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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 47  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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missing a u.s. resident is searching facebook and the u.k. from cambridge analytic or pretending data without their permission cambridge on legibly exploited data from fifty million users to help donald trump's presidential campaign facebook is coming under increasing pressure over the relevant revelations its c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is expected to make a statement within the next twenty four hours a russian air strike in syria is it provinces killed at least twenty two people rescue workers say most of the victims are children who died while leaving a school in village further south in eastern guta a syrian rebel group has struck a deal with the government to evacuate the town of harasta nearly two thousand people have died in the besieged enclave since the government intensified its attacks a month ago a palestinian teenage girl on trial for strapping an israeli soldier has been sentenced to eight months in prison after accepting a plea deal seventeen year old a head to me music used of assault after hitting an israeli soldier in the face
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last year in the occupied west bank the case has made to me a symbol of the palestinian struggle and drawn international attention that you have done is to say respect stop it's a stream you have to that. the name is kate and i have a journalist of the intercept of my ministry and. i mean ok and you in the stream today a little killing of a black female politician spur change in brazil will discuss the impact of rio de janeiro councilwoman mary ellen franco and the issues she championed.
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she was elected in twenty sixteen and became the only black woman in rio de janeiro's city council franco a fifty eight year old human rights activist was a vocal feminist and lesbian out of black brazilian born in f.l. and she was seen as a rising political voice for marginalized communities of people affected by poverty and violence last wednesday shortly after leaving an event on black women's empowerment franco and her driver anderson gomez were shot to death in what officials believed to be a targeted killing franco was shot four times in the head since her death tens of thousands in brazil have protested with the intent of keeping the social issues franco cared about in the public eye so today we want to discuss the impact this story is having joining us from rio de janeiro is. a contributing editor with the intercept brazil and south paulo activism allowed ribeiro and in austin texas
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kristen smith associate professor of african and african diaspora studies and anthropology at the university of texas austin welcome to the stream all of you i want to start the line with the way that this. has reverberated across the world betty franco's name was mentioned nearly a million times online you can see it on my screen here that since her death on march fourteenth sixty percent of that traffic came from brazil. arrest me in the came from the u.s. france argentina and the u.k. really showing how global this conversation has gotten i want to share a tweet with someone with you from someone who explains that this is stuff she says mary alley and anderson's daffs are so impactful because they were so brazen and cruel intentionally squandering black. excellence and hope with bullets she
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goes on to say that this killing of a black l.g. p.d.q. woman who did everything quote unquote right to employ marginal voices is perverse and that's why her name now uses the hashtag is resonating in brazil and elsewhere when you see the impact that mary ellen has work has had people telling these stories and sharing her work across the world what what do you think of that and why do you think that that is. yes medea case was a very active as far as especially for black remember feminism resume. and you might hear lee we have been together several times for me to present shocking. and best to not about her death but also many ways she had forced them to work off of their lives in greece you sure as lay.
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we people from five to two to to speak about the police violence and about the military intervention so i think people who shoot it. really didn't imagine how much was a part and ending battle after her death in a moment that led to the many groups. you can say that lived in this social movement so you are several. around prosy or speaking of our. eleven history but a lot of that is the man but also i think. how my d.n.a. was a part and people from a fairly huge and you know how my d.l.s. was curry's just to speak about kind of violence and then it's important to just see there in brazil you have that is eighty so you had to say. it's not
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racist country that was you it's not so violent the racial democracy if it created it is a de of that increase your. it's not racial problem it's only a social media and it's like sample that it's racial and social problem in brazil in a country their team in each twenty three man is secured by ticket says. so muddy yellow was doing this kind of not just caught our eye on and so all that's why i think people are saw your resume worse so. i am going to the streets every day to have a real arts in brazil organization every day because my dearly speak photos for the book people for the people go kill him and to be limited you have to maintain
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some other video here i want to bring in somebody from france spain germany these are people are mourning the death of basically a local pal selec in rio kristen when you see these pictures when you heard about what happened on march the fourteenth your initial reaction was what. my my initial reaction was that i was devastated because i knew that she was much more than just a local council woman she represented in many ways the phase the kind of new black girl who blow who movement against police violence who represented the face of black feminism global that feminism she represented the face of young a young black woman whose generation that's taking the lead in the fight against peach archaean white supremacy and our forms of oppression imperialism etc and so that's exactly why people around the world have really clambered in order to mourn
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her death because she was so much more than just a local councilman she really was as she was she was somebody who many of us could could relate to in a sense that she represents the the face of young black activism right now and so for example the first thing i thought about given my work around police violence was that this was this was really a message to all of us that organize against anti-black police violence and i thought about the founders of black lives matter here in the united states are black we're women and so miley was a black widow woman and so this is something that i think is so much bigger than a local issue in rio and it's very much trans national in every way and so my first reaction was really one of shock and dismay and mourning but asked so that the recognition that this was this is about something much more than
