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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the isthmus but in mexico city should be sunny and high as of twenty six into north america still more snow around across parts of the west through into canadian prairies and this area of rain is likely develop too as we head on through into chooses heavy rain here snow on the leading edge fine for the south in florida twenty four the high in miami. the weather sponsored by cattle race. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level right to publish it. to be offensive or provocative as people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. this
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is al-jazeera. and i know there are a kyle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes voting is underway in egypt for an election that involves a little suspense. like. saudi arabia says it shot down seven missiles fired by rebels in yemen targeting the kingdom to. the new york times revealed how u.s. businessmen influence the white house to favor saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . and at least sixty four people are dead dozens more missing in siberia after a fire at a shopping center. egyptians
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have begun casting their ballots in three days of presidential voting incumbent abdul fattah el-sisi is poised to win after several opponents withdrew saying they faced intimidation as any challenge as mr mustafa looser who has previously expressed support for sisi positions as the vote is a separate and have called for a boycott well many well known and popular contenders tried to challenge sisi but fail to make it onto the ballot paper or in a hall takes a look at who is not in the come pain and why just two names on the ballot paper two men vying for egypt's presidency now in a country of more than fifty five million eligible voters you might think there'd be a few more candidates well it's not for lack of trying over the last few months every other potential challenger for the presidency has either been detained disqualified
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or forced to abandon their campaigns completely so who's in and who's out first step sami and now we're talking top brass egyptian military here a retired lieutenant general a former army chief of staff a lot of them are awarded his candidacy in a recorded video he also happened to mention he had information on government corruption he was arrested soon after the army accusing him of not getting proper commission to run and forging documents. another candidate another wrist this time abdomen name for two a leading opposition figure who ran in the twenty twelve race he was accused of ties to the outlawed muslim brotherhood. fics campaign was short lived a former prime minister with links to the military he was deported from the united arab emirates where he'd been living in exile he was then detained in egypt he subsequently pulled out of the race opposition leader and human rights lawyer early
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didn't stay in the campaign for long either he said he came up against frequent obstacles when he withdrew he said his supporters had been harassed and aris did another to enter the race and pull out was muhammad and while sadat the nephew of egypt's assess and they said president anwar sadat he also cited a climate of fear for his withdrawal and today in the. console were serving members of the military aren't allowed to run for the presidency consoler says he tried to resign three years but had been rejected each time when he did put his hand up to run he was given six years in prison for what officials called actions that undermined the military system the only man to stand against president sisi is moosa was stuff a moose and openly pro sisi politician who until the day before he reduced had to run was part of the campaign to get sisi reelected his name on the ballot paper
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means sisi at least has some competition international rights groups have called this election a farce as it stands the outcome looks likely to favor the incumbent president thought now to to be called is a nonresident fellow the time frames chipper middle east policy joins us now from cairo good to have you with us of a number of the cities most interested today probably is going to be the turnout how's it looking on the first. so far to now or doesn't look very high in my own neighborhood. i saw very few people heading to the polls most and. and i've spoken with friends around the city. where it's not going to be going out to be seen if they have a mechanism for mobilizing along. with what. it sees his picture
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i've seen everywhere on the streets and one wonders why he has gone to such lengths and eliminated all the viable opposition when his victory is all but assured and he does have a large amount of support you know i mean i think that this is not about whether or not he's going to win there's no election time you have the first but it's so that's not the point it's not a competition it's more i think it's a declaration of consolidating power sending. up. to give up basically which is why you see such flagrant repression taking place it's not it's not subtle it's not meant to be convincing as an electoral competition it's actually quite the contrary i think i think they're finally saying what if there's not an election they can get away with that and i think international is trying to show of the international community that there is
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continuity to be expected rumors about the visions within the regime are exaggerated on brecht and he will be there to stay in the economic balls to read on the team. is that much sense of opposition to sisi amongst people you know colleagues and friends. there's a lot of frustration among it's about c.c. certainly one hundred. issues over it may be i think the first ration most people is the economy while on a macro level if you think over the last year and a half in terms of. the average it's become very inflation rates forty percent last january. and currencies collapse in value so people. it's fine substantially are good but the cost of goods is. substantially and so it's just difficult for people to live i mean it's not clear when it's coming and
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so a lot of it if it's a very exhausted by that time and i'm going to hold it was responsible ok timothy holder good to speak to and get the view there from cairo thanks for joining us. ok let's see how the election is playing out online we can go over now to. thank you laura well now that the polls are open we're seeing some dueling hashtags trending on twitter across egypt the top past tag roughly translates to we are going to finish the journey and that's encouraging people to go out and vote in the past few hours it's been used to share clips like this one of president sisi voting earlier on monday at a school in cairo's heliopolis district others are using it to share photos from polling stations and also to talk about what they see as some of the of president cc's achievements during his first term lots of other similar colorful images on instagram and snap chat as people share their excitement for election day now this is what some voters in alexandria had to say about the election i want and this is
