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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's world. but some schools are changing the rules are good. and how to deal with the results. like. our. rebel education early learning mexico at this time on al-jazeera. the latest in donald trump's firing line the f.b.i. is deputy directors sacked on the eve of his retirement. and i'm jane dutton this is al jazeera live from coming up china's parliament votes
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on the country's leadership but there's no doubt who the president will be. the war in syria escalates on two fronts strikes in east and go to while activists say turkey's military's bombed a hospital in a free. a questionable arms deal corruption charges are reinstated against former south african president jacob zuma. the f.b.i. deputy director has been fired but he's fired back at the u.s. president on the way out and mccabe has been sacked for misconduct just before he would have been eligible for full retirement benefits mccabe says his firing is part of the champs chunk administration's war on the f.b.i. he believes he's been singled out for events he witnessed off the trump fired
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f.b.i. director james comey rosen jordan joins us from washington d.c. and what happened. well essentially the timeline is this it's still very late on friday night march sixteenth here on the east coast of the united states andrew mccabe is turning fifty years old on sunday march eighteenth on that day he was going to retire from the f.b.i. and that way he could get his retirement benefits and health care benefits for his family and for himself well instead just about one hour ago it to g.m.t. it was announced by the department of justice that andrew mccain has been fired the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions put out a statement saying that this is because he released information that should not have been released inside the f.b.i. to a reporter and that when he was questioned about it by investigators within the f.b.i. sessions said that mccabe miss led those investigators those are two big offenses
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inside the f.b.i. and so sessions said that he has made the decision to dismiss him immediately well obviously this is something that andrew mccabe strongly disagrees with almost the moment his firing was announced he had already talked to the new york times i'm going to read a couple of quotes from that statement to the new york times first he said the idea that i was being dishonest or was dishonest is just wrong he said adding quote this is part of an effort to discredit me as a witness and that means that he would be talking to robert muller the special counsel who was looking into whether there was any cooperation between russia and specifically the russian government and donald trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign if there were some sort of activity it might well have been illegal that is what robert mueller is trying to determine and certainly he would want to talk
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to andrew mccabe who at the time was not just the deputy director but in. seventeen also became the acting director of the f.b.i. finally andrew mccabe had this to say to the new york times and again i'm quoting here it's incredibly unfair to my reputation after a twenty one year career so that's just a taste of what andrew mccabe is saying he has also put out a longer statement with vox dot com and you alluded to part of that in your introduction jane basically saying that he and his family have been nothing more than slandered and that he said that this is part of the ministrations efforts to discredit not just the f.b.i. but all law and law enforcement and this is behavior that is simply unbecoming of the print of the leadership of the united states so this is a comes at a time when the white house tries to reassure stuff that no one else will be fired . well you know in the past hour we were talking about this here on al-jazeera and
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the stories all day coming out of the white house had been that the president and his chief of staff john kelly had reached an agreement that kelly would be staying on in that very key position for some time in fact the spokesperson at the white house sarah huckabee sanders told reporters quote kelly isn't going anywhere there was also a number of reports indicating that even though the president wants to replace h.r. mcmaster the army general who also serves as his national security adviser that's not going to happen until the president has decided on the person that he thinks is best suited to the job some names have already been floated but the message coming out of the white house on friday afternoon was that there had not been any decision made and so at least for the time being and that's a very tenuous for the time being a charming master is still working as the national security adviser if they were
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hoping at the white house that they wanted a quiet couple of days not being at the forefront of the news cycle well they're not getting it seems to be the case thanks for that rosalind jordan well joining us on skype from washington d.c. is lawrence korb he's a senior fellow at the center for american progress and the former assistant secretary of defense always good to see you lawrence korb interesting timing isn't it ten o'clock on a friday night couple of days before he retires anyway well i think the why re basically was. because sessions was under pressure from president trump to do something in fact that white house and put pressure on sessions to relieve make a as the deputy director he has basically been relieved of that post and after this information came out the white house basically wanted sessions to fire him because
