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tv   Justice  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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they see the importance of guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. piece at all be in doha with your top stories on al-jazeera now the police in southern france have been searching the home of a gunman who killed three people in a series of attacks the man hijacked
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a car and shot at police officers before taking hostages at a supermarket in the town of trade he was shot dead by the police his the trash of all. as police investigated the scene in the town of type in southwest france a clearer picture began to emerge of the man who had killed three people and wounded more than a dozen others in a shooting rampage in three locations before he was killed by police the paris prosecutors said twenty six year old red or one locked him was born in morocco but lived locally and it become radicalized pyramid to get a really good look dog the man went to the supermarket by shouting allahu akbar and stated he was a soldier and eisel and ready to die for syria he was asking for their break brothers before shooting a customer a member of staff and they both died instantly in two thousand and seventeen he was under surveillance but there's no signs of indicating he would carry out a terrorist attack. the attack took place in three stages first encounter the
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gunman carjacked a white opel car wounding the driver and killing his passenger then stealing caucus on the gunman shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging in the street it was only then that the gunman drove eight kilometers to the town of type where he attacked a supermarket took hostages and killed two more victims the violence has shaken people across the community it was you know. i took cover because he saw me and then he followed me with a knife perhaps he had no more bullets left i did what anyone else would do a managed to get out through an emergency exit french president emmanuel makkal had been in brussels at a european summit as news of the attack came through after returning to paris he said france continue to be under threat never want to be just any for some years we have paid the price in blood in order to discover the cost of the terrorist threat
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our soldiers abroad are risking their lives to reduce the threat from iraq and syria our forces of law and order do everything in their power to identify threats and neutralize them. now that it's clear the red one lacked in was known to the french intelligence services and had spent time in prison many people had friends will be wondering how a man with such a profile could have slipped under the radar obtained weapons and caused so much carnage that's actually butler al jazeera treb a second rebel group has agreed to pull out of eastern ghouta in syria the government now controls nearly all of the once rebel controlled territory near damascus call rahman is the latest group to withdraw earlier this week fighters from the are all sharm group also agreed to an evacuation deal. students from the florida high school with seventeen people were shot dead last month arrived in washington to lead saturday's march for our lives of and.
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an interfaith service at the washington national cathedral is now under way family members of the victims of gun violence of some of the speakers at least half a million people are expected to join them in the u.s. capitol for the anti gun march on an eight hundred events are being planned around the world. protests are taking place in catalonia after spain's top court detained five separatist leaders for their role in last year's independence bit i the police used bats own skate demonstrators away from the federal government offices in barcelona comes off the course decision to prosecute thirteen key cattle and separatists for rebellion. peru's vice president martin this car has been sworn in as the country's new president he replaces the embattled pedro pablo because shinseki resigned amid the threat of impeachment. the london offices of cambridge and the latika are being searched as part of an investigation
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into the alleged misuse of private information about millions of facebook users last week a whistleblower claim the company harvested private data from fifty million facebook profiles. those are your headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after justice seasoned by. this is the story of the biggest undercover sting in the history of africa and the ex groden every man who carried it off as an. icon like some of the most trusted people in the land allegedly took bribes and betrayed their public duty even if it's one giant all cells justice justice sold is the
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most dangerous call more d t on earth. and there. is africa's most famous undercover reporter for twenty years he's been a martyr crusader against corruption a few weeks ago b m found his most dangerous operation yet. this is the previous congo in the history of. the most two hundred people were caught up in the judicial scandal sending shock waves through the legal system there should be put a new mindset which is i'm no great to succumb to such appalling acts of corruption not only because i might be caught but because it's appallingly shaped and the song of threatens to bring down many powerful figures by shining a light on corruption sometimes take a spotlight just as pack and i think
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a nice has provided us back for their own edifice to blow up. an ass era mayor and nasa is gone as best. byrne but at least recognizable journalist. he's been undercover for nearly twenty years he never identifies himself on camera preferring to show his face wear wigs and hide under a hat two months ago news started to leak about his latest and most important investigations far. al-jazeera has been recalled in what happened. and this is targets for the judges and officials who run the country's courts from humble magistrates to powerful high court justices. he set out to show that
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justice was for sale but even he was surprised at how deep the apparent corruption went and how hard it would be to expose which. it's early september and an ass is brief in an old friend who runs a gun a newspaper group. at the end of the us a gay shit. we've got thirty four judges. thirty four us and one hundred al forty six to to show us the thirty or only that has. and as sad as it is that some of the judges. added is who called in and i think. for example jet at nasa. if he. is caught on tape taking bribes cool so you can imagine that
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implications are huge for the country was a gentler sam is one of gone his most senior judges sitting in the high court and dealing with the most important cases. when an ass is on the cover team came across him he was trying for men. they were accused of stealing over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars from garner's national oil company. to get access to a judge like this they first had to winnow rees clark in this case a man called gabriel. that will play that member months you would need us to buy jed's. of course as you can see we give him his share not match what he takes it. and us wanted to find out whether they could pay to get one of the accused off the bone to the clark worked he got i mean to see the charge.
