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stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds some of them come before they face. al-jazeera selects changemaker is at this time. this is al jazeera. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin that is coming up in the next sixty minutes the turkish flag is raised in the syrian city of african president everyone says kurdish forces have been pushed out. russia's
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vladimir putin is widely expected to win a fourth term as president but one opposition leader is a voters to boycott the election. a state of emergency lifted but the dispute between sri lanka's buddhist and muslim communities is far from over. and i'm peter stennis with the latest sports news including twenty time grand slam champion roger federer great season record as he continues his unbeaten start to twenty eighteen to thirty six year old is into the final at indian wells. but first the turkish president rather tired to one declare the center of the syrian city of afrin to now be entirely under the control of his forces president out of untold crowds that free syrian army forces backed by the turkish military
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had taken control of the area from kurdish fighters just before dawn on sunday turkish flags have been raised in the center of a free as troops now battle to clear the surrounding areas well this development comes almost three months after turkey began its cross border operation to push kurdish forward forces back from its border turkey views the y.p. jian afrin as an extension of the banned kurdistan workers party of the p.k. k. it's been engaged in an armed campaign for independence from turkey for more than thirty years turkish forces have been backing the free syrian army while forces loyal. to the syrian government has supported the y.p. ji since late february president added once as he waved a hand after him back to the syrian government once turkish forces are in full control he's also vowed to push useful things east to man bijan next and that's where u.s. troops have been deployed we go live now to our correspondent andrew symonds he's
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in gassin temp in southern turkey very close to the border with syria bring us right up to date then with what we know as the forces that are now taking control of central africa. well put it like this it will wasn't an easy operation but it certainly in military terms wasn't hard there was only weak resistance from the y. p.g. fighters many of them apparently had already withdrawn to the south of the syrian regime held south and the f.s.a. forces went in from the west and the east solidly intent on taking the center of the city straight away turkish backup was considerable on land and in the air strikes being called in at a rapid rate apparently this is the f.s.a. not as it used to be a rebel army but fighters with
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a nato army behind it giving them the equipment and the backup they needed there were special forces in ahead that was announced by various senior turkish military sources both also politicians are well ahead of the f.s.a. taking their stocks at one thirty on sunday morning and declaring at eight thirty the turkish flag i was there on the balcony of city center buildings it was hoisted up and other places as well and then this we had the turkish president make this declaration. well until it's not done the most of the terrorists have already fled with their tails between their legs our special forces and members of the free syrian army a cleaning the remains in the traps they left behind in the center of a frame our flags of trust and stability away even inside of rags a terrorist. and so we hear then that y.p. g. forces have simply left without much resistance until where are they gone to and
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furthermore where have the thousands and thousands of people who've been trying to escape the fighting in africa where have they gone. extremely personal questions i'll just update you on a couple of lines that are relevant to what you were talking about with the f.s.a. in the resistance with y.p. jean the f.s.a. is saying that seventy y. p.g. fighters were killed in their operation so there was some resistance although it wasn't big and that we've heard that ten civilians and four f.s.a. fighters have been injured in incidents with i.e.d. improvised explosive devices left behind when the y.p. ji withdrew now where all the white b.g. right now the answer to that is very likely and almost certainly to the south of this city and they will be in areas controlled by the syrian regime
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forces who have been very silent on this so far no state media syrian state media announcements at all yet about what is going on but the syrian observatory for human rights has confirmed that there has been a takeover in its monitoring of events from both the kurdish side and the syrian side the civilians the key issue of the civilians where are they well the answer to that is mostly in the syrian regime health south the few that remain in africa and of very small numbers we're told but the united nations and many humanitarian groups want to know details of what's happening they want to know how the civilians were handled how it went whether they were given the necessary safety they required whether or not the unconfirmed reports of the kurdish fighters intent on using civilians as human shields was that propaganda or not and how many civilians have
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died there are various figures being touted about but on the last day on friday when the battle was at its height the figure was put around sixty three and nineteen. civilians were supposed to have been killed according to the kurdish sources and the syrian observatory for human rights was opposed to being killed within the hospital that was allegedly attacked by the by the turkish air force turkish air force deny that point black and showed video of the building intact the day after the alleged attack took place they say so now we have a situation where there is a major humanitarian concern for the tens of thousands of kurds the innocent party in this they've got no real argument with any people they are the real losers in all of this is they all over syria the tens of hundreds of thousands who are suffering still as this conflict goes into its eighth year anderson is live in gaza and have thank you very much more now we can speak to retired jordanian air force
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general mamoun abu noah he's joining us from the jordanian capital amman thanks for talking to us and how does this victory this turkish victory in africa how does it alter the situation in this border region. well it's very significant for turkey i think they achieved their strategic objective there is fear of influence and the spot of the were prevented the stablish meant and they have the access now to north an. early poll with which is very important also the second stage so they have this line of communication between the these two sides in the poll and. that's will affect also liberal pray sion and the future concerning the most of our. people there and. that's will help them out also to finish the front which is inside.