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they were not happy with the guy he conducted the clinton investigation the only he was not hard enough on her because his wife happens to running for a local office with the democrats so it's a real statement isn't that the you know you're retiring soon with or no benefits but we're not going to allow you to do that i mean this seems to be a sort of ongoing pattern that we seeing that anyway auntie regardless of it is well there's no doubt about it the president after having been in office a year now feels that he knows what to do and he only wants people around him who. is particular agenda and that's why you saw secretary felicity go i think sent a charming mass of the national security advisor would probably will be going as soon as they can find another job for him because he is an active duty army or army
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officer i think that you may see some other cabinet like sessions go because the president was not happy with the fact that he. used themself from the investigation about russian involvement in the election yeah i was going to ask you about that where does this leave the investigation by special counsel robert mueller. well i think what's going to happen as your correspondent pointed out mccain now will be testifying in front of muller and he knows a lot about what happened. during the campaign and during the investigation because while they were investigating secretary clinton they obviously came across the fact that the e-mails were stolen and that the russians for involved against her so i think that's going to be involved also. mr mccain because it's also about the fact that when president
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trump wired director call me that was an attempt to call me where i'm actually going ahead with the investigation and that could be considered obstruction of justice ok briefly one if you will i mean do you think is likely to go next and if he's surrounded by all these yes and let's get a deal with that well that's the problem because in tell you from my own experience working for president reagan it's good when you hear different points of view before you make make a decision what if you only get people who agree with you are you going to make the right decision i think for example people like secretary gale assent and secretary not as actually you know kept from wanting to actually initiate a war with north korea vice you know stressing that a diplomatic. way out of it in fact would jellison her suggested it.
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stuck with the president actually criticized him publicly in scope thank you. separately donald trump signed a bill paving the way for meetings with taiwan china has criticized the move it views taiwan as a breakaway province beijing says the decision runs contrary to the one china policy which has been the cornerstone of us china relations since the one nine hundred seventy s. under it all official u.s. diplomatic contact is with beijing. but the chinese president's closest political ally when q. shan has been voted in as vice president xi jinping has also been confirmed for a second term with unanimous support a national people's congress is rubber stamping a government reshuffle at its annual meeting in beijing the congress approved the removal of term limits for the president and vice president this week scott hired
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a joins us live from beijing so the president and the vice president be chosen as usual with the people's congress there have been no surprises but they are some differences this time on their. there are definitely jay now you know we just saw on state run national t.v. here in china something that hasn't been done that often those two officials the president and the vice president you know nine o'clock am local time is when the delegates at the national people's congress cast their ballots for vice president and president and some other offices as well and then within just the last couple of minutes which is just two hours after the ballots were cast they were already sworn in and this is something that doesn't happen that often here in china to live telecast of them swearing in now what the differences are when you look at the vice presidency one as you said is a very close ally of xi jinping the president here and has been instrumental in the crackdown on corruption and that was something was very important issues in being
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he said coming into his first term that just ended today that he wanted to focus on anti-corruption why was the man who was put in charge that he's been kind of like him as a firefighter if you will so term limits for president and vice president is now gone so those two gentlemen essentially can can be in those spots for life that's one of the changes another change is because of who the vice president is and his close relationship with president xi that position has been elevated before as primarily ceremonial now there's going to be a lot of power with that and that's what she's been paying once the vice president to do. more about the focus of the vice president's role will be. well part of it will be yes will be looked at as a firefighter the person who will handle the tough issues but jim what he'll be focused on is yes the relationship with the united states and trade issues as we've been seeing as of late in particular with that news coming out today about the