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the amount of money needed to tim seen in a judge's light this is no small a nurse says that this judge wanted around three thousand dollars more than a month's salary for a high court justice who spoke to him where the kids were given their narration and they who demanded that their money be given to him so that's what you can see here is the man that has been given to give it up and give us an add on to an eight thousand c.d.'s and it over but the judge wants to make sure he gets a further amount he offers to meet the defendant in person to sort out the paperwork. after the money is finally handed over the lucky gift. olds frayne is three whole accuse will get long sentences as the oil companies state owned it's the people of
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ghana we've just lost out is this kind of corruption which provides ferd's how ground for campaigning journalist like crazy pratt the award winning newspaper editor crossing our facts with your list of the facts everything first of all enormous resources are being taken out of the state coffers in the last resources are being taken out of private coffers and so all of that ended up with it ought not to be in this corruption in the award of call tries it means that the contractors are going to do a shoulder job you know if there is corruption you know in the admission of studios in is that the quality of students who are going to end up wasn't in years and so on would be defective. with huge natural resources including oil gone as should be one of africa's powerhouse economies but it's not. a point not lost on ghana's
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most influential citizen corruption that's not on the distraught. development it deprives the poor of services. and not only does it deprive the poor of services when the corrupt get away with it and there are no sanctions you are creating this is i take it a kabir groton to the court. after two years under cover and nasa needs tiger i investigative team went public in september the decision would provoke huge controversy death threats and they sometimes uncomfortable spotlight on their own methods. among the first to hear what had been going on was gone as president john muhammad mr president. has a problem on our hands. what is the problem the judiciary. then he bowed down has
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had. a deep thank. wow so how many. thirty four. a nurse also briefed gone as most senior judge the chief justice to gino would say as how long is this meeting when the well finish talking about maybe twenty minutes. were there for twelve hours. just a few days later the chief justice suspended twenty two junior judges and began impeachment proceedings against twelve more senior ones and as was told by the president his evidence would be vital but he was warned he'd be in for a tough time in x. to me and i prepared to sept at myself and that's quitting and that says that because it's not going to be awful i said mr president. i can't put my life on the
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evidence i have. no consent for the end. as an undercover journalist and this has been laying his life on the line for nearly twenty years i am going undercover to find out who is behind this illegal business and how do i get in the way with it. initially a newspaper journalist is on the cover techniques made him a television natural what's needed is government regulation and then force me to protect our children environment and our future. he didn't face the gay corruption of calling no subject was off limits. and this was singled out for his campaigning journalism by the us president when he came to donna in two thousand and nine today i'll focus on four areas that are critical to the future of africa and the entire developing more democracy
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opportunity health and the peaceful resolution of conflict we see that spirit and courageous journalists. well i got us i remember i doubt risked his life for the truth and if you do stories that often invest in port and attention like. vesta kitty rex placing to human trafficking the chinese mafia sex fame dealing with kate's exploits and kate's i mean if you do the kind of story that has international impact i'm most surprised a u.s. president will record my start. unless home these forensic techniques fervor by qualifying as a lawyer it was was study in the law and he began to focus on the hidden problem of judicial corruption if you look at records look at the gun and dignity initiative of or to look at the u.s.
