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trade ivory is legal or not then we have a place you can focus law enforcement take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ip from entering the network take no at this time and as you know. when the news breaks. on the mail man city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on air and on mine. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian from again this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes syrian government forces tighten their grip around the country's last few rebel held areas. the french police officer who was hailed a hero for trying to stop a supermarket attack dies of his injuries. marches protesting against gun violence are planned across the united states in the coming hours. in sport defending formula one world champion lewis hamilton is in pole position for the australian grand prix but his mistakes teammate. hits trouble ahead of the season opening race in melbourne. so we begin in syria where government forces are closing in on the few remaining rebel held areas of the country in eastern goods or close to the capital damascus
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rebels are surrendering in a southern part of the on klav there the second rebel group to start fighting in recent days. were in control of some malka and been fighters in send surrendered on thursday that leaves duma which is just northeast of the capital is the last rebel stronghold in the area of the deal with rebels around also involves safe passage for other rebels and their families in the north of the country those people are headed now to the last main rebel stronghold in syria's northants despite the fact that intense bombardment that has killed dozens of people in the past few days let's draw all this together now without zeros in a hollow joins us live from beirut any word on a deal involving this third and final rebel enclaves. oh yes like you meant. and there were three rebel factions controlling eastern but we understand this is
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close to agreeing with the russian military on a deal a deal that we understand will involve a surrender at the end of the day the pro-government alliance has been demanding a surrender this is the only offer on the table there has been a sticking point because racialist them has been engaged in talks with the russian military for a few days now but talks collapse because they shal islam does not want to go to they do not have a good relationship with the rebel factions in control of that north western province what we are understanding it's still not confirmed that they may be evacuated to a rebel pocket close to the lebanon border this is in west syria known as the eastern region so we are expecting an announcement that racial islam is surrendering do mine like you mentioned file a man surrendering this southern pocket preparations are underway for the evacuation of some seven thousand people fighters their family members as well as opposition activists they are ready getting ready to evacuate the southern pocket
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and head to the north northern province of it live ok so all of these fighters their families all but as you say for. every what sort of conditions can they expect to find when they get. dire conditions first and foremost is a target for the syrian government that has been a target for many many years that has come under airstrikes the past few days for example dozens of civilians have been killed and late in two thousand and seventeen the government started a ground offensive to try to take territory it was a limited offensive but people are worried because they're warning of a humanitarian catastrophe there are approximately according to the united nations one million internally displaced people there a lot of the people were bussed out from other rebel controlled regions which were overrun by the government a lot of fighters are there as well so the situation is not good people cannot find jobs many of them live in tents and like i mentioned it is coming under attack than anything steeds in the heart of their lives in beirut french media reporting that
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a second person has been taken into custody in connection with friday's shooting attack in southern france four people including a policeman were killed when a gunman hijacked a car and shot at offices before taking hostages in the town of curb the gunman was later shot dead by police the reports. well people here are really trying to come to terms with the violence that happened on friday when this gunman shot to dead four people and took hostages in a supermarket of course people have seen similar attacks across france over the past few years but if you could have ever imagined this something like this could happen on their doorstep and then of course there's an added sense of sadness in with the news that allen or belt on this forty four year old police officer has died of his injuries now belt was the brave police officer who went into the supermarket swapping him self with
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a female hostage when he went in he left his mobile phone on and that's allowed police officers outside the supermarkets of follow events inside he was one of the last people to leave but sadly the french president announced a short time ago that he has died of his injuries and paid homage to his courage and bravery. as police investigated the scene in the town of type in southwest france a clearer picture began to emerge of the man who had killed four people and wounded more than a dozen others in a shooting rampage in three locations before he was killed by police the paris prosecutor said twenty five year old read to one locked him was born in morocco but live locally and it become radicalized. the man went to the supermarket by shouting allahu akbar and stated he was a soldier i saw and ready to die for syria he was asking for the operational brothers before shooting a customer a member of staff they both died instantly in two thousand and seventeen he was
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under surveillance but there's no signs of indicating he would carry out a terrorist attack. the attack took place in three stages first encounter the gunman carjacked a white opel car wounding the driver and killing his passenger then stealing caucus on the gunman shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging in the street it was only then that the gunman drove eight kilometers to the town of type where he attacked a supermarket took hostages and killed two more victims the violence has shaken people across the community it was you know. i took cover because he saw me and then he followed me with a knife perhaps he had no more but it's left as i did what anyone else would do i managed to get out through an emergency exit french president emmanuel makkal had been in brussels at a european summit as news of the attack came through after returning to paris he
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said france continued to be under threat never owned a pre the ne b. for some years we have paid the price in blood in order to discover the cost of the terrorist threat our soldiers abroad are risking their lives to reduce the threat from iraq and syria our forces of law and order do everything in their power to identify threats and neutralize them. now that it's clear the red one like them was known to the french intelligence services and had spent time in prison many people in france will be wondering how a man with such a profile could have slipped under the radar obtained weapons and caused so much carnage that actually butler al-jazeera treb china has condemned the u.s. after one of its warships sailed near an artificial island that beijing built in the south china sea the u.s. says the naval destroyer was carrying out a freedom of navigation operation it says it came within twelve nautical miles of a reef in the disputed spratly islands the u.s.
