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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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as the u.s. has withdrawn from the trans-pacific partnership deal others has stayed committed to it but first small countries countries with small populations such as yours is this actually a better deal without divided states signatories of the world's newest trade block talks al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. and other resignation of the white house the national security adviser h.r. mcmaster is to be replaced by john bolton.
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well again you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me also coming up. it is the largest deficit of any country in the history of our world it's out of control. from slaps tariffs on china as fears grow over a trade war. there as congress debates whether to accept the president's resignation after he steps down over a vote buying scandal. and the police in south korea arrest the former president lee myung bak over charges of corruption. ok our top story for you this still developing this hour the u.s. national security adviser h.r. mcmaster has resigned from the trumpet ministration he will be replaced by john bolton who also advised to. george w.
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bush on foreign policy issues mcmaster replaced michael flynn fourteen months ago bolton as a hawk he has previously advocated the use of military force against iran and north korea. is also become as has become customary for trump's major personnel and policy decisions the announcement was made on twitter trump tweeted i'm pleased to announce that effective april the ninth john bolton will be my new national security advisor i'm very thankful for the service of general h.r. mcmaster who's done an outstanding job and will always remain my friend kimberly how could now has more on h.r. mcmasters time with the trump administration and general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security advisor he arrived at a tumultuous time just a month into his presidency trump had fired national security advisor michael flynn for lying to the vice president over his conversations with the russians it is both
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diplomacy and sanctions working together but it wasn't long before make master was enveloped in his own controversy within months of his hiring many trump supporters wanted mcmaster out after reports surfaced he were new to the security clearance a president barack obama's national security advisor susan rice they also blamed him for leaked white house conversations with world leaders even starting a hash tag fire mcmaster. although trump stood by his national security adviser publicly privately he reportedly clashed with the army general who didn't like trump's and disciplined style of governing but it was a comment at a security summit in germany in february that many believe was the beginning of the end following a department of justice indictment of thirteen russian nationals accused of interfering in the twenty sixteen u.s. . mcmaster has said this and as you can see with the f.b.i.
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indictment the evidence is now really incontrovertible and available in the public domain was reportedly livid tweeting that mcmaster forgot to add the results of the two thousand and sixteen election were not impacted or changed by the russians was secretary of state rex tillerson was fired and social media speculation began that mcmaster would be the next to go i'm really got a point where we're getting very close to having regard for the other things that are wrong twenty years ago h.r. mcmaster wrote a book called dereliction of duty about how military generals failed to stand up to presidents during the vietnam war many believe it is this approach that cost raster his job after futile efforts to constrain the president can really help al jazeera washington. well john bolton has served under several republican administrations
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gaining a reputation as a hawk he has regularly appeared on t.v. advocating hardline right wing positions bolton's argued for military action against a number of u.s. adversaries including north korea and he wants the white house to take a strong stance against russia in a twenty fifteen york times opinion column he called for air strikes against nuclear facilities in iran is also written forwards for books by noted anti muslim american authors and while working in the second bush administration he was accused of manipulating intelligence reports he said saddam hussein to develop weapons of mass destruction in iraq a claim that was later proven to be untrue to show castro joins us from washington so how does this shift the the pendulum of trump's administration id. well sure peter now this is just the next step to what trump apparently has been conducting which is a complete national security council his group of advisors shift to people who
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agree with more of his own hawkish views we saw that last week when rex tillerson the more moderate secretary of state was fired by trump his replacement announced as mike pompei who is more hawkish in nature and now with today's announcement of the resignation of mcmaster who was long seen as a temperate force on the national security council his first move when he was brought on board fourteen months ago was to get rid of steve bannon who was one of the most extremist voices on the council at the time but as you heard from kimberly's reporting the fact that his job was in a sense to moderate the president became a source of resentment for trump who very much takes pride in going at it his own way and seeing this move now forcing the resignation which the white house states was a mutual decision from these two men of mcmaster right on the tails of getting rid of rex tillerson indeed is
