin mustard gas are still causing defects and ailments. we don't have enough medical centers or medicine to treat these people who are still affected we need more specialized doctors in these fields and further cooperation about the baghdad and build governments to treat them as. the chemical weapons convention was signed in one nine hundred ninety seven prohibiting the manufacture and use of chemical weapons the vast majority of countries signed up but described chemical attacks have not stopped there have been more incidents of men women and children being killed in large numbers dead from breathing in poisonous gas none of them had any wounds trauma or injury or sit down and i asked him who the near the syrian capital damascus president assad's forces killed more than fourteen hundred people in a chemical attack in two thousand and thirteen since then most of the syrian chemical weapons stockpiles have been destroyed but the assad government has been
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accused of using concentrated chlorine gas on opposition held areas doctors say at least eight attacks have been reported in syria this year. in iraq people like siberia say they can relate to what's happening in syria victims in both countries want the world to put words into action and stop more attacks some of the job aid as their. security and trade will be top of the agenda is truly a horse aside feast asia summit protests are expected because some of the latest tending cme have overseen crackdowns on human rights in their own countries among them is me and she andrew thomas reports from since. organizers called this event held in sydney on thursday oh the phone teams of computer experts were given mock cyber security challenges with five hundred participants. internationally and domestically both from public and private enterprise trying to
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. fix six terrorism questions we've given them instead well as most participants were from association of southeast asian nations or as the end countries australia has put countering cyber crime and tackling money laundering and what it calls terrorism at the heart of the agenda for the asean special summit australia itself isn't in as again as its acronym suggests its ten members are all in southeast asia australia though is to fast south and east to be a member but australia has important trade and security relationships with asean countries and wants to tighten connections with a group it sees as valuable to regional security. as he is uniquely placed to continue to promote international rules based order within our region. as he and countries are nothing like as in twined politically or
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economically as countries in for example the european union but having a regional group in asia which excludes china is useful to australia hosting a summit is a sign of australia's commitment to it the benefit i think is establishing these relationships so that if there is a crisis probably one that will be that it will involve china in the future yes trying different has these relationships and it is able to call on them and why on them the summits of asean leaders is being kept low key in part because it's controversial those attending include myanmar's un son suchi despite her government's treatment of the hinge or the military leader of thailand will be coming to even though elections there were recently delayed again. and so too is malaysia's prime minister despite many saying he's corrupt the only as yet leader choosing not to come as the philippines roderigo to test day even cambodia's prime minister hun sen is being welcomed by australia's government despite his crackdown
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on opposition figures and human rights activists at home and has threatened to beat up any protest as we burn effigies of him in sydney a horrible dictator who has no respect for human rights. he doesn't understand democracy so the way through to people is through. you know threat. harassment. you know my only three people silence cambodian and vietnamese people living in australia all planning to protest under thomas al-jazeera sydney. out of their own mind of the headlights on al-jazeera at least sixty one people have been killed in a russian airstrike on a besieged syrian on the strike hit a market town of market in the town of kufa but now within rebel held eastern hotel
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combined airstrikes have left more than one thousand people dead on friday syrian government and their russian and their rainy and allies launched an offensive to capture the area months ago. south africa's former president jacob zuma is set to face prosecution for sixteen corruption charges prosecutors say the charges include cancer fraud racketeering and money laundering the case relates to a two and a half billion dollar government arms deal which was signed in the one nine hundred ninety s. suma denies any wrongdoing. of the consideration of the matter. i am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma on the charges listed in the indictment served on mr zuma prior to the terminations of the matter. is see. as a result. must assume most representations are unsuccessful. russia
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set to expel british diplomats in a tit for tat route over the poisoning of a former double agent in england last week foreign minister sergei lavrov says the expulsions are in retaliation for the u.k. ordering at twenty three russian embassy staff moscow continues to deny any involvement in the chemical attack the leverage of u.k. counterpart boris johnson accuses president vladimir putin of ordering it himself. smart investigation is now underway into the death of another russian in the u.k. earlier this week businessman nicolay glue cough was found dead in a west london suburb on monday the civic confirmed the cause of death was compression of his net but his death isn't believed to be linked to last week's attack sols free and iraqi teenager's been found guilty of attempted murder for planting a bomb on a london train last september it's in your old awkward house and will be sentenced next week thirty people were injured when his homemade bomb partially exploded at parsons green underground station in west london. you are up to date those are
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current headlines stay with us the inside story is coming up. there is anger in egypt as a teenage girl died weeks after a street attack in the u.k. office family suggest that she was the victim of a hate crime british police say there's no evidence that it was racially motivated such attacks are on the rise will we ever get to the truth this is inside story.


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