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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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context is hugely important level what type of the ship you have a duty to be offensive or provocative or whatever lies people do setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand a very different way where there before something happens and we don't need. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is be so did a movement we're we're here lies nothing worst first world be in three years the devastating impact for sobering means also for save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who need to learn over our gora from democracy to the markets on al-jazeera .
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eleven killed more than a thousand injured as palestinians marched towards gaza's border with israel of the stunt of a six week protest. and of them julie macdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up turkey's president accuses a man will mock of being absent his death for offering to mediate between ankara and kurdish groups in syria russia's foreign ministry summons western ambassadors to tell them how many of their diplomats it's expelling a popular opposition leader is jailed for five years in senegal ruling him out of next year's presidential election why starbucks and other retailers in california must now put a can so warning on their coffee. that
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they're warm welcome to the program at least eleven palestinians have been killed in gaza many of them by israeli gunfire after thousands marched to the border with israel they were taking part in protests on the forty second anniversary of land day which marks the one nine hundred seventy six killing of six palestinians by israeli forces have been protesting against a land grab by israel's government the protesters have been gathering in five different places along the border positioned about seven hundred meters away from the fence the palestinian health ministry says more than one thousand three hundred others were injured after israeli forces fired live ammunition into the crowds using tear gas to push them back. you know you would. today's a turning point for our people in our history of national struggle and fight on our way to freedom in return today our people from the whole nation from gaza from the west bank from the occupied lands in one nine hundred forty eight and from other
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countries are launching this new phase. i want to say our correspondent. has the latest now from gaza israel. what we had the hill has seen. the number of dead and injured may increase as the rallies continue and as these weighty forces crack down on the protesters and using different methods including live ammunition the overall picture here is about two main things first the waves of people coming in since early morning in big numbers to the great march called return this road leads to the separation wall with the gaza strip it's where clashes have taken place and where israeli snipers deployed along side the wall used live ammunition and also you can see here tents named after the palestinian villages and towns from which the palestinians have been forced to leave since nine hundred forty eight to gaza. the second main part of the picture is this other area the
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western area which was supposed to be according to the organizers a massive place for the demonstrators to gather but it seems the number of protesters is higher than expected by the organizers and this is the reason why the demonstrators want to the separation wall here we saw different activities like speeches by leaders from the palestinian factions in addition to some traditional celebration of the palestinian factions leaders have supported the march and confirm the right of return for the palestinian refugees for the palestinians here it's a historic day and the numbers show how keen the palestinians are when it comes to the question of the right of return and they want to make their voices heard through the international community as well the israeli military is defending its use of force no clear call our thoughts our heda we will never shoot one bullet against anyone who stays away from the security wall we have wanted to join in the last few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli sovereignty or to
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infiltrate the israeli territories and put himself and his life in danger all the participants in the gaza strip a say but how mr. the lives of women and children in danger when it sent them to the security wall to infiltrate israel and still male borders or palestine has been slowly disappearing from the map since the first world war this is what it looked like a hundred years ago when jews only made up three percent of the population that pictures changed dramatically palestinians are now only allowed limited self-will in small pockets under israeli military occupation which is the longest modern history funerals been held for a palestinian farmer killed while tending to his own there the gaza border twenty seven year old omar some more was collecting par stay in a field when he was hit by israeli artillery fire hundreds of mourners carried his body through the streets of hong yunus the israeli military said the farmer and another man who was injured were acting suspiciously as they approached
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a fence along the gaza strip. mall a little man that looks a little every day he goes picking powerfully from two am to no name and he has been working there for six or seven years nothing happened to him with the truth machine he left work and return to what happened at this time i don't know. said when rebel fighters in eastern denying reports of a deal allowing them to leave the town of duma the russian and syrian government media have been reporting an agreement with rebels opposition fighters have surrendered the rest of it in the past month as government forces tighten their grip on their own crave mama junction has the latest from beirut. another example of just how complicated things remain on the ground in syria the russian military has stated that it reached a deal with