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a muslim prayer and i want people to come down and vote egypt just fine egypt will remain come down and participate in them and john from holland i couldn't sleep revolted joy just to come here and say yes to my motherland egypt i came here to say yes to stability yes to development i came here to say yes to. military weapons no shield when they arrived at the polling station and fund most of saying yes to c.c. because he has everything they need and you know much of what he did but at the bottom and i am here today so that the country will develop i haven't lived in a developed country all these he is i am one of the people who was negatively affected by the revolution the year in which the muslim brotherhood was ruling all the women were in the streets it was a difficult life we are now developing and what is coming is going to be a fan base ten now on the other side of the spectrum another trending hash tag is pushing for a different choice it translates to don't go down as in don't go down to vote and
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people are using it to show off the reasons why they are boycotting the elections there are seven opposition parties and more than one hundred fifty politicians who have called on egyptian stew stay home this week some of the reasons include the sixty thousand detainees human rights groups say that's the number of political prisoners who've been rounded up or in many cases disappeared since the military coup in twenty thirteen also for to iran and so on if you're islands of course these are the two islands that egypt has agreed to give to saudi arabia this one says for our livelihood to highlight egypt's ongoing economic and social challenges and this last one is for what many see as a failure to maintain security including a car bombing in alexandria last saturday that killed two people including a police officer but the government says it is working to address the issue egypt's military has launched a new offensive against armed groups last week in several parts of the country and the egyptian armed forces have released this footage of guards outside polling
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stations to reassure the public they're promising to create a safe setting for all egyptians to go out and cast their votes so i'll keep monitoring this for you in the days ahead for more on the elections visit our spotlight page at al-jazeera dot com and if you're in egypt we'd love to hear from you you can also share your views with us on the telegram the number is on your screen that's plus one seven four five zero one triple one four nine or you can message me on twitter andrew chappelle. ok well mohammed al masri is chair of the journalism program. is cheese and joins us now here on set great to have you with us i mean no one really believes it is very much free and fair about this election is being held in egypt but why is there federal international outcry over it that's a good question i mean there is some international outcry from human rights groups and you know you have pockets of politicians in western countries who have raised concerns right including in the united states in the u.k. but for the most part these large western countries these western democracies have been pretty supportive and that's one of the reasons why they're not you know
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making a stink about this about the selection their logic is that a strong man a strong man like sisi will help bring about stability for egypt and for the region and that's a good or so they say for for their for their own sort of policy programs that he's been a great player just see things happen is that he is going to bring about security but really how does he i mean we're still think massive fighting in sinai and we're seeing bombs in churches and all over the country i mean there's not much secure about egypt and lebanon right well that's the kind of the the tragic thing about all this is that although it's claimed that sisi has been able to bring about some stability to egypt the opposite has actually happened in egypt has experienced the worst period of instability and it's in its modern history you have scholars and analysts and human rights groups that have documented the number the number of terrorist attacks for instance that have to taken place and. the terrorist attack
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attacks during the c.c. period dr warf numbers in previous periods and then if you look at human rights record i mean it's so pull the amnesty is coined this phrase generation jail i mean someone even if that is worse than when we go back to the hosni mubarak era it's actually on the quantitative metrics it's significantly worse right there have been more than nine hundred cases of forced disappearance documented since two thousand and fifteen that's about one in. you have more than sixty thousand political prisoners that's more than at any time during the mubarak period in fact his reign of repression is worse than the brain during the one nine hundred sixty s. during the. period so pretty much on all the metrics things are things are pretty pretty bad it's a bad outlook on terms of human rights in egypt and what it would like you to see sisi waiting another four years today that will be his two terms done the big
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question is is he going to try to extend us and change the constitution to allow him to stay in power longer i've been saying that that's the likely scenario i've been saying that for months because what you would you start to hear is these kind of whispers in the egyptian media from his allies that are saying you know the constitution is limiting him on fairly that we need to keep this guy around longer so i think what you're going to see is you're going to see a push to amend the egyptian constitution to allow for either one additional term in the least to start and then possibly for a lifetime term ok great speak to thanks for joining us here in the studio ok i was going to bring you some breaking news coming in u.s. president donald trump has expelled sixty russian officials from the united states and close the russian consulate in seattle this is in response to a nerve agent attack earlier this month in person that tugs is an ex spies. and is bringing you more on those diplomatic expulsions which have also been seen and
