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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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zero. hello there are more of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes has a summit in beijing lays the groundwork for unprecedented meeting between the u.s. and north korean leaders. in control of the northern syrian town of affray in turkish forces prepared to move east towards miami beach. politicians prepare for a new confrontation with madrid the region's former leader remains in custody in germany . i'm joined by sports including australia's to scrape steve smith and david warner a ban from playing for twelve months for their part in the bull tampering scandal.
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that was an unexpected summit but it's true importance will lie in what comes next china has confirmed that north korean leader kim jong un spent two days in beijing this week that's believed to be kim's first trip abroad since taking power in two thousand and eleven and is talks with chinese president xi jinping come ahead of a planned summit between the two koreas as well as between pyongyang and washington china is north korea's closest ally and its main outlet to the wider world so beijing's views on kim to provide to go things will be critical in the weeks and months to come because live to age and he joins us live from beijing surgeon what are we hearing from the chinese about this visit. well laura we live in an era of political and diplomatic surprises but this is certainly a diplomatic triumph for president xi jinping at least that's the way it's being
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portrayed on state controlled television and in the newspapers here she didn't ping and not president donald trump has now become the first world leader to meet kim jong un they have spoken here in beijing where kim has once more reaffirmed his commitment to meet president trump in the near future sometime in may we believe at least that's what the white house believes and of course china has once more assured itself of being back in the game once more china feared laura that it was somehow going to be marginalized as the diplomatic maneuvering involving south korea and the united states and others started to gather pace but of course until a few weeks ago china north korea regarded each other almost as enemies because china have been enforcing all those united nations sanctions against north korea but now kim jong un is being treated like an old friend. and so he was here after
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a chinese state controlled media waited until kim jong un was back home before confirming what officials had tried so hard to deny just a day earlier in the great hall of the people killed john lennon and his wife were welcomed like old friends by president xi jinping. a brief greeting in korean was the only time kim's voice was heard. appearance is important at times like this kim looked like an old style communist leader where she opted for a business suit. the wives of both men were present during most of the photo opportunities. this visit was powerful symbolism for both men but especially for president xi now the first world leader to meet kim and a reminder that china still holds sway over its neighbor and allies it's not clear what motivated kim jong un to come to beijing now and whether he was offered any
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incentive to do so but china remains north korea's only ally so it's fair to assume the president she might have wanted to know what kim's negotiating strategy will be during the summit is expected to hold with president trump it's a visit that would have seemed unimaginable just a few months ago when a chill in relations deepened over kim's refusal to halt the development of his nuclear weapons and long range missiles at an exhibition showcasing some of china's technological achievements the message appeared to be we can help you with all of this if you behave china's leaders are fond of metaphors at a lavish banquet she told his guest that in the beautiful season of spring everything comes to life kim replied with another metaphor i believe our meeting will yield abundant fruit that could mean making good on his commitment to give up nuclear weapons what the fruits of spring were apparent in the garden of the state
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guest house where friendship also seemed to blossom she accepted an invitation to visit north korea and told kim he was welcome to visit china now and then the visitors left happy. so you and chinese delegation going to seoul in south korea on friday what message do you think they're going to take there well they want to push this along they want the talking to continue china of course has always said it wanted to have a nuclear free korean peninsula it is also of course always stressed that it believes the only way to bring a lasting peace on the korean peninsula was through negotiation that is now happening and china while not quite having a seat at the table at least as far as the upcoming summit between president trump and kim jong un is concerned is now in a sense a player once again it had feared all along laura it was going to be marginalized
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that a voice wouldn't be its voice would be heard but i think by this meeting in beijing between kim jong il and president xi jinping china has assured itself that its voice will be heard not the dominant voice but certainly an influential voice and of course the hope and it's i think a full on hope from china's perspective is that possibly possibly that summit between mr trump and mr kim could happen here in china because china can now say to kim look you've been to beijing you know that you're safe here you know that you're secure here that would help maintain chinese face and also maintain its influence in this ongoing diplomatic process here's a sense what they got was that you said they was trying to think it's a firm no on hope because of course if we look at that the six party talks were always held in beijing. what i think it feels that probably the most likely place for these talks to happen is on the korean between north and