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accuses china of building military facilities to restrict shipping movements sparked the chinese government says it has sovereignty over the islands. you know law by repeatedly sending military ships into these areas without authorization of the us has seriously harmed chinese sovereignty and security violated basic rules of international relations and endangered regional peace and stability what the us is doing will damage the atmosphere of military to military relations and cause close encounters by air and naval forces of the two countries which could easily trigger miscalculations or even accidents this is a serious political and military provocation the chinese military is firmly opposed to it north korea has agreed to hold high level talks with south korea on thursday that meeting will take place at the border village of penguin john earlier this month north korean leader kim jong un met with senior south korean officials for the first time since coming to power in two thousand and eleven tension between
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pyongyang and soul has eased in recent months both sides marched under a unified flag during february's winter olympics. government leaders from the democratic republic of congo are refusing to attend a conference in switzerland that's meant to raise money for their country prime minister jose macula says that they won't be there next month because the un's overreacting about the humanitarian needs on the ground president joseph kabila has still not gone to a refugee camp in more than a tour a province that he promised to visit charlotte palace reports. she tried to run but marie last child fell and trying to escape her attack is. one of the london militia cut me with a machete my brother helped me run away but i was also hit by two arrows on my side four of my kids were killed that same day launch of a new family among the tens of thousands of congolese who have been injured and displaced during clashes between rival tribes the haman's and lenders who are based
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in atory province is the latest flare up in land disputes that date back to the early one nine hundred seventy s. villages have streamed into domestic displacement camps and over the border into uganda. we've been living in a very difficult situation a difficult situation and we don't know what the president thinks about resolving the situation so we can go back home but. president joseph kabila promised to visit the displaced this week but he has battles of his own many congolese a furious with him for clinging to power after his term expired two years ago and for refusing to cool elections critics argue he's doing little to prevent the ethnic violence. problem we had problems between the two communities even before two thousand and three we controlled it's because the government was absent today all the legal and security forces are present there how can we justify then these level of atrocities this is why we're saying it was done willingly by the
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authorities. a leader with one of the tribes says both sides are being manipulated . we have four. members without jobs in our community and it's easy to manipulate them the enemy of our province is profiting from the unemployed young boys in order to destabilize to re province where the un is warning of a worsening situation thirty million people need humanitarian assistance four point six million children are acutely malnourished and this is an epidemic of cholera and secure violence if it troubles in a terry province just one crisis within many for a country wrecked by conflicts chalo dallas al-jazeera thousands of protesters have joined a rally in catalonia off to spain the top court detained five separatist leaders for their role in last year's secession bid i lease used battles to keep demonstrators away from the federal government offices in
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barcelona the court issued international arrest warrants for six other cattle and leaders who went to boarding clued in the former regional president colace pushed him on. at least half a million people are expected at an anti gun rally in the u.s. capital later saturday's march for our lives demonstration is being led by students from the florida high school where seventeen people were shot dead last month. and then to have. an interfaith service was held in washington d.c. ahead of the rally the service at the national cathedral was attended by family members of the florida high school victims and others affected by gun violence. it's just a roll of the dice but it shouldn't be for the first time those who are most affected by the epidemic of gun violence in schools are taking the lead to bring commonsense protections that the people of this country want. the students are
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organizing in protesting and demanding action be taken now to end this bloodshed. thank the washington rally is just one of about eight hundred that are planned around the world mike hanna takes a look now at how the florida shooting has spurred so many people into action. this is part of a new movement sweeping through the united states needs a new generation of activists because a rejection of gun violence they demand that the politicians do something about it our school was right to charge it is easy it's not ok we are have elected officials whose purpose is whose purpose it is to help us and they are doing their jobs and it's time that we call them out for what they're not doing the tipping point for many was the shooting at a school in parkland florida in february at least seven hundred students and adults
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were killed by a one thousand year old who'd been expelled from the school over disciplinary problems and nationwide protests in the wake of the shootings has morphed into more about gun violence in schools various strands of activism are coming together and what is becoming a powerful force for wider social change when you listen even to some of the statements that were made by students or just the national debate on gun violence in general and which has a lot of demands about people doing more for controlling gun violence you know controlling guns period. but what's left out then is a discussion about how those measures those the law is criminalized and disparately impacts black and brown communities john kelly is one of the many who lost a loved one to gun violence his brothers were shot dead by a one thousand meters from his front door in northeast washington the support for me to speak out today because so many voices. throughout the nation