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all right this may be followed by sabotaging this line of communication and when president everyone says he's not prepared to hand a friend back to the syrian government what does he intend to do with it. well i think he will give it back to the people in the you're a fit shield between gerard blas. part of this area the north not knows on the buffer zone for the people and why p.g. so it used to be they could consider the y.p. g. and is an extension of trade for them so now the relief by getting their friend back and the control the whole will do this quickly and operation they would stop it and possibly they will you know these people the civilian because they left they might be come back but they hold the syrian people out of the fiji in their country
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this is the problem and the un is really a broken instrument to handle such. a problem what's happened normally the nature of the war such war you've got this ethnicity your cleansing. operation which happen all over syria you have what is the ultimate objective then for operation olive branches is president added one seeking to establish effectively an area of turkish influence in the north of syria. well according to our stan meetings what's going to happen in april or so they will divide syria again and they will divide their sphere of influence the iran russia and i think the second stage would be they were looking for men big i think they will be looking to have this joint police sort of thing between the u.s. and the people on the part of the world the eastern part. of. your affair
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that will take some time pending on which is going to fall shortly i think and the southern front they did up front and then from there we would see operation conduct between the russian to the. dealer and also to clear off the american presence in eastern europe mamoun know are retired jordanian air force general thank you very much indeed well general mamoun i don't know are made reference to a single shooter where the u.n. is now saying at least twenty thousand people have fled fighting in the last week alone the syrian government backed by russian air power has recaptured almost eighty percent of this on clave since february the eighteenth the fighting is killed almost fourteen hundred people and more than five thousand have been wounded .
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the flood even putin has cast his ballot for russia's presidential election as the largest country in the world russia spans eleven time zones which means the process will last for twenty two hours for the one hundred ten million eligible voters president putin is seeking a fourth term which would give him six more years in office while he's expected to win easily but there are seven other candidates vying for a share of the vote a high profile name is thirty six year old zine your sub jack a former reality t.v. star her parents of politicians who've long ties with president putin the communist party has fielded pavel good in he's been critical of the russian government but has avoided attacking mr putin personally then there's that image in enough ski who's an ultra nationalist who's consistently supported president putin and the united russia party and this will be his sixth bid for the presidency but in twenty
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twelve he took just six percent of the vote then there is going to go already you have linsky who is arguably the most liberal candidate the economist ran against him back in two thousand and since then he has frequently criticized the president and called for more political freedom all right let's go to our correspondent in moscow jonah hill and jonah so everybody seems to be agreed that this is a shoo in pretty much for for president putin another six years at the top for him what does he need this election to do for him. well if you asked him that question as journalists did a little a little earlier when he turned up at a polling station to vote here in moscow they said. what sort of turnout are you looking for mr president he said i don't mind what the turnout is long as enough people vote for me and allow me to serve again as president that's his view the kremlin's view though and quite publicly so it is rather different they are looking
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for an extremely high turnout because they believe that turnout will lend legitimacy to what is a foregone conclusion that president putin will be elected to another six year term constitution because perhaps he's lost they want to see big numbers they've invested a lot of effort in trying to entice people to the polls a planned seventy seventy they want to seventy percent turnout they want him to win seventy percent of that seventy percent turnout they have enticements from a everything from free food at polling stations in in regional centers to two competitions to win big prizes like cars and so on and at the moment the figures being released official figures from the central election commission seem to be pointing at pretty high turnout figures from polling stations in the east that have been open of course for many hours but at the same time there are also a large number a growing number of reports on social media allegations of vote vote vote of violations these are not by elections aimed at manipulating the vote in his favor
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of course but by stuffing ballot boxes to get the number of votes up so i think that is the crucial test for the kremlin of a successful election here not a victory for putin that's guaranteed but a high turnout and in the background of course of this election is the simmering diplomatic route with the u.k. is that playing poker to flee for a president putin is it is it is it or maybe playing against him. i can't immediately think of a reason why it would be playing against him with the majority of the electorate who when they turn out to vote will likely vote for him anyway because they simply don't see among the array of other candidates an alternative leader it's hard to measure the extent to which the screwball case and the fallout here will contribute to the result of this election but it's undoubtedly not going to do mr putin any harm because foreign policy has always been a foundation
