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tv   Mustafa Akinci  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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the offer after meeting with a kurdish delegation on thursday a white police officer in the u.s. state of louisiana has been sacked over the killing of african-american alton sterling another policeman has been suspended thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the two officers and shot dead in the city of baton rouge and twenty sixteen russia's throwing out diplomats from twenty three countries as the dispute over the poisoning of a former spy in britain grows bastardize was summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow to be told of the decision the moves in retaliation for a series of explosions of russian diplomats by the u.k. and its allies russia says it successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile its defense ministry released video of a launch from fest six in the north west president vladimir putin says the new miss out on strike targets anywhere in the world and is difficult to intercept china is playing down fears that space station could pose a danger when it crashes back to earth a ten and a half meter long tangoing one laboratory was launched in twenty eleven to carry
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out docking and all but experiments in space that has been drifting out of control for two years. and the sun vice captain of australia has cricket team as apologize for the part he played in a bull tampering scandal david warner has been banned for twelve months i'm told he'll never again hold a leadership role in the team he was the last of the three disgraced cricketers to front up to the media after captain steve smith and batsman cameron bancroft well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after talked a lot to sarah stated that so much in buffalo. this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of a sudden the standard of what free speech is supposed to be about that context is hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate after front at this time on al-jazeera international. in the world that is rule. to proceed.
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i'm sami's a ban on the turkish side of nicosia considered by some to be the world's last divided capital now this is the buffer zone also known as the green line this demilitarized area patrolled by the un is perhaps the most important symbol of the greek turkish dispute that divided the island of cyprus since one nine hundred seventy four a couple of weeks ago i sat down with nicholas and this in theory he is recognized by the international community as the president of cyprus in practice the only governs the south and greek side of the island now this is what president understands the others told me i have called the message that the madrid. to meet at any given moment we've missed of. in order to a police. to have a talk to see the workers we are where we are planning for the future where we are going to be an acceptable spot for what. is going to continue when we have to
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sit with. decisiveness. to see how we can proceed. ok so why do if you're only one talks refuse use them i haven't received a clear answer when ok but if the turkish cypriot leader if he calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept given those ladies going to new and attended . i've come to self declared northern cyprus recognised by turkey and guarded by its armed forces i want to find out if the turkish cypriot leader is ready to make that phone call and start peace talks turkish cypriot leader stuff talks to al-jazeera. myself i can just thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera on march the thirteenth i spoke with the greek cypriot leader nick was honest as the others and he told me he said i am willing to start to
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resume peace talks with mustafa if he calls me right now in this interview i will get out and take that call. are you willing to fight that cause. they are always ready for talks but then not ready for taking the decisions the it's the problem do you need to have talks that in order to get to making sure we you know. how many years. since we have been talking. it was back in one thousand six the eight in beirut that the late president think that it is the stuff that goes on how to hold the cyber problem but is there an alternative to talks it is fifty years yes there isn't a alternative to folks of course if we want to solve the problems we need to talk but at some point to bring it to take decisions a un plan was presented to both communities we whirled through
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in the sixty five percent yes for. the world to know with even higher person seventy five percent right and yet fortunately they became members of the european union. outside the union. so i'm all right i learned standing back your position is peace talks cannot resume until the other side takes some decisions is that your position or what i'm saying at this i need to see some indications that. the mentality in has changed we believe that mental transformation is rarely necessary elaborate a little bit on this but having said that in addition to that we definitely we need to have. negotiation at some point but a lot business as usual in other words not to go only issues all the time
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without any results. it has to be result oriented it has to be as the secretary said strategic kind of agreement and it has to be time won't hear what what does he need to do now to prove to you that it will be results oriented it will be time bound that it will be serious he has to put aside that there is one community owning the republic of cyprus and the other community because we wait until the time comes they regard this republic. as if it belongs to only one community in fact this been pretty created all the problems they regard that that this i don't belong to the balance because there are poor they want to to unite. greece and of course that we get the un
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to move and that the turkish nation that is in these times came in we want to share this island from his perspective he says when i raise that look we learn from our mistakes in the past we're not seeking to be part of green we've let go of that he says the problem in the last round of peace talks was the fact that the turkish cypriot side simply wants a veto power over all government decisions they don't want to be normal equal members and partners in the you know your country they want to be having a veto power which is not a federal sentamu you cannot call what we want veto it is effective participation in the decision making process and in fact at the central government level he already accepted that there would be one favorable ward