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a rebel group jaish an islam and the judicial islam had announced its intention to evacuate. which the rebel group is still holding and that they would seize control of that area but a short while after that she issued islam in fact denied those reports saying any reports stating that their group had in fact reached a deal with either the syrian government syrian pro-government forces or the russian government were patently false we spoke with the spokesperson for. he said this our position is still clear and steadfast the rejection of force displacement and the demographic change of the rest of eastern now this really isn't a change from what we've heard from jaisha this them the past several days while they are negotiating to try to reach a deal with the syrian government and the russian government they do not want their fighters to have to evacuate the area this is all coming at a time when there's
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a lot of concern of course about the humanitarian impact of what is going on it's still unclear just how many civilians may be trapped in duma how they will be able to get help and of course this comes at a time when there was another deadline given there was a deadline given by the syrian government the russian government saying that it did not come to some sort of an agreement with them by saturday evening that they would go ahead and go into that area and attack that area with full force. turkey's president has rejected france's offer to mediate between uncle and kurdish and groups in syria dismissing him and well as being at his death this is president contradicted his own defense chiefs telling a rally in ohio the u.s. troops would pull out of syria very soon stephanie decker has more. the americans have long had a presence in this part of northern syria supporting the syrian democratic forces arrest e.f. in the fight against eisel but turkey views the kurdish y p g which makes up the
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bulk of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization and in the latest twist french president met with an s.d.s. delegation on thursday night in paris an offer to mediate which isn't going down well in ankara but there's dick. says that he gave guarantee of support to the y p g that france can be mediators between turkey and the s.d.f. who gave you this juji do not engage in things beyond. turkish armed forces have already taking the troll of much of the syrian province of a free in pushing out the white p.g.d. everyone has long threatened to push further east on to members where the us has military bases and all the way to the iraqi border the americans have also been monitoring the potential front line between kurdish fighters and the turkish backed syrian rebels who are nearby to complicate matters even further the u.s. commander in chief had this to say and by the way we're not going the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it
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now very soon very soon we're coming now. that boast goes against what american commanders have been saying all along that the u.s. will remain in the northeastern part of syria for now to prevent the resurgence of beisel trump port even the state department of guard and i can't comment on what the president supposedly said i haven't seen and i have to refer you back to the white house. i have not seen it myself and said it i have not seen that myself ok. you don't necessarily comment or report on things that have been heard second hand and i'm not going to do that that's ok that's fine so you're not aware of any policy determination to poor to pull the us out of i am not no no the us presence in syria gives it a stake at the negotiating table as long as troops mentation their presence in the kurdish areas the war in syria is now entering a phase where russia turkey and iran are in the process of bartering for their strategic interests. the kurdish y p g currently controls around twenty percent of territory in syria the second highest area of land up to president bashar assad and
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his forces turkey wants that to change it's anyone's guess how it will play out stephanie decker. u.s. president also told supporters at that rally in ohio that he might hold off on entering a trade deal with south korea until an agreements reached with north korea and denuclearization made the comment just a day after the commerce deal so it would see south korea limits and still exports to the u.s. and opening its markets to american car and factures. so we've redone it. and that's going to level the playing field on steel and cars and trucks coming into this country. and i may hold it up till after a deal is made with north korea. does everybody understand you know why you know why because it's a very strong card that i want to make sure everyone is treated fairly and we're
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moving along very nicely with north korea we'll see what happens russia storing up diplomats from twenty three countries as the route calls over the poisoning of former spy here in britain the move is in retaliation for the wave of expulsions of russian officials after what the u.k. and its allies say was a nerve agent attack on surrogates kobe paul and his daughter in the city of souls where we shall answers the latest from moscow. well one after another black ambassadorial cause of the pulling up here outside the rather ornate silver gray doors of the russian foreign ministry and the ambassadors have been walking into essentially get a dressing down from the foreign ministry staff air and be told how many of their personnel has to be packing their bags to leave from what we've seen so far it seems to be broadly tit for tat in line numbers wise with the explosions that we