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a cornerstone of his presidency restoring russia to form a greatness standing up to what russia or what the kremlin will say are the unjustified provocations threats and assaults of the west and having done that in this case announcing just on saturday russia's response to the british allegations of the british measures taken against russia that would have played very well in the media on the eve of the election again this image of a fearless russian leader standing up for russia's interests jonah thank you very much indeed now we can get a royal challenge our correspondent who is in sevastopol that's the biggest city in crimea which of course you'll remember russia annexed from ukraine four years ago during at this is the first time that crimea is all going to be voting in a russian presidential election and this is the very the very proof if you like that they're got a strong man before them who is going to make russia the great again.
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yeah and i can show you something now that's going to put all this in a little bit of context is quite small so all that up and i'll explain what it is this is basically a little metal that's been given so all the voters who come here to this voting station stop all of the top it says sevastopol the name of the city underneath its marks the date of the referendum the sixteenth of march two thousand and fourteen the referendum in which crimea has voted to rejoin russia a referendum which of course much of the world sees as a kind of thin democratic. near for what was essentially an illegal anik sation on the back and then says with russia for ever. it basically ties this presidential election with the referendum four years ago that's never been effort to surely declared as a kind of campaign platform but it is bloody appeasing was here a few days ago making one of the last big appearances before the election in sevastopol he thanks crimean so voting in the referendum later on this evening
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after all the voicing is finished we are going to get a big celebration in red square in moscow and that celebration is coles russia sevastopol crimea for the kremlin the reunification as they call it of crimea with russia is one of the the main campaigning advantages that they have in this. and from where you are rory i'm just wondering whether exactly the same issue resonate says as did live jenner in moscow and that is legitimacy and that president putin needs the annexation of crimea four years ago to now be legitimized . it does in a certain way but it's a little bit different here i mean where i am in sevastopol this is a russian city it is full of ethnic russians it's been the home of the russian black sea fleet for centuries so the hostilities here i'm not going to find it
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difficult to have a high turnout because generally people here are enthusiastic about coming along and voting they see it as a separation and that's a kind of particular view that you get amongst the russian population here in crimea where you're going to see issues of turnout is in the minority population here particularly the crimean tata population they have decided that they do not want to vote. in this election it's it's been boycotted they say that they've spent years of the last four years being oppressed by the new york oratory they want to stay away from election day or being they say pressured to vote pressure to be a part of the system pressure to a lens that system legitimacy. courage challenge their live in service to hold in crimea thank you very much indeed we were almost come on this al-jazeera news hour
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including a potential new problem for donald trump reports say the f.b.i. director deputy director that's the one who was fired on friday has turned over his private notes to the special prosecutor. we go to sierra leone to see how community is there a dealing with the impact of the trying to fourteen hibbard i'll bring. a man to see united march on in search of a thirteenth f.a. cup title peter will have the details and. the u.s. president donald trump has lashed out at the investigation into links between russia and his twenty sixteen election campaign and for the first time on twitter he's actually used the name of the man who leads the probe is all part of a political storm surrounding the firing of the f.b.i. his former deputy director now mr trump tweeted the moeller probe should never have
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been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime it went on it was based on fraudulent activities and a fake dossier paid for by crooked hillary in the d.n.c. and improperly used in fisa court for surveillance of my campaign which chanting capital letters christian silly me as our correspondent in her report. former deputy f.b.i. director andrew mccabe insists he was fired in an attempt to undermine his credibility months before his dismissal he told congress he can corroborate the former f.b.i. director jim commies account of his firing which is under investigation by special counsel robert muller simply puts or you cannot stop the men and women of the f.b.i. from doing the right thing for tekton the american people of holding the constitution now multiple news agencies citing anonymous sources say mccabe as acting director
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of the f.b.i. kept notes of his interactions with the president which have been handed over to mahler. president trams own statements have linked conspiring to his refusal to shut down miller's russia best again. i don't believe he's going to fire robert muller but i can tell you this there's a lot of pressure on the congress on the attorney general to put an end to this fishing expedition not one shred of evidence has connected the president of the united states when he was a candidate and now that he is president any connection to russia there has been no russian coalition that has been uncovered thus far attorney general jeff sessions says mccabe was fired at the recommendation of disciplinary officers for misleading investigators about the bureau's handling of the hillary clinton investigation for months trump has painted mccabe as a stooge for democrats because his wife received campaign money from a clinton ally the fake news is beside themselves that mccabe was caught called out