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and pacifically in our community his father curtis was among those who met with president trump in the wake of the florida shootings and spoke of the frustration in seeking change it has been a fight because everybody show up for photo ops all the politicians show up to say we're going to get it done we're going to protect our kids but just for just a couple weeks later school shooting those here will join the hundreds of thousands who march in protest this weekend. the deep sad knowledge shared. will not be there. mike hanna al-jazeera washington. this is the news hour from our series still to come on the program why the prospect of an end to the nuclear deal doesn't bother some iranian businesses plus mexico is the latest country to ask questions about elections facebook and cambridge analytical. and sport world cup
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holders germany remind their rivals why of they'll be so difficult to beat this. human rights groups have accused militias backed by the united arab emirates of kidnapping and torturing people in yemen it's believed that fifteen thousand people could have been affected al-jazeera spoken to relatives of the missing who are calling for their return sullivan job at reports. many in southern yemen are demanding to know where their missing relatives are and human rights groups are accusing militias which are backed by the united arab emirates of making arbitrary arrests in aden and lach. they say some detainees have been tortured and others are banned from contacting their families testimonies given to al-jazeera provide new insight into how young men are disappearing. i'm from thai as i'm just
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a sister of do news abdul hamid nasser he was studying a college and we don't know his whereabouts for more than a year no one can find money for her and her the mother of photocopy the lesson i was arrested by a morality about forces at a checkpoint in aden my son is seventeen years old he was the sole breadwinner after my husband died he went to him to support me and his five sisters after more than a year and a half of his arrest someone from the president called me and said i'm doing you a favor talk to your son when i talk to him he said mother help me get out of here i'm going to die. you a military which is part of the saudi led coalition fighting who believe in yemen has repeatedly denied running secret prisons but for months detainees have been describing how they were abducted and tortured and you have to cut my brother. he was in the second year at the university of aden one day he came to visit us in thai is when he was returning home he was arrested we found out that he was
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imprisoned at their akhmed and prison and you are not the kind my brother. was working at a restaurant in agencies shake off money area one day his friends called us and told us that iraqi forces brutally attacked him and arrested him we've been looking for him for a year and a half we urge the international community to help us look for them. the advocacy group called the murders of abilities association says more than fifteen thousand yemenis have either been arrested or disappeared and there has been an uptick in the matter in our arbitrary detentions but also in force disappearances across the country and by all sides to the conflict in the south. or to build the forces which are but by the u.a.e. there have been very credible investigations into a vast number of secret detention centers where hundreds of men and boys are
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being arbitrarily detained and for months at a time without having any contact with the outside world the three year war in yemen has caused a complete breakdown of law and order especially in the south where militias operate beyond the control of the courts and the internationally recognized government in addition to disappearances and torture militia backed by the us are accused of executions and assassinations as well great to see journalists clerics and high profile politicians have all been targeted that civilians are increasingly at the mercy of powerful on groups. some of a job with their well i report was part of a special series we're running on yemen next we'll look at how people are being forcibly displaced as the war enters its fourth year you can see that report later on saturday here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump's new national security adviser is a strong critic of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal john bolton the spoken out
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against the agreement once even supported the idea of bombing iran but as i was zero same bus ravi reports now from tehran many small businesses feel the deal hasn't helped them much. to develop a strong economy support small business that's one of the trickle down effect iran's leaders were hoping for when they signed the nuclear deal with world leaders three years ago. but for most businesses operating at this level the kinds of marketplaces that represent the majority of iranians and the benefits of the nuclear deal have passed them by. the expectations of the private sector have not been fulfilled. he has been working with the government and private companies to attract foreign investors to iran when the deal was signed iranian leader said they had reconnected the country to the global marketplace the reality is different. the jam being the political side of the nuclear deal carried more weight than the
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economic one i'm not a political expert but in economic terms especially in the private sector we have not witnessed any tangible achievements. trade fairs like these are a common sight all year round producers from every province in the country travel to tehran trying to drum up more business here the nuclear deal has been good for iran's public image but not much else. to everybody and others the americans didn't let his realize our expectations in the shadow of fear hanging over the europeans from the u.s. has affected the implementation of the nuclear deal regarding the taking of office by trump it has made things worse a crazy man is that the top. other say they're worried that if the deal falls apart or if there's new sanctions imposed the few gains that have been made will be lost . a raw materials most to come from europe we don't have the same industrial steel