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germany ukraine czech and of course the u.k. which expelled twenty three diplomats in response to that poisoning of the ex spy. that saudi arabia's military says it shot down seven missiles fired from yemen who rebels say they carried out the strikes talk to several apple it's according to saudi authorities at least one person was killed. has the latest. as the rockets rained down there were moments panic. this is what's left of a missile fired by hutu rebels in yemen which targeted the saudi capital riyadh on sunday. and the fragment landed on an island on a busy road. a barrel range of seven ballistic missiles were intercepted by saudi arabia's air defense multiple social media users posted videos of the u.s. patriot missile defense system used by the saudi military. at least one egyptian
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resident was killed in the attack as forensic teams collect evidence the saudi coalition is again blaming iran for arming the hooty fighters the cuts force who have operatives on the ground in yemen have helped the who are these and the yemeni armed forces to basically augment the capability of the missiles in order to make them more capable and they are who they say you know if you don't negotiate with us we will continue with more sophisticated weaponry more missiles being fired and there will be more dead on the side of saudi arabia which is something that can sustain these types of attacks continue despite the saudi coalition announcing in two thousand and fifteen that most of the route is ballistic arsenal was destroyed the objective is to continue to look for this guy and of missiles targeted destroyed. we believe that we destroy most of these abilities it's been three years since the coalition launched a military campaign to fight the who in support of yemen's government hundreds of
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thousands have gathered in the capital sanaa just before the missile attack the hoody leader talked about his group's capabilities we. will use a long range drones which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and men of our people to fight. the hoodies of been sharing images of the destruction caused by saudi attacks in yemen they say their missiles are acts of revenge. these ten thousand people on all sides of been killed in yemen and millions more suffer in what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian crisis in recent years and through all this the war continues some of the job out of their. three years since the campaign began to control large parts of yemen including the capital saudi arabia's bombing campaign in support of the government which began in
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march two thousand and fifteen has failed to push the rebels out of sana and it's caused large numbers of civilian casualties sparking criticism from rights groups and the united nations. including anger on the streets of boston. college girl who was arrested in germany on sunday is set to appear in court. of business deals and political support. and cricket a story is investigating arrive in south africa after a ball tampering scandal has major threatened to end their relationship with a national t.v. . is going to take you back to that breaking news president donald trump expanding sixty
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officials from the united states and closing the russian consulate in seattle that alongside a number of european countries announcing the expulsion of russian diplomats let's go to chalons he's on the phone and moscow and were you hearing who these diplomats are who these officials are. well from what i've seen so far it looks like there are a number of diplomats being expelled from the russian embassy in the united states but also a number being expelled from the united nations as well i'm not sure of the exact numbers bittering in each of those i think it's from the united nations and the remainder from the from the russian embassy in washington d.c. but then factor in bullied other countries that are saying they're going to be expelling russian diplomats to latvia saying it will get rid of london not saying
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it will get rid of two ukraine saying it will get rid of that team from something unconfirmed at the moment but saying it will get out of the way next three full germany's full netherlands to the czech republic three on top of this the u.k. has already expelled twenty three russian diplomats over the last few days i mean this is this is a cold war tonight the response from the united kingdom's allies that i don't think russia was expecting the u.s. to be able to gather i think this is this is going to go down like a lead balloon here in russia the russians have already said that they are likely to respond sending to the nonsense expulsions where there are going to be by that question what the response was lighting spam is not a good stuff is it not imitations new. no i mean you know this coming this comes on a day which is obviously not a good day for russia anyway because of the surrender. in siberia if you remember
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of which you know sixty plus people died to have small. countries reeling from this rule the leadership it will be spun you know this is this is what russia does well it takes international action against it and it turns it into a mystic plus. you will very quickly here that the world is against russia these countries essentially following the russians would be playing for the last week maybe more the rise of the united kingdom has essentially been spent spinning an empty russian hysterical message and all these other countries that are going along with what the u.k. has already done basically fall into the anti russian trap that's the kind of message would like to hear from the russian people should going forward ok joining us from moscow on the face of a reaction to this news of mass expulsions of diplomats from around the world let's
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go now to washington d.c. where we can join patty culhane about his six children on the sixty that to that is the consulate in seattle being claes what do we know about the shipment. well i can tell you if it came as a surprise in moscow it came as equally a surprise in washington d.c. this is a president who is seen as going out of his way to say good things about russian president vladimir putin to not criticism really at all in fact just last week he called up the russian president and congratulated him on his election to which are many republicans said that is not what american president does and that then leaked out that his staff had put on his briefing notes in all caps do docking gradually but he did anyway so this was not expected in washington sixty diplomats as you mentioned twelve from the united nations headquarters up there in new york now it seems like possibly that's not really something the u.s.