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and fired trump tweeted how many hundreds of thousands of dollars was given to wife's campaign by crooked age friend terry m. who was also under investigation how many lies how many leaks komi knew it all and much more. komi responded with a tweet of his own mr president the american people will hear my story very soon and they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not erotically it was call me call me out a week before be on the action and reopening the investigation into secretary clinton's e-mails that released long the election to trump because before back to secretary clinton had been a little bit ahead and then he fires him because the fact that he didn't want him to would investigate the collusion when in fact that i had to do that i have been or all of the evidence that they have about what russia was trying to do with the
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election mccabe was fired less than two days before his retirement and pension were due to kick in kristen salumi al-jazeera the russian ambassador to the european union has suggested that the nerve agent that was used to poison the former spy in the u.k. could have actually originated in the u.k. the british government rejected his claim britain is accusing me of being behind the attack a charge it denies russia and britain have expelled twenty three of each other's diplomats in the round the foreign secretary bias johnson says international experts will conduct further analysis on the type of poison used tomorrow. technical that is butts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons i will come from the hague a to the u.k. we will share the softballs with them they will then be tested by the most
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reputable possible international the bar trees. sri lanka's president has lifted a nationwide state of emergency it was imposed twelve days ago following unrest between sinhalese a muslim communities muslim and businesses in damascus set on fire during the riots it's in an effort to prevent further incitement the government also introduced social media bans which were lifted just a few days ago furnace smith has more from jeff in northern sri lanka now when intercommunal violence first broke out two weeks ago the police and the government were criticised for not doing enough to stop the violence that was directed mainly on muslim owned shops businesses and homes so in response up they quickly imposed a state of emergency in as part of but they blocked all restricted access to what's up viber to facebook because the government says messages inciting racial violence were being spread by members of the sinhalese majority nationalist community to
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the muslim minority now one of the lessons the government has learned is that it says in future it's going to much more closely monitor what goes out on the social media because now for two weeks people not been able to get access to watch baseball or imo because of those restrictions considerably inconveniencing people here but he says he needs to monitor what's the messages that are spread on those social media platforms and indeed facebook was called in by the government last week to say what it could do and facebook has said it will work with the government to try and stop these messages the messages of. violence racial incitement being spread by its powerful people in west africa is still trying to recover from an ebola outbreak four years ago the epidemic killed thousands of people in sierra leone survivors now complain that they are not getting the help they need amid interest reports from the city of waterloo where some still dying from the health
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complications linked to the disease. they fought and survived one of the most fatal viruses street west africa indicate a group of survivors of the twenty fourteen airball outbreak are working on an awareness strategy to help others instead of york they say the disease is still killing people three years after the country was declared a ball of free. the. complications leads to that there you know there of fifteen of the survivors in the country and that one is too bad there is also a need to get on there for even the problem in the country it's have that if we don't have proper clinic and a care sierra leone will be i mean we risk because members mill survivors still there that i have a fragment of the virus and yes i'm in it all appeared instead of the young two
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months of the other first outbreak in guinea in march two thousand and fourteen it killed thousands dozens already dying before help arrived this symmetry in waterloo is dedicated to victims of the disease thousands of them are buried here some sort of loon is believed many could have been saved if one of funds received by government had been used properly this symmetry is a constant reminder of one of several yards darkest moment. activists and survivors still struggling to recover. court they want to accountability on how fourteen million dollars of money meant to fight the disease vanished the history of many strikes one striking. rich ward that the victim somebody was going to justice what it will are we have to stress again that our government is prepared that our government to show us the money does whatever funds are so that side to respond to
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the virus that is what we do in these government official told us just you know but they've not received communication on the matter from the regional court. government says more than four thousand people died here activists say the numbers are higher. for now their biggest challenge is dealing with the health complications and the stigma of having contracted the virus. water. in just a couple of minutes we'll have the weather with richard and also coming up on this out is there a news hour the world health organization the w.h.o. rolls out of the extensive vaccination program as a diptheria outbreak takes hold in yemen. and in sports tiger woods stays in the hunt for his first professional golf title in five years.