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have heard from western countries kicking out russians over the script all of the british ambassador was told that the total number of u.k. personnel here diplomatic and consular paster eventually match by the end of the month the number of russian stuff in the u.k. this is on top of the twenty three brits that had to pack their bags and leave some days ago that was of course because the u.k. had kicked out twenty three russians what we're seeing here is this worsening of diplomatic relations tit for tat response its catalyst has been the script fair but of course there is so much else behind all this much that's gone on over the last few years with the count of russian campaign in syria with what's been going on in crimea and ukraine that has worsened relations between the west and russia of course putin and donald trump are both saying that there is room so walk back from
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this of course they have to say that they don't want to go marching off to war but yes we are in a severe diplomatic crisis of the moment and it doesn't seem to be getting any better right now well we shall answer voicing there from moscow still to come this half hour as catholics around the world celebrate the signs of a thaw between china and the vatican after seventeen years when neither side can remove bots that could be running the factories. weather set fire across much of central and southern china warm sunshine for many twenty six celsius in hong kong twenty three celsius there for shanghai wet weather that very much in place over towards the southwestern corner that will ease as we go on into sunday chandu getting up to twenty three degrees celsius and
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temperatures just edging up and not over towards the eastern side of the country while the sunshine there in too much of vietnam is looking good here hot sunshine a heat wave conditions continue across the good parts of india temperatures getting up into the forty degree mark for some with touching forty two celsius there from that pool close enough and hard about a little bit of cloud just into central and southern parts of india might even see the odd shower into kerala further north it stays hot and dry warming up in new delhi temperatures getting up to around forty degrees celsius but notice possibility wanted to showers i would towards western gold was behind easing over towards bangladesh as we go on through the weekend meanwhile the weekend across the region potentially looks like quite a lively one got a fair bit of cloud coming in across the more impossible saudi arabia possibility of a little bit of rain on that as well as it sinks this way if south was winds really picking up with a real possibility of lots of lifted dust and sand. do
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you assume to get much sympathy. for. her or. documentaries from around the world about those who won't give up their fight for justice. al-jazeera selects justice. i don't mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least eleven palestinians
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have been killed by israeli forces and more than six thousand have been injured during protests against israeli land confiscation turkish president rejects bordeaux and has rejected a french offer to be the talks between uncle and kurdish fighters in bor than syria . and russia stalling out diplomats for more than twenty countries it's in response to the expulsion of its own staff following the poisoning of a spy. judges in senegal have sentenced a popular opposition figure to five years in jail for embezzlement the first sol is also the mayor of dakar he was arrested a year ago kids to misappropriating funds with two point eight billion dollars critics say the case was a way of eliminating president he sounds strongest rival before elections in twenty nineteen it has been following developments of the course. there was an uproar in the tribunal as the judge read its sentence people stood up in anger there were scuffles with the police others broke down in tears saying that this was
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a miscarriage of justice but for those who support the president in the government they say that it shows that set a goal is a democracy that follows the rule of law and that the government is fighting corruption cully for solace to stoic during the ruling his supporters say that this was a politically motivated trial to try to eliminate him ahead of the presidential campaign that will take place in two thousand and nineteen. the mayor of the car has become the leader of the opposition and the main political rival to president mikey sob during his time in detention he has continued to run the affairs of the city of the card been running a successful bid as an m.p. and has been elected in parliament now he sentenced to five years in prison and has been given to have to fine courtroom clerks on strike over pay and working conditions a prominent judge has just resigned from his position
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a few days ago saying that the tribunals are not serving the people but rather the government this trial has come to symbolize for many a test for the justice system here khalifa sols lawyers will launch an appeal in the next thirty days over this court ruling here also been taking place in venezuela for some of the victims of a fire and a riot in the cells of a peace station there on wednesday sixty eight people died in valencia in this way less third largest city well it says have been demanding explanations from authorities president nicholas majeure has been criticized for staying silent after what's the country's worst incident of prison violence in more than twenty years. the battle between madrid and barcelona over catalan secession is bringing back memories from the spanish civil war which ended nearly eighty years ago for some of those relatives of those who died the wounds of that conflict have yet to be healed as reports. in the hills above the village of us
