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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian figured and this is that is a lie from joe coming up in the next sixty minutes the boss of facebook admits to the stakes over the cambridge analytical control the city will examine what laws are in place to protect our privacy. follows despard wait for his daughter was dozens of other nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram return home. a swap deal in syria's. changed for rebels ahead of the first the evacuation of civilians but as the saudi crown prince visit washington u.s. media say the police documents show the extent of lobbying to try to influence the trumpet ministration. and. have all the day's sport including serena williams is the latest victim a twenty year old. as a former world number one falls in the first round.
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the boss of facebook has promised to safeguard the information of its two billion users after a major data breach it's the first time that mark zuckerberg has publicly addressed accusations that fifty million users had their data harvested by a third party app and passed on to a political consultancy that firm cambridge analytical is accused of improperly accessing the information to manipulate u.s. voters during the twenty sixteen election cycle book says that it's a breach of trust he's committed to stopping the use of the social media platform to interfere in elections including upcoming votes in brazil india and the u.s. midterms and the facebook chief executive says that he'd be happy to testify in front of the u.s. congress if he was deemed the right person to appear more now from lopez or diane. mark zuckerberg doesn't like giving interviews but the pressure on the camera shy
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founder and c.e.o. of facebook was so great he had to do something he told the american media he was sorry about the security breach the compromise of private data of fifty million facebook users in a statement he had knowledge there were failures in facebook's protection of data i started facebook he writes and at the end of the day i am responsible for what happens on our platform i'm serious about doing what it takes to protect our community while this specific issue in bobby cambridge analytic i should no longer have been with new apps today that doesn't change what happened in the past we will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward those steps include a review of all apps that had similar brought access to user data further data restrictions and making it easier for users to resend permissions suckers carefully choreographed response of the cambridge analytical scandal is not what do u.s. lawmakers are asking for they were rather have him testify in person before
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congress minnesota senator amy klobuchar has formally asked for a traditional hearing suburb says he's happy to testify before congress if it's the right thing to deal he also says he's sure someone's trying to disrupt this year's midterm elections underlying the opera or the allegation that data harvested from facebook servers was used by cambridge analytical to support the trunk campaign in two thousand and sixteen interference in the electoral process confirmed in this undercover interview with the company's event c e o alexander nix any recommended that he joins us. with the data that will get the jews to talk to. a television that they. have a few photos to facebook stocks lost sixty billion dollars in value in the last five days and a delayed facebook hash tag has been trending but even if the bad publicity blows over other two. troubles for the social network in china are just beginning the
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federal trade commission has opened an investigation into facebook so to have at least three u.s. states. possibly young al-jazeera live not to london i was here is not the bomber is outside the cambridge analytical headquarters in london so. what's been the reaction there in the u.k. to montauk abuts comments. later and i think you can summarize reactions is rather underwhelmed if not disappointed listen to this from damian collins he heads the parliamentary committee that's been looking into tech companies in so-called fake news they've heard from several facebook representatives recently and they've also some of mark zuckerberg to appear they want him to reply by next monday after his latest statement stayman collins said mark zuckerberg hasn't addressed why facebook didn't deal with concerns about the exposure of user data at the time and the risks
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now now it's been made clear by facebook that they did tighten up the way they controlled users data after twenty fourteen but that was after the data had actually been allegedly passed on to cambridge analytical moreover. the guardian newspaper who done lots of digging on this story had made it clear that cambridge analytical has threatened to sue them in the recent past to try to a high heat some of what the guardian were threatening to publish and some people at facebook itself have admitted that they knew in twenty fifteen about this. if you like breach and in the last two and a half years perhaps have done very little to actually alert anybody about it so there are lots of questions being pointed still at facebook and at the same time there are financial groups which are threatening to sue. sever their time with facebook including investment funds in germany and also
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a group of advertisers in britain who invest hundreds of millions of dollars every year into facebook saying if it emerges that uses data was passed on to brokers or political campaigns then they would cut links where there seemed to be very strong suggestions that it that that is what happened adrian all right so that's facebook let's talk about cambridge analytical britain's information commissioner wants to to look into to the company what's the latest on the investigation into what the mail or may not have done. absolutely right it's no days since the information commissioner applied for a warrant a search warrant to get into the headquarters of cambridge analytical here to search their computers to start to find out what information they had when no facebook got in to the premises on monday evening and were then told by the information commissioner to stop that that would put their own investigation in
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jeopardy they did so but there is no investigation right now in the building they haven't gotten but we do know that there have been further leaks to the british press involving suggestions by insiders at cambridge analytical that term but they were the staff at cambridge analytic are asked to handle private emails of politicians. in presidential campaigns including in nigeria one of the individuals or allegedly involved was mohammad who will carry now the president of nigeria and the allegation is that cambridge analytical hacked his private e-mails including e-mails involving his medical records to try to strengthen the campaign of his rival the incumbent good luck jonathan a few years ago it didn't work that campaign muhammadu buhari one but there are insiders it cambridge analytical saying that the. it was what happened that they were asked to use the this hacked information and they felt uncomfortable doing so