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united states drawing closer to taiwan that's obviously going to be something china is going to push back harder against they already did issue a statement so the vice president will probably be tasked with that one thing that he has a good background in dealing with the united states the economy here so he's going to be working with the united states in trying to ease the tension over trade but also he'll be kind of the diplomatic front the foreign affairs front for the administration here he's kind of served that in the past and he has really proven to be someone who can get results in very difficult situations also north korea that's obvious something that's very very important to china so he'll be he'll be fronting that so again it's very interesting to see jane that here we've had this vice presidency role in the past it's been very ceremonial but now because of in that position and his relationship with she and his history it's going to be elevated it's now going to be a seat of power to see that there thank you scott dozens of people have been killed
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in separate airstrikes in syria in rebel held eastern market was hit the even more than seventy people dead and activists say fifteen others died when turkish forces bombed the only functioning hospital in kurdish controlled a free island fishing reports. it's been a day of stark brutal contrasts. with the line between life and death a sharp and arbitrary this is a fringe a city that's been shared by the free syrian army backed by the turks. with a number of dead rises by the day with a pall of smoke from another attack hangs in the year no surrounded by the f.s.a. and the turkish military the final assault take the city is underway civilians on the ground have expressed serious worries to us regarding their safety including as a result of fighters placing rocket launchers in residential areas we're deeply
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concerned about the high risk of civilians who are effectively trapped being injured or killed besieged used as human shields or displaced as a result of the fighting people are being allowed to leave taking a road to the so the humanitarian corridor to escape the fear and the expectation of what's to come. on and our friends in the cause of turkey we fled from a friend because of the heavy turkish bombardment there frightening people yesterday i couldn't sleep we suffer to get here. used to go to different actors but a similar situation cozens left part of the besieged on cleeve on thursday thousands more have no joint to put it simple and straightforward children good to see that at last a few thousands of people have been able to leave these hellish conditions in anything with dana rain. a popular market now was hit boardings
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piled up in the streets of. the syrian civil war no. alliances of the battle lines of changed but what is no different is that each day some people will live until to morrow or many innocent people will die. also odd to see it up on the talkie syria border south africa's former president jacob zuma is facing prosecution for corruption the charges include fraud racketeering and money laundering a two point five billion dollar arms deal signed in the one nine hundred ninety s. zuma denies any wrongdoing as malcolm webb reports from pretoria. it began with a two billion dollar deal between south africa and a french arms company in the one nine hundred ninety s. . these fighter jets were part of it. and prosecutors say this man jacob zuma was paid bribes to secure the deal he was
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charged with corruption in two thousand and five the charges were later dropped shortly before he became president zuma resigned in february and now africa's prosecutor says the case is back on i am of the view of the view that a trial court would be the most appropriate forum for these issues to be ventilated and to be decided upon after consideration of the matter i am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma on the charges listed in the indictment. charges one of several scandals that hung i resume as a nine year presidency. here he's seen leading one of his many court hearings press in opposition accused him of handing control of parts of the state to private interest is always the night charges and accusations. the prosecutors who work in this office dropped the arms deal corruption charges against the that he became
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president they said they had recordings of conversations that showed that there had been political meddling in the case those recordings were never published the opposition fought hard ever since to get the charges reinstated karen morns a journalist who first broke the story of the charges being dropped and covered the issue ever since and it's been a very long time in coming almost a decade it was in april two thousand and nine in the very same rematch on abrams has now just made his historic announcement that a former head of state for the first time in south african history is going to be prosecuted for corruption as controversial president over prosecutors and the press billions of dollars of public money was stolen before and during his tenure south africans are still waiting to see if zuma anyone from his government will be held to account. al-jazeera pretoria south africa. that's more still ahead on
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al-jazeera thank god and i repeat i believe that basically loud and angry in brazil over the killing of a popular politician. in the. denouncing corruption protesters in slovakia call for an early election after the killing of a journalist. how low we got more wintry weather making its way across the u.s. at present and of course across canada. cloud snow missing pieces of right drifting through the plains pushing for the race was it will bring some further disruptive weather on parole in the middle antic states as we go on through saturday and eventually up towards that northeastern corner into eastern canada further west
