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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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as we had three cheese day that system is pushing its way northward with some fairly brisk winds associated with it as well and that gradually works its way across the north island as we head into wednesday as it was his way north they were it is beginning to ease off so for the north island the rain won't be quite so heavy here. the consequence of. the ventures of russia will be served in the marine corps for mentioning two hundred ninety five that just doesn't go away. a lot of troops the last couple years. is home was zero follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back shelter at this time zero.
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hello norrin taylor this is the news hour live from london coming up. at least nineteen countries announced their expelling more than a hundred russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. . investigators say the fire alarm system was switched off and exits were blocked in the russian shopping mall where sixty four people died in a fire. rebels rally their supporters about a far more missiles into saudi arabia unless it stops bombing the country. and turn out low on day one of an election expected to hand up to. a second term as egypt's president. with all of the day with both knees
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the including a ball tampering any event involving the australian cricket team has it may just sponsors affecting their future relationship with the team. at least nineteen countries have aligned with britain to expel more than one hundred russian diplomats over the poisoning of former spy script and his daughter in the u.k. russia says it will respond in kind u.s. president donald trump has ordered sixty to leave including twelve attach the united nations is also closing the russian consulate in seattle forty nine to be expelled by other countries most of them in europe ukraine which is embroiled in its own conflict with moscow expelling thirteen russians she returns he reports from washington. the trumpet ministration had said it would expel russian diplomats if its allies also did so in a coordinated action and on monday that coordination was revealed countries across
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western and eastern europe and canada joined the u.s. in the expulsions the british prime minister expressed her gratitude for the international solidarity following what the u.k. alleges was a russian nerve agent attack on a former double agent and his daughter in an english town russia denies the charge this is the largest collective expansion of russian intelligence officers in history. i have found great solidarity from our friends and partners in the e.u. north america and nato and beyond over the past three weeks as we have confronted the aftermath of the soulsby incident at the white house briefing the u.s. administration said russia could salvage times with corporation sort on a range of international issues we want to have a cooperative relationship the president wants to work with russia but their actions sometimes don't allow that to happen. the poisoning in the u.k. that is kind of led to today's announcement it was a very brazen action it was a reckless action u.s. officials said the expulsions weren't just about standing with the u.k.
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but also about curtailing russia's covert operations against u.s. national security they presented all of those being expelled from the russian embassy the seattle consulate and the u.n. as part of a pool of some one hundred agents moscow currently has in the country and that the u.s. is aware of administration officials has said that with these expulsions some fourteen russian spies would remain in the u.s. but that russia's covert operations would be severely curtailed the russian ambassador to the u.s. expressed his concern at the expulsions the deal would see would near said union leaders that they meet again what the united states of america is doing today they are destroying what little remained of us russian ties and i would add that all the responsibility for ruining russian american operations is on the united states of america what sloma however a different tone was struck on twitter the russian embassy asking the public for suggestions on which u.s. consulate now to close in russia shared hansie al-jazeera washington. the british
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prime minister says officials have evidence that russia investigated ways of distributing nerve agents for sesa nations or u.k. correspondent on the philips has more from london the british prime minister to resign may will be delighted with the response from western allies to this crisis she's worked hard to argue that this is not some buy lateral spat between london and moscow which is precisely what the russians argue that it is and in a sense this coup for british diplomacy is all the more impressive given the context we're halfway through the difficult breck's negotiations and relations between britain and its e.u. partners have often been strange and also donald trump is the american president in the white house and he is a president who is often seen reluctant to criticize me if putin domestically to reason may has received something of a boost over the last year also especially when it comes to bracks it she's often
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appeared hesitant are unhappy even isolated and yet she's managed to project an image that britain still has some clout in the world that it has allies that it can depend on russia's foreign ministry says the u.k. is made european countries hostage to it and the russian policy for showers is following the russian reaction in moscow. well in the west it's called tit for tat in russian governmental circles it's called the principle of reciprocity and that's what we're likely to see in the coming days with russia essentially responding to all of these diplomatic expulsions with its own set of diplomatic expulsions of the countries that have chosen to act against moscow the russian foreign ministry is putting together a list of options basically and they will supply this list to vladimir putin and the presidents will make his decision about what happens next now this i think has
