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on counting the cost of crude futures contract was launched in china this week find out what it all means for the dollar and oil producers a look at africa's biggest companies plus technology under scrutiny the latest on. the. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested and that global perspective that al jazeera provides. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnigan this is the news hour from al-jazeera live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes israel's defense minister rejects calls for a formal inquiry into the violence on the gaza border. a smooth transition but swat
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swears at a new president after its leader steps down. and the u.s. and south korea kick off the largest annual military exercise following a month long postponement. and i'm firing small have all the sporting clearing. sets his sights on becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after winning another title. israel's defense minister has rejected calls for an inquiry into the killing of palestinian protesters on friday comes as video emerges of a demonstrator being shot as he ran away from israel's border with gaza it was filmed as thousands of people began their protest against decades of land grabs by israel the israeli military says the man was a member of the armed wing of hamas his family have denied that claim and say that
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he was unarmed and shot in the back of the serious heart of the homemade reports now from the gaza israel border. grief anger and defiance as. it's a scene that has become all too familiar adding pain to what do u.n. calls and unlivable situation among the bodies being carried for one last time through districts of gaza the one of mohammed an artist who took part in to so-called great march of return his friends say his art would be forgotten. in all morden thousand four hundred people were injured more than half of them shot by live ammunition some suffocated by tear gaius the highest casualty rate in a single day in gaza since the last war in two thousand and fourteen israel had prepared for days sending reinforcements to the border area the army had warned
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gazans against approaching the border fence as a matter of national security now the military threatens that if the violence continues it will escalate its response and go deeper into gaza. bus drivers receive voice messages from the israeli army advising them against moving people to the border area or else as this voice says they and their families will be held responsible but gazans fed up and exhausted from life under siege vowed to continue protesting civil tents were erected along the border and thousands of people planned to camp there many of them refugees who are demanding their right to return to the homes their families were a victim from generations ago that the so he still carries dickey of his parents' house in there is about now an israeli town but i'll go but i will keep it until we get back there and died if not me my children will have been waiting for nearly
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seventy years and still nobody cares about us i live under siege with not a single aspect of a decent life about sixty eight percent of the population in gaza are refugees the protests will continue until may fifteenth the day of the creation of the state of israel palestinians refer to it as nec back or catastrophe everyone on both sides is aware that the stand of can spin out of control at any moment. joins us now live from gaza where she's outside one of the hospitals coping with the hundreds of palestinian casualties from friday and saturday violence hala tell us something of the nature of the injuries that they're having to deal with. well actually we were just talking to some of the hospital officials and they told us that out of the thousand four hundred injured on friday well eight hundred and five
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of those were by live ammunition and actually when you walk into a do ward here. you do see plenty of injuries specially in the legs in the arms and also in the back i was talking to one of the female protesters there who said that she got shot while she was standing in front of the men and she was just holding a palestinian flag she said she could see the soldiers and the soldiers could see them and she actually had a backpack and took it off so the soldiers didn't think that she had something else kind of weapon in that backpack and she didn't expect to be shot that she was shot in the leg and she said that everything unfolded very quickly and all of a sudden all she could see around her where a lot of people fall into the ground. and most of she could see was a lot of people injured in their legs so it seemed that that was that was happening on one board and i was booked on another girl who also got shot in the arm she said
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that actually she was trying to help another young man who had been shot and she was trying to take him to the ambulance because the ambulance wasn't able to reach them and actually it's at that point that she saw it she said that she was also very surprised about the amount of use of force that happened there she said she was expecting something to happen to a certain expecting tear gas to a certain expecting rubber coated bullets israel had been. very clear about that but i think everybody was taken aback at least from the conversations i had so far but how israel reacted and as far as the hospital is concerned itself is concerned that it doesn't have. enough medical equipment the the the medicines required to treat all of these people. no it doesn't have absolutely not actually one of the doctors were telling me that they had to carry out more than one hundred
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amputations simply because they don't have the means to deal with that kind of injuries they don't have the medicine they don't have even. but i mean they were saying that some of the injuries to the bone were so broken and brittle and they don't have they don't know how to treat that they don't have the means so they had to really take quick decisions they also said that they were under pressure because of the amount of wounded they were coming and that resulted into a lot of amputations i asked if some of them could have been avoided the doctor said well if we were under normal circumstances yes could have been avoided but here in gaza this is what we have to do to save the life of the person out of anything. in gaza. syrian state media says that fighters are withdrawing from the last rebel held area in eastern damascus wounded fighters and civilians have been allowed to leave the city to go rather to go to