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cold enough here's what a fair bit of snow that drifting in across the rockies eleven or twelve celsius for seattle and for sam sam sam francisco we're going to that's around sixty degrees in ally seventeen as we go on into sunday that's not a funny thing to sinking a little further south was you know just maybe monocle service out of the country it should clear three bright skies com back into seven celsius in new york cold enough not to fall there for us well twenty four celsius in dallas fine and dry weather pushing out of the way will let some rain come into central pass all of texas will see some bits and pieces of right to just around the greater antilles but for much of the caribbean tropical sunshine not in too bad it's all thirty celsius to kingston and also into santa the main gun similar values to unitas for cuba a little bit more clout there into the windward islands lossie drawing central america . a global economic superpower that's underperformed in the world of football when
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used explores how china is now spending billions in his quest to conquer the beautiful game. at this time when al jazeera and this was different is that whether someone is going for some of this very red bull does matter any truth i think it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story and fly out. there you watching our top stories this hour the deputy director of the f.b.i. has been fired a little over
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a day before he was due to retire and mccabe had been the subject of an internal investigation into leaks to the news media he says his dismissal is part of the administration's ongoing war on the f.b.i. . the chinese president's close political ally. has been voted in as vice president xi jinping has also been confirmed for a second term with unanimous support the national people's congress approved the government reshuffle at its annual meeting in beijing. dozens of people have been killed in as strikes into areas of syria in rebel held eastern go to market was hit leaving more than seventy people dead and activists say fifteen others died when turkish forces bombed the only functioning hospital in kurdish controlled a free. russia plans to expel british diplomats in a tit for tat rao over the poisoning of a former spy foreign minister sergei lavrov says the expulsions in retaliation for
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britain twenty three russian embassy staff they due to leave on choose day moscow denies paying any part in last week's attack on cigarettes cripple and his daughter a u.k. foreign secretary johnson has accused president vladimir putin of ordering it himself . is with putin's credit and with his decision and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision. to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the u.k. on the streets of europe for the first time since the second world war that is that is why we are at odds with russia british police have launched a separate investigation into the death of another russian russian in the u.k. scuse me this man nicolay glue scarf was found dead in london on monday police have confirmed the cause of death was compression to the neck sixty eight year old this cough was a close associate of prominent opponent boris berezovsky was found dead in the u.k.
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in twenty thirteen. anger is mounting in brazil over the death of a popular politician city councilor marielle franco was shot on wednesday in what's been called an assassination she was an outspoken critic of police violence masses and reports. brazilian voices raised an eye and go for a second day after the shooting of model of franco who supporters say gave her voice to the poorest a rio's teeming for violence. and i'm here not just for mariela but for many other women and people from the periphery we have the idea that it doesn't matter what color you are and it doesn't matter where you come from if you have an important cause you should be respected for that. idea of franco was a gay black woman who regularly condemned police aggression in rio's poorest areas she was shot four times in the head as she sat in her car the police say she was targeted deliberately brazil's president michel tema has promised
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a full and transparent investigation in february to put the army in charge of security in rio de janeiro a move marianna flying coach had condemned. but actually i am here for black women who make it despite all the difficulties and for all of those who don't make it those who are down in the those who have been killed by the state which is killing us every day. a vocal critic of brazil's security forces may have been silenced but her supporters are still determined to be heard rob matheson. tens of thousands of protesters in slovakia are demanding an early election to end a political crisis caused by journalists murder prime minister robert fisa resigned on thursday but demonstrators won more action and what they see as widespread corruption and krycek was reporting on the accusations of mafia ties to future
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associates when he and his girlfriend worked. then in the shots has more from a study. organizers of this protest say that the resignation of sort of prime minister that all the teeth saw does not change essentially nothing i spoke earlier today with one of the main organizers of the protest the journalist peter nods he said peter is not going anywhere he said and clearly that message yesterday to the press and to the president he's caught himself so people who gathered here still had to demands they want independent investigation of murder of the uncouth sex and much pain the priest made about also they want government to do and you want a government with no connection with the organized crime and corruption and they want decent contrie and one of the protesters here for example is trying to shoot me close call former candidate for the president of stock and one of the main
