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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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from the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the u.s. is role in the world fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show thrives returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bridge that vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. just. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside. time on al-jazeera.
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seven palestinians are dead hundreds are injured in demonstrations across israel the occupied west bank and gaza. hello i'm adrian forget this is al jazeera live from also coming up turkey's president issues a warning to france about getting involved in syria's war. but deepening diplomatic dispute over the poisoning of a former spy russia expels u.s. embassy staff and diplomats from other countries too. plus a mediterranean make over in the mountains of cyprus how tourists are being encouraged to leave the beaches behind for a taste of the high life. israeli forces have killed seven palestinians in protests in gaza the gaza ministry of
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health says that at least five hundred fifty people have been injured aid agencies say that israeli forces fired live ammunition of protesters and used tear gas to push them back the demonstrators are marking land day and aerial protest against israel's illegal occupation of palestinian territory let's speak to. who's a professor at dartmouth college. he's joining us via skype from jerusalem good to have you with us professor what do you make of the rising death toll in today's land landay protests. well of course it's shocking and very disconcerting. these are protesters and of protesters facing live ammunition is never. something that we can think about with a tremendous amount of pathos. i also feel
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a certain amount of sympathy for the soldiers as well i must tell you. and i completely understand that this government has done nothing to advance the peace process has done nothing to alleviate the problems of gaza. at the same time the the soldiers who are at the fence are obviously concerned and there and their officers there are obviously concerned encroachments on the fence by thousands of people could lead to a breach of the border and they have orders to keep people away the same thing happened in syria you may recall some years ago. it's a terrible tragic event and i. simply wish. i don't i don't want to get into an argument for it but looking at the pictures here
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you know it appears that you know there's a fence between the protesters on the one side and the israeli military who are a bit of a safe distance or on on the on the other side you though you you are putting the blame firmly at the feet of the israeli government here. look the israeli government you cannot look at a situation like this as a one off event you have to put it in the context of years and years of stalemate of a status quo which works very well for the israeli government which would like to proceed with the attic sation that what they consider to be the whole land of israel obviously obviously. as a one off event though you have to ask yourself the question of what this kind of march to the fence could possibly achieve other than to
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excite people in situations of great tension to doing things that they would ordinarily not wish to do and i mean that on both sides it just doesn't make sense to me to put so many protesters in the in the face of soldiers who are young people who don't have a great deal of understanding of. what else they can possibly do ok and you know it feels to me like a terrible tragedy professor had a chance to speak with with israel's security forces here's here's what they told us have a listen to this. we never shoot a single bullet on anyone who stays away from the security wall we have said and warned during the past few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli
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sovereignty to infiltrate into israeli territory is will put himself and his life in danger all the participants of the rallies in gaza strip are safe but how must put the lives of women and children in danger when it sent them to the security wall with the troublemakers to infiltrate into israel and storm our borders professor what do you make of what you just heard that it seems that the blame is being laid fairly safe area squarely at the feet of harassed. making allegations that they're sending women and children to take part in these demonstrations. look you have to ask yourself what tactical advantage there is to such a march. you know when when you look at the marches that gandhi organized nonviolent marches that gandhi had organized there was a way in which he understood that nonviolent activity could excited a political situation to work ultimately to the benefit of the marchers in
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india in this case it's very hard to see what exactly they're trying to achieve to simply stand there and dare the soldiers to fire them seems to me tactically unconscionable i think don't misunderstand i think it's also unconscionable for a nineteen year old kid because ultimately these soldiers are nine hundred twenty year old kids. to it's unconscionable to use live ammunition against unarmed people who are one hundred yards away obviously that's a terrible thing but they are told and not without a certain amount of plausibility that when you have tens of thousands of people marching towards your border if you don't stop them then they keep going and then watch. it's this is not the way we are going to