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department of state report for better or meet our report. always say that. they could dish out. as having issues and telling these off or option. i felt embarrassed as an undercover and an artist that. we only left it at the realm of speculation and that flash substyles produce issue. and they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a network of undercover agents i mean to bribe judges includes officials in every region of gone on cases they would target included family disputes fraud armed robbery and a great in fact any case up to and including murder. and first the judges seem to resist the chance of extra funds for their fair sex and it was selfish there was no results coming and nothing and nobody was taking that on i was i spoke
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to my team it was almost like i recall one team member. there was not in there why did you see which was that. and i felt embarrassed worse still twelve of the judges the investigators from tiger roy approached turned down the bribes and some of them even threatened to report the journalists to the police for attempted bribery could it be that gone as judges were more honest in bruma suggested. perhaps not and this is a team slowly realized what was wrong they needed to spend longer hanging around cool and to their faces became familiar something we were just tagging along with relatives and now they're saying anything about where does any of that court and we always said that a place that i did this i knew when he raises his head so as soon as you do that beautiful visit the dead looks at your face and think that ok this guy is funny and
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i caught. him turmel a northern gone out an ass is investigators went to see if they could influence the outcome of a rape case it was an appeal here in the twenty nine year old defendant wanted to reverse a conviction for raping an under-aged girl and last his team went to plead for the young man. this is the job for the city always will work respect that high court judge and come at it and not their original soul but rather than lead us to his house that morning and met and as you can see that's how. the defendant is appealing because he claims the girl was actually sixteen at the time and judge and so dear boys shouldn't be meeting like this but he appears willing to listen and he suggests that the girl's father should come to court to
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say she wasn't really under-aged there. oh yeah i went. in my. right that i've. been going to be. they judge as helping us so that they guy can walk free. so we took the money. and then we handed it over to the judge is anxious nobody should know that he accepted the cash i think. and he said oh. ok so. there's as well and that has his claque course not part of the incident. this was the day of
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judgment and he would look very good that day and he indeed he freed this guy it was after we had been two thousand then as it is to him when therefore decided to go back to him. and this is team take a traditional gift bags of yams and more cash i think and see here is he collecting the money that we were giving him. the convicted rapist was freed from a ten year sentence with hard labor to return home to the gills neighborhood as a result of the nasa is intervention. not everybody agrees with the nazis methods not even some from his ungentle estate community journalists are not supposed. to be acting. intelligent agents no not really substantially different from
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undercover cia some other couple m i five agents and so on we've investigated but i metals also different you know. not a whole unless a real anonymous dune sold there which is local where the search has been this an interest group and sought but the men thought a lot journalistic burnous is unashamed about his methods and believes the ends justify the means by journalism is a product of a society rock have swung an america and you do a story we have a chance is strong citizens who would get up and ensure that they follow up and put those bad guys behind bass. here in the philippines it is also. in the first week of september news of an ass is sting operation against the nation's judges has begun leaking out the justice suspect twenty two judges and
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magistrates judges a wide stance on the response is overwhelmingly positive news papers are full of it t.v. and radio talk shows can't get enough of either they. were recruited to be. a few people are very unhappy a direct threat and that is life is being made when a crowd radio station and i says he's not worried well i have gone through it over the years and i just know. i mean why would you threaten someone without mentioning your name that's a coward that's how i think them to be and like i said my point has always been that that is a diversion i act and this might make light of the threat but he's been persuaded to accept twenty four hour police protection and sent his wife and family abroad he's gone. inside the car with him. no no
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i have security of security. somebody doesn't want me to do this is a shooting and that it will be a sniper. is your gun me. and has prepared an official petition to the chief justice to discipline the judges we cool accepting cash and he's on his way to testify to the judicial council committee here in against the way with judges he can give evidence knowing that he has immunity from prosecution for bribing judges is normally a serious criminal offense but the attorney general is declared a nasa whistleblower which means he's protected from the consequences. it took two years for iness team to collect five hundred and was of undercover footage. showing almost one hundred eighty judges and
