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where ever you are. a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials accused of accepting bribes just to show the most dangerous comorbidity one s sometimes take a spot the door an edifice to blow up a personal fox that gains judicial corruption as a marketable. i come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine one man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna. a foreign policy shakeup at the white house former u.s. ambassador john bolton is the new national security adviser as donald trump pushes out our mcmaster.
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and i'm jane dutton this is al jazeera live from the house a coming up donald trump signs off on a memorandum to take action against chinese imports and potentially igniting a trade war between the u.s. and china. clashes in the streets of peru as protesters demanding new elections after a scandal brings down the pressure. on bond to be philips in brussels where the e.u. has thrown its support behind britain in its route with russia. there's been a major shift in the foreign policy agenda of the white house donald trump has introduced his new point man on national security matters while saying goodbye to the man he will replace the u.s. president tweeted i'm pleased to announce that effective ninth of april john bolton
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will be my new national security adviser i'm very thankful for the service of gen h.l. mcmasters done an outstanding job and will always remain my friend john bolton is a former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. he's been an advocate of military action on north korea and iran and wants the white house to take a tougher stance on russia in a twenty fifteen new york times opinion column he called for air strikes on nuclear facilities in iran bolton released a statement a short time ago saying it's an honor to be asked by president trump to serve as his national security adviser humbly accept the offer the united states currently faces a wide array of issues and i look forward to working with president trump and his leadership team in addressing these complex challenges in an effort to make our country safe at home and stronger abroad joining us on skype from his son in south korea is robert kelly a professor of political science and diplomacy at pusan university very good to see you i can hear the drums of war beating all the way from here what does this
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cabinet look like to you now. yeah well honestly increasing the looks like a war cabinet nikki haley the u.n. ambassador of the united states is a is a woman hawk at this point might pump a are the likely replacement for the secretary secretary of state who has just recently fired is also a hawk on north korea and iran and john bolton the new national security adviser is to this doesn't mean that we're sort of around the corner from a conflict but this does mean that president trump is going to be getting a lot more hawkish advice than he got in the first year and we're coming up on some big things like the summit with the north koreans for example on the end of that how do you how do you think we know that he bolton is a war for tough action when it comes to north korea and iran so how do you think these talks if they go ahead will play out right if i had to guess the talks themselves will probably be a bust because it's only about two months to prepare for them in the issues between the united states and north korea are gigantic the strategic and political divisions are very large so i would be amazed at the trump team which is sort of in
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turmoil right now right a lot of these guys are sort of new could suddenly pull this together in the next two months my concern is i think what many people worry about is that if the talks with north korea go poorly trump will walk out and say you know that didn't really get us anything and done john bolton and say look i told you we should strike north korea john bones but on the record he said twice in last six months the u.s. should attack north korea on he said this on the editorial page of the wall street journal major mainstream publication and that's what i think a lot of people are worried about is that that you know john bolton will see only you know sort of a few meager diplomatic steps say they failed and then will strike all right and when it comes to iran it seems he's less of a fan than donald trump is of the new kid deal what will happen right. yeah and donald trump isn't a fan of the deal either right and again this is what people are worried about right and i think there is some concern out there that that might actually push for action against the two of them more let's within the same time frame it strikes me as either one of these countries perceived it's possible that you could slide towards a major engagement sorry a full blown war but
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a pretty substantial engagement the united states had poor look at these kinds of things in the middle east if you look at iraq and libya for example on the you know if we strike iran and we just just nobody really knows right and there aren't that many there aren't that many dubs are sort of strangers if you will left in the in the trump white house are you going to that's what i was going to ask you that question who is there was strained now if anybody right all right i think is probably secretary defense madis he's probably the most important mainstream figure left in the in the department the secretary has repeatedly argued that the united states you pursue diplomacy first nuclear regarding north korea but many generals he's actually not sort of an obsessive hawk racer would like that see the state department take the lead he tried to sort of cop up secretary to arsenal news and there but increasingly he's isolated and that's the concern right as you know the vice president's office well it's got a lot of hawks around the present a lot of people would like to see the use of american power and over short fuse for him for challengers like north korea or iran getting your thoughts robert kelly thank you. thank you for having me syrian rebels in eastern go to have agreed to
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a truce in the southern part of the enclave the area was one of three parts controlled by rebels but fighters in harasta surrendered on thursday the latest ceasefire deal took place in our bin and the make and in duma for the north thousands of civilians continue to escape heavy strikes the fighters from the roster on their way to which is the last rebel held province in syria russia brokered the deal and is involved in the goetia in the elsewhere in eastern guta a tentative ceasefire earlier this month in duma broke down the area is undergoing renewed bombardment to say dozens of people have been killed by white phosphorus. let's talk about the latest ceasefire with using in beirut what are you hearing about it. well there is an uneasy calm and so there in the pocket a number of towns under the control of the opposition activists on the ground reported violation since that ceasefire was to have taken effect at midnight local