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the province but a wider deal for a full surrender in duma is still being negotiated government forces are surrounding the area which is home to tens of thousands of people. u.s. media say the president donald trump has ordered the state department to freeze some two hundred million dollars worth of funds that was designed to help rebuild syria trump is eager to end u.s. involvement on thursday he said the troops will pull out soon going secretary of state rex tillerson announced the recovery funding back in february during a meeting of the coalition fighting isis. yemen has destroyed tons of much needed humanitarian supplies to play. in the rebel held port city of. reports. firefighters did all they could to stop the flames. but more than fifty tons of critically needed food and relief supplies were lost
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the five warehouses in the rebel held port city. were being used by the united nations food program the red sea port has been a lifeline for people in the country. controlled from the beginning it wouldn't have reached this extent by sunrise the fly was huge. and the thought was expanding and spreading from store to store. the u.n. says it's investigating but some port workers are blaming an electrical short circuit. and that hasn't. really caught the news of this fire from the governor right operation when we arrived here we found a lot of safety and security negligence and this has led to a huge spread of fire all over the place. the internationally recognized government of yemen is blaming the rebels not hold the port it says the criminals behind this fire should be punished yemen is one of the world's poorest countries.
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the three year war between iran backed with the rubbles and the saudi backed yemeni government in exile has left more than ten thousand people dead there are also outbreaks of cholera and diptheria. this warehouse fire is a further setback for those trying to help civilians in what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis paul trigger john al-jazeera. the governor of russia central came out of a region has resigned over the shopping center fire that killed more than sixty people last week and until they have said that it was the right conscious and only true decision an investigation found fire exits of the mom had been illegally blocked the public address system was and switched on and the fire alarm system was broken many of those who died were children but investigators say that some of them have been locked inside a cinema but's want to has inaugurated a new president in
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a ceremony designed to highlight a smooth transition of power but what see assisi is taking over until elections next year he was formerly the vice president. in commas stepped down as president on saturday after serving the maximum time allowed of the country's constitution catherine soy reports. this very much in line with the constitution the president the president. back that's to step down as he did and. to spread. the president. to the floor.
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to tranq this president to destroy all the people of books and he. and his own pride. to form a president. some people. as well. and you know. by larry. and i guess it's going to be interesting to see what happens. next be on wednesday when he gets. his vice president people in sierra leone waiting to find out who will be their next president has been a runoff election between two candidates after the first round failed to produce an outright winner but as al-jazeera as ahmed address reports now there's been little
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enthusiasm for this vote. and as election offices count the votes settle your audience hold their breath this is the last leg of a difficult three months officers are hoping that the turnout will be high to give legitimacy to the process. when president on his bike or obama arrived to choose the successor there was hardly anyone queuing to vote those who did left long before the lot on out was not lost on the process. my. only concern. at the runoff is. the voter turnout seem to. be no other than what we experience under several we do hope that with all the gains we have made it is incumbent on the candidates to accept the outcome of the elections this is what some say is partly responsible for
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some voters staying away especially in more rural areas heavily armed soldiers at polling stations we have high presence of security outfits in spinning number of intimidation checks and all of that and citizens and i mean they're not so enthusiastic in terms of how the process is djibril kamar lives close to why the president voted but he's not keen on voting. where is a month of the five now i. can see not now i'm not even a youth and i'm on the. roads i can boast of anything no i'm skinny and not an office job. and there are thousands who think that way the recess narrowed to two candidates after the first round failed to produce a clear winner of voters must choose between a former military ruler and a former government minister they both represent parties that have dominated
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politics and voters who are mostly young and are eager to change the way things are done here for those who chose to participate like this first time voter they simply want their voices heard i was in the education it was very. we need any. election officials say results could be out in a few days but we have a succeeds this man will have to find a way to unite said in the audience polarized by the election as a last addressing the critical needs of the people. al-jazeera freetown. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program the dark secrets of one of russia's most polluted rivers. u.s. president donald trump says the trade also raises awareness but some farmers in the west take a different view. and it's called the fairy tale one for this college basketball team and that ninety eight year old chaplain has come to an end to tell you what