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south korea. you know full on because it knows that kim jong un is not a man who likes to travel. president trump is also a man who doesn't like to travel but if he's a pervert if he's prepared to go to a career then you know china's just a short hop skip away but yes certainly i think china does hold some hope that it would happen i thought i certainly think that that is a possibly a message that would have conveyed to kim jong un to say look we can facilitate these talks between you and the united states and in fact in the past it has always said that it's willing to host talks between north korea and the united states so who knows if it could still get happen and he's very fascinating to watch all these logistics working themselves out asian thanks very much for the update there from beijing. novak now has reaction from the south korean capital. the south korean government says it welcomes the visit by kim jong un to china and
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says that it hopes that the meeting between kim and she jinping will help contribute to the overall goal of denuclearization and peace on the korean peninsula the spokesperson for the presidential blue house though added that the situation is evolving beyond their expectations and that they will have to monitor things as they go forward with all possibilities in mind there is an acknowledgement there i think of the surprise that was involved with this visit by kim jong un the first that he has taken as leader out of the country indeed the surprise that many felt when donald trump accepted the invitation to hold a meeting with the leader of north korea kim jong un in fact chinese state media reported that kim said he was willing to have that summit with donald trump and it was the first time that we had a direct confirmation from the north korean side of plans to go forward with that meeting there were indications that even the north koreans were surprised that
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trump accepted that invitation so there are a lot of moving parts here now on the korean peninsula for the south korean side they are moving ahead with plans for an intercom summit on thursday there will be a high level meeting at the d.m.z. at the border that separates the two koreas and we are expecting china's top diplomat to be in seoul to brief the south korean government on the meeting between xi jinping and kim jong un there is a massive that's the united nations as the security council should be ashamed that the bombing it is simpler to continue to spice a cease fire agreement syrian government forces with russian support intensified their offensive to retake the rebel held and more than a month ago as a bus in the key haley blamed the two countries for what she called a slow syrian counterpart struck back. yes russia will stop at nothing to use its permanent seat on this council to shield its our i for sure our side from
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even the faintest criticism and we cannot take these actions because instead of calling out how assad russia and iran made a mockery of our calls for a cease fire too many members of this council wanted to wait this is a travesty. this should be a day of shame for every member of this council and it should be a lesson about what happens when we focus on fleeting displays of unity instead of on what's right and then response russia's un ambassador and q.'s fellow bemba's of wasting time instead of taking action against armed groups in eastern bloc the city's kulas jamie. some members of the security council prefer to squander time on letters and rhetoric with us now the claims against our country probably this is to conceal their own willingness to do something constructive in implementing the cease fire resolution aligned with the groups they sponsor. turkish troops are
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close to taking another northern syrian town as part of its offensive against kurdish y p g fighters who are closing in on taleb rifai and there are free in turkish troops took control of a from ten days ago following a two month operation turkish president has said his forces will continue to move east as far as beads to push out the y p g fighters who he says are terrorists some guys they are going to joins us live from beijing says they're wearing reports of activity around this kurdish town of tal afar what are you hearing there. laura we have been hearing from the turkish officials that she has been withdrawing this is what i was told by the officials yesterday and today also why p.g. has been denying that they are withdrawing from the city of from the town of tell her father which they had taken by the opposition in early two thousand and sixteen
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and this is what we know but also f.s.a. is in the city we are hearing from the activists that f.s.a. has taken taken over control but taking it to a friend taking telephones under control this is a complete a different compared to our friend because in off in there was a military operation ongoing but in tell her father i can say that it is more about diplomacy and political negotiations between turkey and russia from the statements both sides statements from both official side and the white p.g. so we can understand that there is a deal. between turkey and russia to hand over the city from from the y.p. g. fighters to the f.s.a. but probably we are going to be hearing more about this in the coming few days and turkish military has been silent about this and they have said that they haven't launched an operation and this also signs that this is all about the diplomatic and political talks between turkey and russia laura why is this town so significant.