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well cambridge analytical always insists that it did not use stolen information to to to use in presidential campaigns it's a step from what we heard in the u.s. where it was more about targeting specific individuals with different political messaging but if that is confirmed if that's proved to be true then it really will be damaging there's been silence from the firm since they sacked sorry suspended chief executive alexander mix on tuesday adrian all right did he many thanks indeed putting live from london so what does facebook know about you and how does it use that information in the social media site builds a picture of its users by collecting information about your location your web history and things that you like such as photos and articles facebook then uses that information to work out what and you may want to see the ad targeting could be so accurate that some users believe that facebook sometimes is listening in via
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your phone which the company denies facebook says it never sells its data but third party apps can access it and that's how cambridge analytical got its hands on the information of millions of users so if you've ever opened an app and selected log on with facebook the creators of that app will know more about you than perhaps you realize duggal is the chairman of the international commission on cyber security law he's also the advocate in india's supreme court specializing in science a law he joins us now via skype from geneva good to have you with us are there enough safeguards in place legally to protect. the information of the likes of you and i when we're online. well unfortunately there are new legal suit guards in place to protect our information online most of the time. dental line agreed to the terms and conditions we don't read in the fine print and when i
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look at specifically facebook and whatsapp group of companies one thing is very clear privacy is not a big priority for these kinds of companies no wonder these kinds of are not raised its essence to people than commission has not been an intentional has not been accidental but is part of a well bruce's and it design and because there are gaps in the existing. works these gaps are invariably sorts to be exploited and highlighted by what i.q. of music other positives he's under stand at the international level we do not have an international cyber law in place at national levels we have national legislations but then also if you are sensing a facebook account your respective of where you are you would be governed by the u.s. and that sort that just really does not give you lot of protection so i think people really need to be thinking a couple of times in
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a cd is more than what they start sharing information on these social media platforms because once information because of you two means they were there for a long time ok so you say that people if the doesn't matter where they are in the world a possibly governed by u.s. law as it applies to facebook and u.s. law may not be as tight as some jurisdictions in the world would like is it possible to introduce should there be perhaps a law that covers this kind of information internationally that that covers companies with a global reach. at least understand the internet is a global head of human and going to so companies can no longer see that i am an american company and do i owe my services will be available across the globe all users have to come back to get it. increasingly this argument is being torn off out of the window there it is countries and i think it's time that the national dream
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works need to adequately ensure that even the bees didn't it wasn't these are not physically located in your territory so none as their services impact computers computer systems computer networks located in the country that particular countries legislation illegal timber good luck ok that's one of them to next but we work second so i distinctly believe it's high time to come up with a common minimum denominators of accepted norms of behavior in cyberspace which these global data to possibly companies need to comply with noncompliance of under the guidance should attract we don't but the same go for involvement in politics in things like a elections in various countries around the what it meant as a television journalist al-jazeera as a global television channel but we we have to abide by local laws as they apply by the media with our report to the media rather as they apply to reporting on for instance elections should that the legal requirements there be extended to these
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things cyber companies. i am completely in agreement with you legal move requirements need to be extended to all these local. post three companies because they are dealing with a very precious resource being your own data and it's normal be done not it's your sensitive person that being so they need to be put to a particular lino if they cannot keep on saying that i'm not looking to do the addiction i will not comply with the laws and you come back to my good addiction and i will comply with my looks i think really quickly we have to look at the strong legal team looked to protect consumers to protect sensitive personal data fortunately something we shouldn't have begun now the g.d.p. art is going to be launched and implement to do you know me two thousand and eighteen different countries have to follow suit well act up political level of mind of companies or not get it inclined to come up with legal frameworks at the international level but that's the way to go you can post wanted by
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a couple of years but the reality is the citizens of the world to did demand that at a global level the data should not be reached a compromise and they should not be treated as guinea pigs and pull out the quicker norms of behavior you've all the quicker strong legislative books on please the better it's going to be for the citizens and for consumers there's probably a really good to talk to many thanks dave for being with us the public dugald there in geneva. my jarius government says that most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls were abducted by boko haram fighters last month are now free a few though are still missing they were brought to a butcher to meet the president ministers who negotiated their release the girls were then taken back to their home town chief nigeria's government says it's agreed to a temporary pause in fighting with the armed groups in order to secure the girls' freedom let's go live now to change in northeastern nigeria our serious art address is
