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the longstanding rule in europe april al-jazeera. cut. al-jazeera. where ever you are. just is in the same. sun journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for out in the media or opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera.
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a day of protest turns to bloodshed of the seventeen palestinians a shot dead with more than a thousand injured by israeli troops on the gaza hold. hello i'm down in jordan this is you from doha also coming up turkey's president tells his french counterpart to back off rejecting emmanuel month rolls off its immediate kurdish forces in syria. officer blank salamone has been terminated from the police department effective to be action against the police officers involved in yet another fatal shooting of a black man which bought nationwide protests in the us plus i'm when high in thailand we will tell you why migrant labor one of the backbones of thai industry is coming out of the shadows.
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u.n. secretary general antonio guterres she has called for an independent probe into the killing of at least seventeen palestinians shot dead by israeli forces in gaza more than a thousand unarmed protesters were injured by israeli gunfire in a moment we'll have the latest from the un where the security council has been meeting to discuss the deaths but first. reports on the day's events in gaza. it was supposed to be a peaceful day but as an armed protested march towards the border fence. israeli soldiers opened fire. sharpshooters were deployed but palestinians frustrated by the endless siege to live under undeterred. israeli commanders say they issued warnings against approaching the border fence not clear. we will never shoot one bullet against anyone who stays away from the security wall we have
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wounded during the last few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli sovereignty or to infiltrate the israeli territories will put himself and his life in danger but for besieged palestinian demonstrating next to the border is about the only visible means available for the world not to forget their plight we live under immense pressure that is why the people explode the blockade and the siege led to the explosion we either choose to live properly or to die we have no space we have no alternatives but to explode we have nothing except the oxygen in the air . land the is considered to first palestinian popular uprising for the past forty two years palestinians have been commemorating this day but this year after trumps the day ration over jerusalem it has taken greater significance it all started here in the world in israel after thousands of hectares of land were confiscated from palestinians back in one nine hundred seventy six six palestinians were killed then
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yet over how many says nothing has changed since palestinian land is still being taken away now more than ever enemies in here we came to commemorate this day because we have to confront the state it's important to remember our martyrs and it's important to save our ownership of the land i personally think we should resist until our last breath we shouldn't negotiate anymore we shouldn't give up our rights we need to find new ways many of the people living in gaza today are refugees and they're demanding their right to return home several tens have been erected a little further away from the border fence for what is being called the great march of return people are vowing to stay here until may fifteenth by dead do us is you to have moved this embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem put up that hamid al-jazeera in the road in israel. our diplomatic editor james bangs reports on the
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reaction at the u.n. security council this meeting was hastily convened on an official u.n. holiday it was called for by the arab member of the security council kuwait because its ambassador told me of the scale of the bloodshed this is a violation of the international law as also they are by awaiting the. geishas in accordance to geneva convention what should the council do now we will ask the council to take action originally this was supposed to be a closed meeting behind the scenes the u.s. was blocking a council statement condemning israel and so kuwait threatened to call an open meeting the u.s. being represented by a mid-level diplomat rather than its ambassador nikki haley didn't back down those involved to take steps to lower tensions and reduce the risk of new clashes bad actors who use protests as a cover to incite violence and danger and it sent lives the palestinian ambassador
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was very clear about his government's view of what happened on the gaza border those who brought the violence and the killing of the israeli forces our people in the gaza strip raising not a banner of faction but the palestinian flag demonstrate it peacefully peacefully peacefully and they were attacked by the israeli armed forces it's a massacre by them. the u.n. secretary general antonio good terraces issued a statement calling for a transparent and independent investigation into what happened on the garza border the un security council however can't even agree a statement with the u.s. as it's done so many times before taking one side that of israel james zero at the united nations turkey's president has rejected france's offer to mediate between ankara and kurdish armed groups in syria dismissing him on your macro as out of his
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depth it comes a day after u.s. president donald trump contradicted his own defense chiefs by saying that u.s. troops would pull out of syria very soon stephanie decker reports. the americans have long had a presence in this part of northern syria supporting the syrian democratic forces arrest a.f. in the fight against eisel but turkey views the kurdish y p g which makes up the bulk of the s.d.f. as a terrorist organization and in the latest twist french president met with an s.d.s. delegation on thursday night in paris an offer to mediate which isn't going down well in ankara but there's dick. says that he gave guarantee of support to the y.p. g that france can be mediators between turkey and the s.d.f. who gave you this judy do not engage in things beyond. turkish armed forces have already taking the troll of much of the syrian province of buffy in pushing out the y.p. everyone has long threatened to push further east on to members where the u.s.