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taken russia by surprise i don't think that it anticipated that the united kingdom what with these difficulties with the united states at the moment because of the trumpet ministration and of course its difficulties with the new over brics in negotiations i don't think moscow thought the london will would be able to assemble such a broad coalition of allies essential but i also think that actually potentially russia feels that it's got off rather sadly lightly so far until western countries go off of the oligarchy assets the russian elites hold in financial centers like london and new york measures like that would actually punish the russian government will structures until the west actually does that and it might do still then i think russia will be breathing a sigh of relief saying with russian investigators looking into a fire that killed sixty four people in a shopping center say
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a security guard switched off the building as fire alarm system exits were also illegally blocked in the shopping mall in the eastern city of camera over at present in a putin has yet to speak publicly about the tragedy which is the worst fire since the collapse of the soviet union john holl reports. firefighters had battled the blaze for hours by monday morning with most of the fire put out drone footage revealed the horrifying extent of the damage combustible walls and ceilings entirely collapsed where once they'd been cinemas and a children's play area they'd been full on sunday with families on a day out. russia's investigative committee at work in the remains of the shopping mall in the siberian city of command over says a security guard had switched off the alarm system some fire exits were blocked and cinemas packed with children watching cartoons were said to be locked to stop those without tickets from sneaking in or one person from an upper window was the only
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hope the emergency services in command over have confirmed dozens of deaths with some bodies yet to be recovered in the us. the most difficult areas for us to collapse in the miles because they've almost entirely fallen through to the third floor now bit by bit we continue to remove the construction. witnesses describe children becoming separated from adults as the mall filled with choking black smoke survivors were visibly distraught. this boy eleven years old jumped from a fourth floor window doctors say he's responding well to treatment but his parents and little sister didn't make it out. of the catacombs of course i'm shocked by what's happened nothing like this has ever happened before in camero of those it's the first time and i feel so sorry for the people the children who were there this is terrible i'm speechless investigators say it's premature to discuss the cause
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but they have identified serious violations in the construction and use of the mall converted from what was once a factory for people including the mall's owners have been detained jonah. let's bring you more now on our top story the planned expulsion of more than one hundred russian diplomats charles caption is a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations he was also the senior director for european affairs for former u.s. president barack obama he joins us now from chevy chase in maryland thank you very much for being with us how surprised were you by the fact this action was so concerted between this large number of countries to expel russian diplomats not really that surprised because i think the the pushback against putin has been building since last week since the british said that they have evidence that it was the russians that carried out this this attack and i do think that over time the united states including president trump as well as european leaders are losing
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patience with putin there hasn't been a real push back since crimea and the invasion of eastern ukraine i think people are starting to get fed up and saying it's time to draw some red lines when it comes to the criminal behavior and such as one of the policies that they've been using or is this use of proxies in the so-called kind of plausible deniability. if you think this reaction now will will will stop that kind of tactic or do you think they'll continue doing it. you know i think i think putin is someone who looks for inroads who seeks to exploit asymmetries and i think he's going to continue this game of cat and mouse i think part of the reason that we haven't responded more forcefully to the penetration of elections is that no one really knows what's what's happening you don't see the fingerprints of the russians trump says it could have been anybody here we have clear evidence of the russians doing something that
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is on the front page of a paper it's on the top of the news and so finally people have a have cause to say it is really time to put to stop putting up with with putin's behavior so what kind of response can we expect from russia based on the past we can expect tit for tat that the russians will now move to kick out some european diplomats some more american diplomats they may close a few installations of one sort or another because the u.s. close the consulate in seattle this is the way things usually go but i think it does indicate a continuing slide in the relationship between russia and the west that we're not seeing anything along the lines of the reproach small bit putin and trump hoped for when president trump first came into office and given that situation how difficult is it going to be to resolve some of the conflicts where russia is quite a powerful player around the world how does it leave diplomacy globally. you know i
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think that some people hoped that after putin's reelection he would ease off the gas and we may see some kind of diplomatic movement in ukraine or in syria i don't think we're going to see that right now because putin's political strategy is to double down on standing up to the west being a spoiler he's denied any involvement in the poison attack in the u.k. most russians believe him so right now he's going to continue to use this as a way to rally domestic support of magenta mysie only straining his relationship with western leaders charles capture and thank you very much indeed for your thoughts and subject michael coming up on the news hour. that supreme court puts the country's presidential election back on track. thousands of people a chance bolted north to a syrian government forces regain control and maybe all of eastern guta. and sport
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n.b.a. teams come together to show their support for an unarmed black man killed by police in sacramento last week or not with tatiana. saudi arabia has accused iran of helping yemen's hooty rebels launch missile attacks across the border the saudi military says it shot down seven missiles fired from yemen late on sunday but one egyptian man died who think is about to fire more unless saudi arabia stops bombing yemen or some avenge of eight as the latest. as the rockets rained down there were moments of panic. this is what's left of a missile fired by hutu rebels in yemen which targeted the saudi capital riyadh on sunday. and of the fragment landed on an island on a busy road. of seven ballistic missiles were intercepted by saudi arabia's air
