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tv   Nowhere To Hide  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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is a short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. this against the case. al-jazeera selects changemaker this at this time. and i'm jane austen and other top stories on al-jazeera the f.b.i. as deputy director has been fide just before he was jus to retire with full pension benefits and a mccabe says his dismissal is part of the u.s. president's ongoing war on the view and donald trump has tweeted that it's a great day for the hardworking men and women of the f.b.i. wasn't jordan reports andrew mccabe was an f.b.i.
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agent for twenty two years rising to deputy director and then acting director after his boss james told me was fired by the trump white house in twenty seventeen but just before he planned to retire on march eighteenth mccabe too was dismissed in a statement released late on friday night the attorney general jeff sessions said that according to an internal agency investigation quote mr mccabe had made in an authorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor including under oath a multiple occasions i have terminated the employment of andrew mccabe effective immediately. right after this mccabe told the news media his firing was payback for doing his job investigating ties between russia and donald trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign as well as overseeing the probe into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state now president trump has
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accused mccabe of partisan bias mccabe's wife a democrat received campaign donations from one of hillary clinton's allies then mccabe added this quote the attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not to just slander me personally but to taint the f.b.i. law enforcement and intelligence professionals generally it is part of this administration's all going war on the f.b.i. and the efforts of the special counsel analysts say robert muller who is the special counsel will want to talk to mckay but now aides now will be testifying in front of mahler and he knows a lot now what happened. during the campaign and during the investigation mr mckay going to talk about the fact that when president truong fired your rector call me that was i didn't see him you were going to call me when
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i'm actually going ahead with the investigation i'm not could be considered a struction of justice being fired means andrew mccabe might lose his retirement and health care benefits but mccabe might also have much more to gain by telling robert muller everything he knows about any russian links to the trump presidential campaign and that could mean the trumpet ministration might now have a much bigger problem on its hands rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington the chinese president's close political ad has been voted in as vice president xi jinping is also being confirmed for a second term with unanimous support the national people's congress approves the government we shuffle at its annual meeting in beijing. a legal application has been filed in australia against me and as leader and sun suit she's in sydney as part of a special asean summit of southeast asian leaders lawyers are attempting to prosecute
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charges of crimes against humanity in relation to the treatment of me and ring. dozens of people have been killed in separate air strikes in syria in rebel held eastern good term market was hit leaving more than seventy people dead and activists say fifteen others died when turkish forces bombed the only functioning hospital in kurdish controlled a frame so that because former president jacob zuma is facing prosecution for corruption the charges against him include fraud racketeering and money laundering over a two point five billion dollar arms deal signed in the one nine hundred ninety s. denies any wrongdoing. brazil over the death of a popular politician has been a second night of protests in rio de janeiro. city council mario franco was shot on wednesday in what has been called an assassination. those are the headlines the
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news continues on al-jazeera after witness nowhere to hide. in the chain. of. command in no way how can one get any. help at home we don't eat. the big
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energy whatever you do initially what i mean i don't know what you want to do you make sure the only thing is you have it down look for what it is you know what yeah i did. i don't like it at all. but that much there getting to the bottom of anything i like i don't know what it is but. the. mental side of the. mother son such. love the slot machines my system. of the law. without the political. power. i.
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am. going to support the idea how do you know. what is it about a slow let me couple hours a night for the. other such as a. i don't know if it's good to. see. the images of eleven of them i was.
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still. uneasy with the shitty for the is this president. and i'm going to have some of my own of the. smoked pot. such as civil and nice to keep them in afloat by the senate. odds and most. of the softball team so i kind of will say that i'm off. that id to dodge a lot of the odds because. i'm. not going for that in the head because there's some of that could i make it up that thought that. they had a mobile phone with. all the d.v.d.
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it will head to a city of. up until mom they don't want to come and i shall often love on and if i'm in i saw this husband on the thought of that. and most of them are just as i. said the film and all with. it. was i had longed for a lot home. how would i know if at the moment with a push i had a list lot of people. on
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i. think i. would i mean how would i know he wanted in the if he'd done anything that he had me in the way and i'm not sure he dominated. and i don't know how delighted i might even be did he how did you know on. me that if i don't.
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be shy how do you know you wouldn't you know we have to let me yes ted has but at the outcome and i mean. i don't but i did i don't even watch any and i was about he had been while buying or something or someone i love them oh you know about it for you washington likely one. zero zero zero. oh sure. the huns don't and. i mean at the. last it looked a lot of one hundred. wallace or so it hadn't been home to my n a. y m m behind what i did in.
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a month so we. don't want to. if you make a shoe. that these build up then he will also take all of it to make him that evil good strong good movie good mojo. that's the main problem in you know any i was in conflict. everything is. its effects on the poor people no job no on bond you know. they had a school. and this is the sort of stuff and. that's one of the issues i both. want to. side not on a side you know it's my body and then i'm off i would the thought of a lump and also. this is a simple idea. how do you live up to for true to life
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and they not only nice family nice families stood. and said they why. and. you know mama didn't want to. do it. and it's ok. i know a lot of they have a phone call. or. a and how about of how body has on an example but if. i.