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a team of archaeologists has already more than one hundred bodies from the site both men and women. a d.n.a. bank has been created to collect samples from relatives of the missing to try and reunite the victims with their still grieving families. came to the mass grave this week because he'd heard they discovered a body with an amputated leg that was the one thing he knew about his grandfather badly wounded in the fierce fighting around the village doctors had to cut off one of his legs like so many thousands of others in the wake of the civil war his own sons never had a chance to mourn at his graveside. the forensic anthropologist at the site said there's a high chance the family have finally found their grandfather but the agony of waiting is still not over a genetic match is needed to confirm it. or knew no more of the matter when there's
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a dramatic death in any family a vacuum is created and it's passed down to each generation it's about restoration of about giving him a dignified funeral he's not here like he was it's important to heal the wounds there's never been any judicial reckoning for general franco and his death squads the killings and executions and purges continued after the war was over his victims buried in unmarked and unquiet graves. but the divisions here are still very much alive the streets of the village may now seem peaceful but the memories of the civil war that raged around them can never be forgotten there were going to go a lot of the war i distinctly remember certain things it was something to be afraid of again something we were always three fired off waiting to see what would happen gen francisco franco's final resting place is marked with a giant cross in the valley of the fallen outside madrid. many of his victims still
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lie unmarked and claim real peace can never return here until spain comes to terms with its brutal past david chase to al jazeera catalonia twenty my good work is for me and maher have died in a bus fire in thailand the bus was carrying forty seven people to a factory near bangkok not know what calls the base thailand has one of the world's worst road safety records there are an estimated two million migrant workers in thailand many of them from neighboring me and. he was new president has been sworn in when the ets is an ally of aung sang suu kyi and had served as speaker of the house so she remains mean mars de facto leader while the president's role is largely ceremonial previous president inshore resigned last week following health problems with millions of christians around the world celebrate easter signs are marching with improving relations between the vatican the chinese government the
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catholic church and china cut ties almost seventy years ago following the communist revolution christian organizations a face years of state repression good in the removal of rooftop crosses church demolitions and imprisonment of priests of china's sixty seven million christians more than ten million are catholic they're split between underground churches that recognize the pope and state approved churches that don't that is a jim brown reports change is in the air. in china catholics have a choice pray in a state sanctioned church like this one in secret but this easter many worshippers will be considering a new scenario a deal between the vatican and the chinese government that may be imminent the agreement could decide the future of the estimated ten million catholics in china who've long hope for a normalization in vatican china relations what i always hope the pope and the
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vet again ok stablish diplomatic relations with china i'm so excited. the pope is the symbol of catholics if you're catholic you would definitely want to see him that's why i'd be so happy if he came to china surprising views because those worshippers belong to the official catholic church which is not recognize the authority of the pope since the vatican and china sever diplomatic ties in one nine hundred fifty one but that could be about to change according to francisco c.c. an attorney an academic invited to interview the pope two years ago he says there are even discussions about the vatican of stablish ing a representative office in beijing this could happen. within the zia i would say that sue. i think it is a possibility we don't know there are of course many things up in the air but there
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is lobbed in the air as the song would say. before that happens though another deal is expected on the thorny issue of who gets to appoint bishops for the first time that would give the vatican a say in the selection process but some of the underground churches that operate without government approval are fearful about this growing reproach mo and they have a senior catholic official on their side who's accused the pope of betrayal cardinal joseph zen is the former bishop of hong kong where religious freedoms are still protected many people in that union less a church may get to scandalize inmate lose their faith in the pope that the pope pope has so many critics already we decide one i'm a very sorry. such charge criticism of the pope even by
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a retired cardinal is rare the the vatican or china's religious affairs bureau responded to our requests for comment but a report in the state controlled newspaper on thursday citing several official sources said the announcement could be made as soon as saturday a day before easter. china represents the last frontier for the catholic church it's been that way for centuries never more so than now adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. china has claimed fears the space station could pose a danger to humans when it crashes back to earth the tangoing one orbiting laboratory is expected to reenter the atmosphere in the next forty eight hours the beijing can't say exactly when or where no one has heavenly palace one it's been drifting as of controls of two years the ten have me so long launched in two thousand and eleven to carry out docking orbit experience. can we