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defense multiple social media users posted videos of the u.s. patriot missile defense system used by the saudi military. at least one egyptian resident was killed in the intact as forensic teams collect evidence the saudi coalition is again blaming iran for arming the hooty fighters. as you can see this is one of the other missiles fired on riyadh after the nineteenth of december all evidence shows that iranian regime has been involved in supplying the army who think militias with missiles but the world is facing the danger of supplying terrorists and organized crime groups with ballistic missiles there's a strong evidence including the barbs that exist on the missiles these types of attacks continue despite the saudi coalition announcing in two thousand and fifteen that most of the routines ballistic arsenal was destroyed the objective is to continue to look for this guy and of missiles targeted destroyed. we believe that we destroy most of these abilities it's been three years since the
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coalition launched a military campaign to fight the hoodies in support of yemen's government hundreds of thousands have gathered in the capital sanaa just before the missile attack the hoody leader talked about his group's capabilities we. will use a long range drawings which have excellent military capabilities we will activate the military institutions in an unprecedented way and open up more opportunities to recruit the children and men of our people to fight. the hoodies of been sharing images of the destruction caused by saudi attacks in yemen they say their missiles are acts of revenge. these ten thousand people on all sides of being killed in yemen and millions more suffer in what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian crisis in recent years and through all this the war continues some of the job aid out there. so three years old there's still no sign
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of the war in yemen abating kate gould is the legislative director for middle east policy at an advocacy group in the u.s. she joins me now from washington thanks for being with us so the threatening just ramp up the missiles even for a saudi arabia doesn't stop the bombing it seems that three years in we're nowhere near close to getting a solution to this will. yes longer this war goes on the more people are on the brink of starvation and the more that we're going to see these kinds of escalations the more we're going to see more of these missile attacks that the war has gone on for more than three years but it doesn't have to this could end tomorrow and in fact if the u.s. and the u.k. really put in their diplomatic muscle to end the war then we could see an end to this war but as it continues today it we see civilians are continuing to suffer in the crossfire diplomatic muscle. well the first way that the u.s. and the u.k.
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can really show their diplomatic muscle is by actually ending their support for the saudi led coalition this horrific war is literally being fueled by the u.s. u.s. pilots are fueling mid air yemen's air space the saudi and madi bombers that are raining down bombs on yemeni civilians and so it's time to and that military support it's time to stop sending the saudis more bombs more weapons of mass starvation that's been leading to this crisis and it's time to say no longer will the u.s. and the u.k. facilitate saudi war crimes and i mean that is one of the. by doing that i was going to say what one of the point to they seem to be making a moment is that they're concerned with the role of iran then we have the pentagon blaming iran for exacerbating the conflict. and suggestions that the iranians of. supplying the who sees with more weapons. the longer this war goes
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on the more that iran is getting involved it's started out as very much of a preferred issue for them but they have been increasingly getting more involved in backing the who are these and they are only able to do so that the who. are really only able to have the political ability to have the credibility with the local population to accept iranian support because of the saudi led coalition's airstrikes that are the leading driver of hunger disease and civilian deaths kate gould thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the subject so the. thanks for having me. egyptians are voting in a three day presidential election that's expected to deliver an easy victory for the incumbent a defacto sisi the government is hoping for
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a high turnout but so far polling stations have been largely empty so you see that the military overthrow of the democratically elected was lim brotherhood government in twenty thirteen and was elected president the following year is only challenger is missed some stuff and a little known politician who's a long time supporter of the president he joined the election at the last minute to stop it being a one horse race over the last few months six other challenges have been detained disqualified or forced to abandon their campaigns completely thank you to former general and ex prime minister and a nephew of egypt assassinated president anwar sadat question what would our ports . a crucial moment for the band seeking reelection president i've been for to see once a comfortable win and a huge turnout among the nearly sixty million eligible voters his supporters see him as the only man capable of leading egypt at a time when the nation faces many challenges and i'm an impish. i couldn't sleep
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from all the joy just to come here and say yes to my motherland egypt i came here to say yes to stability yes to development i came here to say yes to our military and. i will vote for sisi for the sake of the coming phase and i have a bachelor's degree in business administration and i feel like i have not been given what i deserve and i feel that this coming phase will offer great things but the election has been widely seen as a false potential rivals to c.c. have either been jailed or dropped out of the race after a campaign of intimidation the only candidate allowed to run is a staunch supporter of president sisi. whose leader of the centrist party told the media he doesn't want to challenge the authority of c.c.