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there what's the mood. today. well andrea and the mood in the town is generally that of a gratitude and happiness that most of the goes back but also you'll find people who are actually still waiting for news of their daughter's right now i'm standing inside the home of leah sherry nathan who is the only girl now known to be held alive by the boy caught on flight is by the way it's suspected that this is a group allied to the islamic state for west africa province she's the only girl who is still in captivity and when we came into town we spoke to a lot of people here and the reason they said what people tell us here is that the fighters who brought them back in said they are not releasing harm because she
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refused to renounce renounce her fate and now we're here to talk with me about the mood inside the house and the expectations is a father of a nation i missed asheri to talk to was what's the feeling like in the house and the stand that the mother was unconscious when the news came in that her daughter is not among the one hundred and five that were brought back to death to what's the mood in the house then and what's the mood now the mood was very very dark when you heard that in the hours not among the girls that are allowed to return yesterday. to now and to move these very bad and what's the condition right now we're not sure nobody knows about how conditions under duress who come from the u.s. doing fine was there any message from libya when the ghosts are being brought back to that she was there any message she sent with them yes yes and there must be more that she's doing fine they should pray for her. what's the condition of the mother
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right now the mother was just discharged from hospital last is that the whitney and now she's a bit better can you tell our audience the international audience what you your wife your family and others have been going on what's going on in your mind for the last thirty two days when these girls were taken from their school induction we just take you very very sad news very very mint now we are. pleading to the government to assist and our daughter back now i understand you also have another son in another boarding school what's what's your what's your perception about what you're thinking about keeping them in boarding school or in school generally i'm not even deciding that if the authorities can take things in order i would drop them from school. but withdrawing them from school will
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mean that boko haram has one because they don't want children to attend school yes we can do or do wise and leah now is in captivity we don't know how with actually a comeback or not only god knows. i also pray with you so that i can come back quickly as possible. that's the mood here inside the home of. the father of nathan the only goal in the hands of boko haram fighters and by the way that they passed almost in front of the house there with neighbors watching there was a lot of expectations here that the girl was among the one hundred five eventually it turned out she was not meanwhile the one hundred five actually like you said in a border meeting the nigerian government officials for debriefing as well and medical checkups i had many thanks. in northeastern nigeria.
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from al jazeera still to come on the program the link with libya's late leader now france's former president is under formal investigation of a look at what that means for nicolas sarkozy plus. fighting for their inheritance the women protesting for equal rights. and milwaukee looks like they'll be facing an uphill challenge in the n.b.a. playoffs pharrell be here a little later to tell you why. syrian rebels have surrendered from a town in eastern the first stage of the russian brokered deal in. involved a prisoner swap the next phase will allow thousands of rebels and civilians to leave and head to province to other areas in eastern remain under rebel control let's go live now to. give us the latest on this deal has been. as
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it actually been put into place is it being implemented yet. it is being implemented adrian buses have started to evacuate the fighters their families and civilians who were choosing to leave civilians who are too scared to stay people like media activists civil defense volunteers people who the government considers terrorists simply because they belong to the opposition so these buses starting to take these people to the northwestern province of idlib another rebel controlled area this russian guaranteed deal some call it an evacuation deal but in reality it is a surrender the united nations has criticized such deals in the past calling it force the displacement it is the first such deal to be implemented in eastern time but like i said it's not the first time in syria we've seen this in the past it is part of a government strategy to lay siege to an area and bomb it into submission so i heard a sham fighters saying that they are agreeing to lay down their arms they're now
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being given safe passage but like you mentioned there are two other rebel factions in eastern who control two different pockets because eastern with a has now been divided into three different pockets what we understand is that one of the rebel factions racial islam is now negotiating with the russian military collapse of talks collapsed on monday but now they're back to the negotiating table the main sticking point being that doesn't want to go to adlib because they do not have good relations with the rebel group there but they are going to draw for example the southern province of that i will be very difficult because jordan has reservations so i had out a sham a surrendering and that deal now being implemented by ten or many thanks t.j. the heart of their lives in a range. saudi arabia's crown prince is due to meet the u.s. secretary of defense later on how it been salmond's trip to washington coincides with the leak of documents that are said to show lobbying efforts by the u.a.e. and saudi arabia the new york times says the lebanese american businessman george
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nader worked for more than a year to influence elliott broidery a major figure in the republican national committee at the time says that nader offered brady business deals on behalf of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia in order to exert influence on the trumpet ministration george nader's name has surfaced in recent weeks as a witness in the u.s. special counsel robert miller's probe into alleged foreign influence on the twenty sixteen election broady deny any wrongdoing and believes the documents were stolen by hackers joining us now the senior to examine this more structured swearing director of the gulf study center at university what do you make of of this and what these leaked documents say. you know these kind of dictum and send with what apparently mentioning this to commence. is helping us to put the pieces of the business together if you go back two steps just to the early into the late year of