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has military bases and all the way to the iraqi border the americans have also been monitoring the potential front line between kurdish fighters and the turkish backed syrian rebels who are nearby and to complicate matters even further the u.s. commander in chief had this to say and by the way we're not going the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now very very so we're coming now. that boast goes against what american commanders have been saying all along that the u.s. will remain in the northeastern part of syria for now to prevent the resurgence of beisel trump port even the state department of guard and i can't comment on what the president supposedly said i haven't seen and i have to refer you back to the white house. i have not seen it myself and said it i have not seen that myself ok. you don't necessarily comment or report on things that have been heard second hand and i'm not going to do that that's ok that's fine so you're not aware of any. determination to poor to pull the u.s. out if i am not no no the u.s.
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presence in syria gives it a stake at the negotiating table as long as troops men tain their presence in the kurdish areas the war in syria is now. entering a phase where russia turkey and iran are in the process of bartering for their strategic interests. the kurdish why p.g. currently controls around twenty percent of territory in syria the second highest area of land up to president bashar assad and his forces turkey wants that to change it's anyone's guess how it will play out stephanie decker zero. russia says it successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile defense ministry released a video of the launch in the north west nuclear weapon will replace a soviet era model which is the world's heaviest intercontinental ballistic missiles president vladimir putin says the new weapon can strike targets anywhere in the world and is difficult to intercept. the u.n. security council has blacklisted twenty seven ships and twenty one shipping
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companies for helping north korea evade sanctions a range of international and u.s. measures have been imposed over the country's nuclear program the latest action that was proposed by the u.s. to target the smuggling of north korean oil and coal by sea the company's sanctioned face an asset freeze while the ships are barred from force worldwide. hundreds of protesters are marching through the capital of the u.s. state of california where an unarmed black man was shot dead by the police. on friday an autopsy found stefan clark was hit eight times mostly in his back the police say they thought the twenty two year old was pointing a gun but it turned out to be a mobile phone had been protests in sacramento nearly every day since his death last week to demand the two officers resign. and a white police officer in the u.s. state of louisiana has been sacked for the killing of african-american old and sterling another officer has been suspended for three days thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the two officers and shot dead in the city of baton rouge
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and twenty sixteen michaela reports from washington d.c. . the current recruit. baton rouge police have finally released the body camera footage of the killing out and sterling was selling c.d.'s outside a convenience store when the two officers arrived on the scene a struggle broke out and six shots were fired earlier this week the louisiana attorney general announced no criminal charges will be brought against the two officers but after an internal investigation the baton rouge police department has announced disciplinary steps one officer tooted to use deescalation india's disengagement techniques consistent with policy and procedures in training and one office that did not follow the tactics training professionalism and organizational standards. simple the officer who wrestled stilling to the ground howie lake has
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been suspended for three days but his partner blake's alimony who fired the shots that killed the thirty seven year old has been fired from the police and this reaction from the attorneys of elton sterling's family. today was a troubling day. goes and day. but it was a day for truth. truth that we don't really see too often. it may have come in the form of a horrific incident. but it was a day for truth the killing back in july two thousand and sixteen led to massive nationwide protests and galvanized the black lives met and movement and to the tens of thousands who took to the streets the disciplinary process may be seen as too little too late the question to why the police found the officer who fired the
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shots culpable but the state's attorney general did not mike hanna al-jazeera washington. lots also to come here not just here including stranded and hungry of the african migrants left in limbo by yemeni civil war. and as mexico's presidential campaign gets underway could it be the third time lucky for the left wing front runner more than stating. how i will gradually see the weather second down across the middle east over the next few days still a little blurry there has to be said fair amounts of cloud across iraq up towards the caspian sea so toppling its way east was ahead of that very warm in tashkent thirty two celsius it will move through and by sunday temps just fall back to around seventeen degrees but temperatures do recover well behind the thirty celsius
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there in baghdad getting up to the mid twenty's for beirut to reach them at around twenty two degrees celsius to come further south that same line of cloud stretches across the and they ripen into the northern parts of saudi arabia certainly temp just here also falling back thirty one celsius for riyadh forty back to around thirty degrees as we go on into sunday still a little bit of cloud here a greater significance i suspect will be the increasing wind that will come through so we are looking at some dust and sand storms across northern parts of the places including kata come in south africa very wet around the east side of the country here from from taipei hundred thirty two millimeters of rain in twenty four hours and the shower was never too far away as we go on through the next couple of days i see the western cape that looks set to stay dry showers continue just around the eastern cape maybe some showers to creep into houses but for sunday if it's in the crickets for the last a status. a