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time but it was before the ceasefire when there was really heavy bombardment heavy airstrikes of course applying yet more military pressure on the rebel faction which controls this southern pocket. to surrender now. announcing the cease fire late yesterday saying that it will give them time to finalize negotiations with the russian military what they are seeking is guarantees for the civilian safety for the civilians but we understand that they are close to a deal so close to surrendering the southern pocket fighters and their families as well as civilians who do not want to remain in the southern area or to remain under the control of the government they will be leaving so close to the deal in the southern pocket this comes a day after the evacuation of iraq we can expect the remaining pockets of to surrender. well this is the only option on the table this is the option that the pro-government alliance has been given to the rebels since the start of this
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military campaign over a month ago they want a surrender they're not ready to discuss anything else for example duma this is the northern pocket which is controlled by there have been talks but those talks have collapsed even the civil local council of negotiations with the russian military and they propose that the russian military enters duma but they will run their own affairs it was rejected in fact according to the local council what happened was the response came with further bombardment so the pro-government alliance wants a surrender that has already happened that's in the west we have seen the evacuation of fighters and their families and civilians who do not want to stay over one thousand five hundred people left yesterday four hundred of them fighters according to pro-government media so this evacuation is going to continue they will be bussed to adlib. and we've seen this happen in the past over the past few years every time the rebels surrender territory to the government they are bussed to in the northwest of syria under the control of the opposition thank you. beijing has
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hit back at the us presence order to impose sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports it's kind of three billion dollars of levies on american products including pork and steele said on thursday the deficit with beijing was quote out of control and called for reciprocal trade arrangements u.s. an asian stock markets of plunged fizz of a trade war. from shanghai a swift boat measured response from china after the trump administration announced sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese products going into the united states china says that they're going to implement their own terrorist with a measured response three billion dollars and focusing primarily on agricultural products pork products nuts and fruit and then some smaller items like us steel piping and recycled aluminum now again this is a much smaller amount when you look at tariffs that the united states imposed on china china saying though very strong words against the united states is moved to
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do this they said that this is not the way to move forward they say it's putting the situation the trade relationship trade and economic relationship between these two largest economies in the world on the edge and they say the united states should back down off the brink both countries have submitted legal arguments into the world trade organization because of each other's reaction to what's been going on now here in shanghai this is the commercial center for china there's been some reaction here the people here obviously very concerned about what's going on but most pacifically here they're worried about chinese jobs and chinese companies. protests are taking place in peru's capital lima ahead of the swearing in of the vice president's moxon he is due to replace present president chin ski who stepped down on wednesday following corruption allegations congress is debating whether to accept the resignation his car has arrived in lima for the inauguration protesters want a new election and all corrupt politicians removed money on the sanchez has moved
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from the. well these are your eels at the way that president barack obama she is game levels they say it's a shameful thing for the country a president that had promised to love this very little they're also furious that congressmen they say that the political class is all corrupt and they want all congressmen to leave the most in the us we are angry at so much corruption in the country we don't agree with the president's resignation because now there is instability so if there's no president congressmen should also have to leave all the corrupt congressmen should go all the people are saying look we're fed up we're tired it's about time the people rise to make a new constitution to have new leaders. well funded and first. for both sides resolutely mindful of the person who would have to take over the
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presidency and call for a general election that is unlikely that will happen because the base base a lot of these guys on his way to be a tool and he will be. running friday morning. still ahead on al-jazeera a new taxes on the menu in somalia and that's leaving a solid taste with customers and business owners. and mothers legal battle over the son she lost internet just wish. that i would get is still cold enough in germany southern germany for this cat that you see for indefinite to produce snow but that's just a minor irritation this is a different matter altogether this is really quite active where the low is spinning out bringing dust out from the so hard to grease the nuts or the the white cloud
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despite the fact is a warm front is producing a lot of stuff as well as rain on the eyes about the top which means it's been particularly when you know the whole thing is moving slowly in that direction so the picture overnight and during. friday morning will be a massive snow slowly easing towards rumania and leaving behind snow on the ground and not falling from the sky novick north western europe western europe it looking cloudy fairly mild and breezy but it's all the land to spring type weather this by contrast is very wintry and you know carry on that way because the influence isn't just new to the mediterranean it spreads further south for drawing a lot of warms ahead of it from different africa tension caro's up to about thirty three degrees was benghazi's at seventeen if i run j. from friday into saturday you know there's this whole system moves eastwards temps will change as a result of that at the same time another storm system is developing further west. area harmed.