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the about ike obama election when there was a criticism from so the idea about the minutes about his foreign policy in the last you know in his presidency for eight years this leaked documents does confirm that there was a lot of deep and serious efforts done by the two countries to prepare the united states for the president if we take into consideration the fact that the two countries they did not want clinton to be the president so this makes very easy to understand that basically they wanted the other kind it was whose was trump to be the president so this tells you that there is a preparation and a very you know will plan the preparation for the president to. become the prisoner of that is this ok what it was of course he had been elected and he became president of the united states his first trip abroad his body was to saudi arabia and then this this is this is this confirm actually that you know the first two to
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support. trump has started from his own campaign and the leak they commenced did confirm that so far so what we what we can't you know tell about this that there is an earlier plan to have to direct the foreign policy of the united states to affect the white house in particular to the direction of where they see their own interest the two countries so that even a minute will set of their own interests and their interests include iran and caught in by talk of course we are speaking from from doha at the moment we hear felt that that influence very much i mean is that how you read it it's that ok that this lobbying is a part of what has happened to catch i mean a few look at the locate and the crisis the gulf crisis started last year there is a context for this and it seems that those preparations produce this kind of crisis because it was a trend that is a consistent plan. you know supported by the two governments two governments
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financially supported by noted in washington and alliances and led to all of this ok so. what are the repercussions of all of this because with with the having been summit in washington right now it appears that no harm has been done here that they appear to be the best of friends. at the end of the day the white house and the trump mr asian did show that they are the friend of the saudi arabia and the as a republican in general they are support the support of saudi arabia i don't think so the there will be a listen it is hard now on the administration however the miller investigation as a whole will have a serious impact in the administration maybe not. so dana next week but maybe a few months they would have because all of those elements now together if you take into consideration russia allegation if you take into consideration other allegations including this leak there would be a serious impact on the administration in terms of credibility and how the president actually you know became the president of the united states always good
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to talk to much of but he thinks no feeling with as much of his wary. donald trump is reported to be about to announce fifty billion dollars worth of tariffs on products made in china the white house has repeatedly accused china of unfair trade practices that of stealing intellectual property china's ministry of commerce says that it resolutely opposes american protectionism and will act to protect its interests the former president of france nicolas sarkozy has been placed under formal investigation police questioned sarkozy for twenty four hours over allegations that his two thousand and seven presidential campaign was partly funded by libyan money he could face charges of corruption misuse of libyan funds and illegal campaign funding out to serious potential butler is in paris and can tell us more give us some background to all of this why would libya have wanted to
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support a french presidential campaign. we're back in two thousand and seven when nicolas sarkozy swept to power here in france he went on to serve one term in office who back then the then leader of libya colonel gadhafi was looking to try and reenter the world stage because libya had been something of a rogue state and gadhafi political prior at the time and in sarkozy he saw someone perhaps could help him do that and straight after the french elections only a few months after in two thousand and seven sarkozy invited gadhafi to paris it was an extravagant state visit it was quite controversial here at the time of the two countries then signed a raft of trade deals now what some people said at the time was that perhaps nicolas sarkozy was rolling out the red carpet because there was something behind this and a few years later all these allegations started to come out that libyan money had
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been used to fund sarkozy's presidential campaign and if you fast forward to two thousand and eleven just a few years after sarkozy was elected sarkozy in france were at the forefront of a push to intervene in libya to rage war or libya and what some people were saying was perhaps sarkozy was doing that because he wanted to get rid of the gadhafi regime and any compromising information that it would have on him well nicolas sarkozy during his questioning with police here in france over the last few days he has basically refuted those claims he says he is completely innocent and that the gadhafi family came up with those allegations because they were so furious that he had turned against them and that he had led this intervention in libya in two thousand and eleven he says he's innocent he says he has no direct link to this libyan money but what magistrates and police will be doing over the next few months years as long as it takes is trying to put together
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a case to see whether or not they could bring the former french president to trial the treasury thanks to trash brought to the live in paris. next up on the news richard is here with a look at the weather then. it's not so simple as turning on the tap will tell you why millions in mexico city are spending hours trying to find clean drinking water . tradition with a modern twist we'll look at an artistic revival that's drawing thousands of visitors to pakistan. and iraq and a three decade long ban on hosting international matches but fans in the capital feel shut out of the action details coming up and. by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera.
