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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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that is our strength. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up syria's war escalates on two fronts turkey shells the main hospital in africa while
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a russian as strikes killed seventy people in an eastern market south africa's former president jacob zuma to stand trial for fraud and corruption over an arms deal. that was his. the kremlin denounces britain's claim that russia's president ordered the poisoning of a former spy as shocking and inexcusable and the kenyan children on a mission to change that neighborhood by becoming superheroes. and i'm far as mallaby here with all the day's sport including multiple returns to our rock paper have lifted the ban on the country hosting competitive home internationals in our field and basra. as strikes in syria have killed more than one hundred people as civilians continue to stream out of two besieged enclaves a russian air raid killed seventy people in
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a market in the rebel held town of kufa in eastern guta which has suffered relentless bombardment for almost a month and then further north turkish military shelling has hit the main hospital in the town of afraid killing nine civilians this in addition to at least twenty other civilians killed by turkish air strikes early on friday in the offensive against kurdish fighters. alan fischer reports now from the turkey syria border. it's ability of stark brittle contrasts. with a line between life and death to sharpen our victory this is a friend a city that's been shared by the free syrian army backed by the turks. with a number of dead rises by the day with a pall of smoke from another attack hangs in the year no surrounded by the f.s.a. the turkish military the final assault take the city is under way civilians on the
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ground have expressed serious worries to us regarding their safety including as a result of fighters placing rocket launchers in residential areas we're deeply concerned about the high risk of civilians who are effectively trapped being injured or killed besieged used as human shields or displaced as a result of the fighting people have been allowed to leave taking a road to the so the humanitarian corridor peacekeeper fear the expectation of what's to come. on and our friend and. we fled from a friend because of the heavy turkish bombardment there frightening people yesterday i couldn't sleep we suffer to get here. used to go to different actors but a similar situation cozens left part of the besieged on cleve on thursday thousands more have no joint to put it simple and straightforward children have been and continue living in hellish conditions in places like eastern good time but
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also it is good to see that at last a few thousands of people have been able to leave these hellish conditions in any single day enough rain. the popular market in qatar but now was hit boarding school piled up in the street all the syrian civil war most. alliances of the battle lines of changed but what is new different is that each day some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die. on the turkey syria border well tens of thousands of people have left streaming into towns surrounding besieged areas creating huge logistical problems these are the scenes an address to the northeast of the the enclave the mayor is opening schools and clinics to offer shelter and medical help to the evacuees are expecting around
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fifty thousand more people to arrive in the coming days meanwhile the foreign ministers of iran russia and turkey have been meeting in kazakhstan to try to resolve the conflict three countries are on opposing sides of the seven year war but have been working together for more than a year to try to reduce the violence and harder of course from a stunner. syria brings them together stakeholders and power brokers in a country now divided into areas of influence turkey unlike iran and russia doesn't support the syrian government but the three countries have enough common interests to continue cooperating through the so-called us to now process the capital has hosted many rounds of talks on syria since the beginning of last year the process is meant to complement talks in geneva but the message from here was clear a disregard for the un led peace process and any western intervention in a final settlement but. fire in the deescalation zones were important steps to end
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the war in syria. is the successful international initiative to decrease tension in syria a sauna is where the political situation to the crisis will be found. for now agreeing on the paramita years of post war syria is being decided on the ground turkey is leading a military operation against the white p.g.d. in the mainly kurdish populated northeastern town of africa and the russian and iranian government are supporting the syrian government's campaign to recapture the rebel held enclave of. the foreign ministers' meeting will be followed by a summit in april that will be attended by the three countries president turkey said it will host the meeting and said it's will be to revive peace efforts the last time the three leaders met was in november at the time they were discussing post conflict syria and a peace conference that was held in sochi in late january since then there has only
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been military escalation. this week countries may have their differences but they share animosity towards the united states turkey's against the us this alliance with the syrian kurdish e.g. armed groups the russians and iranians believe the american military presence in the critics controlled north east and its threats against the government are about increasing leverage. pres which i'm sure you don't know because of the it's unacceptable the u.s. threats to strike damascus with false pretext like the use of chemical weapons we have told washington we reject of such words to use force. rationally iranian support have changed the balance of power in the syrian government's favor but politically there is no credible prospect of a circle but there is an international power struggle and they go are likely to continue on the battleground. astronaut. two israeli soldiers have been killed and two more being treated for serious injuries after