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has the power to do but the u.n. ambassador nikki haley has put out a statement saying that this still in no way violates the u.n. headquarters agreement they're closing as you mentioned that the syllabi in seattle say that it's simply too close to the u.s. submarine base and we believe that the twelve will come out of the united nations the forty eight are going to come from across the country they've basically said you have seven days get your family get out of the united states this is going to be seen as a really remarkable move from president donald trump after all president obama sent it closed some facilities and i'm trying to remember the number i think it was in a low twenty's those diplomats out of the united states because of the russian interference in the u.s. election that the intelligence chief says happened so this is a remarkable move from a president who again really seems like he's gone out of his way to not criticize or not provoke russia in any way and if we look at obama's sending of ships out expelling of diplomats from the u.s.
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and russia's response then can we gauge perhaps what the response now is likely to be or is it when they came to feel somewhat betrayed only by. i think that definitely be sending the clear message i mean let's think put this in the broader perspective we know what gets under president trump skin and that is any indication or any reports that there may have been collusion between russia and the trump campaign if you just look at his twitter feed it's a constant barrage of no collusion in all caps so this is obviously something that the president wants to trying to spell at the same time he said it his actions haven't really sent the message that he doesn't want to have some sort of relationship with russia this will send that message now what we saw and there were lots of reporting on this that one of the reasons that the national security adviser former national security advisor michael flynn pled guilty to a crime is that he lied to investigators according to the indictment about his contacts with russia say he asked them to hold off on replying responding to obama
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say until trump was in office we did see after the he came into office and didn't really do anything we saw russia react by expelling some american diplomats to the point at the time the president said well thanks we wanted to save money on staff anyway so not clear just how bare bones the consulates and. all of the american embassies are in russia but obviously that is some way that russia could respond. ok joining us from washington thanks very much patti would just remind our viewers the reasoning behind all these expulsions of diplomats it is in response to the poisoning with a nerve agent of the x. russian spies. and his daughter several weeks ago in the u.k. town of u.k. city of saul's free. that was blamed roundly by the prime minister to
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resign me on russia russia of course has denied all involvement in that but treason may has pointed the finger then expelled twenty three russians has been pressuring the u.s. and european allies to do the same today just now in the last few minutes we've heard that they have our answer that call from to is a may and the u.s. has expelled sixty russian diplomats given them a week to leave close the consulate in seattle you've heard germany expelling four diplomats ukraine thirteen czech republic three embassy staff members will stay here in the poland lithuania and other e.u. countries getting on board everybody getting behind the u.k. on that sending a clear message to vladimir putin and the kremlin in moscow. it was roy. and his live to us it is a bad day for russia and the prosecutor general has been ordered to examine fire safety and shopping centers across the country off the sixty four people died in
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a mall in five beriah investigate says say a security guard switched off the alarm system and fire blocked and has the latest . for some playing from a window was their only hope flames and smoke swept through the upper level of this mall in siberia on sunday families were enjoying a day at the movies and the play area russian emergency services say the fire in the city of kemah robbed killed dozens of people it's considered one of the worst fires since the breakup of the former soviet union to sit upright you look up which new grads with the children went up stairs to play video games as usual smoke and fire started to come they ran but they were not allowed to pass when i asked them who did not let them pass they said it was security guards they said go in another direction take the stands. even after firefighters extinguish the flames rescue workers struggled to get to the upper floor of the mall because the roof had
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collapsed several bodies have not been recovered. currently twenty psychologists are working was seventeen relatives those who have called us and said they cannot contact their children or some adults who are courting through their information were in the shopping mall during the fire investigators won't discuss the cause saying it's premature but they have identified why people had difficulty escaping russia's investigative committee says a security guard turned off the alarm system and mall fire exits were blocked they also discovered serious violations in the construction and use of a mall which had been converted from a factory they've detained four people including the mall owners but for the families of those missing the priority now is to find their relatives natasha going to al jazeera. from mike outline present colors picture more is expected to appear
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in court in germany he was arrested on sunday after traveling through finland and denmark faces charges of rebellion and sedition in spain stemming from last year's accession vote in catalonia or in germany and spain for this story david chase here in catalonia capital barcelona where they've been protests but first now the barber live for us in. another one of the options available to the german courts at this stage. well laura there are there are several different options and there are also several different possibilities as to what's going to happen in the the next few hours we're expecting colors put him on to appear before a judge in northern germany we're not sure whether that will be in the town of there where he is currently being held in a jail since sunday but it's supposed to happen at three thirty pm local time so in a few minutes and we believe that will just be an initial hearing more thorough