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yes of course teller fog is a very important very strategic town for both for old players and syria first of all as you have also reminded the turkish president our john had stated toller fault would be one of the next targets within the ongoing operation all of branch which is going to lead to men bigger cording to his statements it is important for the turks because it's earth it is between a friend and men bit so it troops need to need to secure tell her father town in order to keep this operation safe until members on the other hand it has been totally corrupt dominated town until the early two thousand and sixteen it was taken taken over by the i.p.g. by force so it is important for the opposition as well on the other hand it is a very important and strategic a transition straight within syria because when you have telephoned under control
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it means you can control the area in the direction is to west and the area between aleppo. which is again also very important for both turks why p.g. and the regime but also it is important for russia because they have them in a race many thanks for the update from istanbul now ethiopia's ruling coalition has chosen the country's new leader. to become the first or a prime minister in the three decades his appointment comes about a month after the former prime minister. resigned formally to surprise prompted the government to declare a state of emergency. russian president vladimir putin has declared wednesday a national day of mourning for the sixty four people killed in a shopping center fire on sunday forty one children were among those who died at the mall in the siberian city of current current camera over the victims' relatives held a huge rally on choose a demanding those responsible described as criminal negligence to be held to
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account for a long system wasn't working and exit doors were blocks because parliament is expected to vote to demand jailed leaders of succession its movement be represented in parliament former catalan president colors peers or more is in custody in germany waiting for a courts decide whether he'll be extradited to spain he's been denied bail if he's considered a flight risk whose human faces charges of sedition and rebellion raised to last year's referendum on succession other leaders remain in prison in spain they would change or live for us now in barcelona so david tell us more about this vote in the parliament. yes the vote has actually now passed the resolution has been passed essentially the system here is that whoever is standing to be president and the majority of the here in the catalan parliament are processed protests has to be here in person now the last three candidates of
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course the first one was karla's pushed them all have not been able to get here because either in exile in prison or of course unable to reach the actual parliament itself so they want the spanish government in madrid to respect the rights of those those politicians to actually stand here in the parliament and be elected to the presidency so far three candidates have not been able to reach here and there's been a letter passed to the human the u.n. human rights council from colors push more saying that spain should respect the rights under the declaration of human rights that the spanish government has signed up to to allow him freedom of association freedom of freedom to stand for elections and freedom of expression so this is a very clear and critical issue here and the parliament as expected has passed this
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resolution but of course it can be easily ignored and will be ignored by the government in madrid. and meanwhile david was saying demonstrations continuing with . that in germany. that's right now i think they'll they will begin to gather momentum again because we've just heard that the former education minister has surrendered to police in scotland she. has deliberately offered herself to the court chill appearing called briefly in edinburgh but she is now facing an extradition process in the united kingdom and i think that will add to the anger in the streets that we've seen here during the last few days only last night there was an attempt to totally surround the the main train station here in barcelona i was at that demonstration but there were clearly
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trying to calm the tensions down. to make sure there's not the same repeat of the violence we saw on sunday night here so they're still waiting on policing their own demonstrations very carefully so they can't be accused of inciting violence in any way and those protests will continue there are roadblocks burning tires set up across some of the main highways and i think those will continue at least until the holiday season and east of this weekend more ok david many thanks. but plenty more still ahead on this new. troubled waters we take a look at india and of course ongoing border disputes where thousands of rivers and streams could be under threat. and in france a solemn goodbye from a policeman who traded himself for a hostage. buster vanished from brazil and germany as well preparations to face his house in school.
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first the third and final day of voting in egypt's presidential election incumbent abdel fattah el-sisi is certain to win a second term as any can pastor has been a vocal supporter of the president all other candidates with true after being arrested or pressured prominent government critics have called for a boy cause of the vote on call as a victim faster center of gulf studies a cattle university joins us now here in the studio good to have you with us so day three of voting today critical to c.c. is the turnout has it been looking so far well it's hard to tell of course because the government. says one thing and then says another right there have been some polling stations were initially the official said twenty five percent and then a policeman would come about by and say no no it's been fifty a lot of working class districts seem to report low turnout there seems to be
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a high turnout among women rather than among men but if he gets less than the forty eight percent turnout that he got in the last election this will be a blow to his prestige so he's sure to get another four years in power what is it that a gypsy demand of him. but egypt sions want stability there's been a lot of instability in egypt in recent years they want security but i think beyond that they want jobs and they want to economic efflorescence they've been hit very badly badly by inflation of various sorts and clipping a devaluation of the egyptian pound he was a cut subsidies to something or something that no leader of a dead to do before so they've been hit that but hasn't that some loss improved the economy is it not set to be stabilizing somewhat you know the international monetary fund has been engaged with egypt the last three years and sisi has