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happened a little later in the. united states and south korea have begun joint military drills that were postponed ahead of february's winter olympics nearly twelve thousand u.s. troops will join south korean soldiers for the largest annual exercises between the two nations kathy novak reports from seoul. these annual joint military drills usually take place earlier in the year but they were delayed so as not to coincide with the winter olympics and paralympics that were taking place here in south korea north korea usually react angrily to drills like this calling them a rehearsal for an invasion even though the u.s. and south korea say they are defensive in nature but of course lately there has been a more peaceful atmosphere here on the korean peninsula and in light of that it seems
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that these drills are likely to be more low key the scale will be the same as in previous years but instead of running for two months they are expected to run for one month of course that is a time when we there is a lead up to a summit meeting between the leaders of north and south korea and plans for a possible meeting between the leader of north korea kim jong un and the u.s. president donald trump so another sign of a more cooperative atmosphere between the two koreas and indeed between the u.s. and north korea with shorter drills planned and we're not likely to see what's known as strategic assets including nuclear powered aircraft carriers this time around at the same time in another sign of the cooperation between the two koreas there is an art troupe visiting north korea for a series of performances they will be performing on sunday night and there is also a performance planned for choose day which will involve involve joint performance between north and south korean artists let's get the thoughts of c.
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one call who's the managing editor at korea exposé news magazine he joins us now from seoul via skype was a stretch you know that was saying that north korea usually react pretty angrily to these military drills with the the glimmer of a foreign relations now between north and south korea why go through with these these exercises. well i mean what many people thought was a billion is not a million anymore because it's proven to be really a full scale vol there is a very clear indication that the relations have improved significantly sensed intentions of last year as your correspondents all invention there is today's performance by south korean artist. and that's actually taking place right now as we speak so that really should be an indication of how comfortable north korea seems to be with the military exercises that are going on in the south and these are after all as kathleen mentioned regularly scheduled events and they have been
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seriously downscaled and also north korea told south korea when the south is a special delegation visit it coming out last month that this is something that going on during that's excepts as something that is part of what the government is holding has to do so there is no objection there is no kind of illiterates that we have seen from north korea in the past so the very fact that they set up for exercises a going ahead gives us some insight into the to the state of diplomacy between. the south the north and it did the u.s. . well to some extent. i think we cannot change the fact that the two koreas anyone at all is for the last several decades and the relationship between south korea and the us is a very strong one many people here value the military alliance very much in the support disclaimed of military exercises but at the same time what we're seeing
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from both south korea and the u.s. as well as china is kind of very serious consideration of the change in tone from north korea the government realizes that this is a very important opportunity to bring up dialogue so they're receiving very delicately and and i think both sides are showing a lot of restraint in order to make sure that this process toward peace is not going to be grilled so there despite the fact that these acts as a going ahead both the u.s. and south korea a take aim taking the north scholes for diplomacy very seriously in course i mean there's no reason really to doubt that north korea is trying to play games here and i think that became very clear to everyone when kim jong un was visiting aging earlier this week and there are a ball rolling the there the mouth of the chinese official news agency seen a lot he clarified his commitment to the nuclear is
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a shot and he actually made very specific proposals about how he wants this process to be a scene cronus and progressive one there are questions as to whether this demand would be accepted by washington but he does not change the fact that there are some very detailed ideas coming out of the north korean the there's mouth at the moment so that gives relieve your sermons to everybody that this time there might be some kind of hope for really good stuff here for the thanks david being with us say one could there from korea exposé views. paul famous of the united states of beginning to feel the impact of a new twenty five percent tariff on their products proposed by china it's driven american pork prices down the new tariffs was sparked by president trump's plan to impose duties on sixty billion dollars worth of chinese goods john hendren reports . china's newly planted area of suv set off a pork panic in the american farm belt but just the economically you know no matter
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what it is ripping off the movie affects the bottom of the chair of sitting pig farms across the united states or an answering shot in a trade war retaliation for president donald trump's new tariffs on steel and other chinese goods fairport producers are no longer competitive on the world market so if they come then to china ours are now more expensive therefore they would pick their port from some other place because china is the second largest customer for american farm products after canada the u.s. agricultural department says farm incomes this year are expected to slide to their lowest levels since two thousand and six farmers have been big supporters of president trump in large part because he's been cutting regulations on their industry so when the chinese picked a target that would hurt trump and his supporters most they knew exactly where to aim china has been selected in products to inflict maximum sort of economic and