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for critics who say he's no more than a candidate whose role is to give the impression of a legitimate election i don't think there's any question that it's a sham i'm not aware of any serious difference of opinion among you know political scientists or human rights groups or analysts i think the point of the election is to demonstrate cc's power and his popularity this is why the government is pushing so hard for a high turnout if there's a low turnout it will be bad optics for the regime. president sisi will likely secure a second term but the general turned politician faces bouncing discontent over the economy and groups operating in the sinai peninsula the vote will last for two war days a strong turnout could indicate a growing trust in cc's leadership has about al-jazeera oh social media producer. has more now what's trending online about the election so far. well on
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the first day of voting we saw dueling hashtags trending on twitter across egypt the more popular one roughly translates to we are going to finish the journey it's encouraging people to turn out and vote over the next two remaining days now lots of people are sharing clips like this one of president sisi voting on monday. and scenes like this from a polling station in which this clip was shared on facebook certainly a family affair as you can see there. now on the other side of the spectrum another trending hash tag is pushing for a different kind of choice that translates to don't go down as in don't go down to vote now seven opposition parties and more than one hundred fifty politicians have called on egyptians to stay home this week these are some of the reasons why there's the sixty thousand detainees human rights groups say that's the number of political prisoners who've been rounded up or in many cases disappeared since the military coup in two thousand and thirteen there's also the iran and son affair
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islands that's the two islands that egypt agreed to give to saudi arabia this next one says that it's for our livelihood that's to highlight egypt's ongoing economic and social challenges and this last one is for what many see as a inability of failure to maintain security in the country there was a car bombing in alexandria on saturday that killed two people including a police officer that was a big topic on social media in the lead up to the vote but the government says it is working to address this issue egypt's military launched a new offensive against armed groups last week in several parts of the country and the egyptian armed forces have released this footage on facebook of guards outside polling stations to reassure the public they're promising to create a safe setting for egyptians to cast their votes now social media platforms remain available in egypt so we are able to get a variety of views from the arab world's most populous country on the same cannot be said for the news media within egypt because more than five hundred websites
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have been blocked in an ongoing crackdown on independent media rights groups say that this list these ongoing bans violate freedom of expression and run contrary to the egyptian constitution you'll see lots of cats are linked outlets on the list al-jazeera has been banned from egypt since twenty thirty. seen when the authorities started jailing us journalists accusing the network of links to so-called terror groups and for what the c.c. government labeled as pro muslim brotherhood coverage. now ken roth of human rights watch says these actions to silence critics in the lead up to the election show how repression and censorship do not translate into support and how president sisi is in his words running scared well one egyptian in geo worker responded to him saying that there are dozens of local organizations and hundreds of reporters monitoring this election sharon's high court has lifted a ruling that delayed the second round of the country's presidential elections the
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court had postponed the runoff after a member of the ruling old people's congress called for an investigation alleging voting fraud the next round was settled for tuesday but it's now been pushed back to saturday when it just reports from pretoria. just outside saturday your time as judges deliberated and did not be fighting audio or suspended the transfer station which runs. on this site a protest to supporting the move asking for you to fill in the last election big lecture is not to carry a pregnancy out. and here are those who want to build to boy. that you will want well beginning we want to see change in this country we want change which will allow our children to be able to go to school in fact we need a new government in order to change a country. eventually the provos protesters one.
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on saturday a high court judge issued an interim injunction stopping the vote. the presidential election earlier this month has sharply divided steadily on many here say the country has not been this polarized since the end of the civil war in two thousand and two some of already started planning the issue of tribalism something that has raised concern among citizens and the international community. activists blame what they call selfish politicians for pushing the country to the edge it's basically chill in every scene of violence and we could have done without this as a country given for. there's a lot riding on the dash or that. the national electoral commission is now under pressure to deliver a free and credible still to come the claims and denials over an operation to clear out fighters in iraq's mountainous enjoy region the us the car
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was our angry protest forced the leader of britain's opposition labor party to apologize after being accused of tolerating anti semitism. and in the n.h.l. a dramatic game sees the repaired jets secure a playoff spot that you know has the details. of the law. hello there we've had some rather old snow in parts of europe recently it's in the southeast where we've seen some rather orangey snow and it's also been affecting us in the southwestern parts of russia as well and all of this is thanks to dust picked up from north africa in the sahara and brought into the southeastern parts of europe on the storms that we've been seeing and recently there's just be one after another here's the latest one then and that's going to continue its way through ukraine and into russia there as we head through chews day but then there's
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another one brewing behind it and that one's going to be working its way steadily northwards over the next few days of the could well be more dust across this region meanwhile towards the west there's also some rather active weather here but it looks a little bit cleaner plenty of what weather there are plenty of heavy rain and under that rain it won't be too cold so we're looking at a top temperature of around ten in london and around eleven in paris so lots of wet weather there but not feeling too chilly across the other side of the mediterranean then this is where we see more of those storms is the next one that's pulling itself together over the north coast of libya and that's gradually edging its way eastwards giving us heavy rain and some strong winds as well so expect there to be a fair amount of dust in with this system towards the west it's looking a bit calmer for some wednesday with a twenty one has a maximum in rip at. the i. and new year new lessons and new rules this is the time when you get your english
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teacher is for the next two years meet the teachers empowering best students might say i'm michael all about freedom we're going to look at perspective i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned the revelator cation democratic schooling united kingdom at this time on al-jazeera. systemic corruption in politics through business it's all new to who is controlling what states are the source since people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody who is implicated. in the before was ever of to put their point of view and the financial rewards available to an accommodating business community south africa corruption inc on i'll just.