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family. politicized by the forces of nature. before you. can document his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. the climate dial a witness documentary. welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera the un secretary general has called for an independent investigation into the killing of at least seventeen
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palestinians by israeli forces in gaza more than a thousand unarmed demonstrators were injured by israeli gunfire during a protest. this president has rejected a french initiative to mediate between turkish and kurdish forces in syria president. after meeting occurred just allegation on thursday. and a white police officer in the u.s. state of louisiana has been fired over the killing of african-american old. another policeman has been suspended for just three days thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the two officers and shot in the city of baton rouge twenty sixteen. now a deadline for migrant workers in thailand to register with the government is about to expire still there are more than three million most from neighboring me and allow us about half of them are undocumented when he reports from somewhat socks on . thailand seafood industry is one of the largest in the world but it's
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a sector that's mired in problems like illegal fishing practices and labor abuses the european union is threatening to ban all seafood imports from thailand prompting a crackdown on the industry from the thai government the international criticism also sparked a restructure of how it handles migrant workers who form the backbone of tiny industry particularly the seafood sector the result a narrow two month window for more than a million and a half undocumented workers to register with the government in the final days before the deadline there were almost a million still to register to receive two year id cards and work permits workers waited hours sometimes days in line at immigration processing centers i have about forty five minutes left before i get the papers by i have to wait in a long queue there are too many people here. under the new regulations the seafood industry has received special attention because of the abuses that have been taking place workers have undergone iris scanning allowing them to be monitored to stop
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them falling victim to slavery and human trafficking the people here hope the new initiatives will help provide them with greater rights and protection from abuse but in reality it will come down to one source went of the locals and in thailand that's often where the system falls down it's long been alleged that many fishing boat owners and factory operators bribe police and local government officials to look the other way when allegations of abuse arise thailand's military government says it's getting tough on corruption and the new regulations will help the workers well. when these migrant workers are granted a work permit they will get the rights and benefits of thailand social security system the same as thai workers and they will be protected by thailand's. but the migrants have found the registration process confusing convoluted and expensive with people having to pay for brokers to help them navigate the system after waiting all day received his i.d.
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card but thought the immigration stuff had spelt his name wrong in the end the card was correct but because he doesn't have enough paperwork for me in ma il expire in six months meaning you have to start all over again wayne hey al jazeera somewhat sick on thailand's. some of the students who survived a school shooting in the us are hitting back at criticism of the stand they've taken on gun control they've been powerful voices in protest since last month's attack in florida and that's made them a target for the national rifle association as well as conservative media outlets reports. first they survived one of the worst school shootings in history. then a week ago they organized march for our lives. and student led demonstration in washington calling for stronger gun control if you listen real close you can hear the people in power shaking now they are facing another attack this one coming from america's
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powerful gun lobby and its supporters who are trying to discredit them the national rifle association by far the most powerful gun lobby in the us put out this video that mocked the shooting survivors you want to save innocent lives take the millions of dollars going to this carnival of a march and hire armed guards in schools all over this country but then these kids would have to shriek from the spotlight and go back to their homework eighteen year old emma gonzales and seventeen year old david hog two of the most vocal survivors of the parklane shooting who have become the face of the gun control movement and i've also taken the most cruel and false smears against them this memo of gonzalez ripping up the constitution that protects the right to bear arms. went viral online by pro-gun groups it was meant to portray gonzales as an anti america leftists the only problem it is fake and was taken from this real image of gonzales ripping up
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a shooting target and outrage after laura ingram a conservative host on fox news made fun of hog tweeting david hog rejected by four colleges to achieve applied the message read in part ingram later apologized as for the students they're now responding hitting back at their critics were hurts them the most their wallets if you got out me or my friends we're going to go after you because we aren't going as far as that we're going to go after the money because that's where the most several well known companies on ingram's t.v. program have pulled their advertisements. it's a win for teen survivors turned gun reform activists who aren't backing down from powerful politicians pundits and a gun lobby clearly threatened by them gabriel is on to. washington.