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in this decision making in what is hard to understand. having our crito this most important fund. counselor that's consul minister he's denying this right from the took his it goes at the list in important level we are talking about further all committees. and he says you know we are going against exploration you're talking about whole not all guys like spiritually is ok with the arjun that he doesn't he doesn't want to hear about that talking about. about sort them further all organs which are mainly related with the e.u. issues and so on and so forth. we are saying that if there is going to be equal numbers no problem but if there is going to be a majority tricksy pro three presentation and that's number because you propose there not at this. to have one single favorable work they're not asking all the top
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to ship to vote favorite up lives that are moments that i understand but they are saying that at least one turkish ship go. in the other case is one favorable walk from each to come you don't think that could paralyze the central turn it into a situation where no decision if you don't consider the feelings of the other side that we are part of lies the state functions if say there is a committee six plus three and if all three is against on a short to mutter that means that there is a communal issue there there is a problem of that and you have to look into that matter but i want to continue with the mental change thing because i believe it is important for the international community to realize what kind of stuff as we are having here in front of
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a prospective solution we have formed an education committee in order to give peace education to our young younger generation. there is a project called imagine under the u.n. and song the young people are coming in with their teachers the buffers of all the greek ship of turkish cypriots that they meet and they get to know each other when it comes to exchange of these it's almost sights we are already our students our teachers simple so they can actually build schools but when it comes for the reciprocity they say no but is that what's stopping you from resuming talks is it that issue and you mentioned the joint committee having a joint committee to resolve gas and then let me finish please this is this is important showing the mentality because they way their way don't they come when
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they say that they don't accept that we have a school they don't agree that the turkish ship built schools exist and if they come they will be recalled knighting i want to state it's nonsense then regarding mobile phones if you go anywhere on earth you can communicate with cyprus but if you go to propose you lose all your contacts with your home and wife for safe they come to cleaning up they cannot contact but with that whole we have a sort of all over technicalities that are no problems at all. so at the very last moment they introduced the problem to us they said. we have a legal. but here we cannot communicate with the operators again and other months since electricity interconnections it really gives relief to
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the system we will be able to add more renewable energy like solar energy if there is a public cut theory we know it will not touch it because the system will feed it automatically it is a system which will benefit the whole island they say no after this over from last example we have fire. him that there is a fire they say if it is on your side we are a good tool said there are a cause but our limbs or the government everything will remain on the way cause but if you send us to distinguish the fire on our side you will remove the car you remove everything you know this kind of a mentality is rejecting the very existence all the other. it beat a community be what they were and if you don't try to transform of the negative.
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then you are not ready to share that's the problem right so you're about ready to leave power this shows a lack of recognition for your existence that's the way you feel how would you say that mr can do to those who'd say however justified or unjustified those feelings are those issues should be sorted out. after talks that's what you talk about in the movie to have a joint future where you do share an actress no you have you know why i say no because those issues that they have numerator to moil interoperability electricity interconnections education committee and visits and so on joy they asked exploration as well you know i would come to that in a minute and all these you can add more and more. together. and more trouble acceptable bible so it's on the twenty eight or may two thousand
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and fifteen as confidence building measures it's a clit right and it's not implement that's what i'm saying that if we can nurture our respective people. our respective communities that. be confidence through this kind of simple measures how are we going to deal with the big issue of so he guarding the natural gas. energy or we get some of those out just to make it clear your position is that these confidence building measures must be implemented before peace talks can resume is that your position it is too short to give me a tool to show to where people that something is moving in the right direction right told you me some hope that there is. kind of a mental shift the methadone formation ok that i'm not saying that this is
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all i can out the motor but since we have time constraints i wear all that i just want to give some examples of how i see it regarding public sharing and the right eric what if you know the x.'s on it all the other side i am not saying that this is going to be in or mission on i want to state no but it is fulfilling their obligations you you promise that you are going to police and you are denying . you got a thing the exploration of the natural gas before we adopt these confidence building measure that i have just mentioned. before it was the starting off the show the negotiations which was on the fifteenth of may two thousand and fifteen four days prior to that on the eleventh when we first met at the little apollo or dead at that meeting we developed motorola on that is standing
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i am not saying that it is a written agreement but much of understanding of that how to approach the exploration of natural gas exec lead because because even through from the negotiations with my. when he was conducting that bit my presence is. due to the fact that but about those very. came in make sure raise on behalf of the talk is cheap jokes. but about a ship in those days and he too when we stuck to the top of the discussion i said to him what is your plans for the future are you willing to continue this exploration that evening as well. if you do you know that there would be reciprocity to that and therefore there would be trouble they get it told me look here for the foreseeable future i don't have any plans the prices