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and again are one of the top stories here russia has vowed to retaliate after the us canada and twenty european countries and i was there expelling more than one hundred russian diplomats as a coordinated response to a nerve agent attack on a former double agent in the u.k. earlier this month. investigators are looking into a fire that killed sixty four people at a shopping center in russia say a security guard switched off the building's fire alarm system. and saudi arabia has accused iran of helping yemen's hoofy rebels launch missile attacks across the border one person died in riyadh after the saudi minute she shot down seven missiles fired from yemen late on sunday. syrian government forces have regained
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control of nearly all of eastern ghouta the area was one of the last rebel strongholds close to damascus the russian defense ministry says six and a half thousand people were evacuated from the southern towns in eastern guta as part of a deal there now and it libya only rebels in the town of doomer have yet to surrender so you heard a report from beirut. bus after bus arrived in the rebel controlled province of idlib in northwest syria thousands of people transported across a divided country rebel factions surrendered their strongholds in eastern huta after what was one of the fiercest offensives launched by the pro-government alliance fighters their families and members of the opposition deported as part of a negotiated with. everything even the bunkers we were hiding in if we left the bunkers we would get killed by air strikes i can describe the situation we were in it was over. almost two thousand syrians were killed and
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thousands were wounded in the attacks appeals for medical supplies for those trapped in a war zone went unheeded already there was a shortage of aid and medications because of a government imposed siege on the opposition area lesser from the local one unfortunately the cases we received are very critical we also have cases of malnutrition as well as extremely sick people who couldn't receive proper treatment because of the lack of medications as a result of the siege more than ten thousand people have been displaced and not all are fighters some didn't want to risk arrest or be forced to join the army they left with whatever they could carry. we left our homes behind everything has been destroyed we left our history. we left behind because we go to a place of constant since. eastern huta has been under the control of the opposition since two thousand and thirteen not long after the government besieged
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the enclave. it wasn't only under siege came under fire for years it was always an important military objective for the government being so close to the capital but the pro-government alliance was busy fighting on many fronts and it was always just a question of time when it would turn its attention to the rebel stronghold. it has been one tragedy after another for syrians caught in what seems to be an endless conflict. our lives were in danger we left after the international community let us down. it has become what some describe as a dumping ground over the years tens of thousands of rebels and their families who surrender territory to the government were sent here and there is little sign that they just like those who have been recently displaced will ever return to their homes and. beirut kurdish fighters in northern iraq mountainous
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region region have become the latest target of the turkish army turkey says it's launched an operation to clear out the fighters may consist terrorists but iraq says there's been no military action imran khan has more from baghdad. president no one is announce of the operation against p.k. k. fighters in has begun however the iraqi joint operations command have denied that what they've said is that the operations command confirm that the situation in of arson john and the border areas was under the control of iraqi security forces and there's no reason for troops to come across the iraqi border and into those areas now what sources are telling the reuters news agency is that the p.k. k. fighters actually withdrew from sindar a couple of days ago now this is also being backed up by the iraqis who say there was no unusual military activity in that area another p.k. do have a very long history in iraq there predominately based in the can deal mountain
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region on the border with iran and any turkish operation against that group has taken place in that area so although the iraqis are denying this it's clear the president or the one has said to the peak of fighters that he will go after their bases wherever he sees them but whether this actually happened or not is still a very difficult situations trying to get any truth out of the turks clearly saying that they went in to singe are the iraqis saying no they didn't there was no unusual military activity e.u. leaders say they failed to reach any agreement with techies president that would help patch up their damaged ties better when there's been holding talks with the president of the european council and the european commission in bulgaria to try to improve relations with the e.u. leaders say they didn't get any concrete answers from added one of his military operations in syria or the jailing of journalists in his country attack us president says he still hopeful the two sides can work together. so.