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go to the crisis. china is taking the tiangong ones re entry into the atmosphere seriously dealing with the situation in accordance with the related international conventions and in the spirit of responsibility we continually been informing the united nations space agency with the latest information about the tiangong and we have been open and transparent if there is a need we will probably be in touch with the relevant country virtually as a factories and autonomy parts are amongst the innovations on the spray and industrial exhibition in seoul south korean government is trying to boost the manufacturing sector by encouraging more technology as kathy novak explains. i'm here at the smart factory and automation expo trying not to bump into robots but of course they are far too intelligent for that samsung is already using robots like bees in its production of semiconductors one of south korea's most significant
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exports this system lets the user completely design and test a prototype digitally aiming to cut costs and time and get the products to market more quickly the south korean government wants to encourage companies to keep their factories in south korea or move them back it has set a goal of twenty thousand smart factories by twenty twenty two and has offered subsidies to companies who want to set them up to cuba you know known manufacturing is thirty percent of korean g.d.p. korea relies on manufacturing to be internationally competitive the sector must adopt digitalisation to increase the competitiveness of the companies. korea must compete with markets in china and southeast asian countries such as vietnam and indonesia the cost of labor in korea is quite high in order to make up for rising labor costs we must adopt these smart factories to increase productivity and product quality robots aren't doing all the work here they're using virtual reality
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to check problems at a factory without having to physically step inside this robot is playing with a rubik's cube to demonstrate how it can distinguish different colors which would help for example with sorting goods on a conveyor belt but really i think it's just showing off because it definitely is going to finish this puzzle a lot more quickly than me. now facebook's facing more scrutiny after a memo surface they mean the company should prioritize dating more users even if it meant people could die as a result of bullying or terrorism but speed news says a note was written by facebook vice president gore than twenty sixteen and c.e.o. mark zuckerberg say they don't believe the message came in and it was supposed to spark conversation. a prominent folks news sources apologize for criticizing one of the florida school shooting survivors on twitter laura ingraham accused david hold of whining about being rejected by four college you see it applied for and then
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called for in get him said advertisers to boycott her a show from saying hold good still away fair food company nestlé and travel website to withdraw their support has now tweeted an apology saying on the selection in the spirit of holy week i apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of park that coffee shops in california been ordered to warn their customers about a potential cancer risk ninety retailers including starbucks were sued by a little known not for profit good a court in los angeles agreed they were violating a state law which requires companies so warn consumers of potential council calls that chemicals in their products which the group says is produced during the process coffee with chemicals are car at harmless levels you can buy that much more about the stories we're following head to w w w dot com lots of input and video on demand from all around the world our correspondents there twenty four seven.
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the top stories here on al-jazeera at least eleven palestinians have been killed in gaza many of them by israeli gun far to pull test against israeli land confiscation palestinian health ministry says more than one thousand and three others were injured and israeli forces fired live ammunition into crowds using tear gas to push them back. no you were there surely today's a turning point for people in our history of national struggle and fight on our way to freedom in return today are people from the whole nation from gaza from the west bank from the occupied lands in one nine hundred forty eight and from other countries are launching this new series funerals been held for a palestinian farmer kill whilst tending to his own land near the gaza border twenty seven year old omar simoom was collecting parsley in a field when he was hit by israeli artillery far hundreds of mourners carried his
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border through the streets of khan yunus israeli military said the farmer and another man were acting suspiciously near the fence along the gaza strip. syrian rebel fighters at least include sides of mine reports of a deal allowing them to leave the time of duma russian and syrian government media have been reporting in agreement with rebels opposition fighters have surrendered the rest of it in goods in the past month to government forces u.s. president donald trump says he may hold off on a ring a trade deal with south korea until an agreements reached with north korea and denuclearization john made the comment just a day after reaching the chrome are still with the south korean limiting still exports to the u.s. russia is throwing out diplomats from twenty three countries as the radicals over the poisoning of a former spy in britain and those in retaliation for the wave of expulsion of russian officials after what the u.k. and its allies say was a nerve agent attack surrogates cripple his doctor in. judges in
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senegal have sent is the major opposition figures of five years in jail for embezzlement khalifa sols also the mayor of dakar he was arrested a year ago accused of misappropriating funds was two point eight billion dollars critics say the case was to eliminate president macky cells strongest rival for elections in twenty nine team you are up to date those are our top stories currently a.j. selects is next and we'll see you in just under half an hour's time.


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