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russia's throwing out diplomats from twenty three countries as a dispute over the poisoning of a former spy in britain grows ambassadors were summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow to be told of the decision the moves in retaliation for a series of expulsions of russian diplomats by the u.k. and its allies london accuses the kremlin of being behind the nerve agent attack on said a script out of his daughter on march the fourth. african migrants being held in ai detention center in the yemeni port city of aden say they don't have enough food most came to yemen looking for work without the necessary papers and now face being deported by reports. anxious hungry and cramped together these men are waiting to find out if that call change. i came from djibouti to work or used to give us a small amount of food if there is no food we will die if there is no solution they will deport us to our countries or get us out of here we are left without food for three days. missed of them
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a dangerous journeys from the horn of africa despite the war in yemen like thousands before them the hope of getting well paid work in wealthy gulf states made the risk of traveling through a worse and worthwhile now that hopes gone. because we are currently holding six hundred fifty african migrants who came illegally to the ne shores from djibouti their temporary detain until we deport them to where they came from the ministry of interior stop sending food supplies for three days now for no reason at all the migrants transit route was already dangerous even before the war started for yes yet even now up to fifteen thousand african migrants are rounded up by police and thrown into detention centers every month. the minister of interior decided to move the center to another location the center of it would be suitable with more resources as vell as new management that can run the place without the practices that migrants were subjected to in the previous sentence. a saudi coalition is
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fighting to restore yemen's exiled government after iranian backed rebels seized towns and cities including yemen's capital sana'a but the poverty and violence in countries where these men began their journeys keeps them coming barbara and sara. two of the candidates running for mexico's presidency have launched their campaigns for july's election it's said to be a three way battle between very different candidates but one thing they all agree on is their opposition to u.s. president donald trump's border wall john heilemann reports from mexico city. it's going to be the biggest election in mexican history with positions up for grabs from mexico city mayor to congressional seats to the top job itself and all eyes are on the three main contenders for the presidency but who are they the current front runner is familiar to mexicans at least this is the third bid by and it is
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money well lopez obrador he's a traditional leftist who wants to raise public workers salaries increase benefits to vulnerable mexican's and worryingly for some hope the current government's reforms to the struggling education and energy sectors but most of all i am committed to eliminating corruption and impunity privileges and exemptions will be abolished we will put an end to luxuries abuses and overspending in the government but that cries less convincing this time around he's allied himself with some devious trade union leaders and politicians in the hope of widening his support. hard on the heels of the veteran an ambitious youngster because the anigh is all about slick promotional videos and steve jobs speech is what the conservative candidates fronting a left right alliance his main proposals a universal income for all paid for by cutting social programs he's a modernizer but so far short of. the way is clear
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first sustained economic development based on being more competitive attractive to investment which in turn will be invested in education health and infrastructure. and i think he's has to defend himself against corruption accusations which he says are a smear campaign from the team of this month third. placed hold him tony iommi seen as a competent technocrat he's banking on his government experience to win votes or they're more more. we can look mexicans in the eye and talk about twenty years of public service with twenty years of honorable promotions twenty years of being part of a team. to be seen as lacking charisma this being dragged down by running for a ruling party which has failed to curb corruption will deal with what is the elephant in the room for everyone and that's mexico's ongoing violence none of the candidates have offered much detail on how they'll tackle it and looking to focus
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on other things that spells trouble the current administration have the same approach and today we're seeing record murder levels the candidates are on the other hand more than willing to confront this man and his plan and wolf a furious mit's can publicly demands it but they're also showing some are strained in the end one of them is going to have to work with the neighbor to the north john homan. mexico city. now the battle between madrid and barcelona of a catalan succession is bringing back better memories from the spanish civil war which ended nearly eighty years ago for some of the relatives of those who died the wounds of that conflict and yet to be healed and i reports. in the hills above the village of us a team of archaeologists has already more than one hundred bodies from the site both men and women. a d.n.a. bank has been created to collect samples from relatives of the missing to try and reunite the victims with their still grieving families joseph came to the mass