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achieve any kind of advance in the peace process and i'm i have a great deal more respect and admiration for what the fatah leadership what abbas leadership has done over the last seven years to emphasize the importance of nonviolent diplomatic activity to force the israeli government to change its policy ultimately and to try to create some kind of environment for reciprocity and of so ality good stewardship. many thanks indeed for being with us . via skype from people university let's speak to a serious author of the homemade who's in that that's in northern israel before we talk about the significance of the place that you're in and what's going on there just bring us up to speed on what you're hearing from gaza on the latest. yes well
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absolutely this is actually where land they all started some forty two years ago back in one thousand nine hundred seventy six israel had announced. the confiscation of five thousand hectares of land in this area. followed that was followed obviously by violent clashes between the israeli army and palestinians six palestinian had died at the time and ever since palestinians have been commonly rating this they just as they doing right here behind me in that hunger now the message this year is quite different i was speaking earlier to someone she says well it's it is more significant this year than other years at least in her lifetime simply because there is a feeling among palestinians that ever since the u.s. president donald trump came to power well the israeli government here feels it has a free reign on the set of mending spine change and land grabs so certainly they do
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think that this year more than ever they need to have their voices heard. and what are you actually hearing what about the number the casualty numbers now on the on the i know it's a long way from where you are but what's going on in gaza right now. well actually what's going in gaza is being reported to the crowd here and from what we understand there are still quite violent clashes ongoing along that border fence between gaza and southern israel the israeli army had been warning over the past week that it will have a zero tolerance policy especially that it is on edge because there has been several breaches of that fence over the past week at least three incidents that i know of for what we know the death toll now has reached seven and there's hundreds of injured now this is a while this is happening along the border first you also have another situation that's unfolding a bit further away about seven hundred meters away from that fails the police the
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gazans have been erecting several tent cities if we want to describe the like that where you have thousands and thousands and thousands of people women children entire families who are they there and their message there is that they want their right to the return to actually calling it the march of return and they say they will be sitting in those tents for the next six weeks you have to bear in mind that most of the people living in gaza are refugees many coming from here from northern israel and other parts of the country so certainly they say that this year they really need to make their their message stronger than ever and obviously the violence that's ongoing along the border fence is something to worry about and with each dead each more dead you certainly the anger among gas and increases right how many thanks indeed. turkey's president has reacted angrily to reports
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that france is considering sending troops to support a group in syria and turkey considers to be terrorists y p g delegation met with france president about a. day and said that france has agreed to support the box from says that it isn't planning any further troop deployments to syria. after the stance france has lost its right to complain about any terrorist any terrorist organization and terror acts those who are living with terrorists and even wholesome in their palace will realize their mistake sooner or later they see shamelessly support terrorist must be ready to explain the comes to their people. to them costello reports now from istanbul. turkey doesn't see everything to offer with international coalition members in syria when it comes to fighting against especially cooperating with the if something critical at taba for turkey
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considering why i think is the armed branch of the f.b.i. and turkey sees y.p. g.n.p. widely as the theory an offshoot of the people of the alp both were kurdistan workers party which is recognize of a terrorist group in turkey and the fight between p.k. k. and the faithful my nine hundred eighty s. has cost forty thousand lives and lives in this country and that's why president dawn was very harsh in his critics against france and saying that turkey will never sit around the table and negotiate with a terrorist organization which turks call and also to the situation as the as an attempt to let its mars pick a k n y p g on there the name of theory in democratic party forces in terms of fighting against i thought and turkey's foreign ministry has been in touch with his french counterpart for knowledge diplomatic polls are on the way but it seems turkey will not let no one to be stopped in its operations against the k n y p g in