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in iran it's all imported from europe after the nuclear deal importing has been easier and there are more sanctions our industry will collapse at almost no cost to himself donald trump is costing iran dearly by scaring away potential investors well we're going to see what happens iran deal is coming up. it's. probably another month or so and you're going to see what i do try to run has not been treating in that part of the world or the world itself appropriately a lot of bad things are happening in iran the deal is coming up in one month and you'll see what happens in vegas but on. his threats like this have created uncertainty about iran's future and that is bad for business. when the nuclear deal was being negotiated iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei warned his government that the deal may not work because he said the other side might stab iran in the back but he gave his blessings in hopes that
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a negotiated solution would bring an end to decades of confrontation with the west now supporters of the deal are worried that companies prediction may soon come true . let's get the thoughts now of what is adi who's a professor of political science at the university of tehran and joins us now via skype from iran's capital professor good to have you with us there's been no official would as yet but how do you think the iranian government will react to the appointment of john bolton will react to the appointment of john bolton. i don't think a nice deployment. looking at iraq cabinets. bolton as national security. state quite a journey and. in the u.s. congress he was one of the most and the union. and as you reported
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bolton called attacking iran militarily has been for bombing iran or. so the people here don't like what they're seeing and we're going to have a loose cannon basically in bolton and his extremism is at the level that as you know when he was going to be nominated as u.s. ambassador to the united nations bush had to do the recess appointment because even in the u.s. senate he had a lot of opposition. this nuclear deal of course between iran and the palace was it was struck under the obama administration i mean how did how the hardliners now feel about that that nuclear deal is all the that the blossoming if you can call that that trust between iran and the u.s. has not gone now. you know people that are opposing or honey his political
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opponents basically warned him not to trust the united states and the need clearly meant it was an achievement for him when it was working when it was started but the reality as your report suggests is that the other side of the united states has not been doing what they're supposed to do not. complying the agreement and the end result is that the iranian people are blaming the united states not one hundred government but the fact that the it is going to be out apparently in the month or so. is the suggestion by no one is opposition that they are warnings very true and no one is basically embarrassed his administration is embarrassed and the reality is that the warnings were coming when
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they were doing the negotiations in the mornings but that one trust americans and the reality is that vice was the correct advice and i think the government at the end of the day. this instance to rally the public behind the flag. if you're going to have war with the united states or the talk of war is around then this may actually be beneficial to the iranian government because it will unite the people behind the professor to give talk to many thanks indeed for being with us. now as you know if you're watching it's been unseasonably warm in lebanon and israel al-jazeera miss you all just as of folks here to explain why next on the news then. we'll take you to sydney of cities to mark saturday's earth hour. peru has a new president of his predecessor resigned of allegations of corruption we'll tell
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you. later it's a port find out who's been hitting the target at the world golf championships in austin. from flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze. you may recall just a few days ago we were talking about red skies over athens as southerly winds lifted dust and sand out of the sahara and fed them across greece they signed southerly winds have brought some very high temperatures across that eastern side of the mediterranean this is the same in tel aviv on friday where temperatures got up to thirty seven degrees celsius shipping nearly twenty degrees and also made its way a little further north into beirut and this was the same here people flocking to the coast get some cooler air and stripping off and getting out into the waters and
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just trying to cool down from the rather warm weather again temperatures should be about twenty or twenty one degrees at this time of the a wool town a little colder as they go on through the next day or two this area cloud that's going to continue drifting its way further east was brought to skies will gradually come back in behind it quite a drop in temperatures there were twenty one celsius for some days a similar picture for today actually looking at eighteen degrees there in jerusalem temperatures to pounce back a little as we go on into sunday temperatures getting up to around twenty five degrees by monday afternoon and that's going to be that the trend as we go on through the next few days will turn warm once again with plenty of sunshine. the weather sponsored by cats on a race. in syria citizens are collecting evidence that you know more about it bill has shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria in
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a post six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the outside regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a challenge for us syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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good to have you with us avery until we get here in doha but the news out from al-jazeera our top stories this hour syrian rebels in eastern guta are surrendering in a southern part of the on klav thousands of fellow called rough month rebels and civilians are being taken to live it leaves duma as the last rebels hold a rebel stronghold outside the capital damascus. french media reporting that a second person has been taken into custody in connection with friday's shooting in southern france four people were killed including a policeman and a gunman hijacked a car and shot at offices for taking hostages in the town of. the democratic republic of congo's refusing to go to its own donor conference in switzerland next month which aims to raise nearly two billion dollars the country's prime minister says the un's overreacting about the humanitarian needs. anger is mounting in the
