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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2018 10:00am-10:15am +03

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knowing the media opinion that listening goes to base time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you. the last time i spoke to him he told me i was thinking to go into syria the world wants to see syria's fighters a close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yes it is you made these chillingly intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was going to be an exclusive documentary syria the last assignment at this time on al-jazeera.
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a day of protest turns to bloodshed at least seventeen palestinians are shot abit more than a thousand and shared by israeli troops on the gaza border. shock area this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. prepares to close its consulate in st petersburg as russia responds unkind to western expulsions at its diplomats. office a blind salamone has been terminated from the ground which police department to be action against the police officers involved in yet another fatal shooting of an unarmed black man which sparked nationwide protests in the u.s. plus. as fresh water becomes more scarce scientists consider a controversial option to quench our thirst.
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and secretary general has called for an end dependent investigation into the death of seventeen palestinians shot by israeli forces during a protest in gaza more than fourteen hundred protesters were injured half of them were hit by israeli gunfire at a moment we'll have the latest from the un where the security council held an emergency meeting to discuss the first though how to delamater ports on the day's events in gaza. it was supposed to be a peaceful day but as an armed protested march towards the border fence. israeli soldiers opened fire. sharpshooters were deployed but palestinians frustrated by the endless siege to live under undeterred israeli commanders say they issued warnings against approaching the border fence not clear. we will never shoot one bullet against anyone who stays away from the security wall we have
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wounded during the last few days that everyone who tries to violate the israeli sovereignty or to infiltrate the israeli territories will put himself and his life in danger but for besieged palestinian demonstrating next to the border is about the only visible means available for the world not to forget their plight we live under immense pressure that is why the people explode the blockade and the siege led to the explosion we either choose to live properly or to die we have no space we have no alternatives but to explode we have nothing except the oxygen in the air . land the is considered to first palestinian popular uprising for the past forty two years palestinians have been commemorating this day but this year after trumps the collaboration over jerusalem it has taken greater significance it all started here in the road in israel after thousands of hectares of land were confiscated from palestinians back in. back in one nine hundred seventy six six palestinians
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were killed then yet i behind me says nothing has changed since palestinian land is still being taken away now more than ever in a meeting here we came to commemorate this day because we have to confront the state it's important to remember our martyrs and it's important to save our ownership of the land i personally think we should resist until our last breath we shouldn't negotiate anymore we shouldn't give up our rights we need to find new ways many of the people living in gaza today are refugees and they're demanding their right to return home several tens have been erected a little further away from the border fence for what is being called the great march every people are vowing to stay here until may fifteenth by dead do us is due to have moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem but up that hemy al-jazeera in
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the road in israel i do the magic editor james space reports on reaction at the u.n. security council. this meeting was hastily convened on an official u.n. holiday it was called for by the arab member of the security council kuwait because its ambassador told me of the scale of the bloodshed this is a violation of the international humanitarian law. also they are by awaiting the. geishas in accordance to the convention what should the council do now we will ask the council to take action originally this was supposed to be a closed meeting behind the scenes the u.s. was blocking a council statement condemning israel and so kuwait threatened to call an open meeting the u.s. being represented by a mid-level diplomat rather than its ambassador nikki haley didn't back down rewards those involved to take steps to lower tensions and reduce the risk of new clashes. bad actors who use protests as
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a cover to incite violence endanger innocent lives the promise the new number was very clear about his government's view of what happened on the gaza border those who brought the violence and the killing of that is that our forces our people in the gaza strip raising not a band of faction but the palestinian flag demonstrated peacefully peacefully peacefully and they would buy those that are really on force it's a massacre by them the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists has issued a statement calling for a transparent and independent investigation into what happened on the gaza border the un security council however can't even agree a statement with the u.s. as it's done so many times before taking one side that of israel james zero at the united nations the u.s. has reportedly frozen more than two hundred million dollars allocated for recovery
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efforts in syria president onil trump says he wants to withdraw from syria soon and i spoke into turkey's leader at a tire party won over the phone turkey is threatening an all out offensive against kurdish forces in the city of. but the kurds have been key partners with the u.s. against eisel arnel on has rejected french efforts to find a political solution with the kurds former u.s. assistant secretary defense larry korb thanks the kurdish issue is a red line for president are one. i think they feel that they're both nato members and that the u.s. and turkey can't seem to make any progress given what's going on now so i think he thought he would be seen as an honest broker obviously when you're dealing with air to water on anything with the kurds it's very hard to get any objective view of what's i think it's basically saying things a lot of times that he doesn't follow up on if you look about what he said about afghanistan he wasn't going to do anything more we sent you know we sent more more