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accepted their recommendations for reducing subsidies from the point of view of the i.m.f. these subsidies harm the egyptian economy over the long run because they they don't produce productive investment but for ordinary everyday people who have to commute to have to go and buy petrol this is not good i. want to give a four yes' and then he's up to a two time limit do you think we're going to see more c c b on that i'll be going to see him seeking changes to the constitution my guess is that yes he will attempt to change the constitution he seems to me the sort of person who likes being in power i don't think he will go quietly and so i think that one of the great achievements of the twenty eleven revolution in egypt was in fact something more like a rule of law these term limits on dictatorship i think in the end everything will be dismantled and it will cause instability in western leaders like trump keeps
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saying well the arabs need a strong man it makes for security makes for stability but actually dictatorships are very fragile as we have seen and so these moves that sisi is making probably will produce turmoil on call very good speech thanks for coming into the studio and thank you. as already prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been released from hospital after being admitted for a spirity tract infection a statement from his office says he underwent tests after suffering from fever and coughing two weeks ago netanyahu cancelled all public appointments for five days due to illness his doctor says the prime minister has not yet fully recovered nepal shares six thousand rivers and streams with india various treaties have been agreed to divide the water between the two but many in nepal say their disproportionate with india getting far more than its fair share to be a chef or has more from done as the district of nepal. john there should be others cannot afford to live off his land he has half an acre and if he had enough water
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he says he would never have to buy food again but just fifty meters away there is water it is the come alive occasion project built for agriculture more than forty years ago and meant to serve both nepal and india. when the come along irrigation project was complete officials from nepal and india had a grand ceremony use the water they said but how are we supposed to use the water and went straight to india the water flows past but there are no channels that feed the farmlands yet have has to use a diesel pump to access water at around four dollars an hour yeah dave says the land here is for a time and could produce cash crops but without a ready supply of water it is impossible many people have to look outside nepal for work the other and both his sons worked as laborers in saudi arabia i'm standing here on the embankment off the river down there is the river and as you can see farmers from i decide off the river in the park have no access to water the rim of
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those directly downstream towards the state of bihar in india that when the indian government built the same bank meant there was a larger plan a separate river was to be diverted towards the comma and finally towards the channels for farmers over here in the pile to use all year round but almost half a century on no progress has been made and the farmers here say they feel cheated. downstream across the border in india is the common agenda going to an artificial barrier from there the river is diverted to an agricultural canal in the late one nine hundred fifty s. the first water sharing agreements were made between the palin india but many in the past say the treaties have always disproportionately benefited india and projects are not designed to help the body farm. unfortunately a certain perception has taken root in the bible that these treaties were unfair to enable the fact is that the location of the street is close to the only
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part of border and naturally the amount of. land that received irrigation benefits is larger on the him inside as compared to believe nevertheless there were a host of other benefits red for the created for at that time these are related to not just irrigation but also financial assistance these related to believe of building a real reliance and the fact that we've built the embankment all the way deep into a nearby littered tree so as to protect me while you dream from inundation the farmers here are still facing the impact of those agreements john they show ya the showed us this land it was dry and in desperate need of water some government part of it can you imagine how much we could grow if we could use these fields he asked the same question posed by many of his apology neighbors. district in
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a part. just a few months we have all the weather with ever so and then still ahead hail out of their outrage after a ruling in a police shooting case that helped inspire the black lives matter movement in the u.s. . shock fishing is still big business here in indonesia a population of declining and the government aims to increase its protection i'm stuck reporting from a good option and they eat off. and you have and give the water one country something to cheer about on the pitch joe will have all those details in schools would. be nice pink skies by the taj mahal. or as the sun sets in the city of angels. well i still pretty cold across central and eastern parts of here but we do have
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signs of spring breaking through from the west and it will make its way right across you have a cloud is making its way from west to east big area of low pressure coming in here so we're looking at increasing clabber like an increasing rain but milder air eventually pushing through cohen off stanley moscow for some rather heavy snow recently and that was the scene in most as we went through the coasts of cheese day often a good little covering of snow hey i think we've had just about enough of it and we are going to see things turning modestly go on through the next few days i am pleased to say we're seeing temperatures in moscow still struggling to get around minus two celsius for the west that's where it is a good deal malda thirteen celsius there in paris he may have seen the pictures from paris it's gras you miserable in very very wet that wet weather will eventually ease its way further race was bright skies to come in behind me going to hang on to the temperatures getting up into double figures that was to go on
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through the next few days but there's a moderate pushes into the colder across central pos we're looking at snow take a look at there in walsall four degrees celsius you go from thursday into friday at the moderate breaking through warsaw with a high of eleven. the way that sponsored by cat time piece. a conflict standing seventy years. humanitarian disaster displacing more than hofstra nisha. on just zero world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. i am a syrian child analogise iraq. perception . documentary. from around the globe.