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that there are saying that they are not going to be making any statement or decision of any kind or around possible extradition also in the last hour or so we've heard from a spokeswoman for the the state prosecutor's office in the northern state of very harsh line that it's unlikely that there will be an extradition decision of any sort before easter in other words the earliest it would happen would be next week now there is a ten day window for germany to extradite colors push them or if he agrees to that process if he doesn't then it's sixty days it's two months basically but they have to try to get him back to spain legal experts in germany saying that it is probable that or highly likely that he will in fact be extradited but on what charges because he can only be tried if he's extradited to spain on things which
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would be a crime here in germany they don't have for example one of the charges that he faces in spain which is addition there is a crime of high treason but that requires use or threat of force to change the constitutional order that could be very difficult to prove might it might be more easy to to get him sent over to be charged for the misuse of public funds something that is also. an offense here in germany but would spain want to do that people say that's why belgium didn't. why they didn't pursue that extradition warrant from belgium because they feared he'd only be charged with the lesser offenses so lots of our notes right now but it does seem to suggest that there will be some delay in any legal decision in the meantime as you say he is as far as we know still. in northern germany he's he's lawyer says that he's been treated well and that he will
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fully cooperate but he's stressing that he would fully cooperate with the belgian orthe or it is as well so we it's quite likely that there will be a push back from pushed the months. entourage against any extradition from germany ok many thanks for that given out to david chase's life in that bar flown to david angry protest scene there on sunday what's that we expect to happen if the extradition procedure does go ahead. i think when we actually see the proceedings starting sometime this afternoon there will be a reaction on the street we've already just heard that a demonstration has been planned for eight o'clock this evening in the center of mass alone we don't know how many will turn up we don't know how how angry they will be after they've seen the court appearance by colors puts them on but judging on last night's. rioting here it could be very heavily policed and there is
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a great danger that there will be an escalation in the violence that we saw overnight but a century here in the cattle on parliament separatist politicians of being calling the government's moves a campaign of repression and revenge aimed decapitating the separatists leadership and they're calling it essentially an attack on democracy now they want in order to form a new democratic and social front they're calling it trade unions civic society and so what looks like they're preparing is some form of general action across the catalonia maybe even a general strike it's too early to say exactly what that action will be but certainly judging from the amount of anger i saw on the streets overnight there must be some sort of some sort of fight back by the separatists here and i think
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it's only just beginning ok david will tell you keep an eye on events there in barcelona for the moment they will chase her thanks very much. ok let's go back to that breaking news that we brought you a little earlier the sixty russian officials from the united states being expelled the closure of the russian consulate in seattle that's on top of fourteen e.u. member states also expelling russian diplomatic staff let's go to natasha butler she joins us now live from paris so four russian diplomats expelled from france that atia that's right all part of this very strong message to the european union is sending to moscow as diplomats from countries across the bloc russian diplomats are being expelled i mean we've had the announcements of falling over the past a few minutes one country after another here in france for russian diplomats have to go within a week that was announced in
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a statement from the foreign ministry but also germany expelling for poland for ukraine expelling diplomats fourteen i believe the number was there too from denmark so one country after another and what we heard last week at a summit of european union leaders in brussels was the french president tomorrow michael saying that the souls we chemical attack was an attack on european union sovereignty and those that attack was done against european allies that there must be some coordinated response well this today is the coordinated response that we are waiting to see materialize absolutely and we've got the russians responding already saying that it should be a commensurate response a proportional response wants the french or the e.u. representation in russia. well in terms of russia i mean i can tell you that would have to be left or to those in moscow to
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speak on behalf of the russians but we have seen the russian president deny any responsibility for this attack and say putin straight after his election saying that he was happy to fully cooperate but obviously that's not something that european leaders felt has happened they are not happy and here in france there is no doubt though this source became a call attack has left the french president in rather a difficult diplomatic position because on one hand a man all might call came to power last may really trying to promise that he would he saw or it is important that france has a very open and frank dialogue with russia he is trying to build a very strong relationship with vladimir putin because my believe the eyes elating russia will not create the sort of responses and reactions that you want but with this chemical attack him at all michael like many e.u. leaders really felt that they had no choice but to react in some way to come up