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we truly hope that the stage of bad relations between the e.u. and turkey have been left behind i mentioned you know meeting that both sides need to work more actively and we use discuss what we need to do in order to improve our relations soon in question who has more from the talks environment. european leaders and turkey's president are gone seven nothing new actually during the summit except from repeating their commitments to each other and the deals that have been following the immigration. but the youth inside has appreciated this song in stopping the flow of all immigrant syrian immigrants saying that it is down to seventy five percent and bulgarian prime minister also sad that there is zero pressure about immigration at their borders for now it seems to keep and the e.u. will maintain as a strategic partners according to you her statements to turkey is actually a must first improve the relations with the greek cyprus and worries about the only
12:38 am
growing disputes in the mediterranean sea but turkey's president our john says that thirty five minutes must also be at the table a board to share off the natural gas resources in the region on the other hand turkey has been criticized about their own going after an operation due to the humanitarian situation but prisons are drawn is the sense of that turkey will fight against terrorism inside its borders and alcide its orders until the terror threat has been eliminated it seems you're being a european union member for turkey will take a while but there are reports that north korea's leader kim jong un is in china south korean media say a motorcade with heavy security receding in beijing on monday it was also reported the same almond north korean train that kim jong il used on china trips was seen in the city of dung dong near the border with north korea is still not clear where the control moon is indeed in china if true it would be his first known trip outside
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north korea just taking power in twenty eleven. china is calling on the world trade organization to take action against the new trade tariffs brought in by the u.s. at a meeting in geneva urged members to work together to quote lock this beast back into the cage of the w.t. a rules but china says it's still willing to hold talks with the u.s. over the matter. going to meet tomorrow when he regarding economic and trade issues between china and the us china is willing to negotiate to manage and control our differences on the basis of mutual respect and benefits our door to dialogue has always been on penn. israeli police have been questioning prime minister benjamin netanyahu over one of several corruption cases that could threaten his political future israeli media reports say the questioning relates to netanyahu is dealings with basic israel's biggest telecommunications company is accused of giving basic regulatory benefits exchange for favorable coverage on its news website.
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or thirty's in germany have extended the period they'll hold the ousted catalan president as they weigh up a request to extradite him to spain comes after carlos pushed him on appeared in court in northern germany on monday a small group of procession demonstrators gathered outside the prison where he's being held in norman stor wisdom on is wanted in spain on charges of sedition and rebellion following a referendum in october last year that involve or has more from berlin. well even before colors put them all appeared before a judge in northern germany a government spokesperson came out and said it was unlikely that there would be a hearing going to decision on whether to extradite him to spain before easter meaning that the decision gets knocked into next week now there are lots of other nodes in germany can't extradite him to spain for charges which
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don't exist in germany and here there isn't a crime of sedition nor of rebellion two of the charges he faces in spain but it's possible that he could get sent back to be charged with a misuse of public funds but perhaps that's not going to satisfy spain on monday germany's government was at pains to distance itself from the whole process saying it's a matter for the regional courts there have been some politicians from the left wing party delinquent who've actually backed mr putsch demands efforts and his stance but generally lots of lots of commentary from politicians saying this is not for us to decide but that spain is a democracy and we have to let the rule of law run its course and so it could be some while before we know exactly what's going to be happening to carlos predictable but right now in germany the message is very clearly let the courts do their job the u.k.'s opposition leader has been forced to apologize after
12:42 am
allegations of anti semitism protests both for and against jeremy corbin you've been taking place outside the houses of parliament it's all based on a six year old social media post opposing the destruction of a controversial street near oh now it's lee explains. now there are claims of anti-semitism within the british labor party are by no means a novelty but it appears the jewish lobby in the u.k. also which has ties to the party has had enough they took their complaints directly to labor members of parliament their argument being that they're made to feel unwelcome and not supposed to be the most progressive side of british politics could close it just so working together is take there's some precedents that stand the public think go on jeremy colvin final a study jeremy take some responsibility. for. this mural on a wall in east london was one thing the broad matters to
12:43 am
a head portraying jews as rich tyrannical overlords wreaking havoc on the poor in a global conspiracy gold and. silver lining here or to. the labor leader jeremy colvin was forced to apologize all to seeming to express his agreement several years ago for the sentiments in the mural. his apparent sympathy for hamas in gaza also in rage part of the jewish lobby several of his staunchest followers like ken livingstone the full measure of london have been accused of anti-semitic opinions. according to jewish supporters insist that he and his party remain vigilant they've accused his critics of ignoring anti semitism in right wing politics to smear the left wing police sure. it certainly uncomfortable for a party leader who has for decades portrayed himself as the authentic voice and see racism to himself be accused of that very thing i must say good bye god so
12:44 am
called himself will see it as an unwelcome distraction when he's trying to focus attention on things like the british health service what happens to the u.k. after it leaves the european union. largely al-jazeera. still ahead this news up water how two hundred million people could run out of water in just ten years. and coming up in sports football's biggest team for the world cup will be here with us. thank. you and. business updates. it's going places together.