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being rammed by a car in the occupied west bank israeli military says it considers considers it a deliberate palestinian attack the driver fled the scene but was detained shortly afterwards and taken to hospital unconfirmed reports say he is a twenty six year old palestinian. well now south africa's former president jacob zuma is set to face prosecution for sixteen charges of corruption is accused of fraud racketeering and money laundering over a two and a half billion dollar government arms deal signed in the one nine hundred ninety s. when he was deputy president zuma denies any wrongdoing narcan when reports from pretoria. began with a two billion dollars deal between south africa and a french arms company in the one nine hundred ninety s. . these fighter jets were part of it and prosecutors say this man jacob zuma was paid bribes to secure the deal he was charged with corruption in two thousand and five the charges were later dropped
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shortly before he became president zuma resigned in february and now south africa's prosecutor says the case is back on i am of of of the view that a trial court would be the most appropriate forum for these issues to be ventilated and to be decided upon. after consideration of the matter. i am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma and the charges listed in the indictment charges one of several scandals that hung over soon as a nine year presidency. here he's seen leading one of his many court hearings press in opposition accused him of handing control of parts of the state to private interest is always denied charges and accusations the prosecutors who work in this office drops the arms deal corruption charges against zuma the that he became
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president they said they had recordings of conversations that showed that there had been political meddling in the case those recordings were never published the opposition fought hard ever since to get the charges reinstated karen mourns the journalist who first broke the story of the charges being dropped and covered the issue ever since and it's been a very long time in coming almost a decade it was in april two thousand and nine in the very same rematch on abrams has now just made his historic announcement that a former head of state for the first time in south african history is going to be prosecuted for corruption soon as controversial presidency is over prosecutors and the press say billions of dollars of public money was stolen before and during his tenure south africans are still waiting to see if. anyone from his government will be held to account malcolm webb al-jazeera pretoria south africa. with the news hour live from london much more still to come egypt is demanding answers over
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the death of this teenage student in the u.k. . slovakians demanded early elections despite the prime minister resigning over the death of a journalist. and in sport the draw in the quarterfinals of the champions league has been made and it's delivered some exciting ties. crusher is set to expel british diplomats in a tit for tat route over the poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. last week the foreign minister sergei lavrov says the explosions were in retaliation for the u.k. ordering out twenty three russian embassy staff there due to leave on march twentieth the kremlin says there's no clear proof that russia is linked to the chemical attack but lavrov or his johnson has accused president putin of ordering it himself our quarrel is with putin's credit and with his decision and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of
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a nerve agent on the streets of of the you killed the streets of europe for the first time since the second world war that is that is why we are at odds with russia. spokesman denounced that claim calling it shocking and inexcusable meanwhile british police have launched a murder investigation into the death of another russian in the u.k. earlier this week businessman nicholai blue skull was found dead in a west london suburb on monday police have confirmed the cause of death was compression to the neck sixty eight year old was a close associate of prominent opponent boris berezovsky who was found dead in the u.k. in two thousand and thirteen. an iraqi teenager has been found guilty of attempted murder for planting a bomb on a london train last september eighteen year old ahmed hassan will be sentenced next week thirty people were injured when his homemade bomb partially exploded apostles' green on the ground station in west london last and claimed asylum after he smuggled himself into england on
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a truck in two thousand and fifteen the egyptian foreign ministry is demanding on says over the death of a teenage student who was attacked in the city of not seeing him mariam mystified died on wednesday after suffering severe head injuries in the attack last month emma heywood reports from nottingham well liked bright mari missed stuff i had everything going for her apartment. she come to live in the u.k. from egypt and was studying engineering. last month mariam was attacked by a group of young people in the english city of. marion was taken to hospital placed in an induced coma but never recovered it was about eight o'clock at night by mariam boarded a bus in the center of notting it's alleged she was attacked on the pavement by a group who then followed her on to the bus and continued to abuse her. family says
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she and her sister had been attacked by some of those in the group with poor and a struggling to comprehend what happened do you believe this was a hate crime. because right now i don't have any. question why you haven't. merriam's story has been well documented in egypt and on social media with speculation running high about whether the attack was racially motivated police here say they're keeping an open mind and say there's nothing to suggest at the moment that this was a hate crime the local m.p. told lady justice. this is a very welcoming and diverse city and we are very proud to have people from all corners of the world here i'm not saying this is a very very unusual but clearly quite distressing situation and everybody from all backgrounds whatever their religion wants to see justice done and that is