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bizarre this is about something that really ties into all of us. i think a diego here on twitter would agree he says this is a turning point specifically in rio he says. killing was brutal and she was such a like but he goes on to say cecilia that there were massive protests more than one hundred thousand and rio on tuesday this is a new movement and this could be bigger and some of the protests we saw in june twenty third team which were anti-government protest i know that you knew many early for about nine years and you were at one of those vigils marking her death on tuesday what was the atmosphere like what was what was that like for you i think that the first brought this against as a cushion was like a big green everybody was really sad and crying because we've balco
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i it's about. we we can be the next one and was terrible but when you see the last like yesterday you can feel that we are stronger now we are here to be the next. the next my yearly on the power so we have win money yearly electing in two thousand and sixteen we we elect our soul in the bellows on chief in the state close to real we have our own lean. and we have a lot of their money yelling if there are you hearing he or he she is needed here so it's the time to be new money air lease on the power we lost money airlie but we are happy raising more money yearly is the
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this people there who killed money airlie maybe they think they're all with just money airlie and now we can garner. daunte it's not there's a way we have more money or least gummy in the air there is election year in brazil and we know what these people have to be prepared to see more money years into power because we are stronger now. as want to say something in response to that i think that that's that's just absolutely great i think that this was clearly a message that was being sent to all of us that we're going to organize around these issues that all of us that are organizing for lack of into out as they're organizing against the kind of oppressors oppressive regimes of power and. contrary to what her executioners want this is not going to silence everyone this is just
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going to create one of my legs and i love that think that's really beautiful because what they want is to not have any more of any of this with that's exactly the opposite of what they're. i wanted but i think it's unfair to say yes we are creating more ideas and so wonderful but not only. in our quality. you know. in several places and in several in our doing. in private to works not only police force we shall know because it was you know you know of course if we need more black we men. have these being a leg but that's in part did you see that is not easy in brazil to you know to run. and should be so hard to buy but is so let's just you know we have to leave bella the song but you know part of it is say that.
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only you know was elected because of the man. they were going that is it to put out a kind of their just. to let us apart to parties in brazil. so we'll i'm so glad that you mentioned how difficult it is to become what she became a council woman this is a tweet we got from black women of brazil that's the handle and they say first look at the overwhelming odds of her even becoming a councilwoman in twenty six june she was one of only five black women elected to a city council out of core hundred sixty thousand candidates we also got a comment from someone the video and she talks about that didn't have a listen to many. many any smarter matters so much not only because it's an attack on brazil's democracy but also because it jeopardizes the movement for political renovation brazil has been facing the biggest corrections can the world has for
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years hasn't hit it over a hundred. and so brazil really needs is for a little renovation and she and meant a really good movement because she represented black people and women were very poorly represented in congress in the in the federal and state governments in brazil so. it's going to be a struggle to find and that there who is so representative of recently people and who can meet renovation that is so needed so chris and she talks about how important this was for representation purposes out of her causes what do you think this means for black women in situations like she wasn't seen the work that she did. i mean i think that it's absolutely crucial because it's the kind of representation that really inspires other people to know that they can be more than
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what society tells and they can be i mean it she was she was a teenage mother and she was someone who was from a partner and she was someone who was able to go to university was able to study he was able to do things that black women have traditionally not been able to do in brazil especially black women from her background and i think that's absolutely critical and it's critical that just for perspective a result again i want to say it's critical trans national i mean this in so many ways she represents so many of us and i was talking about her to my class which is on black women in here at u.t. the other day and i was talking about her being a teenage mother and i was talking about her growing up in a file in a working class community and i was talking about her going to university and getting her degree in sociology and then going on to run for office and all of those things and my students who are from texas and many of whom have never left texas could identify with that my black female students can identify with that and
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so what does that help me with that tells me that this is something that there is inspiring to black women everywhere and it's something that people are going to be able to look at her and look at her memory and say this is something that i can do and i'm not going to let people who try to shut us stop me from being what i want to be and i think that's really important and but i ask that you know i will want to echo miller said i don't want to remain at the site i don't want to feel like everybody needs to be in the political party that running for office that's not really what this is about i think this is really about what does it mean to speak truth to power what does it mean to stand up and say no you will not shut me up you will not silence me you will not you will not get rid of my voice i can speak up and i can be counted that's really. she represents more than just being a politician i mean i think it happened to be that politics was her way of doing her things but she could have easily chosen something out and still been in it and
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important and it's consequential ladies i want to play this for you and for our audience this is mary ellie's facebook page can you believe that on the day that she was murdered she did a facebook lives she streamed it and it was about the black empowerment of brazilian winning have a listen to this is in portuguese but i want you to see this a lot i did not see home video other possible votes are from. the. only three not responding because if. you. vibrant face on all of the protesters and the rallies her face is there many alies face this powerful black brazilian woman. when she's knocking at the empowerment of black brazilian women to mother what is her legacy in that field because there are so many issues that she covered and she cared for and she fought for but for black resilient when it was her legacy. she was
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very important for those because she was better we're. of the origin staff intersectionality so my dear issue as a lesbian woman was leg woman or woman and sure i'll also. try to create space for transfer or so my dear he she or. we have spoke for those for a lot of. those who are assuming. it fits very her legacy it's especially for young black women in brazil it's not sure if raped and marianna. this was very very generous for us very. and the same time she was a very kind person and i think her legacy. the way they're.