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the weather in europe during spring can often be at its most extreme when you've got big temperature contrast and that's what we have at the moment the snow is still been coming down in germany over the last twenty four hours or so meanwhile in ukraine the stuart population sort of all suffering because the extreme cold weather locals are actually trying to feed the birds to keep them alive and we've got more snowy weather affecting southeastern parts of your at the moment but we've also got some extremely warm air pushing up from the south which i can perhaps illustrate by changing to this temperature profile belgrade in serbia one athens at twenty but we've just been look at the weather down in crete corrected temperatures about twenty five degrees but blowing at about sixty kilometers per hour and there's a lot of dust coming up from the south as well so when we look at the position of a red dust across this area and probably some quite spectacular sunsets so if you get back to the forecast then we're going to see over the next twenty four hours
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this weather system beginning to develop and snow is certainly going to be an issue here so as we advance that know the next twenty four hours you see the snow extending further towards the north with it we're going to see some really quite severe weather and that's going to affect many parts of southeastern europe. the weather sponsored by qatar at race. another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment of phillis bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of the relentless taliban on stilts. with faith a witness documentary at this time on al jazeera and monday pointed wealth on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
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a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to form dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera our top stories this hour facebook's chief executive has promised tougher steps to protect the information of the platforms two billion users spock's up a book of myths that the social media site has made mistakes after revelations that
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a u.k. phone may have misused information fifty million facebook users. nigeria's government says that most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls who were abducted by boko haram fighters last month are now free but a few are still missing they've been brought to a budget to meet the president and ministers who go see it at their release. and syrian rebels have surrounded a town in eastern guta thousands of fighters and civilians are being allowed to leave. and travel to profits to other areas of east remain under rebel control. more now on our top story this hour revelations that a u.k. for misuse data from facebook uses cambridge analytical to spread its influence worldwide along with its parent company s.c.l. executives say that they've worked on around two hundred elections in malaysia pressures mounting on the prime minister to reveal whether the firm has been
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employed there florence louis has more from the capital kuala lumpur. we're standing outside the malaysian office for cambridge analytic at this is the address stated on the firm's website and as you can see it's an unassuming house in a suburb outside of kuala lumpur we've also conducted a company search with the registrar of companies cambridge analytical is not a registered company in malaysia but one of his top officials has been filmed in a sting operation at mit saying that the company has done work in malaysia the last general election was in two thousand and thirteen the problems about newsbin the pollution has been part and parcel of all politics here for the longest time and the peers are aware as well i think in terms of outreach and so on we don't see huge levels already as we've seen what's happened in the us a largely because i think many people have not really come quite the terms with the extent to which this was involved in research but i think people are wilkinson
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about the broader base issues with respect to be selected in terms of the credibility of the candidate in terms of the how well the election rules are going to be adhered to in prevented by the governing body the firm is said to have helped a politician from the ruling party win an election in two thousand and thirteen and that politician has since left the ruling party to join the opposition alliance and both sides have denied and gauging the family a general election is due to be held in malaysia by august this year and the malaysian official for cambridge analytical has declined to comment on whether the firm has been engaged to assist in the upcoming elections turkey's largest media group is selling its assets to a company seen as loyal to president richard tarp or the one dawn holding which owns c.n.n. turk the respected honey at the newspaper is considered to be one of turkey's last remaining independent media voices let's go live now to istanbul after serious and closely all who can tell us more sort of what's the significance of this sale.