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you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has appointed foreign policy hardline john bolton as his new national security advisor he replaces h.r. mcmaster and is the administration's security advisor bolton has been an advocate of military action on north korea and iran. china is planning to impose three billion dollars worth of tariffs on american products in retaliation to the u.s. president's order for sixty billion dollars of chinese imports u.s. and asian stock markets have plunged over fears of a trade war. protests are taking place in peru as capital lima head of the swearing in of the vice president martin he is due to replace president kaczynski who stepped down on wednesday following corruption allegations. another former president of south korea is in jail accused of corruption lee myung bak has been placed in solitary confinement because prosecutors fear he may destroy evidence
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a seventy six year old successor is also awaiting trial of the she was impeached last year kathleen of a report from salt. he's yet another former south korean president accused of abusing power prosecutors arrived at lima buck's house in the middle of the night to arrest him over corruption allegations he denies the charges but in a written statement says he feels a guilty conscience and that responsibility lies with him not others he apologized to the south korean public as he faced prosecutors last week with a witness stand before you with a tragic i offer my deepest apology to the people who are causing worry amid times when the economy is in hardship and the security situation on the korean peninsula is serious the charges against him include among other things bribery embezzle meant and tax evasion please accused of improperly receiving about ten million dollars from people and institutions including the country's spy agency as well as
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samsung south korea's largest conglomerate corruption allegations were first made during the two thousand and seven election campaign despite that the popular former mayor of seoul won and became president the following year he faced challenges almost immediately with protests over american beef imports and later the killing of south koreans which was blamed on north korea after least served his five year term as president fellow conservative puck in hay was elected she was impeached and jailed last year a verdict in her corruption trial is expected next month. all of the seven former presidents who led south korea since one thousand nine hundred eighty have faced some form of corruption scandal either directly or because of allegations against their family members five including li and park have had to personally face prosecutors mass protests that led to parks impeachment seem to demonstrate support
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for powerful politicians to be held to account and a recent public opinion poll taken before least and trial found almost eighty percent of south koreans want to stern punishment. a shared understanding is being created among the public and politicians the mechanisms should be built to check the purse was a power reasonably official i think it will improve one by one lee myung bak says he hopes to be the last south korean president to face this kind of prosecution kathy novak al jazeera so the european union has recalled its ambassador to moscow in protest over the poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. earlier this month leaders in brussels backed britain's assessment that russia was likely behind the poisoning of sergei scribble using a military grade nerve agent u.k.'s expelled twenty three russian diplomats in response to the incident i welcome the fact that the e.u.