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absolutely the feelings of everybody throughout our criminal justice system the egyptian authorities are calling for those involved to be swiftly brought to justice this is an ongoing investigation which has left a city in shock and a family broken am hayward al-jazeera. interruptions around the world have started casting their vote out of the upcoming presidential election on march twenty sixth the opposition is boycotting. not everyone who came to voted washington d.c. gyptian embassy were aware of the opposition boycott of the presidential election but all of those we spoke to were strong supporters of incumbent president abdel fattah el-sisi boy causing the election. you know boycott they supposed to really you know what the what they doing in here never having before everybody have to come and vote i think constructive opposition is like saying no for no for any
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anything but do you think of the other office and kind of it's clearly have been either frightened intimidated out of the race or of a put in prison. i'm not sure but with sisi facing accountant who is indorsed him and with the other opposition candidates withdrawing as a result of the rest or intimidation some in the diaspora say the cost of the vote is pointless are you going to go and vote at the embassy i have no intention to so they used to have this ilk of like you know electing mubarak or mubarak as i think that they know that is out in advance and i think that in this particular election they know also that is out an advantage and that's why many of them are not enthusiastic about going and casting ballots the polls open in egypt on march twenty sixth and earlier this week egyptian americans some of whom have been detained by the c.c. government came from across the u.s. to washington to lobby their members of congress to pass a resolution among the demands tying u.s. aid to human rights and for the u.s. to support independent election monitors participants say they had a receptive hearing on capitol hill. to democratic aspirations.
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for. the company coming. back at the embassy c.c. supporters continue to vote i love. yes i would put him over for and what. but for now it's difficult to quantify how many egyptian americans have heeded the call for a boycott shihab rattansi al-jazeera washington. a second demonstrations been held in madrid after the death of an african street vendor senegalese migrants say the thirty five year old died after being chased through the streets by police his death prompted a night of angry riots as demonstrators burned plastic trash containers and threw stones at riot police madrid's mayor has promised a thorough investigation. tens of thousands of civilians of time now to demand early elections the demonstrators are angry at the failure of that
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political leaders to address high level corruption slovakia's prime minister robert feet so resigned on thursday following the killing of investigative journalist john could siac and his fiance could siac was investigating links between slovak politicians and an italian mafia group in laina blueshirts has more from russia. organizers of this protest stayed there the resignation of slovak prime minister all but speed so there's no change essentially nothing guy spoke earlier today with one of the main organizers of the protest the journalist peter nods he said peter is not going anywhere he stands clearly that message yesterday to the press and to the president himself so people who gathered fear still had to demands they want independent investigation the mother of young kids act and much pain the push me to vote also they want government to be doing you want a government with no connection with the organized crime and corruption and they
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want decent contrie and one of the protesters here for example is granted shook me close call former candidate for the president of stock and one of the main organizers of the protest the people against violence and i delayed tonight i feel underlined that he was the decent country he's not just about this because government brought about any government to according to the organizers they want new election the citizens so slovakia as they say laws that just in their country and the elections are the only way to change their protest they're organized in thirty cities in the slovakia displays exactly in the brought this low voice symbolic in many ways this is the exact place where protests been eighty nine was held there was still a mess. here in one of the buildings he says all the men are full fight for his freedom has the right to hold it also this is the only place in the but obviously
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over canvas for yon. still standing three weeks after their murder. protests have been held across brazil following the death of a popular area city councilor marielle franco was shot along with her drive on wednesday night and what appears to have been a targeted assassination just weeks ago the federal government put brazil's army in charge of policing in rio and a hoax that has mall. despite the music and dancing this is not a happy occasion protest is brought in the streets of sao paolo to mourn the murder of prominent politician once described as a tireless social warrior the biggest marches were in her hometown of rio de janeiro where tens of thousands of brazilians gathered outside the city's council this is the woman whose killing has provoked such outrage mario franco the thirty eight year old councillor has become
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a voice for gay and black rights as well as fighting against police violence in poor areas of the city. police officials say she was deliberately targeted frank who were shot four times in the head and her driver was also killed her assistant who is sitting in the back survived brazil's president was quick to speak out to condemn the killing even though the two had disagreed over his recent plans to put the army in charge of security in rio de janeiro. the assassination of councilman r.t.l. and her driver understand go as is unacceptable in admissible like all the other murders that happen in rio de janeiro legend's is truly an attack on the rule of law and on our democracy has promised to carry out a full and transparent investigation. the people on the streets are angry and point the finger at the or far too nice to say that because there is a lot of indignation against this cowardice they want to silence a woman who fought for rights for justice for young black women.