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a move more toward his hawkish tendencies peter many thanks let's talk now to actually print she's a political commentator a board member of republican women for progress she joins us from washington d.c. actually print everyone is agree most was really rather good at doing his job so why get rid of him. hmm well everyone may have agreed with that but the president didn't which is the problem the president has often tweeted his distaste for mcmaster in his basically public ad admonition of him saying that you know when it came to the russian investigation at least mcmaster disagreed with him thoroughly saying that russia did in fact interfere in the twenty six thousand election and trump did not like that the two were often seen as at odds with each other you know i think this was a long time coming and now that tillerson had been fired it seems like an obvious step for mcmaster to leave and i say that because with the appointment of bolton to come in. tillerson was actually very much against the idea of bolton joining the
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administration so i do think that there was some lingering issues there as well so i think now that tillerson is out this is a good time for mcmaster to kind of step aside and let someone new take over knowing that he disagreed with the president on so many things ok john bolton is now not going to be writing opinion pieces he's not going to be appearing on fox news we assume there are big more criticism ok there are bigger more intricate issues now at play into connective tissues globally around the world compared to when he was the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. compared to when he worked with george bush so given that how can anyone say that john bolton has the judgment and the temperament to do this job. that is a great question i do know him as an opinion you know contributor and someone who's a commentator and with that said you know his time in the bush administration was
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one of contention many people didn't think he was very diplomatic in how he handled things when he was in vassar so i do think that this will be obviously something that trump likes we have seen not as something you know i think as a qualification to serve in the trump administration someone who's a little more bullish who will do things that the president wants and that certainly wasn't macmaster so again back to your point of many people thought mcmaster was doing a good job the president didn't because he wasn't a yes man in his administration which bolton will be ok he is just looking at his twitter feed in the last half hour or so he is a whole on russia does that put him on a collision course with his boss donald trump who let's face it donald trump's reaction say to the former spy poisoning story of a sleepy cathedral city in the west of england was in the beginning of the trump reaction to that story was paid when he was on some questions about whether russia
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was involved or not so those two men might end up at all. donald trump's he said it himself donald trump's good friend glad to be a pollutant. yes they very well could end up at odds or we end up seeing a backtracking from bolton on these comments we could see these tweets deleted we could see him you know take a public step back and say that he you know was not serving in a capacity at that time but now agrees with the president which is something we have seen from other administration officials before so again they could be at odds with each other on this russian issue but that was the driving factor it seemed as to why mcmaster was resigning so i would be hard pressed to think the president would allow john bolton to come in here knowing that he is at odds with him on this number one issue to the president the president is all about vindicating himself here and showing that somehow it was all hillary clinton's fault when in fact we have seen reason to believe through inappropriate behavior from advisors on his
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campaign that there was collusion with russia very very briefly please actually pratt is donald trump getting ready to sec robot not least because he's now presumably got a national security adviser whispering in his ear exactly what he wants to hear i think that muller will be fired and i think that this is part of the course in this administration nobody is safe and i do think that when you disagree with the president you can expect a firing to come your way and muller he has disagreed with over and over and over again so i think it can be expected and it will be rather soon i believe if i sleep in washington good to talk to you we do appreciate your insights thanks very much don't trump says he's open to testifying before the u.s. special counsel robert muller who's investigating possible russian interference in the u.s. presidential election and twenty sixteen now those comments come just alos after
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the president's lead personal lawyer announced his resignation joe had reportedly clashed with mr trump over his handling of the middle of a probe party kohei and has that story from washington. u.s. president donald trump's lawyers have reportedly warned him not to talk to special counsel robert mueller trump apparently feels differently. testified. thank. you to hear what he said i'd like to but if he does and he lies that is a serious crime possibly an impeachable offense as the miller investigation begins focusing directly on the president he started for the first time directly targeted on twitter at the same time his lead lawyer john dowd called to the investigation to be shut down at first saying he spoke for the president then saying he didn't now he won't be speaking form any longer john dowd has quit the president clearly
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taking the lead of lawyers he's watching on t.v. often quoting alan dershowitz presidents absolutely right this investigation never should have begun and the question is now how does he deal with it and i think what he's doing is he's playing good cop bad cop b.s. some of his lawyers cooperate with mark and some of his lawyers attacking. with doug on one of the so-called good cops has quit he urged the president to cooperate with the special counsel added to the team joe digenova who believes the exact opposite that make no mistake about it a group of f.b.i. and d.o.j. people were trying to frame donald trump of a falsely created crime as the investigation gets closer to the president he's going on the attack trying to discredit the investigators now he has a legal team much more likely to go along with that strategy pedicle him al-jazeera washington. u.s. stocks have been falling sharply as fears grow of an all out trade war between the