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from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. tropical cyclone marcus is cause some problems across the top end of a straight darwin international airport sixty millimeters of rain coming down in the space of twenty four hours and you can see from some of the pictures coming in that is something quite a nasty piece of heavy rain we've had damaging winds of about one hundred to one hundred thirty kilometers per hour causing some real problems for the system itself although it's intensifying it's heading away out into the sea is heading it jus west at the moment so it's not likely to be a major problem here and you can see it there on the satellite imagery clearing away into the sparsely populated areas before it and eventually moves out into the open water so still some rain across the area but otherwise not too many problems meanwhile we've got another tropical cyclone which is impacting the ond of
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madagascar and you can see this spiraling round here very clearly defined feature and this one is kim now this one is as of a particular strong winds are only seventy kilometers per hour the key feature really is the movement is heading south quite a decent pace twenty kilometers per hour and it will continues head away just slowly close initially before it pulls that then into the southern indian ocean which means that we are going to see more rain for some areas but i think gradually if should find the rain dying away from this island. the weather sponsored by cateye piece. in the past seven years is over three million home stories. and eleven million people displaced. syrians made homeless by our share their stories. in the ruins of
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a dream and this time on al-jazeera. perceptions. documentaries from around the globe. or the big sound that's been coming down the. field it's journalism. debates and discussion this is a lot of misunderstanding and distortion even the only argument i find against that is all of one corded. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera.
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these are our top stories the turkish president roger better one has declared the center the syrian city of africa and to be entirely under the control of his forces turkish flags have been raised in a free as troops now battle to clear the surrounding areas of kurdish fighters but amid putin has cast his ballot in russia's presidential election seven other candidates are also vying for a share of the vote but is widely expected that mr putin will win a fourth term in office that means he'll lead the country for another six years. as president has lifted a state of emergency a nationwide curfew was imposed twelve days ago following unrest between buddhist a muslim community is muslim and businesses and a mosque were set on fire. so china says the u.s. should correct its mistake after president trump signed a bill encouraging more direct contact with taiwan it allows unrestricted travel by senior u.s. officials to meet members of taiwan's government beijing says the decision is
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contrary to the one china policy which has been the cornerstone of u.s. china relations since the one nine hundred seventy s. . although it's not a legally binding bill it severely violated the one china principle and the three joint communiqué the bill interfered in china's internal affairs and damage the development of military ties between china and the u.s. . southeast asian nations gathered at the summit in sydney say north korea's missile and nuclear development is a threat to the region and the statement the group called on pyongyang to comply with international obligations australia is hosting the two day summit for the first time despite not being a member of the ten nation bloc is looking to strengthen political and trade ties in the region amid china's rising influence andrew thomas has more from sydney. well this is the sydney declaration e-mailed out at exactly the moment when the summit we showed you the end there are no particular surprises and it reflects
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really the key themes office as the end summits that on the quickly condemns in the strongest possible terms terrorism there's a nod to the importance of maintaining trade and investment and resisting all forms of protectionism in the current environment it talked about the south china sea although interestingly doesn't mention shine up by name specifically as a threat to peace in that region one analyst i spoke to said that if china when mentioned by name it would mark a particularly significant communique it's not mentioned by name and then this document also talks about north korea here's what australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull had to say about north korea at the end of a summit. we look further and our joint commitment to respond strongly and resolutely in the face of the grave concerns we share about north korea's reckless and illegal nuclear missile programs as much as anything though this was about getting all the leaders of the as young countries together and getting that
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together in australia a country of course that isn't formally part of as i am and these countries want to speak with one voice particularly when it comes to china and other regional concerns and on that score this summit will be seen as a success the devil is racing to vaccinate people in yemen against a rapidly spreading outbreak of defamer around thirteen hundred people have been infected more than seventy people have already died since the disease was first detected six months ago had a hoax has more. children and desperate parents from a disorganized queue at this medical clinic in santa ninety not for potentially life saving vaccination against that area local health workers are in force in the world health organization must vaccination program to counter the rapid spread of the disease across the country. they've inoculated over two and a half million children aged between six weeks and fifteen years old there's been