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organizers of the protest the people against violence and i delayed tonight i feel i'm the one that was in decent country not just about the bits of government about about any government so according to the organizers they want new election the citizens so slovakia as they say laws are just in their country and the elections are the only way to change that protester organized in thirty cities in the slovakia this place exactly in the brought this low voice symbolic in many ways this is the exact place where protests in eighty nine was held there was still a message here in one of the buildings it says only men who fight for his freedom has the right to hold it also this is the only place in the brought this club over candles for young could see a candidate at the in a needle voice still standing three weeks after their murder they've been protests
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. the special meeting of southeast asian leaders in australia of the asean summit in sydney is focusing on strengthening security and trade in the pacific region the protests against some of the leaders and human rights abuses in their countries the cambodian community is angry at the attendance of prime minister hun sen choosing him of overseeing human rights abuses minerals and sun suchi is also at the summit under chavez is the incident. this protest of about six hundred people is taking place just near where the afghan leaders are meeting both him say that leaders from their respective countries mostly cambodia vietnam shouldn't be here on sun suchi of course being held responsible and their eyes full the atrocities against the revenge and in parallel to their protests a legal case is now on the way he writes lawyers including allison baths and have
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launched an application in a melbourne colt for crimes against humanity against him is this really going to go anywhere yes we believe it will. be evidence is overwhelming about what is happening in ring states and against the working guy it precisely matches the australian statute and that of the international criminal court for crimes against humanity for the deportation and for school transfer fee lation but she's only here for a few days you need the support ultimately that's a start as attorney general in government you're not going to get back is this really anything more than a stunt no it is absolutely not a stunt. we have followed in the victorian magistrates court. that we expect an answer from them to meet next week and some sea change is still. placed. in parallel with that is the briefs that went to the attorney general there's a slight loophole shia in
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a straight laced domestic legislation that we can start a. private prosecution against unsung suchi. is considering our application and he's decision is reviewable. thank you very much. he said will be here in australia that's when she started talking mostly security and try to destroy the us government and the other governments from the regions on saturday these protests are going to go on all week and. the top stories on al-jazeera the deputy director of the f.b.i. has been fied a little over a day before he was due to retire and mccabe had been the subject of an internal investigation into leaks to the news media he says his dismissal is part of the trump administration's war on the f.b.i. resident jordan has more from washington d.c.
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the attorney general jeff sessions put out a statement saying that this is because he released information that should not have been released inside the f.b.i. to a reporter and that when he was questioned about it by investigators within the f.b.i. . that mccabe miss led those investigators those are two big offenses inside the f.b.i. and so said that he has made the decision to dismiss him immediately well obviously this is something that andrew mccabe strongly disagrees with the chinese president's close political ally when q. shang has been voted in as vice president xi jinping has also been confirmed for a second term with unanimous support the national people's congress approved the government reshuffle at its annual meeting in beijing. dozens of people have been killed in separate airstrikes in syria in rebel held eastern ghouta market was hit
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leaving more than seventy people dead and activists say seven fifteen others died when turkish forces bombed the only functioning hospital in kurdish controlled from . south africa's former president jacob zuma is facing prosecution for corruption the charges against him include fraud racketeering and money laundering of a two point five billion dollars deal signed in the one thousand nine hundred denies any wrongdoing tens of thousands of people have joined anti-government protests in slovakia demanding an early election to end a political crisis triggered by the murder of a journalist. in brazil over the death of a popular politician has been a second night of protests in rio de janeiro city council franco was shot on wednesday what's been called an assassination. those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after one of many china's big go. on counting the
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cost are russians getting all they bargain for economically. for reelection saudi aramco keeps the financial world guessing but the globe's largest i.p.o. on ice will be asking what's behind the delay counting the cost and i just you. china piece of the big sporting super bowl. but football has always been there it killed these. people only qualified for the world cup won. and lost and received. despite their current long range china wants to get people to be like.


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