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u.s. city of sacramento over the police shooting of an unarmed black man twenty two year old stuff on clock was shot at least twenty times when officers cornered him in his backyard they say they thought he had a gun reynolds reports from sacramento. yes there is no demonstrators marched through the streets of sacramento california capital city for a second day friday they were protesting the police shooting of an unarmed twenty two year old black man last week he was judge he was sentenced and he was executed the protesters blocked traffic and shouted slogans and dented a car that tried to pass through one group attempted to block a major highway but were prevented from doing so by california highway patrol officers in riot gear stephan clark died in his own backyard killed by a hail of police bullets i don't care what color he was you know no person on this
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earth to be sat down like that. your bosom buddy. buddy for the newly released video from a police helicopter shows clark running and climbing over a fence in a neighborhood where police were responding to a report of a man breaking into cars. police wearing body cameras cornered clark and within seconds the encounter turned deadly. the policeman did not identify themselves before firing twenty times they said they believed clarke was holding a gun but he was only carrying a cellphone shortly after the shooting another officer tells the policeman to silence the audio of their body cameras. clark's family and friends want to know what was said after the sound went off you're muting something you don't
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want the public to hear what you're saying and that means that if you don't want the truth to come out all of it is a lie police are promising a full investigation where asking for the community to be patient quark's death at the hands of sacramento police is the latest in a long series of controversy over police killings of on armed black men the deaths gave rise to the black lives matter movement and have heightened racial tensions in communities all across the united states robert oulds al jazeera sacramento california now this one event the entire world can get involved with on saturday that's famous landmarks will switch off the lights for one hour to help the environment we're all encouraged to do the same at home to begins in seven hours here in doha in ten hours in london in sydney meanwhile where thomas is the lights are already back on again. andrew what was it like how dr to get.
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pretty dark and i mean obviously there are emergency lights in some of the buildings behind me that need to stay on throughout but the harbor bridge went dark there's a big funfair right underneath where our bureau here is here in sydney and the lights of banks all went out as well the ferris wheel went dark so certainly noticeable certainly we felt that there was something different about city this saturday night normally on al-jazeera we tend to ignore the times of day because of course all of us are all over the world but on this one eight thirty pm wherever you are is the time when you markets of course the changing of the earth's rotation the sun moving around the earth or rather it going down everywhere is what we look for and it's no coincidence that it happens in mid march because that is the time of year when most places in the world have the most people anyway get dark at eight thirty or are dark and becomes noticeable but is this anything more than saving just a tiny tiny tiny bit of electricity i put that question to kerry major of the world
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wildlife fund this is what she told me. what it is it's a symbolic gesture to send a message to the whole world and we all need to come together and do something for our planet and we all realize we still have a long way to go and this is the moment he would like to well think about what we need to do. but karen major told me as well that i act as a brand for local campaigns local environmental campaigns to attach their cause the round of that way it has an impact but it also reminds particular little children of a moment when they did something very solid and very positive and then they remember that juror in the gear and generally they reduce their energy consumption as well sydney is now back in the lot this is what sydney normally looks like from here this will travel across asia we should think the skylines of hong kong shanghai going to out and then into europe as you said earlier adrian paris awful town that should go landmarks in london right across europe and then of course into the
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americas and about will be nineteen hours from now this movement should reach hawaii which is the last place that should see the twenty eighty but he thinks data out zeros after tell us that live. the eighth world was a forum has wrapped up in brazil's capital brasilia where more than three million people are facing water shortages they hope the replanting vegetation will help them solve that problem daniel explains. there's plenty of will to hear about three hundred kilometers north of in the national park brazil is a land of raging rivers and expansive lakes. with outside the world to form in brasilia residents demonstrated over water rationing. and several national human rights organizations in a letter to the un pointed out that thirty four million brazilians don't have access to clean running water one more than one hundred million have an adequate
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sanitation the water level at this time of the year the end of the rainy season should be up to about here but we can see if we went down to the water level that it is now this simply not enough water in this reservoir to see this region through for the rest of the year forcing many to look for alternative methods to keep the water flowing. brasilia was created in the one nine hundred fifty s. the city is still growing much of the habitat that was damaged in the rush to build is now being replenished by simple replanting. we faced a serious drought in brasilia and this dam was on the at four percent of its capacity today it's around sixty eight percent we know that the vegetation will help to produce water in the region we expect this project will help to recover the water capacity in the basin at that serves brazil's capital the seeds grow to strengthen the soil. retention where it's needed and preventing flooding.