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is the most efficient way we were in two thousand and eighteen in the injustice carries on that's why we gathered here today we're tired of injustice we want this to go not unpunished for our friend our colleague our sister's death not to go unpunished because her blood cries out. one of franco's far no posts on twitter criticized the police killing of a young man as he was leaving charge. he remarks groups a police are responsible for at least one thousand killings last year. al-jazeera. david moran there is a real city councilor who is a close friend of mariel franco intel of al-jazeera she leaves an impressive legacy . it was an inspiration because for ten years we didn't have a black woman by the city council she was not only a black woman but she would also be tea would bring so much pride she was the fifth
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most vote elected in rio all the lows vote for her we actually have a reaper's intuition near her really close because we have the same history we're black will be teens we come for the for we sat next to each other and our friendship was beyond she was living in a house with our friends she got to know our kids and it was really hard to see such a loss and the politics right now she was an inspiration and i'm shaking right now given this interview has everybody in this country shaking she has such a brute brilliant future ahead of her and worse they couldn't move it was so brutal it was five bullets crossing. sending a straight message if you're a black and you're off of from the for vile i was and you're feel woman and you
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trying to go against the power against the structures the power the corruptions power you will kill. a memorial ceremonies been held in iraq dish town of halabja remember the victims of one of the wild west chemical weapons attacks it's thirty isn't saddam hussein's forces attacked the town killing five thousand civilians and people living in her lap just still struggling with health problems believed to be linked to the attack a memorial to remember the victims was unveiled in two thousand and eight. says he is on chemical weapons have been used on civilians in neighboring syria prompting numerous debates at the u.n. security council but little action as mike hanna reports. i think another briefing of the security council about the crisis in syria. and further reports of the use of chemical weapons in the conflict this time in the besieged enclave of kuta then also knew these thirteen allegations of the use of gas underlying the
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ongoing debate an overarching international law the chemical weapons convention which essentially outlaws the possession production and acquisition of chemical weapons and it's signed by one hundred and ninety two states and this is the attack that galvanized the negotiations that led to the convention thirty years ago saddam hussein ordered a chemical attack on the kurdish. in northern iraq the negotiations on the chemical weapons convention were already going on in one nine hundred eighty eight at the time of the whole attack and the that the momentum in those negotiations really sort of tripled or quadrupled. unfortunately thanks to what happened in. but despite these horrific images that shocked the world it was seven weeks before the security council passed
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a resolution condemning the attack even then it was a neutral resolution calling on all sides to refrain from using chemical weapons portion of blame complicated by the fact that american intelligence claimed iran was responsible and by the fact that there was no mechanism to formally investigate the attack and thirty years later as evidence emerges of repeated chemical attacks in syria the security council finds itself in a similar position. a russian veto effectively ended the mandate of the joint investigative mechanism a body that had been formed with the express intention not to step rushing accountability for chemical attacks in syria. with no formal investigation of these attacks there's no sanction effectively rendering the chemical weapons convention meaningless and sending a dangerous message to those who deploy them they may take the lesson you can get
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away with it you can get away with murder you can get away with using the worst kinds of weapons and there won't be any accountability despite the international revulsion to the attack thirty years ago the saddam regime continued deploying chemical weapons with apparent impunity until the end of the war with iran. and every veto in the security council today would suggests that the listen up a lodger has still not be learned. by cannot al-jazeera united nations. or vietnam is marking the fiftieth anniversary of the me i massacre u.s. soldiers killed more than five hundred civilians most of them women and children in just one raid in the vietnam war they've been sent on a mission to confront a national liberation front or viet cong thought to be hiding in eli village only one american soldier was prosecuted over the incident. still ahead for you this hour the man who will not be president he's banned from standing in russia's
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election but alexina valley's not sit in your house together. president trump fire next the white house chief of staff reassures aides that no more staff change the plan and now. and in sports and bob way are hosting the qualifies for the cricket world cup but would it help boost higher numbers that. we may well be just a week and a half away from a british summer type as it started with the british isles we'll see some very wintry weather this week a one through the next couple of days at the moment is not too bad there ear of cloud shooting its way in here but the winds coming in from the atlantic so relatively mild temperatures into double figures that will change as we go on
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through the next couple of days even by saturday afternoon the coldest assets of the game based from the east many piece from the east this one seven celsius on saturday is that cold around minus nine in moscow shippy about freezing so we moscow on the cults are not coal waste leeway in from siberia that will continue the pot is way through there's a line of clouds rain. and snow to see how that makes its way a little further south which as we go on through into sunday the cold air very much on the northern flank of that oneself is the top temperature in london so big drop in conditions here then shouldn't be is the snow is it was last time they further south bits and pieces of snow certainly over the outside of the pyrenees we're going to see some rain making its way in across spain add portugal some of that wet weather also making its way into the fog north of africa with rain for helgi area.