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well that in actually as you said this is the biggest largest media outlet in turkey so this is the biggest media acquisition ever in turkish history right now on the financial side it's very important because the operational valley is one point one million one billion dollars and the equity value is eight hundred ninety million dollars but besides that the owner of this media outlet mr iden don has long been seen. has long been seen as a very strong part of the secular establishments in turkey which president has fought for many years after he says his party started ruling turkish government in after two thousand to also present and on since then have always accuse the media that for biassed approached and unfair news about his governments and islamism
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and himself but the company has always denied so i can say that there was always a choir between the government and this media group and the president has always accused the media of that for cooperate in the sick with the with the military which tried to is some coup attempts in which trying to overthrow our party government so this is the this is a political story of this media quiz ition but mr i didn't go on who owns the big media out that had to sell two of his a newspaper stuff that the government find them for two point five billion dollars in two thousand and nine and those two newspapers were already sold to the middle ground group at that time which is now going to acquire this largest media outlet in turkey and then we're a group the new potential buyer is known to be a very strong supporter of president don and his government and his team so from
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this perspective it is not welcomed by the human rights circus by the journalist. and western allies actually because it is it is seen as a further cementing in media as government support and people discuss because the government already has a very strong dominance in media and does present odone need any more control in the media every now this is a question of the many thanks dates of them crossing over that time. when china's he is president proposed last here that the country's inheritance laws should be revised women's rights activists applauded the move still the issue is a controversial one as a jump jhoom reports from today's. a march for equality tunisian women demanding parity with men in matters related to life and death for these activists the time has come for the country's inheritance law to
1:40 pm
change and the country said in our opinion this is quite simply one of the last bastiaan off the patriarchy because we're made to believe that these are issues regarding religion but in fact there are issues at the heart of patriarchy among a few to see that last year president as you can see announced a review of a law that says a woman should receive only half the share of an inheritance that a man does. even in a country known in the region for being progressive when it comes to women's rights the proposal was controversial bush about how tricky that is a member of parliament who heads up the commission of individual freedoms and equality a group that strapping the revised rules and recommendations while she's optimistic future generations will be granted more opportunities and liberties she also explains how the subject of inheritance is a contentious one and that the upcoming municipal elections in may could further complicate things. this report was supposed to be issued to the president on
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february twentieth but we tried to avoid the election campaigns and wanted to keep the issue outside the realm of politics and any political tensions last year parliament passed landmark laws criminalizing domestic violence and harassment in public spaces while tunisia's current legal system is a mixture of both civil and religious laws conservatives are far from happy with the proposals on inheritance law they say any and all matters related to inheritance are already enshrined in islam ik law and therefore should not be allowed to be challenged. according to members of a local women's rights group things are improving but more needs to be done in the minimum domenic on between the legal system and the reality even if by women there is a gap and for us this is our mission today how to make the laws and the reality closer to each other. they say equality in inheritance is another important step in the right direction one that will
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ultimately insure society provides liberties and human dignity to men and women alike. to miss tunisia. the president of the maldives has lifted the seven week long state of emergency that was imposed to curb further protests in the capital mali protests began when judges quashed convictions against nine opposition leaders and the court ordered the governments to release jailed opponents of president adel again mean his half brother and the supreme court chief justice were arrested at accused of conspiring to overthrow the government politicians in peru a show deal to meet to formally accept the president's resignation had republicans in ski stepped down before a vote to impeach him he denies corruption allegations linked to the brazilian construction giant brecht he's being replaced by vice president martin is caught up who is due to be sworn in on friday. now thursday is world water day the united nations is warning that more and more people around the world could face water
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shortages water scarcity affects some seven hundred million people in forty three countries the u.n. says that around two billion people live in areas with inadequate water supplies and almost a quarter of the world's population doesn't have the right facilities to make water drinkable by twenty twenty five one point eight billion people are expected to have no water or toll but over the next twelve years up to seven hundred million people in arid and semi arid areas could be forced from their homes for the water crisis is keenly felt in one of the world's largest capital cities mexico city which is home to twenty two million people their homes are built over what was a vast lake that was drained by spanish settlers shortages of water getting worse experts say that water is being lost within the system john holdren reports. it needs to plant