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us and china and follows the decision by president trump to impose tariffs of up to sixty billion dollars on chinese imports trump says the deficit with beijing is out of control and he's called for reciprocal trade arrangements china has promised to retaliate saying it film he opposes the action. some people call it a mirror tariff or a mere attacks just use the word reciprocal if they charge us we charge them the same thing that's so it's got to be that's not the way it is for many many years for many decades it has not been that way and i will say the people we're negotiating with smilingly they really agree with us i really believe they cannot believe they've gotten away with this for so long. still to come here on al-jazeera we'll tell you why south korea's former president lee myung bak is now in police custody. and the former french president nicolas sarkozy goes on the
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offensive under investigation of allegations of illegal campaign funding. from the cave blue sky of the doha moony. to the french autumn breeze in the city of. spring should smell quite good for a while in central and southern china temps sucked about nineteen in shanghai and twenty four in hong kong we are of course bringing up inland when it reaches such wrong is turning into rain chandu might for a change get a bit of wetness start of course at highs and the rain will spread a bit further into the heart of china but it's still relatively warm and i think hong kong will feel vastly different humid and twenty five rather than low humidity and twenty one as we were a couple of days ago south of this is a big gap if we pick up any significant rain there are showers from cambodia vietnam and the gulf of thailand but the brightest tops the heavy showers already
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borneo sort of ways he down to his java and back across sumatra to some degree it's a lot more cloud and there is rain here but occasional showers pretty poky and you can see the green suggests that's true in southern thailand for the next couple of days as well you know the dry season has ended this just to see what's happening with the early rains of in the northwest of india we saw this cloud done quite a lot there to pradesh. and it's still clad over the tibetan plateau as you can see but it's left behind fine weather well temporarily humidity dropped so the heat wasn't rising but temps of course will rise for the next two weeks. the weather sponsored by cattle and nice. by another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment
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a film this bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of the relentless taliban. armed with faith a witness documentary at this time on al jazeera. welcome back recapping your top stories so far today the us national security advisor h.r. mcmaster has resigned from the trumpet ministration he will be replaced by john bolton who also advised george w. bush on foreign policy as a hawk he has previously advocated the use of military force against iran and against north korea. and other news from the trumpet ministration his key personal
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lawyer is resigning as well john dowd had reportedly clashed with the president over his handling of the probe underway by the u.s. special counsel robert muller was investigating possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election. and the us president to sign an order imposing sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports he says the move is needed to stop unfair competition from china's state led economy. where the congress is debating whether to accept the president's resignation pedro publication ski and he was stepping down on whedon's day ahead of an impeachment vote over corruption allegations prosecutors have asked a judge to prevent him from leaving the country because inskeep is guaranteed presidential immunity from prosecution until the congress for. formally accepts his resignation and then the vice president martin this is sworn in to replace him let's get the latest live from lima and our correspondent marianna sunshine mariana
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is there any doubt about how this is going to play out. i don't think there's any doubt that vice-president not being the star will be taking over congress is in fact the breeding now the resignation of the public will change speed but that is just a formality the congressman had already said that they would accept his resignation and it's been only full said for a while now the vice president mounting the scott i have. secretly talked with the head of the popular force party take us into more he points to basically the woman who manages congress because she holds a majority in congress and what they want to do is to govern as she has as she said when she lost the election are twenty months ago that she was govern the
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country from congress now is first time i think he's got i will be coming to play to arriving soon and sworn in tomorrow and that's what many believe is that is the proper course party will be in charge of the next government because nothing has come out does not have a party he doesn't have really allies he's the vice president and he's a weak person in terms of and his relations with the popular force party because less than one year ago madison wisconsin was basically impeached by the same a group of congress then and he was forced to leave his post as a transport minister so it will be a difficult time for him to govern in the next three years that are left of. time in office what do you think's going to happen mariano over the coming few hours.