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winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine let's go into overdrive. but just who is going through in saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what cannot be touched. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside the polling the media opinion the listening post but based time on al-jazeera also one of our biggest strengths is that we talked with normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and do not really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a biased were two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. two hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central by record about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america beats of strategically it's a very important place for all to do it's
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a big. welcome back you without is there a recap of the top stories now a russian as strike on a market has killed at least seventy people in the besieged syrian and plight of eastern ghouta and in northern syria the turkish military has shelled the main hospital in the town of afrin killing nine people. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has confirmed british diplomats will be expelled from russia it's in response to terry's amaze decision to order twenty three russian embassy staff out of the u.k. off the poisoning of a form of double agent. and south africa's former president jacob zuma is set to face prosecution on. and sixteen corruption charges causing you to say thank you
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counts of fraud racketeering and money laundering. let's discuss this and more now with some of the kenny has a policy and political scientist at university of south africa he joins me from pretoria via skype thank you very much for speaking to us how difficult and are tracked and do you expect this trial to pay well i do think that it's going to be difficult and protracted. almost as. if you do have witnesses which drew on the witnesses for the state the defense may bring just as many witnesses so it's likely to be a long drawn. you know try. do you expect it to last several years how drawn out could it be. it will hold on the weather for macos the access to resources or whether the state made cover some of these defense
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but if it doesn't have as many of these sources to bring the best lawyers and basically to delay the process than we can expect it to laws be true in a year and two years. do you expect that to be new evidence which will come to light during the course of this trial he said that you don't expect zuma to go to prison but. how definitive can you be in that conclusion we given that we might not have all the facts and information surrounding these charges. well i do think that the chances of him going to lose and may be limited but the chances of him being involved. quite high and some penalties may come in his way. because at this particular stage you may find that one year
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was a segue into the city to the crime even though you've been seated from it is the malaysian ship which of those say they new evidence that may come may have come running to their from the person or was imprisoned shoved in a city we may not be very happy all of the fact that. for this body. and he seemed to have been neglected by the president during his years as a president. we see now the new government in south africa under a great deal of pressure to be seen to be cracking down on corruption and high profile figures who have engaged in this sort of behavior is it going to be if you say that zimmer is likely to be found guilty will he have to do some sort of prison time potentially could he face a sentence and in order for this to be seen as a sort of credibility jetsam that process. i do think that is
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a possibility but the likely possibility you that is also given the fact that it may just need some or for some. good in order to compensate for the money is taken is also faces yet. because of the same time the state that is in which is to live versus gauging his though is too caught up should more of that is what i proved to be more. visceral i thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and views without some adult african me from the university of south africa but into. russia's most high profile opposition figure alexina valmy is not standing in
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sunday's election after he was banned by the electoral commission in december but that doesn't mean he's completely says he's out of on these funding gets corruption group is challenging the nitrous mysie of latina pearson and they say they've got fifteen thousand people ready to help out or a challenge has been to meet some of them. these muscovites are learning how to be disruptors they volunteered to monitor voting in russia's presidential election and meetings like this from happening all over the country. they're showing videos of what to look out for this one is from parliamentary elections two years ago and shows what looks like ballot stuffing russia they want to minimize such fraud being repeated which they hope will keep sunday's election turnout from being artificially inflated simply much taking in what it. needs never will understand that this is not an election and there's no point in voting that's why our only game is the turnout because that's the kremlin's main focus in this election and
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they fight for high turnout with all their administrative resources if that's true just to get a man driving all this is alexina valmy russia's most high profile opposition politician in december he was barred from the elections for an embezzlement conviction that he's always said was politically motivated. choosing the president's choosing the future says the sign and it's an intriguing idea isn't it one of russians had been able to make that choice between vladimir putin and alexina valmy well polling over the last year suggests to me a period in is consistently on seventy percent whereas now valmy is in single digits the implication of that is clear but it's telling all of the kremlin's approach to things that they weren't prepared to even take that chance. so in the valleys plan b. is to deal of the mayor putin's expected reelection his tactics are polling station monitoring and calling for an election boycott he's sure of the result but he needs