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had been a one on a lattice. a on its own home. yes . yes. i am. good luck good luck selling us. s. s. . let.
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us look at least. till. they get the book about. the search and.
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rescue or try the local shrimp. just mention one last thought on a look at the alleged one of a global fund that i will also pass for you so i decided. the holiday not. going to . be somewhere beneficial to you to have been eligible but got to support it coupled with the holiday hug i had to tell the only official also public let her know that you're going to have to say i don't think the funding has been a good animal also hot. dog and. so. when someone sick of a john doe want to submit could hold a while. to get that kind of settle for her.
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only one you can sort of but i don't think he works and i don't most. of them live . too often but when you go to a u. turn and if you are how old. so you know we'll just moan to certain extent you know cindy cindy. and the penny rake sunny a should or should sort of me that if we should all. want to lose all night is all mean material goods is a lot to me so not just not going to shamar doesn't rankle much oh you know now why she was it is shady. of course. they will accept that a movie. was you know it was the family i would want to you wouldn't want us in the
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business shall soon know babs alcohol and she wants are you out of the room of my that is you know she resumed you are seen as a model and you are sure i was out there i shared so this is one of those several i don't want to see here you must see my dear that is the move. on you could not mean the real. move any thousand fish is what all. this could do to sell a. just. put out about what i lack in the markets not the plot not in. production among. the not a good waltz but does a man have. a right.
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as well to get on the phone. to. appear obvious it was on. the bottom of this is very much. the lot of the brotherhood although not to joe acaba. if you're going to pick at it others i want to as you. come on my soul. well i did a lot of thought of a double with the budget of the. leaf
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. through the one thing. about one. person not a lot of the film this is the other the. mother and her . come visit that. doesn't count. but the other will come up. with a lot of love was. to go to the moon the yeah well this
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will be a big deal because of the movie good a little bit is that it was a little. bit of a. couple of the new buzzword to the public about the budget the budget some of. the colleges. a little girl that had young children i think was the banality of the dylan dillard's they didn't have any effect any time a bonus. of a good. business office from the positive side to some of the kind of i do think. on counting the cost are russians getting all they bargain for economically as lemay putin heads for reelection plus saudi aramco keeps the financial world
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guessing but the globe's largest i.p.o. on ice will be asking what's behind the delay counting the cost and i just knew. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastate economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to stabilize the country given them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their families right
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near the most terrible thing to syria used to be that this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship for some tars a call to be better to god to continue to be sure to torture. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera. definite are the top stories on al jazeera the f.b.i.'s deputy director has been fired just before he was due to retire andrew mccabe says he's dismissal is part of the u.s. president's ongoing war on the bureau donald trump has tweeted that it's a great day for the hard working men and women of the f.b.i. rosen jordan has more from washington d.c. . the attorney general jeff sessions put out
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a statement saying that this is because he released information that should not have been released inside the f.b.i. to a reporter and that when he was questioned about it by investigators within the f.b.i. . that mccabe miss led those investigators those are road to a big offenses inside the f.b.i. and so said that he is made the decision to dismiss him immediately well obviously this is something that andrew mccabe strongly disagrees with the chinese president's closest political ally wang chih shann has been voted in as vice president xi jinping is also being confirmed for a second term with unanimous support illegal application has been filed in australia against me and my lead up and so on through ci is in sydney as part of a special assay on some of southeast asian leaders lawyers attempting to prosecute on charges of crimes against humanity in relation to the treatment of ministry.
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dozens of people have been killed in separate airstrikes in syria in rebel held eastern go to market was hit leaving more than seventy people dead and activists say fifteen others died when turkish forces bombed the only functioning hospital in kurdish controlled freeing so that is former president jacob zuma is facing prosecution for corruption the charges against him include fraud record tearing and money laundering over two point five billion dollar arms deal signed in the one nine hundred ninety s. zuma denies any wrongdoing and is mounting in brazil over the death of a popular politician there's been a second night of protests in rio de janeiro city councilor marielle franco was shot on wednesday in what's been called an assassination. tens of thousands of people joined anti-government protests in slovakia demanding
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an election to end a political crisis as the headlines witness is up next. yeah near c s i would have been in the new quote of the villains saddam out of the magnetic fish issue the stress most of us father had of the ocean. out of. the rain out of i feel that he took the shitty or how mom of them millions of feel him was the worst. luck in the highlight of the for. a new. model. of the future just.
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and had the spot and. the machine focus maturity on that almost surely as if the months i've been been in pay and after all a. signature of sydney and seventh inning. i.
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took the logical thought that i knew he didn't suffer as it is nice enough but it was my. mother that it did this has been. my mom and because they know my kids on the. mission and. for them but we don't know if. you're here.
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yes. how in citrus. and yom other than when. or opposition will do the month of the biju let's come in the mall. and said. livermore that it was the. special moment i. had in on the. citizen when i was dean. before you. and i. will sit for.
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a minute and get up i don't want. one hundred. eighty and. not a year ago that was a year. ago and i don't. think that they can pull off another don't miss a. single vote. on the other hand a little bit in her. eyes that has been working at first.