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well in the coming few hours we are waiting for a month in you've got a two hour drive from canada he is the approved i'm back to canada and he was a very and he is supposed to arrive sometime soon congress is supposed to meet him to morrow and he would be sworn in possibly friday morning or throughout the day on friday in the meantime people are furious in the streets of the rules especially here in the not many thing that they want most of the political class to leave because the perception or problem from the majority of programs is that there's a lot of corruption and that there's a lot of corruption among the political class and people say they want everyone to leave mary and thanks very much. the former south korean president lee myung bak
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has been arrested jailed and is now in solitary confinement the seventy six year old is facing a number of corruption charges and the authorities for years he may destroy evidence as kathy novak reports from seoul is the latest in a series of scandals involving former leaders. he's yet another former south korean president accused of abusing power lee myung bak denies that but did apologize as he arrived to face prosecutors last week. when i stand before you with a tragic i offer my deepest apology to the people for causing worry amid times when the economy is in hardship and the security situation on the korean peninsula is serious the charges against him include among other things bribery embezzle meant and tax evasion leads accused of improperly receiving about ten million dollars from people and institutions including the country's spy agency as well as a sense sung south korea's largest conglomerate corruption allegations were first
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made during the two thousand and seven election campaign despite that the popular former mayor of seoul won and became president the following year he faced challenges almost immediately with protests over american beef imports and later the killing of south koreans which was blamed on north korea after leaser of his five year term as president fellow conservative puck in hay was elected she was impeached and jailed last year a verdict in her corruption trial is expected next month. all of the seven former presidents who led south korea since one thousand nine hundred eighty have faced some form of corruption scandal either directly or because of allegations against their family members five including li and park have had to personally face prosecutors mass protests that led to parks impeachment seem to demonstrate support for powerful politicians to be held to account and a recent public opinion poll taken before least ends trial found almost eighty
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percent of south koreans want a stern punishment. a shared understanding is being created among the public and politicians the mechanisms should be built to check absolute power reasonable police. i think it will improve one by one lee myung bak says he hopes to be the last south korean president to face this kind of prosecution kathy novak al jazeera saw. france's former president nicolas sarkozy has defended himself after being put under formal investigation for receiving illegal campaign funding he's accused of receiving tens of millions of dollars from that he is late leader. so of course he denies the allegations pull brennan out from paris. one of his nicknames is speedy sako and just twenty four hours after being placed under formal investigation nicolas sarkozy has come out fighting for us having failed to convince a paris judge to drop the corruption charges on national television sarkozy put his
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case before the court of french public opinion devotion of a deal a political deal to mourn and dean yes hugh i want to express the depth of my indignation i owe it to a french people to tell them the truth i did not betray their trust. and he lashed out at his libyan accusers c genre those people who assassins criminals delinquents have not come up with any evidence the libyan witnesses have said the bottom out of money could not come out of there about leaving a trace for deputies to i don't everything photograph everything he was crazy and surely taking drugs. what's alleged is that when he won the two thousand and seven presidential race nicolas sarkozy's campaign received as much as sixty million dollars from the libyan dictator colonel gadhafi. the current libyan government is watching the sarkozy case with keen interest all of the so-called z. is being brought to court even though the case is old this is the type of democracy
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desired by everyone that rejects dictatorship. duffy and his sons used to abuse libyan funds with no accountability and intervene in other countries domestic affairs. psycho's insists he's being falsely accused by gadhafi his clan as a revenge for toppling the former dictator in twenty eleven but investigative journalists from the paris news website media part have been at the forefront of gathering documentary evidence to corroborate the corruption charges. the libyan affair in a spectacular way shows are nicolas sarkozy and his clan are in the middle of what can be called i'm afeared style affair in the heart of politics. there is a suspicion that a democratic state france might have been bought by a dictatorship in the coming weeks and months we'll see that the case is a solid case book. nonetheless sarkozy is refusing to yield insisting he will not give even a centimeter of ground to those who would attack him he denies all the allegations