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political pain on the united states is not so much of the ten as are eager to harm american farmers on the other hand they're not going to just take shots from the trump administration without a response ironically one of the companies that would be most harmed by the tariffs north carolina based smithfield is actually owned by a chinese company proof that china is willing to take losses to wage a trade war it says the u.s. has set off john hendren al-jazeera chicago. a river in russia that serves hundreds of thousands of people is considered to be one of the world's most polluted that it's spreading radioactive contamination all the way to the arctic ocean journal reports from russia's chelyabinsk region. is no ordinary river considered one of the most polluted waterways on earth the stench of open sewage rises from beneath the ice. it has a dark history the tensions waters also contain radiation levels up to eighty times
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higher than normal that's thanks to the my ak nuclear plant seventeen hundred kilometers east of moscow originally producing plutonium for the soviet union's nuclear weapons program they produced many types off nuclear waste dump of these nuclear waste high level nuclear waste inside their area where richest. in one nine hundred fifty seven my x. suffered what's thought to be the world's third worst nuclear accident contaminating a vast area affecting hundreds of thousands of people it was covered up for decades . now does the kuttab of us father was a worker at my ak he and her grandmother died of cancer she campaigned for compensation for victims but fled two years ago accused in the media of being a traitor she spoke to al-jazeera in paris finally of a on this that it's very dangerous because population died to have lay kamya and
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began to. children through the defects communities were moved new villages were built but even sixty years later the residents of new mystery of don't feel safe in reno rama zone over used to swim in the toxic river as a child yet stashed it in a private i think it was the wrong decision where only three kilometers away what is it a clean zone here. not everyone was relocated he learned done by of still lives in what remains of old muslim of a on the banks of the techo these days he's careful to use only bottled water it wasn't always the case and no one ever told us anything then in one thousand nine hundred three a drunken yeltsin came here he climbed up on a table in the street and told us i'm going to me it's a contaminated area done by of suffers from a litany of health complaints from stroke to heart and bone marrow problems that
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his doctors have linked to years of exposure to excessive radiation cancer because right in communities that didn't even know why they were getting sick many died unnaturally young and that would be extraordinary enough as a story from a long time ago except that the maya plant is still functioning still potentially leaking hazardous waste its operations still going on under a shroud of secrecy last october a crowd of mostly harmless ruthie me i'm one of those six was detected in the air over western europe scientists believe it may have been released at my act during the refining of spent nuclear fuel but russia denies any leak occurred. so what of the future dangers posed by my act and the oksana sits there is an expert on nuclear pollution. but it applies to this region and also goes
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all the way to the icy northern seas these materials never existed in nature before the human made and no one knows how they're going to behave over time activists believe miacca may still be dumping waste into the regions water system russia's nuclear or storage eros says it complies with all relevant safety guidance little has been done to compensate victims of contamination jonah how al-jazeera in the chelyabinsk region of russia raining cats and dogs in tonga and fiji where the staff have the details that next on the news out then. iraq's christian community tries to rise from the ruins of war for easter. braced for re-entry sad to say the chinese space lab is closing in the earth's atmosphere . and sport the slump is over this tennis player to
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a wife the late. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello there we've had one cycle and after another form recently and you'd expect that in an learning year year just to the east of australia we often see cycling's develop when we have linear conditions in the pacific this little blob of cloud here just to the south of fiji is all latest storm so already given us an awful lot of wet weather to fiji there hundred fifty two millimeters of rain very very wet and that's about that's my clone is going to do over the next few days then where there it is of the moment just to the south of fiji and we're expecting it just to drift away towards the southeast now fortunately in looks like it should stay clear of tama bought some for tonga and
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for fiji does look incredibly wet as we head through the next few days the bestowal the risk of flooding even though the storm itself shouldn't make landfall it's not the only storm we have with us the other one is to the west is just the remains of it really this blob of clouds to the northeast of all strayer well that's the remains of a storm called iris that didn't make landfall but even though it's no longer classed as a cycling it's still going to give us quite a few problems there to the northeastern parts of queensland over the next few days and looks like we're going to see some very heavy rain centered around townsville and there could be around three hundred millimeters of rain which would give us the problem with flooding. there with sponsored by qatar race. a conflict standing seven years. humanitarian disaster displacing more than half the nation with. just zero
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world meets the children who have become victims of syria's civil war. by the syrian child on al-jazeera. perceptions powerful documentaries from around the globe. or the big sound that's been coming down. the list journalism. debates and discussion this is a lot of misunderstanding and distortion even the only argument i find against that is all of foreign corded. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera.