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it's journalism. debate and discussion is a lot of misunderstanding and distortion isn't the only argument i find against that all. see the world from a distance the spectrum. there has remind you of our top stories this hour state media in china says north korea's leader is open to giving up nuclear technology kim jong un has met china's president xi jinping on his first foreign trip since taking power seventy years ago
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a secretive meeting was revealed only after it happened. nations is blaming both the syrian government and russia for war she called a slaughter in the east and he says despite a cease fire the u.n. security council should be ashamed of the continued bombing of the rebel held and play. expects to vote the man jailed succession his movements are represented in parliament present. in germany waiting for a court to decide whether he will be extradited to spain he's been denied bail as he's considered a flight risk. now it's in the last fifteen minutes the u.s. president has weighed in on that kim jong un's visit to china saying he quote received a message last night from xi jinping of china that his meeting with kim jong went very well and that kim looks forward to his meeting with me in the meantime and
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unfortunately maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all cost well that said the situation on the korean peninsula has changed rapidly over the past year north korea conducted its six nuclear bomb test and launched intercontinental ballistic missiles over japan the us president and north korean leaders exchanged rhetoric trump from his foreign fury was kim threatened attacks on u.s. territory but then there was an apparent olive branch kim's new year's speech offer talks with the south and participation in the twenty eight hundred young child winter olympics delegation including his sister kim jong traveled across the demilitarized zone that's had helped set up plans meetings between north and south and with pyongyang and washington now kim has made a secretive visit to beijing it's the first time he's been out of the country since
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taking power in two thousand and eleven robert kelly is an associate professor in the department of political science and diplomacy at busan national university he says it will take a lot to get north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons. it would be amazing if they were to give them up for anything other than a massive concession from the american and south korean side probably something really extreme like the end of the american south korean alliance more likely is that they'll allow build like caps on nuclear weapons or on missile count or something like that but i would be amazed if they would just agree to go to zero they would ask for something enormous i think the sanctions have played a role i think the to a certain extent right we don't know right because the north koreans don't tell us a great deal on the north koreans don't give us proper trade statistics but there's a fair amount of anecdotal evidence flowing out of northeastern china and north korea to suggest that the sanctions have begun to bite and we have heard the north korean media talking about sanctions and sanctions relief more and more if only to say you know that we don't need it and stuff like that but the fact they're talking about it is suggestive i think from here the issue is that the north koreans now
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have these weapons and they feel like they can negotiate right they've probably got the ability to strike the united states so why not now that you have it once you would you can get i think the first meeting the one between going on and seoul in april that's the most important one right i mean that really i mean ultimately this is a korean issue right the chinese the americans the russians japanese you know we're all kind of involved in how what shakes out but it's really ultimately this is a korean issue the two koreas really need to work out their own fate as well it should be right that one will set a lot of constraints on what trump has a lot to offer the north koreans if the south koreans come back with some really good deal some kind of due nuclearization in exchange for something or other you know constraints on the u.s. alliance south korea or something like that if the president of the group bring someone back like that back and he can sell it to the south korean public that will put a lot of constraints on what donald trump can do right so the first one is more important but the trump one is getting more i think attention because it's trying. moral services being held in paris for the policeman killed in last week's supermarket siege in southwest france on noble tram was hailed
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a hero after trading places with a female hostage when police raided the premises and killed the gunman they felt with gunshot wounds he later died and hospital three others were killed in the attack french president emanuel delivered a unity so mostly awarded the legion of honor. about the joins us live from paris so there was a very somber memorial there in the capital. yes and it was a very moving memorial indeed what we saw this morning was the coffin of our law. draped with the french flag it was taken through the streets of paris and brought here to lead which is france's most famous military memorial and then we had a speech by the french president emmanuel mark hall he paid tribute to our. very last risk career as a police officer and of course this last act of bravery which for which he has been
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called a national hero there were presidents here from the past nicolas sarkozy's had some legal troubles but of course that puts aside for this moment of national unity also a long demand for my calls and a previous and the families of the victims we saw the mother and the wife of. a member of the public also allowed to join in that's quite unusual for a ceremony of this sort but it was felt that this was a day for all french people to come together for those who wanted to to be able to be here and pay their respects to just remind us what it was exactly that this policeman did to deserve such an honor. well i think. actions really touched so many people of france because he did something that so few of us could actually imagine doing he went into that supermarket during that attack on friday knowing that the gunman inside this
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supermarket had already killed others knowing that the government had pledged allegiance to i saw yet he walked in he put down his weapon so he was unarmed and he left his mobile phone on so that the police outside the supermarket hear what's going on and he swapped himself with a female hostage he took her place and ultimately he paid the ultimate price because he lost his life he died later of his injuries and that is why i think that his story has touched so many people here i think also in france there have been so many attacks over the past few years and each time there's been a sort of a real sense of trauma a real sense of pain and and in a way a national introspection as to why these sort of things continue to happen in france and i think for many people are has in a way become a symbol of hope and a symbol of unity something to hold on to in these dark times and i will leave it there thanks very much for joining us from paris. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg were forced to testify before u.s.