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troops there and you know he criticized president obama for leaving iraq prematurely so it's hard for me to see him doing this particularly with secretary mabus was adamant about staying there the last remaining staff at the u.s. consulate in st petersburg or leaving as the diplomatic fallout continues from the poisoning of a former double agent and britain and live pictures from outside the soon to be closed consulate office at a saturday deadline for its closure as part of its response to the expulsion of more than one hundred fifty russian diplomats all around the world eks allies are backing london which accuses the kremlin being behind the nerve agent attack on service cripple and his daughter earlier this month and russia's foresman foreign minister has told western embassies how many of their staff will be expelled or a challenge has more from moscow. well one after another black ambassadorial cars
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have been pulling up here outside the rather ornate silver gray doors of the russian foreign ministry and the ambassadors have been walking into essentially get a dressing down from the foreign ministry staff air and be told how many of their personnel has to be packing their bags to leave from what we've seen so far it seems to be broadly tit for tat in line numbers wise with the explosions that we have heard from western countries kicking out russians over the script all of the british ambassador was told that the total number of u.k. personnel here diplomatic and consular paster eventually match by the end of the month the number of russian staff in the u.k. this is on top of the twenty three brits that had to pack their bags and leave some days ago that was of course because the u.k. had kicked out twenty three russians what we're seeing here is this worsening of
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diplomatic relations tit for tat response it's a catalyst as we in this group are fair but of course there is so much else behind all this much that's gone on over the last few years with the camp of russian campaign in syria with what's been going on in crimea and ukraine that has worsened relations between the west and russia of course putin and donald trump are both saying that there is room so walk back from this of course they have to say that they don't want to go marching off to war but yes we are in a severe diplomatic crisis of the moment and it doesn't seem to be getting any better right now. some of the students who survived that school shooting in the u.s. are hitting back at criticism of the stand they've taken on gun control there have been powerful voices and protests since last month's attack in florida and that's made them a target for the national rifle to rifle association as well as conservative media
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outlets are bella's onto reports. first they survived one of the worst school shootings in history and. then a week ago they organized march for our lives i the student led demonstration in washington calling for stronger gun control if you listen real close you can hear the people in power shaking now they are facing another attack this one coming from america's powerful gun lobby and its supporters who are trying to discredit them the national rifle association by far the most powerful gun lobby in the us put out this video that mocked the shooting survivors who want to save innocent lives take the millions of dollars going to this carnival of a march and hire armed guards in schools all over this country but then these kids would have to shriek from the spotlight and go back to their homework eighteen year old emma gonzales and seventeen year old david hallberg two of the most vocal survivors of the parklane shooting who have become the face of the gun control
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movement and i've also taken the most cruel and false smears against them this memo of gonzalez ripping up the constitution that protects the right to bear arms went viral online by pro-gun groups it was meant to portray gonzales as an anti america leftists the only problem it is fake and was taken from this real image of gonzales ripping up a shooting target and outrage after laura ingram a conservative host on fox news made fun of hog tweeting david hog rejected by four colleges to which you applied the message read in part ingram later apologized as for the students there now responding hitting back at their critics were hurts them the most their wallets if you got me or my friends we're going to go out to you because we are nice and it's fair is that we're going to go after the money because that's where the money. several well known companies on ingram's t.v.
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program have pulled their advertisements. i mean it's a win for teen survivors turned gun reform activists who aren't backing down from powerful politicians pundits and a gun lobby clearly threatened by them gabriel zonda. washington. hundreds of protesters have marched in the u.s. against the shooting of an unarmed black man by police. on friday an autopsy found stuff on carcass hit eight times that police say they thought the twenty two year old was pointing a gun but it turned out to be a mobile phone and there had been protests in sacramento nearly every day since he was killed last week police want the two officers involved to be fired people but this and louisiana a white police officer has been fired for killing another black man in two thousand and sixteen alton sterling was held down by two officers and shot dead while he was
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being arrested at other placements been suspended for three days and i cannot reports from washington d.c. . baton rouge police have finally released the body camera footage of the killing out on sterling was selling c.d.'s outside a convenience store when the two officers arrived on the scene a struggle broke out and six shots were fired earlier this week the louisiana attorney general announced no criminal charges will be brought against the two offices but after an internal investigation the baton rouge police department has announced disciplinary steps one officer two to use deescalation india's disengagement techniques consistent with policy and procedures in training and one officer did not follow the tactics training. professionalism and organizational standards simple the officer who wrestled sterling to the ground how we lake has
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been suspended for three days but his partner blake's alimony who fired the shots that killed the thirty seven year old has been fired from the police and this reaction from the attorneys up alton sterling's family. today was a troubling day. it was a sad day. but it was a day for truth. truth that we don't really see too often. they may have come in the form of a horrific incident. but it was a day for truth the killing back in july two thousand and sixteen led to massive nation.


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