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people to come to the polling stations otherwise his spectacle the actors the lighting man and the cloakroom attendant are all in place but the theater is empty the audience didn't turn up and that's what scares him for many of the valley supporters this is a generation. struggle but that's a deal better off when i went to my first rally a year ago my granny called me and said you study in a state funded university and the state pays for your education why are you going to rally you're being so bad but young threes in the university especially in moscow support of omni because everyone sees where the country is going the central election committee has already attempted to block accreditation for thousands of new volleys monitors campaign activists around the country face prosecutions and jail sentences like with all of allie's initiatives this one won't go smoothly reach allen's al-jazeera mosque or. now the white house chief of staff john kelly
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has been reassuring aides to the us president that donald trump isn't planning a major shake up the press secretary sarah huckabee saw and has told reporters there are no more staff changes planned for now. the gist of actually spoke to a number of staff this morning reassuring that there were personnel changes no immediate personnel changes at this time that people shouldn't be concerned we should do exactly what we do every day and that's come to work and do the very best job that we can and that's exactly what we're doing that's exactly what we're focused on. well this comes days after the firing of secretary of state rex tillerson and follows reports that trump has also decided to sack a charm monster is national security adviser a three star general is not the only person being openly talked about as facing the ax there is speculation kelly himself is possibly on his way out as well general john calley questions continue to linger over attorney general jeff sessions who is
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the first leading republican to back trump's campaign they would join a growing list of people to leave the white house in the fourteen months and strong came to power this includes the first national security adviser of course and chief of staff for communications directives and. the seeming advises. well joining me now in the studio is joe watkins he's a republican political strategist and former white house aide to president george bush sr so it's becoming difficult to keep up the list is getting longer isn't it i mean it seems to right now be a question of when and not if fired why why is president trump taking his time on making this announcement well there's no rush of course is the president really has a keen understanding of media cycles and news cycles unlike other presidents he's very focused on this and so he's for the most part driving most of the breaking news and is his timing has been
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a very deliberate i think so far in terms of the firings of have taken place in the past and in the case of secretary tillerson i think that he wanted to embarrass him when he fired him so that's why you fired him by tweet as opposed to doing the usual of something into his office and and telling him that he wanted his resignation with mcmaster there's not so much of a rush but everybody knows everyone i was though i mean you're saying he fired you know with to listen it was that was an element of humiliation that because it was done with a tweet and he hadn't spoken to the president directly but on the other hand this is you know that we have now a national security adviser very much in a state of limbo yeah well what president from knows is that there are lots of people out there from which to choose though he has people from which to choose he's not afraid of choosing people who don't have experience in national security affairs the question becomes is who can he choose that will for the most part agree with the direction in which he wishes to take the country he said something very
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interesting though you're saying that potential candidates about the direction of the country but really from from what you were saying earlier on it sounds like although this is part of a manipulation of the news cycle potentially as a diversionary tactic to avoid coverage of all the masses it will certainly he's been very skillful in that regard he's been very skillful in big. i'm sure that that when there is breaking news about perhaps the russian investigation there's usually another breaking news story about something else and it might be a tweet that he's sent out to somebody might be an announcement about the wall that that he's proposing to build might be an announcement about something else that he's playing to do and most of these announcements take the the country as well as the world by surprise so whether it's the sit in to talk to kim in north korea which nobody expected him to make or the decision to fire rex tillerson or the decision by his chief economic adviser last week to resign after
12:43 am
the president talked about without telling anybody imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports he's driving a new cycle and so that's one thing to consider in terms of the ten if this news becomes official and it is confirmed potential success estimate last year include john bolton i mean how much significance would you give the posts of national security advisor or secretary of state you just mentioned two key foreign policy issues iran and north korea were seen regularly sort of treaty out his thoughts on what policy should be how significant avi's cabinet level positions and how the president is cost constantly on the cutting and low in mining what the president has demonstrated is that the cabinet positions are not as important as they have been in the past in the past presidents of the united states relied on their secretaries of state their national security advisors to help give them guidance on the direction in which we ought to be taking in this case the president is demonstrating that he's the lead person he's the lead person he's the final
12:44 am
decision maker but he's also the person who make it was mine even before he hears from his advisers about the direction in which he wishes to take the united states . there isn't enough time yet to cover all the possibilities all the departures for that matter joe watkins for now thank you thank you mary. now the families of people still missing after a pedestrian bridge collapsed in florida have been gathering on the highway there waiting for news of their loved ones as the authorities searched through the rubble at least six people were killed on thursday when the bridge collapsed on to several lanes of traffic at florida international university in miami the incident has caused a spotlight on a rapid construction technique widely used in the u.s. . we're. just waiting to hear and be. doing everything that they can. they get tedious process of just waiting. so ahead on the news the ski
12:45 am
lift with a mind of its own. to being drawn with. in the. final. business updates brought to you by qatar oh we're going places together.