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congressional committee next month over the social network's role in harvesting millions of users data facebook and the days of cambridge analysts occur accused of using people's personal information to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election or the whistleblower at the heart of the scandal is also being giving evidence to british m.p.'s christopher wylie's said data gathered unlawfully was used to manipulate people in the u.k. to vote to leave the european union are asleep reports. christopher what his extraordinary relations are now casting a shadow over democratic elections on both sides of the atlantic here he was speaking to a u.k. government committee explaining how he knew that public opinion had been unlawfully manipulated before the referendum which is leading to the u.k. leaving the european union to irrevocably alter the constitutional settlement of this country on fraud is a mutilation of the constitutional settlement of this country and you cannot call
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yourself a lever you cannot call yourself somebody who believes in british law and and win by breaking british law in order to achieve that. while the central claim is that the campaign group to leave the european union hired an offshoot of cambridge analytical the data mining company accused of harvesting personal details of millions of people through facebook and manipulating opinions in an attempt to put on trump in the white house the company he said had subverted elections for its own aims in countries including nigeria and trinidad now it was doing the same in the u.k. the company will send out billions of people being murdered to intimidate voters this is the company that goes out and tries to illicitly acquire you know live internet browsing data of everyone in an entire country so i think a lot of questions should be asked about the role of patriotic here in this
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election and whether they were indeed actually complying with the law here to answer they said had already been claimed to leave campaign broke u.k. election law by using campaign funds on lawfully allegations the leave camp denies but in an emergency debate in parliament m.p.'s hostile to bricks it's have begun to demand the referendum results be declared null and void inherently untrustworthy if the allegations are true that a potentially six hundred to. and he five thousand pounds was spent illegally in a very focused targeted campaign which by definition would been focused on targeted on a very small number of people then i think it's very hard to predict in the fact that that would have passed the law is the norm and nobody is above at least one prominent m.p. who backs the leave campaign said he agreed with the need for a criminal inquiry so it's ended up in
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a situation where you get newspaper headlines like this questioning not just the ethical value but the sheer legality of the vote to leave the european union of course supporters of brecht's states would say the entire thing is a made up plot to discredit a democratic decision but in this hall of mirrors it's becoming increasingly difficult to know what's real and what's fake lawrence lee al jazeera westminster in london. in the united states the announcement that two white policeman won't be charged with the shooting of a black man has outraged his family but here alton sellings death in louisiana two years ago cause national outrage and spared the black lives matter movement mike hanna reports from washington. the death of alton sterling was caught on mobile phone video he was shot by officer blaine salamone each year in a struggle. you know the opposite did not destroyed his weapon but did wrestle sterling to the ground the state department of justice left the investigation to
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the louisiana attorney general who's now announced the two officers will not be charged as in his view they attempted to make a lawful arrest this decision was not taken lightly we came to this conclusion after countless hours of reviewing the evidence gather it turned over to us by the u.s. department of justice the dead man's family is outraged by the decision he was martyred . he was a martyr. and. yes there's no those being protesting the similar shooting of stefan clark in sacramento last week we'll hope for a different outcome. the twenty three year old was shot by officers responding to reports of a man smashing car windows they chased him cornered him in his grandmother's backyard and paul had twenty shots fired. no weapon was found on the did
1:43 pm
man only a phone. and in an attempt to calm the community the sacramento police chief says the investigation into the shooting will be supervised by the california department of justice not local law enforcement officials as our city's police chief who has lived in this community my entire life i'm dedicated to making sure that we gather all the facts conduct a thorough investigation and promise we will continue to be transparent to help the process another major difference in approach the body camera footage in this case was released within days that in the sterling case has still not been made public it was definitely encouraging that the chief of police is. the attorney general to take the lead here and all we can hope for is that this is this investigation is going to be conducted fairly and transparently the question is whether this is indeed a more transparent and proactive approach that could signal the beginning of the
1:44 pm