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northern syria. syrian rebels are denying reports of a deal for them to leave the last area they hold in eastern goose city the capital damascus syria and russian media that suggested that there was an agreement for the town of duma opposition fighters have surrendered the rest of east and go to the past month as government forces tighten their grip on the play if the have a jump jhoom as the latest from beirut. another example of just how complicated things remain on the ground in syria the russian military has stated that it reached a deal with a rebel group jaish an islam and the judicial islam had announced its intention to evacuate. which the rebel group is still holding and that they would seize control of that area but a short while after that she issued islam in fact denied those reports saying any reports stating that their group had in fact reached a deal with either the syrian government syrian pro-government forces or the russian government were patently false we spoke with the spokesperson for. by it up
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that he said this our position is still clear and steadfast the rejection of force displacement and the demographic change of the rest of eastern huta now this really isn't a change from what we've heard from jaisha islam the past several days while they are negotiating to try to reach a deal with the syrian government and the russian government they do not want their fighters to have to evacuate the area this is all coming at a time when there's a lot of concern of course about the humanitarian impact of what is going on it's still unclear just how many civilians may be trapped in duma how they will be able to get help and of course this comes at a time when there was another deadline given there was a deadline given by the syrian government the russian government saying that it jesuits now and did not come to some sort of an agreement with them by saturday evening that they would go ahead and go into that area and attack that area with
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full force in a surprise move u.s. president donald trump has told his supporters that american troops will be leaving syria very soon he was speaking at an event in ohio where he began complaining about how much the u.s. spends of rebuilding other countries the u.s. has more than two thousand military personnel in syria helping local groups to defeat isolate. and by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis will be coming out of syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon we're coming now we're going to have a hundred percent of the caliphate as they call it sometimes referred to as the land take it all back quickly quickly the u.s. went into syria during barack obama's presidency to help in the fight against deisel the pentagon says around two thousand troops are still there to prevent the group's resurgence many of them are concentrated around man bitch in the north close to the border with turkey that's pass of the yellow area under the control of
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kurdish faces some of which are backed by the us turkish controlled territory of syria marked in green here turkey considers the kurdish y p g to be a terrorist organization and has vowed to push the group out of syria will these pictures just a few days ago show american troops including the man in charge of the u.s. led coalition working with kurds in manage the u.s. mission has been to maintain stability but they've also ended up in the middle of a decade's old conflict these pictures showing where american troops have set up a line near managed between their allied kurdish fighters and turkish backed forces . a weather update next here on out to zero then. beijing moves closer to a deal that could give the vatican more influence over the catholic church in china .
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whether to set fire across much of central and southern china warm sunshine for many twenty six celsius in hong kong twenty three celsius there for shanghai wet weather that very much in place over towards the southwestern corner that will ease as we go on into sunday chengdu getting up to twenty three degrees celsius attempt just just edging up and not over towards the eastern side of the country while the sunshine there and see much of vietnam is looking good here hot sunshine a heat wave conditions continue across the good parts of india temperatures getting up into the forty degree mark for some with touching forty two celsius there from that pool close enough and hard about a little bit of cloud just into central and southern parts of india might even see the odd shower into kerala further north it stays hot and dry warming up in new delhi temperatures getting up to around forty degrees celsius but notice possibility wanted to show was over towards the west bengal's was behind easing
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over towards bangladesh as we go on through the weekend meanwhile the weekend across the region potentially looks like quite a lively one going to fabrice's cloud coming in across the northern postle saudi arabia possibility of a little bit of rain on that as well as it sinks this way if south was winds are really picking up with a real possibility of lots of lifted dust and sand. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join a global conversation at this time on al jazeera. get
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the top stories this hour israeli forces killed seven palestinians at digital east five hundred fifty protests in gaza the demonstrators have been marking land day an annual protest against israel's occupation and seizure of palestinian territory. turkey's president has rejected france's offer to b.d.a. between ankara and kurdish op groups in syria the television from the y.p. g. mess france's president about. some of the france agreed to support them.