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the paul brennan al-jazeera paris. at least fourteen people have been killed in a car bomb attack in the somali capital mogadishu the blast took place near a hotel on a busy road which has been the target of similar attacks in the past ten other people are thought to be injured in the explosion and on group al shabaab says it carried out the attack. occurred to me the palestinian teenage girl who was filmed kicking and slapping an israeli soldier in the occupied west bank has accepted a plea deal should be sentenced to eight months in prison i mean it has met the to me family and has more on why the teenager has accepted a deal. he is relentless in campaigning on behalf of his daughter who will remain in jail until mid-summer as i say in the court and this court is in the gutter for that the corn. is not just not just and its bark of the component of the kobe shin or the system it's for to banish the bullets to not deny and
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ninety nine cent of the. prisoners are guilty. either to me we became famous after a video showing her slapping and kicking an israeli soldier went viral around the world she became a hero among palestinians but was vilified in israel here was a teenage girl who had publicly humiliated the army and deserved the harshest of punishments and even when handcuffed and shackled she continued to show strength of character saying defiantly in court there is no justice under occupation after entering a plea bargain added to me was sentenced to eight months in prison and fined about a thousand five hundred dollars. there are about three hundred minors currently held in israeli jails and who like added to mimi had to appear in front of a military court most had to also enter a plea bargain to reduce their sentence or else face long term detention case is
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exceptional because it has attracted international attention but it's no different from other cases there's no trial because because this process happens the way. the balance is remand this is what ends the deal once that happens the next step would typically be the plea bargain once the plea bargain is there it means that the role of the court is minimized to actually just approving the plea bargain and that's what happens almost all of the time the human rights organization but salim says the conviction rate for palestinians in. military courts is almost one hundred percent bassam to me is worried about his daughter and her mother in jail even there is a certain pride about the impact her case has it's broken the stereotype about what the teen is because they show a ballasting and there's an art of men holding. or making. being
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or have a life but they see young blond the blue. with him and with his hand slapped that the image over the bow of the probation which is of me added to me also received a three year suspended sentence but if the aim of her detention is to intimidate young palestinians it seems that she has only inspired many more to stand up against the occupation. in the occupied west bank. this is al jazeera live from doha these are your headlines the u.s. national security advisor a charm master has resigned from the trumpet ministration he'll be replaced by john
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bolton who also advised george w. bush on foreign policy issues bolton is a hawk he has previously advocated the use of military force against iran and north korea. meanwhile trump's keep personal lawyer is also resigning john dowd had reportedly clashed with the president over his handling of the probe underway by the u.s. special counsel robert muller who's investigating possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election. the us president to sign an order imposing sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports he says the move is needed to stop unfair competition from china's state led economy u.s. stocks have fallen sharply as fears grow of a trade war some people call it a mirror tariff or a mere attacks just use the word reciprocal if they charge us we charge them the same thing as sue it's got to be that's not the way it is for many
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many years for many decades it has not been that way and i will say the people we're negotiating with smilingly they really agree with us i really believe they cannot believe they've gotten away with this for so long in brazil the supreme court there has failed to reach a final agreement on whether the former president to be fanatical of silver should go straight to jail if he loses next week's corruption appeal the eleven judges will now vote on april the fourth more than a week after his appeal hearing which is due to be heard on monday in july he was found guilty of receiving a luxury flat as a bright from a brazilian construction company he faces a twelve year jail sentence if it fails in peru the congress is debating whether to accept the president's resignation petro publication scheme announced he was stepping down on weapons day ahead of an impeachment vote over corruption allegations prosecutors have asked a judge to prevent him from leaving the country. the former south korean president
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lee myung bak has been arrested jailed and placed in solitary confinement the seventy six year old is facing a number of corruption charges of the authorities feared he would destroy evidence inside story is next i'm back with a quick news summit top of the hour hopefully see you then we will see you very soon. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates buying influence in the white house the saudi crown prince is reported to have boasted that he has donald trump's son in no way his pockets and leaked documents allege a major fundraiser for the president was off of business deals from the gulf to influence us.


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