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good to be with us adrian from here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera our top stories this hour israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has rejected calls for an inquiry into the killing of palestinian protesters on friday it comes as video emerged of a demonstrator being shot as he ran away from israel's border with gaza it was filled this thousands of people began their protest against decades of land grabs by israel seventeen palestinians were killed hundreds were injured. but has inaugurated a new president hassan rohani designed to highlight a smooth transition of power in the country what see the c.c. took over from chama to step down on saturday the fire has destroyed fifty tons of humanitarian aid in yemen believe it's believed that a short circuit sparked the place where houses the rebel held port city all the
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data. on our top story this hour the landay protests that began across israel in the occupied territories several days ago and israel's violent reaction to them especially on the border with gaza my chief of a month is the editor in chief of plus ninety seven two magazine joins us now live from jeff out west jerusalem via skype mike good to have you with us. what do you make of israel's response to what happened on friday and to a lesser extent on saturday this is a protest that happens every year why the disproportionate response this year. you know we can say that it was predictable but actually the israeli army predicted it and we had reports and that is leading up to the protest center generals were warning the government that in order to stop the protesters from reaching the fence there would be outstanding national and today they started to paint it as as this violence or not before it even happened. playing one hundred or so snipers and
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hitting it as explicit with hamas about which in those early discourse means a terrorist event. but i think the thing to remember here is that there is no house there is no legitimate palestinian protest in the eyes of the israeli army and it's really you know remember the west bank and gaza earned so it was very predictable that they would respond this way unfortunately with so many so many casualties how is it mike that israel insists that its border extends several hundred meters beyond the actual border into what is palestinian territory in gaza and the simple answer is because they can't you know there's the border fence and then they declared a buffer zone a no man's land where anybody enters at least up to a certain point and it changes and in depth along the border in a different times over the years that they can be shot and you can go and we sit in protests fairly regularly just not in the numbers that we're seeing you also have
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to see. where they control the maritime waters off the coast and control the airspace it's it's a different type of occupation but israel still controls many many aspects of daily wants and doesn't so i believe and says that there would be an inquiry or at least that that israel will take part in. due to what's happened for this upsurge in violence do you think that israel's government is likely to put any for the strain or restrictions on gaza economically or by cutting power water. it's hard to imagine making the sea actually any tighter at this point you know un agencies warning that the search is going to be a little just a few years time. a few hours old presidio day which is done a little bit better over the past few weeks i really don't imagine the collective actions are great now not not specifically after dissidents. these protests
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a few to continue right through to to independence day or not. one of the options to think what was going to happen in terms of finding a peaceful solution to this or do you think that the violence is going to get worse i think it's first of all informed to know that the violence is on one side here you had you know the israeli army was using snipers and gunfire interior shots and the parts that health ministry shot over seven hundred people as live fire and as far as we know there was one our incident after the protests on friday. so so that's it's kind of problematic it's just reading just as violence but back to your question we talked to the roots of one of the organizers after the protest on friday and asked if they were continually said we don't have any other choice we're living under siege for refugees for seventy years and the same reasons that brought them to have this protest in the first but it's. make them want to continue their
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plans through not only existing well the violence on the israeli side can tell you i can't imagine or have any. responses in the coming weeks all the protests could be smaller than the weeks before an event like really good to talk to many thanks to mike schaefer of amman there in jaffa thank you. pope francis is used his annual easter message to call for reconciliation in the middle east and an end to carnage in syria pope francis addressed thousands of pilgrims it's of peter's square vatican city as millions of christians around the world celebrate easter. two days ago in his good friday address the pope on the wars poverty and selfishness leaving people marginalize around the world when he christians in iraq km prayed together at easter for the very first time since the defeat and i saw in that all the city of mosul the armed group destroyed many