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officials accepting cash and other kids it was an epic. film and it is of cut the material down into a blockbuster three hour documentary which in the us wants to show it to as many people as possible. he's a range the series of free screenings at a crass conference center. is tied to a suitably epic ghana in the eyes of god. it's a move that will upset his opponents and spark a legal battle. john in the book is one of a number of lawyers acting for the judges named in shamed in the film he opposes the screening if in ghana is taken money in order to be in for oil in his in his work he probably will go to jail as well but rumor in britain will you
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will have to stop if it. not by going to thomson in my house and showing by word to a court of competent jurisdiction and making out your case he's trying to or mosque you know corruption and my fees are as in this society was commendable. but it depends on the extent to which you take it. in the process trampling on their rights of it given. that it's the day before the screening is june tickets of already been issued to leading politicians lawyers clergy and foreign diplomats giving just. one of the nurses friends a comedian called funny face is doing an impromptu performance at a cross big shopping mall is drumming up publicity for the film on here we're just
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giving away five an effort to get four people to come watch our nods undercover video of the judicial corruption free to get a gun come and watch how people are taking money to people yes wicked people are. not having children three. out. what. they. think. is the crowd scrambling for the tickets what they don't know is that the film may not be showing off during. a campaign to stop it is gathering ice. lawyers acting for the judges who feature in the
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documentary the trying to get last minute junction. and nasa has cut our four people only saw it one of them brings in from geneva. oh i. am fine say. this is their self-righteous call. up. thank you so much. for. the prior art. work. well. thank you thank you. battles. my composition with him give me
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a lot of coverage it does mean that. a nurse is smuggled into the conference center where the screen is jude the following day. lawyers for the judges are making a last ditch attempt to stop the show and are trying to track him down with a great. coincidentally this is the same hallway years before president obama had singled him out for his work. we see that spirit or register of. one of us. the rest of us like for. the screen you may be in gruden out to nasa is hoping he will still be a national hero at this time tomorrow.
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another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment a fearless bomb disposal unit are determined to count. to the horrors of the relentless taliban onslaught. with faith a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about by how much with detailed coverage of the syrian civil war most of them said tuesday what is no different is that each the some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players that end up trading cricket academy and maybe one day play for
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the national team. a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene. and a feminist writer. had ever had time. so why did her story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera won't expose the life and why of maisie adda at this time on al-jazeera. we should all be in doha with a quick recap of your top stories the police in southern france have been searching the home of a gunman who killed three people in a series of attacks the man hijacked a car and shot at police officers before taking hostages at
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a supermarket in the town of trade he was shot dead by the police. believe. the man entered the supermarket by shouting allahu akbar and stated he was a soldier of eisel and maybe to die for syria is asking for the breakdown of brothers before shooting at a customer in a member of staff they both died instantly last g.'s were freed after police negotiations a second rebel group presently to pull out of eastern ghouta in syria the government now controls nearly all of the ones rebel controlled territory near damascus feel like all rahman is the latest group to withdraw earlier this week fighters from the. group also agreed to the evacuation deal for them students from the florida high school where seventeen people were shot dead last month have arrived in washington to lead saturday's march for our lives event. an interfaith service at the washington national cathedral was holding family members
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of victims of gun violence were some of the speakers at least half a million people are expected to join the students in washington for this anti gun march more than eight hundred events have been planned worldwide. it's just a roll of the dice but it shouldn't be for the first time those who are most affected by the epidemic of gun violence in schools are taking the lead to bring commonsense protections that the people of this country want. the students are organizing in protesting and demanding action be taken now to end this bloodshed. protest the second place in catalonia to spain's top coat detained five separatist leaders for their role in last year's independence bit i the police used batons to keep demonstrators away from the federal government offices in barcelona it comes off to the court's decision to prosecute key cattle and separatists for
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rebellion. vice president. has been sworn in as the country's new president to replace his pet republican who resigned amid the threat of impeachment it's back now to justice all of the news hour in about thirty minutes see that.