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being silenced and him are especially in the country there are women are she was traveling and should be treated as human beings so her legacy is you know far as if it's something that cannot be raise it under. people who are numerous you are trying to create fake news about her a lot of things they are saying about her that are not true but. as as we're on it at a t.v. right now what's not true what's the fake news but in talking about. are they're saying that he was you know a drug dealer or something like there are she was married to their their trust skewered that because she wasn't for all that we have. the choir americanised zero you know he just you know even if it's.
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everything all of the scene there in the. can i just find her there but it's not true so they are trying to create a lot of fake news about her because of the feel very. all. all of the media. or so until we discuss service people are not enjoying. all. is talking about so but despite. that few people are doing their legacies. you know she would be alive you know her memory in our weight against racism is. you know part of her legacy people online are telling us is the fight against corruption and specifically police corruption this is when the news and twitter who says in the case of mary allie many have rightfully argued that her murder was to send
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a message to poor people of color like herself and though she represented that they shouldn't speak up another person writes it on twitter sierra's says it's been very somber and brazil now there's still a lot of speculation as to whom the message was for and what it was supposed to say speaking of the killing but mary ali's dad has also put the spotlight back on police brutality in particular against afro brazilians and residents cecilia this is one of the things that a lot of people are talking about the fight against the militarization of rio the fight against corruption in the police force where do you think that fight stands right now that's the important point because muddy alley has been working on the if behind the light for the last ten years because she used to work we. have to ear.
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here is my celebration and he was leading a commission there to use to investigate the healed militias here so muddy air will be used to work with this and it's important to point their milly's sure it's a big if the healt going in real it's impressive because militia here they elect to be all they have be the comair shills here sol this is a huge thing here and it's important to point there we have this lie in this point about militia but we have to point there might be our so used to fire. big as this war are those war on drugs off course it's make be it in a bar police cops are still and the drug dealers and the or corpse they
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was born in the same neighborhood they have the same they are the same kind of people they are or are people leaving or areas so all the wiring groups in real heal the same people shot in the in the in the same lines are and so silly let me to share this with our audience this is again from her twitter account and she tweets the day before she was shot dead another homicide of a young lad who may be coming into the pm account matthew as mellow was leaving the church how many more do they have to die for this war to end and then the next day she herself became a victim. or was reporting on the her death valley alley steph last week and had a huckster at this little bite from the president of brazil have a listen to what he said about the crime around her killing. brazil's president was quick to speak out to condemn the killing even though the to have disagreed over
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his recent plans to put the army in charge of security in rio de janeiro. the assassination of councilman r.t.l. and her driver and to google his is unacceptable miscible like all the other murders that happened in rio de janeiro is truly an attack on the rule of law and on our democracy has promised to carry out a full and transparent investigation to about how much transparency house what do you know about the circumstances of my staff do you feel that the government is doing its best to keep everybody informed and i don't believe that the government we. should be because it is going to remand started after call. this government if military interrogation you know so i don't believe that they are. they are going to soledad
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because maybe any must fight a past a lot of what it. is government so i think you. even use an aide or even. the you know at the federal we i don't think so because it's in part to say you know of course the military intervention presumes to start yes even in government so you must go out remember they started to. they call us occasionally you know a lot of their us doesn't starts now. but let me quote right at the end of the show he said if i if i asked you in a sentence to describe what would be your sentence. it's a difficult question. i don't know maybe
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they don't know she was a very very very brave thank you so much jeanette and kristen and cecilia. the last words you black women of brazil who says mary gave her life to present the voice of a black woman that is rarely heard thank you very much try gas thank you for watching us here on this train lake and i will be online see you that. looks ugly it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's
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on the wild free control just the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it unless you turn america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials. just to show the most dangerous commodity on air sometimes take a spot or a difference to blow up a custom of pot against judicial corruption has in my mind i think i come out of my car in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine one man's extraordinary battle for just as in ghana. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. facing new realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. i am not entirely are in london the top stories on our jazeera we start this bulletin with breaking news in the last half hour the c.e.o. of facebook has admitted that his social media company made mistakes which allowed data about users to end up with a.


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