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in me the idea of throwing seeds into the soil is a way of reproducing the vegetation instead of cultivating a plant in a greenhouse which is a controlled environment for transferring it to the land this plant will grow in this space and adapt more easily than a transplanted plant the seeds are collected by hand and stored which also provides much needed was. when we started in two thousand and twelve we had one family which collected six hundred kilograms of seeds in twenty sixteen on the other hand we worked with more than fifty families who collected twelve tons of seeds the results have been positive and the project is growing returning to past methods to the very source of life itself for a solution to a very modern problem that. central brazil peru's new president is vowing to fight corruption at any cost martin was sworn in on friday after pedro
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public resigned after allegations of graft this is promising to restore the public's trust in the government as sanchez reports from lima. the scatter was greeted with a standing ovation it's the same congress that pushed him out of his post as transport minister less than one year ago. the fifty five year old former governor of the tiny southern state to deep oath amidst the deepest political crisis in decades in the nation. it's time to say enough is enough what has happened most marked the time to put an end to the politics of hate and confrontation that hasn't done anything else but damage the country. the other bridge corruption scandal led to the resignation of. former president in jail and congress approved the extradition of another former president. from the us.
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on friday the new president said he would be tough on corruption look at the grave situation that we've been true merits the clarification of responsibilities and that any type of regularity committed should be taken to justice. many peruvian say they're ready to move on just almost down south with bam but we're tired of being so underdeveloped of so much corruption we want martin to be our hope that he really improves our country's development education health and agriculture should be the main issues to succeed analysts say the big question now is where will he get the political strength to govern with this congress for the mahdi and the popular party hold the majority only gets you a majority that former president bill. accused of impeding his ability to govern his party peruvians for change now support the scada but with very few votes. and the challenges for change are many from reigniting the economy to fighting
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crime and pushing forward rebuilding the country left devastated by the phenomenon last year. however many say the scot has greatest challenge will be to get the people's trust an opinion poll says that in early march eighty one percent of peruvians didn't even know his name but innocent just just. federal prosecutors in brazil are investigating whether a consultancy firm at the center of the facebook data breach had access to millions of profiles cambridge analytics denies improperly accessing the information of fifty million facebook users brazilian prosecutors want to find out if. company and a local consultancy did the same thing that the head of an election last october cambridge analytical also began operations in mexico ahead of that country's presidential election in july candidates though and distancing themselves from the
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as john holden reports from mexico city. cambridge journalists could told on the cover of quarters that it was working in mexico what we do know is that the company did set up shop here and it was looking for a presidential candidate that it could work with now all of the major candidates said that they had nothing to do with the company but this is still a timely wakeup call for mexico and that's because it's heading into the biggest elections in its history a move in sixty percent of the population over the age of six is now online making the potential targets for influencing their it's slow action and mascot and down in massachusetts biggest election where the most young people are going to vote and wherever the most votes connected many will be invest phase of using new technology and almost all of my facebook and the loss going to depend on how effective the strategies are in influencing them as much make news as vote and he may cheat depending on when the last is that they hear us the country's already seeing some
1:44 pm
dubious online and tech practices for example since two thousand and twelve experts have noticed that when there's a hash tag on twitter that's in particular been criticizing the government then other accounts have sprung up bringing out hundreds of tweets per minute to dilute or to the rail that protesting hash tag they've been cool those accounts penya bots named after the country's president it also emerged last year that the government has a book surveillance technology that was then used to spy on human rights lawyers activists and journalists but the focus isn't just going to be on mexico this year there's elections coming up across latin america including brazil colombia and venezuela and there's going to be a lot of guys on the on line battle for the electorate. zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe is being investigated over accusations that she was involved in an ivory smuggling operation it follows a three month investigation by an undercover journalist welcome web reports.