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churches and christians fled the area now though the community is on a mission to rebuild roads but as imran khan reports that's not without its challenges. for many easter is a time to mark the resurrection of jesus christ it's a time of rebirth and reflection and for the christians of hamdani are in the nineveh plain iraq's second city of mosul it's particularly relevant the christian community here is going through its own rebirth when i still took over the lynn of our plains in two thousand and fourteen it tried to destroy the christian community . some fifty five thousand people fled isis violent role from hamdani alone when the group was defeated late last year they started to come back and this is what they found destroyed churches and homes. there is no government support at all it seems that the government does not care about the people here the people here are helpless people return to
1:38 pm
a hamdani and they only see their houses burned and destroyed and their properties looted and stolen people are spending from their pockets to rebuild their homes while the government did not show any care so far it's a common complaint from iraqis who feel the government has abandoned them the iraqi government is seeking money to rebuild for meisel areas it's appealing to the international community for help and says it needs one hundred billion dollars nowhere near enough cash has been played so far people like no idea how to contact in return because nothing to return to the house is destroyed in a family scattered across refugee camps and rented accommodations in northern iraq she herself lives in erbil but this is home to me often. all of my belongings were looted and the house is destroyed i'm left with nothing at all i live in a rental and maybe fifty i can't return my health is deteriorating and i need medical attention my husband suffers two in baghdad the christian community was
1:39 pm
spared much of the violence the others faced on the eisel even here in baghdad churches are hidden away behind lost walls and tight security now religious leaders in the faithful will be praying that things get better iraq's christians are actually one of the most established religious communities on the entire planet in two thousand and fourteen almost all the christians had fled the nineveh province according to the patch and we say there were no christians remaining in mosul for the first time in the nation's history today in mosul and across the nineveh province they come together this easter to mark important holiday and pray for a better future of iraq's christians in al-jazeera. renowned physicist stephen hawking was the pride of one of the world's most prestigious universities and people in the english city of cambridge have shown just how much he was loved by lining the streets for his funeral peter shop reports. this was a very personal opportunity for close friends and family to say their goodbyes that
1:40 pm
insisted the service would be held in cambridge the city he loved so much and which loved him in return the six paul barrows were porters drawn from these college their own knew him personally demonstrating the strength the connection between professor hawking and his college that goes back to nine hundred sixty five when he joined as a research fellow. among the mourners on saturday the actor eddie redmayne who won an oscar patrolling stephen hawking in the film of his life the theory of everything all my body is very limited my mind is free to explore the universe to go back to the quickening i am an intellect. there are no limits to the human spirit. a towering intellect matched by a dog a determination gave him the rare gift of communicating complex theories not just
1:41 pm
to presidents and prime ministers but all people and that's why he's remembered by so many at twenty one he was given just two and a half years diagnosed with most of the neuron disease he lived on for more than fifty he died two and a half weeks ago in cambridge thousands of students signed the book of condolence in honor of the cambridge professor who'd inspired generations to pursue careers in science he through his been a hero of mine and my guiding light on my journey here the cambridge five hundred mourners attended the service on saturday many more outside with very personal memories of my space between the things listed he was always going around in cambridge in his wheelchair so you saw this big guy sort of whizzing along his electric wheelchair and. stopping saying hello to you. oh well you definitely do remember the great man in all only person who was on the science and the with
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the whole story that i mean the whole study that he beat but also as a funny man in june there'll be another more formal service of remembrance held in westminster abbey that will give royalty and politicians so the chance to look back on the chief means of a remarkable man is asked his will be interred in westminster abbey alongside those of another came resign tests isaac newton be discharged al-jazeera in cambridge. civil rights leader martin luther king was assassinated half a century ago this week in the u.s. city of memphis his death was one of many events that defined one nine hundred sixty eight as a year of political social and emotional chaos al-jazeera swaziland jordan looks now of what shape that year and the parallels with modern day america. one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the year the world was watching the united states was my
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lightly and psychologically falling apart it was a pivotal moment that saw changes in nearly every aspect of american life transformative was transformative. it was a period shift as moral and political heroes were being gunned down the public discovered it could no longer put its blind faith in its political leaders. nixon's victory in sixty eight which arguably is only made possible because of these assassinations really takes that playbook and parlay that into national power university students in the streets and in campus halls protesting what they called the u.s. is disastrous war in vietnam. african-american snapped and rioted several cities throughout the country were left burning women took to the streets
1:44 pm