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grave this week because he'd heard they discovered a body with an amputated leg that was the one thing he knew about his grandfather badly wounded in the fierce fighting around the village doctors had to cut off one of his legs like so many thousands of others in the wake of the civil war his own sons never had a chance to mourn at his graveside. the forensic anthropologist at the site said there's a high chance the family have finally found their grandfather but the agony of waiting is still not over a genetic match is needed to confirm it when you know more than a matter when there's a dramatic death in any family a vacuum is created and it's passed down to each generation it's about restoration of about giving him a dignified funeral it's not here like he was it's important to heal the wounds there's never been any judicial reckoning for general franco and his death squads
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the killings and executions and purges continued after the war was over his victims buried in unmarked and unquiet graves but the divisions here are still very much alive the streets of the village may now seem peaceful but the memories of the civil war that raged around them can never be forgotten you know like that i'm going to got a lot from the war i distinctly remember certain things it was something to be afraid of something we were always terrified of waiting to see what would happen general francisco franco's final resting place is marked with a giant cross in the valley of the fallen outside madrid. that so many of his victims still lie unmarked and claim real peace can never return here until spain comes to terms with its brutal past david chaytor al jazeera catalonia present vice captain of australia's cricket team has tearfully apologized for the
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part he played in a ball tampering scandal david warner has been banned for twelve months and told he'll never again hold a leadership role in the team it was the last of the three disgraced cricketers to front up to the media after captain steve smith and batsman cameron bancroft thirty one year old admits he faces an uncertain future. in a back room or more and i suppose there is a twenty ray of hope. they don't maybe one day be given the privilege of playing for a contrary view but i wonder if i'm resorting to the fact that you may never happen and don't forget you can catch up on all the news on our website all the latest of those that's on the gaza border the address al jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera.
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time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the un secretary general has called for an independent investigation into the killing of at least seventeen palestinians by israeli forces in gaza more than a thousand were injured by israeli gunfire during the protests for those who tried to say. come on now that is not the case civilian protesters demonstrating peacefully and an armed forces unleashed massive power against them that led to this massacre with this large number of casualties turkey's president has rejected a french initiative to mediate between turkish and kurdish forces in syria french president made the offer after meeting with a kurdish delegation on thursday. a white police officer in the u.s. state of louisiana has been sacked over the killing of african-american alton
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sterling another policeman has been suspended for three days thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the thirty seven year old sterling was held down by the two officers and shot dead in the city of baton rouge and twenty sixteen. and hundreds of protesters are marching in california's capital sacramento over the police shooting of an unarmed black man on friday summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow to be told of the decision the moves in retaliation for a series of explosions of russian diplomats by the u.k. and its allies russia says it successfully tested on intercontinental ballistic missile defense ministry released a video of the launch from classics to the north west president vladimir putin says the new missile can strike targets and in the world it is difficult to intercept on the site vice captain of australia's cricket team has apologized for the part he played in a ball tampering scandal in south africa david warner has been banned for twelve months and told he'll never again the hold
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a leadership role in the team he was the last of the three disgraced cricketers to front up to the media after captain steve smith and batsman cameron bancroft well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after a.j. select statement just. saying. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for the media they're listening to instead they still i'm on al-jazeera. the. morning.


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