12:45 am
thank business updates. it's going places together. thank you thank.
12:46 am
million pakistanis could run out of water within the next ten years the government is being edged to build more reservoirs and dams and improve an extensive network of irrigation canals by the british more than a hundred years ago and they just bought a series. in northeast focused on a farm must say their livelihoods are at risk. another. dish on the outskirts of shell grain is laid out in the drive devoted to cleaning and polishing. the major foreign exchange. but all that may change because of water shortage the production of cash crops such as right then we are in . the rice mill owner who. fears for the future i mean. water is very crucial both a culture and domestic use but that each passing day if i was
12:47 am
a fishing boat ashore texas which is affecting the agricultural sector. and the government should take concrete steps about building dams and reservoirs for its story it's all come the water crisis in the country experts in the government water resources research council are warning political leaders to act no other country would run out of water wouldn't they near a major target is the population growth because the water is the same pub but the population increase requirement third the domestic start then the agriculture sector is going to end haas so we have to manage these problems tend to size the communities because norway individual one cannot solve this problem the goal near dand your the private sector the communities each have to realise this situation underground water shortages are often unfair to drink because dave being poisoned by excessive use of chemical fertilizer on farmland and unfair and fraud
12:48 am
dumping of toxic waste by industry pakistan is a country that has a growing population. increasing industrialization and that has felt we did an increasing need therefore create a stress on the agricultural sector. and government leaders are due to announce what the polish on. time to a doctor should be defended maybe too late too late august on it already feeling the effects of climate change what did experts in the country warned that if steps are not taken at the right dime the country called phages huge shortage of water by granted twenty five and were not only affect the country culture and produce where did the backbone of the economy but also have direct conflict when change for millions of people across the country millions of chinese are already
12:49 am
feeling the effects of water shortages because of war critics say. planning on. the warning. and steps needed to. court focused on. his touch ya know. thank you very much australia is make it major cricket sponsors say the recess think their relationship with the national team is the fallout from the country's ball tampering scandal continues cricket australia's investigators have arrived in south africa to look into the circumstances off the incident that has shocked the country and cricket fans right around the world to be malham is in sydney with the latest there is no precedent in australian cricket for this sort of investigation so it's unclear what form it would take but there are no doubt many questions that need to be answered including what if any involvement the coach had in this there are also calls for further sanctions on the leadership team and we've been getting some mixed
12:50 am
responses from people outside the sydney cricket ground on what sanctions should be should be replaced. that sort of. piece in an international. stand down stay standard. but then again they retain cheats. just got caught not others of those who are older girls but i think you should have. this trillion sports commission said the players involved should have immediately been sent home and that there needs to be an overhaul of the culture within the sport we think that one of the good things that's come out of this situation is that the public has set a very strong message to the leadership of the sport about where they brought along and what they consider to be totally inappropriate standards of behavior and destroying athletes were in the green and gold. to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity as the cricket australia investigation plays out here in the wake
12:51 am
there are doubts about how much you can salvage the reputation of one of the most popular and idolized sports in the country the sports rule makers have also commented on the ball tampering incident m.c.c. laws manager phrases stevens says more needs to be done to tackle bad behavior on the pitch. it certainly is m.c.c. we are going to look at it very closely our committee will will certainly be debating this in the coming months i.c.c. through their cricket committee they'll no doubt look at it and it may be that this is this is a moment where people say you know enough is enough we we need to set the right example for the kids i think that's the most important thing that these people are role models and we got to get the kids who are going to be playing the game it's thirty years time go to get them you know being seeing the right examples i think it is really important fifa president jenny in a fun tino is promising a fair and transparent bid process for the twenty twenty six world cup so bowls governing body received
12:52 am
a big big from the two candidates on monday which they'll be looking through over the coming months before they choose the winning host in moscow in june a joint bid from the usa canada and mexico would be the first world cup held over three countries within that huge geographical area twenty three hopefuls will be whittled down to sixteen host cities and with a population of five hundred million across those three countries the bit is promising fee for ticket revenues of more than two billion dollars by contrast morocco has been that is came to highlight that it would be a compact tournament with each of the twelve host cities within five hundred fifty kilometers of the country's main international gateway of casablanca another major selling point morocco is pushing is its track record on security and a very a locum circulation in terms of how much it can make in ticket sales it's less than half of that put forward by its competitors but when you consider the tickets would