1:45 pm
indicating this group or not is never going adrian stern went undercover as an ivory fire in zimbabwe he says he received more death threats than he can count he's a wildlife photographer who began investigating the illegal ivory trade in december speaking exclusively to our zero he says young covered a poaching and smuggling syndicate which he believes is led by the former first lady grace mugabe which is being sourced either from the national parks vote bank the food or from live elephants being killed by poaching syndicates the syndicate within sale to grace mccartney's clientele she would then be able to pack that it's into out through the airport anything through that airport that was the property of the first lady was not searched or scanned in any way stern got the documents undercover videos and testimonies which she showed to al-jazeera investigative unit
1:46 pm
he says they expose the syndicate and the former first lady's involvement this is the vote from where he says tens of millions of dollars of ivory and rhino horn was stolen when he presented evidence to zimbabwe's wildlife authority there how they mean to allege smugglers have since been charged with possession of ivory and investigations been opened a special advisor to president emerson. confirmed to our dizzier in a written statement that the government of zimbabwe will seek answers from all parties implicated in this matter including former first lady grace mugabe about their knowledge of the illegal export of prohibited items from our country. al-jazeera contacted grace mcgarvie staff lawyers and relatives for comment he didn't respond during the presidency of a husband robert she was a controversial figure earning the nickname grace for her extravagant shopping sprees hopes of succeeding him were dashed when the army forced him from power in
1:47 pm
november and mango took over three weeks later this shipment of two hundred kilograms of ivory was seized harare's airport stern says his investigations on covered evidence which appears to connect it to grace mcgarvie and the smuggling syndicate the new government keen to clean up its international image after decades of mugabe rule since the change of power the poaching in the smuggling investigation is the first major challenge to the mugabe family dynasty malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. some say that films provide a universal language of hope and entertainment millions of people in iraq could use a bit of both the country's cinema industry is making a comeback after decades of conflict our correspondent in iran can reports from baghdad. the anticipation on the faces of the cinema goes says it all. they've dressed up and come out to show support for the first iraq
1:48 pm
a major film in twenty five years sanctions international boycotts and the security situation have all combined to destroy the cinema industry the journey is one man's dream home until there are as he is but director and producer he says the film gives a sober moral perspective on the wall that devastated iraq killed a million people according to human rights groups as well as creating a refugee and often crisis. at the premiere earlier this month he thanked his cost improve and explains why he made the film we have to boycott the sanction there and then and then after that the war of the occupation and often not to you know about what happened and the sectarian violence and then we ended with diaries but we many know us and aki to get back again and that's what you learn as iraqi and we are. coming to the more point we go in to challenge our limits and to go further and thought of that and thought of that and this is this is the hope that we are
1:49 pm
looking for and you know. for iraq e. filmmakers and producers working to revive the industry persuading audiences to watch is going to be an uphill battle particularly when the subject matter is so serious as the end credits roll some critics deemed it a success in what had more obligation them and everyone dreams of watching an iraqi produce film because for a long time iraqi cinema had no productions at all we need to see a film we don't have film festivals and we don't have patients that share a rocky films in but three weeks off to the premiere of the movie made in iraq has failed to capture the imagination of many who prefer foreign films. baghdad has a thriving cinema scene and shopping malls hollywood and egyptian film productions dominate but make money and their popular iraqi cinema was once regarded as some of the best in the region filmmaking used to take place across iraq and indeed baghdad then they would edit them and distribute them to places like this the cinema this
1:50 pm
was one of the most popular cinema in baghdad it's now fallen into complete disrepair and on occasion bootleg western movies but there really is no iraq e film industry to speak of that the filmmaker was able to get the movie made is remarkable but it would seem only a small audience is interested in what it's about. iraqi filmmakers say they will continue to try and persuade iraqi audiences to watch domestic productions that means competing with hollywood blockbusters and egyptian films that are popular across the arab world as one hollywood saying goes we don't make it we make money imran khan al-jazeera baghdad just ahead on the news in sports novak djokovic hits his worst run of form and more than a decade. what
1:51 pm
makes this moment in this era we're living for so unique this is really an attack on itself is a misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important to have a right to publish it. to be offensive or provoke people. setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of internet moral to we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters.