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with some sort of response to as i've said before what they are calling an attack on the sovereignty of the european union nation ok natasha thanks very much for bringing us the view from paris on those mass expulsions sudden expulsions of russian diplomats from across europe and indeed the u.s. the amir of castro is in russia talks with president vladimir putin is the first foreign leader to visit moscow says putin has come to be reelected last week but also expects to focus on economic ties the blockade against cattle and the war in syria may also now touch on these expulsions of diplomats let's get more from our moscow correspondent rory challenge over to you laurie. yeah well of course the events of the day seem to be gathering momentum with the explosions of all these russian diplomats from various countries around the world but yes there is
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deployment see going on here in moscow today with the visit from the cattery amir now he had i think quite a cultural morning visiting the tretiak of gallery in central moscow some of the best russian art is housed there that c. was heading on to meet with various members of the russian government the prime minister the defense minister the energy minister and then of course at some point this afternoon we are going to have a meeting with vladimir putin the president himself now this is the second visit from the qatari emir in just over two years of course in that time the landscape of the middle east has shifted with the g.c.c. crisis and here to give a bit of context about all of this is to me to follow ski who is a russian middle eastern experts an analyst can you give us a little bit of an idea about how we should be looking at this visit from the qatari man he'll be coming here to talk about well i think it's important to look
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at the general. gist picture from the perspective from the entire middle east more than happened here for about a year first of all the russian role in the middle east has expanded dramatically in the same time got there has got through successfully to block eight and right now is secure stronger than before in the same russia time russia was somehow enjoyed the support and caught there was in this for this blockade it's a right now it's a good time to show sort of off the top there are sort of in russia right now continue was negligent in trust for relations in the same time to acknowledge that russia's role in the middle east and outlined the russia the qataris role in the world middle east i mean this visit comes not long after the saudi king was here as well presumably doing similar things so is there a kind of a tug of war at the moment going on for russia's attention and russia. as a affections from these two gulf countries i wouldn't say that it's because afresh i think is general because of trying to show that it's not isolated it's continues to act picture act interact with the external world in the same time is to try to
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diversify its alliances to go not only in new york or somewhere in the middle east but the seam time in the north in russia so i think is a general trend of jakarta show and it's because of that it survived the blockade and definitely the sign to every hour of your efforts failed and what about the actual kind of the concrete deliverables the things that we might actually see at the end of this visit like any deals or or memorandums of understanding that kind of thing what are you anticipating well there has been a lot of speculations that matter may want to spread that there might be defense deals might be some energy deals but the same time i think forest this morning has showed us that because this year has been a year of cross culture you're right in two countries and first import to show the significance of cultural diplomacy between the two countries at the same time it's important to show the economy economy going to plumstead goes on right now and obviously i'm expecting they'll be some do sporting toggery culture be able to call out products in russia has so for
4:41 pm
a long time been interested in exporting its products to qatar in a big extra augmented to treat or not at the same time there might be agreements in the military sphere such as appointing a tosh's mill tried to both nations but again we'll see and i mean it's all of it will be decided probably in a few hours from now as dmitri. a middle eastern expert here in russia and of course after the emir has been here there's a few weeks before you heads off to washington d.c. where he's going to try and work out what the law of the land is in america at the moment when it comes to catalog and its place in the middle east and region or italians live in moscow thanks very much for e. well the united states and south korea have agreed to revise a trade pact sharply criticized by president trump little mean south korea cutting its still exports to the u.s. by thirty percent but it will avoid the hefty tariffs being imposed on other countries and u.s. automakers will be allowed to export fifty thousand vehicles
4:42 pm
a here to south korea double the number. of. uncertainties in the global market due to the united states treat actions against china no agreement has moved to uncertainties the u.s. steel duty exemption. free trade agreements before the agreement provisions automakers in the u.s. shipped more than ten thousand vehicles the spy the three being twenty five thousands but they are allowed to bring in fifty thousand vehicles have a china has called on the world trade organization to take action against u.s. trade tariffs targeting china's alleged theft of intellectual property its urged members to work together and quote a lock this beast back into the cage of the bulls it comes after the us president announced sixty billion dollars worth of chinese goods china says it's willing to hold talks with the u.s.