12:53 am
have to be price level have to be at an affordable level for local fans and that explains the difference. well as teams prepare for the twenty eighteen world cup one team who will be absent in russia the netherlands sent out a warning to the world that they're not spent force just yet the dutch hammad european champions portugal three nil in neutral geneva memphis to pyrite and babel and virgil van dyke all netted for the netherlands meanwhile to taiwan champions uruguay have received a timely boost by winning the china cup they faced wales in the final on monday. striker edinson cavani with the only goal of the game for the year ago ions meets hosts russia saudi arabia and egypt in world cup group a in june while champions germany will be in action on tuesday they take on five time
12:54 am
champions brazil in a high profile friendly in berlin the germans have performed well since winning the wild card with victory at last year's confederations cup in russia brazil a much improved since the five met in the world cup semifinals four years ago when germany ran rampant seven one but the hosts a cautioning against similar expectations on this occasion. commonly with the more brazil have changed during the last two three years reinvented themselves in a from their old strength back we are really happy to play opponents like that right now because we can learn stuff that will be reported during the tournament. there will be another battle between former champions when england face it sadly in london england won the world cup in one thousand nine hundred sixty six and will be in group g. in russia where they meet belgium panama and to near zero four times world champions italy failed to qualify for this year's event. i'm not sure they're in
12:55 am
as much of a state as people would say. they were not the world cup because they were inspiring this group really ok they didn't quite get the playoff game right but they've got some good place and they were proud footballing nation. they won't come to wembley and roll over. tennis now and spain's fernando verdasco has made it through to the fourth round at the miami open the deaths go beat roger federer as conqueror the nothing kokkinakis of australia three six fix for seven six was the final score their next up for the draft go or republican in your book. spaniard who some made it through after coming out on top of his third round clash against on seeded american steve johnson six four six four was the final score. in the women's draw american sloane stephens is made it to the quarterfinals of the tournament steven planes has got to be moved to set in straight sets six three six
12:56 am
four to six. now there's just over two weeks to go before the stanley cup playoffs get underway in the n.h.l. but the winnipeg jets know they'll be there they clinched a berth with a five four shootout win over the nashville predators mark she face was the only goal in the shootout as the jets made it to the postseason for the first time since two thousand and fifteen and just the second time since they moved from one turn two thousand and eleven. meanwhile the defending stanley cup champions the pittsburgh penguins are still on course for a very playoff spot brian ross scored in overtime to lift the penguins to a five four when over the philadelphia flyers it keeps them second in that division . the n.b.a. has back to protest held by the sacramento kings and the boston celtics after the shooting of an unarmed black man last week by sacramento police the squads of both team joined forces in
12:57 am
a pre game show of support for civil rights activists after the killing of staff unclog who was shot more than twenty times in the backyard of his grandparents' home. these tragedies have to stop there must be accountability. we are a war we are a war. we will not stick to sports we will shut up and drop this big or the basket change. must serve. we need to. we matter most you say his name to fork or step but. we must unite. and that's over for for now it's back to lauren in london at hand thank you very much indeed now a photo of a mother cradling her baby during a university entrance exam in afghanistan has gone viral the pictures created such an outpouring of admiration but offers of financial help have poured in for the
12:58 am
twenty five year old mother of three to one pass the exam and now an online crowdfunding campaign has raised more than fourteen thousand dollars to help pay for fees the funders launched by the afghan youth association to help her achieve her dream of becoming a doctor afghanistan's general literacy rate is one of the lowest in the world at just thirty six percent. could monday catch up any time with our website address that is al jazeera dot com. that's it for me our entire first news out of it back in a minute with another full round of face news thanks for watching. al-jazeera
12:59 am
was there when i was doing breaks but it's also the to see what happens next which i'm sure on it fired by the barriers for a model barricade of the full seven streets that lead to here the movies now it's been all about change people have gone hostile here beria the mission of the national army is to search the entire one complex and i'm just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. the story of blackmail. the life has been i have strength i have a story of courage a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very sicilian just. tracing
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the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we hear that nothing worse first will be in three years the devastating impact to save the big means also to save the deposits of in the recent years and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn of us are gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera.


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