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russia is expelling more diplomats ambassadors from twenty three countries were summoned to the kremlin but accused of taking unfriendly steps some twenty four hours after one hundred fifty diplomats including sixty americans were expelled that's in retaliation to the expulsion of russian diplomats in a coordinated response by britain's allies to the poisoning of a former russian spy at his doorstep or a challenge support from moscow. well one after another black ambassadorial cause of be pulling up here. around outside the rather ornate silver gray doors of the russian foreign ministry and the ambassadors have been walking into essentially get a dressing down from the foreign ministry staff air and be told how many of their personnel has to be packing their bags to leave from what we've seen so far it seems to be broadly tit for tat in line numbers wise with the explosions that we have heard from western countries kicking out russians over the script all of
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the british ambassador was told that the total number of u.k. personnel here diplomatic and consular paster eventually match by the end of the month the number of russian stuff in the u.k. this is on top of the twenty three brits that had to pack their bags and leave some days ago that was of course because the u.k. had kicked out twenty three russians what we're seeing here is this worsening of diplomatic relations tit for tat response its catalyst has been the script all affair but of course there is so much else behind all this march that's gone on over the last few years with the camp of russian campaign in syria with what's been going on in crimea and ukraine that has worsened relations between the west and russia of course putin and donald trump are both saying that there is room for so
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walk back from this of course they have to say that they don't want to go marching off to war but yes we are in a severe diplomatic crisis of the moment and it doesn't seem to be getting any better right now. the mayor of senegal's capital dhaka has been sentenced to five years in prison kelly for cell was charged with embezzling over two and a half million dollars but critics say the case is politically motivated in order to eliminate president nike sells strongest rival ahead of next year's presidential election. the fourth test between south africa and australia is underway in johannesburg the visitors line up has been shaken up following the recent ball tampering scandal absent from that team is the band trio of former captain steve smith is deputy david warner am cameron bancroft all of whom were behind tempering with the ball in the test despite their absence the incident is still very much on the minds of fans of fire on board a bus in thailand has killed at least twenty migrant workers from the end ma police
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don't yet know what caused the blaze on the bus carrying forty seven people to an industrial zone near bangkok there are estimated three million migrant workers in thailand many of them from neighboring. we have lost you president has been sworn in you when metz was the lower house speaker is an ally of aung san suu chief she mean maintains executive order as the head of the government while the president's role is largely ceremonial his predecessor to ensure resigned last week blaming health problems. judges in china have given the death penalty to a murderer nick james jack the ripper couching young was found guilty of the rape and murder of eleven women and girls over some fourteen years the fifty four year old was arrested two years ago after police found d.n.a. evidence. china is home to some ten million christians there are no signs of growing ties between the vatican and the communist government the two sides severed ties in one nine hundred fifty one following the communist revolution from beijing
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adrian brown reports. in china catholics have a choice pray in a state sanctioned church like this one or in secret but this easter many worshippers will be considering a new scenario a deal between the vatican and the chinese government that may be imminent the agreement could decide the future of the estimated ten million catholics in china who've long hope for a normalization in vatican china relations what i always hope the pope and the vatican stablish diplomatic relations with china i'm so excited. the pope is the symbol of catholics if you're catholic you would definitely want to see him that's why i'd be so happy if he came to china surprising views because those worshippers belong to the official catholic church which is not
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recognize the authority of the pope since the vatican and china severed diplomatic ties in one nine hundred fifty one but that could be about to change according to francisco c.c. an attorney an academic invited to interview the pope two years ago he says there are even discussions about the vatican of stablish ing a representative office in beijing and this could happen. within the zia i would say that sue. i think it is a possibility we don't know there are of course many things up in the air but there is lobbed in the air as the song would say. before that happens though another deal is expected on the thorny issue of who gets to appoint bishops for the first time that would give the vatican a say in the selection process but some of the underground churches that operate