12:46 am
business updates brought to you by qatar oh we're going to places together. at least eight ski areas of being treated for minor injuries after a ski lift malfunctioned in the georgian resorts have got dari videos posted on social media show the lift changing direction and running
12:47 am
a dangerously high speed. ski is already surprised to be travelling rapidly downhill backwoods will then throw a nice just through the air others opted to take their life into their own hands by jumping off early and investigation is underway. time now for the sport with. marion thank you so much for the first time in almost thirty years iraq will be able to play international football matches at home after fever partially lifted a ban the lifting of the ban also opens the way for iraq to host next year's gulf cop safety and security concerns had meant that all home world cup an asian cup qualifiers had to be played in neutral countries the president says it's now safe enough for internationals to be played in three cities erbil basra and karbala. is the case it is. the budget will be about
12:48 am
complaints because he was concerned about the illegal but the organizing in this case if she would object and get on the scene as well but. we'll see if those are the. imagine but bob. these requests was bob accepted by the council yet this commission which didn't need to be marketing inquest to be fair game betty thirty eight that's what. the country hasn't played full internationals on home soil since the one nine hundred ninety invasion of kuwait their one world cup the parents came four years before that in one thousand nine hundred eighty six despite the disruption iraq's biggest success came in two thousand and seven when the team won the asian cup fever granted them permission for the country to host friendlies last may and more than sixty five thousand fans were in attendance when iraq hosted saudi arabia last month for the first time in almost four decades earlier i spoke to iraq's football writer hossam bello he told us how difficult
12:49 am
it's been for the team to play all their important games away from home. it's been very difficult of course for the fans especially you know football's basically all kind of final beacon of hope it's a huge sport iraq the main sport for us to not be able to watch our national side in nearly three decades it's been very tough but likewise for the team it's also been very difficult you know in various different aspects for us the full on the top level of football the small margins much usually. with no home support when you're playing going to stadium that's completely empty whether it's in kind of lump or the u.a.e. or wherever you know it's not the same atmosphere that will generate when you're playing in your own country so that might give you a five percent edge it's very difficult for the plays and that sets likewise the fact that such as extra trouble or the pitches being poor this is especially been the case when we've played in iran and when you have to play is capable of playing
12:50 am
fast forward football such as seen just in their own really results in you being forced to play a more direct approach which is not very convenient when you have the play is capable of playing a better standard of football so it's been very difficult in these in these circumstances. the draw has been made for the champions league quarter final senate still leverage some exciting ties two time defending champions around the dreadful face italian side. and a repeat of last season's final that was won by the spanish side rail are bidding to become the first team to win europe's top club competition three straight times in more than forty years. on the contrary just i mean i think. we already played them three times recently in the past and i think both of us recognize it'll be difficult we'll have to play those games very very well at a very high level to progress this being said we obviously trust players who showed us those last years that they're able to handle these types of games very well and
12:51 am
raise a lot of joy among all fans. roma will be able to avoid the thrashing barcelona gave them when they last met in the champions league twenty fifteen all quarter final debutant severe but in this league a leaders bar in munich one of the two remaining english teams will be eliminated after liverpool were drawn with manchester city for the first time in european competition authorities will be on high alert after english side arsenal were drawn with cisco moscow in the europa league final tensions between the two nations have been high after the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter shortly after the draw was made the club issued a travel advisory for france thinking of going to moscow for the away like it highlighted warning from the british foreign office saying there is the possibility of anti british sentiment in russia and to avoid commenting publicly on political developments. last year's mozy championship runner up andre
12:52 am
divots also was quickest and practice ahead of sunday's season opening round. the ryder finish just six one thousand seven second faster than his nearest rival qualifying session will be held on saturday. i was some bob we have moved to the top of the table after beating ireland by a hundred and six runs and there cricket world cup qualifier ten teams have been battling it out for the last two remaining spots in next year's world cup the years of economic and political turmoil in zimbabwe have affected participation levels in the sport but as harmon tassel reports organizers hope the home tournaments all attract people back to the game. zimbabwe's national cricket team has surprised many local fans they've made it into the last sixteen years fighting it out for two final squads at next year's cricket world cup being