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council disagrees with the united kingdom government's assessment that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the attempted murder that took place on the streets of seoul is free and that there is no principle alternative explanation russia for the strike that russia poses respects no borders and as she says it is a threat to our values and she's right here in the new council we are standing together to oppose those values barnaby phillips joins us live from brussels where this seems that the is now throwing its weight behind the u.k. . yes i think this has been a big success for british foreign policy act what could have been a testing time of course the context is that of brics it despite the fact that britain is in the process of leaving the e.u. it has pulled off quite a coup and shown that the rest of the e.u. the remaining twenty seven countries will show solidarity i mean it's all about
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language at these sorts of meetings jane but if you recall what the e.u. foreign ministers said on monday they said they took the attack extremely seriously will the leaders have moved gone closer to where britain would have liked them to be they say it's highly likely that russia was responsible for the salzburg attack that there is no other plausible explanation the withdrawal of the e.u. ambassador from moscow we understand that that will be for one month it's symbolic but symbolism matters in these instances and there are reports here in brussels that other e.u. countries the baltic republics possibly poland possibly even france are are looking at what britain did in terms of expelling diplomats perhaps russian intelligence officers and seeing whether they might try and disrupt russia's intelligence network across western europe in the way the british have attempted to and the way
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in which britain has been attempting to urge other countries to do likewise i think the reason may well be leaving here very pleased and summary all right what else can we expect today. well they'll be talking about trade as well and the situation with the united states they were hoping for some clarification yesterday evening from the white house administration about what this suspension of tariffs in relation to the e.u. welcome though it it is obviously what exactly that means i don't think they got that clarification so the trade talks have been postponed till a little bit later today and then of course they'll be talking about bricks and for once i don't think it is going to be particularly acrimonious it seems likely that they will rubber stamp the agreement that has been hammered out between michel barnier the e.u. bret's it negotiator and the british government over the so-called transitional
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arrangement with full govern how britain and the e.u. interact for an almost two year period after britain formally leaves the e.u. at the end of march twenty ninth. doesn't seem much controversy there primarily because britain has given way on so many issues paying money to the e.u. . accepting fishing quotas from the e.u. joining that period accepting each citizen's rights so it all not to be acrimonious and in theory the leaders today will then authorize michel barnier to start looking talking with britain about the so-called future relationship when britain is eventually and finally out how a trade deal might look only talking in broad parameters but it's the point where britain has been waiting for a long long time for the talks to reach this stage all right barnaby phillips thank you. tens of thousands of students in the u.s. will converge on major cities on saturday to demand gun reform organizers say the
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march for our lives demonstration could be one of the largest of its kind in this and it gallagher reports it will be led by students from a florida school where seventeen people were shot dead last month. i don't think you're not anybody else here in the weeks since this community lost seventeen lives to one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history the push for change has been relentless the march for our lives demonstration will be the biggest protest to get one led by the students from marjorie stillman douglass high school you guys are the change that is going to be the tipping point to help that happen as they make their way to washington to demand gun reform many are excited about the global response to their cause just to see the unity of our our country and our world because the march is now on seven hundred all seven continents that i think is awesome so i'm just glad to see that our at. the national debate these children started has led to good reform in florida but students say they won't stop until
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assault weapons a band is an ambitious goal but want to organize a say isn't beyond this generation and someone underestimate you you can come in from a position of power that they're not expecting and that's really what's happening so i'm just you know riding the tide and watching and if the fight for what campaigners call common sense gun reform will be long and difficult parents say the march for our lives protest is just the beginning they're very aware of what's happening in their surroundings what has happened the way they're all proud of them speaking up and really. hurting in the hours before the march the message from these students is simple i hope that this gets to every single person as much as we can so we can finally get make a change in this country for the students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school getting here is taken weeks of planning and dogged determination many of the students are still dealing with the grief of losing friends and teachers with their
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eloquence in the determination has brought them this far and on saturday their voices will be joined by countless others their message will resonate like never before and gallacher al-jazeera washington from your people killed in tunis is revolution say they're still seeking justice seven years on. but a mother who says the regime is responsible for her son's death. in a law office in tunis a mother grieves for her son fatuma says she'd originally sent her two boys to europe because she was worried about what might happen to them in tunisia amid her oldest child had only returned home for a short visit i saw how do you think that. he wanted to stay for two or three months and then the revolution happened the regime of ben ali killed him and the regime that i made my son's escape from my son came back and they killed him lawyer let me out for hani represents fatuma and many others who lost family in tunisia's
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revolution they accuse members of the security forces for the deaths of their relatives and want to see them held to account let me as brother was also killed during the revolution and it's an honor for me to defend these people because of my belief in this case that before everything else it's personal for me. many tunisians have for years now also demanded the government issue a formal list of those killed in the revolution and while the preliminary list of names was prepared in two thousand and eleven it was never released the issue is a huge bone of contention for relatives of those who died in tunisia's revolution they can't believe an official list has yet to be published and say their loved ones won't get the justice they deserve until the matter is finalised. those wounded during the revolution are also seeking redress command to hide he says he was shot by security forces during a protest he shows us his wounds and explains how he won't be able to get proper medical care unless the government includes his name on
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a list of those injured during the revolution. and look better every time i knock on the door of the ask me why i'm coming now and tell me that i have to wait until the final list gets published see has been said that even who heads up tunisia's truth and dignity commission tells us a list of those injured and killed during the revolution should have been released years ago she says that her group which is tasked with investigating crimes that go back decades will publish a register of victims spanning from one nine hundred fifty five until the end of two thousand and thirteen the how yet the victims of what happened during the revolution until find themselves included in this register of victims of persecution which will be published by the commission in the unified register other victims of persecution that sit back at the law offices the work will continue and the grief will go on seven years after a revolution that shook the region they say that for them not much has changed.