end to the ongoing cycle of police shootings and consequent protest with a funeral planned for thursday the answer could well lie in the reaction of the tens of thousands that continue to protest and were in the death of yet another african american at the hands of police mike hanna al-jazeera washington mammals parliament has elected a new president when loyal to man was laid on thanks to cheney his princess ten sure resigned a week ago blaming health problems his resignation follows international criticism for the government's handling of the hang refugee crisis. scientists a core infrastructure on shock physics fishing to prevent them they wiped out for waters around indonesia the demand for shark fin soup in china is in danger in many species reports from east indonesia. they are predators at sea but powerless against fishing lines sharks of all sizes float the fish market in
1:45 pm
lombok nearly every day their court for one reason their expensive fins mostly sold to china to end up in soup we've filmed fifty five sharks being auctioned on a single day some still babies. jack fishing is legal in indonesia except for whale sharks which have become an endangered species the government has also imposed an export ban on hammerhead sharks to prevent more populations coming under threat of conservationists are keeping track on the trade. what we've found is a populations of sharks are declining and also that the saws of sharks are becoming smaller. sharks are at the top of the ocean's food chain scientists say they keep populations of fish stock healthy and protect the ecosystem. fact populations are easily threatened because of the slow reproduction rate some female
1:46 pm
sharks can only give birth thirteen or even twenty years so that's why fire urging the government to create perfect. shock fishing is big business in indonesia with export revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars a year traders not only sell shark fins but also their skins and bones they say the export ban and other protection measures have hit them hard we're going to die i mean. since the government is banning all kinds of sharks the prices have dropped drastically we can now only sell locally and the prices we get for export a much higher. but marine scientists say law enforcement has been weak and more needs to be done to enforce the export ban and protect. something the government wants to discuss symposium in what its right to do together with minister of environment. but also. because i think that's the.
1:47 pm
way to. make the fishermen understand it's going to take. in order to protect fishing communities the government does not plan to impose a total ban on shark fishing but rather increase restrictions but with the month likely to remain high. will be hard to prevent finns are. continuing to. east. so has hair on a. day before the new. something fall of the dog just stadium. with.
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1:49 pm
get you all the support now and here's to laura thank you australia's cheating cricketers have been handed playing bans for their parts in the ball tampering scandal captain steve smith a vice captain david warner have both been suspended for twelve months meaning they will in theory be available for next year as well cup and the ashes series that follows cameron bancroft who was caught ball tampering against south africa last week will serve a nine month ban on tuesday cricket australia officials said the three players had violated their code of conduct will be sent home immediately from south africa create australia found the coach darren lehmann had no prior knowledge of the plan tim payne will take over as captain we can speak to andrew mental he's an australian cricket writer and poet cost host and these punishments strong enough to satisfy the australian public.
1:50 pm
yeah i think these punishments are appropriate for the offense that was committed a year out of international cricket for smith and warner is a very serious punishment and both of them will now miss the indian premier league which is going to cost them millions literally in financial loss for both of them cameron bancroft will be back at some stage later in the year that i think that's a fair punishment it does two things it sends a message to the straining community that this sort of behavior and cheating will not be tolerated by a national cricket side but also it sends a message internationally to the world cricket community that is strange is going to lead the way in dishing out these punishments in the past the international cricket council has been soft on ball tampering but cricket australia has shown that they will not be ok so those are the play is punishments but what about the management of the team darren lehmann and cricket australia's response to this
1:51 pm
whole scandal defines one more action on that. i think there is some call that darren lehmann should be held to account but at the moment cricket australia have no evidence that he was involved so this sort of hands are tied at the moment and they level the sanction against him but broadly speaking you have to question the management and the coach that would allow a culture to be bred that plays resort to changing so i guess everybody will be in the spotlight in the wake of this incident so we've talked about these bands how likely is it that we will actually see bancroft smith and more play and back again . well i think it's different for each one of them steve smith would say will certainly come back and play test cricket again he's too good a player and you know truth be told he's a fine young man he's had
1:52 pm
a terrible day and the day that he will probably regret for the rest of his life cameron bancroft it's very likely that we'll see him play again he's only twenty five so he has a long time to rebuild his image within the cricket community david warner he's a different case altogether the evidence presented by cricket is strongly suggests he was the ringleader he's ostracised he's a mate and therefore i think it is unlikely we will ever see him play for australia again how is this damage to the brand of cricket australia because there's been a lot of responses haven't there. this is damage the brand hugely sponsors are pulling out from the individual players left right and center sponsors for cricket australia questioning the way they manage the brand in the brand of the straining cricket team add to that at the moment cricket australia is negotiating the t.v. rights for cricket in this country they will be severely compromised by what is