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and this era mayor and this is controversial gokey mentary is going ahead even though the judges he's name in are trying to get it stopped. i would like what. the place is now ready to be up but it is off so please stay outside i will be with you thousands of people have been given free tickets to see the on the cover and cake which features fergie for the judges
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filmed allegedly accepting gripes people from all walks of life following long queues at the front by phone up against the baby of. the police convoy escorts and that's his call because he's received several death threats. and this is car has hit rush hour traffic. and he's carrying the only copy of the film. who is acting for the judges found to get their british against the mass but the screen in this still in doubt because now they're trying to wean junk this conference center instead gamma it out don't don't fret the will of the people is
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preventing and that makes me a couple. because of fears for his safety and thus is meant to be going through the side that decides to go through the front despite his unusual clothing a few people. seem to have spotted the creator of tonight's film it's being talked about and people are trying to describe how the whole thing took place but we're going to be given an opportunity to see what it's like yet so i'm very excited before the late show about corruption games before and out the guy in the proprietary space it was there so we can see for ourselves what's really goes on here and it goes towards. those whole problem must be ahead synching to disgrace before a nomination of benj in the legal profession to just bullshit us should give all of
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us a very good shot no doubt this is the biggest scandal in the history of our country . most of the. time get up and live on the keep walking stick to finish sleep eat she. is good this. isn't the. plan. that. we have the perception of it is how it could be days to prove that the judicial system is corrupt where are we going as a country without the serious problem of the huns and then some people be thinking that is really for to put the democrats in this country get a leading member of the government who's seen the film gives the nastiest take
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makes it clean bill of health and i think that those who argue on issues of whether this was a sting operation or whether he said people are. used to get ten people last year saying that given money to get this was bribing them out of the committee of the bureau of the case that he was doing this but to go up. the dutch ambassador also believes iness sting is just define. this devastating and shocking what we saw today. what you. mean obviously it's. shortly after this the complex is stormed by thousands of people we want to see the second showing. in all six thousand people will see these three screens. a mass to scream eat past this the people that so did skew towards the scandal of
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this century. convinced. that they looked out of the window and this saw that in the wrong them to call friends and i had not given that it's such a crowd before and it was massive. they just simply threw out their records saying that it was a matter of public interests and that he felt that the public had a right to know. and then there were people who had gone on to attack me. thinking that i didn't have any evidence or i didn't have enough evidence after watching it always had changed because now they were convinced that there's really an issue. not surprisingly the judges and their advisors remain unconvinced especially by some of the methods which have been employed were some of the ones obscene amount or improper. when rob walker elling the morning of five
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thirty when he's not properly dressed and you sneak into his. sitting room and you start engaging him in some conversation and out of garnering hospitality and respect he answers questions and then you put money on his table and you go our way are you going to publicize to know where you got these coral. i don't think i will agree with got. to his favorite this excerpt from an ass is film shows one of these investigators meets in a judge's cool club at a guesthouse. he came across this quote clam he believed in the power of only one caring seeing heart and instant sex the investigator known as one of the last is by scales later to toss free water happened to they can tell he kept on
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telling me he was going to help me see the cat here he was trying to have a feed me. he was all fighting me though it has not by the families not to do it. ok so elevating them with him in the. event what if. one of michael. and i told him that i have to go meaning that in. this morning's papers have also picked up on this by scale story sorry sex for justice caught busted in the man's video is interesting. newspaper says of filtering and feeding on the substantive stories so here was this called black and one of a spice girls and he demanded that he wanted sex before you could take us to judge . st. well
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the details are there the app. fax who proposes that if you go to who it is that. nobody forces enabled you omitted. the judging these headlines has been leading the fight back against the nasty. peta dairy a very senior judge was filmed during the trial of a man charged with possessing more than fifty parcels of kind of b.s. the undercover expose a shines a light on the shadowy world of the court official nearly one hundred fifty of the top in the saga. this is just as there is one of the judges who have really tormented me in this investigation is a mini mini suit trying to stop me this is a mail he's affixed to just as barry and we met him and then we had