4:43 pm
to resolve trade differences. going. regarding economic and trade issues between china and the us china is willing to negotiate to manage and control our differences on the basis of mutual respect and be in effect our daughter dialogue has always been on penn. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has taken out full page newspaper ads in the u.s. and the u.k. to apologize for what he's called a breach of trust the ad say he's sorry more wasn't done when data was leaked in twenty fourteen to cambridge analytical which is accused of misusing the data he says limits are being placed on the data that can collect from users who signed in with their facebook id the firm is also investigating apps that had access to large amounts of data technology journalist and author mark saltzman says facebook is in damage control mode. they're doing what they can to plug in the holes they need more transparency they need to review and over you know totally over you know redo
4:44 pm
their entire security and privacy protocols look them over and if they want to you know keep this you know what close to two billion user accounts they have to have more transparency and perhaps more importantly you know once the users leave then the advertisers are. even jump ship also so this is a big thing that they need to do so is it enough it's something you know the the silence right after this story broke by was deafening because it took them a few days to come forward clearly he was figuring out what this p.r. team how to come out so they did is it enough we'll have to see they lost quite a bit of money in their market value last last week about fifty billion dollars u.s. the high court in sierra leone is that society by the presidential election runoff can be held on choose day an interim injunction to delay the vote was granted on saturday after a quest by the ruling all people's congress and once allegations of voting irregularities investigated the opposition has criticised the move as
4:45 pm
a delaying tactic come one day it could provoke the launch scale violence opposition can. and won the first round by about fifteen thousand. israeli police are questioning prime minister benjamin netanyahu over one of the several corruption cases that could threaten his political future may survive as i am in jerusalem on monday morning israeli media reports say the question relates to netanyahu his dealings with bezerk as israel's biggest telecommunications company he's accused of giving regular trade benefits in exchange for favorable coverage on its new web site the case is one of at least three investigations surrounding netanyahu. two hundred million pakistanis face running out of water within the next ten years government leaders are being urged to build more reservoirs and dams and improve an extensive network of irrigation canals built by the british more than a hundred years ago while high the has more from silicon farmers say that
4:46 pm
livelihoods are at risk. it's another busy day. on the outskirts of cheryl cole green is laid out in the drive before cleaning and polishing. major foreign exchange. but all that may change because of water shortage the production of cash crops such as right and we are in danger the rice mill owner who. fears for the future for me out of. water is very crucial both technical to and domestic use but with each passing day the farmers are facing border shortages which is affecting the agricultural sector. and the government should take concrete steps by building dams and reservoirs for its story it's all come the water crisis in the country experts in the government's water resources research council are warning political leaders to act no other country would run out of water wouldn't they near
4:47 pm
a major target is the population growth because the water is the same pub but the population increase requirement third the domestic stuff than just the agricultural sector is going to end haase so we have to manage these problems tend to size the communities because normal individual one cannot solve this problem doggone weird and your the private sector the communities each have to realise this situation underground water shortages are often unfair to drink because dave being poisoned by excessive use of chemical fertilizer on farmland and unfair and dumping of toxic waste by industry pakistan is a country that has a growing population. increasing industrialization and that has felt we did increasing need for food so therefore create a stress on the agricultural sector pakistan government leaders are due to announce
4:48 pm
border policies. time to see a doctor should be defended maybe too late too late august on it already feeling the effects of climate change what did experts in the country warned that if steps are not taken at the right dime a country called phages huge shortage of water by granted twenty five and i'd of course where not only affect the country culture and produce where did the backbone of the economy but also have direct consequence changed for millions of people across this country millions of chinese are already feeling the effects of water shortages because of what critics say. planning and uncontrolled. the warning. and steps needed to it would fish sauce stuff. off the court focused on.
4:49 pm
a saying. in california.
4:50 pm
ok let's get you all the sport now and has laura thank you very much australia's major cricket sponsors say they're assessing their relationship with the national team is the fallout from the country's ball tampering scandal continues cricket australia as investigators have arrived in south africa to look into the
4:51 pm
circumstances of the incident that has shocked the country and cricket fans around the world. in sydney with the latest. there's no precedent in australian cricket for this sort of investigation so it's unclear what form it will take but there are no doubt many questions that need to be answered including what if any involvement the coach had in this there are also calls for further sanctions on the leadership team and we've been getting some mixed responses from people outside the sydney cricket ground on what sanctions should be should be replaced. that say you can do this not in an international. stand down stay standing down but then again every team cheats just got caught not only. but i think you sort of admitted that he has more responsibility on this trillion sports commission said the players involved should have immediately been sent home and that there needs to be an overhaul of the culture within the sport we think that one of the good things
4:52 pm