1:44 pm
a district on the outskirts of mexico city the queues for wood to truck start it poor in the mood ring for some residents nothing's come out of the taps for years this is the only way to get water paolo regularly wait eight hours for one it's so supping full time job with the regular part of a that. i had to leave work and bring one of my sons so he didn't go to school we can't have breakfast or even go to the toilet so as not to miss our time. makes crew city's water problems are due to many factors but a major one is the captain's crumbling system incredibly about a third of the water is lost as it goes through cracked pipes by the time it gets to places like. pressure has slowed to a drip for the city's overwhelmed repair teams it's a never ending job as soon as they've got one leak another springs up as it were that they must but. we need more people more vehicles to check where the. sure is going down where there are possible leaks it takes a lot of time and resources
1:45 pm
a lot of kind of mass. what do the pipes break the h. many a more than sixty years old and disturbances like earthquakes but in the main it's this makes crews city is sinking they've even had to add fourteen extra steps to this national monument because the ground around it has been going down so much and the reason for that sinking is that water is being subtle the aquifers below the city to satisfy an ever growing and thirsty population. different areas of subsiding at different speeds and that's causing the pipes beneath them to bend and snap at the pressure points is a break the leaks increase for experts there's only one solution for the gas and it does say this is a really sad we need to stabilize the aqua first the the ground stop sinking we need to capture rainwater and directed towards the awkward firs at the moment that water goes straight to the drains and what it up along with. the other thing we
1:46 pm
need to do is to treat sewage right now we only treat ten percent of our waste water and even that not thoroughly enough for it to be reinjected in the awkward for. you when you believe those two courses of action would not only stop the city sinking but also go a long way to making up its will to short fall but political will and funds are lacking for now the vicious cycle continues with those light power caught up in it for today the truck has arrived and she finally has water to wash a week's worth of thirty dishes tomorrow the struggle begins again john homan how does it a myth scarcity. just ahead here on the. biggest stuff far ahead with the details next.
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well i can type a sport historic adrian thank you so much japanese tennis player naomi osaka has continued her great run of form her latest victory came at the expense of twenty time twenty three time grand slam champion serena williams osaka knocked the former world number one out of four in the first round of the miami open the twenty year old who is fresh from winning the indian waltz title last week put on a brilliant display and her poets are now meeting against williams who is her childhood hero asako going on to defeat the thirty six year old american in straight sets six three six two williams is playing in just her fourth match then giving birth it's time for. i was never really seen her up close like i just see
1:49 pm
her on the t.v. and stuff so. yeah i kind of like the outfit. and i was shaking her hands of one of those players except for like the first three games that i was able to think that she was just another i was trying to play well. le bron james made more history on wednesday he became the first player in n.b.a. history to record at least thirty five points seventeen a says and have no turnovers as cleveland beat the top team in the east the toronto raptors one hundred and thirty two to one hundred twenty nine slanting and this is one point about i was born in this georgia season. eleven games live we want to try to continue just a beautiful we in the last couple games and if we do that would put herself in a good position to go into the polls. it was a less good night for milwaukee the box went down one hundred and twenty two one
1:50 pm
hundred and twenty seven against the l.a. clippers the last meeting their eighth in the east since they finished their low have to face the highest seeded team in the first round. or hockey star sidney crosby had a milestone as he helped decide the pittsburgh penguins to victory over the montreal canadiens along scoring the game tying goal in the second period crosby also made his seven hundred career assistance he led the penguins to a five three victory. in iraq has made its return to hosting international football the team played a historic match on home soil on wednesday for the first time since fifa lifted a three decade long ban on the country holding international tournaments around played qatar in the southern city of basra in front of a packed crowd march finished three two to qatar it's one of a series of friendlies with iraq set to play syria next week but as our correspondent iran can report from baghdad found in the capital
1:51 pm
a feeling shut out from the action. the thought has lifted it's. taking place in iraq where the band's only been lifted in three cities are built where that game is taking place. the bow doesn't extend to baghdad and that's left a lot of very disappointed. praise god it's a big joy that the band for these three major cities possible karbala and erbil has been lifted we look forward to the ban being lifted in baghdad but as we know it's there are security reasons but when iraq plays it lifts your spirits like it's going to look like you had as you know iraq just came out of war the cities are the safest bank dead is the capital we all know security here is an issue that we hope for the future the security gets better and the pain gets lifted now despite that disappointment whoever wins this tournament football wins in iraq and that's possibly the most crucial things fans a very international football it's