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a quick conversations with him about how he wanted to influence this is there not quality case. he took a share of the money as you can see and then set up a good meeting between us and just there in the next for a lot of money for just as there is only said that normally is ten thousand plus when you're dealing with the likes of this is there because he's a big judge sotomayor and then takes us to the house of justice. this is just as dairy and this is me. but. yes me or given the money to just is there it was a very quick meeting because mayor did you want anything to be discussed there was a follow up meeting and the more unconventional bribe and this was the goods that
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we went to give him on that fateful day. one of his investigate is it doing the deal i'd rather go. he was going to do the car meanwhile the printer down the conversation we first had the judges fix our mayor who has been handling the deal yet and. i think the nine thousand. new under fact are implies there's one thousand. one hundred out of it and there you go you get the real. order thank you my lord you saw that he has us from hell and now that he's been ripped off by his crack to . a man and then he put it. on has to be investigated i want to know whether the bribe will get the accused off
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but this is going to therapy you know bit. of a shock in this one aquatic case. and because of the money you set him free. across central cool complex is where the judges and their lawyers get to fully explain their actions most days unless is required to attend to and where you choose your beat which one he's giving evidence in disguise even though some of his opponents object. and there's also believes that the media are using the opportunity to work out what he really looks like. so today he's asking two of his colleagues to dress up in order to deceive them. to hearings of taken another unusual twist their assets have been freely finding an
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interesting one judge even plaintiff in dealing not with the nice but with the girl most. just said that while i entered there and i sat with him and i gave him the money he collected it suddenly i disappeared from his chair. and while he walked out he saw a white sheep all ords etc because the fence but hey this is africa. some of the judges have not made it to the hearings it's because they've gone off sick judge quest is one of these. and this is running with show the full extent of the power that go on as judges of a coup cases no matter how serious they are or how long they last did. this case resulted from an armed robbery in two thousand and seven at this picture or stations that are a finite time it has never been forgotten by the victim or favors for the other
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second when the little guy could want to buy for. an attack and push through the border distrust look i would be pissed at the fossil record and quality goes. overboard in light of this little girl after the other things that are common that the government got so clearly the one who put this one as lets just let this police press in my first dump. all the girls start crying which one is stuck with almost awkward or coldness of it all crying. it took eight years for the attacker to face justice he came up before judge quest earlier this year. it's a very popular hearing. and he said on many criminal cases in fact i have been in prison i would been before christ before and that is crack so the mix of point
4:48 am
term imation ten thousand by two no these people. are one of the inmates in ilford in the said it took or they dish on this quest because. we have this and that they discuss. you have almost. lost. its astronauts and what's happened since then it's contract these men. to keep up the investigated and so brag about a thousand dollars in local currency but it's only at twenty million dollars i published. a large
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resource. for telegraph. so. i'll get you. a good wholesome. prize in every film to. see your whole face off of them. and this is investigated makes them eighteen but he still hasn't come with the full balance the upper regard for him he will live on it's. given me now it's. really too much. to judge if he is to be get an increase in the annoying because once again he's not getting the full amount. of the smile not.
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the small on him. with more has come. back and this is chris pratt again. and this is a six thousand feet away pass into him and he's taking that minute he's looking at it and then he will ask how much is it now with. how much it for. the final payment was made on the same day that the judge freebee accused in fact the deal held up the start of the day's cold proceedings court process is usually begin from that it will matter on this day horse get into eleven am quest or still not here because we had delayed him while he came to take them back today is the day he's going to really do the job the bed or two of them to do and lo and behold . he then decided to give that he basically read three four lang's
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and that was it a case that had dragged on for five would be is justice quest and even releasing it as self confessed and moreover what do you think about that just taking a brother as i think grammar should be realistic british realistic i will work to the court order to be worth a quarter or for five pounds and there are several other service was our of us when they were mark's. busy because they're lonely i don't know the. newly qualified graduates are cool to the bar and gone this is a joyful occasion but masses exposé as also cost a major cloud over the proceedings. the saga is not impressed the chief justice. you are graduating at
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a turnover in the legal history well more than ever the perception of the public on the process is largely negative. allegations of bribery and corruption in the judiciary and of the legal profession in general at all time high and closer to those possibly at all time and. the chief justice is firm message to the young lawyers is one that is resonate in around the well. when you have had to for charges who are caught on tape. with the evidence they may have taken bribes is an indication that there's something hopelessly wrong with her system. you