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are going down nature of those prices are going down. i am they won the war this month will the plug for them and send it their way he told me that's how we start that are you feel you were misled let down by a he didn't he doesn't keep his promise i mean when it comes to the conversation by hearing many would say the same things i say the turkish cypriots made unreasonable demands and they want to hold back development in the country and that's even the e.u. position i'm sure you're aware on march the twenty fourth the european union released what it describes a statement describing even turkish actions in the eastern mediterranean as illegal and called upon and chris to respect cypriot sovereignty and right to develop and explore not look here as if if we're going to. develop motorola understanding and if we want to pave the way for
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a reasonable solution. we have we have to take into consideration. how we can manage this energy issue in such a way which instead of three getting tensions it will develop corporation not only in monkey total greek cypriots but also among the all the countries in the area which are disputing including turkey and greece here i come to my vision regarding this is that i'm in the tent and let me in a very brief money explain to. this neutral does issue can be beneficial for everybody. i hope that there will be more deposits. and i want cyprus right the. best very cheapest way easiest way shortest way to send this is where turkey it's
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accepted by everybody that's the most logical route why after tito trying to add it to european union which will create the conditions to have less dependence on russian as meaning beneficial for you or repair union as well right and. i am saying and i am not stopping here i am i think another important infrastructure element that is water we are bringing in portable whatever i'm talking so if i mean you know it could be. the norm for now but under the sea level two hundred fifty meters on the sea to spend that kind of a system. we have been pouring this water from turkey to the north cypress at some point osho. important water from
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greece by one casts before this really try to bring in the new with bob loans you know. therefore the concentration is not in anyone's interest is the point that you're making it should be a more. inclusive way to approach exactly any this does not stop your knee on the nutro there's a sure you can water in your gut electricity which can connect in the let me call this on that point you said you want natural resources to be a factor that brings people together rather than divides people exactly how would you respond to those who would say that. allowing the turkish drew ship deep sea metro to to explore for oil and gas off the coast of northern cyprus is an example of you doing exactly the same thing that you're complaining about the south doing which is unilateral exploration. ok. don't do it you're
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willing to stop it if the other side is winning so. tell me any other if there is any other option i mean if you say that not doing it then you are not. in in the same term or that means that you have a low. possibility to continue for sorting the peaceful ways and means but if you insist that it is part of your sovereignty and you cannot accept the others to interfere and when the time comes we will give you the fair share in coach or the turkish ship. prospect you don't by force are glorious correct partners of you. that means that you don't leave any other option for the turkish cypriot side to ask the assistance of turkey to do the same. i am not saying that i am
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for. as they call it the gum board diplomacy and saw in the so for to stop the reading and saw i don't know what happens though but i am saying what i think what i believe is the correct approach i believe we. ask. assistance to bring in the. new we. or i don't know what is the status of that ship deep sea magic which is very firm bisht. to help out you've given them that mission and you've made that request for them to come and bring it into it so we have all that it done that you know that there are other scientists. do you still believe there is hope for a peace deal then because it sounds like the two sides i've spoken to you and i've had the pleasure of speaking to president and the others as well now and i'm just
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wondering do you still believe there is hope for a peace deal on this island at least any time soon it's. getting more and more difficult the more and more complex there is a nice word you know hope dies at last but you have to work hard and don't leave it alone. you have to work to keep it alive always just getting past what things seem to be heating up in the eastern mediterranean greece's defense minister says for example his country is close to what he calls a fatal accident with turkey how worried are you about the possibility of accidental confrontation it seems like a lot of countries now have the navies we know the u.s. has the. russia has a nuclear powered submarine the israelis were conducting war games not long ago the americans were watching the russians. it's crowded out there isn't there are you worried if you crowd that because it is an important area. that makes you want to
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go where they could be accidental confrontation or is that an exaggeration it could be i could not say that everything is fine and their thing. will be under pons row. sometimes certain things can happen unwittingly and accidentally therefore the best thing not to do these. two to keep away certain accidents is to establish a meaningful dialogue that is why i am saying that the greeks should go so it needs to change this is another example to change mentality and to establish a dialogue with their. partners at this future partner all partners and future partners because we were together in the republic or cyprus that didn't belong to
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them along it was a partnership and this place was the place of the residence of the first wise president of the nineteen sixty joint republic late the door for the trip. but the good ship goes simply says we left the obvious is we run our way no they want to tour in this republic into a greek cypriot and greek republic that's why all the trouble the stuff that but anyway. folk for the natural gas i see in a big opportunity. if three to properly handle properly. without any fear of accident and the others. we can get more child benefit out of it and not only us i really do wish there were
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other if not tens of properly if you are may expect. in it do you believe the greek cypriot side has asked the u.s. navy to protect eggs on mobile ships is that something you believe has been a lot of talk about it in the cypriot press or i don't know on that is what. it was you know because it was published so although you believe that this was i know do you believe that i need to have some other evidence in order not to be the stuff i can just thank you so much for talking to obviously thank you for. my. we call it is the biggest. innocent.
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