to demand equal treatment equal pay equal rights. throughout the year we will explore these developments and delve into why how fifty years later the u.s. is fighting these fights all over again politicians stoking the very worst racist sexist and far stereotypes and divisions in order to gain power. young people ditching classes and marching on capitol hill to demand universal gun control we either voice a change in the eyes of peace is the fisherman this fight should not make. women naming the men who have sexually harassed them and pushing for ways to stop the systemic abuse. and yes african-americans latinos asians and native americans still fighting for a definitive and to racial profiling discrimination and prejudice the biggest
1:45 pm
difference everyone is weighing in in real time and on social media making it harder to ignore the fault lines in us society the vietnam war was so prominent in the concerns of young people and society and others was it was on t.v. every night fast forward twenty eighteen everyone is in their own personal bubble on their device in two thousand and eighteen and this is the question how much has the us learned from the divisions of nine hundred sixty eight and hell well is it applying those lessons today. a hotel in central india has collapsed killing ten people a four story building came down in mario pradesh reports say that a car rammed into the building just before it collapsed the government has permitted us to gauge. one of the hottest tickets in australia's biggest city is
1:46 pm
for opera on the harbor it's become so popular that sales are outperforming shows inside the world famous sydney opera house and it's attracting a new crowd to the arts as andrew thomas reports the sydney's opera house is the city's most famous building but sydney's most successful oprah's a shown here not in soit the opera house but using it as a backdrop this year it's lab o.-n. showing on a stage overhanging the harbors water on the edge of a city park this is the dress rehearsal for a full week run last year when common was shown here most performances sold out this is what opera was originally about it was a very very popular art form and here three thousand seats were doing twenty six performances of the one opera means that it's it's reaching the people but i think are important opera australia says engaging a wide audience is vital and outdoor opera with subtitles here is what brings in
1:47 pm
the crowds there's no things going on i'm just trying to focus on what's going on so i don't sound french unfortunately so in this kind of i'm going there and i would be thinking that's how initially but we did. them for other reasons and what do you think of the setting yeah it's amazing it of using sign on again oh that's it all night that i just love seeing is i don't understand you tell you know french or anything that i like that. i like the fact that it's translated for me. but outdoor acoustics can never match those inside the best opera houses and it's hard to suspend reality and be in la poems paris with a real site. since sounds of sydney only this side of the stage. and then there is the weather for no refunds if it rains the show only stops in dangerous lightning storms the so cannot ever really be enjoying it if you're sitting watching it's so cool when it's for the dress rehearsal meant you were never going to control the
1:48 pm
weather they're going to be nice to get rained out it just happens there are probably some people that are snobby about it and that's fine if they want to be. enjoy the experience for what it is like it's a totally different experience and it's a wonderful experience and enjoy what he's most to do the reviews have been almost universally good andrew thomas algis in sydney. but don't understand french now two years spinning out of control the chinese spacecraft the size of a bus is about to crash back to earth china's first space station the chiang dong one or heavenly palace was launched in two thousand and eleven chinese call tycoon ots lived on the station including the first two female space explorers heavenly palace there was abandoned five years ago and space engineers in china lost control of it in twenty sixteen and it began falling out of orbit the craft is expected to reenter the atmosphere at some point on monday and experts say the chance of
1:49 pm
daybreak landing in a populated area is extremely small johnson phrases a professor at the u.s. naval war college and a former chairwoman of the national security affairs department she says the station is part of china's development of a manned space program. well it's interesting in the. blood that is falling to earth that well there's only a very visible there very very small chance that it could do a major hurt humans it's part of their billion space program it really has little to do with any very us shows whatsoever it's going to be part of. a program united states china has announced their intentions for human spaceflight program in one thousand nine hundred two they're appearing at a very methodically down is a technology trust that is. walking towards their own goal of
1:50 pm
a permanently not space station large space station and the only connection between it and military aspirations and here right. doing is technology which is true for any space program be it china russia the united states europe and where just ahead here on the news hour it was a hollywood debut to remember for one particular proposed to hear. the details of. a probe on al-jazeera. from the stories beyond the headlines frontlines examines the u.s. his role in the wild fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the u.s. today the award winning show. returns for another season with stories about
1:51 pm
solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the bridget vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how men of the commonwealth feels today between corporate and public interest up to the last drop unveils been longstanding. in europe a probe on al-jazeera. just. saying. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for our own in the media opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera.