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without government approval are fearful about this growing reproach mo and they have a senior catholic official on their side who's accused the pope of betrayal cardinal joseph zen is the former bishop of hong kong where religious freedoms are still protected many people in that union less a church may get to scandalize in may who is their faith in the in the pope that the pope pope has so many critics already we dis one i'm a very sorry. such charges criticism of the pope even by a retired cardinal is rare neither the vatican or china's religious affairs bureau responded to our requests for comment but a report in the state controlled newspaper on thursday citing several official sources said the announcement could be made as soon as saturday a day before easter. china represents the last frontier for the catholic
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church it's been that way for centuries never more so than now adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. christians around the world are marking good friday as part of easter this was the scene in occupied east jerusalem where people took part in a procession through the via dolorosa it's believed to be the path of jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion good friday is the day that christians mark the crucifixion of christ. cyprus is a favorite destination for tourists from all over europe who want a mediterranean sunshine holiday most flocked to coastal resorts but tourist towns in the mountainous i'm missing out and government leaders want that to change in order to boost the island's economy assam is a down reports. it's hard to fit into a post card just how nice it is to be away from the subzero temperatures back home
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to savor is because i know you're in the ukraine. and cold and we wanted to go to spring to see flowers. and maybe to see. it's a familiar story the abundance of beaches and sunshine has attracted steadily increasing numbers of tourists to cyprus. that is seen the economies of coastal towns boosted as the number of visitors reached three point six million last year officials expect the number of tourists to reach a record level in two thousand and eighteen many head for seaside towns of course leaving places in the mountains like cattle five three are here not as frequent as they could be a fact the government says it now wants to change. is ready for change her souvenir shop and got up at three a gets its first visitors of the afternoon. the town is one of several in the trudeau's mountains facing declining numbers of tourists. government talk of reviving tourist towns like hers is raising her
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hopes i think it's a very good idea because high living in the mountains and we'll be right ahead to have more tourists because what to have more tourists because we're living you know all of us when it's done jobs here. the government is unveiling a plan to increase visits to tourist spots left out of the boom sixteen million euros are being set aside to upgrade infrastructure and another million to improve hotels ice to give a new brand of tribes in a lot of areas the mountains for example and to find out their way of life but it's not only on the beaches but on the mountains as well. that way of life is struggling in those mountains as visitors dwindle so does business and people end up migrating to cities a newspaper can pass the time when you hardly have a customer in your restaurant but it won't reveal a new chapter for your town. for that many are hoping the government's initiative
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will rescue them from a sticky situation sammy's a than al-jazeera cock up at the cyprus. it is good to have you with us adrian filling in here and other top stories in al-jazeera. israeli forces have killed at least eight palestinian protesters during demonstrations in gaza the gaza ministry of health says that over a thousand people have been injured during confrontations thousands of palestinians taking part in an annual the protest against israel's illegal occupation al-jazeera had a chance to speak to israel's security forces and here's what they told us look live . we never shoot a single bullet on anyone who stays away from the security wall we have said and warned during the past few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli sovereignty all to infiltrate into israeli territory is we put himself and his life
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in danger all the participants of the rallies in gaza strip are safe but how must put the lives of women and children in danger when it sent them to the security wall with the troublemakers to infiltrate into israel and storm our borders turkey's president is rejecting france's offer to mediate between ankara and kurdish armed groups in syria a delegation from the wife met french president said that france had agreed to support them. donald trump says that u.s. troops will be leaving syria very soon speaking to supporters in ohio the president says that ice was almost defeated in syria and that it's time to let others take care of the problem the state department though says that it's unaware of any policy change. syrian rebels are denying reports of a deal for them to leave the town of duma near the capital damascus it's the last area under rebel control in eastern guta which has come under ferocious syrian
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government bombardment russia's expelling more diplomats ambassadors from twenty three countries were summoned to the kremlin and accused of taking unfriendly steps one hundred fifty diplomats including sixty americans were expelled on thursday in retaliation for the expulsion of retaliate with russian diplomats in a coordinated response by britain's allies to the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter. the mayor of senegal's capital dhaka has been sentenced to five years in prison khalifa salvos charge of the best leg of a two and a half billion dollars and those are the headlines bodies fear on al jazeera right after the stream next. we understand the differences and the similarities of counties across the world. so no matter where you call her. al-jazeera will bring in the news and current of families that matter to you.


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