1:52 pm
but i got to talk to support his abbi thank you so much i mean all the funding formula one world champion lewis hamilton is in pole position for the australian grand prix but his teammate valtteri bottas hit trouble out of the season opening rice in melbourne boss crushing his messiah he's at the start of final qualifying the finn will start out best. with six tenths of a second quicker than his for all the rivals can and will be second on the grid with sebastian vettel third the two red bulls of mark the stockton and that much stuff and even into the record i weigh in fourth and fifth this hamilton's fifth consecutive pole in australia. you would think that with. the results we've
1:53 pm
had for these years it would be the norm but it doesn't it's still just as intense and i'm like my heart's racing i wish you could feel it right now but it's great to see this crowd here thank you so much for coming out i was not the best way to start the season but. yeah i was trying to i was pushing the limits when the bit over the limits. the exit of turn one went to be too wide and lost the rear of the car and it just happened so quick. well champions germany have extended their unbeaten streak to twenty two games out of this year's finals and russia came from behind to draw against spain in a friendly alliances rodriguez putting the spaniards who were also on routes or russia ahead early on. germans didn't take too long to respond this effort from some a smaller levelling it on one i now not lost since losing to france in the semifinal you are twenty sixteen germany kick off their world cup campaign against
1:54 pm
mexico. its goal with the museum's oakley fees where we think this world cup will be an easy story is totally mistaken just look at spain the teams the top with a billion euros you realize how well they play of the team together players from real madrid and barcelona played together for a long time so they have a great understanding. chin is here beat iran one know both these teams are heading to the world cup and were beaten in their respective qualifying campaigns an own goal is enough to end iran's eleven game unbeaten run chain is you'll be taking on england belgium and panama in russia one round trips alongside portugal spain and morocco. when for another north african seam heading to the world cup morocco securing a c. one victory over serbia in italy and ireland bateson. in six games. or colombia came back from single down to beat france three argentina beat italy so
1:55 pm
you know my so i had put egypt on course for a bit of an upset against portugal only for christian or an elbow to score twice in injury time to clinch it see one victory house nation russia their base in three male barbara zero in moscow while jesselyn god was the difference as england beat the netherlands. i was pleased i knew we'd have an energy in the team. but i was really really pleased with the composure especially the playing through the first two thirds of the pitch. at times but more quality in the final third was needed but i think we deserved to win the l.a. galaxy if confirmed the song of former manchester united striker slots an abraham of each a full page ad was taken outside the l.a. times to confirm the suites move to major league soccer their los angeles you're welcome it right along with its signature and he appeared in a typically low key video it's a. sense
1:56 pm
of his welcome to. played in the best clubs in the world different countries and i want so i'm coming with this object if i come to win i want to win i think it's in my d.n.a. that that i'm winning my my trophy is. no joke which is lost three consecutive matches on the men's tennis circuit for the first time since two thousand and seven the twelve time grand slam champion beaten six three six four hit by ben was in the second round of the miami open solomon he's won six times during his career. and he wasn't the only one having a bad day in court it's. got several hours ago emergency dollars
1:57 pm
by minutes you're alone you say you then you need less than you don't think so you think you are you get a new family member there of russia not happy despite winning as much against nineteen year old stuff on us as it's a pass a made match toilet break taken by its past had particularly annoyed medvedev at last year's wimbledon medvedev was hit with a big fine after arguing with and then throwing money at some point. in the women's draw defending champion jana concert is through its around three but australian open winner caroline wozniak is out the world number so beaten by the unseeded monaco pyrrhic. winning the first set six love but the puerto rican recovered to win this one in three sets. and i only saw because i match winning run has come to an end the twenty year old from japan won her maiden top title last time out at indian wells and backs that up by beating serena williams in the opening round in miami but alina spitz alina when this one in straight sets. in jordan
1:58 pm
speight and rory macro have made early exits at the world golf championships in austin mcroy came into this event on the back of a victory at the arnold palmer invitational but went south in the group stage of this match play event after a five and three defeat by brian harmon mack is through to the last sixteen helped by a hole in one in his match against ross fisher it goes only two of the top ten states have made it into the knockout rounds. ok more for me throughout the day but that is if an aging early many thanks indeed jay ducking here with the latest on the day's top stories next here on al-jazeera i'll see you go but.
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to. cut down. just. april on al-jazeera a from the stories beyond the headlines phone lines examines the u.s. his role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show thrice returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the brands that vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate am public
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interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. it looks ugly it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the world's record for just the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it unless you try america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman on your interest in stopping crime.


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