12:53 am
held in england zimbabwe used to regularly play against a top national sides in the world but the political and financial crises during robert mugabe's rule hurt the game some senior many wide players left in protest leaving behind a young inexperienced players who had a daughter task of picking up the pieces. he was forced to resign in november. is now president some fans and players hope a new beginning for the country will also be a new beginning for cricket but we've had some challenges in the past. with the changes that have happened in the country that we can play our little part to do well you know we representing fifteen million people in our country. if we don't do well in flight of the flood. of critter. in recent years the team has struggled against other international sides. but they say playing on home soil in the super sixes qualifying tournament gives them an
12:54 am
advantage and gets more young people interested in the sport with all these games being played here at home. more younger people watching and a lot more than a people interested in the sport and that's always sort it is all coming out and watching all your twelve year old. international teams are playing in zimbabwe inspires him encourages young people. seeing shards playing people playing and people playing. bill for game night. football remains more popular than cricket in zimbabwe some people here believe cricket is an elitist sport some schools are trying to change the perception it's a poor school the bats and balls are several years old who are really good players and upgrading cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team it's been a bumpy road was the national side players know they still
12:55 am
a lot of work to do the more matches they win could raise the profile of cricket and return zimbabwe's national team to form a place competing with the world's elite. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to merriam in london thank you for our children in kenya's largest slum are on a mission to change their neighborhood local arts project helps them become the super heroes of canberra with special powers to tackle problems in the sun catherine so he has more on this from nairobi. it's saturday afternoon and a hundred full of kibera children get creative with the spray paint brushes and converse is what they like most about this art project in the heart of the largest slum in the country is a good to be who they want through an initiative called superheroes of kibera squid one is undoubtedly the head of the park and say mail it to the uk being my
12:56 am
superpower is to help out when there is fire in the slum i bring water and help people to get to safety. green arrow tackles vargas and he shows us how. wonder woman says she has the power to get the truth out of people. this compare has lots of lawyers and criminals if i can get people to be honest we could live peacefully. the walk shop which has also opened its doors to many practicing artists in kibera was started by two groups whose founders were born and bred here we have an artist we have guys who do it for three. days with lots of creative about this so. it's a comedian. the room itself can only take about ten children of the time the project accommodates just forty children every few months and only when there's
12:57 am
money to buy the tool to work this afternoon they get to go outdoors where they make modern searched shanty walls their canvas this is the street of kibera children here get to express themselves in whatever way they see best and on any of the little space their mentors tell us it keeps the ground it's. their idea is to have the children deal with everyday problems that affect their neighborhoods. have the skills to delist become with heroes in their own community so like. mine superman we want to show these kids you can be the black man in the community you can transform your community many children who live in slum areas have few opportunities to make it out but this superheroes of kibera say they're determined to succeed and as long as they're here they want to make their lives and those of many other people they interact with a little better catherine saw al-jazeera nairobi kenya.
12:58 am
well that's it for the news hour but i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news stay with us. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pool with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about
12:59 am
how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty force of among the trio of drivers what went wrong in society that opened up the space on the image that a gracious is the european problem and it's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to bear that is for link up our people don't want to take more of that need i defo find a stronger man our song woman you're getting the growth of rejectionism of this world because the model doesn't want us europe's forbidden colony episode two at this time on al-jazeera. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's woes. at some schools the changing the rules are
1:00 am
good to have hope that they examination and how baby girl. with its still mission results. a little different but our. rebel education early learning mexico at this time on al jazeera. syria's war escalates on two fronts turkey shells the main hospital and affray in while the russian as strike killed seventy people in an eastern market.


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