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until. the officer saw them it was our go down on the money from the off. if. you were going to who were. cool. civil and sunny and sob. on the objects and done what i'm going to stay in was a lame example of the despotic. one walt and betty if not celebrity on
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the other witness at a loss i don't think of it as melissa got a shot at home. i'm i like them how this in the been here little of the border of the was the author of the. that and of the monarch. julian and i j and it would be about i ski area.
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i mean on yeah i'm in the. market of what i'll see if i go for most needy and i haven't known. them and i said i thought the. most. but i wasn't the one. but a man like you should watch for. you then and that's fine. fine. now on when to. leave. them with numbers you want to get out of them whether someone. has been in
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the fight. but i will. tell them i'm with on the. one. and i went. through. it it this river. my. my my that i am where i am that was our was our was.
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and. have a. look. so this is. not another. but like a letter said he'd. look . on it's like a problem of the solution of on the. government actually in. our lives every month or sixty. we go by that one in all of us that are going to.
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feel. it's one of the just the months. leading up.
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to. the felonious assault police got to thomas so what how it was going to look dark was going to london i thought well you know i love what i don't know it was a male belief and the money. had been got it. all that all i. want to shut up or was a mess. that it. well they are other but also. whether or not i can let the injustice of i you know want it down somewhere other than. other what shall i do how to hide it. that i'm one of the. i mean i'll forgive others but the birds. of it's. going to have a. highway on it but. it
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helped i'm sure on the way up. i just set it on the speed. you know i thought they were going i. plan to lay down that sled little one. i know now. yes. i learned then. so.
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a little although a lot on their minds was what i've recovered. but i'm a little reporter what the what heat of background is going on to me that if. i was a. model . well then i thought. i'd live life is something i'll abide and i'm out of that if a fundamental. has to do it just is just to do. so when when i don't get it through.
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arguments and that's a good. thing to. buy small to make barclay almost now. and he then let's not call that she i don't need. my lover to tell us one of the other disagreed. with his. father often and to the. side of the nose and they have a ten i mean again thing is it's going to. i want my son to be a little fans and i'm hoping that someone in the boy. saw
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a lot fun namo for later in the. also how do you feel more suffering. one even that i'm in the middle i'm only the be a mother of the b. and one to the moon fan. in the knuckle one must use the genocide of the bia. yet. look for love as i did that also ninja the theme of those of them ok i'm sort of them was the god that. left and then he said i want to. look at not just a little bit. and we're stuck in libya to we're stuck a little home. we feed off of kitty deal with the most. and they can be up in monza.
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on. such. a. wonderful. mr to know about being at the. top. did.
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you know. i. love. you are. you.
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see this is. the city hall. so. i thought. you might. have thought. i. i don't know.
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the how the island. will move to another via. south if a joseph heller softly. joseph jaish if i love him a lot of reality. will have to tell you my mother.
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and i live in the intricate and i thought that out of always look at them to. let them look them how the muscle didn't go up to them to have it out of. the g o z d n a can be a fear. of what the hell would almost have been a cell phone the sort i let us of that had been well thought all to go off. and i thought that as it went to the left.
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that you couldn't find it. on is quite obvious and most of the salafi initials those feelings in me that. was funny and filling in the thought on that of my diety. when i love him was that ice in holly and. we're not going to send. one to stop without falling. on a monday even when i was a part of plug. one of the deal was. another
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day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment a fearless bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of a relentless taliban on strong. armed with faith a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. oh you will see a little more showery rain pushing across iran which was afghanistan over the next couple of days clad easing across iraq will continue on its eastley track and it'll bring some bits and pieces of wetter weather into the region then warm sunshine there for kabul and also for tashkent getting up to twenty degrees celsius cold
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enough for now matty with a high of five degrees warm dry and sunny over towards the levant per aleppo getting up to twenty degrees similar values there for barrett over the next day or so if anything a little warmer as you go on through sunday with that southerly push on the way a little more cloud coming into that eastern side of the makes you notice the possibility of a few spots of rain it's in cyprus for example this pieces of rain to into that eastern side of iran heading towards afghanistan the warm enough in a couple to lift those temperatures to around eighteen degrees celsius still warm enough across. give us highs into the thirty's thirty one celsius here in doha our sas day a little cold is ago worn into sunday but no sign of any clout and rain as we go on through the coming days thirty plenty of rain into madagascar at the moment wet and windy weather in the form of our site and that will continue to drive its way further south was with the possibility of widespread flooding for many.
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when the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media and state p.r. machine is going to overdrive this but just the spin fill in saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access the polling the media opinion the listening post base time on al-jazeera. eight candidates but only one likely winner but he may proteids tight grip on the kremlin as a spy and eighteen years now when russian people voice on the gate see there's every indication that they will return him to our physical presidential to. follow the russian elections here on al-jazeera. in the past seven years
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over three million homes destroyed. and eleven million people displaced. syrians made homeless by war share their stories. in the ruins of a dream at this time on al-jazeera. two days before he was alledged will to retire the deputy director of the f.b.i. and potential crucial witness in the rush or obstruction investigation is fired.


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