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a diff the outbreak in yemen since late last year and there are now almost thirteen hundred cases of did syria including more than seventy deaths most governorates most areas of the amman have been affected by this to syria outbreak dip there is a serious bacterial infection that affects the mucous membranes of the throat and nose once infected toxins are released and spread through the bloodstream causing the thick gray coat into the nose throat tongue and blocks away. eighty percent of the sufferers of children and young adults under twenty five years old there is common in many developing countries where sanitation is lacking. these facilities here a basic yemen's health system has almost collapsed after nearly three years of war most workers have not been paid this year fairly fifty percent of all health facilities are functioning there's also a devastating cholera outbreak diphtheria outbreak and a cholera outbreak but symptoms of a failing health system because people are not that's an aged because they do not
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have access to safe water because their sanitation has been ruined by war all of these are symptoms of a collapsed hell system and this is in true due to the war and this will only improve once there is peace. peace looks a long way off yemen is engulfed in a war between government forces helped by saudi led coalition against iranian backed who think rebels as the conflict continues so does the suffering of millions of yemenis trapped in a situation the u.n. has called the world's largest humanitarian crisis. the people in cape town may have to turn off their taps in july because of an unprecedented drought if that happens it will become the first major city in the world to run out of waters water the authorities say only substantial rainfall can fix the crisis malcolm webster poses the first in our first series on water and how
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conflict drought and pollution are affecting its availability of water is running out this has become a common sight city your thoughts he said people should use no more than fifty liters of tap water per person per day so some line up at this communal spring collect some extra and take it home it's really very difficult getting for some of us are beautiful gardens everything's dying we just did not wash our cars so it's just a mission to aruba fish that i don't think a country that they should have to endure. but it's the kind of insurance that many south africans are familiar with about a third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one the only consume about four percent of the water but for generations they were already being collecting it from communal taps and carrying it. all sources say the city will reach day zero on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the
1:40 pm
homes that have it only the communal taps will stay on angela van vike lives right next to one since she heard about the shortage she says as much as she can i save my water by keeping the same or day as i do a wash my dishes i don't i don't want that way i just keep it for tomorrow and i use the same what i did this was. the city's taps are fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest gazelles gallup where four years ago they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the province has suffered the worst drought on record. kevin winter has researched it for years he says the city was vulnerable because it relied only on rain filled reservoirs of this climate change wake up call this quarter school on the back foot and so this is a wake up call the city like cape time needs these kind of loud thump wakeup calls to say it's time to actually diversify that water and now you can reprivatize which
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the city of cape town is to. water is now being pumped from aquifers here work began on a plan to desalinate sea water with accessing new sources takes time so for now more lines water saving measures have already postponed day zero by three months everyone here is hoping the winter will soon bring enough rainfall to make sure they never comes malcolm webb al-jazeera cape town south africa ok we can now think of sputnik arrest trial here as a spokesman for south africa's ministry of water and sanitation he's joining us live now from pretoria and there is a delay on the line mr mittal so forgive me if if our conversation is somewhat disjointed but my first question to you is was it taken the a.n.c. government so long to intervene it was on february the thirteenth that the government declared the drought in cape town a national emergency. i
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think we have to be conscious of the fact that that is a correct our session actually we have to understand that the situation is in capetown is not separate or should not be separated from the situation of the country that has been trialled since two into fourteen and we've got to also understand that drought was just not. a south african drought but it is a drought that has been with in the south an uptick and development community so it is not something that. is just that you shot on the city of cape town but it is about the country aside and we must remember as well that south africa is and every country or did not really and that we have received much less than well about age of rainfall even at the best of times so when you have that happening and then you
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get it compounded by a drought for instance in the western cape that is the biggest in four hundred years obviously there will be a negative impact indeed but my question to you is why the government hasn't intervened more more quickly at the given that this is being three years in the making and some say this is because the a.n.c. as a making political capital because of course cape town is run by the main opposition party the democratic alliance. and that is why it is important. to separate the political. because while. the country remember that in fact what is happening in. cape town is. we have had very negative. problems of.