that's come out of this situation is that the public has set a very strong message to the leadership of the sport about where they brought along and what they considered to be totally inappropriate standards of behavior and triathletes those were in the green and gold actually conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. as the cricket australia investigation plays out here in the wake there are doubts about how much you can salvage the reputation of one of the most popular and idolized sports in the country. there's just over two weeks to go before the stanley cup playoffs get underway in the n.h.l. but the winnipeg jets know that they will be there they clinched a berth with a five four shootout win over the nashville predators mark shy flee school the only goal in the shootout as the jets made it to the postseason for the first time since two thousand and fifteen and just the second time since they moved from atlanta in two thousand and eleven meanwhile the defending stanley cup champions the pittsburgh penguins are still on course for their playoff spot brian ross scored in
4:53 pm
overtime to lift the penguins so far for win overlooked the philadelphia flyers it keeps them second in their division the indiana pacers but their place in the n.b.a. postseason with an overtime win over the miami heat on sunday the win also sealed a playoff berth for the philadelphia seventy six is eastern conference leaders the toronto raptors suffered a loss at home against the l.a. clippers lou williams schooled twenty six points to lead the clippers to a one hundred seventeen to one hundred and six victory. in the west there was also a loss for the playoff bound golden state warriors the warriors who are missing four of the top players through injury will be one hundred ten to ninety one by the utah jazz who only have a few weeks left to secure their post season starts. on the news just got worse for golden state's his coach steve cohen voted out two time m.v.p. steph curry for the first round of the playoffs because of
4:54 pm
a knee injury. based on what i've been told three weeks is a good kind of benchmarks. to re-evaluate reassess kind of where i met my progress or what not mentally for me stamp stand up the whole thing. prove a coach have grown and put most of additional to get back as soon as possible but. right now who knows just try to do my do my job and the rehab process and get back i says i says i can the n.b.a. is back to protest held by the sacramento kings in the boston celtics after the shooting of an alms black man last week by sacramento police the squads of both teams joined forces in a pre-k. show of support for civil rights activists after the killing of suffolk stefan kluck who was shot more than twenty times in the backyard of his grandparents home . these tragedies have to stop there must be accountability black
4:55 pm
white we are one we are want one we will not stick to sports we will not shut up and drive this is bigger than basketball change can be unhealthy change necessary we need to talk we need to. we matter you must unite say his name far clark stefan clark we must unite. but just over a week to go until the two thousand and eighteen masters bubba watson has emerged as a strong contender for third title after winning the w.j.c. match play in texas for the second time after beating justin thomas in the semifinals to end his hopes of becoming the new world number one what some defeated fellow american kevin no seven and six in sunday's final the world thirty nine who won the masters in two thousand and ten and two thousand and twelve is now just the fifth player in history with multiple major and g.c. when yes. absolutely unbelievable. lucky enough to win one in china
4:56 pm
a few years back with the hole out of the bunker but i don't have another one to have another trophy like that i mean it's the closest thing to a major so it's a big deal for me. and what about this from south korea's young he g. at the el p.g.a. event in california home that one on the fourteenth not only won her a car but helped her toe horse toward a victory for which she won a second car this is the final event before the first women's major tournament of the year. one thousand cruised into the fourth round of the miami open tennis on sunday to extend his winning streak to thirteen matches del potro who beat roger federer to win the indian wells title last week brushed aside for a while not before caylee she corey six two six two in just over an hour the arden time will now face the number twenty two seed philip crane of which for a place in the quarterfinals number two seed marion chill it also progress the
4:57 pm
croatian was tested by canada's wasik hospital but came through seven five seven six will now face home favorite john isner in the last sixteen. in the women's draw venus williams had to say three match points to book her place in the fourth round in miami the thirty seven year old was up against the number twenty nine seed kiki burtons of the netherlands for the match in the third set botts williams fought back to win a four straight games and closed out the window just short of. us. she'll play defending champion britain's your contact in the last sixteen cantone did just sixty six minutes to wrap up a straight sets win over number twenty two seed at least merton's to set up a seventh career meeting with the us. i think whenever you're coming up against someone who's such a great champion it's more looking forward to the opportunities of playing her again. i think it's also being humble in the sense that you are playing such
4:58 pm
a great player and then really just focusing in on yourself i mean i i will go out there and try to execute what i do best and then and really try to or. just play the best of all that i can. meanwhile world number four alina spits alina at home what counts out against australia's diarrhea govern lova but after dropping the first set six for the ukrainian loss just one more game on a way to victory she'll play another australian while number twenty one ashley fawlty next. and that is all you sport for now we'll have more for you later laura thanks very much and you can buy much more on our website about al-jazeera dot com that it from me on the news our team but i was back and just by. person of news for you. travel often. by trying to use local charts to provide
4:59 pm
liberal. blogs and family. values and scott. eventually. scott. is far away places that's. going to get his cattle i always. poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search to look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade is legal then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps the source of the id from the network take no at this time. and.
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british companies have the biggest discovery of natural gas but what to do with these resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full drive. five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker. chillingly intimate footage and behind the front lines cost him his life. with an exclusive documentary series the last assignments at this time.


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