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tunis tunisia thanks to restaurants in somalia has become more expensive and customers obviously don't like it they are angry at the government imposing a five percent sales tax the first for nearly thirty is the tax is a kick condition of the international monetary fund to relieve some debts mohammed other reports from addition. we're going to shoes leave the beach is a sign of somalia's growing sense of optimism at its coffers with shaded table sit clients mainly middle mogadishu's welfare elite sipping expensive coffee but these days they're having to pay more for their food and drinks the government has just introduced a five percent sales tax for the first time in almost thirty years many are unhappy that i was any higher i just paid three dollars of tax yet i don't trust the government they have mismanaged revenue from other sources including don't know if china is tax would not be different than the reaction of somali traders to the tax
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has been more dramatic. shops and stores in mogadishu spalling but car market which is a lifeline for the city and surrounding areas remain closed for days the traders were particularly and get by the government's insistence that they pay the value added tax up front for the mother said we had meetings with the prime minister and his finance minister to voice our complaints the meetings was inconclusive we then decided to shut our businesses in protests. businesses have since we opened signaling a fast round of victory for the government of the last we explained that there was no going back on the stacks and that it must be paid for the sake of the nation of somalia people relented and now more and more people are stepping forward to register for taxation government officials say revenue from taxes will be distributed across the regions of the country to fund health care education infrastructure and security tax collection is also a key condition for that relief for somalia from the international monetary fund
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and the world bank. somalia are also around four billion dollars most of it interest and penalties or nearly three decades all made to the former military government whose overthrow in one thousand nine to one and plunged the country into years of lawlessness. that makes it almost impossible for mogadishu to access money from international motivations like the i.m.f. forcing it to rely almost entirely on aid for its budget with some some loss of to please the optimism vote somalia my problem bucked and the road to solve reliance but in taxing a mission to more facilities and almost three decades officials admit the policing a daunting task to do all just you know.
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this is al-jazeera these are the top stories u.s. president on trump has appointed foreign policy hardliners john bolton as his new national security adviser he replaces h.r. mcmaster and is the administration's third security advisor bolton has been an advocate of military action on north korea and iran china is playing to impose three billion dollars worth of tariffs on american products it's in retaliation to the u.s. president's order for sixty billion dollars of levies on chinese imports trump said on thursday the deficit with beijing was quote out of control and called for reciprocal trade arrangements u.s. an asian stock markets have plunged over fears of a trade war syrian rebels in eastern goes have agreed to a truce in the southern part of the enclave fighters in another part a roster surrendered on thursday they are on their way to adlib which is the last rebel held province in syria russia brokered the deal and is involved in negotiations elsewhere in eastern guta. and
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a tentative cease fire earlier this month and duma broke down the areas undergoing renewed bombardment activists say dozens of people have been killed by white phosphorus the european union has recalled its ambassador to moscow in protest of the poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. earlier this month leaders in brussels backed britain's assessment that russia was likely behind the poisoning of sergei scruple using a military grade nerve agent the u.k.'s expelled twenty three russian diplomats in response to the incident i welcome the fact that the e.u. council disagrees with the united kingdom government's assessment that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the attempted murder that took place on the streets of seoul spree that the. alternative explanation russia for the strike that russia poses respects no borders she says is the strength of our views and she's right here in the council we are standing together to all posters found.
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protests are taking place in paris capital lima head of the swearing in of the vice president martin his car to replace president pedro public a chance to step down on wednesday. those are the headlines the news continues but first it is a look inside story. lost and. found and see. reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children new chance and luck. are saudi arabia and the united arab emirates buying influence in the white house saudi crown prince is reported to have boasted that he has donald trump's son in law it is pocket and leak documents allege a major fundraiser for the president was off a business deals from the gulf to influence u.s. policy this is inside story.


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