1:44 pm
fourteen thousand to fifteen a lot of work was done. happening. has been growing. and obviously it is a question of the drought it is also the impact of climate change. and. particularly. moving. resources. to do over time we have had to put. twice. in january because. people respond to.
1:45 pm
what the demand management. done by. the consumption. as well as. most recently when we started. to sixty percent to forty five percent for domestic industry. we. have engines. life system which we're looking at augmenting with some of the water that would be coming from the mountain group of people. in the in the atlantic and so on but we also looking at encouraging the use of groundwater which we also need to be very careful in terms of production levels because that is also dependent obviously on the retards from the from that these water so we cannot be able to just do things we
1:46 pm
really need in the aisle to me we have to understand that something is in every country we have to do more in terms of water conservation and what to do mine management and also be able to look after the infrastructure that we have ok sputnik reptile talking to us live from pretoria thank you very much still surely as foreign minister says white south african farmers will not be given special visa privileges julie bishop denied there were plans to give them priority of other humanitarian visa applicants it comes after comments by another australian minister calls a diplomatic round loss repeated often suggested that south african white farmers should be given preferential visa treatment to escape what he called persecution at home in south africa's government denied any danger existed and demanded an explanation. new video this image of the moment a newly built for desperate bridge collapse in miami killing at least six people
1:47 pm
these dust come pictures taken on the road at florida international university in miami shows how in a split second the bridge crashed on to the vehicles from the. the university says engineers met hours before it collapsed and they concluded that the crack in the structure was not a safety concern. fears that a rigged election have triggered protests across for this whaler anti-government activists are valid in the capital caracas and twenty three other states the vote in may is largely being boycotted by the opposition president maduro has denied the election will be undemocratic. so here on the algerian news hour in sport maybe. scoring exploits hit new heights in the english premier league that will have the details.
1:48 pm
when the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just. influencing. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside the polling the media opinion the listening post but based on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very. vividly particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. the people believe that tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to do the work in depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
1:49 pm
to look. up. right it's time for this ball she is now his peter thank you so much the record breaking twenty eighteen winter paralympic games in pyongyang are about to end with the closing ceremony taking place in the next few minutes the games were notable for recording the highest number of ticket sales at a winter paralympics organizers have also said the social media reach has surpassed
1:50 pm
that of london twenty twelve and saatchi twenty four team combine and north korea also competed for the first time kathy novak is in pyongyang for us at the closing ceremony kathy it's been a big five weeks for south korea with the olympics and the paralympics are south koreans seeing this as a successful event. i think so peter on the whole south koreans have been excited to host these events and there has been this a lympics fever not just here in pyongyang chiang but even in seoul you see the olympic and paralympic mascots all around the city but i think when you speak to people here the lasting memory really will be that historic show of unity between north and south korea of course in the lead up to these games there had been fears because of heightened tensions on the korean peninsula that north korea might try to disrupt the games but instead north korea sent a big delegation to both the olympics and the paralympics you saw the north and
1:51 pm
south korea marching together at the olympic opening ceremony under a unified korean flag there was a joint women's ice hockey team and as you mentioned north korea sent a delegation to the winter paralympics for the first time so it really marked a turning point here on the korean peninsula incidentally at the paralympic opening ceremony the koreas marched separately and that was because of a disagreement over the design of the unified korean peninsula flag the one that was used in the olympic opening ceremony depicted islands that are also claimed by japan as its territory and after they use that flag japan complained and the koreas couldn't agree on whether to include those islands at the paralympics so they did appear separately but despite that disagreement i think the legacy really or will be this shift to a more peaceful atmosphere and of course after these games are expecting to see the
1:52 pm
north korean leader kim jong un meet both the south korean president and the u.s. president and south korean president and always wanted these to be the peace olympics and i think he really got his wish here. the olympics is the more broadly popular event however the paralympics being perceived in south korea. or it appears as if we've lost kathy novak of the in pyong chang so let's take a look then at the medals table how it's finished in pyongyang the united states away ahead thirteen gold medals for them behind them with the n.p.a. those are the neutral paralympic athletes the name given to russia's competitors they had eight gold medals as did third place canada france and germany rounded out the top five let's go to tennis now roger federer has surpassed the zone record with a seventeenth straight victory to start the tennis season the world number one beat croatia was born