1:52 pm
is far adrian thank you so much anthony joshua is focused on becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world britain needs one more major title to do so joshua called out the holder of it dante wilder just minutes after winning his third major title on saturday the briton beating new zealand's joseph parker in front of eighty thousand fans in cardiff he was taken to twelve rounds for the first time in his career and ended up winning by unanimous decision and although he now wants a showdown with wilder josh one is promoter aren't convinced the american is ready for the fight they're not negotiations can go nova social media. channels and stuff but i think that in terms of when you do serious business you have to sit down. with the privacy and discuss terms of conditions so that we can see. people take it but. if they stepped up and actually were serious about it and serious
1:53 pm
about the. border work for them it could happen next but we've already been on predictable. well it didn't take a while during long to reply he took a few jobs that joshua's performance on twitter he called joshua's win over parker a robbery and in reference to the britain's challenge he said he accepted it one hundred percent the bronze bomber as he calls himself also posted this bizarre video on social media. oh my god. oh my god you know my grandma we still be buying some nerds. those are you know all this all the mystery man is out the baddest man in the world the best man on the planet and yes yes. he might bump off people. you were him of edge couldn't have scripted his l.a. debut any better the star swedish forward scored twice in his first ever major
1:54 pm
league soccer game he netted his first in the seventy seven minutes of the game just six minutes after coming on as a substitute tying the match three three the thirty six year old then followed that up with a header in the one hundred first minutes helping to come from three goals down to beat l.a. football club forty three galaxy last won the m.l.s. title in two thousand and fourteen. zero. more than anybody else you. know. when you're going to. do. something. and i give them. the battle for champions league qualification in english premier league heats up on sunday fifth place chelsea take on tottenham who are fourth five points separate the teams but a win for chelsea will narrow that gap to just to the top four progress to the
1:55 pm
champions league the food we know. we go very close to. otherwise are going to need to stay. not not so close and with seven seven games to go. it will be difficult to. take a place in the tripoli barcelona survived exhaust scare on saturday as they continue their march towards the league a title despite being down by two against the via fifteen minutes and they were covered thanks to their star do or luis suarez and lean on messi each scoring a goal in the last two minutes for a two two draw barsa leave the table by twelve points. australia are in real trouble in the fourth and deciding test against south africa in johannesburg their far off south africa's first inning total of four hundred eighty eight australia
1:56 pm
need to win this tie to be a four games series two two. michigan will face villanova for the biggest prize in u.s. college basketball the n.c. double a championship it was heartbreaking for chicago's loyola whose cinderella like run in the tournaments came to an end in saturday's semifinal against michigan michigan was trailing by ten points in the second half but put on a charge lead by more as wagner and the game with a fifty four to forty seven when the oil is biggest band ninety eight year old sister jean was so distraught she can even face the media. the u.s. open champion sloane stephens has won the miami open for her first title since her success at flushing meadows the american was taking on another grand slam winner world number five austin penco stephens was just too good for the french open champion austin penco beating her in tucson seven six six one.
1:57 pm
eight time grand slam champion andre agassi has announced he's ending his coaching relationship with know about jack of edge the two started working together head of last year's french open agassi says that differences in opinion was behind the split with the former world number one jockey bitch reached the quarter finals of roland garros and wimbledon but had to pull out from the rest of the season because of an elbow injury and has struggled to regain form this year. dolphin own thundersnow has caused an upside to in one of the horse racing's riches races the dubai world cup understands started out wide with a barrier draw of tana turn of speed in the final three hundred metres saw the horse win the ten million dollars purse five lengths ahead of the rest of the field the good dolphin stable winning three other races journeying saturday's meet. and that's all you sport for now i'll be back with more later but for now it's back
1:58 pm
to you adrian many thanks indeed it is just about where we bring this particular news to a close but as you do the news here on al-jazeera continues richelle carey here to bring you up to speed with the day's top stories just a few but what some see you thanks for watching.
1:59 pm
part. a story fourteen hundred years in the make. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. that was sold one. zero. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is
2:00 pm
a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes a court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to take them to gang violence i lost my cooking wayland door yes the go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. israel's defense minister rejects calls for formal inquiry into the violence on the gaza border. and we shall carry this out of their life and also coming up fifty times that much needed a real.


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