1:53 pm
happening in south africa so this could cost cricket in this country millions and treatment so thank you very much for speaking to us. now on to football in spain have got ready for the upcoming world cup with a six one thrashing of two thousand and fourteen finalists argentina in a friendly in madrid on cheese day argentina without striker star striker messi because of an injury meanwhile brazil got revenge for their seven one defeat to germany in the semifinals of the two thousand and fourteen world cup it was the first time the sides had met since then manage city forward gabriel has so scored the only goal of the game to give brazil to win but when it was a first defeat for germany in twenty two she's. mean all two thousand and eighteen world cup hosts russia suffered another setback in their preparations as they lost to francis in petersburg after kilian opener manchester united's paul pogba double
1:54 pm
the french lead from a free kick. in the car reduced the deficit for russia midway through the second half but his second late on to secure a three one win for did to shut side russia have now failed to win any of their last seven matches. the philippines north korea and yemen all secured final the final three qualifying spots for next year's asian cup a win for the philippines meant that yemen qualified even before beating nepal two one in their match on choosing a first time in their history they'll be at the tournament which is taking place in the united arab emirates in january yemenis have had to play all their home games in qatar because of the conflict in their country. iraq's football bosses will be looking at how they can attract more big name teams to play in their country after successfully hosting a tournament on home soil for the first time in twenty eight years fifa lifted
1:55 pm
a ban earlier this month thanks to improve security in some parts of the country it allowed iraq to host games against qatar and syria she says match against syria was a one will draw but says imran khan reports. in the capsule there's still room for improvement. it almost doesn't matter who won tonight iraqi football came out on top the games were very well attended and the competition was very well run now that's going to be good news for the iraqi football federation while hoping that this tournament paves the way for international competitive games now this tournament was on the call in full fee for lifted them so the iraqis are hoping that people will no doubt competitive games to take place in iraq quite soon however the baghdad fans are disappointed the only cities that the ban was lifted on was to be in the north and got a villa in the south of baghdad the capital city is still not allowed to hold competitive games from fee for because of the security situation here now speaking
1:56 pm
to football fans in the capital city they understand that there is problems with baghdad but they say if iraq is truly to be an international footballing nation then games need to take place in baghdad now for most while number one victoria as a rancorous through to have first semifinal in two years at the miami i penned the ballad russian beat wild number five carolina pliska seven five six three the last time as a wrinkle was in the last four of the tournament to spend she won the miami title for a third time in two thousand and sixteen that was before the first time. as a wrinkle face u.s. open champion sloane stephens her place in the miami final stevens took just over an hour to defeat former world number one angelica in straight sets with the win the florida native will be into the top ten in the rankings for the first time on monday. finally i have this waiting for a long time it was amazing so i'm super power and i want to beat her in the
1:57 pm
rankings first thing monday like. to see where i am so i'm super excited about that. on course to achieve tennis is sunshine double the arjun time won the indian wells title early this month and is now three wins away from claiming the miami title to reach the last eight on tuesday with a six four six two win over a number twenty two seed philip crane of h. . it was his fourteenth consecutive victory and his twentieth this year the most of any player on the a.t.p. tour the twenty nine year old will take on no science no niche in the four to one so. well number five alexander's vera has also through the courses the twenty year old german beach australia's made kerry austin straight sets a variable face and now the young youngster who want to call richard croatia in last may. well there's just
1:58 pm
a day to go before the new baseball season gets underway but the l.a. dodgers groundsman will be working overtime to get things ready that's after a pipe burst underground during an exhibition game on tuesday fun sitting nearby described it as sewage the game was eventually called off but the dodgers is still scheduled to host san francisco giants in thursday's opener gives a whole new meaning to the term foul ground. and that is all useful for now more later laura and a very good. vine much more on the web site the address of al-jazeera dot com now they're from me for the news hour so how roman or back into the bible.
1:59 pm
carcinogen. the streets is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty meters in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes get
2:00 pm
caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them to gang violence i lost my. door years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards systemic corruption in politics through business it's all new to who is controlling what's going to resources people in power investigates the misuse of south africa's state assets nobody who is implicated good or named in the board was ever of to put their point of view and the financial rewards are available to an accommodating business community south africa corruption inc on i'll just zero.


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