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cannot afford to have a tradition in a country like canada at to start reliable that has car dependent that people have no confidence in. the results of this should be that those who have been proved to be corrupt should be dealt with extracted from the system and there should be going forward safeguards put in place and a new mindset which is i'm not going to succumb to such appalling acts of corruption not only because i might be caught but because it's appalling not only because i might be caught but because it's appalling. the legal investigation is not going entirely nic is why seven of the senior judges were suspended in early october but one lower court judges no longer be an investigator because of issues with some of the evidence there are a wide of concerns too that unless is exposé has backfired on the criminal justice system the real disaster of this investigation is the damage to
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the confidence in the judicial system and there are already members of the public going onto social media and saying i had a case before that judge and the results was an extremely odd one i wasn't happy with the result and inevitably they're going to be thinking about what they can do to have that case retried. unless exposé has also caused concern by allowing some convicted criminals to go free and it's already has been said that it is extremely reckless to release criminal suspects into society in order to prove the point of this investigation and one will have to leave it to society to be the ultimate judge on that. nevertheless and last believes that his exposé of the judicial system can only benefit his country. difficult. or their perception or they feel that my purpose is to bring down the
4:55 am
country i believe in bringing down sections of the dishonest ones all we have gotten used to build a new forecast of good and dissent that is how it is flak for the beautiful flag of ghana. and the us wanted his film shown bright across the country but in early october lawyers for the judges was a major screening stopped outside the capital. some of the judges now want to see him prosecuted for contempt of court for showing the film in the first place they are step out to damage their balls interest damage reports in not in accordance with the law and we are asking the law according to order it is left to the law to the side whether they should be locked up in the search for vengeance that the already one judges of the high court go to court and for contempt for c.d.'s and i
4:56 am
suspect a lot more cases were brought against him gone as politicians have so far remained largely silent in europe the president of ghana face questions about the scandal in his only public response to the events so far gone a president john mann harm are said that analysis work was a reflection of institutional weakness that we need to work on to make sure we have stronger institutions. he also had a more positive message saying the suspensions of judges showed the rebuses ness of the system. pointing out that there were at least ten judges whose integrity was intact who threaten to call the police. judges and court officials featured in this film were approached for comment but they were unable to participate until legal proceedings are over. and the us knows that his life will never be
4:57 am
easy as i've made and a lot of enemies and if you want. i know the secrets of my success is that after you don't predict. the people who come after me the end night i only want to tell where my we can assess. the number of unless is enemies is bound to increase he's already started work on a fresh series of corruption investigations. and they'll be relying on some of the simpler things in his life to give him the strength to continue. i do reiki because it inspires me while i'm getting on to you know work. in times of trouble as he can rely on texts and the inspiration that he comes up with. unless is powerful supporters of broad belief that his expose a is a game changer for africa and beyond. sometimes take
4:58 am
a spark chess has spark and i think a mass has provided that spark for the whole edifice to blow up for people to wake up and say no more something the has to be done. we've got more snow in the forecast across north america little area clapping road
4:59 am
across the rockies clear skies come back in behind speckling of showers up across the pacific northwest into a western canada this area clouds we have across the central areas running into the cold rare snow one the northern flank of that and some rather heavy rain across southern areas kentucky tennessee over to was a carolinas will see some rather lively showers for the northeast high pressure in shot so at least it will be crisp but dry and sunny and it stays dry and sunny as we go on through sunday the wetter weather down into that southeastern corner seventeen cells is the top temperature in atlanta with some bits and pieces all that rain not too much right in the forecast across the caribbean maybe the next day also is generally settled fine and sunny a chance of want to see shall is yes as always a possibility maybe into dominican republic you could see a few showers just rolling in here basically when striving shallows over towards panama nick a regular costa rica but to the north of that it's going to be fine dry presently woman sunday twenty six ounces of guatemala and for mexico city over the next diode
5:00 am
see the showers continue across the western side of the caribbean but we want to show is creeping toward jamaica but by a lot is dry. and new yes new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next two years meet the teachers empowering best students might say i'm michael all about freedom we're going to look at the spectrum i want you to develop the skill with which to speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelent acacia and democratic schooling in one to condemn at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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