1:52 pm
a competitive international football maybe able to return to iraq in the very. and not be able to see the big heroes people like most people like name. zimbabwe have a chance to secure qualification to the twenty nineteen cricket world cup if they beat the way they'll be guaranteed a spot at the spectacle and when zimbabwe won the toss and put the visitors in to bat the emer audi's have scored two hundred and twenty four for seven with their fifty overs coming to an end. well one country they can now dream of playing at the world cup in the future is nepal just last week they earned their official one day international status but as to be nationalists that reports from katmandu their new status hasn't stopped allegations of corruption and political interference. hundreds of fans wait outside government to airport to get a glimpse of their favorite stars and national cricket team arrived home on monday evening from zimbabwe after winning one day international status and i'm looking
1:53 pm
forward to playing the giants of the one day games such as india england and australia. this comes with a lot of responsibility we have to improve our game and that infrastructure is built on the next six months to a year we can plan and move ahead it's time the government has priority to cricket . the path to one day international status has been a rocky one for than apologies the players are talented but the sports administrators are plagued by allegations of mismanagement political interference and corruption involving embezzled funds all that cause the world governing body international cricket council to suspend cricket association of the past two years ago. association suspension from the i.c.c. has excluded the team from competitions but it has meant a reduction of more than ninety percent in funding of we. don't i mean snow
1:54 pm
mustique don't i mean are it going to hamper because there were no board running the domestic on i mean so we had a problem with pearson action and and all the problem for people who are involved in the system so the direct impact and most important impact that we had in the domestic structure. far from developing new facilities existing cricket grounds have not been meant tain still control this is around the sports administration that's hard to dampen the spirit of a spy. players' cricket has become enormously popular in the past earlier this year one of the national players was selected for the indian premier league the richest cricket league in the world and a few people across the country have started to see the sport as a viable career option now with o.d.i. status assured for the next four years nepal hopes to cement its place as
1:55 pm
a competitive international team fans here hope that the sports administrators in the as well as the newly appointed sports minister will make changes and start investing in the development of the sport al-jazeera. and i'll tell you for now wagering back here for many thanks indeed pakistan's first ever. festival is in full swing organizers hope that the two week event will boost tourism and help revive lahore's reputation as a cultural capital to reports the country is thriving. they were famous. from a bygone era i know you. are influenced by a cultural heritage. hundreds of. flanked on one side by the by try. on the odd. ball the festival provides the perfect opportunity
1:56 pm
for. to enjoy the performances and take in the city's famous sights i think. what i mean when i think there should be more music and art related festivals across pakistan we think for such events to take place and even the foreigners are looking for these kinds of opportunities to visit they help the tray a very positive image of pakistan on the whole has produced musical greats including sagan and rafi today the audience is treated to the sound of spiritual music inspired by boyd's right from bombay in the whole world the center for music attached with the film making sense of pakistan through him gradually with the eighty's and ninety's that lot but then revival of the music industry i hope will unveil that the music culture of the mohawk is again a life. alrighty of instruments to be.
1:57 pm
influenced by different faiths in religion throughout the ages music has played an important role in the performing arts and the rich heritage and culture history of this region why did a healer wall vary with new instruments being introduced all the time rather call them in the law a civil activist photographer an architect he also had a passion for music and it's making its own instrument called a short. descending from the. instruments through smokes. and his sound which has a meaning for the listener sonic meaning. it is not from the did. not want to produce that we were to go shop rich go next on
1:58 pm
a very push and eleven. the music if it is produced through this instrument is a musical sound which is meaningful to one's emotions which is meaning to work meaning for one's internet job as well which is meaningful and you know if you are emotionally yes. it is there do we were ready to hit the right note with brigadier general white that day with. the whole pocket. that i just knew straight ahead i'll see you get.
1:59 pm
we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have presence here all the time apart from being a good time and it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. a scandal that's rocked
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the nation to its core and exposed to hundreds of calls official. accepting bribes just to show the most dangerous cool movie to want to sometimes take a spot at the door of a difference to blow up a personal bond that these judicial corruption has in my life i think i come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examined one man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna. i can. tell you. some of it i like. the boss of facebook admits to mistakes over the cambridge and a lot of the controversy alex what laws are in place to protect our privacy.


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