1:53 pm
a char each in three sets to reach the final of the indian wells tournament at the age of thirty six city's best ever start to a tennis season having already won the australian open and a.t.p. event in rotterdam the swiss will go for a record sixth indian wells title when he takes on juan martin del potro in the decider a lot of confidence took me a while to break my already. did it at the almost thirty seven years old it's been great look i can't believe it things are going as well as no doing i'm enjoying myself crowds are amazing every time a show up on court i really appreciate don't take that for granted at all argentina's del potro defeated phèdre at the us open last year he also thrashed these canadian opponent need also on each sixty six three to advance to the indian wells final hell pato is unbeaten in ten games. twelve times f.a. cup winners manchester united or through to the twenty eighteen semifinals after
1:54 pm
a two nil win over brighton and hove albion at old trafford on sunday romelu lukaku handed the home team the leave before pneumonia matter double the advantage and united are yet to concede a goal in the season's f.a. cup but boss shows a merino says he's players looked scared of their opponents when. is dark. call and that in food will mean. or a period of bad results or a bad result like happened was a couple of days ago not everybody has the confidence and the personality to play really two games on saturday another two coming up on sunday four teams fighting to join manchester united and tottenham hotspur in sunday's semifinal draw third tier side we're going to face southampton in the days
1:55 pm
first kick off and a later game sees chelsea travel to leicester city muhammad is now the leading goalscorer in europe's top five leagues he's overtaken barcelona as a leo messi and taught them how to harry kane this after he scored four goals in liverpool's thrashing of what food in the english premier league on saturday the egypt striker also provided the assist for a bit of amino second half strike sylar now has thirty six goals for liverpool in all competitions the season the five nil win takes your going club side up to third in the premier league standings moyes on a fantastic that's for sure but how it always is in life we have to if you have to skills then you have to show it constantly and he's produce comes consistency is very very good for us it helps he helps us
1:56 pm
a lot too boys. love playing together with him he loves to play together with with them so it's good. former wooll the number one golfer tiger woods looks just five shots behind the leader going into the final day of the arnold palmer invitational in orlando the fourteen time major champion caught of the three under par sixty nine on saturday as he continues his comeback after i'm going back surgery last april at the top of the leaderboard is sweden's henrik stenson who shot one hundred seventy one on saturday and will be hoping to go one better than twenty fifteen in twenty sixteen when he was in contention but was not able to go all the way but of course tiger is not too far away. i got a chance i'm going to chance and i'm going to be as i said probably five or six back going and you know morrow and hopefully should all alone in the golf course to
1:57 pm
get a little quick. balls are gone forever out there on t. shirts and then the greens are there. they're definitely bounce a little bit and the punts oh my god. and i won't say it quite like honda but you put the putter down and it does slip a little bit and so they're going testing. yeah it's a tournament and and of course that i like playing it's a tough and tricky golf course you've got to manage your game well and play well around here if you want to be in the in the top of the leaderboard and i guess i've done the very well or on a number of occasions been close to winning before and you know hopefully we're got a great chance of winning it tomorrow in the n.b.a. le bron james go to seventy a career triple double scoring thirty three points as the cleveland cavaliers meet the chicago bulls one hundred fourteen one hundred nine on saturday elsewhere bradley beal scored nineteen points and marcin gortat added eighteen as the washington wizards beat the indiana pacers one hundred nine one hundred into the
1:58 pm
school day and then tied with indiana for fourth in the eastern conference standings and that's all the sport for me marty another update again later peter thanks very much indeed and that's all from me for now at least and not be back at say will be here in this chair in just a few minutes a day away. mark
1:59 pm
. we have a news gathering team here that is second time out there all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view i understand and make sense of. what went wrong in society that opened up the space for the immigrant but it is the european problem and that's not the political in it's impossible for the people but it is for link up our people don't want to take more
2:00 pm
of their needs are different from the stronger man our song one that you're getting the growth of rejectionism of this world because the model doesn't work europe's forbidden colony episode two at this time on al-jazeera. the turkish flag is raised in the syrian city of a free present the world says kurdish forces have been pushed out. of the whole robin you want to alter their life will have.


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